1. She created the character Lucky Santangelo () and has brought her

back in a fourth book, Vendetta. FTP, name this author of "great

married sex" books, whose other works include The Bitch and Chances.

ANSWER: Jackie Collins (her sister did write a book, too, so both

names are required)


2. Challenge Cup, Premiership Trophy, Five Nations, Schweppes Welsh

Cup, () Sydney Premiership and Pilkington cup are all awarded, FTP,

to players of which sport featured in the movie The Sum of Us, and

played by most of the Andes survivors?

ANSWER: Rugby (accept Rugby Union or Rugby League early)


3. He held the only intergender wrestling title ()--mainly because he

invented the title himself, and was the only man who felt like

competing for it. FTP, name this comic and actor whose feud with

pro-wrestler Jerry Lawler never seemed to detract from his popularity

as Latka on Taxi.

ANSWER: Andy Kaufman


4. Nancy Walker directed the 1980 film Can't Stop the Music, starring

() Steve Gutenberg as a frustrated musician who organizes a band to

give his compositions life. Despite homoerotic exercise scenes and

the song "liberation", Steve never seems to catch on that the whole

band is gay. FTP, name the real band that starred in this surreal bad

film, a group named for their New York City neighborhood.

ANSWER: The Village People


5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ghost, and The People vs. Larry

Flynt (). What these three films have in common is a busy character

actor whose hundreds of T.V. appearances included playing a thief on

WKRP in Cincinnati, and marrying Latka and Simpka on Taxi. FTP, name

this man whose strange elongated appearance has been attributed to

Marfan's Syndrome.

ANSWER: Vincent Schivella


6. God Bless John Wayne, Armadillos and Old Lace, () and Elvis, Jesus

and Coca-Cola are among his works. As a country singer, he appeared

with the Texas Jewboys, and he's also counseled camp. FTP, name this

author and pal of Don Imus.

ANSWER: Richard "Kinky" Friedman


7. If you "risk" answering this question, you'd probably be wrong.

This game of world conquest () involves trading, intrigue and down-

right ruthlessness as you try to transform your small, ancient tribe

into a modern civilization. FTP, name this epoch-spanning board


ANSWER: Civilization



8. Madness appeared on the show, as did Stephen Fry, () Jennifer

Saunders and Emma Thompson. FTP, name this Britcom featuring a total

git, a pseduo socialist, a hippie and a suave guy, featuring a

memorable episode where they appeared on University Challenge, a show

whose title was taken from a song by pop god Cliff Richard.

ANSWER: The Young Ones


9. Their boxes have featured the Olympic Dream Team and Nickelodeon's

Rugrats. () FTP, name this fun food stuff just as famous for its

heavily processed cheese food product and crispy crackers as it is

for it red plastic cheese-spreading utensil.

ANSWER: Handi-snacks


10. Arnold's alter-ego, Virginia Ham, () sings old-fashioned love

songs like Love for Sale. Arnold's lover is played by Matthew

Broderick, and his yenta-esque mom is played by Anne Bancroft in,

FTP, which film written by and starring the fabulous Harvey


ANSWER: Torchsong Trillogy


11. "Vance and Violet were as much a part of our family () as Petey

Possum or Robbie Raccoon", goes one dispatch from the Amazing Kingdom

of Thrills. FTP, name the book in which you'd find Vance and Violet,

the blue-tongued mango voles, as well as many other whimsical

characters created by Carl Hiassen.

ANSWER: Native Tongue


12. Weatherly, Columbia, Constellation, Freedom, () Australia, and

Stars and Stripes have all won it. FTP, name this trophy, recently

mangled by a Maori activist, a prize awarded in one of yachting's

primiere races.

ANSWER: the America's Cup


13. His entire family knows sign language, () and his famous

sister's real first name is Olive. He's toured for the past five

years in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. FTP, name

this seventies sensation and current VH1 favorite, discovered with

his six singing brothers at Disneyland.

ANSWER: Donny Osmond


14. This popular PC game features a haunted house, a mystery writer,

a satanic illusionist, () a possessed photographer, and some gruesome

murder scenes, including death by gardening shovel, broken wine

bottle and force-feeding. FTP, name this PC game.

ANSWER: Phantasmagoria 1



15. Where have all The Flowers Gone, Don't Cry for me Argentina, Just

another Lemon Tree, () and Love is a Free Bird are all songs she's

skated to. FTP, name this Diet Coke spokesperson and the winner of

gold medals at the Sarajevo and Calgary Olympic Games.

ANSWER: Katerina Witt


16. Maul, Voodoo, Spartan, () Warblade, Void, Helspont, Zealot,

Grifter, Pike, and Jacob Marlowe. All of these characters appear in,

FTP, what comic book series?



17. The younger son falls in with Edger and Allen, a couple of

obsessive comic book freaks ()/crazed vampire slayers. Mix in a

little sex and a pot-smoking grandfather and you'll have, FTP, which

movie, featuring Alex Winter, Kieffer Sutherland, and the music of


ANSWER: The Lost Boys


18. With their recent album, Twelve Golden Country Hits, () and such

stirring songs as Push A Little Daisies and Make Em Come Up and Piss

Up a Rope, this band has made many appearances on Beavis and

Butthead. FTP, name this heavy metal, rap, country band.



19. This author of alternate history has written tales of assault-

rifle-toting, time traveling South Africans () who help the

Confederacy win the Civil War and lizard-like aliens who land on

Earth in the middle of WW II, forcing the Germans and the Jews into

an uneasy alliance for the survival of mankind. FTP, name this


ANSWER: Harry Turtledove


20. Georg Stanford Brown, Florence Henderson, () William Conrad,

Robert Goulet and William Shatner were scheduled to be guest-stars,

but all met their demise in the opening credits. For ten points,

name this Alan North and Leslie Neilsen ABC show that spawned off the

Naked Gun movie series.

ANSWER: Police Squad (DO NOT ACCEPT Naked Gun)


21. Dorothy Brock, Andy Lee, Bert Berry, Pat Denning, Julian Marsh,

and Peggy Sawyer. () All of these characters appear in, FTP, which

musical which also includes the songs We're in the Money, Shuffle of

to Buffalo, and Dames, the film version of which made Ruby Keillor a


ANSWER: 42nd Street



SO-1. The third man has a long leg, () but he'd better not let the

fly slip to the deep backward corner, or the bowler might second slip

his extra-cover. This isn't a quotation from Lewis Carroll, although

Carroll was a native of the country in which this sport was invented.

FTP, name the game, famous for its five day long test matches.

ANSWER: cricket


SO-2. Hey, Blue Eyes, I Think I'm Going to Kill Myself because I've

seen That Movie Too. () He never actually said this, but I Believe

if you Come Down In Time, you'll realize that this nonsensical

sentence is really a loosely linked string of songs by, FTP, which

pop artist whose other works include Sacrifice and Good-bye Yellow

brick Road?

ANSWER: Elton John


SO-3. Struggling Artist Magazine, Parental Brain Twisters, Childhood

Tribulations and () Akbar and Jeff's Cryonics Hut are all titles of,

FTP strips in which comic series featuring Binky, and Bongo, a strip

written by Simpsons creator Matt Groening?

ANSWER: Life in Hell




1. Elvis Costello isn't angry anymore, but he's still pretty cool.

Given songs from Elvis Costello albums, name the albums FTPE, thirty


a. Allison, Watching the Detectives, Mystery Dance

ANSWER: My Aim is True

b. Oliver's Army, What's so Funny 'bout Peace Love and Understanding,

Accidents will Happen

ANSWER: Armed Forces

c. Battered Old Bird, Crimes of Paris, Tokyo Storm Warning

ANSWER: Blood and Chocolate



2. Given the sports move, identify the sport in which you'd perform

it, FTPE,

thirty total.

a. Yurchenko ANSWER: gymnastics

b. Bielman Spin ANSWER: figure skating

c. Posting ANSWER: dressage or Equestrian Events

(Do not accept "horse racing"; jockeys do not post while racing)



3. Answer the following questions about the fun fun world of

underground comics for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Name the creator of Mr. Natural and lots of chicks with large


ANSWER: Robert Krumm

b. (5) name the creator of Maus

ANSWER: Art Spiegelman

c. (10) Name the Undergound comic magazine co-founded by R. Krumm and

contributed to by Spiegelman.


d. (10) Name Krumm's wife, a cartoonist who co-founded Raw.

ANSWER: Elaine Komiskey Krumm



4. Name these cartoon or cartoon related shows based on quotes by


characters, FTPE.

a. (in a high voice) "doesn't look like ice cream, doesn't smell

like ice cream. TASTES LIKE CACA!!!" or "I want the toilet seat"

ANSWER: Two Stupid Dogs

b. "Monkey, get up. Sleeping time is over, feeding time is now" or


ANSWER: Dexter's Laboratory

c. "So what are your secret powers?" ; "Alice Cooper, You're not a

woman!" or "Gobba gobba hey Gobba Hey hey hey"

ANSWER: Space Ghost Coast to Coast



5. Name the film from quotes, thirty, twenty, ten.

30-"That Limey cocksucker doesn't deserve to smell my shit"

20-"I want another explosion...and give me more shots of the army"

10-"I just want to say that this film is for Bela"




6. It's a crying shame when a women is only known by her married

name. To rectify this sad situation, and liberate women everywhere

(or at least vie of them), give the maiden name of each of the

following sitcom characters for

five points each, twenty-five total.

a. Roseanne Connor ANSWER: Harris

b. Corky Silverberg ANSWER: Sherwood Forrest

c. Gloria Stivic ANSWER: Bunker

d. Claire Huxtable ANSWER: Hanks

e. Jamie Buckman ANSWER: Stemple



7. Elvis has left the building...permanently. Four unholy

prescription drugs were found in the King during his autopsy. For

five points each, and a five point bonus for all four correct, name

the drugs that contributed to Presley's tragic death in the john.

ANSWER: valium, codeine, Demerol and morphine



8. Given sets of films, identify the actor who appeared in each set,


thirty total.

a. The Sum of Us, Virtuosity, Romper Stomper

ANSWER: Russell Crowe

b. My Brilliant Career, The Omen III, A Cry in the Dark

ANSWER: Sam Neill

c. The Paper, Beaches, The Killing Fields

ANSWER: Spalding Grey



9. During a special moment at the Boston Garden, an active Bruin gave

his jersey to a retired Bruin Great saying that the number seven was

the retiree's number, and always would be. For five each with a five

point bonus for all three, identify the current player, the retiree,

and the number the active player replaced #7 with.

ANSWER: Ray Bourque, Phil Esposito, and 77



10. It's a good thing. Martha Stewart would probably have done a

better job of writing this question. I may not be cooking with

coarse Kosher salt, but I've watched enough Martha to have written a

passable (if not lovely and artful) Martha Stewart bonus. Answer the

following Martha questions for five, ten and fifteen points a piece.

a. Martha publishes a magazine. For five points, name it.

ANSWER: Martha Stewart's Living

b. Martha would never use anything as horrific as butter to keep

cookies from burning in the oven. FTP, name the paper product Martha

uses to line her pans whenever she bakes.

ANSWER: parchment paper

c. Martha hosted a lovely Easter egg hunt at her Connecticut farm--

where she's also rumored to do her own animal gelding. For fifteen

points, name this place, one of Martha's five graciously appointed,

cloyingly overdecorated homes.

ANSWER: Turkey Hill Farm



11. Star Trek, TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager may just exist to

provide me with bonus fodder. Given a slogan used by a Trek race,

identify the aliens for the stated number of points.

a. For 5, Today is a good day to die

ANSWER: Klingons

b. For 10, My house is my house, as are its contents

ANSWER: Ferengi

c. For 15, Victory is life

ANSWER: Jem Hedar



12. It's pledge time for PBS, and specials featuring Irish dancers

are all the

rage. FTPE, thirty total, identify:

a. the special featuring Jean Butler and Colin Dunne as well as a

live band and choirs.

ANSWER: Riverdance

b. The choreographer and principal male dancer in Riverdance who's

suing the

producers for copyright to his work and more of the net profit.

ANSWER: Michael Flatley

c. The thematic Irish Dance "ballet" Flatley choreographed and stars

in, also

featured on PBS, and touring in competition with Riverdance.

ANSWER: Lord of the Dance



13. If you've ever seen "Whose Line is it Anyway?" you'll know all

about the game Party Quirks. Select one team member to be the host

of the party. Each of the other three team members will be given an

unusual quirk, trait or occupation that he or she has (roughly)

thirty seconds to act out for the party host--while pretending to be

a guest at the party. Each correctly guessed quirk wins ten points

(possible thirty). The guessing begins after the partiers have their

quirks from the moderator, and the moderator has made a doorbell

noise indicating that the host should admit each of his guests.

(Moderator Note: just use blank paper to cover the unread bonuses and

the tossups and have them come to you to see the quirks. Admit the

guests one at a time.)

The quirks are: a paranoid person, a Playboy bunny, and possessed by

the Devil



14. The fedaykin troopers were the most dreaded warriors of their

time, even more feared than the Sardaukar of the Padishah Empire and

considered by some to have been the equal of the Fish Speakers. FTP

each, answer the following about the fedaykin.

a. Name the planet they originate from

ANSWER: Dune or Arrakis

b. Name their god-like leader, an emigre to Dune

ANSWER: Paul Atreides or Paul MaudDib

c. Name the war they won

ANSWER: the Second Jihad



15. Given the background of characters from the fighting game Teken

II, name

the character described FTP each.

a. This drunken wrestler fights to keep the orphanage funded and

disguises himself behind the mask of a lion.


b. This policeman fighter has a drunken monkey style of fighting and

strives to stop the crime bosses of the iron fist tournament.

ANSWER: Lei Wulong

c. This character is a nature lover who goes to the iron fist

tournament to stop an evil presence she has sensed.

ANSWER: Jun Kazama



16. Given clues, name the following sports movies FTPE.

a. Shirley Jones, Daniel Stern, and Dennis Quaid all acted in this

film about cycling and life set in Bloomington, Indiana.

ANSWER: Breaking Away

b. It's hard to believe Sylvester Stallone as a soccer-playing POW.

It's even harder to believe that Pele would take instruction from Sly

about his soccer play in, FTP, which appalling WWII scmaltz-fest?

ANSWER: Victory

c. This film follows Arthur Agee and William Gates as they develop

from junior high school to college athletes.

ANSWER: Hoop Dreams



17. Trent Reznor, lead singer of industrial band Nine inch Nails, has

a habit of labeling each of his albums with a number referred to as a

halo. For five points each and a five point bonus for getting all

correct, given the halo number, name its corresponding album.

a. halo 2 ANSWER: Pretty Hate Machine

b. halo 5 ANSWER: Broken

c. halo 9 ANSWER: The Downward Spiral

d. halo 10 ANSWER: Further Down the Spiral

e. halo 1 ANSWER: Down In It



18. Thirty, twenty, ten, name this popular X-men character based on


following information.

30-She suffers from extreme claustrophobia

20-Her original name was Ororo Monroe, and grew up in an African


10-Her mutant powers allow her control over the weather.




19. Some long-tenured NFL coaches either quit or were told to quit by

their teams. We've had bonuses to name the successors but how about

a bonus to name the predecessor. For ten points each, given the

recently deposed coach, give the predecessor to his job for ten

points each.

a. Wayne FontesANSWER: Darryl Rogers

b. June JonesANSWER: Jerry Glanville

c. George SiefertANSWER: Bill Walsh



20. Given the mystery heroine, identify the author that created her,


thirty total.

a. Elizabeth MacPherson ANSWER: Sharon McCrumb

b. Skip Langdon ANSWER: Julie Smith

c. Carlotta Carlyle ANSWER: Linda Barnes



21. 30-20-10, name the cartoon character based on the clues given.

30: The secret password used to activate his special equipment sound

surprisingly like the theme song from Joseph and the Amazing

Technicolor Dreamcoat.

20: His arch nemesis Claw is always hidden behind a sinister Iron


10: His niece is always using her amazing super computer book, and

his dog is a master of disguise.

ANSWER: Inspector Gadget