1. "I hated this movie. Hated hated hated hated hated this movie.

Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it.

Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it." (*) So

reads the zero-star review by Roger Ebert of what 1994 film that was

directed by Rob Reiner and starred Elijah Wood as a kid that searches

the world for new parents?



2. Their lead guitarist was booted before their first album and went

on to form one of their chief competitors; their original bassist

was killed in a tour bus crash in (*) Sweden following their third

album. For ten points, name this band that dedicated their top-

selling music video "Cliff 'Em All" to their fallen bassist, and

remained at the top of the charts with their eponymous 1991 release

and 1996's Load.

ANSWER: Metallica


3. He once told Gabrielle Reece in college that "there are a lot of

brothers out there more talented than me .. . . but they won't realize

it's all a show, and I'll be laughing all the way to the bank." Name

this career .264 hitting centerfielder (*) and Dallas Cowboys

cornerback who laughed to the tune of millions in advertising dollars

from Pepsi, Visa, and Nike.

ANSWER: Deion Sanders


4. "Drive My Car", "I'm Only Sleeping", "Nowhere Man", "Yesterday",

"We Can Work it Out", and "Day Tripper" (*) are all songs that

appeared on what 1966 U.S. Beatles release, featuring tracks from the

UK releases of Rubber Soul, Revolver, Help!, and the "Day Tripper"


ANSWER: Yesterday...and Today (prompt on early Beatles buzz)


5. In 1994, this annual Labor Day event in Manhattan was moved from

(*) Thompson Square Park to the Christopher Street Piers. Created by

The Lady Bunny, you might find at it, Joey Arias, Alexis Arquette,

and Lypsinka. For 10 points, name this namesake of a documentary

directed by Barry Shils.

ANSWER: Wigstock


6. Its policy is "The Mitigation of World Tension through the

Exercise of Humor". (*) This "State of Mind", the world's first

"Fifth World" country, demanded $1 million in foreign aid after

surrendering to the US in 1982. For 10 points, name this "country"

that seceded in response to a US Border blockade of the Florida Keys.

ANSWER: Conch Republic


7. "Operation: Steam Heat", "Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue", (*)

"Waiting for Watubi", "The Return of Wrongway Feldman", "Lovey's

Secret Admirer". For 10 points, these are episodes of what TV series

whose cast included Natalie Schafer, Russell Johnson and Bob Denver.

ANSWER: Gilligan's Island



8. It was introduced by Eduard Haas III in 1927 as a breath mint in

Austria and targeted adult smokers.(*) Its American introduction led

to fruit flavors for children. For 10 points, name this candy for

which, originally, a cigarette lighter was the model for its




9. This group first went on tour in May 1993, giving proceeds to

groups such as the Right to Rock Network. Their motto is "We play

music as well as Metallica writes novels." (*) For 10 points, name

this performing group of writers that includes vocalists Amy Tan and

Robert Fulghum, and guitarists Dave Barry and Stephen King.

ANSWER: Rock Bottom Remainders


10. He has the second highest tenure with his current team, which is

ironic: he quit his Columbus, Ohio high school team his senior year,

and after sitting out twelve games due to NCAA violations in his

sophomore year at (*) Louisville, he declared himself eligible for

the NBA draft. Name this rookie Dallas Mavericks forward who finds

himself the old man on the team due to Don Nelson's many trades.

ANSWER: Samaki Walker


11. The Idea Men, The Uncommon Cold, Proto-Clown, The Bread Master,

Brainchild (*), Dinosaur Neil, El Seed, Arthur's Bank Account, Mr.

Mental, Pineapple Pokopo, and Chairface Chippendale, are all things

faced by this superhero. For ten points, name this crimefighter

created by Ben Edlund who protects The City from evildoers with his

famous battle cry of "SPOON!"

ANSWER: The Tick


12. His 3 year term at San Quentin for attempted burglary of a tavern

included a stretch in solitary for making home brew. Paroled in 1960

and pardoned by (*) Ronald Reagan in 1972, in 1962, he recorded "Sing

A Sad Song". For 10 points, who sang "Silver Wings", "Sing Me Back

Home" and "Okie from Muskogee"

ANSWER: Merle Haggard


13. Joanne is the reigning MCC player of the year, averaging nearly

nineteen points, seven rebounds and five assists per game, for the

University of Illinois-Chicago; her sister Amy also plays for the

Flames. But neither is as well-known as their sister (*) Jenny. Give

the common last name of these three sisters, the most famous of who

recently moved onto her own MTV show from her co-hosting duties on

"Singled Out".

ANSWER: McCarthy (allow Jenny before being mentioned)


14. Merriam-Webster defines it as "an evil spirit that has sexual

intercourse with women while they are sleeping". (*) Reebok defined

it as a women's running shoe. For ten points, name this ignominiously

named shoe that was pulled from the market after a TV report informed

Reebok of the etymology of their name.

ANSWER: Incubus



15. Originally brought up as a third baseman in the Cubs and Dodgers

organization, he so wowed his teammates with his comedy and

impressions of his managers that they told Hollywood talent scouts

about him. (*) For ten points, name this man who went on to star in

such films as Old Yeller, Airplane: II, Soylent Green, and the TV

show The Rifleman.

ANSWER: Chuck Connors


16. According to them, part of their band's name means, among other

things: a magical monk-baked pastry loaf, a high-stakes Mesopotamian

board game, and Multi-legged and aural. (*) For ten points, name this

Toronto-based quartet who followed 1990's "Bargainville" and 1995's

"Wood" with their latest quasi-a capella/folk album "You Will Go To

The Moon".

ANSWER: Moxy Fruvous


17. While Joseph Fincher applied for the earliest patent in 1888, the

modern form originated at Christ's College on January 16, 1955 by

undergraduates who wanted a sport. In 1961, Prince Philip established

the British Universities Challenge. (*) For 10 points, name this game

which involves covering enemy counters with your own to capture them

as well as flicking yours into a cup.

ANSWER: Tiddlywinks


18. Their mascot was originally a theatrical mask which was connected

to a pump that would spurt out liquid. (*) A one-armed zombie on the

cover of the "Running Free" single was given its name, "Eddie". FTP,

name this group whose albums include The X-Factor, No Prayer for the

Dying, Powerslave, and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

ANSWER: Iron Maiden


19. Born November 10, 1956, in Benton Harbor, Michigan, he had a

short-lived sitcom on Fox between 1993 and 1994. He also produced an

HBO Special in 1993 entitled "Afros and Bellbottoms," a humorous take

on the 1970's. (*) Name this son of Donald Adkins, a pastor, who is

showcased in the 1996 HBO special "Son of a Preacher Man" whose

latest film roles include being a Secret Service agent to the First


ANSWER: Sinbad or David Adkins


20. This actor, one of the highest-paid screen personalities of the

60's and 70's, worked as a docker, bartender, salesman, and TV

repairman before studying acting in New York and landing the lead in

(*) "The Blob", and eventually "The Great Escape", "The Cincinnati

Kid", "Bullitt", and "The Towering Inferno".

ANSWER: Steve McQueen


21. Before this show premiered it received over 32,000 letters--all

but nine were against the show even airing. Richard Mulligan, Robert

Guillaume, (*) Ted Wass, Katherine Helmond, and Billy Crystal were

some of the cast members of this prime-time comedy whose continuity-

laden style evoked the daytime fare for which it was named.




SO-1. When he won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games in

Sarajevo, he got another surprise - between the time he won the

slalom over (*) his brother and the time he took the medal stand, his

wife gave birth to a baby boy. Name this most successful U.S. skier

who won three consecutive overall World Cup Titles between 1981 and


ANSWER: Phil Mahre (prompt on last name)


SO-2. He learned most of his early filmmaking skills making

advertisements and employee training films for the Calvin Co, before

he began directing with episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

Name this man, born in Kansas City, (*) which also happens to the

title of his lastest film, who went from his tutelage under Hitchcock

to create such personal masterpieces as California Split, Nashville,

and M*A*S*H.

ANSWER: Robert Altman


SO-3. Nip and Zip the Cat, Garcia the bear, Chocolate the moose,

Velvet the panther, Radar the bat, (*) Bongo the monkey, Inky the

octopus, Waddle the penguin, Grunt the razorback, and Sting the ray

are all, for ten points, what variety of stuffed animal made by Ty,


ANSWER: Beanie Babies





1. Given a quote from a movie, name the film for 10 points. You'll

get five if you need the character that said it.

a. 10-"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."

5-The speaker was: Yoda.

ANSWER: The Empire Strikes Back

b. 10-"Welcome to Secrets of the Universe. Today we are going to

learn how to make plutonium from common household items."

5-The speaker was: Philo


c. 10-"When you're slapped, you'll take it and like it."

5-The speaker was: Sam Spade

ANSWER: The Maltese Falcon



2. Arrange the following distances in order from shortest to longest,

for 10 points apiece: the distance of the college 3-point line, the

world record pole-vault height, the distance between the NFL


ANSWER: The distance between goalposts (18' 6"), the college 3-point

line (19' 9"), the world record pole vault (20' 2")



3. At the 10th annual RAZZIE awards on March 25, 1990, they presented

worst of the decade awards. Pick the winner from a description for

ten points each.

a. This was winner for worst movie, think wire hangers.

ANSWER: Mommie Dearest

b. She won Worst New Star, although she did appear in a 1960's MST3K-

parodied movie as a child actress.

ANSWER: Pia Zadora

c. And for 10 points who was given a special RAZZIE in 1981 for

Retired Movie Star?

ANSWER: Ronald Reagan



4. He was named Man of the Year by "Inside Hockey" in 1989 in honor

of his junior league coaching and his crusades against violence, and

most recently was the general manager of the Western Hockey League's

Calgary Hitmen.

a. For ten points, name the man convicted of sexual assault and

sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison in January.

ANSWER: Graham James

b. For ten more points, name the Boston Bruins right wing who first

came forward with the charges that led to James' conviction.

ANSWER: Sheldon Kennedy



5. Everyone knows that Dana Carvey played the Church Lady and

President Bush. However, can you, for 10 points apiece, name the

actors who played these lesser-known recurring characters?

a. Jonathan Jan KolaveccuANSWER: Jon Lovitz (Master Thespian)

b. Mary Catherine GallagherANSWER: Molly Shannon

c. Bob Swerksi of the SuperfansANSWER: George Wendt



6. 30-20-10 Name the author based on his series

30-Vesper Holly series

20-Westmark trilogy

10-Prydain Chronicles

ANSWER: Lloyd Alexander



7. Given artists who performed or composed songs for the soundtrack,

name the movie for 10 points. If you need the director and stars,

you'll get 5 points.

a. 10-Dr. Dre, L7, Leonard Cohen, Pasty Cline, Patti Smith, Bob

Dylan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and the Cowboy Junkies.

5-directed by Oliver Stone, starred Woody Harrelson, Juliette

Lewis, Robert Downey Jr., and Tommy Lee Jones

ANSWER: Natural Born Killers

b. 10-Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Barry Adams,

and Angelo Badalamenti.

5-directed by David Lynch, starring Bill Pullman, Patricia

Arquette, Balthazar Getty, and Robert Loggia

ANSWER: Lost Highway

c. For an additional ten points, name the man who both contributed to

and produced both the Natural Born Killers and Lost Highway


ANSWER: Trent Reznor



8. Name these old-time video games for 10 points each

a. You have to deal with killer hot dogs, sour pickles, and a nasty

fried egg

ANSWER: BurgerTime

b. Try to avoid the "sparx" while drawing lines to block off the



c. Control a "rotofoil" in the first Lucasfilm electronic game

ANSWER: Ballblazer



9. Stand-up comedians have recently discovered that writing down

their act can earn them a fortune in the book market. Given the books

that they wrote, name these comedians for 10 points each.

a. Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man

ANSWER: Tim Allen

b. My Point ... and I Do Have One

ANSWER: Ellen DeGeneres

c. Brain Droppings

ANSWER: George Carlin



10. It's standard practice for the Most Valuable Player from a

championship to be from the winning team, but it's not always the

case. Name these MVPs that came from the losing side, for 10 points


a. He was the MVP of Super Bowl V while playing for the Dallas

Cowboys on the short end of a 16-13 decision to the Baltimore Colts,

and he remains one of only five defensive players to win the award.

ANSWER: Chuck Howley

b. This Cavalier won the award even though her Virginia team lost the

NCAA title game to Tennessee in 1991 in overtime. Name this current

player for the Richmond Rage of the ABL.

ANSWER: Dawn Staley

c. He actually won the MVP award for the losing team twice - in 1959

at the NCAA basketball tournament, and then ten years later while

playing in the NBA Finals. Name this current NBA executive who also

happens to be the silhouette on the NBA logo.

ANSWER: Jerry West



11. In 1996, two separate tours of guitar-playing legends crossed the

U.S. For five points apiece, name the artists that performed on:

a. The "G3" tour, featuring electric rock instrumental guitarists

whose albums between them include "Surfing With the Alien", "Flying

in a Blue Dream", "Fire Garden", "Alien Love Secrets", and "Venus


ANSWER: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson

b. The "Guitar Trio" tour, featuring three instrumental jazz artists,

who originally worked together on 1981's "Friday Night in San

Francisco", and whose various solo works include "Kiss My Axe", "Live

One Summer Night", and the band Mahavishnu Orchestra.

ANSWER: Al DiMeola, Paco De Lucia, and John McLaughlin



12. In today's world coyotes aren't just victims for roadrunners

anymore. COYOTE is an organization which works for the rights of sex

workers and is a member of the North American Task Force on

Prostitution. For five points per word, what does COYOTE stand for?

ANSWER: Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics



13. They both were based on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, they

both tell stories of traveling up rivers into the deep dark jungles

to face and destroy the evil Kurtz, yet they are two very different


a. For ten points, name the film nominated for Best Picture and

starring Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, and Marlon Brando as Colonel

Walter E. Kurtz.

ANSWER: Apocalypse Now

b. For fifteen more points, name the other film, starring Shannon

Tweed, Bill Maher, and Adrienne Barbeau as Dr. Kurtz, leader of the

Piranha Women.

ANSWER: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death



14. Answer these questions about the top-rated drama "ER", for ten

points each.

1. He plays the desk clerk Jerry Markovic. Name this actor also known

for his role as Kubiac on the TV comedy "Parker Lewis Can't Lose".

ANSWER: Abraham Benrubi

2. She plays Dr. Angela Hicks on the show; she has also appeared in

forgettable movies such as Robocop 3 and Sliver, as well as Benny &

Joon. Name her.


3. She played an intern competing with Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter before

leaving to take a spot on The Single Guy.

ANSWER: Ming-Na Wen


15. Answer these questions about contemporary Christian music, for 15

points apiece.

a. Their indie demo album Frail was recorded while they were students

at Greenville College. Name this group that recently toured with King

Crimson and whose hit single is reminiscent of a They Might Be Giants


ANSWER: Jars of Clay

b. They met at Jerry Falwell's Liberty College, before recording

their first eponymous album. They went on to release two more albums

and film a "Free at Last" biographical movie before releasing their

1995 "Jesus Freak".




16. It's time for Great Moments in the NFL. Answer the following

questions about a cold day in December of 1972 that went down in

history, for five points each.

a. What team won that day on what later came to be known as

"The Immaculate Reception", and who did they beat?

ANSWER: The Pittsburgh or Steelers beat the Oakland or Raiders, 13-7.

b. Who threw that famous pass?

ANSWER: Terry Bradshaw

c. What Steeler running back and Raider defensive back collided,

sending the ball flying through the air?

ANSWER: John "Frenchy" Fuqua and Jack Tatum



17. It's time to test your cartoon knowledge. Answer these questions

about Animaniacs.

a. For five points apiece, name the two Hip Hippos.

ANSWER: Flavio and Marita

b. For ten points apiece, name the shallow-headed forest creature

voiced by Julie Brown, and her werewolf admirer.

ANSWER: Minerva Mink and Wilford B. Wolf



18. It's time for everyone's favorite post-office criminal, the

Unambomer. Answer these questions for ten points apiece.

a. On June 10, 1980, Percy Wood, president of this airline, was

injured at home by a Una-cocktail.

ANSWER: United Airlines

b. The famous police sketch of the Evil Mailbox Bomber What Bombs In

Mailboxes was drawn after talking to witnesses in what city?

ANSWER: Salt Lake City

c. The Unabomer said he would kill one more person if this

publication were the only one to publish his manifesto.

ANSWER: Penthouse



19. A good trash subject would be the royal family. However, the

British one keeps disintegrating, so we'll have to give you the

American ruling class instead.

a. For ten points, name the private school that Chelsea Clinton


ANSWER: Sidwell Friends School

b. Give the first names of the three Gore daughters, for five points


ANSWER: Karenna, Kristin, Sarah



20. "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

Answer these questions about the NBC soap.

a. For five points, name the fictional town in which "Days of Our

Lives" is set.


b. For ten points, name the Days character that last year was

possessed by a demon!

ANSWER: Marlena Evans Brady

c. These two young lovers have been kept apart by her sister showing

up pregnant with his child at their wedding, by an arranged marriage

to the sister to get the now newborn son out of France, and by the

sister's amnesia after she was struck by his car on the way to the

annulment. For five points apiece, name the two troubled lovers and

the meddling sister.

ANSWER: Austin Reed, Carrie Brady and Sami (Samantha) Brady



21. Given the 1997 Academy Award nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay,

give the author of the original source material, and the screenplay,

for five points apiece.

a. The English Patient

ANSWER: Michael Ondaatje (novel) and Anthony Minghella (screenplay)

b. The Crucible

ANSWER: Arthur Miller (play), and Arthur Miller (screenplay)

c. Trainspotting

ANSWER: Irvine Welsh (novel), and John Hodge (screenplay)