1. Ned Hanlon, Casey Stengel, Wilbert Robinson, Burt (*) Shotton and

Chuck Dressen have held the same position for this team in Major

League baseball, one of the most static jobs one can find in the

game. In fact, since 1900, this team has only had 17 of them. For

ten points, name the team whose current manager is Bill Russell.

ANSWER: Manager of the Los Angeles or Dodgers


2. David O. Russell directed this movie with a star-filled cast

telling the (*) story of an adopted son trying to find his birth

parents, who end up being two fifty-somethings stuck in the counter-

culture of the 1960s. For ten points, name this 1996 movie with Ben

Stiller as the son, Mary Tyler Moore and George Segal as the adoptive

parents and Lily Tomlin and Alan Alda as the biological parents.

ANSWER: Flirting with Disaster


3. Tony Rosato, Ann Risley, Pamela Stephenson, Danitra Vance, Ellen

(*) Cleghorne, Terry Sweeney are some of the less famous alumni of

this show whose more famous cast members included Garrett Morris, Joe

Piscopo, Jim Belushi, Jon Lovitz and Mike Myers. For ten points,

name this late-night NBC show, now in its 21st season.

ANSWER: Saturday Night Live


4. The name for this group came from applying math to a low-budget

horror flick. This (*) groups first album The Wishing Chair was

released in 1985 and was followed by their breakthrough album, In My

Tribe, in 1987. Singer Natalie Merchant broke up the group following

their MTV Unplugged appearance. For ten points, name the

multiplicative group.

ANSWER: 10,000 Maniacs


5. Believe it or not, you have to take a test, which is issued only

in English, and you must pass both an oral portion requiring you to

circle the address on a list you just heard, plus (*) a written

portion including multiple-choice questions such as All of these

Manhattan streets are two way except and what to do after a

passenger leaves his briefcase behind. For ten points, what kind of

exam would you be taking?

ANSWER: a taxi drivers test (the examples are from New York)


6. Of the original six NHL teams, this team is the only one never to

have a 100 point season. And (*) it probably wont happen this

season either, meaning such greats as Bill Barilko and Charlie

Conacher are spinning in their graves and Johnny Bower would be as

well if he wasnt still alive. For ten points, name this blue

franchise that traded away former All-Stars Doug Gilmour, Larry

Murphy and Kirk Muller in the span of six weeks.

ANSWER: Toronto or Maple Leafs


7. He Knows Youre Alone, The Man with One Red Shoe, Radio Flyer, The

(*) Burbs, Volunteers and Nothing in Common. Its hard to believe

with a rsum like that you can eventually win two Oscars, but he

did. For ten points, name the former star of Bosom Buddies whose

name isnt Peter Scolari.

ANSWER: Tom Hanks



8. Charles Kuralt will come out of retirement to host a show, Harry

(*) Smith will take his Travels with Harry out of the evening news,

repeats of Tom Snyder will appear as well as reruns of interviews

from Ed Murrow and Walter Cronkite. For ten points, name this new

network started by CBS in April of 1997, their first foray into cable

since they folded CBS Cable in 1982.

ANSWER: Eye on People


9. Youve Got Another Thing Coming, Enter Sandman, Panama, (*) Holy

Diver, and Stairway to Heaven. For ten points, name the

septuagenarian rocker who covers these songs in his new album No More

Mr. Nice Guy, who now has time to promote the album after being

booted off the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

ANSWER: Pat Boone


10. And theres nothing to buy, ever. Your first three selections

are Jacquelyn Mitchards The Deep End, Toni Morrisons Song of

Solomon and Jane (*) Hamiltons The Book of Ruth. Order now and you

can get the selection Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breatnach. For

ten points, name this club that is offered only once per month by its

Chicago-based talk-show host.

ANSWER: Oprah Winfrey Book Club


11. Mashie, Lofter, Niblick, (*) Brassie and Spoon could be written

on these, but it would probably take longer for the average alcohol-

blurred Sunday hacker to ever find his or her desired weapon. For

ten points, name these objects pretty much called by their numbers

except for #10, which is still called by its name.

ANSWER: golf clubs


12. I havent had an orthodox career and I wanted more than anything

to have your respect. The first time I didnt feel it, but this time

I feel it and I cant deny the fact that you like me -- right (*)

now, you like me is the famous acceptance speech by this actress

claiming her 1984 award for Places in the Heart. For ten points,

name this versatile actress whose unorthodox career has included The

Flying Nun, Smokey and the Bandit and Punch Line.

ANSWER: Sally Field


13. One episode featured a inter-condo table tennis tournament,

another (*) featured a takeoff on the Graduate while most of them

featured the title character struggling with his love life. For ten

points, name this Showtime and FOX series starring Molly Cheek and

Michael Tucci and featured the theme song line Im almost halfway

finished. How do you like it so far? How do you like the theme


ANSWER: Its Garry Shandlings Show


14. Blue Clear Sky is the latest release from (*) this country artist

whose career started in the early 70s while in the Army stationed in

Hawaii. His career during the 1980s flourished with 31 number one

country songs including Fool Hearted Memory and Lets Fall to Pieces

Together. For ten points, name this country artist probably most

famous for Ace in the Hole.

ANSWER: George Strait



15. The game originated with the Pennsylvania Dutch in the mid-

1800s, and the name for the two high cards comes from the German

name for that card. For (*) ten points, name this card game

featuring a 24-card deck, such terms as stay home and screw the

dealer, and the two high cards being same-suited Jacks.

ANSWER: euchre


16. This authors latest book starts in 1910, seeing a Presbyterian

minister lose his faith in God while across town Mary Pickfords

latest movie is being filmed. Towards (*) the end, the book somehow

manages to take the descendants of this town to Waco and the Branch

Davidian conflict. For ten points, name this prolific author whose

latest book is In the Beauty of the Lillies.

ANSWER: John Updike


17. Tony Lockett scored six goals, including three in the first

quarter, but it wasnt enough (*) as his team lost by 43, 13-10 to

19-17. Therefore, the Kangaroos take the 1996 Grand Final in this

league, featuring the victorius North Melbourne squad over the

regular season champ Sydney Swans.

ANSWER: Australian Football League or AFL


18. The fictional CBS show is in its 20th season, while the real CBS

show is in its 9th. However (*), the infusion of new cast members

have not helped sagging ratings and was yanked off the air for the

first time in March, although it has returned and it will be back for

a tenth season. For ten points, name this satire of a news magazine

show featuring Joe Regalbuto, Faith Ford and Candice Bergen.

ANSWER: Murphy Brown


19. The keynote address for this groups convention was given by

Xaviera Hollander, and (*) included topics such as legalization and

protection from AIDS. For ten points, name this proclaimed old

profession who probably for the first time had to book a hotel for

more than an hour.

ANSWER: prostitutes or hookers or any other slang term thats correct


20. Kagi No Kag, or Key of Keys, was used as the backdrop by Woody

Allen for (*) this movie which pre-dated Mystery Science Theatre 3000

by 25 years. The protagonists are now on a plot instead of securing

military secrets, are now securing egg salad recipes. For ten

points, name this 1966 movie with music by Lovin Spoonfull.

ANSWER: Whats Up, Tiger Lily


21. He had appeared in Broadway productions such as The Tap Dance Kid

and Jellys Last Jam, but this 23-year-old (*) tap maestro did not

seem happy until he wrote and performed his four-Tony award winning

production Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk. For ten points,

name this Broadway wunderkind.

ANSWER: Savion Glover



SO-1. Now considered the lead character, he didnt even appear in the

first season of his show in 1989 and only appeared occasionally in

the second season. However, (*) he is now synonymous as the master

teenage geek although he has almost graduated from UCLA. For ten

points, name this bernerd who will be moving to CBS for the 1997-98


ANSWER: Steven J. Urkel (prompt on Jaleel White or Stephon Urquelle)


SO-2. This comic strip with minor characters Derrick and Mrs. Wilkins

is (*) an anomaly on the funny papers since only one character, Gunk,

is white and takes place in a lower-middle class apartment in an

unnamed urban city. For ten points, name this strip which includes

younger brother Barry and two love interests, Michelle and Chutney.

ANSWER: Curtis


SO-3. This infraction can either be one person leaving his position

and going on the ball, having less than two defenders between a non-

ball carrier and the goal, or (*) being ahead of the puck at a

designated line. For ten points, what is this common name for this

infraction in football, soccer and hockey respectively.

ANSWER: offside














1. In the comic strip Fox Trot, Jason recently offered his services

as a web site designer for three other comic strips. From a

description of Jasons proposed web site, identify the comic strip

for ten points each:

a. One link stated For todays cartoon, complete with cubicle

placement suggestions, click here.

ANSWER: Dilbert

b. A link to the current days strip suggested To read the 22-page

interview with German Finance Minister Theo Waigel which puts the

punch line in some context, click here.

ANSWER: Doonsebury

c. One link suggested To see this weeks strips about dieting and

bathing suits, click here.




2. Identify the musical group 30-20-10.

30-Two members of this group served as backup singers to Bruce

Hornsby on his 1995 album Harbor Lights.

20-There first #1 hit featured a guest appearance by Dr. Dre.

10-Their single No Diggity was a #1 song in January of 1997.

ANSWER: Blackstreet



3. Since you have correctly guessed the tossup, you may now play a

pricing game. You see before you six items. You also see a putting

green. Thats right, its time to play Hole in One. The rules of

the game are as follows, you must give me in order the prices of the

six items displayed. Here are the items:

a. Kleenex Brand Cold Care/Ultra Comfort White Unscented Facial

Tissue. When youre feeling your worst you want only the best. Only


b. SPAM Lite. Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat, Cold or Hot. SPAM from


c. Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce. Enjoy the sauce made famous by

celebrities such as Johnny Bench, Arnold Palmer, Bob Hope and George

Bush. Its Ted The Ribs King Gregorys original recipe.

Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce.

d. Gerber Brand Potato Baby Food. Part of the 1st Foods Collection.

When you see the baby on the bottle, you know its Gerber.

e. Chi Chis Yellow Corn Taco Shells. When you cant get to the

restaurant, get to the store, with Chi Chis.

f. And finally, Kretschmer Wheat Germ. Sprinkle on the Nutrition.

Sprinkle on Kretschmers.

You will get five points (and the item) for every two items you state

that do not have a lower price then the previously guessed item.

Once you have guessed an item that is not higher than the previous,

you must putt from the marked spot. If you make the putt, you will

get fifteen points.

ANSWER: Gerber ($0.41), Kleenex ($1.29), Taco Shells ($1.69), SPAM

($1.99), Barbecue Sauce ($2.49), Wheat Germ ($3.39).

If the putt is missed: Of course, this is Hole in One or Two. Ill

give you a second chance for five points to make the putt.



4. Given two schools from a college basketball conference, name the

conference for five points each.

a. Tulsa and TCUANSWER: Western Atheltic or WAC

b. Colgate and BucknellANSWER: Patriot League

c. Marshall and FurmanANSWER: Southern Conference

d. Liberty and Towson St.ANSWER: Big South Conference



5. Now that Dorothy L'Amour has died, the big three stars of the

Road Series have now taken the Road to the Mortuary. For ten points

each, identify each of the following Road films from clues.

a. The only Road film where the title destination is fictional.

ANSWER: The Road to Utopia

b. Bob Hope is sold into slavery to the princess played by L'Amour.

ANSWER: The Road to Morocco

c. The boys get in trouble after selling a fake diamond mine.

ANSWER: The Road to Zanzibar



6. Identify these celebrities on the legal blotter from a hard clue

for ten points or any easy clue for 5.

a. 10-This actor won a $475,000 judgment in a defamation of character

lawsuit from fellow actor Dennis Hopper.

5-He plays Larry Sanders producer and was married to Geraldine


ANSWER: Rip Torn

b. 10-This actors second arrest during the year of 1996 was a charge

of trespassing on the Golden Gate Bridge during a logging protest.

5-He also was arrested for planting hemp seeds in Kentucky,


was unable to jump bail due to his previously screen-defined


ANSWER: Woody Harrleson



7. Dave Barry recently wrote a list naming some of the worst songs in

the Rock era. You will be first given a few measures of melody to

the song and you will receive 15 points for guessing the song. If

you get the song wrong, you can still get 5 points for naming the

song from the artist.

(one dash means previous note was a eighth note, two dash means

quarter, etc.)

a-15 G--Bb-Bb-Bb--Bb--C--G-----G-Bb--Bb--Bb-Bb-C

a- 5 Nancy Sinatra

ANSWER: These Boots Were Made for Walking

b-15 C-E-E-E-E-F-E-D-CE-E---EEF-E-D-C-G-A-Bb

b- 5 Richard Harris

ANSWER: MacArthur Park



8. Identify the work of childrens literature from passages for ten

points each.

a. When Peters sister caught up with him, he was kneeling at the

foot of a tree, looking at a long thin box. Free game, fun for some

but not for all. Read instructions carefully.

ANSWER: Jumanji

b. While he was being unloaded and taken out of his crate and into

his new pen at the fair, crowds gathered to watch.

ANSWER: Charlottes Web

c. Over on the other side of the hill, she ate all the berries she

could reach and then she started to find her mother.

ANSWER: Blueberries for Sal



9. Given a player, name the MLS team he plays for five points each.

a. Marcelo BalboaANSWER: Colorado or Rapids

b. Jorge CamposANSWER: Los Angeles or Galaxy

c. Brad FriedelANSWER: Columbus or Crew

d. Carlos ValderramaANSWER: Tampa Bay or Mutiny

e. PrekiANSWER: Kansas City or Wiz or Wizards



10. Identify the movie from its lead character for 10 points or for

an extra clue for five points.

a. 10-Benjamin Braddock

5-1967 movie featuring the infamous Mrs. Robinson

ANSWER: The _Graduate_

b. 10-Syndey Schamberg

5-1984 movie detailing the separation of journalist and

interpreter in Cambodia during the Vietnam Conflict.

ANSWER: The _Killing Fields_



11. Steven Bochco has made a name for himself with such series as

Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and N.Y.P.D. Blue, but he has also had

his share of clunkers, mainly brought forth by network executives

thinking that it must be good if its from Bochco. For ten points

each, name the clunkers from clues:

a. This NBC vehicle featured Sharon Stone, Dennis Franz and Kelly

Harmon in a story about a bad minor league baseball team. It lasted

a month in 1983.

ANSWER: Bay City Blues

b. This ABC show can be best described as musical drama. Singing

juries and rapping street thugs were the norm. It lasted three

months in 1990.

ANSWER: Cop Rock

c. Proving that he could stink up three networks, this 1996 CBS show

was pulled after three episodes due to advertiser and affiliate


ANSWER: Public Morals



12. The top 6 six albums of 1996 featured songs whose major single

were all sung by women. For five points each, given the artist, name

the album title.

a. Alanis MorrisetteANSWER: Jagged Little Pill

b. Mariah CareyANSWER: Daydream

c. Celine DionANSWER: Falling Into You

d. A soundtrack featuring

Whitney HoustonANSWER: Waiting to Exhale

e. The FugeesANSWER: Score

f. Shania TwainANSWER: The Woman in Me



13. Please look at the following sheet of paper. You will notice to

what I believe is a conspiracy. First, you will notice that the

character Dilbert is very similar to the Muppet character Beaker.

And it dosent stop there. For five points each:

a. Look at the second piece of paper. Notice the similarity between

this Dilbert character and this Muppet character. Name them for five


ANSWER: 3 is Wally, 4 is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

b. And even more separated-at-birth. Although there is no dead

ringer, the boss is probably an almagamation of these three

characters. Name them for five each.

ANSWER: 6 is Fozzie, 7 is Waldorf, 8 is Statler



14. Time for some hockey spelling. Given the player, spell his last

name for ten points each.

a. Sandis OzolinshANSWER: O-Z-O-L-I-N-S-H

b. Teppo NumminenANSWER: N-U-M-M-I-N-E-N

c. John VanbiesbrouckANSWER: V-A-N-B-I-E-S-B-R-O-U-C-K



15. Identify these nuclear war-tinged movies from the 1960's for ten

points each.

a. A never-released alternate ending has a war room pie fight instead

of Slim Pickens riding a bomb.

ANSWER: Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love

the Bomb

b. Henry Fonda is the President and Larry Hagman is the interpreter

trying to stop an accidental bombing of Moscow. Dom DeLuise has a


ANSWER: Failsafe

c. Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas team up in this Rod Serling

written movie where the president is considered too pacifist for the

military's liking.

ANSWER: Seven Days in May



16. The fine publication TV Guide in December published a list of the

50 Greatest TV Stars of all time. From clues, identify the

personality who made the list.

a. This star placed #1.

ANSWER: Lucille Ball

b. This star, who placed #45, openly complained that he was behind

Miss Piggy at #23 and Lassie at #11.

ANSWER: David Letterman

c. This star, whose four television shows all bore his name somehow,

entered in at #17.

ANSWER: Bob Newhart



17. Identify the musical artist 30-20-10

30-He was Amy Grants keyboard player in 1982.

20-His first crossover album was Go West Young Man

10-This Christian artists biggest crossover hit was Change Your


ANSWER: Michael W. Smith



18. Given a description of a World Series, identify the year it took

place for ten points per answer:

a. Dom Denkinger calls Jorge Orta safe at first although he appears

out, keeping a rally alive for Kansas City in Game 6 followed by a

10-0 schellacking of St. Louis in Game 7.

ANSWER: 1985

b. Horses circle the field after the Philadelphia Phillies become the

last of the originial 16 major league teams to win a World Series.

The Kansas City Royals make their first appearance.

ANSWER: 1980

c. Bill Mazeroski homers in the 9th to win the World Series after

back-up catcher Hal W. Smith homers in the 7th to tie the game

against the New York Yankees. These teams also met in the 1927


ANSWER: 1960



19. Answer the following movie triology questions for five points


a. Arrange the three movies of Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Three Colors"

into their release order.

ANSWER: Blue, White, Red or Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

b. Give the two sequels to Mad Max in their release order and note

that Mad Max 2 will not be accepted.

ANSWER: The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome



20. Identify the 1980s vintage arcade games from descriptions for

the stated number of points.

5-This game was the sequel to Galaxians and featured shooting

percentages between rounds.

ANSWER: Galaga

10-This game featured penguins and flying ice blocks and required you

to align the three diamond blocks.


15-This Pac-Man ripoff required you to paint the screen in a maze.

ANSWER: Make Trax



21. Identify the cable network from its programs for ten points each.

a. Internight, Time and AgainANSWER: MSNBC

b. The Odyssey, SightingsANSWER: Sci-Fi Channel

c. Comicview, Hit ListANSWER: Black Entertainment

Televsion or BET