1. Jason spends his time drawing his comic book, Slug-man(*) whose

only weakness is salt and playing with his iguana Quincy. Paige is at

the mall as much as possible. Peter wants to be Bruce Springsteen.

Such are the lives of the three Fox children created by cartoonist

Bill Amend in this strip that is reminiscent of a dance

ANSWER: Foxtrot


2. Walt Weiss was the last to do this in 1988 before this native of

Kalamazoo did (*) it in 1996. Namely, he was the starting shortstop

for the American League participant in the World Series as well as

American League Rookie of the Year. For ten points, name this former

Michigan Wolverine and current New York Yankee shortstop.

ANSWER: Derek Jeter


3. He was born in the state of Louisiana in the city of New Orleans.

His home was situated in a forest filled with many conifers(*). His

mother at once noticed his aptitude as a guitarist and suggested that

one day he would be in charge of a large band of minstrels. He may

not have been able to read or write very well, but he could play a

guitar like he was ringing a bell. Name this character who played

such a prominent role in getting Marty's parents back together in

Back to the Future.

ANSWER: Johnny B. Goode


4. This TV game show is based on the premise that the winner goes

home with absolutely nothing(*). Seen on the Lifetime channel, this

show is hosted by Wink Martindale and has two elimination rounds. The

parting gifts, however, are a usually a piggy bank and a savings

bond. FTP name this show that almost every college student should

know a lot about?



5. Milton Berle, Orson Wells, Dom DeLuise, Bob Hope, Richard Pryor,

Steve Martin(*), Elliot Gould, Carol Kane, Mel Brooks, Cloris

Leachman, and Madeline Kahn all made cameo appearances in this film.

The main characters, however, are a pig, a frog, a bear, and a

weirdo. FTP, what film wonders why there are so many songs about

rainbows as it sings a song about rainbows?

ANSWER: The Muppet Movie

6. It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right(*), put

your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in tight, now do some

pelvic thrusts, the rush will drive you insane. FTP, name this dance

from the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show was much more fun than

the Macarena because it was easier to do in drag.

ANSWER: The Time Warp

7. "Activate interlocks, dynotherms connected, infracells on, mega

thrusters are go! (*) Form feet and legs, form arms and body--I'll

form the head!" What Japanese imported cartoon, which is the best

cartoon of all time, used these immortal words?

ANSWER: Voltron



8. This NCAA college basketball team was the first #15 seed to

defeat a #2 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament(*). For ten

points, name this #15 seed whose team mascot is an arachnid and who's

school is located in the city which was the capital of the


ANSWER: Richmond Spiders

9. Formed in Seattle, Washington, this four piece punk band planted

themselves firmly in the riot girl movement with song titles such as

"Suck My Left One"(*) and lyrics like "White Boy/Don't laugh/Don't

cry/Just die." FTP, name this band, whose lead singer, Kathleen

Hanna, filed assault charges against Hole vocalist Courtney Love last


ANSWER: Bikini Kill


10. Patricia Allanson. Brad Cunningham. David Brown. Diane

Downs(*). Randy Woodfield. Ted Bundy. All of these killers and/or

attempted killers have been the subjects of true crime books written

by this author, a former Seattle police woman.

ANSWER: Ann Rule


11. Doug Flutie was unavailable, so Mike Ditka has (*) decided to go

with this quarterback instead. He finished second in the Heisman

voting in 1993 to Charlie Ward and was drafted number 3 overall in

1994. However, he couldnt beat out the quarterback drafted number

197 overall, so hes left the Redskins and is trying the Saints. For

ten points, name this player who lost out to Gus Ferrotte.

ANSWER: Heath Shuler


12. The human tem, an ant hill, a baking cake, the moon,(*) are just

a few of the places seen on this show. Captained by Miss Frizzle,

this vehicle can do almost anything and travel anywhere in its

endless quest for knowledge. Showcasing the voice of Lilly Tomlin,

this PBS show is based on a series of books that share its name.

ANSWER: The Magic School Bus


13. The chalice from the palace holds the pellet with the poison, but

the vessel with pessel holds the brew that is true. But the chalice

from the palace broke so the flagon (*) with the dragon holds the

pellet with poison, but the vessel from the pessel holds the brew

that is true. These lines came from a film starring Danny Kaye as a

hapless palace comedian who becomes allied with a band of rebels

plotting to overthrow the rule of an evil king. FTP name this musical

that's title is quite "fool-ish"

ANSWER: The Court Jester


14. Coil. Prick. Pop Will Eat Itself. Marylin Manson(*). All of

these groups have had albums that were, FTP, produced by this man who

also produced the soundtracks for "Natural Born Killers" and "The

Lost Highway."

ANSWER: Trent Reznor (Do NOT prompt on "Nine Inch Nails")



15. Fern Rosenthal, Birdie Godsen, Chic, Ruby Romaine, Mrs. Noh Nang

Ning, Linda Granger, and Her Royal Highness are all actually played

by the same person on the same show. Each week has a different theme

and can showcase up to 16 different personalities. Appearing on HBO,

the star of the show once had a top ten hit and The Simpsons debuted

on her first series. FTP, name this new series starring Tracey Ullman

ANSWER: Tracey Takes On


16. Originally published by Gold Key Comics in the Silver Age, this

book began again in the early 90's by Valiant Comics (*). This tells

the story of an ancient Native-American Warrior who is captured and

taken into the future where was to be imprisoned, but instead he

escapes and manages to travel into the 20th century. Unfortunately,

the dinosaurs under mind control are under orders to either kill or

capture him at all cost. For those of you who know nothing of

comics, for ten points, you can also name this new Nintendo Game of

the same name.

ANSWER: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (prompt on Turok)


17. Dont look back, the answer may be gaining on you. The purveyor

of this adage waited until he was 42 years old to make (*) his debut,

pitching for the Cleveland Indians in 1948. He first retired in

1953, but came back at age 59 in 1965 to pitch three innings for the

Kansas City As. For ten points, name this pitcher who made the

Baseball Hall of Fame largely on his Negro League accomplishments.

ANSWER: Satchel Paige

18. Joanna Pacittis tomorrow may not have much sun. (*) Picked in a

national talent search to play the lead role in this musical revival,

she was sacked by the shows producer because of non-performance. Of

course, shes now suing. For ten points, name this musical that

really didnt add nothing more than a bottom dollar for Danielle

Brisebois career fifteen years earlier.




19. Frank Oz played a minor roll as a proctor for an exam in this

film(*). Two aspiring secret agents are rushed through the program

and become GLG-20's faster than anybody else in history. The real

reason behind this, however, is that a crazed general needs them as

decoys. Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd star in what film about espionage?

ANSWER: Spies Like Us


20. Their lead singer thought up their band name during high school

art class(*). They started out rehearsing for gigs in an abandoned

spoon factory in England. In 1983, guitarist Pete Willis was kicked

out of the band for excessive drinking; an ironic move considering

that the band's other original guitarist, Steve Clark, died eight

years later in 1991 of an alcohol and drug overdose. FTP, name this

band that put pop metal on themap with albums like "High and Dry" and


ANSWER: Def Leppard


21. Once North raised clubs, South made two slam tries (*) in the red

suits in a attempt to elicit a spark of life from partner, then

settled in for five clubs. West led the ace of spades and continued

the suit when East signaled vigorously with the king. For ten

points, what in the hell am I talking about?

ANSWER: bridge



SO-1. In the criminal justice systems(*), the people are represented

by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who

investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the

offenders. These are their stories. FTP for what show, produced by

Dick Wolf, is this the introduction for?

ANSWER: Law & Order


SO-2. When most people think of the famous line "Go ahead, make my

day" they think of Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry (*). In fact, many

people think that the movie it was in was called "Dirty Harry" but it

wasn't. For ten points, name the movie that engendered this movie


ANSWER: Sudden Impact (prompt on Clint Eastwood or Dirty Harry

before they are mentioned)


SO-3. Guns N' Roses covered some of his songs(*). Dennis Wilson had

him as a house guest. And Marylin Manson and Nine Inch Nails have

both recorded albums in the house where, FTP, this man intended to

start the race war which he felt was prophesized in the Beatles's

"White Album" by ordering the murders of Sharon Tate and her house


ANSWER: Charles Manso




1. A bunch of folks were ticked off by Marvel so they started their

own company. Let's see how much you know about Image comics:

a. This book, originally written and drawn by Sam Keith, takes place

on two planes, where the huge purple hero is a warrior on one and a

homeless bum on the other. It was also one converted to one of the

animated features on MTV.

ANSWER: The Maxx

b. This book was animated on the USA network so everybody must have

seen it. Originally written and drawn by Eric Larson, this tells the

story of a man with amnesia, the funny thing is though that he has

incredible strength, green skin, and a big fin on his head, so he

decided to help his fellow man by joining the Chicago Police.

ANSWER: The Savage Dragon

c. This book is about to be animated by HBO and made into a feature

film as the character Al has been chosen by Hell to be the ultimate

demise of all that is good on Earth. Of course he was also a covert

government assassin so he's especially cool as a dead guy on Earth.




2. Let's see how much you know about mythology. Well, at least

thealmost mythology found in Xena: Warrior Princess.

a. Xena is called the warrior princess. Who is she the princess of?

ANSWER: Amazons

b. What is the name of Xena's sidekick who has a degree in story-

telling and is learning to be a warrior like her metal bikini-clad


ANSWER: Gabrielle

c. Who is the hapless warrior wannabe who is a recurring character on

the show?




3. Name these John Larroquette films from there description:

a. John is the evil Army Officer who is trying to make sure that Bill

Murray and John Candy don't make it through basic training.

ANSWER: Stripes


b. John plays a secretly homosexual camp counselor at a military camp

that is trying to take over a rival camp because they aren't strict


ANSWER: Meatballs 2

c. Kirstie Alley, a TV reporter, and John, a stock broker, are a

happily married couple until John's cousins from New Jersey show up.

After killing the cat several times, getting busted for smuggling

drugs, and burning down the neighbors house, both Kirstie and John go

nuts and try to attack everyone in the house with a saw.

ANSWER: Houseguests



4. The sport of boxing has been under fire recently for its violent

nature, however it is still the sport with the greatest nicknames,

see how many of these boxers you can identify by their nicknames,

five points each:

a. The Real Deal

ANSWER: Evander Holyfield

b. Lights Out

ANSWER: James Toney

c. Big Daddy

ANSWER: Riddick Bowe

d. Hurricane

ANSWER: Peter McNeely

e. Macho

ANSWER: Hector Camacho



5. 30-20-10, name the band from lyrics:

30-Ed put on a clean red shirt and took a quick walk around the block

whistling softly to himself.

20-After breakfast, Billy went outside. Billy liked fresh air, but

he went outside anyway.

10-I woke up this morning with a bad hangover and my penis was

missingagain. This happens all the time; it's detachable.

ANSWER: King Missile



6. Just to add a touch of class to the packet, answer these questions

about Demi Moore's best film Striptease:

a. He plays the corrupt politician who wants Demi as his private

dancer and covers his body in vaseline.

ANSWER: Burt Reynolds

b. He is the body guard for the strippers and even though it sounds

like an impossible mission, he's big enough to handle it.

ANSWER: Vingh Rhames

c. She defies all known laws of gravity and is a chiropractors dream

patient. Who is this friend of Demi who is also a professional


ANSWER: Pandora Peaks



7. Major League baseball teams have not always had the same names as

they currently do. Test your knowledge of history by matching the

current team with their former name:

a. Colt .45'sANSWER: Houston or Astros

b. Washington Senators ANSWER: Texas or Rangers,

Minnesota or Twins

c. HighlandersANSWER: New York Yankees



8. The Dead are well, dead, so their followers, in search for new

leaders, have latched on to the ever popular phish (pronounced fish).

Let's see how much you know about phish.

a. For 5 points, spell phish


b. For 10, on what night does phish traditionally perform an entire

album of other artists' music

ANSWER: Halloween

c. Name the phish album that includes such songs as Fee, David Bowie,

Fluffhead, and Let's Go Out to Dinner and See a Movie.




9. Hey Rocky, watch me pull a bonus out of my hat. I love Rocky and

Bullwinkle and so should you because if you do, you could get


a. For five points, what was the original name of the show?

ANSWER: Rocky and His Friends

b. For another five points, what was the name of Mr. Peabodys boy?

ANSWER: Sherman

c. For five points each, where did Boris and Natasha live and who was

in charge of them?

ANSWER: Pottsylvania and Fearless Leader

d. For ten points, what was the segment that dealt with the tales of

Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm?

ANSWER: Fractured Fairytales



10. By the power of Gray Skull, I have the power! was the catch

phrase to one of the greatest cartoons of all time! He-Man. But how

much do you know about the enemies of He-Man:

a. This was He-Man's arch enemy who really needed a dermatologist.

ANSWER: Skeletor

b. This enemy was covered head to toe in orange hair and snarled a


ANSWER: Beast Man

c. Faker He-Man looked a whole lot like He-man, but with one huge

difference, what was it?

ANSWER: He was blue



11. Do you remember the new doctor that they brought on ER for half a

season before Eric LaSalle made him commit suicide? Well, if you

don't, his name was Omar Epps and he's a pretty big star. For ten

points each, name these movies starring Omar Epps:

a. Omar plays an inner city youth who has gotten a track scholarship

at a prestigious university. Everything's going well until he joins

with a militant group of Afro-Americans who are at odds with the

campus White Supremacists and even Lawrence Fishburne with a Jamaican

accent can't stop the violence:

ANSWER: Higher Learning

b. Omar plays a young DJ named GQ who is a really good DJ with a

promising future until a psycho Tupac Shakur starts to kill all of

his friends.




12. The Super Bowl has recently been dominated by the NFC, however,

the AFC has won Super Bowls. I will give you the AFC team which won

the Super Bowl, you name their quarterback. If you need a further

clue about the quarterback, you will get only 5 points.

a. 10-1972, Miami Dolphins

5-He is Keith Jacksons partner on ABC.

ANSWER: Bob Griese

b. 10-1969, New York Jets

5-He went on to advocate the use of pantyhose and FlexAll.

ANSWER: Joe Willie Namath

c. 10-1978, Pittsburgh Steelers

5-Hes now a FOX studio analyst.

ANSWER: Terry Bradshaw



13. We all know that Jefferson Airplane was a really cool band, but

for it's members, there WAS life before "White Rabbit" and "Somebody

To Love." For ten points each, give the name of the J.

A. band member given the name of the band he or she was in before

joining J.A.

a. The Town CriersANSWER: Marty Balin

b. The TriumphsANSWER: Jorma Kaukonen or

Jack Casidy

C. The Great SocietyANSWER: Grace Slick



14. Eventhough some of you may be under twenty-one, let's test

yourknowledge of mixed drinks, I'll give you the ingredients you name

the drink:

a. 1/2 oz. lime juice, 1/2 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. triple sec.

ANSWER: Kamikaze

b. 1/2 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. tequila, 1/2 oz. gin, 1/2 oz. triple sec,

1/2 oz. rum sour mix, dash cola

ANSWER: Long Island Iced Tea

c. 2 oz. tequila, 2 tsp. grenadine, orange juice

ANSWER: Tequila Sunrise



15. Youve heard the story, CBS cancels a bunch of shows still

popular but only attract older audiences. This happened in 1995, and

it also happened in 1971 with the network canceling shows they felt

skewed old and rural. For five each, name the show purged given a


a. Seven words: Fun living is the life for me.

ANSWER: Green Acres

b. Roy Clark took this show to syndication after cancellation.


c. The story well ran dry, so CBS capped this former #1 show.

ANSWER: Beverly Hillbillies

d. It lasted sixteen seasons, which would be 112 in the years of the

species of the title character.

ANSWER: Lassie




16. For ten points each, name the Pauly Shore movies from a


a. Shore is a party animal who befriends a lonely country girl while

at college. It seems that he has nowhere to spend Thanksgiving so she

invites him to her farm. Before he gets there though, the girl tells

her parents that she's already married to Pauly and can't marry her

high-school boyfriend.

ANSWER: Son-in-Law

b. Pauly is again a party animal and along with his friend Billy

Baldwin walks into an environmental experiment while looking for a

bathroom. In the process, he is trapped with five nerdy scientists,

two of which are beautiful women.

ANSWER: Biodome

c. Pauly is, believe it or not, a party animal who loses his job as a

TV salesman and instead decides that he want to be all that he can be

as a member of the armed forces.

ANSWER: In the Army Now



17. Identify the following stadiums by their description. For an

additional clue it will only be worth 5 points.

a. 10-This baseball and football stadium is surrounded by the Ohio,

Allegheny and Monongahela rivers.

5-It is home of the Steelers and Pirates

ANSWER: Three Rivers Stadiumb.

10-This is the home of both the New Jersey Nets and Devils.

5-It recently has been changed to the name of an airline company

ANSWER: Continental Airlines Arena


10-This stadium was the host to the first World Bowl of the WLAF and

has hosted Beatles concerts and WWF events as well.

5-This foreign stadium has the largest seating capacity in Great


ANSWER: Wembley Stadium (prompt on Wembley)



18. How well do you know your concept albums? For ten points, give

the album title based on the characters given, five points if you

need the band name.

a. 10-Dr. X, Father William, Sister Mary, and the protagonist: an

unnamed junkie.


ANSWER: Operation:Mindcrime

b. 10-Father Brown, the oracle, the priests of syrinx


ANSWER: 2112



19. Given the real name of a celebrity, give the popular name for ten


a. Anthony Dominick Benedetto

ANSWER: Tony Bennett

b. Melvin Kaminsky

ANSWER: Mel Brooks

c. Artis Ivey, Jr.

ANSWER: Coolio



20. Only three television series have been the number one show in the

Nielsen ratings in four consecutive seasons. For ten points each,

name these three series.

ANSWER: I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show, All in the Family



21. Given the Scrabble tile, give the English point value for the

letter, five points each.

a. U


b. F


c. Z


d. B