1. Born in Parry Sound, Ontario in 1948, he played his junior hockey

in nearby Oshawa and entered the NHL in 1966, (*) winning the 1967

Calder Trophy. Winner of two Stanley Cups under Don Cherry, he won

the Ross, Smythe, Hart, and Norris Trophies in the 1969-1970 season,

and won the Norris Trophy a record 8 consecutive times. FTP, name

this Boston Bruins great, considered the greatest defenseman ever to

play hockey.

ANSWER: Bobby Orr


2. This actress has been pursuing a political science degree at

Harvard on and off for 11 years. Her first TV role was as Craig T.

Nelson's daughter in ABC's Call To Glory, and she can be seen later

this year (*) with Jessica Lange in Cousin Bette, an adaptation of a

Balzac novel. Until a couple of years ago, she was a second-tier

actress best known for her variations on the girlfriend role in

movies like: The Marrying Man, Soapdish, Heart and Souls, The Karate

Kid, Cocktail, and Back to the Future II and III. FTP, name this

actress whose performance in Mike Figgis' Leaving Las Vegas garnered

her an Oscar nomination.

ANSWER: Elisabeth Shue





80'S. (*) Albums include "The World Won't Listen", "Hatful of

Hollow", "The Queen is Dead", and "Strangeways, Here We Come". FTP,

name this band whose lead guitarist Johnny Marr went on to play with

the bands Electronic and The The, and whose lead singer, Morrissey,

went on to a successful solo career.

ANSWER: The Smiths


4. This television show debuted in the U.K. on January 7, 1961. A

somewhat tongue-in-cheek spy thriller, it began its run in the U.S.

on March 28, 1966 with the episode "The Cybernauts", and (*) would

run until its cancellation in 1969. Agent John Steed was paired with

several female partners, including Cathy Gale, Tara King, and of

course, Emma Peel. For ten points, name this show whose 1997 movie

remake will star Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman, which origianlly

starred Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg, and was known for such

signature quotes as, "Mrs. Peel, we're needed."

ANSWER: The Avengers


5. First appearing in Fantastic Four #48, he was born on Zenn-la as

Norrin Radd, (*) and he was once engaged to Shalla Bal. He was

transformed into his present form when Galactus came to devour Zenn-

La, and he persuaded Galactus to spare Zenn-La in exchange for

becoming Galactus' herald. FTP, name this Marvel superhero, seen on

the cover of a Joe Satriani album, who sails through the galaxy on

his board, imbued with the "power cosmic".

ANSWER: Silver Surfer (Accept: Norrin Radd before given in question)


6. Dr. Joyce Brothers broke her nose competing in this event in

1996, which is one of the few competitions where the winners' frozen

semen may be purchased. First won by Dick Wilmarth in 1973, (*)

multiple winners include Rick Swenson, Susan Butcher, and Martin

Buser, who won 1997's contest in just over 9 days. FTP, identify

this race which commemorates the 1925 delivery of diptheria serum by

sled dogs.

ANSWER: Iditarod


7. The title character of this movie commits suicide approximately 5

minutes into the movie by jumping out of a window in a boardroom.

Sidney Mussberger, (*) played by Paul Newman, and the board of

directors hatch a scheme to make money by appointing a moron to run

the company. The idealistic but dim-witted mailroom flunky Norville

Barnes is chosen by Mussberger. Norville's good fortune raises the

suspicions of reporter Amy Archer, but Norville invents the hula hoop

and everything works out in the end. FTP, identify this Coen

brothers movie which also starred Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim

Robbins as Norville.

ANSWER: The Hudsucker Proxy



8. His penchant for auto-destruction began in art school, when he

was dipping his own paintings in acid, and was a defining

characteristic of his musical career. His 1996 "best of" compilation

was entitled "Coolwalkingsmoothtalkingstraightsmokingfirestoking"

(cool-walking-smooth-takling-straight-smoking-fire-stoking), and (*)

other solo works are "Empty Glass" and "Psychoderelict", but he is

best known for his deafening lead guitar on songs like "Pictures of

Lily", "Won't Get Fooled Again", Baba O'Reilly", and "I Can See for

Miles". FTP, name this collaborator with John Entwhistle and Roger

Daltrey, who wrote Quadrophenia and Tommy while with the Who.

ANSWER: Pete Townshend


9. The Whiz Kids were Philadelphia Phillies baseball players, not

women's basketball players, so you may wonder why he is hosting their

tournament. The answer is that he is not, but rather a woman is, who

(*) was a star college basketball player at Southeast Louisiana

University before joining ESPN. FTP, name this anchor of the women's

NCAA Tournament, who shares her name with a Hall-of-Fame pitcher.

ANSWER: Robin Roberts


10. The Ambassador, The Plymouth, The (*) Palace, The Walter Kerr,

The St. James, The Winter Garden, The Music Box, The Neil Simon and

the Helen Hayes are all, FTP, names of what?

ANSWER: Broadway theaters (prompt on "theaters")


11. After his transfer from Fiorentina to Juventus, he was placed in

the situation of having to take a penalty kick against his beloved

former team. He refused, and walked off the field wearing a

Fiorentina flag. This winner of the 1993 World Footballer (*) of the

Year award was sold to AC Milan for a then-record 20 million dollars.

Known to fans as the "Divine Ponytail", in 1994 he, Baresi, and

Massaro all missed penalty kicks in the shootout of the World Cup

Final, causing Italy to lose to Brazil. FTP, name this soccer great.

ANSWER: Roberto Baggio


12. Bremen real estate clerk Hutter goes to the eccentric Garf

Orlok's (*) castle to conduct business, but flees in fear. Attracted

by an image of Hutter's wife, Ellen, Orlok has his coffin sent to

Bremen, where Ellen becomes the object of the vampire's desire and

the cause of his destruction. FTP, this is a brief summary of what

1922 movie, the first vampire film ever made.

ANSWER: Nosferatu


13. Formed in 1971, this British group emerged from the art-rock

movement of the late '60s with a bizarre combination of pop and glam

rock on its self-titled debut album, released in 1972, although

relatively unknown until the release of 1974's Country Life.

Creative (*) differences between synthesizer/keyboardist Brian Eno

and founder and lead vocalist Brian Ferry resulted in Eno's

departure for a solo career in 1973. FTP, name this band, whose only

platinum album was 1982's Avalon, which featured such hits as "More

Than This" and the title track.

ANSWER: Roxy Music


14. Jennifer Aniston, Teri Hatcher, and Eriq LaSalle were among the

many well-known actors who guest-starred in this defunct sci-fi

drama. The final episode depicted god as a bartender (*) who

controlled the path of the main character. The main character was

almost destroyed by an evil counterpart named Alia {uh-lee'-uh}, and

depended on Ziggy, a computer, and Al, a hologram, for advice on how

to handle the situations in which he was thrown. FTP, name this sci-

fi show which starred Scott Bakula.

ANSWER: Quantum Leap



15. "Taco Bell launches new 'morning after' burrito", "secret of

fire falls into Russian hands", and "heroic PETA commandos kill 49,

save rabbit" (*) are just a few of the headlines you'll see in this

weekly magazine. Headed by editor-in-chief Scott Dikkers, name, FTP,

this "number one in news" satirical publication based in Madison,

Wisconsin and almost guaranteed to make you cry like its namesake


ANSWER: The Onion


16. "There is a whopper!" was the first description of him on the

night of his birth, March 29, 1970. Little did the commenter, Howard

Gentry, know how true that would be, for 38 months later, this brood

of Somethingroyal and Bold Ruler would amaze onlookers by beating his

rival, Sham, (*) by 31 lengths in the Belmont Stakes, in a record

time of 2 minutes, 24 seconds. FTP, name this legendary horse, who

won horse racing's Triple Crown in 1973, 25 years after the last

winner, Citation.

ANSWER: Secretariat


17. As a child, he played a jungle boy on Gilligan's Island, and

Walt Disney personally signed him to a 10 year contract. He (*)

later played baseball for an Angels minor league club, where he was

hitting .563 until a shoulder injury forced him to retire. He

appeared opposite Elvis in "It Happened at the World's Fair", and

later played Elvis in a 1979 TV movie. Nominated for a Golden Globe

for his performance in "Silkwood", he will appear in the movie

"Breakdown" later in 1997. FTP, name this star of "Big Trouble in

Little China", "Tango and Cash", "Tequila Sunrise", and "Backdraft",

whose life partner is Goldie Hawn.

ANSWER: Kurt Russell


18. If you look very carefully and read quickly at the opening

credits, you can see that the two main characters trade messages,

and, as usual, the smart one insults and threatens the dumb one. Yet

they're the best of friends, and their zany adventures have included

creating a "chia earth", (*) becoming country music stars by

recording subliminal messages in their music, and using an

infomercial to market a people-shrinking formula. But their goal is

always the same--to try and take over the world. FTP, name this

animated show, a spinoff from "The Animaniacs", featuring two lab

mice bent on world domination.

ANSWER: Pinky and the Brain


19. First appearing in 1961, in 1970 he gets "Revenge", in 1972 he

"Saves the World", in 1978 he "Wants You!", (*) is "Born" in 1985,

"Gets Drafted" in 1988, and "Sings the Blues" in 1994. FTP, name

this interstellar criminal turned crimefighter, also known as

Slippery Jim DiGriz, who is quite human despite his rodent nickname,

and was created by science fiction author Harry Harrison.

ANSWER: The Stainless Steel Rat (prompt on "Slippery Jim DiGriz" on

an early buzz)


20. Gina is a british techno-pop singer whose "Ooh, Aah" (*) has

become a pretty big hit. Warren is Dr. Dre's cousin best known for

his "Regulate" on the Above the Rim soundtrack. FTP, give the commen

surname of sorts, shared by a frequent collaborator with Michael

Bolton, saxophonist Kenny.



21. (two answers required) Tom Cruise may be feeling like he never

will win an Oscar, Newman didn't win until his 60's, and other

leading men such as Redford, Beatty, Costner, and Gibson had to

direct for their Oscars. But these two giants of British Cinema own

the record for nominations for oscars without a win. Goodbye, (*)

Mr. Chips; The Lion in Winter; My Favorite Year; Who's Afraid of

Virginia Woolf; The Robe; and The Spy who Came in From the Cold are

examples of these two stars amazing body of work. FTP, name these

two men, both of whom starred in Becket, one known for being Liz

Taylor's husband twice and the other for being Lawrence of Arabia.

ANSWER: Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole



SO-1. This former UNLV star is being rumored to be ready to make a

comeback. Mike Ditka has dropped his name among those who may take

the QB position for the Saints next year. Ironically, this

quarterback's former coach was Buddy Ryan, whom Ditka despises. FTP,

name this quarterback, whose dominating athleticism fueled many

Philadelphia victories.

ANSWER: Randall Cunningham


SO-2. Only one is born each century, so she keeps pretty busy, what

with witches and giant virgin-sucking praying mantises and all, but

what do you expect if your high school is on the edge of a hellmouth?

FTP, (*) name this new WB series starring Sara Michelle Gellar, which

is based on a 1992 movie of the same name which starred Kristy

Swanson as a teenage girl with a gift for offing the undead.

ANSWER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


SO-3. For a quick 10 or 15 points, what do the bands Bad Company,

Talk (*) Talk, and Big Country all have in common with regard to

titles of their songs?

ANSWER: They have all recorded a song which shares its name with the

name of the band. (Accept reasonable equivalents)





1. Answer these questions about the movies' greatest psycho, Ray

Liotta, 5-10-15:

a. Ray plays a psychotic cop who terrorizes Madeline Stowe and Kurt

Russell in this film.

ANSWER: Unlawful Entry

b. Ray plays a psychotic passenger who terrorizes stewardess Lauren

Holly in this 1997 film.

ANSWER: Turbulence

c. Ray plays a violent jailbird who terrorizes his ex-wife Audrey,

played by Melanie Griffith, in this 1986 movie which also starred

Jeff Daniels.

ANSWER: Something Wild



2. Women's basketball has really taken off in recent months, answer

these questions about some of its stars:

a. Name the three marquee stars of the soon to begin WNBA, FFP each.

They were all on the 1996 Olympic team and played their college ball

at Texas Tech, Connecticut, and Southern Cal, respectively.

ANSWER: Sheryl Swoopes, Rebecca Lobo, Lisa Leslie

b. For five more points, name this year's Wooden Award winner for

NCAA women's basketball.

ANSWER: Kate Starbird

C. FTP, name the Stanford point guard and teammate of Starbird's,

who was the subject of a recent Sports Illustrated cover story.

ANSWER: Jamilla Wideman



3. Given a song or songs and the singer or group who performed it,

name the actor or actress from NBC's Thursday night "Must See TV"

lineup who can be seen in the video, FTP each:

a. "Good Intentions" by Toad the Wet Sprocket, and "Long December"

by Counting Crows

ANSWER: Courteney Cox

b. "Walk Away" by Alanis Morissette (from back in her Debbie Gibson-

esque days) and "Night Moves" by Bob Seger

ANSWER: Matt LeBlanc

C. "Angeline is Coming Home" by the Badlees

ANSWER: Julianna Margulies



4. Every so often in comic books, there occurs a menace so

threatening it forces several superheros to band together to defeat

it. Answer these questions about series based on such situations,

FTP each:

a. In this Marvel miniseries, Thanos steals the "infinity gems",

which he mounts on the title object, making him omnipotent. All of

the superheroes in the Marvel universe attempt to stop him.

ANSWER: Infinity Gauntlet

b. In the D.C. miniseries _Armageddon 2001_, a hero turns evil and

kills all of the other superheros, becoming an evil tyrant. Name the

hero or the name he later assumes for 10 points.

ANSWER: Hawk or Monarch

c. Recently the Marvel universe united to fight Onslaught, a being

of immense psychic power. Name the leader of the X-Men whose evil

side became Onslaught.

ANSWER: Professor X (or Charles Xavier)



5. Given the lead singer, name the band for 10 points each. You'll

get 5 points if you need a song and album title.

a. 10: Hope Sandoval

5: "Fade Into You", from So Tonight that I Might See

ANSWER: Mazzy Star

b. 10: Kay Hanley

5: "Here and Now", from Aurora Gory Alice and the Melrose Place


ANSWER: Letters to Cleo

C. 10: Johnette Napolitano

5: "Joey" from Bloodletting

ANSWER: Concrete Blonde



6. Time for Joe's bizarro Oscar trivia. This time, we'll take a

stroll down memory lane:

a. 50 years ago, in 1947, this holiday film was nominated for Best

Picture and lost to "Gentleman's Agreement"--but won every other

award it was nominated for, including for Story, Screenplay, and

Supporting Actor for Edmund Gwenn.

ANSWER: Miracle on 34th Street

b. 25 years ago, in 1972, this film set a record which still stands,

winning the most awards--eight, including Best Actress, Best

Supporting Actor, Best Song Score, and Best Director for Bob Fosse--

without winning Best Picture, losing to "The Godfather"

ANSWER: Cabaret

c. 10 years ago, in 1987, the sweep of 9 Oscars won by "The Last

Emperor" included one for Best Original Score, won by Ryuichi

Sakamoto, Cong Su, and this man, best known for his work with a group

founded at the Rhode Island School of Design. Name him.

ANSWER: David Byrne



7. Answer these questions about some of the greatest or most unusual

finishes in college football history:

a. The greatest game of all time according to ESPN, it featured a

last-second desperation heave which allowed Boston College to upset

defending national champion Miami at the 1984 Orange Bowl. Name the

quarterback of the Hail Mary for 5 and the receiver for 10 points.

ANSWER: Doug Flutie is the quarterback, Gerald Phelan is the receiver

B. Charles Johnson replaced an injured Darien Hagan and led Colorado

to a come from behind 33-31 win over Missouri in a 1990 game, scoring

a touchdown on the last play of the game. FTP, what crucial mistake

did the referees make which helped Colorado win?

ANSWER: They gave Colorado five downs. (Accept reasonable


C. In 1969, the first-ever prime-time televised college football

game saw Alabama hold off Ole Miss 33-32 despite a drive led by this

quarterback which brought Ole Miss to the Alabama goal-line as time


ANSWER: Archie Manning



8. Give the common name on a 15-10 basis:

a. 15-The British Premier League team with this name is favored to

win the FA Cup and its stars include the Italians Roberto Di Matteo

and Gianfranco Zola, as well as manager Ruud Gullit.

10-This is also the first name of the most famous student at

Sidwell Friends Academy, she is set to enter college next fall, most

likely at Harvard.

ANSWER: Chelsea

b. 15-This is the TV character MacGyver's first name.

10-This is also the first name of AC/DC's lead guitarist.




9. Given a leading character or characters, name the television

western for 10 points. You'll get 5 if you need the actors who

played them.

a. 10: Matt Dillon

5: James Arness

ANSWER: Gunsmoke

b. 10: "Paladin"

5: Richard Boone

ANSWER: Have Gun, Will Travel

c. 10: James West and Artemis Gordon

5: Robert Conrad and Ross Martin

ANSWER: The Wild, Wild West



10. As of 1996, 33 albums had been certified as having sold 10

million or more copies by the Recording Industry Association of

America. Six artists have 2 albums each on that list. FTP each,

name any three of these artists:

ANSWER: Eagles (Greatest Hits 1971-1975, Hotel California);

Bruce Springsteen (Born in the USA, Live 1975-1985);

Whitney Houston (Bodyguard soundtrack, Whitney Houston);

Elton John (Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits II);

Garth Brooks (No Fences, Ropin' the Wind);

Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall)



11. With the Soviet Union not exactly thriving, new villains have to

be found, and the IRA seems to be a popular choice. Answer these

questions about the IRA in the movies, 5-10-15.

a. He plays an IRA man in the recent release Devil's Own.

ANSWER: Brad Pitt

b. He played a mad IRA bomber in the movie Blown Away.

ANSWER: Tommy Lee Jones

c. He played an IRA leader who is out to get Jack Ryan for killing

his brother in Patriot Games.

ANSWER: Sean Bean



12. Some very talented athletes have decided to play professional

baseball and pass on more exciting sports, answer these questions

about some of them FTP each:

a. This winningest left-hander of the past decade was drafted by the

Atlanta Braves in the 2nd round the same year he was drafted by the

Los Angeles Kings in the 4th round of the NHL draft.

ANSWER: Tom Glavine

b. This University of Minnesota star was the MVP of the 1973 College

World Series as a pitcher, and was drafted by the San Diego Padres,

Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Vikings, becoming the first athlete ever

to be drafted in three sports.

ANSWER: Dave Winfield



13. Name the dessert from a description FTP each:

a. They are crepes heated with orange sauce, topped with flaming

orange liqueur, and then basted in the orange sauce until the flame

disappears just before serving.

ANSWER: Crepes Suzette

b. This is essentially a pie of ice cream frozen in a graham cracker

or chocolate crust, topped with meringue, then baked briefly

immediately before serving.

ANSWER: Baked Alaska

c. One of this dessert's names comes from the Italian for "pick me

up". Mascarpone cheese or custard is mixed with heavy cream and egg

whites, and lady fingers are soaked in espresso and brandy. Each

layer of lady fingers is topped successively with chocolate and the

cream mixture. The dessert is then chilled before serving.

ANSWER: Tiramisu (Accept: Italian trifle, zuppa del duca, or zuppa




15. Answer these questions about women appearing in relatively new

TV for ten points each:

a. Formerly with CNN, she is now the lead anchor for Fox News.

ANSWER: Catherine Crier

b. She is host of MSNBC's show about the Internet entitled The Site.

ANSWER: Soledad O'Brien



16. In 1995, "Movieline" magazine compiled their list of the 100

greatest films of all time. Given their description and comments,

and the year, name the film, 5-10-15:

a. "A boy and his sled are separated -- problems ensue", 1941

ANSWER: Citizen Kane

B. "The only film masterpiece created for 3-year-olds", 1942


C. "Cornball costume period piece saved by director's neurotic

interest in exposing the dark glints within a gaga American clan:

imagine "Blue Velvet" made as a '40s MGM musical", 1944.

ANSWER: Meet Me In St. Louis



17. Given the mystery novel detective, name the creator FTP each.

a. Easy RawlinsANSWER: Walter Mosely

b. Perry MasonANSWER: Erle Stanley Gardner

c. Coffin Ed JohnsonANSWER: Chester Himes



18. OK, so they don't look even remotely like college students, they

still produce an entertaining show. As the cast of "Beverly Hills

90210" enters their early middle age, the names and faces continue to

hange, but 5 of the original "kids" are still with the show today.

For 5 points each and an additional 5 for them all, give the names of

the main characters who have been with the show since the beginning

and still hanging on for dear life.

ANSWER: Brandon Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, David Silver,

Donna Martin



19. The NBA recently ranked its 50 greatest players of all time.

Answer these questions about some of those players:

a. He is the only man on the list not to have attended college.

ANSWER: Moses Malone

b. This University of Detroit graduate pitched for the Chicago White

Sox and became player/coach of the Detroit Pistons, the youngest

coach in NBA history. He was later traded to the Knicks and was a

major part of their championship teams of the early 70's.

ANSWER: Dave DeBusschere

c. He is the youngest man on the list.

ANSWER: Shaquille O'Neal



20. Given the person they are having a child with, name the

celebrity, FTP. If you need an additional clue, you will receive 5


a. 10-Heather Harlan

5-star of the Odd Couple

ANSWER: Tony Randall

b. 10-Debbie Rowe

5-sang Billie Jean and Thriller

ANSWER: Michael Jackson

C. 10-Rob Sussman

5-This talk show hostess has been in movies like "Hairspray" and

"Mrs. Winterbourne".

ANSWER: Ricki Lake



21. Name the band from an early album for 10 points, for 5 points if

you need a more recent album:

a. 10: Beacon Street Collection

5: Tragic Kingdom

ANSWER: No Doubt

B. 10: Bleach

5: Nevermind

ANSWER: Nirvana

C. 10: Louder Than Love

5: Badmotorfinger

ANSWER: Soundgarden