1. Rhino Home Video in October 1995 released the largest video

boxed-set ever: 21 cassettes, encompassing 58 episodes of a 1966 to

1968 NBC television show, (*) supervised by Don Kirshner. For 10

points, who released "The Kind of Girl I could Love" and "Your Auntie

Grizelda," and comprised Mike, Mickey, Peter, and Davy Jones?

ANSWER: The Monkees

2. Commercially released in 1939, and invented by William Gruber, it

first used 7 stereo images using color Kodachrome to present such

vistas as Boulder Dam, Hawaii, and Yellowstone without having to

leave home. For (*) 10 points, name this toy, long manufactured by

Ideal, which enable kids to see 3-D images using interchangeable


ANSWER: viewmaster


3. Their first album Ring, Ring was (*) not released in the U.S.

until later, when they emerged in 1974, winning the Eurovision Song

Contest with Waterloo. For 10 points, name this 1970's pop group,

whose members included Benny Andersson, and whose only #1 hit in the

U.S. was "Dancing Queen."



4. It included Henry McGee, who was the straight man, and Jackie

Wright, who was the short, old, bald man. Stock characters included

Captain Fred Scuttle and (*) Professor Marvel, and it featured a

catchy theme played on saxophone. For 10 points, name this

syndicated British comedy show, named for its pudgy host.

ANSWER: The Benny Hill Show


5. Until age 14, this actress wore a body cast--a consequence of

childhood scoleosis. She had worked as an eyeglass lens inspector

until (*) spotted by an agent at a Rolling Stones concert. For 10

points, name this film star of movies like Tin Cup, Get Shorty, and


ANSWER: Rene Russo


6. Still playing, he is the all-time leader on Monday Night Football

for games played and for touchdowns, despite being drafted in 1985

from Mississippi Valley State. That year, (*) he became the NFC

Rookie of the Year. For 10 points, name this all-time NFL leader in

touchdowns and receptions, number 80 for the San Francisco 49ers.

ANSWER: Jerry Rice


7. He published the 1894 social blueprint entitled "The Human

Drift,"which bombed. The next year, this 40-year old bottlecap

company employee (*) was told to come up with something disposable.

For 10 points, who used his own name to market an idea he got trying

to use a dull razor?

ANSWER: King Gillette


8. A 16-footlong, 175-pound Norwegian blue shadow fox coat was owned

(*) by this former member of the Works Progress Administration

symphony orchestra, who was encouraged by Ignace Paderewski (ig-NAH-

chee pah-deh-REF-skee). For 10 points, name this performer, who had

a 1950's syndicated TV program, on whose pianos always sat a


ANSWER: Wladziu Valentino Liberace


9. As of January 1996, he's head of Knowledgeware software of

Atlanta. He also wrote the 1984 book "How to Motivate People" and he

appeared (*) in television commercials for Johnson-and-Johnson Baby

Shampoo. For 10 points, name this 1975 NFL player of the year, co-

host of "That's Incredible," and all-pro quarterback with the

Minnesota Vikings.

ANSWER: Fran Tarkenton


10. Repainted replicas of it comprise a 1996 traveling show by the

Manhattan School of Visual Arts. Consumer Reports, however, blasted

it when it debuted in 1987 as (*) "a barely assembled bag of nuts and

bolts." For 10 points, name this $3,990 automobile which had been

built in the Balkans.

ANSWER: _Yugo_


11. One of his houses was featured on the January 1996 cover of

Architectural Digest, perhaps as part of a publicity blitz to promote

his 1996 album, Mercury Falling. For (*) 10 points, name this star

of the movies "Stormy Monday" and "Dune," who sang on the album Ten

Summoner's Tales, who long before sang as lead singer for The Police.

ANSWER: Sting or Gordon Sumner


12. The first Ronald McDonald, he (*) said "A trained gorilla could

do this job," so he left. This former Bozo (literally) for the

Washington, D.C. market eventually went into local weathercasting and

eventually to national prominence. For one-tenth of his favorite

number 100, name this NBC personality who retired to give Al Roker

the job on the Today Show.

ANSWER: Willard Scott


13. To make it, computer programs like Rough Polygon Renderer and

Renderman ran for 800,000 hours on 117 Sun Unix Stations and (*)

Silicon Graphics Stations, overseen by a staff of 27. All this was

not required "to infinity and beyond" to make--for 10 points--what

Disney computer-animated film?

ANSWER: Toy Story


14. Whittier, California, chemist Norman Stigley combined

polybutadiene and sulfur into a compound called Zectron, which served

as its chemical basis. (*) In 1965, Whammo got a hold of Zectron,

with which Whammo began manufacturing--for 10 points--what high-

bouncing spherical fad?

ANSWER: Superball or Zectron (before it is mentioned)



15. This institution, co-founded by tire-magnate Leonard Firestone,

includes such attendees and grads as Andy Gibb, Johnny Cash, (*)

Tanya Tucker, and Liza Minelli. For 10 points, name this El Rancho

Mirage, California, center for rehabilitation from alcohol, named

after a former first lady.

ANSWER: The Betty Ford Clinic or The Betty Ford Center


16. Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night; Shoot Low Boys, Theyre Riding

Shetland Ponies, (*) Kathy Sue Lowdermilk, I Love You and Elvis Is

Dead and I Dont Feel So Good Myself are some of this works of this

recently deceased Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist. Known for

his southern humor, he has appeared on Designing Women and several

Nashville Network specials. For ten points, name this grit-lovin

columnist who failed to survive his fourth heart operation in 1993.

ANSWER: Lewis Grizzard


17. At least from 1987 on, the thousands-place refers to the season,

while the ten-thousands place refers to the century's last digit, and

(*) it can accommodate time distortion as far as two decimal places.

For 10 points, name this method of timekeeping used on the


ANSWER: _stardate_


18. Although it was first won by a New Yorker, John McDermott, it was

won a record 7 times by Clearence DeMar, though the 1990's saw it won

six times by three Kenyans: (*) Cosmas Ndeti, Ibrahim Hussein, and

Moses Tanui. For 10 points, name this footrace, part of whose course

passes by Fenway Park.

ANSWER: The Boston Marathon


19. He played the sousaphone for the Purdue University marching

band, but was far (*) better known much later for a stint of

television commercials with Gary, his 40-year-old grandson. For 10

points, name this recently deceased food magnate, who with co-creator

Charlie Bowman developed the "snowflake" variety of popcorn.

ANSWER: Orville Redenbacher


20. Number 1 was the Monkees. Number (*) 4 was the Benny Hill Show.

Number 8 was Liberace. Number 10 was the Yugo. Number 13 was Toy

Story. We can't tell you anything yet for the last one coming up.

For 10 points, what's number 20?

ANSWER: tossups or this packet


21. By age 35, he already made 43 movies, though he made in his

English-speaking debut in 1992 in "The Mambo Kings." For (*) 10

points, name this Mexican film star of such movies as "Too Much,"

"Never Talk to Strangers, "Assassins," and "Desperado."

ANSWER: Antonio Banderas



SO-1. Originally named babyfoot, and named after a mispronounced

German word, one of its oldest manufacturers is a Geneva company

named Kicker. For 10 points, (*) name this game which has a 2-bar, a

3-bar, a 5-bar, and two goalies, a pint-sized home version of soccer.

ANSWER: foosball or table soccer


SO-2. Her allies included The Baby Without A Name, Plum Puddin', and

(*) Peach Blush, while her foes included Sour Grapes and Peculiar

Purple Pieman. For 10 points, name this cartoon, inspired by a

Kenner doll wit a name that sounds like a dessert.

ANSWER: Strawberry Shortcake


SO-3 "I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix." "The

future will be better tomorrow." "We're (*) going to have the best

educated American people in the world." "It isn't pollution that's

harming the environment; it's the impurities in our air and water

that are doing it. "What a waste it is to lose one's mind." These

are all quotes--for 10 points--spoken by what former VicePresident?

ANSWER: James Danforth Dan Quayl




1. For 10 points each, given the famous rider, name his or her


a. The Cisco KidANSWER: Diablo

b. Hopalong CassidyANSWER: Topper

c. Roy RogersANSWER: Trigger



2. What television show--for 10 points each--would have begun

eachepisode with an announcer saying:

a. "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not

attemptto adjust the picture."

ANSWER: The Outer Limits

b. "Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true."

ANSWER: Dragnet




3. Name the Disney film, for 10 points each, which was the

overallnumber-one box-office earner in these years.

a. 1940

ANSWER: Fantasia


ANSWER: Cinderella

c. 1960

ANSWER: Swiss Family Robinson



4. In NFL history, only one wildcard team has gone on to win the

Super Bowl. For 10 points each, name the AFC West team which beat

Houston, Cleveland, and San Diego in order to reach Super Bowl XV;

and name the NFC East team which lost in that Super Bowl.

ANSWER: Oakland or Oakland Raiders (prompt on Raiders only),

Philadelphia or Eagles



5. Founded in 1984 by Maurice Starr, they didn;t get to the Billboard

Top 40 until 1988. For 10 points per answer, name:

a. this musical group, which featured 2 Knights, 1 McIntyre, 1

Wood,and 1 Wahlberg.

ANSWER: New Kids on the Block or NKOTB

b. any two of their first three singles to hit #1 on Billboard.

ANSWER: Hangin Tough, Ill Be Loving You (Forever), Step by Step



6. For 5 points per first and last name, give the name of the

GoldenGirls character played by:

a. Bea Arthur

ANSWER: Dorothy Zbornak

b.Betty White

ANSWER: Rose Nyland

c.Rue McClanahan

ANSWER: Blanche Deveraux



7. Identify the celebrities from their famous license plates, 10

points each. (Moderator note: fully spell the names below, also

noting spaces and punctuation.)

a. WDSTK-1

ANSWER: Charles Schultz


ANSWER: Richard Simmons

c.A1 AN A2

ANSWER: Lawrence Welk



8. Only three years after dying from colon cancer, the work of

AudreyHepburn has inspired other popular works.

a.For 10 points, what musical group made a Top 10 hit with the

1995song "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

ANSWER: Deep Blue Something

b.For 15 points, name the author of the 1995 book-soon-to-be-a-

movieentitled "Audrey Hepburn's Neck", which tells of a Japanese

man's crush on Ms. Hepburn.

ANSWER: Alan Brown



9. Hey breaker breaker! For 10 points each, what would a user

ofCitizens Band radio have referred to by saying:

a.A Colorado KoolAid

ANSWER: beer or Coors

b.A meat wagon or a bone box

ANSWER: an ambulance

c. Green stamps or trading stamps

ANSWER: money or cash (or equivalents)



10. The National Infomercial Marketing Association does indeed have

an annual award for Infomercial of the Year. For 10 points each, who

made and appeared in:

a. the 1992 winner, "Personal Power"

ANSWER: Anthony Tony Robbins

b. the 1993 winner, "Stop the Insanity"

ANSWER: Susan Powter



11. Identify these Judd Nelson movies from descriptions for 10


a. In this John Hughes film, five teenagers spend a Saturday in


ANSWER: The Breakfast Club

b. Despite his courtroom antics, Judd Nelson winds up defending John


ANSWER: From the Hip

c. Judd Nelson has an affair with Ally Sheedy while Emilio Estevez

isin love with Jenny Wright in this Joel Schumacher film.

ANSWER: St. Elmos Fire



12. Identify the professional sports team, 30-20-10.

30-As of February 1997, it is the only NHL, NBA, NFL, or Major League

Baseball team to have all five English orthographic vowels in its


20-This franchise began its existence in 1961, as the Chicago

Packers. It won its only world championship in 1978.

10-The name of this NBA team will change to the "Wizards. later in


ANSWER: Washington Bullets



13. Identify the franchise, 30-20-10.

30-Founded in 1964, it was named after the two brothers who founded

it: Forrest and LeRoy Raffel.

20-Its menu includes such items as Curly Fries and Philly Beef and

Swiss sandwiches.

10-Its television commercials lied saying that its name stood

forAmerica's Roast Beef, Yes Sir.

ANSWER: Arby's [named for RB--Raffel brothers]



14. Jesse Marc White played the comedic male nurse in a long-running

Broadway show, but was better known for 22 years in 68 commercials as

a repairman with too much time on his hands. For 10 points each,


a. The comany for which White made these commericals.

ANSWER: Maytag

b. The actor who played Arthur Big Guy Carlson on WKRP in

Cincinnati, and who replaced White as the Maytag Repairman.

ANSWER: Gordon Jump

c. The Broadway show White starred in, a 1945 Pulitzer winner by Mary

Chase, which starred a giant invisible rabbit.

ANSWER: Harvey

(Moderator note: Jesse Marc White passed away in January)



15. His proposed epitaph was "Dodger Stadium was his address, but

every ballpark was his home." For the stated number of points, name:

a. For five, this longtime L.A. Dodger manager, who succeeded Walter


ANSWER: Tommy Lasorda

b. For ten, the year Lasorda first became Dodger manager.

ANSWER: 1976

c. For ten, the position Lasorda played in the minor leagues.

ANSWER: pitcher



16. Originally named Otto, this character was changed on the

suggestion of editor Joseph Medill Patterson, who said "He looks like

a pansy. Put a skirt on the kid."

a. For 10 points, name this cartoon character, the title of a poem by

James Whitcomb Riley, played on stage by Sarah Jessica Harper.

ANSWER: Little Orphan Annie

b. For 15 points, name the cartoonist who created and first drew

Little Orphan Annie.

ANSWER: Harold Gray



17. Many films have been inspired by stories written by Phillip K.

Dick, though the films don't bear the titles of the stories that

inspired them. For 10 points each, what movie was inspired on the

Dick story:

a. We Can Recall It For You Wholesale

ANSWER: Total Recall

b. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

ANSWER: Bladerunner

c. The Second Variety

ANSWER: Screamers



18. His albums include 1995s "Welcome to the Neighborhood," and

hiscredits include singing the lead vocals on the song "Cat Scratch

Fever" on Ted Nugent's "Free For All" LP. For 10 points each, name:

a. This singer, born Marvin Lee Aday.

ANSWER: Meatloaf

b. Meatloafs 1993 album, which became the top selling record of


ANSWER: Bat Out of Hell II or Back into Hell

c. Meatloaf played Eddie in which cult movie?

ANSWER: The Rocky Horror Picture Show



19. Name these famous Jessicas for 10 points each.

a. This former news anchor for NBC was killed in a 1983 car crash

inNew Hope, Pennsylvania.

ANSWER: Jessica Savitch

b. She flew a Cessna 177B out of Half Moon Bay, California in a

vainattempt to become the youngest crosscountry pilot.

ANSWER: Jessica Dubroff



20. For 5 points each, name the 6 members who made up the 1996

touring version of New Edition.

ANSWER: Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Ricky Bell, Michael

Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe.



21. For 10 points each, what university changed its mascot from:

a.Indians to Cardinal

ANSWER: Stanford

b.Warriors to Golden Eagles

ANSWER: Marquette