1. I love that movie. James Cagney was just so dope. Such (*)

are the words of Snoop Doggy Dogg when asked about his favorite

movie. FTP, this is which Cagney film, that came out in 1931, and

shares its name with another rap group?

ANSWER: The Public Enemy


2. This man began his hockey career with Cincinnati in the WHA. In

1979 he debuted as a defenseman in the NHL, with the Winnipeg Jets.

He (*) also played with the Maple Leafs and Red Wings before moving

on to coaching. He coached first in the WHL and then the Adirondack

Red Wings of the AHL, guiding them to a Calder Cup championship in

1991. As an ESPN analyst, he shared an Emmy for coverage of the 1994

Stanley Cup Playoffs. FTP, Name this man, perhaps best known for

coaching the 1992 Los Angeles Kings to the Stanley Cup Finals, and

losing to Jacques Demers' Canadiens.

ANSWER: Barry Melrose


3. This one snores as his little tummy goes up and down. He (*)

also sings Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. No, its not Tickle-Me-

Elmo, but, FTP, what follow up doll to the Tycos acclaimed Elmo?

ANSWER: Sing and Snore Ernie


4. Did you hear? Discos making a comeback! Nina Persson describes

(*) disco as, The evergreen recipe for making a hit. Thats why,

FTP, what Persson fronted band tapped the disco reservoir to make

their hit tune from First Band on the Moon, Lovefool?

ANSWER: The Cardigans


5. Did your favorite TV actress start out as a porn star? One of

the most watched women in America, this womans first movie, The

Turning, includes (*) a scene in which she and a high school

sweetheart do the horizontal hula on the kitchen floor. Racy stuff,

FTP, for what Grand Rapids native and star of The X-Files?

ANSWER: Gillian Anderson


6. Roger McGuinn is (*) back with another solo album. McGuinns

Live From Mars is a retrospective collection of tunes from his former

band. FTP, the live samples, such as Mr. Tambourine Man, Eight

Miles High, and Turn, Turn, Turn are excellent renditions of what

bands hits?

ANSWER: The Byrds


7. Walking on two legs, this 6 foot, 6 inch creature, has had some

relatives in past ads, including a son and a wife. He won his place

as part of a contest, beating out Elmo the Elephant and (*) Newt the

Gnu, and then quickly eliminating his co-star Katy the Kangaroo.

FAQTP, name this character who, since 1952, has been helping the

underdog kid beat the bullies and at the same time hawking Kellogg's

Frosted Flakes with the line "They're Gr-r-r-reat!"

ANSWER: Tony the Tiger



8. Whos the baddest motha in Hollywood? John Singleton has (*)

planned a new movie to prove that this man is. FTP, who is the

subject of this movie, the legendary 70s black detective, portrayed

by Richard Roundtree?

ANSWER: John Shaft (Moderator: instead of stating correct,

acknowledge correct answer with "damn straight" or "right on")


9. There is a new number one ranked woman in tennis. In (*) fact,

this Swiss star is the youngest player ever to reach the number one

ranking. She secured the spot when previous number one, Steffi Graf

went out with injury, and she blitzed her first round opponent,

Monica Seles, in the Lipton Championships. FTP, who is this sixteen

year old woman who is 26-0 in 1997?

ANSWER: Martina Hingis


10. Talk about appropriate casting. May 7, will see the start of a

48-show production of The Wizard of Oz at New Yorks Madison Square

Garden. FTP, who has been slated to portray the wicked witch of (*)

the west, a woman most famous for her role as a wicked housewife on

her self-titled ABC sitcom?

ANSWER: Roseanne


11. In 1795, the King of Spain granted land to a Mexican settler, so

that he might make this product. Now, strict Mexican laws ensure

that it is only made from certain crops, grown (*) in certain places.

Its source, a member of the Lily family which is only usable after

growing for 8 to 12 years, is the blue agave plant. FTP, name this

alcoholic beverage, first made by Jose Cuervo, which is the main

liquor in Margaritas, as well as the name of a song by the Champs.

ANSWER: Tequila


12. A Hanna-Barbera hit cartoon of the 70s, this show was drawn by

the creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Kool-Aid Man.

FTP, (*) name this cartoon whos characters included Alan, Alexander,

the roadie, Alexandria, Melody, Valerie, and Josie, as the title


ANSWER: Josie and the Pussycats


13. In 1989 these two brothers struck it big for the first time.

Now they are they have managed to conquer the world of independent

films. The release of Cinema Paradiso, sex, lies, and videotape,

My Left Foot, The Crying Game, and The Piano are some of the

marks of their success. FTP, what is the shared last name of these

two brothers, whos Miramax studio garnered twenty Oscar nominations

this year, including The English Patient?

ANSWER: Bob and Harvey Weinstein


14. Another trip to the Betty Ford clinic (*) for another sports

star. This times its a golfer. This man announced he would enter

the clinic for treatment after he was hospitalized for a .25 blood

alcohol level. FTP, who is this golfer, a former Arkansas standout

and winner of the 1991 PGA Championship?

ANSWER: John Daly



15. Dont you hate it when your rear toe link is inadequately heat

treated, especially (*) after waiting so long to get the most desired

vehicle of 1997? Such is the case for 530 customers who, FTP, had

what much-anticipated General Motors car recalled by the company?

ANSWER: 1997 Corvette


16. This musician has really turned his life around recently. Not

only has he been recently married, but after winning a lawsuit with

Warner Bros., he (*) has felt free to erase the word SLAVE from

his cheek and release a three-disk set entitled Emancipation. To top

it all off, he also got a new name. FTP, who is this pop star,

famous for Cream, Graffiti Bridge, and Purple Rain?

ANSWER: The Artist (also accept: Prince, or the Artist Formerly

Known as Prince, or a retarded symbol if someone happens to have a

copy of it with them)


17. At the end, the protagonist watches his enemy die in a glass

enclosed tunnel, which fills with water. In the beginning, the

protagonist is thrown out of a boat, having (*) lost everything,

including his memory, except for a piece of coded microfilm, embedded

in his leg. His enemy uses a band of sick old men as a network of

messengers, rewarding secrecy with support of the men's families

after their death. FTP, name this rogue government assassin, who

hunts Carlos the Jackal, in the trilogy of books by Robert Ludlum.

ANSWER: Jason Bourne (accept also, The Bourne Identity, the Bourne

Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, or The Bourne Trilogy)


18. Its hard to believe that Paul Rubens was doing anything else,

but he will not be in this new show. Neither (*) will Kristy

Swanson, whose title role will be played by All My Childrens Sarah

Michelle Gellar. FTP, what is this new WB show, spun off the movie

in which a high school cheerleader battles blood-sucking undead?

ANSWER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


19. The namesake played for Princeton and died at 26 in a World War

I plane crash. The (*) first winner was Neal Broten. Other winners

include Bill Watson, Scott Fusco, Lane MacDonald, Paul Kariya, and

Brian Bonin. 1997 gave the award to Brendan Morrison. FTP, what is

this award, given each year to the most valuable player in college


ANSWER: Hobey Baker


20. Philip Espinosa has had a ringing in his ears since a December

23rd, 1993 concert. Unable (*) to stand the pain any longer, he has

decided to sue the singer of the concert. FTP, what crooner will be

trying to sing his way out of trouble with hits including I Write

the Songs, Mandy, and Copacabana?

ANSWER: Barry Manilow


21. His commercial credits include Chanel, and the Macintosh "1984"

ad (*) which aired once during the 1984 Superbowl. Born in England,

he directed 1989's "Black Rain" and served as producer/director for

1991's "Thelma and Louise." FTP, name this director best know for

pictures like "Blade Runner" and "Alien."

ANSWER: Ridley Scott



SO-1. Wondering what Shine director Scott Hicks is doing next?

The director (*) has his sights on an adaptation of, FTP, what 1992

best-seller by Donna Tartt?

ANSWER: Secret History


SO-2. Presently a farm team for the Vancouver Canucks, this team

most famous alum is probably announcer Bob Costas. It (*) tried to

become more famous for trying to get an even more famous hockey alum,

but the race for a playoff spot coupled with Gordie Howe's bad back

caused this comeback to end. For ten points, name this AHL


ANSWER: Syracuse or Crunch


SO-3. One of the seminal fusion bands of the 1970s, this group

featured such legends of the genre as Dave Zaniwul, Peter Erskine and

Jaco Pastorius.. Some (*) of their hits include Volcano For Hire and

their take on Birdland. For ten points, name this group, whose name

sounds like a four-times daily Al Roker segment.

ANSWER: Weather Report






1. Comic books have become one of the most popular mediums for

movies. Identify the movie related comics from their descriptions

for ten points each.

a. Probably the most popular new dark comic, it features a mentally

tortured hero. It is being made into a movie for New Line Cinema and

an HBO special.


b. Another New Line movie is the story of a fallen angel who has

returned to earth to find redemption. Name it.

ANSWER: Avengelyne

c. Not all comic book based movies do well. For a final ten points,

what comic was the basis for the Sylvester Stallone bomb in which he

played the title law enforcer?

ANSWER: Judge Dredd



2. Everyone knows curling is one of the greatest sports on earth.

Prove your a fan and name the seminal Canadian tournaments.

a. First, name the annual Mens Canadian Championship tournament,

sponsored by a favorite beer. Five points for the sponsor and five

points for the tournament.

ANSWER: The Labatt Brier

b. And the Canadian Womens Championship Tournament, sponsored by a

paper products company. Again, five each.

ANSWER: The Scott Tournament of Hearts



3. Answer these questions about MTV Unplugged for ten each.

a. Name the all-female hair metal band that recorded an episode of

MTV Unplugged. I'd give you a memorable song that they did, but none



b. Name the all-male (as far as we know) hair-metal band named

after a medium-sized rodent that also did an episode of MTV

Unplugged. Their one hit was "Round and Round".




4. Given the name of a mainstream movie, identify the porn film it

inspired for ten points each. For instance, if I said Honey, I Blew

Up the Kid, you would respond with Honey, I Blew... Everybody.

a. The Lion King

ANSWER: Loin King

b. Forrest Gump

ANSWER: Foreskin Gump

c. City Slickers

ANSWER: Titty Slickers



5. Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneiders controversial book The Rules

really falls down against those time-tested romances. FTPE, name the

characters who broke the following rules.

a. She broke rule 23- Dont date a married man. in her pursuit of


ANSWER: Scarlett OHara

b. She breaks rule 17-Let him pick most of the movies, restaurants,

and concerts by asking Sam to play a forbidden tune.

ANSWER: Ilsa Lund

c. This teen must not have read the rules, since she breaks rule 9-

Dont devote too much feeling, investment, or heart in the first

three dates. and rule 15-Dont cling to him if he has to leave

that night or the following morning. No wonder their love died

quickly in a tomb.

ANSWER: Juliet Capulet



6. Answer these questions about the television show, "Knight Rider",

for the stated number of points.

a. It features a ski mode, a grappling hook, ejector seats, and the

ever popular Turbo Boost. For 5 points, name this black, talking


ANSWER: K.I.T.T. ("Kitt")

b. For 5 points per correct word, expand the acronym, K.I.T.T.

ANSWER: Knight Industries Two Thousand

c. For a final 5 points, give the full name of the character played

by hairy-chested stud-muffin, David Hasselhoff.

ANSWER: Michael Knight



7. From the name of the bowl game, give the name of the corporate

sponsor FTPE for the 1996 season.

a. The Gator BowlANSWER: Mazda

b. Independence BowlANSWER: Poulan Weedeater



8. The Stanley Kubrick ode to nuclear holocaust, Dr. Strangelove,

provided some very sarcastic character names. For fifteen points

apiece, give the names of these characters from the film from their


a. He was the un-seen drunkard Soviet premier.

ANSWER: Dimitri Kissov

b. He was the mentally disturbed general who ordered the nuclear

attack on Russia after he realized the Soviet plot to infect our

precious bodily fluids through water fluoridation.

ANSWER: General Jack Ripper



9. Wannabe a team with 25 points? Five points per, give the

official nicknames for each of the Spice Girls.

ANSWER: Baby, Sexy, Sporty, Posh, Scary



10. I love making my opinion count by voting on polls at various

websites. Answer these questions about various website opinion

polls, for the stated number of points.

a. In ESPN's Battle of the Mascots poll, this university's mascot

was banned from competition until 2001, after two students wrote a

program which would completely flood the site, ensuring a victory.

For 5 points each, name the University, and the banned mascot.

ANSWER: Stanford Trees

b. At the Mr. Showbiz website, one can vote for best and worst

dressed actresses from past Academy Awards Ceremonies. First, for

ten points, name the actress voted best dressed, who stars in the

movie "B.A.P.S."

ANSWER: Halle Berry

c. For a final ten points, name the actress voted worst dressed, who

acted in, and directed a segment of, the HBO movie about abortion

entitled, "If These Walls Could Talk."

ANSWER: Cherilyn Sarkesian



11. Oh no! Brian Johnson of AC/DC has gotten more drunk than usual

and suddenly he can only sing in German. Translate the following

lyrics into English for all those monolingual, yet adoring fans, and

youll get fifteen points for each one

a. Sie war eine schnelle Maschine (see vahr ayn shnell-uh masch-een-


ANSWER: She was a fast machine

b. Hoeren Sie meines Geld sprechen (hohr-en see mines gehld sprech-


ANSWER: Listen to my money talk



12. The Dilbert craze has produced ten Dilbert related books and

collections. Name any three for ten points apiece.

ANSWER:Dogberts Top Secret Management Handbook

The Dilbert Principle

Fugitive From the Cubicle Police

Still Pumped From Using the Mouse

Its Obvious You Wont Survive By Your Wits Alone

Bring Me the Head of Willy the Mailboy

Shave the Whales

Clues for the Clueless

Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons

Build a Better Life By Stealing Office Supplies



13. FTPE, name these basketball players, who all share a common


a. This player, acquired by the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac,

was cheered on at the 1997 slam dunk contest by his prom date, singer


ANSWER: Kobe Bryant

b. Named Mr. Basketball for Illinois, and Most Outstanding Player in

the 1995 McDonalds All-America Game, he was a fifth pick, in the

first round of the 1995 NBA Draft, selected by the Minnesota


ANSWER: Kevin Garnett

c. For a final 10 points, name the third player drafted in 1997

directly from high school, a power forward selected by the Portland


ANSWER: Jermaine ONeal



14. Given a description of a Scooby Doo characters psychological

profile according to the internets Area 51 web site, identify the

character for ten points each.

a. the largely empty-headed yin twinkie

ANSWER: Daphne

b. the inner child

ANSWER: Shaggy

c. the incomplete yin to Freds yang




15. I know you all love those one-hit wonders, so its time to

truly test that knowledge. For five points each, identify these one-

hit-wonders from their 70s disco-era smash hit.

a. Play That Funky Music

ANSWER: Wild Cherry

b. Kung Fu Fighting

ANSWER: Carl Douglas

c. Drift Away

ANSWER: Dobie Gray

d. A Fifth of Beethoven

ANSWER: Walter Murphy and The Big Apple Band



16. Name the movie from characters, 30-20-10

30-Brandon Walsh, Andy Carmichael, and Stef Steinbrenner

20-Mikey and Mama Fratelli

10-Mouth, Sloth, and Data

ANSWER: The Goonies



17. Though it was short-lived, The Critic was probably the best

animated comedy ever, next to the Simpsons. For ten points each,

answer these questions about the show.

a. The title role of the movie critic was voiced by Saturday Night

Lives Jon Lovitz. What was the name of this lead character?

ANSWER: Jay Sherman

b. What was the name of Jays son, who became the most popular kid

in his class when he made the class parade float into a flaming

horses patute?

ANSWER: Marty Sherman

c. Jay is employed by this Aussie millionaire, whose run for

President fell short when his running mate, Jay's father, made

Admiral Stockdale look like a genius in a debate.

ANSWER: Duke Phillips



18. Sure its $200 for passing GO, but do you remember the other

prices on the Monopoly game board? If youve been to McDonalds

recently, this should be a snap. Given the name of a Monopoly

property, give the exact purchase price for ten points, or for five

points if you're within 10%.

a. Boardwalk

ANSWER: $400 (or $360 to $440 for five)

b. Illinois Ave.

ANSWER: $240 (or $196 to $264 for five)

c. Mediterranean Ave.

ANSWER: $60 (or $54 to $66 for five)



19. Identify the movie from quotes 30-20-10.

30-Why snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?

20-Tanis. They must have discovered the lost ruins.

10-No time to argue. Throw me the idol, I throw you the whip.

ANSWER: Raiders of the Lost Ark



20. Given a plot, tell whether it applies to a movie, a music video,

or a TV commercial, FTPE.

a. A ruthless businessman dies and goes to heaven, or at least what

he thinks is heaven. After the promise of eternal happiness, he soon

realizes that he has been tricked and is in hell.

ANSWER: commercial ("Got Milk?" ad)

b. Michael Caine plays a spy working for a Russian to stop a

shipment of chemical weapons from reaching North Korea.

ANSWER: movie (made-for-TV) (TMCs Bullet to Beijing)

c. A cult breeds and murders bizarre human/bug creatures. The

protagonist, who may be a victim or an evil mastermind, is caught in

the end, but not before having bugs crawl from his wounds.

ANSWER: music video (Bush's "Greedy Fly" video)



21. Given the name of a college or university, identify the

schools mascot for five points apiece.

a. Air Force ANSWER: Falcons

b. Texas Christian ANSWER: Horned Frogs

c. DePaul ANSWER: Blue Demons

d. LaSalle ANSWER: Explorers

e. TempleANSWER: Owls