1. This food was invented by Peal B. Wait (*), a manufacturer of

cough medicine, in 1897. FTP - name the item, a combination of fruit

flavoring and gelatin.



2. This soccer player from San Diego State University became the

first American to play in Germany's Bundesliga in 1992, scoring (*) 9

goals in his first 10 games. In 1996, he scored the first goal in

Major League soccer history. This past January, he became the all-

time leading scorer on the US national team. For 10 points, name

this forward for the San Jose Clash.

ANSWER: Eric Wynalda


3. This New York City born fantasy novelist is a member of Mensa, a

high priestess in a Celtic pagan tradition, and one of the first

female rock critics. During the late 1960's and early 1970's, she

edited Jazz and Pop magazine. In 1970, she married Jim Morrison. Her

(*) novels, like The Copper Crown, The Throne of Scone, and The Oak

Above the Kings, blend Celtic mythology and science fiction. FTP,

name the authoress of Strange Days: My Life and Times with Jim


ANSWER: Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (accept Morrison until "Jim



4. Spoofing "The Cat and the Canary," "The Maltese Falcon," and (*)

"To Have and Have Not," this movie starts with 5 detectives being

invited to a strange house for "dinner and a murder." When the host

is killed, the detectives all try to solve the murder, only to find

that the "murderer" is the host, who is still alive. FTP, name this

movie written by Neil Simon, whose star-studded cast includes Alec

Guinness, Peter Sellers, David Niven, and Truman Capote.

ANSWER: Murder by Death


5. Melissa plays Mary Ingalls (*) in "Little House on the Prairie,"

Arn is a member of professional wrestling's Four Horsemen, and

Gillian plays Dana Scully on "The X-Files." FTP, what is the shared

last name of these people?

ANSWER: Anderson


6. Laurel and Hardy, Sonny and Cher, Don Knotts, and the Harlem

Globetrotters all made guest appearances on this cartoon featuring

the crime solving antics of five teenagers and a dog. FTP, name the

cartoon, where those "pesky kids!" drive a van named the Mystery


ANSWER: Scooby Doo


7. This artist, after working as assistant engineer on the Abbey Road

album for the Beatles, went on to engineer Wings' "Red Rose Speedway"

and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". After meeting up and

forming a "project" with (*) Eric Woolfson, he produced albums such

as "I Robot, "The Turn of a Friendly Card", and "Eye in the Sky.

FTP, name the artist who released his latest album, "On Air", in CD

format only on September 24, 1996, in America with River North


ANSWER: Alan Parsons



8. The same actor has portrayed Victor Frankenstein, Romeo, Ivanhoe,

Sancho Panza, (*) the African god Ananzi, Tom Sawyer, and Cyrano de

Bergerac. It's an even more impressive feat when you realize that

this actor is a Jack Russell terrier. He's the star, FTP, of what PBS

childrens' show, designed to introduce young people to great


ANSWER: Wishbone


9. This group produced songs such as "Mistral Wind," "Nada One," (*)

and "Lighter Touch," on albums such as "Dog & Butterfly" and "Bad

Animals." FTP, what is the name of the group, with lead singers Ann

and Nancy Wilson, who hit the charts with songs such as "Never,"

"Alone,", "These Dreams," and "All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)"?



10. Among her earlier American roles was that of Frazier Crane's

first wife (*) in one episode of "Cheers". More recently, she gained

acclaim for writing the screenplay for "Sense and Sensibility". For

ten points - name the actress, who also starred in "Junior".

ANSWER: Emma Thompson


12. A little red-painted toy tugboat with a blue smokestack (*)

decides that he was meant for grander things than a toy store. So

when the toy store owner puts him in a brook, the tugboat floats

away. The brook takes him to a river, and then out to sea. Just as he

is about to be lost at sea, the toy store owner picks him out of the

water. The tugboat lends his name, FTP to what Little Golden Book

story, illustrated by Tibor Gergely and first published in 1946?

ANSWER: Scuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River


13. This Greek born pianist moved to the U.S. in 1972 and received a

degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota. Possessed (*)

of perfect pitch, he received Grammy nominations for two albums, In

My Time and Dare to Dream, despite being a self-taught musician. His

first live performance in the land of his birth was held in the

shadow of the Parthenon, and filled the 2000 year old Herod Atticus

Theatre to capacity. FTP, name this New Age, mononymic, much

maligned composer/pianist.



14. He called Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell "a wannabe"(*) and

Jimmy Smith, who took over at wide receiver after he was cut in the

middle of the season, "a backstabber". Now the Green Bay Packers have

backstabbed him, cutting him less than two months after he caught a

touchdown pass in their Super Bowl win. FTP - name this fading


ANSWER: Andre Rison



15. The 27th full length animated Disney film (*) is loosely based on

a novel by Charles Dickens. FTP, name the movie, featuring the

voices of Huey Lewis, Bette Midler, and Billy Joel.

ANSWER: Oliver and Company


16. Tony Resch's team, from Philadelphia, has (*) the league's best

record this season. FTP - name the sports league, played in hockey

arenas and has a thirty second shot clock, that includes the

Philadelphia Wings, Charlotte Cobras, and the New York Saints.

ANSWER: Major Indoor Lacrosse League or MILL


17. This 1995 movie is one of two in the Internet Movie Database to

be banned in the Republic of Ireland. (*) Critics in the U.S.

attempted to stop the release of this film, one of the first to carry

an NC-17 rating. In fact, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas and director

Paul Verhoeven probably wish it had never been released in the U.S.,

after it flopped at the box office to excoriating reviews. FTP, name

this film, which marked the beginning - and possibly the end- of

Elizabeth Berkeley's movie career.

ANSWER: Showgirls (Moderator: Boo anyone who disagrees with the



18. "SST Death Flight", "Robot Holocaust", "Godzilla (*) vs. Megalon"

and "Laserblast" all have two things in common: they're all awful

movies, and they've all been hacked in - FTP - what Comedy Central

and now Sci-Fi Network series?

ANSWER: Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K


19. This band from Milwaukee consists of Gordon Gano, Brian Ritchie,

and Guy Hoffman. (*) FTP, name this band, some of whose albums are

"3" and "Why Do Birds Sing," who are probably best known for their

song "Blister in the Sun."

ANSWER: Violent Femmes


20. In this novel, Will Graham teams up with Jack Crawford to find a

serial killer referred to by the media as "The Tooth Fairy." Written

by Thomas Harris, this book inspired the movie "Manhunter" and is the

sequel to "The Silence of the Lambs". FTP, name it.

ANSWER: Red Dragon


21. Since her divorce, she's come to the United States to find her

own American Dream. So far, she's been a spokeswoman for Weight

Watchers and hawked cranberry juice. Now she's starting her own

syndicated newspaper column for the New York Times. FTP, name this

redheaded formal royal.

ANSWER: Sarah Ferguson



SO-1. The College of DuPage in 1989, the University of Minnesota in

1990, (*) the University of Illinois - Chicago 1991, George

Washington University in 1992, and USC in 1993. These colleges, in

these years, were the locations of, for 10 points, the national

championship tournament of what game, known as the "varsity sport of

the mind?"

ANSWER: College Bowl


SO-2. This Montreal Canadiens goaltender established the practice of

leaving the crease to get the puck after a dump-in (*) by the other

team, and also was the first to signal to his defencemen that icing

was going to be called on a play. FTP, name this six-time winner of

the Vezina Trophy, and first goaltender to wear a mask.

ANSWER: Jacques Plante


SO-3. This large, green thorny fruit, whose scientific name is Durio

zibethinus Murr, is (*) widespread in southeast Asia, where it is so

widely esteemed as a delicacy that it is known as "The King of the

Fruits". However, the smell of - FTP- what fruit is so strong and

foul that it is banned from airplanes and so public areas?

ANSWER: Durian or Duren or Thuria





1. Given a list of characters, name the daytime soap. Ten points


a. Audrey Hardy, Ned Ashton, Mac Scorpio, and Sonny Lorinthos.

ANSWER: General Hospital

b. Dr. Marlena Evans, Jennifer Blake, Victor Kiriakis, Dr. Mike


ANSWER: Days of Our Lives

c. Marcus Williams, Vivian Grant, Reva Shayne Lewis Cooper, Phillip


ANSWER: Guiding Light



2. Yes, "The English Patient" won far, far too many Oscars. But not

all of them. Name a few other winners, for five points each.

a. First, this adaptation of a Jane Austen novel won for Best

Original Musical or Comedy Score, presumably because "The English

Patient" won in the separate category for Best Dramatic Score.


b. Second, this film won Best Foreign Film, which "The English

Patient" can't win, being, as its title implies, an English-language



Third, this documentary about the Muhammad Ali - George Foreman

"Rumble in the Jungle" in 1974 won Best Documentary, probably because

"The English Patient" was a work of fiction.

ANSWER: When We Were Kings

Fourth, this newcomer actually defeated "The English Patient",

winningBest Adapted Screenplay for "Sling Blade".

ANSWER: Billy Bob Thornton



3. How long has it been since you last played Magic: The Gathering?

For 5 points each, given the name of a Magic card, classify it as

red, white, blue, green, black, or artifact.

a. Orcish Spy

ANSWER: redb. Vexing Arcanix

ANSWER: artifactc. Night Soil

ANSWER: greend. Serra Angel

ANSWER: white



4. This question writer sure picked a bad fantasy football team this

year. See if you can do better with hindsight on this thirty point


a. My starting quarterback, Erik Kramer of the Bears, spent most of

the season on injured reserve. For five points, what quarterback,

who has lead the league in passing touchdowns for two consecutive

years, did I decline drafting in the first round?

ANSWER: Brett Favre

b. Instead of picking up Favre, I nabbed Emmitt Smith with the second

overall pick, who did not lead the league in rushing touchdowns this

year. For ten points - what running back, whose team missed the

playoffs, did?

ANSWER: Terry Allen

c. My second round pick, Carl Pickens of the Bengals, did manage to

collect twelve touchdown passes. For five points apiece - what

Charger and what Raven led the league last season with fourteen

touchdown catches each?

ANSWER: Tony Martin and Michael Jackson



5. It's time to prove your knowledge of the Brady Bunch! For 5

points each, name the six actors and actresses who played the Brady

children in the TV series.

ANSWER: Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Susan

Olsen, Eve Plumb, Barry Williams



6. Name the musical woman, 30-20-10.

30-She's the only woman to officially be comsidered a member of the

Beach Boys.

20-Currently, she tours the U.S. singing big band and jazz songs,

often with symphony orchestras. Her must recent album is 1991's

"Never Let Me Go."

10-With her husband, she won "Song of the Year" at the 1975 Grammy

awards for "Love Will Keep Us Together."

ANSWER: Toni Tennille



7. Here's a bonus for fans of professional wrestling. FTP each,

given the real name of a professional wrestler, give the stage name

he is currently using.

a. Terry Bollea

ANSWER: Hulk Hogan

b. Michael Hickenbottom

ANSWER: Shawn Michaels

c. Steve Borden




8. Answer these questions about the game of Yahtzee for 10 points


a. What company produces Yahtzee?

ANSWER: Milton Bradley

b. When scoring the game, how many points do you need to score in the

top section in order to get the 35 point bonus?


c. How many points do you score for a full house?




9. Whether you like her music or hate it, you've probably heard so

many Alanis Morissette songs on the radio that you've had no choice

but to memorize the lyrics to all of them. Let's hope so, anyway.

Given lyrics from songs on her album "Jagged Little Pill," identify

the songs FTP each.

a. "I feel drunk but I'm sober. I'm young and I'm underpaid."

ANSWER: Hand In My Pocket

b. "And all I need now is intellectual intercourse"

ANSWER: All I Really Want

c. "Swallow it down (What a jagged little pill)"

ANSWER: You Learn



10. Sue Grafton is well-known for her alphabet series of mysteries,

such as "A is for Alibi." FTP each, tell what each of the following

letters stands for in the titles of Sue Grafton novels.

a. K

ANSWER: Killer

b. F

ANSWER: Fugitive

c. G

ANSWER: Gumshoe



11. In September of 1995, Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig's American

record for consecutive games played. In June of 1996, to much less

fanfare, he broke the world baseball record in this category. Answer

these questions about the former world record for 10 points each.

a. What Japanese player held the record before Ripken?

ANSWER: Sachio Kinugasa

b. Within 50, how many consecutive games did Kinugasa play in?

ANSWER: 2,215 (accept 2,165 to 2,265)

c. What team did Kinugasa play for when he set this record?

ANSWER: Hiroshima or Carp



12. Richie Rich, the poor little rich boy, has been the star of comic

books, cartoons, and a motion picture. For ten point each name his

butler, maid, and chauffeur.

ANSWER: Cadbury, Irona and Bascom



13. Anyone old enough to remember the eighties remembers "The

Breakfast Club". But who were those five detention-bound teenagers?

For five points each, name the five Brat Pack actors.

ANSWER: Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Judd

Nelson, Emilio Estevez



14. "Breathe deep the gathering gloom; watch lights fade from every

room; bedsitter people look back and lament; another day's useless

energies spent..." So begins a monologue at the end of the album

"Days of Future Passed". Name the following about the monologue,

written by Graeme Edge.

a. For five points: the name of the group that produced the album.

ANSWER: the Moody Blues

b. For five points: name the song that precedes the above mentioned


ANSWER: Nights in White Satin

c. For ten points: the name of the monologue.

ANSWER: the Lost Lament

d. For ten points, finish the lyric: "cold-hearted orb that rules the

night/removes the colours from our sight/red is gray, and yellow

white/but we decide which is right/"

ANSWER: and which is an illusion?



15. How well do you know your Douglas Adams? Given an event

occurring somewhere in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy,

name which of the five books it occurs in. Ten points each.

a. First, Arthur Dent is insulted by Wowbagger the Infinitely


ANSWER: Life, the Universe, and Everything


b. Second, Arthur meets Rob McKenna, the Rain God.

ANSWER: So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

c. Third, Arthur the Sandwich Maker's idyllic life is interrupted by

the arrival of his daughter Random.

ANSWER: Mostly Harmless



17. Go Mocs! Time for the obligatory bonus about the biggest

surprise in this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament, the

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

a. First, FTP, name the conference that UTC won this year to earn a

spot in the NCAA tournament.

ANSWER: Southern Conference

b. Second, FTP, name the coach of the UTC men's basketball team who

led the Mocs to their first ever Sweet Sixteen bid this year.

ANSWER: Mack McCarthy

c. Third, for five points each, name the two teams that UTC upset

before it lost to Providence.

ANSWER: Georgia Bulldogs and Illinois Illini



18. One of this question writer's favorite 80's movies is Real

Genius, a story of the escapades of disgustingly smart college kids,

starring Val Kilmer as a wunderkind with an attitude.. How well do

you know the movie? Given a quote from Real Genius, name the

character who spoke it, 10 points each:

a. "I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said... 'I

drank WHAT?!?'"

ANSWER: Chris Knight

b. "And from now on, stop playing with yourself!"

ANSWER: Mitch Taylor

c. "Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most

people have the IQ of a carrot."

ANSWER: Prof. or Dr. Hathaway (Prompt on "the professor" or




19. And you thought UPN was bad? Wait until you have to name these

shows on the dubba-dubba-WB, for ten points each.

a. First, this show is loosely based on the 1992 Kristy Swanson/Luke

Perry movie of the same name. In it, Sarah-Michelle Gellar plays the

"Chosen One" who constantly does battle with supernatural beings.

ANSWER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

b. Second, this soon-to-die Star Trek spoof, starring Flex and Darryl

Bell, once featured James Doohan as an engineer who periodically

said, "My old captain wouldn't do that."

ANSWER: Homeboys in Outer Space



20. How well do you know your oldies? For five points each, and a

five point bonus for all three, given a list of songs, name the band.

a. "Never My Love", "Windy", "Along Comes Mary".

ANSWER: The Association

b. "My Favorite Vegetable", "409", and "Wendy".

ANSWER: The Beach Boys

c. "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone",

"Daydream Believer".

ANSWER: The Monkees



21. Hey, all you bar hoppers out there; let's see how well you know

your alcohol! For ten points each, name the drink given the

ingredients in no particular order:

a. Kahlua, Vodka.

ANSWER: Black Russian

b. ginger ale, grenadine syrup.

ANSWER: Shirley Temple

c. gin, lemon juice, sugar, club soda, an orange slice, and a

maraschino cherry.

ANSWER: Tom Collins