by David Levinson and T. Fred Carpenter edited Sept. 12, 1998



1. The 1998 theme was "The Great Above, Aliens, and the Space Age." New attractions include the Nebulous Entity, a 30-foot luminous float that sucks people up, absorbs their information, then spits them back out; The One Tree, a giant installation that will spit water by day and fire by night; and a 12-foot dandelion with a blast furnace at its base and glowing glass rods at the top. It began humbly on San Francisco's Baker Beach in 1990, and is now attended by 15,000 hipsters in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. For 10 points -- what is this orgy filled festival?

Answer: Burning Man Festival


2. It is a liquer, distilled from dried orange peels and spirits, flavored with rum. It is also a West Indian island group with a capital at Willemsted. For 10 points what is the common name?

answer: Curacao

3. As a kind of Pasta, you might eat it. Seen recently sporting them were political leaders including former Democrat Senator Paul Simon, George Will, and numerous young republicans. For 10 points what is this type of neckware?

answer: A Bow Tie

4. Two answers required. Born in the same year in drug stores, this couple were briefly engaged during their centennial year. One received its doctorate soon after birth, the other is without formal degrees. For 10 points, what are these two soft drinks, one from Waco and the other from Atlanta.

Answer: Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola

5. The B-52s, Kim Basinger, REM, the phrase "Hunker Down", and the late Lewis Grizzard all have one place in common. For 10 points what town is this home to the dog named UGA and the University of Georgia?

Answer: Athens, GA

6. Windy Creek records boasts this artist in its stable. World famous in most non-English speaking countries, his Ocarina music includes the songs Bulbi, The Girl from Plovdiv, The Sheepherder's Dance, and his own version of the Jewish Folk Song Hava Nagila. For 10 points, who has sold more records in Bulgaria than anyone else?

Answer: Yablo

7. The name is the same, an American General stationed in Turkey accused of boffing the wives of his subordinates and the judge associated with the White-Water affair whose information, though suspect, could implicate the Clintons. For 10 points give the common name.

Answer: David Hale

8. Hasta La Vista Baby, Been There Done That, Don’t Go There, As If, Shop ‘Til You Drop, Talk to the Hand, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, You Talkin’ To Me, It’s All Good, I’m Outta Here, In It For the Benjamins. No, they’re not all from one cheesy movie. Match any one of those phrases with your bottle cap, and you win, for 10 points, what contest?

Answer: Pepsi Pop Culture

9. This four letter abbreviation extolled by Paul Harvey appears on bracelets, bluejeans and shoelaces of millions. Originally distributed by Michigan’s Lesco Company in 1989, it was developed by a local youth group at the Presbyterian Church as a means for encouraging hesitation and do-goodery. However, it can be traced to the Charles Sheldon 1896 classic "In His Steps" which first asks the question. For 10 points, for what does the abbreviation WWJD stand?

Answer: What Would Jesus Do? Accept: We Want James Dean, We Want Jelly Donuts, Why Waste Jack Daniels, World Wide Juvenile Delinquent,

10. The first was spotted on American shores in 1949, by 1968 over 400,000 entered the country each year, diminishing to zero by the mid 1970s. Now Americans need to get ready for a new invasion. For 10 points, name this car which offers "More Flower, Less Power", designed originally by Nazi Germany’s Ferdinand Porsche as a people’s car and ironically adopted by the Hippies as a Love Bug.

Answer: Volkswagen Beetle (prompt on Bug)

11. It is said that this TV detective stands for the triumph of incorruptible mediocrity. Ploddingly tracking the jet set through Munich, this German detective, who along with his sidekick Harry Klein, is retiring after 23 years. For 10 points, name this detective, watched weekly by half a billion people, played by Horst Tappert.

Answer: Chief Inspector Stephan Derrick

12. An enthusiastic audience of thousands pay $15 to attend a week of events which culminate in a bout. The two contenders read one poem per round for nine rounds. In the final round, the two poets must improvise a poem from a word pulled out of a hat. For 10 points -- name the title awarded by this poetry slam staged every June in Taos New Mexico.

Answer: Heavyweight Champion of Poetry [the victor is also awarded a trophy and belt]

13. Born March 29, 1867 in Ohio, in 1890 he was signed by the Cleveland team of the National League. Before his career was over, he had pitched 906 games. For 10 points Who holds the Major League baseball record with 511 wins.

Answer: Denton True, or Cy Young

14. Now married to a model one sixth his weight, he retired in late 1997, at 600 pounds, too heavy to continue. Born in Hawaii, he frequently failed to make his sport’s highest ranking, purportedly because he lacked hinkaku or dignity. For 10 points, name this sumo wrestler, nicknamed the dump truck.

Answer: Konishiki

15. In 1943, a group of U.S. Marines commandeered a local fleet of taxi cabs and began attacking the Spanish speaking natives, stripping them of the namesake garment and beating them senseless. The problem, they did this in Los Angeles, in an event that has been immortalized in some popular Swing music. For 10 points, what is this event featured in a Cherry Poppin Daddies song.

Answer: Zoot Suit Riot


16. Committed to a mental hospital in 1946, he soon escaped and at first made a living foraging for spices in California. Following in the footsteps of his German ancestors he began mixing large quantities of soap. He also began to formulate the philosophy he called the "Moral ABCs." The two causes became one when he decided to put the Moral ABCs on the soap label, which became a staple of the 1960s counterculture. Among those koans: "The trouble with the world is that the wrong people are always the most united, while the hard-workers remain divided." One passage exhorts soap users "To dream that impossible dream! To reach that unreachable star!'til All-One, All-One we are! To fight that unbeatable foe! To go where the brave dare not go!" The most banal instructions are rendered in frenetic prose: "Don't drink soap! Keep out of eye! Dilute! Dilute! OK!" He claims to be a "Master Chemist." and he was voted a rabbi by ten men in his native Germany. The IRS has challenged his tax status because his religious, business and personal finances were illegally "All-One!" For 10 points identify this rabbinical soap purveyor of Pure Castile Soap among others?

Answer: Dr. Emanuel H.Bronner

17. Popular in Hawaii, it has been accused of having the taste of human flesh. Monty Python sings about it, and it has helped finance the rise of the Hormel family. For 10 points, name this food product which is said to abbreviate Spiced Pork and Ham.

Answer: SPAM

18. Pauline from Queensland Australia leads the One Nation xenophobic movement. Taylor, Zachary, Isaac, and Beck sing. John was the first President of the United States under the Articles of Confederation. For 10 points, give the common homonym which is the last name to those first names in the question.

Answer: Hanson or Hansen.

19. Assia Wevill, a poetess, committed suicide in 1969, Sylvia Plath had done so earlier in 1963. They were also married to the same man, since named Poet Laureate of England. For 10 points, name this suspicious widower who has since married another poetess, and for another ten points, tell us when she too will take her own life.

Answer: Ted Hughes, any year will do.

20. The first ones were developed in the Eastern Mediterranean, and were made of polished metals such as brass, bronze, silver, and gold. By the sixth century, the Greeks began a practice of divination from one, called catoptromancy, if one broke, the person holding it had no future, but the Romans only attributed seven years bad luck. The first sheet glass ones with silver coated backing were developed in Venice. FTP What is this reflective device?

Answer: mirror

21. These birds, in their long seventy year life span, return to the same chimney year after year and mate monogomously. The Roman, impressed with such consistancy, passed legislation named after his bird, the Lex Ciconaria, which compelled children to care for their aged parents. FTP what is this bird that, according to Hans Christian Anderson delivers babies to their families?

Answer: The stork





1. Identify the actor 30-20-10

A. (30) He played Leon on the Andy Griffith Show, Jeffery in "Night Shift", a Wedding Guest in "Splash", John Dexter in "Cocoon", Lou in "Parenthood", Ricco in "Back Draft", and EECOM White in "Apollo 13".

B. (20) He starred as Mark Wedloe in "Gentle Ben" and "Gentle Giant", gave voice to Roo in several Winnie the Pooh movies, and played "Balok" in the Star Trek episode: "The Corbomite Maneuver, The"

C. (10) He received the 1998 MTV Lifetime achievement award for his many appearances as deranged killers and mad scientists, and large headed brother of Ron Howard.

Answer: Clint Howard (accept only last name on 30 and 20 part clues, require full name on 10 point clue).


2. They’re round, they’re colorful, they gurgle, and they appeal to 1 year olds. Yes, they’re the telebubbies:

A. For 10 points all or nothing, name the four colors associated with the four telebubbies.

Answer: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

B. For five points, each, name the Telebubby associed with Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green respectively.

Answer: Blue - Tinky Winky, Red - Po, Yellow - Lala, Green - Dipsy


3. Bonus, Given the fictional 1930s mobster, name the movie he starred in for 5 points, and the actor who portrayed him for another 5 points.

A. Tom Powers Answer: Public Enemy, Jimmy Cagney

B. Rico Bandello Answer: Little Caeser, Edward G. Robinson

C. Guino Ribaldo Answer: Scarface: The Shame of the Nation, George Raft


4. Bonus, They wish they were black. Given a description, name the rapper for 10 points each:

A. The band included Everlast, D.J. Lethal, and Danny Boy

Answer: House of Pain

B. He was born Rob Van Winkle, Oct. 31 1967 in Miami

Answer: Vanilla Ice

C. This informer comes from the cold city of Toronto

Answer: Snow


5. There were 5, count them, 5 Children of the Corn movies. Given that the first one was called "Stephen King’s Children of the Corn" and lacked a subtitle, what were the subtitles of COTC II through V, 5 points for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3 and 30 points for all four correct.

Answer: II- The Final Sacrifice, III - Urban Harvest, IV - The Gathering, V - Field of Terror


6. This Old House has become an institution on public television, and has only improved since Bob Vila left. For the stated number of points identify these fixtures of home repair:

A. (5) The show’s Master Carpenter

Answer: Norm Abram

B. (5) The show’s host

Answer: Steve Thomas

C. (10) The show’s General Contractor

Answer: Tom Silva

D. (10) The show’s plumbing and heating expert, who has been around for 20 years

Answer: Richard Tretheway


7. You think human sex is tough. Name the species from their sexual practices for 10 points, 5 if you need a taxonomic description

A. (10) After only a little bit of sex, my mate imprisons me in a hole in a treetrunk

(5) I am a bird of the family Bucerotidae

Answer: Hornbill

B. (10) All my lovers leave their genitals inside me and then drop dead

(5) I am an insect of the order Hymenoptera, and family Apidae ...

Answer: Queen bee

C. (10) I am a hermaphrodite but have recently met a pure male, who seems to want to make it with anything resembling a female. This vigorous copulation between a male and non-female will lead to our premature demise

(5) I am a member of the most numerous multicellular animals on earth. A handful of soil will contain thousands similar to me, many of them parasites of insects, plants or animals. There are nearly 20,000 described species classified in my phylum

Answer: Nematode worm (Nemata)


8. Wallace and Gromit have faced a Close Shave in their Grand Day Out wearing the Wrong Trousers. Identify the characters from those three well known animations for 10 points each:

A. The name of the Penguin in the Wrong Trousers

Answer: Feathers McGraw

B. The name of the wool shop operator in A Close Shave

Answer: Wendolene Ramsbottom (accept Wendy)

C. This sheep in A Close Shave wears an Orange White and Purple sweater

Answer: Shaun


9. Identify these cheesy Japanese exports for 15 points each:

A. The pioneering virtual pet, this Bandai creation requires constant attention, and has inspired its own nanny which automatically pushes the correct buttons for you.

Answer: Tamagotchi

B. This GameBoy game lets children search for monsters with different personalities that can be captured and then trained.

Answer: Pokemon (accept Pocket Monster)


10. Identify these Presidents by their Dogs for 10 points each:

A. Him and Her, Yuki and Freckles

Answer: Lyndon Baines Johnson

B. Laddie Boy

Answer: Warren Gamaliel Harding

C. Fala

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt


11. You may not remember that Olympia Dukakis or Sean Connery, ten years on, won Oscars in 1988. For five points each name the person and film awarded these more memorable prizes in the 1988 Academy Awards:

A. Best Actor

Answer: Michael Douglas -- Wall Street

B. Best Actress

Answer: Cher -- Moonstruck

C. Best Director

Answer: Bernardo Bertolucci -- The Last Emporer


12. Bonus, Back Street Boys, Beastie Boys, Both or Neither, Answer the following for 5 points each:

A. Records for Prince’s Paisley Park Records

Answer: Neither

B. Shaves their backs for MTV

Answer: Back Street Boys

C. Includes Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Alexander McClean, and Kevin Richardson

Answer: Back Street Boys

D. Recorded Paul’s Boutique

Answer: Beastie Boys

E. Has a member who owns a chain of Extra Large Stores

Answer: Beastie Boys

F. They wish they were black and say their own band’s name in some of their songs

Answer: Both


13. Identify these videogames from clues for 10 points each:

A. The first of videogames, it was written in 1961 on a Digital PDP-1 Two rocketships on a background of stars could shoot torpedos at each other.

Answer: Space War

B. A lone marine gets a message from a space post that the energy stream it has been tapping is a highway to hell, leading demons into hsi ship

Answer: Doom

C. You are an American soldier trapped in a German castle during World War II. Kill Nazis, especially Hitler, and try to escape with the secret plans

Answer: Castle Wolfenstein 3-D



14. Six actors have won two oscars apiece. For five points each, name them:

Answer: Spencer Tracy, Frederic March, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks


15. With radio call-ins, audience members, video-phones, and a smoky chamber, questioners can have various levels of anonymity. Its MTV’s Loveline, which features three hosts. For 10 points each name them:

Answer: Dr. Drew Pinsky, Adam Corolla, and Dianne Farr


16. A baby’s got to do what a baby’s got to do. Name these characters from the Rugrat Universe from clues for five ponts each

A. The leader of the rugrats, the child of Stu and Didi Pickles

Answer: Tommy Pickles

B. Tommy Pickles next door neighbors, a pair of twins

Answer: Phil and Lil Deville

C. Tommy’s three year old cousin

Answer: Angelica

D. Tommy’s best friend

Answer: Charles Finster, Jr.

E. The color on the rugrats, this three year old’s mom is a French chef, her dad animates the "Dummi Bears"

Answer: Susie Carmichael

F. Tommy’s dog

Answer: Spike


17. Sometimes a talented actor has more than one role in a film

A. Who had most of the parts in Kind Hearts and Coronets

Answer: Alec Guiness

B. Who had the lead role and some others in The Mouse That Roared

Answer: Peter Sellers


18. Its scandalous in D.C. Given the Special Counsel, the year, and the nature of the investigation, give the subject of the investigation for five points and the result for another five

A. Arthur Christy, 1979, Chief of Staff used cocaine at Studio 54

Answer: Hamilton Jordan, No Indictment (or equivalent)

B. Leon Silverman, 1981, Secretary of Labor was tied to the mob

Answer: Raymond Donovan, No Indictment (or equivalent)

C. Jacob Stein, 1984, Attorney General had financial improprieties

Answer: Edwin Meese, No Indictment (or equivalent)

19. Major Tom has been a Major Theme in popular music, name the artist and song from lyrics, for five points per answer

A. This is ground control to Major Tom, The Press wants to know whose shirts you wear

Answer: Space Oddity by David Bowie

B. We know Major Tom’s a Junkie

Answer: Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie

C. Entitled Major Tom, give the subtitle and artist for the song with lyrics "4,3,2,1 Earth Below Us Falling Weightless"

Answer: Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling


20. John Ford won four Oscars for Best Direction. For five points each and a bonus 10, name the four films:

Answer: The Informer, How Green Was My Valley, The Grapes of Wrath, The Quiet Man


21. Three famous directors are responsible for three segments of the film "New York Stories." For 10 points each, name them:

Answer: Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen