1. This 6'9" forward out of Lewis Palmer High School in Colorado

Springs has decided to stay in college for his senior year. A 36

point effort against (*) Indiana helped him average 21.7 points per

game, second in the Big East. FTP, who is this Notre Dame forward

who was recently named Big East Player of the Year?

ANSWER: Pat Garrity


2. He appeared as a lab assistant in 1955's Revenge of the Creature.

His (*) earliest role in the genre he is known for was in The First

Travelling Saleslady. In 1964, he appeared in his tenth movie,

filmed in Spain and Italy and based on Kurosawa's Yojimbo. FTP, name

this actor who was directed by Sergio Leone in A Fistful of Dollars.

ANSWER: Clint Eastwood


3. When this group's lead singer broke his wrist skateboarding during

a 1986 tour, roadie John Marshall subbed for him on guitar. Marshall

went on to Armored Saint, (*) but worked for the band again in 1992,

when pyrotechnics went awry in Montreal and burned James Hetfield.

FTP, name this heavy metal group whose latest album is Load.

ANSWER: Metallica


4. In it, Molly is a street samurai with mirrored eyes and razor

blades in her fingertips. Wintermute (*) is a captive artificial

intelligence, related to the AI named in the title. Case is a

burned-out decker given a chance to roam cyberspace again to free

Wintermute. They are all characters of, FTP, what 1984 Hugo Award

winning cyberpunk novel by William Gibson?

ANSWER: Neuromancer


5. The company which put this new product on the market refers to it

as a "texturally enhanced beverage product," though it looks similar

to what you might get if you put some Skittles (*) in a jar of

Crystal Gravy. FTP, what is this new drink being test marketed

across the country, which according to Clearly Canadian is gel

spheres suspended in a clear, fruit liquid?

ANSWER: Orbitz


6. The composer of this piece for television resisted the idea of a

theme for each character on the show, and instead wrote a lively tune

in 5/4 time (*) which became the show's theme. The composer was

Lalo Schifrin and the show was about elite American spies. FTP,

identify this piece which was remade by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen

of U2 for the movie version.

ANSWER: _Mission: Impossible_ Theme


7. She began attending the Peabody Conservatory at age five, but was

expelled after only 6 years and spend the next few years performing

in various gay bars in Washington and Baltimore. The daughter of a

Methodist preacher, (*)she showed an early talent for the piano and

remembers herself as "a freak child with a really good rhythm." FTP,

identify this modern pop artist whose most recent album "Boys for

Pele" is expected to outsell her earlier releases, 1994's "Under the

Pink" and 1991's "Little Earthquakes"

ANSWER: Tori Amos



8. She was raised by the housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, and her lawyer

father Carson in the town of (*) River Heights. In several later

books she met and solved mysteries with her male counterparts, Frank

and Joe Hardy. FTP, name this amateur sleuth, whose books were

written by the Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate but were supposedly by

Carolyn Keene.

ANSWER: Nancy Drew


9. His TV credits include playing Herman's best friend Jay on the

defunct Fox comedy "Herman's Head" and as the voice of several

characters on "The Simpsons," (*) including Chief Wiggum and Apu. In

addition to roles in "Pretty Woman" and "Quiz Show," his latest role

is in the upcoming "Great Expectations." FTP, identify this

multitalented actor whose most "interesting" role was as the butler

Agador Spartacus in the Mike Nichols remake of "The Birdcage."

ANSWER: Hank Azaria


10. He teed off at 9:50 AM on March 20 at the 7,196 yard Bay Hill

Club in Orlando, Florida, (*) one of several courses he owns and

designed. His first drive that day marked the return of a legend of

the PGA, who ranks fourth on the all-time victories list with 60.

FTP, identify this golfer who returned this March after only a 9 week

absence due to prostate surgery.

ANSWER: Arnold Palmer


11. He boasts that his dog's mother tracked down James Earl Ray, and

that he learned about sex from his father, (*) who taught him by

showing him a bull mating a cow. His wife wears size 16E shoes, and

his home sits on a quarter acre lot in the town of Arlen, Texas.

FTP, identify this middle-class propane salesman, star of the new

brain child of "Beavis and Butthead" creator Mike Judge, "King of the


ANSWER: Hank Hill


12. They lost their first ever NHL game to the Boston Bruins back on

November 18, 1926, and were known at the time as the "Cougars" (*)

because many of their original players came from the Victoria (BC)

Cougars. Their first championship came in 1934, and their most

recent came an amazing 42 years ago, the longest present drought in

the NHL. FTP, identify this Central Division franchise, the present

home of such players as Steve Yzerman and Sergei Fedorov, and past

home of the legendary Gordie Howe.

ANSWER: Detroit or Red Wings


13. His one soft-core porn novel, Pornocopia, features a man whose

smegma offers a cure for all venereal disease. This prolific

Floridian novelist (*) is better known, however, for his Quaker

upbringing, his love of horses, and his inordinate love of puns.

FTP, even if you're not a part of the adult conspiracy, show that you

know about the color of girls' panties by buzzing in and naming the

ogre, famous for his Bio of a Space Tyrant, and for his soon to reach

20 book Xanth series?

ANSWER: Piers Anthony


14. The cast of this film includes Marlene Dietrich, William Shatner

and Judy Garland and it was nominated for 9 (*) Oscars in 1961. This

courtroom drama glorifies the event on which it was based, as much of

the evidence in the trial was purely documentary, with very little

personal testimony. FTP, what is this film which dramatized the 1946

trial of Nazi war criminals.

ANSWER: Judgement at Nuremburg



15. The last season of this series saw the main characters move from

Glen Lawn to New York, and the addition of actors such as Rosetta

LaNoire, Jonathan (*) Silverman, and Rosie O'Donnell. The season

revolved around the hasty marriage of Julie to Jonathan, and the

addition to the family of Joey's brother Matthew. FTP, what was this

series which featured Telma Hopkins, Dolph Sweet and Nell Carter.

ANSWER: Gimme A Break


16. Born Jay Scott Greenspan in 1959, this (*) actor appeared in such

TV busts as Everythings Relative and the CBS version of ER. Hes

also appeared in the movie The Burning and won both a Tony and a

Grammy for his work in Jerome Robbins Broadway. For ten points,

name this multi-talented star more commonly known as George Costanza.

ANSWER: Jason Alexander


17. Nursery Cryme, Trick of the Trail, Selling England by the Pound,

And (*) Then There Were Three, Wind and Wuthering, Three Sides Live

and We Cant Dance are some of the albums by this group which

recently replaced Phil Collins with two new musicians to return to a

quartet. For ten points, be first and name this group.

ANSWER: Genesis


18. Although the Braves claim it was for money, the real reason for

the trades may have been to get this player in the lineup. After (*)

all, it would have been strange to be reassigned to Richmond after

hitting two World Series home runs. For ten points, name this two-

time Minor League Player of the Year and now full-time rightfielder

of the Atlanta Braves who hit those homers while replacing an injured

David Justice.

ANSWER: Andruw Jones


19. It was originally put on CBS in 1972 against the top rated Flip

Wilson Show, but within a year and a half it had forced Flip off the

air. Based on a 1963 (*) Henry Fonda/Maureen O'Hara movie, it never

had high ratings in the cities but struck a chord with rural viewers

which led to a nine year run. FTP, what was this series, created and

narrated by Earl Hamner and which ended every episode with the now

familiar chorus of "Goodnight"'s.

ANSWER: The Waltons

20. This movie features Charles Grodin and Ralph Bellamy as

gynecologists and Ruth (*) Gordon, who won a Best Supporting Oscar

for her role as a witch. FTP, what is this film with Mia Farrow as an

expectant mother who gives birth to the spawn of Satan.

ANSWER: Rosemary's Baby


21. They looked like Lynyrd Skynyrd, they had the same

instrumentation with two lead guitars and two drummers, the lead

singers were related, however (*) this group actually had better

commercial success with hits such as Hold On Loosely and Caught Up

in You. For ten points, name this band who is probably the only

band to start with a decimal point.


ANSWER: .38 Special



SO-1. This conference will join the Southeast, the Big 12 and the

Western Athletic as having two divisions for most sports in 1997(*).

It will also have a football title game, although the location for

that, whether in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana or Illinois has yet to be

determined. For ten points, name this conference that has added

Marshall and Western Illinois to its ranks along with other compass

schools such as Eastern, Central and Western Michigan.

ANSWER: Mid-American Conference or MAC


SO-2. Spencer Tracys last film proves to be controversial (for its

time) as he and Hepburn play (*) the parents in this 1967 film where

their daughter brings home a new boyfriend played by Sidney Poitier.

For ten points, name this movie which garnered Hepburn an Academy

Award for Best Actress.


ANSWER: Guess Whos Coming to Dinner?


SO-3. She has three of the top four grossing concerts of all time,

(*) amazing for a person who hasnt released an album of non-show

tunes since 1988, and says she has stage fright. For ten points,

follow your nose and buzz in with the this funny girl who belted The

Way We Were more than a few times.


ANSWER: Barbra Striesand





1. Identify the following Nicktoons characters for the stated number

of points:

a. For 5 each, identify Rocko's two best friends on "Rocko's Modern


ANSWER: Heifer and Filberd

b. For 5 each, name any three of the four babies who star in


ANSWER: Phil, Lil, Chucky and Tommy

c. For 5 more, which breakfast food superhero appears on "Ren and


ANSWER: Powdered Toast Man


2. Back before all the super-mega-awesome video game systems hit the

market, there was the original Nintendo, and its ultra-popular Super

Mario Brothers series. FFP each, identify these characters from the

original Super Mario Brothers game.

a. The fearsome walking mushrooms

ANSWER: Goombas

b. The turtles who looked like birds

ANSWER: Koopas

c. The hard-shelled beetles


d. The little red critters with spiked shells

ANSWER: Spinies

e. The turtle in a cloud who threw spinies

ANSWER: Lakitu

f. The big bad guy at the end of World 8

ANSWER: Bowser



3. Identify the actor from roles, 30-20-10.

30-Mario in "Super Mario Brothers: The Movie."

20-Smeed in "Hook"

10-Eddie Valiant in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

ANSWER: Bob Hoskins



4. Given a year, FFP each supply the following: the winners of the

men's NCAA basketball championship, Super Bowl, and World Series.

a. 1992

ANSWER: Duke Blue Devils, Washington or Redskins, Toronto or Blue


b. 1987

ANSWER: Indiana Hoosiers, New York Giants, Minnesota Twins



5. Answer these questions about the recent death of the Notorious

B.I.G. for ten points each.

a. What was Biggies real name?

ANSWER: Christopher Wallace

b. Biggie recorded for the lead East Coast rap label, Bad Boy

Entertainment. Name the head of Bad Boy Entertainment.

ANSWER: Sean Puffy Combs

c. Name the recently jailed head of Bad Boys West Coast rival,

Death Row Records.

ANSWER: Marion Suge Knight



6 Identify the following Dave Barry books FTP each.

a. Barry's latest work, it describes the wonderful world of

computers and the Internet. It includes such definitions as

"hardware: any part of the computer that stops working when you

spill beer on it."

ANSWER: Dave Barry in Cyberspace

b. This Dave Barry book is a tribute to all things attributable to

the male gender, including such important items as mooning, Pez, and

"do it yourself" manuals.

ANSWER: Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys

c. One of Barry's first books, it describes how to conceive and

raise a child "with tools you probably have around the home."

ANSWER: Babies and Other Hazards of Sex



7. Identify the singer or group from familiar and rather nonsensical

lyrics FTP each.

a. "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam/Why they changed it I

can't say, people just liked it better that way."

ANSWER: They Might be Giants

b. "What's with these homies dissin' my girl/Why do they gotta

front?/What did we ever do to these guys/That makes 'em so violent?"

ANSWER: Weezer

c. "Kill the headlights and put it in neutral/Stock car flamin' with

a loser in the cruise control/Baby's in Reno with the Vitamin D/Got a

couple of couches, sleep on the loveseat."




7. Identify the country club at which each of the following yearly

PGA tournaments is played 5-10-15:

a. For 5, The Masters

ANSWER: Augusta National Country Club

b. For 10, NEC World Series of Golf

ANSWER: Firestone Country Club

c. For 15, Sprint International

ANSWER: Castle Pines Country Club



8. FTP each, given a current series of fantasy books, name the author

of that series.

a. The Wheel of Time series

ANSWER: Robert Jordan

b. The Serpentwar Saga

ANSWER: Raymond E. Feist

c. The Sword of Truth series

ANSWER: Terry Goodkind



9. Give the following tasteless names for rock groups FTP each.

a. This punk band led by Jello Biafra is named after certain murdered


ANSWER: The Dead Kennedys

b. This punk band whose albums include Golden Shower of Hits is named

for a masturbation ritual.

ANSWER: The Circle Jerks

c. This band's singer Gibby Haynes guested on Ministry's Jesus Built

My Hot Rod.

ANSWER: The Butthole Surfers



10. FTP each, name the following people who have had guest

appearances on Highlander: The Series.

a. This former Night Court actor played the giant maniac Slan in the

very first episode.

ANSWER: Richard Moll

b. This British rock figure who played the scarecrow in a recent

musical version of The Wizard of Oz had a role as MacLeod's friend


ANSWER: Roger Daltrey

c. The lead singer of a popular 80's group had a recurring role as

the evil Xavier St. Cloud. Either name him or the band he fronted.

ANSWER: Roland Gift of Fine Young Cannibals



11. Identify the following Oscar winning films, set on the Dark

Continent, FTPE.

a. This 1942 movie was based on the play Everybody Comes to Rick's

ANSWER: Casablanca

b. This 1985 movie won 7 Oscars, including Best Picture, but none of

them were for acting.

ANSWER: Out of Africa

c. This 1951 film garnered an Oscar for Humphrey Bogart but not

Katharine Hepburn

ANSWER: African Queen



12. For the stated number of points, given a description of a

baseball player who had his career cut short, name the baseball


a. 5 points: This Puerto Rican great with 3000 hits died in a plane

crash on New Year's Eve, 1972.

ANSWER: Roberto Clemente

b. 10 points: This odd Cardinals pitcher had his toe fractured by an

Ear l Averill line drive in the 1937 All Star game. He tried to come

back too soon and ruined his arm.

ANSWER: Jay "Dizzy" Dean

c. 15 points: This Cleveland shortstop became the only player to die

during a major league game when he was killed by a Carl Mays beanball

in 1920.

ANSWER: Ray Chapman



13. For the stated number of points, name the primary singer of these

classic country songs.

a. For 5, Sixteen Tons

ANSWER: Tennessee Ernie Ford

b. For 10, A Boy Named Sue

ANSWER: Johnny Cash

c. For 15, Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone?

ANSWER: Charlie Pride



14. Identify the following from the late, lamented Calvin and Hobbes

for the stated number of points.

a. For 5, name Calvin's teacher.

ANSWER: Miss Wormwood

b. For 10, what is the name of Hobbes' counterpart, Susie Derkins'

stuffed rabbit?


c. For 15, exactly what kind of job does Calvin's dad have?

ANSWER: patent attorney (prompt for more information on "attorney" or




15. Given a sitcom, name the town and the state in which it was set

for five each.

a. Alice

ANSWER: Phoenix, AZ

b. Punky Brewster

ANSWER: Chicago, IL

c. Rosanne

ANSWER: Lanford, IL



16. Answer the following questions about the films of Leni

Riefenstahl for the stated number of points

a. For 5, some consider this film about the 1934 Nuremburg Conference

to be the best film ever made, despite the subject matter.

ANSWER: Triumph of the Will or Triumph des Willens

b. For 10, this film was supposed to depict Aryan superiority through

athletic conquests.

ANSWER: Olympia

c. For 15, this film about African desert dwellers received criticism

as being racist because of the director's past.

ANSWER: Last of the Nuba



17. Given an Emmy award winning actor or actress, name the series for

which he or she won for the stated number of points.

a. 5-Candace Bergen

ANSWER: Murphy Brown

b. 10-Dennis Weaver

ANSWER: Gunsmoke

c. 15-John Cleese

ANSWER: Cheers



18. Given an NFL player who has changed teams this offseason, name

both the team he left and the team he joined for 5 points each.

a. Linebacker Chad Brown

ANSWER: left Pittsburgh or Steelers, joined Seattle or Seahawks

b. Halfback Garrison Hearst

ANSWER: left Cincinnati or Bengals, joined San Francisco or 49ers

c. Fullback Howard Griffith

ANSWER: left Carolina or Panthers, joined Denver or Broncos



19. 30-20-10 Identify the Year

30-The record of the year was What a Fool Believes by the Doobie


20-The WHA was absorbed into the NHL

10-The Smashing Pumpkins wrote a song about it.

ANSWER: 1979




20. Answer these questions about the undeserving band Oasis for the

stated number of points.

a. For 5 each, give the first names of the Gallagher brothers.

ANSWER: Liam and Noel

b. For 10, name the bands first album, released in 1994

ANSWER: Definitely Maybe


21. 30-20-10 Identify the film

30-This was the 5th highest grossing film of 1967 and was originally

set to star Judy Garland, until she was fired because of her drug


20-This film tells the tale of a small town girl, a singer, a porn

star and a Broadway actor, who are all hooked on sleeping pills.

10-This film, based on a Jacqueline Susann novel, has a sequel

written by Roger Ebert.

ANSWER: The Valley of the Dolls