1. This tragic figure was given the chance to redeem himself in the

eyes of his God. Yet, he was swayed from his mission to Istar by a

group of elven women and (*) returned home to accuse his elven wife

of adultery and, in the ensuing fight, died in a fire along with his

wife and infant son thus damning him forever. FTP, name this former

Knight of Solamnia and master of Dargaard Keep.

ANSWER: Lord Soth


2. Long before Nintendo this company first was a kiddle-pool

manufacturer, and later created the home versions of such arcade

classics as Frogger, Q-bert (*) and Donkey Kong. Their dolls made

national headlines when stores could not keep them in stock and had

mothers fighting for the right to adopt their Cabbage Patch Kids.

FTP, name this toy giant.

ANSWER: Coleco


3. At last year's Sundance Film Festival, this studio's executives

wouldn't let the filmmakers of "Shine" out (*) of their hotel room

until they had signed a contract. It has also released the films

"The Quiet Room", "Mother Night", and "Crash". FTP, name this

studio, the art-house division of New Line Pictures.

ANSWER: Fine Line


4. On March 30, this Major League Soccer team was so injury depleted

that its goalkeeper, Mark Dougherty, was (*) forced to play forward.

He scored a goal, helping his team to victory. This team is so good,

in fact, that it has never been out of first place in the Eastern

Conference of MLS. FTP, name this team, who are much better than the

NFL Buccaneers who share their city.

ANSWER: Tampa Bay Mutiny


5. Redlance, Treestump, Skywise and Cutter flee from the holt after

humans attack and are double crossed by the troll king Greymung.

While (*) traveling through the desert they find another group of

elves and learn that they are not alone in the world. For ten points

name the title of the popular fantasy series created Wendy and

Richard Pini which feature the elven heores the wolfriders?

ANSWER: Elfquest


6. The "Mission", "Revolution", "Electric Requiem" and "Spreading

the Disease" are (*) all tracks off a concept album by a Seattle band

which tells the story of a man and the woman he loves who happens to

be a nun. To add an extra twist the man is hired to kill his love.

For ten points name the album which was created by Queensryche.

ANSWER: Operation Mindcrime


7. It was created by Charles Henry Moffet for a group called the firm

led by "Arch Angel". After (*) its creation Moffet tries to sell it

to Libya but is killed in the attempt. Dominic Santini and

Stringfellow Hawke are the pilots of this killing machine. For 10

points name the 80's TV show which starred Ernest Borgnine and made a

star out of Jan Michael Vincent.

ANSWER: Airwolf


8. Born in Alton, Illinois, on May 26, 1926, he moved to St. Louis in

1927. While still in high school, he played trumpet with (*) Eddie

Randall's Blue Devils. In 1944, his father sent him to New York to

go to Julliard, but he soon quit, and began playing in small clubs

with Charlie Parker. FTP, name this trumpeter of "Now's the Time,"

"Birth of the Cool", and "Miles Ahead."

ANSWER: Miles Davis


9. This man has a Kevin Bacon number of 2, as he appeared in "The

Muppet Movie" with Steve Martin, who was in "Planes, Trains and

Automobiles" with (*) Kevin. He became a star director in 1939 with

his debut, but his second movie, "The Magnificent Ambersons", was a

disaster. FTP, name this director/actor of "The Third Man,"

"Othello", and "Citizen Kane."

ANSWER: Orson Welles


10. For over twenty years this man has created and produced some of

the greatest additions to television popular culture. Titles such as

The Greatest American Hero, 21 (*) Jump Street, and The Rockford

Files prove his contributions. FTP name this writer, creator,

producer, director and now actor who plays Dutch Dixon in Renegade.

ANSWER: Stephen J. Cannell


11. Steve Scheffler, Antonio Harvey, Greg Graham, Larry (*) Stewart,

David Wingate, and Eric Snow join, FTP, Jim McElvaine, Nate McMillan,

Detlef Schrempf and Shawn Kemp on what NBA team?

Seattle or SuperSonics


12. This woman constructed her home with 40 bedrooms, 5 kitchens,

three elevators and over ten thousand windows. The house is now a

tourist attraction in California and (*) some believe it is one of

the most haunted houses in the world. FTP name this woman who

believed she was plagued by spirits who told her to build her home

with them in mind and received her money from her father, a wealthy

arms maker?

ANSWER: Sarah Winchester


13. He was once a member of a crack commando group in Vietnam. His

mental instability is considered to be post traumatic stress and (*)

he often needs to be broken out of the mental hospital to help his

friends who are now outlaws and mercenaries. FTP name this pilot and

wacky member of the A-Team.

ANSWER: "Howling Mad" Murdock (Prompt on Dwight Schultz)


14. She was involved in a scandal when she was photographed on a nude

beach with Latin singing sensation Luis Miguel. He soon dumped her

for MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes. This (*) didn't seem to phase her because

she won Miss Venezuela and went on to become Miss Universe. Name

this beautiful lady who made the headlines again when pageant

officials objected to her weight.

ANSWER: Alicia Machado



15. Maire (Moya) Brennan, Ciaran (Keeron) Brennan, Pol Brennan, Noel

(*) Duggan, and Padraig (Piric) Duggan have created the albums

"Dulaman", "Ring of Gold", "Sirius", and "PastPresent", among others.

FTP, name the group they form which often sings in Gaelic and of

which Enya was a member from 1980-82.

ANSWER: Clannad


16. Cuyahoga County Judge Thomas Curran will hear his trial. His

friend and former co-defendant David Blanco pled guilty to the

charges he now faces. Last year, he had 39 saves and a 3.73 ERA for

the Cleveland Indians. FTP, name this closer who now faces 2 counts

of Rape.

ANSWER: Jose Mesa


17. He was studying to be a professor yet this career wasn't in the

cards for him. He became an actor instead and some of his first jobs

consisted of playing a transvestite on Picket Fences and (*) starring

in the steamy Red Shoe Diaries. FTP name this sex symbol who tries

to explain the unexplained with Gillian Anderson on the X-Files.

ANSWER: David Duchovny


18. He led Division 1-A in passing efficiency, but received no

serious Heisman trophy consideration. This is partly because his

college plays a wide open offense which has in the past made stars of

quarterbacks like John Walsh, Jim McMahon, and Steve Young. FTP,

name this Brigham Young star.

A. Steve Sarkisian (sar-KEEZH-an)


19. What would a trash tournament be without Star Wars? We meet

Wedge when Luke's friend Biggs is unable to help him during (*) the

attack on the first Death Star. FTP, what is Wedge's last name?

Hint, we never see his father but he is the captain who first owned

R2-D2 and C-3PO and his ship is the one attacked at the beginning of

A New Hope.

ANSWER: Antilles


20. In the beginning they were a technologically advanced reptilian

race. They were destroyed by their own intelligent androids and

their race has been replaced by robots. Human contact with them

occurred about a thousand yahren ago when they were involved in a war

against the Hasaris. Today, only the imperious leader retains his

reptilian form. FTP name this race of beings from Battlestar


ANSWER: Cylons


21. This tournament is played from July 31 - August 3 in Castle Rock,

CO. Last year, Clarence Rose won it with a score of 31, an unusually

high winning score for a golf tournament. FTP, name this PGA event,

the only one played with the Stableford scoring system.

ANSWER: The International



SO-1. Straight Talk, Soapdish, The (*) Cool Surface, Two Days in the

Valley, Heaven's Prisoners and Tango and Cash are some of the films

that this current TV actress has appeared. For ten points, name this

internet download target and current star in ABC's Lois and Clark.

ANSWER: Teri Hatcher


SO-2. This weekly's lead columnist, Ed Anger, has just written a (*)

new book called "Let's Pave the Stupid Rainforest and Give School

Teachers Stun Guns." The book is probably more believable than some

of the other material in the periodical, the only supermarket tabloid

whose cover is still exclusively black and white. For ten points,

name this rag who used an electron microscope picture of a dust mite

with its headline "Life on Mars" found.

ANSWER: Weekly World News


SO-3. Tennessee, Old Dominion, Note (*) Dame and Stanford were the

1997 participants for this event that saw Pat Summitt's team pull off

yet another championship. For 10 points name, this sport that you

probably didn't fill out a bracket sheet for.

ANSWER: Women's Basketball Final Four






1. Let's play the NFL Free Agency Game! I'll name the player, you

tell me what team he now (3-31-97) plays for five points each.

a. Desmond HowardANSWER: Oakland or Raiders

b. Dave KriegANSWER: Houston or Oilers

c. Lorenzo NealANSWER: New York Jets

d. Frank ReichANSWER: Detroit or Lions



2. The character played by Ellen Degeneres on her show "Ellen" is

slated to come out of the closet soon. Answer the following

questions about this event, ten points each.

a. Name the movie actress Ellen will supposedly develop a crush on.

ANSWER: Laura Dern

b. Name the actress who will play her therapist.

ANSWER: Oprah Winfrey



3. Name the superhero from his secret identity 5-10-15.

a. For 5, Bruce BannerANSWER: The Incredible Hulk

b. For 10, Hal JordanANSWER: The Green Lantern

c. For 15, Arthur CurryANSWER: Aquaman



4. 5-10-15 name the James Bond film given the "Bond Girl"

a. For 5, Pussy GaloreANSWER: Goldfinger

b. For 10, Natalia SminovaANSWER: GoldenEye

c. For 15, Kara MilovyANSWER: The Living Daylights



5. (30) 30-20-10 Name the Doors song from lyrics.

30-There's danger on the edge of town/ Ride the King's highway.

20-Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain/ And all the children are


10-I'll never look into your eyes again.




6. Given the following CBA cities, name the team that plays there,


a. YakimaANSWER: Sun Kings

b. Sioux FallsANSWER: SkyForce

c. Fort Wayne ANSWER: Fury

d. Grand RapidsANSWER: Hoops

e. La CrosseANSWER: Bobcats



7. 30-20-10 Name the character from the clues.

30-Her best friends are Cheri and Brandon

20-After much wrangling with Social Services, a man named Henry was

allowed to adopt her.

10-She was played by Soliel Moon Frye in an 80s TV series.

ANSWER: Punky Brewster



8. Name the movies from lines, ten points each.

a. "You have to answer for Santino."

ANSWER: The Godfather

b. "Carlotta's the kind of place where they spell trouble T-R-U-B-I-

L, and if you try to correct them, they kill you."

ANSWER: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

c. "You have your father's eyes. And my mother's ears, but the rest

belongs to you."

ANSWER: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



9. Minor League Hockey...It_s Fan-Tastic! Given the following teams

from hockey's minor leagues, tell me whether they play in the East

Coast Hockey League, the International Hockey League, or the American

Hockey League, 5 points each.

a. Dayton BombersANSWER: ECHL

b. St. John's (Newfoundland) Maple LeafsANSWER: AHL

c. Jacksonville Lizard KingsANSWER: ECHL

d. San Antonio DragonsANSWER: IHL

e. Long Beach Ice DogsANSWER: IHL

(Moderator Note, East Coast or the E is acceptable for ECHL, American

or A is acceptable for AHL, and International or the I is acceptable

for IHL)



10. For 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all 4, name the members

of the glam rock band, Poison.

Bret Michaels, Rikki Rocket, Bobby Dahl, C.C. DeVille



11. Give the John Grisham novel given the name of the female

protagonist, FTPE.

a. Kelly RikerANSWER: The Rainmaker

b. Ellen RoarkANSWER: A Time To Kill

c. Eva MirandaANSWER: The Partner



12. Soap Operas: where would we be without them? For five points

each, name the soap actor given the character he/she plays.

a. Brenda on General HospitalANSWER: Vanessa Marcil

b. Tad on All My ChildrenANSWER: Michael E. Knight

c. Marlena on Days of Our LivesANSWER: Derdre Hall

d. Felicia on Another WorldANSWER: Linda Dano



13. Love it or hate it, trash talking is a part of the modern NBA.

Since it's hard to talk in the fast paced NBA, would-be taunters are

reduced to gesturing. FTP each, taunt the opposing team in the

manner of the following NBA players.

a. At Memphis, Penny Hardaway would do this to indicate that the rim,

therefore the roof, was not high enough to stop him.

ANSWER: Hold both hands over shoulders, raise and lower them as if to

push the roof up and down. (accept with one hand)

b. When Shawn Kemp dunks on you, he_ll do this to draw your attention

to the fact that, as Superman, he has an "S" on his chest.

ANSWER: Beat chest with palm.

c. After blocking your shot, Dikembe Mutumbo will do this, telling

you not to bring that in his house again.

ANSWER: Extend one hand with index finger out, rotate it back and

forth in a "no-no" gesture.



14. For 5 points each give the actor who played the following

characters from the movie, "Top Gun", as identified by their call


a. GooseANSWER: Anthony Edwards

b. SliderANSWER: Rick Rossovich

c. MerlinANSWER: Tim Robbins

d. ViperANSWER: Tom Skerrit

e. JesseANSWER: Michael Ironside

f. CharlieANSWER: Kelly McGillis



15. Not every lawyer-turned author is named John Grisham. For 10

points each identify these others who have chosen this career path.

a. This man started the phenomenon. His books "One L" and "Presumed

Innocent" were best sellers.

ANSWER: Scott Turow

b. This Grisham wannabe and Virginia Law grad wrote "Absolute Power"

and "Total Control."

ANSWER: David Baladacci

c. This former Atlanta Falcon and Syracuse Law grad wrote "The Dark

Side of the Game" about his time in the NFL, as well as a novel. He

is currently a FOX broadcaster.

ANSWER: Tim Green



16. (30) Name the following rap groups from a lesser known song for

10 points each. You'll get five if you need a better known song.

a. 10-"Land of tha Heartless"

5-"First of tha Month"

ANSWER: Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony

b. 10-"Rumble in the Jungle" with Bust-a-Rhymes and A Tribe Called


5-"Killing me Softly"

ANSWER: Fugees

C. 10-"Colors"

5-"Cop Killer"

A. Ice-T



17. April 4, the movie "The Saint" is slated to come out in theaters.

Val Kilmer plays him in this movie, but FTPE, name the other 2 actors

who have portrayed this character on the big and small screen.

ANSWER: Roger Moore, George Sanders

Now, for another 10, what is The Saint_s real name?

ANSWER: Simon Templar



18. Let's test your knowledge of the world according to TSR. For

five points each and a five point bonus for all five give the breath

weapon for each chromatic dragon.

a. RedANSWER: Fire

b. Blue ANSWER: Lightning

c. WhiteANSWER: Frost

d. GreenANSWER: Chlorine gas

e. BlackANSWER: Acid



19. The TV show "LA Law" is gone now, but it lives on in our memory.

FFPE, give the name of the actors who played the following characters

on the show.

a. Leland MacKenzieANSWER: Richard Dysart

b. Jonathan RollinsANSWER: Blair Underwood

c. Michael KuzakANSWER: Harry Hamlin

d. C.J. LambANSWER: Amanda Donohoe

e. Victor SifuentesANSWER: Jimmy Smits



20. (30) Name the casino games from a brief description, 10 points


a. James Bond likes this game. The object is to get as close to 9 as

you can. 10's count for zero.

ANSWER: Baccarat (BAHK-a-rah) or Chemin de Fer

b. There are 80 numbers on a big board. You pick 10, and you win

based on the number that match the ones drawn.


C. Known as "bucking the tiger", playing this game is rather foolish,

as the odds are drastically against you. This game of matching

numbers and suits has all but disappeared from American casinos.



21. Name the band from songs, 30-20-10

30-"Ask", "Panic", "How Soon is Now?"

20-"Paint a Vulgar Picture", "Bigmouth Strikes Again"

10-"Shakespeare's Sister", Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

ANSWER: The Smiths