1. It was a rather weird 1996 for this Texan. He appeared as a

trucker in "Kingpin" a few months after getting his first Major

League base hit (*) off Seattle's Norm Charlton. He finished the

season with a

10-13 record, a 3.63 ERA and 257 strikeouts, enough to earn an $8.5-

million-dollar-per-year contract. FTP, name this pitcher now toting

his wares for Toronto.

ANSWER: Roger Clemens


2. His god-awful "Obscene Phone Caller" pretty much cemented him as

another one-hit wonders (*) of the 1980s. He got a lot of help

entering the music business, through his father Berry Gordy and

Michael Jackson, who sang backup on his only big hit. FTP, name this

singer known for his campy "Somebody's Watching Me."

ANSWER: Rockwell


3. Her sister Joanne was the Midwestern Collegiate Conference

basketball player of the year in 1996. A product of Chicago's all-

girls Mother McCauley High School, she (*) studied nursing at

Southern Illinois University before dropping out to work at a local

deli. She eventually took up modeling and became the October 1993

Playmate of the Month and 1994 Playmate of the Year. FTP, name this

blonde bombshell and star of her own MTV show.

ANSWER: Jenny McCarthy


4. Sam Harris was a longtime winner on this show but couldn't

transfer the same success into a big-time music career. However,

Sawyer Brown launched (*) a very successful country music career

after appearing on this show. Many comedians have appeared on this

show including Rosie O'Donnell, Jenny Jones and once featured Sinbad

competing against Dennis Miller. FTP, name this talent show hosted by

Ed McMahon.

ANSWER: Star Search


5. This movie's soundtrack includes covers of Bad Company's

"Shooting Star" and Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way." This movie

features wacky dialogue about subcontractors in "Return of the Jedi."

(*) Filmed entirely in black and white and with a budget of about

$30,000, it won a critics' award at the 1994 Cannes film festival.

FTP, name this movie featuring such characters as Dante, Randall, Jay

and Silent Bob, the feature film debut of Kevin Smith.

ANSWER: Clerks


6. Not only have this group released records, they have opened up

clothing stores as well. (*) Its members are Genius, U God, Inspector

Dek, RZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon (ray-kwon), Method Man, Ghostface

Killa, Ol' Dirty Bastard. FTP, name this Staten Island-based rap


ANSWER: Wu-Tang Clan


7. While the Star Wars trilogy is currently lighting up box offices

again, this trilogy of books could soon be stepping up to a similar

challenge at movie theaters. Saul Zaentz, producer of "The English

Patient" (*) is negotiating the movie rights to this series with

Miramax and with "Heavenly Creatures" director Peter Jackson. FTP,

name this series of books, first published in 1954 that has sold more

than 25 million copies, composed of "The Two Towers," "The Return of

the King" and "The Fellowship of the Ring."

ANSWER: The Lord of the Rings



8. He was in the area anyway in 1996, so he tried out as a pitcher

for the Atlanta Braves, although the outfield might be a better fit

for him.(*) In Atlanta, he won his second consecutive Olympic gold

medal, winning at a distance far below his world record. FTP, name

this Czech, the current world-record holder in the javelin.

ANSWER: Jan Zelzeny


9. Newt Gingrich was named "Prick of the Week" by this show, long

before rising to power. In its later years, Tom Parks and Annabelle

Gurwitch hosted this show. Mitchell Laurance starred on this show (*)

in its early years. However, Anne Bloom, Rich Hall, Lucy Webb, Danny

Breen and Stuart Pankin that made this show a hit. FTP, name this

1980s HBO show, a great satirical twist on the news.

ANSWER: Not Necessarily the News


10. Some of this band's later songs that were not big hits in the

United States include "Innuendo," "I Want It All," "Friends Will Be

Friends," (*) and "The Invisible Man." Their last big hit in the

United States is 1984's "Radio Ga Ga." FTP, name this quartet whose

most famous songs include "Under Pressure," "Fat Bottomed Girls" and

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love."



11. A journalist makes $24,000. A lawyer or doctor makes $50,000.

Auto insurance costs $1,000, (*) fire insurance is $10,000. Exact

revenge on an opponent by milking him or her of $300,000. All of

these things are possible by spinning a wheel and moving your car

along the relief map board of, FTP, this classic Milton-Bradley game.

ANSWER: The Game of Life


12. His monologue about a guy named Bob who dressed up as the devil

to fool a friend to kill his family was voted as the #1 stand-up act

for 1992 on Comedy Central's "Short Attention Span Theater." (*) He

lingered around on the stand-up circuit before taking over for Kevin

Nealon on "Saturday Night Live." FTP, name this comic who has become

a big star by portraying David Letterman and Bob Dole on SNL.

ANSWER: Norm MacDonald


13. Just about anything can provide inspiration for a pop song, but

world team tennis? If (*) Kraft were smart, it would use this song

instead of "New York, New York" for its cream cheese ads. FTP, "shine

a light on me" and name this 1975 Elton John hit, named after the

team Billie Jean King captained during this time period.

ANSWER: Philadelphia Freedom


14. He was the last player to be named MVP of the NCAA tournament

while playing for a losing team.(*) Sam Bowie and Michael Jordan were

selected after him in the 1984 NBA draft. Recently, Dikembe Mutombo

criticized him for being too "Americanized" and not helping out his

African brethren. FTP, name this 1996 Dream Team member and Houston

Rockets center.

ANSWER: Hakeem Olajuwon



15. Bette Davis and the tree from "The Wizard of Oz." Darryl

Strawberry and Dino Rubble. (*) Mick Jagger and Don Knotts as Mr.

Limpet. Former Mets' catcher Gary Carter and U2's The Edge. Glenda

Jackson and Diane Wiest. Donald Trump and Elvis Presley. Dom

DeLuise and chef Paul Prudhomme. FTP, these are all pairs of people

featured in this series of books based on a section in Spy magazine.

ANSWER: _Separated at Birth_


16. Last name's the same: Ilene played the wife and mother on "Mr.

Belvedere." (*) David played Sam the Butcher in the Brady Bunch

movies and gun-crazy Tackleberry in the Police Academy series. FTP,

they share their last name with a convicted German tax evader Peter,

who is the father of tennis star Steffi.



17. This film includes "Babe"s James Cromwell as the father of one of

the heroes, John Goodman as (*) a football coach, Ted McGinley as the

star quarterback and Bernie Casey as U.N. Washington. Set at Adams

College, this movie features the Alpha Beta fraternity being toppled

by such characters as Wormser, Poindexter and Booger. FTP, name this

1984 movie about the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity starring Robert

Carradine and Anthony Edwards.

ANSWER: Revenge of the Nerds

18. A midseason loss to Memphis salted away his chances at not

getting the 1996 Heisman Trophy. (*) He finished behind

Northwestern's Darnell Autry in the voting, although he completely

outclassed him and his Wildcat teammates by burning them for more

than 400 yards in the 1997 Citrus Bowl. FTP, name this quarterback

who will still be a Volunteer in the fall and not work for pay in the


ANSWER: Peyton Manning


19 She has become a true icon of "alternative" music by forgoing the

regular routes to stardom. Her success includes providing musical

backing for activist storyteller Utah Phillips. (*) Spin magazine

describes her as "a bisexual who looks like a punk" and her music as

"acoustic folk augmented with funk, hard-edged rock and even hip-hop

tracks." FTP, name this Buffalo singer who, at age 19, started her

own record label, Righteous Babe, and has since released eight albums

without the benefit of MTV or radio airplay.

ANSWER: Ani DiFranco


20. In "Happy Gilmore," he played a psychotic nursing home attendant.

(*) On his variety show, he dressed up as Bono to sell Lucky Charms.

While directing "The Cable Guy," he created a great spoof of the

Menendez brothers trial. FTP, name this second-generation comedian

who looks for his birth parents in "Flirting with Disaster" and pines

for Winona Ryder in "Reality Bites," although he appears in just

about everything with close pal Janeane Garofalo.

ANSWER: Ben Stiller


21. The opera about her life opened on March 14 in Houston and its

librettist Wayne Koestenbaum (*) said she was a good subject because

"Everything in her life was carried out on an operatic scale: the

assassination, her expenditures, her sunglasses. But it was her

silence that was really alluring, and it's hard to capture that in

ordinary speech." FTP, name this late First Lady who also has a dorm

at George Washington University named after her.

ANSWER: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (or any acceptable




SO-1. While many people may equate professional wrestling with the

Deep South, this Northern state has produced its fair share of stars.

Ric Flair was originally billed from here (*) while Gene and Ole

Anderson formed its Wrecking Crew. Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, Rick

Rude and Mean Gene Okerlund are also from this state, which, FTP, was

the home to the Greg and Verne Gagne (gone-ya) and the now-defunct

American Wrestling Association.

ANSWER: Minnesota

SO-2. Bobby Hurley playing alongside Keith Smart? No, this isn't the

all-time NCAA tournament team, it's just a movie. George (*)

Raveling and Bobby Knight also make cameo appearances in this movie

that also stars Mary McDonnell and Ed O'Neill. FTP, name this Nick

Nolte movie about college basketball corruption that features the duo

of Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway.

ANSWER: Blue Chips


SO-3. A former news anchor at New York's ABC affiliate, she received

a couple of big shocks in recent weeks. After meeting James Brown on

a January edition of her talk show, he called in and proposed to

marry her. (*) She probably should have said yes because it could

have produced additional ratings to her fledgling show which was

canceled just weeks after the odd proposal. FTP, name her or the

show she hosted, considered at its debut to be the new Oprah.

ANSWER: Rolonda or Watt






1. Guess what folks? More mondegreens!! Given a misheard lyric,

identify the artist and title of the song for five points each.

a. "We are ancient Sophocles."

ANSWER: REM, Orange Crush

b. "Well I dig a little dog about an hour ago."

ANSWER: The Doors, L.A. Woman

c. "You don't need a pinhead just to hang around."

ANSWER: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Down on the Corner



2. Identify the Rodney Dangerfield movie from a brief description,

FTP each.

a. Rodney plays Thornton Mellon, former diver and owner of a big and

tall shop who asks Kurt Vonnegut to write his paper about Kurt

Vonnegut for a class taught by Sally Kellerman.

ANSWER: Back to School

b. Rodney and Jackee coach a girls' soccer team that includes his son

dressed as a girl.

ANSWER: Ladybugs

c. Rodney plays a talk show that combines the best of Jerry Springer

and ... Rodney Dangerfield.

ANSWER: Meet Wally Sparks



3. Inside Sports magazine is trying to capitalize on its annual

swimsuit issue by tying its production with episodes of an insanely

popular television show by incorporating pictures of Tracey Bingham

inside the magazine and Donna D'Errico on its cover of its 1997


a. For five points, identify this "world's most popular show" that

has allowed itself to be marketed with Inside Sports swimsuit issue.

ANSWER: Baywatch

b. 1997 marks the second consecutive year a "Baywatch Babe" has

graced the cover of Inside Sports' swimsuit issue. FTP, name the

actress/model who was on the cover of the 1996 issue.

ANSWER: Gena Lee Nolin

c. In 1994, Sport magazine tried a similar ploy by putting Alison

Armitage on the cover of that year's swimsuit issue. Armitage was one

of the stars of, for fifteen points, this Baywatch wanna-be that is

now running in reruns on the USA Network.

ANSWER: Acapulco H.E.A.T.



4. Given the name of a character in a John Grisham novel, identify

the work five points each.

a. Ellen Roark (roe-ark)

ANSWER: A Time to Kill

b. Rudy Baylor

ANSWER: The Rainmaker

c. Sam Cayhall

ANSWER: The Chamber

d. Mark Sway

ANSWER: The Client

e. Mitch McDeere

ANSWER: The Firm



5. Howard Stern's movie "Private Parts" was a success, in part,

because he included his longtime sidekicks to play themselves in the

movie. Name them, FTP, after a short description.

a. Howard's first sidekick and studio jokester whom Stern met at his

first big job in Hartford.

ANSWER: Fred Norris

b. Howard's news announcer and female sidekick whom Stern met while

in Washington, D.C.

ANSWER: Robin Quivers

c. The character name of Howard's crony who has crashed numerous

press conferences, and once asked Gennifer Flowers during such

conferences if President Clinton used a condom. He makes only a

brief appearance during the closing credits of "Private Parts."

ANSWER: Stuttering John



6. 30-20-10, name the actor:

30-He recently made an appearance on the television version of

"Clueless" playing a hunky substitute teacher.

20-He has played a great second fiddle to Tom Cruise in "Risky

Business" and Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

10-His most well-known television role is Balki on "Perfect


ANSWER: Bronson Pinchot



7. Being Super Bowl MVP can really have its advantages and great

leverage for new contracts.

a. FTP, name the former Michigan star who returned his way as MVP of

Super Bowl XXXI.

ANSWER: Desmond Howard

b. FTP, Howard left the Green Bay Packers to join this team featuring

fellow Heisman trophy winner Tim Brown.

ANSWER: Oakland Raiders

c. The Raiders also signed away the Super Bowl XXX MVP from his

original team. Name this former Cowboy defensive back who signed with

Oakland just after earning MVP honors.

ANSWER: Larry Brown



8. Name the drink being made given a list of ingredients, FTP each.

a. Kahlua and tequila

ANSWER: Brave Bull

b. Triple sec, gin, rum, vodka, lime juice and a splash of Coke

ANSWER: Long Island Ice Tea

c. Brandy, triple sec, lemon juice

ANSWER: Sidecar



9. The old 8-bit Nintendo video game system had many weird gimmick

products that really never caught on, despite their aggressive

marketing. Name these items, FTP each.

a. You could play Gyromite with this warped R2-D2 creature but very

little else.

ANSWER: Robotic Operated Buddy or ROB

b. Instead of a directional pad, you could slide around a red disc on

this alternate game controller.


c. You think you're Michael Johnson? Then try running for hours on

end on this "Twister"-like contraption to compete in a track and

field game.

ANSWER: Power Pad



9. Identify the television show from the first line of its theme

song, FTP each.

a. "Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum."

ANSWER: Diff'rent Strokes

b. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then

you have..."

ANSWER: The Facts of Life

c. "Boy the way Glenn Miller played."

ANSWER: All in the Family



11. Name the school, 30-20-10:

30-One of its most famous basketball alumni, Fennis Dembo, was

recently "found" in Argentina as part of ESPNet's missing athletes


20-Its football coach, Joe Tiller, left for Purdue while its

basketball coach, Joby Wright, had been a candidate for

Northwestern's coaching vacancy.

10-With wide receiver Marcus Harris, these WAC Cowboys finished the

season 11-2 yet were not invited to a bowl game.

ANSWER: University of Wyoming



12. Here's more of "It Came from the '80s" bonus, but with a twist.

Given a quintessentially '80s song, identify the movie that launched

it into pop history for ten points each. If you need a brief

description of the movie, you'll get five points.

a. 10: "Melt with You," Modern English

5: One of Nicolas Cage's first movies, featuring Southern

California "mall chicks."

ANSWER: _Valley Girl_

b. 10: "If You Leave," Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

5: This movie stars Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer.

ANSWER: _Pretty in Pink_



12. Identify the member of the U.S. women's gymnastics team who won a

medal in the following events at the Atlanta Olympics, FTP each.

a. Gold, balance beam

ANSWER: Shannon Miller

b. Silver, uneven bars

ANSWER: Amy Chow

c. Bronze, floor exercise

ANSWER: Dominique Dawes



13. Given the year and name of a Newberry Medal winner for best

children's book, identify the author, FTP each.

a. 1984: Dear Mr. Henshaw

ANSWER: Beverly Cleary

b. 1968: From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

ANSWER: E.L. Konigsburg

c. 1975: M.C. Higgins the Great

ANSWER: Virginia Hamilton



14. Identify the NHL team, 30-20-10:

30-In 1996, this team saw two of its own players each notch their

500th goal.

20-Later in the year, it had three head coaches in the span of two


10-It plays its home games at the Kiel Center.

ANSWER: St. Louis or Blues



15. Let's reflect on the life of the late Bill Bixby by identifying

the shows of which he was an integral part, FTP each.

a. Bixby's first big television series appearance was as single

father Tom Corbett on this show also starring Brandon Cruz.

ANSWER: The Courtship of Eddie's Father

b. From 1978-1982, he starred as Lou Ferrigno's mild-mannered alter

ego on this television adaptation of a popular Marvel Comics' series.

ANSWER: The Incredible Hulk

c. In his last years, he was director and producer of this NBC show

featuring Jenna Von Oy, Ted Wass and Mayim Biyalik.

ANSWER: Blossom



16. A couple of years ago, this company was known only to those who

dealt with computer network administration. They were still unknown

and picked on heavily for buying the rights to rename a stadium. Now,

they have established themselves as one of the largest computer

networking companies with their recent acquisition of one of the

largest modem manufacturers.

a. FTP, name this Santa Clara-based computer networking company.


b. For five points, name the Bay Area stadium 3Com bought the rights

to rename.

ANSWER: Candlestick Park

c. For ten points, name the modem manufacturer 3Com bought in a $6.6

billion deal.

ANSWER: US Robotics



17. How well do you know your greatest hits compilations? Identify

the musical artist from the name of their greatest hits collection

for five points apiece.

a. Eponymous


b. Rock and Soul, Part 1

ANSWER: Darryl Hall and John Oates

c. Negotiations and Love Songs

ANSWER: Paul Simon

d. Chronicles


e. The Immaculate Collection

ANSWER: Madonna Ciccone



18. While most of the major fast food chains have some sort of movie

tie-in promotions, some have actually made blatant appearances in

recent movies. FTP each, name the fast food chain that played some

role in these movies.

a. "Coneheads"

ANSWER: Subway

b. "Bye Bye Love"

ANSWER: McDonald's

c. "Demolition Man"

ANSWER: Taco Bell



19. The Visa Check Card commercials are a rather odd bunch of ads,

featuring well-known celebrities being asked for identification

because they're paying by personal check (for whatever reason). FTP

each, name the three personalities currently featured in those ads: a

retired politician, an athlete and a cartoon character.

ANSWER: Bob Dole, Deion Sanders, Daffy Duck



20. A popular target of Weird Al Yankovic's songs is television

shows. Name the television show Weird Al sings about given the titles

and artists of the songs he parodied to create his own tune.

a. "Mickey" by Toni Basil

ANSWER: I Love Lucy (note: the song is "Ricky")

b. "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats

ANSWER: The Brady Bunch (the song is "The Brady Bunch")

c. "Give It Away" and "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

ANSWER: The Flintstones (the song is "Bedrock Anthem")



21. As evidenced by the media attention surrounding the 1996 Rose

Bowl, Northwestern University has had a plethora of famous

celebrities study on its campus. However, many of these celebrities

never actually graduated from Northwestern. So, FTP each, name these

celebrities who can brag that they really are alumni of Northwestern.

a. This producer and director of such shows as "Laverne and Shirley"

actually has part of a building named for him on the Northwestern


ANSWER: Gary Marshall

b. This "Friends" star was a product of NU's theater department and

still is very involved with Chicago theater, helping to form the

Lookingglass Theater group.

ANSWER: David Schwimmer

c. She was still a Northwestern student when she starred opposite

Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride."

ANSWER: Kimberly Williams