1. This style of wrestling involves high flying, acrobatic wrestling

combined with theater. Wrestlers (*) will often slap their

opponents, not to hurt them, but to insult their manhood. FTP name

this wrestling style, whose wrestlers call themselves "Luchadores"

and is most commonly found in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

ANSWER: Lucha Libre


2. Lysterine likes having sex while Bunz does a Jesse (*) Jackson

imitation. Rushon fights with Nikki's pet dog for possession of a

condom, and when he wins, the dog continues for the rest of the scene

to lunge desperately for the condom. FTP, these are scenes from what

recent movie starring Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx?

ANSWER: Booty Call


3. Born in 1929, it is claimed by the Guinness Book of World Records

that she recorded not less than 25,000 songs from 1948-1974.

Although a Maharastrian, she (*) developed perfect diction in Urdu

and many other Indian languages, and was awarded the Padma Bhushan in

1969. FTP, name this arguable greatest of female Hindi film singers.

ANSWER: Lata Mangeshkar

4. He made headlines in 1994 when he signed a $400,000 book deal (*)

with Little, Brown, and Co. to write "The Hottest State," a novel

with a slightly autobiographical premise--good-looking, twenty one

year old New Yorker tries to figure out love. Unlike his

protagonist, though, he's been linked with Julia Roberts and Uma

Thurman. Better known as an actor, his first role was with River

Phoenix in Explorers. More recent roles had him opposite Julie Delpy

in "Before Sunrise" and as cynical slacker anti-hero Troy in "Reality

Bites." FTP, name him.

ANSWER: Ethan Hawke


5. Warning--two answers needed. Their 1991 sitcom "Good Sports" was

an (*) abortive attempt to revive both of their flagging careers.

When they met in the middle of the 1970's, when Lee Majors asked his

best friend to look after his wife, their stardom was in full swing--

he was known as the male lead in "Love Story," and "Paper Moon," she

as Jill Munroe in Charlie's Angels. FTP, name both members of this

celebrity couple, recently broken up after a 17 year relationship.

ANSWER: Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal


6. After serving in World War II, he wrote for radio comedy programs

while attending the University of Nebraska; after graduation, he

moved to Los Angeles and was hired as a writer for the Red Skelton

show (*). One night when Red was ill, he substituted as host, wowing

the audience and earning himself a job as the host of "Who Do You

Trust," which became ABC's top-rated daytime program. This success

led to an offer from NBC in 1965 to host a show that would alone

account for 17 percent of its profit by 1979. FTP, name this

successor of Jack Paar on "The Tonight Show."

ANSWER: Johnny Carson


7. When Gus Greenlee, a local numbers racketeer, took over this

baseball team in 1930, his first task was to woo established players

with high salaries. In 1931 he landed Satchel Paige, and by 1934 had

added Oscar Charleston, Judy Johnson, Josh Gibson, and Cool Papa

Bell, building a team with 5 future hall of famers. FTP, name this

team which wooed those players away from their cross-town rivals, the

Homestead Grays.

ANSWER: Pittsburgh Crawfords


8. Raised on a mink ranch in Newfoundland, Canada, she was rejected

by Playboy several times before becoming Miss November 1981. She had

a starring role in CBS's "Crime Time After Prime Time" series "Fly by

Night.", but is primarily known for being a B-movie star, including

the "Night Eyes" series, and "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of

Death." FTP, name this 1982 Playmate of the Year, currently married

to Gene Simmons of KISS.

ANSWER: Shannon Tweed


9. This music group formed in Athens, Georgia, and their songs

include"1,000,000", (*) "Cuyahoga" (kai-ya-HO-gah), "South Central

Rain" "Superman", and "Talk about the Passion". FTP, give this "It's

the end of the world as we know it" band whose newest album is "New

Adventures in Hi-Fi".



10. Dweezil Zappa provides the voice for Ajax, and (*) Gregg Berger

does Cornfed in,FTP, what animated series, featuring Jason Alexander

as the voice of the title character.

ANSWER: Duckman


11. This prolific author's latest novel recently became her 38th best

seller. (*) In fact she is in the Guinness Book of World Records for

having at least one or more of her books on the New York Times

bestseller list for 390 consecutive weeks. A number of these have

been adapted for television winning critical acclaim and two Golden

Globe nominations for a mini series based on her book, "Jewels". FTP,

name this author, one of the world's foremost exponents of the

romance novel

ANSWER: Danielle Steele


12. The nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola, he (*) first

appeared in films under his real name Nicolas Coppola in a bit part

in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Over the past fifteen years he

has amassed a tremendous body of good but often underrated work both

in and outside Hollywood, working with directors like David Lynch,

Norman Jewison and Joel Coen. But it is only after his 1995 Academy

Award winning performance that he has made it into the big-budget

blockbuster industry as a box office success. FTP name the actor who

has been cast as the Man of Steel in the revival Superman movie,

"Superman Lives".

ANSWER: Nicholas Cage


13. Everyone remembers Michael Jordan hitting a baseline jumper

lifting North Carolina over Georgetown in the Louisiana Superdome in

the 1982 National Championship game, but FTP what other number 23 hit

(*) a jumper from the same Superdome baseline to lift Indiana over

Syracuse in the 1987 NCAA Championship game?

ANSWER: Keith Smart


14. His first LP, "That's All," spawned (*) the most popular single

of 1959. FTP name this vocalist behind Lazy River, Dream Lover, and

the 1959 single, Mack the Knife.

ANSWER: Bobby Darin



15. Environmentalists have alleged that the concert will harm the

venue. The country's Supreme Court recently dismissed all such

claims, allowing Yanni to (*) go ahead with the three-day benefit

concert that is expected to bring in $10 million, and which will use

special acoustics and only candle lights to minimize the sound and

light effect on the marble edifice. FTP, what 17th century monument

is going to be the backdrop for this musical extravaganza.

ANSWER: the Taj Mahal (prompt on Yanni before mentioned)


16. Two answers are needed. Did you think that Mark Hamill was dead?

We (*) did -- until we went computer game shopping. FQTP, in what

Origin Systems series does he appear with Jason Bernard and John


ANSWER: Wing Commander III and Wing Commander IV


17. He wanted to get the casts of his two famous shows together for a

TV movie, but when one balked, he got the Harlem Globetrotters to (*)

take the place of the Brady Bunch. For ten points, name the

creator/producer of both the Bunch and Gilligans Island.

ANSWER: Sherwood Schwartz


18. They recorded 4 albums before hitting it big, placing a single on

the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. FTP, name this techno group mixers

behind the song Halycon On On, and performers in the 1996 MTV Europe

New Years Bash.

ANSWER: Orbital

19. He played drums with members of Steely Dan while attending Bard

College. FTP, who played Ty Webb, Norman (*) Robberson, Dusty

Bottoms, I. M. Fletcher, and Clark W. Griswold?

ANSWER: Cornelius Crane Chevy Chase


20. He was a 1971 graduate of Notre Dame, where he changed the

pronunciation of (*) his last name during his senior year to help his

bid for a post-season award. Drafted by the Miami Dolphins and the

Minnesota Twins, he elected to join the CFL's Toronto Argonauts, for

whom he played until 1974, when he joined the Washington Redskins.

Although he owns Redskins record for completions and yards passing

and was the MVP of Super Bowl XVII, he is perhaps better remembered

for a shin-snapping Lawrence Taylor sack on Monday Night Football

that ended his career and turned millions of stomachs. FTP, name him.

ANSWER: Joe Theismann


21. This NBC show brought on a few impostors after its initial

success after its April 1979 premiere, but it too was off the air

within five years after failing to crack a top 10 finish. For ten

points, name this show hosted by Skip Stephenson, Sarah (*) Purcell,

John Barbour, Byron Allen and Bill Raftery that featured schmaltzy

stories and freaks of all kind.

ANSWER: Real People



SO-1. He's been an athlete--as a 5'4" point guard on his Minnesota

high school basketball team, a noted seducer--as a consort of women

such as Kim Basinger, an (*)actor--in films such as "Under the Cherry

Moon", and a musician--most recently with the 3 CD "Emancipation,"

released after the end of a lengthy contract dispute with Warner

Brothers. It was in the last two capacities, however, that he

vaulted to superstardom, as "The Kid" in 1984's movie and

corresponding album "Purple Rain." FTP, name him.

ANSWER: The artist formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson


SO-2. You would think that the highest rated PBS show would be a John

Tesh sclock-fest or an episode of Nova, but the top four rated PBS

shows are actually individual episodes of this series, which (*) is

still in production but no longer on PBS, but on TBS. For ten

points, name this show provided by a magazine that now is hosted by

Boyd Matson.

ANSWER: National Geographic Explorer


SO-3. Subtract the completion percentage and divide by 20, add the

quantity (*) touchdown percentage over 5, add the average gain of a

pass minus three divided by four, take the interception percentage

from 9.5 and divide by 20, and multiply this entire quantity by 16

and two-thirds, and you have, four ten points, the formula for what

NFL position.

ANSWER: NFL quarterback formula




1. "Short People Got No Reason to Live"--Maybe Randy Newman was

right! On a 15-5 basis each, tell which "little man" died by his own

(tiny) hand. Regrettably, neither of these answers is Emmanuel

Lewis, who still lives.

a. 15-He was Sage in "Sword of the Valiant" and Simon McKay in TV's

"The Wizard".

5-Randall in "Time Bandits," he died of a self inflicted gunshot

wound in May of 1990

ANSWER: David Rappaport

b. 15-He was Nick Nack in "The Man with the Golden Gun," and Smiley

in the art-film classic "Two Moon Junction.

5-"He wasted all of his money on women," reported one obit after

his 1993 suicide--". He was Tattoo on "Fantasy Island".

ANSWER: Herve Villechaize




2. American poet or babbling loon? Given the Jim Morrison lyric,

identify the Doors song--ten points each.

a. "She'll never wreck a scene...She'll never break a date...But

she's no drag...Just watch the way she walks."

ANSWER: Twentieth Century Fox

b. "You men eat your dinner...Eat your pork and beans...I eat more

chicken...Than any man ever seen, yeah, yeah."

ANSWER: Backdoor Man

c. "Ride the snake, ride the snake...To the lake, the ancient lake,

baby...The snake is long, seven miles...Ride the snake...he's old,

and his skin is cold."



3. To be a successful pro wrestler, you must be a good actor. Ok, so

that's not so true anymore, but answer these questions on pro-

wrestlers turned actors

a. For 5 pts, name the wrestler who played Inspector Clay in the

cinematic classic Plan 9 from Outer Space.

ANSWER: Tor Johnson

b. For 5 pts, Name the wrestler who played Tor Johnson in Ed Wood.

ANSWER: George "The Animal" Steele

c. For 10 pts, name the Paul Michael Glaser (aka Starsky) directed

movie starring Jesse "The Body" Ventura as the champion fighter

defeated by Arnold Schwartzenegger in the game show (hosted by

Richard Dawson) that "proves might and right are on the same side."

ANSWER: The Running Man

d. For 10 pts, Hulk Hogan has been in some pretty execrable movies,

but this TNT show he now stars in might be the worst. He stars as

R.J. "Hurricane" Spence, and when he's not flexing his muscles, the

camera is focused on babes in bikinis. It would be a criminal

offense to know more about this show than this, so name it.

ANSWER: Thunder in Paradise


4. Answer these Salsa questions, 15 points each.

a. He is a Puerto Rican trombonist/bandleader who has been active on

the Salsa scene for 30 years. For many years he collaborated with

singer Hector Lavoe on songs like "Che Che Cole" (CHAY CHAY coh-LAY)

and "Que Bien te Ves" (KAY bee-EHN TAY ve-EHS). He unsuccessfully

ran for Congress from New York in 1996, and his most recent album is

Y Vuelve Otra Vez (EE vuel-VAY OH-tra VAYS). Name him.

ANSWER: Wille Coln

b. Many of his early albums, like Metiendo Mano! (may-tee-EHN-do

MAH-no) and Siembra (cee-EM-bra), were produced by Wille Coln.

Nowadays, this Panamanian guitarist plays with the band Son del

Solar, and unsuccessfully ran for President of Panama in 1994. Name


ANSWER: Ruben Blades


5. Given the owner of the team records, name the team, ten points


a. Career passing Yards by Ron Jaworski and Career receiving Yards by

Harold Carmichael

ANSWER: Philadelphia or Eagles

b. Career passing yards by Brian Sipe and Career receiving yards by

Ozzie Newsome

ANSWER: Cleveland or Browns

c. Career rushing yards--Sam "Bam" Cunningham and Career passing

yards--Steve Grogan

ANSWER: New England or Patriots


6. Given the books, name the writer--five points each, five more for

getting all of them.

a. Et Tu, Babe:My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist:I Smell Esther


ANSWER: Mark Leyner

b. Wry Martinis: The White House Mess: Thank You For Smoking

ANSWER: Christopher Buckley

c. Life After God, Microserfs, Generation X

ANSWER: Douglas Coupland

d. Give War a Chance: Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad

Haircut: Holidays in Hell

ANSWER: P.J. O'Rourke


7. Much has been written about the admittedly baffling phenomenon of

gorgeous women dating goofy looking musicians. Given the name of the

gorgeous woman or women and something about the music, name the

objectively goofy looking musician--ten points each.

a. Mary Louise Parker, Samantha Mathis, Jennifer Aniston, among

others, have admitted to dating him, but Courtney Cox, who stars in

the video for his band's "A Long December," from their new album

"Recovering the Satellites," says that they are "just friends."

ANSWER: Adam Duritz

b. Carmen Electra might not look like a woman whose type is "Insane

in the Brain," but remember, she once dated Prince. Name the new

musician in her life, a rapper whose group's self-titled debut

featured songs such as "How I could Just Kill a Man," and whose

latest release, "III (Temples of Boom)," extols the virtues of "Killa

Hill Niggas."

ANSWER: B-real or Louis Freese

c. Ashley Judd is the new woman in his life, enough to make the

average man's tombstone. This singer, though, has sung jingles for

Pepsi, released a heavy metal album under his original name, co-

written a song, "Steel Bars," with Bob Dylan, and his cover of

"Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" on "Showtime at the Apollo," brought

tears to the eyes of Otis Redding's widow, who thanked him for

covering it.

ANSWER: Michael Bolton


8. I remember growing up in Walnut Grove, with Michael Landon as my

Pa, and.wait a second, that wasn't my childhood! That was Little

House on the Prairie. Given the character he or she portrayed on

"Little House" and some other roles, name the actor or actress, for

10 points each:

a. He was Mr. Edwards, the unrefined laborer with the heart of gold--

other roles included Mark Gordon, the unrefined drifter with the

heart of gold on "Highway to Heaven."

ANSWER: Victor Frenchb. He was James Cooper, an orphaned boy who came

to live with the Ingalls for a season, the beginning of a career that

has included roles in "Silver Spoons," "It's your Move," and "The

Hogan Family."

ANSWER: Jason Batemanc. She was Jenny Wilder, a girl adopted by Laura

and Alonzo Wilder, who tried to kill herself to be with her parents

in heaven--other roles have been as one of the "Heathers," Rene in

"Mallrats," and briefly and most shamefully, Judd Nelson's


ANSWER: Shannen Doherty


9. 30-20-10, Given the movies, name the actor:30--Gladiator, Judgment

Night20--Lightning Jack, The Tuskegee Airmen10--Boyz N the Hood,

Jerry Maguire

ANSWER: Cuba Gooding Jr.


10. Identify these counter-culture literary figures from the

BeatGeneration. 10 points each.

a. Along with Ginsberg and Burroughs, the main component of the term

that he coined, the Beat Generation. His works include "The Town and

the City", " On the Road"," Tristessa" and "Big Sur"

ANSWER: Jack Kerouac

b. As a cultural and literary figure, he stands in the middle between

the 50s Beats and the 60s Hippies. He borrowed heavily from the ideas

and style of Kerouac. His two most important novels are "One Flew

Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Sometimes A Great Nation"

ANSWER: Ken Kesey

c. Considered the real genius behind the Beatniks, he influenced both

Kerouac and Kesey in different eras, taking each on road trips across

America. While he never published a work of fiction, the collection

of his "Letters to Kerouac" and his unfinished autobiography,

published as "The First Third" are classics of their genre.

ANSWER: Neal Cassady


11. So what if "Baywatch" isn't really trash for many people. . .how

much do you know about the TV debuts of the stars of the beach? For 5

points each and 5 for all four, name the daytime soap opera on which

the following actors appeared in their first TV roles:a. Billy

Warlock, who played Eddie Krammer from 1989-1991

ANSWER: Days of Our Lives

b. Yasmine Bleeth, who has been playing Caroline Holden since 1994

ANSWER: One Life to Live

c. Brandon Call, the original kid who played Hobie from 1989-1990

ANSWER: Santa Barbara

d) David Hasselhoff

ANSWER: The Young & the Restless



12. Being the rookie of the year in the NBA doesn't guarantee

basketball greatness, but it gives you a good head start. Answer the

following questions about rookies of the year. Given the year, and

the team, give the player for 5 points a piece.

a. 1994, Golden State Warriors

ANSWER: Chris Webber

b. 1986, New York Knicks

ANSWER: Patrick Ewing

c. 1970, Milwaukee Bucks

ANSWER: Lew Alcindor (prompt on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

d. 1961, Cincinnati Royals

ANSWER: Oscar Robertson

e. 1959, Minneapolis Lakers

ANSWER: Elgin Baylor

f. 1953, Fort Wayne Pistons

ANSWER: Don Meineke


13. Even though women singers and the so-called "chick band" has

come a long way in the past decade and a half, women backing

musicians still remain largely in the background even today. Given

the talented woman drummer, name the band whose vital part she is and

yet whose success often overshadows/overshadowed her. 5 points for

each, 5 for all correct

a. Debbi Peterson..................ANSWER: The Bangles

b. Maureen "Moe" Tucker............ANSWER: The Velvet Underground

c. Lori Barbero....................ANSWER: Babes in Toyland

d. Patty Schemel...................ANSWER: Hole



14. Recently women's tennis has been flooded with a crop of young new

faces. Although some of their rankings are rather low, thier

potential is very high. Given the highest rank achieved and

nationality, name the player for ten points a piece.

a. #1, Switzerlan

ANSWER: Martina Hingis

b. #124, USA

ANSWER: Venus Williams

c. #57, Russia

ANSWER: Anna Kournikova



15. Every college student's favorite show is ER, especially for those

pre-med people. But how much attention do you pay to the credits?

Given the name of the actor, give the name of the character played on

the show for five points a piece.

a. Deezer D

ANSWER: Malik McGrath

b. Ellen Crawford

ANSWER: Lydia Wright

c. Laura Innes

ANSWER: Carrie Weaver

d. Ming Na-Wen

ANSWER: Deb Chen



16. For ten points each, given the game's inventor, name the game.

a. Charles B. Darrow

ANSWER: Monopoly

b. Harold S. Vanderbilt

ANSWER: ContractBridge (prompt on "Bridge")

c. Alfred Butts

ANSWER: Scrabble


17. Be selfish and receive a maximum of 30 points from a bonus about

music artists who have songs entitled "All I Want". You will be

awarded 5 points if you name the artist given other songs by the

artist and an additional 5 points will be given if you name the album

that the song "All I Want" is on.

a. Fascination Street, Mint Car, and Pictures of You

ANSWER: Cure and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

b. Brother, Nanci, I Will Not Take These Things for Granted

ANSWER: Toad the Wet Sprocket and Fear

c. Gone Away, Smash It Up, and It'll Be A Long Time

ANSWER: Offspring and Ixnay On The Hombre


18. Movies are important parts of our lives. So are their theme

songs. To show how much we love movie theme songs, we'll award ten

points for each movie title that you can give us when you are given

the theme song.

a. Glory of Love

ANSWER: Karate Kid Part II(do not accept Karate Kid)

b. Man in Motion

ANSWER: St. Elmo's Fire

c. Nobody Does It Better

ANSWER: The Spy Who Loved Me


19. Television shows are important parts of our lives. So are their

theme songs. To show how much we love TV theme songs, we'll award

ten points for each show title that you can give us when you are

given the theme song.

a. Angel's Song


b. My Life

ANSWER: Bosom Buddies

c. You May Be Right

ANSWER: Daves World



20. Its final four time - hockey style! For five points each, name

the four participants in the 1997 Frozen Four.

ANSWER: North Dakota, Boston University, University of Michigan and

Colorado College (do not accept nor prompt on Colorado)



21. Given the movie that won an Oscar for Best Director, name the

director for ten each.

a. Gandhi

ANSWER: Sir Richard Attenborough

b. Out of Africa

ANSWER: Sidney Pollack

c. Cabaret

ANSWER: Bob Fosse