1. Followers of the BBC will recognize her from her role as the

chain-smoking police Inspector Jane Tennison (*) in the series "Prime

Suspect". FTP, identify this veteran English actress, who began

receiving greater recognition from U.S. audiences following her 1995

Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her performance in "The Madness

of King George."

ANSWER: Helen Mirren


2. Teams with losing records are barred from appearing in the

postseason NIT tournament. However, incredible runs during their

respective conference tournaments allowed TWO such teams (*) to

advance to this year's men's NCAA tournament, where they were

eliminated by North Carolina and Kansas. FTP, identify EITHER of

these two schools

ANSWER: Fairfield College or Jackson State University


3. One of his more well-known early roles was his portrayal of

Michael the journalist in Lawrence Kasdan's "The Big Chill." In (*)

more recent years he has become somewhat typecast, portraying

variants on the "eccentric genius" theme in "The Fly," "Jurassic

Park," and "Independence Day." FTP, identify the actor.

ANSWER: Jeff Goldblum


4. It begins "West of Mailbox." (*) You are standing next to a

small mailbox which is closed. Inside is a promotional pamphlet. A

house is visible in the distance. Your mission is to collect twenty

treasures and put them into a trophy case while avoiding death.

Dangers include a thief, a troll, a maze, and the ever present grues

which lurk in dark places throughout the Great Underground Empire.

FTP what early 1980's text adventure are you playing?



5. The revival of "Funny Girl" in which she played Fanny Brice was

short-lived, but she may soon be joining the cast of "Rent." Her

self-titled sixth album is the first to be released under her given

first name and not her nickname. (*) She has also played both main

female leads in "Grease." FTP, name this pop songstress, whose top

10 hits include "Foolish Beat", "Lost in Your Eyes," and "Only in My


ANSWER: Deborah (Debbie) Gibson


6. This 1980 musical featured such songs as "Think" (*), "She Caught

the Katy," "Gimme Some Lovin'", and "Sweet Home Chicago," as well as

the catchy theme song of the title characters. FTP, identify this

movie about a pair of oddball musicians on a mission from God.

ANSWER: The Blues Brothers

7. They reside at 623 East 68th Street (*) in New York City. He's

the leader of a band. She's always up to crazy tricks trying to be

included in his nightclub show. They are friends and neighbors with

Fred and Ethel. FTP, identify the couple.

ANSWER: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (prompt on I Love Lucy on an early




8. Creator of such shows as I Dream of Jeannie and Hart to Hart (*),

this man, one of America's best-selling living authors, also has won

an Academy Award for writing for Easter Parade. FTP, name this man,

whose work has suffered as of late, author of Nothing Lasts Forever,

Rage of Angels and The Other Side of Midnight.

ANSWER: Sidney Sheldon


9. Its bespectacled main character is an antisocial loner whose

intelligence prevents her from fitting in with the clueless,

popularity-obsessed masses (*) at her new high school. Her lone

friend, Jane Lane, is an artist with a penchant for drawing human

nudes. FTP, identify this new MTV series and Beavis-and-Butthead




10. His acting debut will occur later this month in the Babylon-5

episode "Moments of Transition." His fans know him better, however,

for his biting, on-the-mark critiques of office stupidity (*), seen

through the eyes of his title character, an M.I.T.-educated engineer

saddled with a clueless, pointy-haired boss. FPT, identify this

creator of "Dilbert."

ANSWER: Scott Adams


11. They met in high school, and had a minor early hit with 1957's

"Hey Schoolgirl," which they recorded under the name "Tom and Jerry."

(*) It was under their real names, however, that they would gain

true fame. FTP, identify this duo, whose songs include "For Emily,

Wherever I May Find Her,", "The Sound of Silence," and "Mrs.


ANSWER: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (allow Tom and Jerry before it

is mentioned in the question)


12. Two answers required. On Oct 19, 1996 Nick Park accidentally

left something in a New York taxi, which the cabbie later returned.

(*) FTP, name these Oscar-Winning plasticine creations, a dog and a

man, made famous last year in the animated short, "The Close Shave."

ANSWER: Wallace and Grommit


13. Once described by a policeman as "the most realistic cop show on

television" its characters include Dietrich (*), a cynical

wisecracker fond of bad puns, and Harris, a detective with

aspirations of becoming a writer. FTP, identify this now-syndicated

show, which featured Max Gail, Hal Linden, and, of course, Abe




14. His reputation for creative and innovative approaches to music

continues to grow with the recent release of his new multimedia

project, "Eve." (*) The influence of African rhythms on his work may

be heard in his songs "Biko" and "Shaking the Tree." FTP, identify

this artist, the original lead singer for the group Genesis.

ANSWER: Peter Gabriel


15. Set in the late 1990s, it casts the player in the role of a

military commander in the employ of either the humanitarian Global

Defense Initiative (*) or the secretive terrorist organization known

as the Brotherhood of Nod. FTP, identify this Westwood Studios

realtime combat simulation, PC Gamer's Strategy Game of the Year in


ANSWER: Command and Conquer


16. Edited by R Wayne Schmittberger, it includes contests, which are

often hidden (*), departments such as "double cross", "dszquphsbnt",

(attempt to pronounce as DEH-SHUH-KWUFF-ES-BENT), "pencilwise" and

the "World's Most Ornery Crossword". FTP, name the magazine in which

you can find all of the above.

ANSWER: Games magazine


17. He won a Grammy award for the Best Southern Gospel, Country

Gospel, or Bluegrass Gospel album for his "I Love to Tell the Story--

25 Timeless Hymns." (*) He is far more well-known as an actor,

however. FTP, identify this aging performer, who appeared in the

movie "Winter Kill" but is more well-known for his roles as Ben

Matlock and Andy Taylor.


ANSWER: Andy Griffith


18. Evidently confusing Parris Island with Paris, France, in early

1997 he (*) decided to follow what he called "a lifelong dream" by

signing up for a hitch with the Marine Corps. He was unceremoniously

booted from boot camp less than a week later, described as

uncooperative and unwilling to follow orders. FTP, identify this

fighter, who apparently viewed the Corps as a preferable alternative

to receiving repeated blows to the groin.

ANSWER: Riddick Bowe


19. Nancy Cartwright. Kirstie Alley. Mimi Rodgers. (*) Tom Cruise.

John Travolta and L. Ron Hubbard are, FTP, the most famous of the

estimated eight million adherents to this much maligned, persecuted

and prosecuted LA based religion which has earned tax exempt status

in the USA but is facing legal challenges in many other countries

over its status as a religion.

ANSWER: Scientology


20. Its cast includes Stephen Lange, Kevin Conway, C. Thomas Howell,

Sam Elliott, Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger (*), and Martin Sheen. FTP,

identify this 1993 historical epic, originally planned as a TV

miniseries for the TNT network but which wound up being released on

the big screen, which recounts one of the most pivotal battles in

American history.

ANSWER: Gettysburg


21. He co-founded Waste Management, a garbage hauling firm, slowly

buying up competitors, first in Florida and (*) then nationwide.

Always hungry for other investments, he bought a Miami-based video

store change and slowly gobbled up chain after chain under the

Blockbuster name. For ten points, name this mogul owner of the

Marlins, Dolphins and Panthers.


ANSWER: Wayne Huizenga


SO-1. An earthquake, an airplane, snakes, birds, and comedian Lenny

(*) Bruce seemingly have nothing in common. All, however, appear in

the first line of a frenetic tune used by one of the author's

teammates to fire herself up before tournaments. FTP, identify this

R.E.M. song, which first appeared on the album "Document."

ANSWER: Its the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)


SO-2. One four ounce serving of this food product contains nearly as

much protein as one ounce of lean beef, (*) as well as carbohydrates

and lots of calcium. It's low in fat, and the FDA has recently

approved it as a substitute for meat in school lunches. Despite all

of this wholesomeness, many kids turn up their noses at it because it

has living things growing in it. FTP name this food.

ANSWER: Yogurt


SO-3. Moana, about the South Seas, Men of Aran, about islands off

the west coast of Ireland, and the Louisiana Story, about life on

Louisiana's bayous (*) all of these are lesser known movies made by

the first and most legendary documentary filmmakers. FTP, name this

American, made most famous by his 1922 documentary, Nanook of the


ANSWER: Robert J. Flaherty






1. 1967 produced a number of extraordinary movies, many of which

remain very well-known today. Given a brief description, identify

the 1967 release FTPE.

a. Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier star in this drama about the

interactions between a Philadelphia detective and a small-town

southern police chief investigating a murder.

ANSWER: In the Heat of the Night

b. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunawway star in this highly-fictialized

account of the lives of two of America's most notorious Depression-

era bank robbers.

ANSWER: Bonnie and Clyde

c. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn star as a middle-aged upper-

middle-class couple who learn that their college-graduate daughter

intends to marry a black man.

ANSWER: Guess Whos Coming to Dinner?


2. For five points a piece name the 70's rock groups who released

these albums.

a. Brain Salad Surgery

ANSWER: Emerson, Lake and Palmer

b. Abraxas

ANSWER: Santana

c. Its Only Rock and Roll

ANSWER: The Rolling Stones

d. Houses of the Holy

ANSWER: Led Zeppelin

e. Quadrophenia




3. Only in recent years have Asian players begun to appear on Major

League rosters. Answer the following questions about one such player

for the stated number of points.

a. First, FTP, which Japanese player created a stir earlier this year

by returning to Japan after the team holding his rights refused to

trade him?

ANSWER: Hideki Irabu

b. Irabu's actions were prompted by a desire to play for a particular

team. FTPE, identify both the team holding Irabu's rights and the

team for whom he wished to play.

ANSWER: San Diego or Padres, New York Yankees



4. Given a tv wife, for the stated number of points, provide her

maiden name, on the show.

a. For 5, Peggy Bundy

ANSWER: Wanker

b. For 10, Dorothy Zbornac (from Golden Girls)

ANSWER: Petrillo

c. For 15, Wilma Flintstone

ANSWER: Slaghoople



5. No trash packet would be complete without a "Weird Al" Yankovic

question. Let's talk about Weird Al's fascination with food. Given

a line from a Weird Al tune, give the name of the food item or items

which fill in the blanks for the stated number of points.

a. For 10: "(blank) in the place where I live /Think about addiction,

wonder if I'm a junkie"


b. For 5 points per word: "I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah/Where

it bubbles all the time like a giant (blank) (blank)"

ANSWER: Carbonated Soda

c) For 5 points per word: "The night Santa went crazy/The night St.

Nicholas flipped/Broke his back for some (blank) and (blank)/Seems to

me like he was tired of gettin' gypped"

ANSWER: Milk and Cookies



6. Hollywood seems to be full of nepotism; but not everyone shares a

last name with his/her mother, FTPE, give the famous mother of these


a. Lorenzo Lamas

ANSWER: Arlene Dahl

b. Gwyneth Paltrow

ANSWER: Blythe Danner

c. Nick Cassavetes

ANSWER: Gena Rowlands



7. FTPE, given a movie, name the author of the trashy novel

uponwhich it was based.

a. Sliver

ANSWER: Ira Levin

b. Prince of Tides

ANSWER: Pat Conroy

c. Evening Star

ANSWER: Larry McMurtry



8. This March marker the 14th anniversary of the USFL's first

season. Answer these questions about the United States Football

League for the stated number of points.

a. FTP, this franchise dominated play in each of the league's three

seasons, appearing in all three championship games and winning two.

It was coached by Jim Mora, and one of its star players was current

Carolina Panther Sam Mills.

ANSWER: Philadelphia or Baltimore Stars

b. The USFL was not known for franchise stability. One team not only

played in three cities in three years, but on three different

coasts.FTP, name this team which made its home in Boston, New

Orleans, and Portland, Oregon.

ANSWER: Breakers

c. Two of the best quarterbacks of the 90s--Jim Kelly and Steve

Young--began their careers in the USFL. FFPE, name the USFL teams

Kelly and Young played for.

ANSWER: Houston or Gamblers (for Kelly), Los Angeles or Express (for




9. In the last 25 years, almost every winner of the Best Piture

Academy Award has also picked up a best director statuette. This is

not always the case. Given a year and the winning director along

with his movie, FTP, give the movie that actually did win best


a. 1989, Oliver Stone for Born on the 4th of July

ANSWER: Driving Miss Daisy

b. 1981, Warren Beatty for Reds

ANSWER: Chariots of Fire

c. 1972, Bob Fosse for Cabaret

ANSWER: The Godfather


10. Let's test your knowledge of the X-Files. Five different phrases

have appeared during the show's opening credits. One of the five is

the Navajo translation of one of the other four. FTPE, identify any

three of the four English-language phrase which have appeared during

the show's opening credits.

ANSWER: Trust No One, Deny Everything, Apology is Policy and The

Truth is Out There


11. Given a track, identify the 1996 album FTPE. If you need the

artist or group, you will receive five points.

a. 10-"One Headlight"

5-The Wallflowers

ANSWER: Bringing Down the Horse

b. 10-"Counting Blue Cars"


ANSWER: Pet Your Friends

c. 10-"Unbreak My Heart"

5-Toni Braxton

ANSWER: Secrets


12. With his win in the 1st round of this year's NCAA tournament, he

tied the record for most wins in Basketball, FTP, first:

a. Name him.

ANSWER: Dean Smith

b. Now, FTP, how many wins did he need to tie that record?


c. FFPE, in what 2 years did he coach North Carolina to NCAA titles?

ANSWER: 1982 and 1993



13. Identify the movie from quotes 30-20-10.

30-"Are your trying to tell me my mom has the hots for me?"

20-"Jesus Christ, doc! You disintegrated Einstein!!!"

10-"1.21 Gigawatts!?"

ANSWER: Back to the Future



14. Here's another 80s music bonus. Given the year and the artist,

name the song which stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100

chart for the most weeks of any song that year, FFPE.

a. 1981, Olivia Newton-John

ANSWER: Physical

b. 1983, The Police

ANSWER: Every Breath You Take

c.. 1984, Madonna

ANSWER: Like a Virgin

d. 1988, Steve Winwood

ANSWER: Roll With It

e. 1987 (tie) Bon Jovi and George Michael

ANSWER: Livin On a Prayer, Faith



15. Many famous people lend their voices to cartoons. FTSNP, tell me

who voiced these cartoon characters.

a. For 5, John Smith from Pocahontas

ANSWER: Mel Gibson

b. For 10, Mr. Magoo

ANSWER: Jim Backus

c. For 15, Scrooge McDuck (he also appeared on Mr Ed)

ANSWER: Allen Young



16. In recent years, DC Comics has killed off several Silver Age

heroes and replaced them with much younger versions. Identify the DC

super-hero from the secret identity of the current incarnation FTPE,

or from previous and better known secret identities FFPE.

a. 10 - Kyle Rayner

5 - Hal Jordan

ANSWER: The Green Lantern

b. 10 - Wally West

5 - Barry Allen

ANSWER: The Flash

c. 10 - Connor Hawke

5 - Oliver Queen

ANSWER: The Green Arrow



17. The end of the 1996-97 pro football season saw massive turnover

among NFL head coaches, with a full third of the NFL's teams making

changes in the position. Given and NFL team, identify both the

outgoing and incoming head coaches FFPE.

a. Detroit Lions

ANSWER: Wayne Fontes and Bobby Ross

b. Atlanta Falcons

ANSWER: June Jones and Dan Reeves

c. San Francisco 49ers

ANSWER: George Siefert and Steve Mariuchi



18. What city are you visiting to see the following sights?

a. For 5, the end of the Iditarod

ANSWER: Nome, Alaska

b. For 10, the Rice Hall of Fame and Museum

ANSWER: Manila, Philippines

c. For 15, the Corn Palace

ANSWER: Mitchell, South Dakota



19. Identify the following TV sitcom families from where they

vacationed FTPE. If you need the title of the show you get 5 points.

a. 10-They took a cruise, and the oldest son got engaged.

5-Growing Pains

ANSWER: The Seavers

b. 10-They went to Disneyworld, and the youngest daughter got



ANSWER: The Conners

c. 10-They went to England to take their oldest son to college.

5-Family Ties

ANSWER: The Keatons



20. Identify the musical group from a list of songs, 30-20-10.

30-"Fly From Heaven," "Crazy Life" (from the Empire Records


20-"Listen," "Fall Down"

10-"Walk on the Ocean," "Something's Always Wrong"

ANSWER: Toad The Wet Sprocket




21. Borders Books has recently announced they are closing most of

their computer departments, mainly due to the failure of non-game CD-

ROM programs, which Borders bet on heavily. For ten points per


a. Only one of the top 20 selling CD-ROMs in March, only one is not

either a game or a bundled application such as Microsoft Works. For

ten points, name this encyclopedia.

ANSWER: Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

b. What is the #1 seller, one of several games that can be played

alone or through a network.

ANSWER: Diablo