1. He does Tai-chi, holds charity golf tournaments, throws (*) pool

parties, and has a fixation for Tyra Banks. FTP, name this companion

of Anfernee Hardaway.

ANSWER: Li'l Penny

2. He played 16 seasons for the New York Giants, winning two NL-MVP

awards. This "meal-ticket" used (*) his patented fade-away pitch to

amass 253 career wins and a 2.98 ERA. FTP, name this pitcher most

famous for fanning Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Simmons, and Cronin in the

1934 All-Star game.

ANSWER: Carl Hubbell


3 . A family driving through a small town gets lost and winds up at a

backwoods shack managed by Torgo, who (*) takes care of it while The

Master is away. When Torgo lets the family stay, The Master, who

worships an evil deity and wears a neat cape, awakens and does mean

stuff like burning off Torgo's hand and siccing his dog on the family

pet. FTP, this is the plot of what awful movie skewered on Mystery

Science Theater 3000?

ANSWER: Manos, Hands of Fate or Manos, The Hands of Fate


4. Two men stare at each other across a table and then play catch in

the back yard; an old man catches beer nuts with his dentures; a bad

magician performs illusions with beer cans; a man without pants walks

through a corn field. FTP, these are all commercials created by Dick

to sell what brand of beer?

ANSWER: Miller Lite (prompt on Dick, and you can make up your own

joke now.)


5. In an informal Usenet college basketball newsgroup pool, he was

the over-whelming choice for greatest ACC player ever. After winning

a national championship, he moved on to the ABA and NBA, becoming (*)

the only man to be named All-Star MVP in both leagues. FTP, name this

former NC State star inducted into the basketball hall of fame in


ANSWER: David Skywalker Thompson


6. It was the most important eclipse of 1983. Released in October, it

(*) peaked at number 1 on the Billboard charts, and was the best

selling single of the year. FTP, name this hit by Bonnie Tyler.

ANSWER: Total Eclipse of the Heart


7. As an actor, he appeared in silent films such as "Birth of a

Nation" and "The Tornado". Born Sean Aloysius O'Fenney, you probably

know him better as the director of some 140 movies, including 4

Academy Award winners for best picture. FTP, name this director of

"The Quiet Man" and "The Grapes of Wrath".

ANSWER: John Ford or Jack Ford



8. In the late '70s, this music store employee decided that he hated

his current job and wanted to be a cartoonist. He drew six cartoons

and sold them for ninety dollars to a Seattle magazine, thus creating

"Nature's Way". The (*) comic strip, after a name change, has become

one of the most popular, and controversial, cartoons in history,

despite this creator's frequent retirements. FTP, name this author of

"The Far Side".

ANSWER: Gary Larson


9. This rapper, whose real name is OShea Jackson, has (*) inspired a

Sportscenter catch-phrase, pointing out that someone "messed around

and got a triple double." FTP, what rapper (*) coined this phrase in

hit song "It Was a Good Day" from his album "Death Warrant"?

ANSWER: Ice Cube (prompt on It Was a Good Day before it is mentioned)


10. 1995-96 was his rookie season for the Edmonton Oilers, and he had

a "hell" of (*) a season, "burning" goalies for 18 goals and 17

assists. Despite his "hot" streak, this native of Slovakia is better

known for his unfortunate moniker. FTP, name this "devil" of a


ANSWER: Miroslav Satan


11. "It must be seen to be believed" is how one reviewer described

this attempt at comedy. Its plot tells of Pestario Vargas, who (*)

owes $50,000 to the Scottish mob. Luckily for him, a German big-game

hunter played by Jeffrey Jones offers Vargas $50,000 if he can

survive being stalked for 24 hours. If you had to sit through this

disaster of a movie, then you deserve 10 points for naming this star

vehicle featuring John Leguizamo.

ANSWER: The Pest


12. This show is maintaining the tradition of highly-acclaimed CBS

dramas with anemic ratings. Airing on Wednesdays at 10 pm, its plot

revolves around Detective Quinn, who's (*) desperate to wipe out

crime boss Jimmy Murtha. FTP, name this new series starring Debrah

Farentino, Jason Gedrick, and Ken Olin.

ANSWER: EZ Streets


13. Last summer, Calvin Hollis and John Bitoy won a $5 million

judgment against Lawrence Tero, a (*) former bouncer, when they

convinced a jury that they created this character that Tero played in

Rocky III and at Wrestlemania. FTP, name this bejeweled A-Team star

who is not likely to pity the fools who took his money.

ANSWER: Mr. T (accept Lawerence Tero before it is mentioned)


14. Captain Dimitri Chandler--or "Dim" to his very best friends--was

understandably annoyed. The message from Earth had taken six hours to

reach the spacetug Goliath, here (*) beyond the orbit of Neptune; if

it had arrived ten minutes later he could have answered. For ten

points, this is the opening line to what new Arthur C. Clarke,

proving that he can add by 1,000.

ANSWER: 3001-The Final Odyssey



15. "Necropediphile", "Vomit The Soul", "Rancid (*) Amputation",

"Post Mortal Ejaculation", "Covered With Sores", and "Meathook

Sodomy" are songs from, FTP, what death metal band's less than

classic albums "Tomb of the Mutilated" and "Butchered At Birth"?

ANSWER: Cannibal Corps


16. He wasn't on the basketball team at Huntington Beach High School,

but rather the surfing team. He began playing hoops at Golden West

Junior College and transferred to UCLA. The (*) brother of Barbara

Bush's press secretary, he has appeared in TV commercials and

Aerosmith's video for "Love in an Elevator". FTP, name NBA

benchwarmer and babysitter for Dennis Rodman.

ANSWER: Jack Haley


17. A media mogul, played by Jonathon Pryce, tries to start World War

III in order to boost his profit margin, and (*) the only one who can

stop him is a British secret agent. FTP, this is the plot for what

movie, the 18th in the James Bond series, set to be released later

this year?

ANSWER: Tomorrow Never Dies


18. Marisol Massey, Beat the Bishop, Inside Tina Yothers, Adam

Sandler as the Stud Boy and Stickpin Quinn, Kari Wuhrer, and Sing

Along With Colin were, FTP, all important parts of what MTV game


ANSWER: Remote Control


19. Many artists are remembered as one-hit wonders, but this artist

actually recorded a song entitled "One-hit Wonder" on (*) her album

"The Burdens of Being Upright". FTP, name this artist who will

probably be remembered as a one-hit wonder herself for "Mother,


ANSWER: Tracy Bonham


20. He's managed to star in some awful TV movies like "Terror On

Highway 91" and "Blood River", and (*) he's only managed to land one

big-screen role in the last four years, as Lt. Paul Hellerman in

"Crimson Tide". Despite his lack of success in his adult career, he

still doesn't want to be called Ricky. FTP, name this star of "Silver


ANSWER: Rick Schroder


21. Not quite Jackie O. prices, but a box of tupperware fetched $30

and a box of ceramic pitchers fetched $775 in (*) this celebrity

auction actually held by the Army from items found at the estate of

this famous family that the military recently purchased, although no

Standard Oil shares were available for purchase. For ten points,

name the famous family.

ANSWER: Rockerfeller


SO-1. The University of Kentucky won its second NIT basketball

championship, Julius Erving won the 1st ABA slam dunk contest, the

(*) Pittsburgh Steelers captured a second consecutive Super Bowl,and

Teofilo Stevenson won his second consecutive gold medal in boxing.

For ten points, in what year did this patriotic events occur?

ANSWER: 1976


SO-2. This pitcher played for the great Yankee teams of the early

'60s, and led the American League in strikeouts in 1963. After (*)

playing for the Yankees, As, Brewers, and Dodgers, he finished his

career in 1977 with 123 wins, 1,639 strikeouts, and one memorable

home run; of course, the homer wasn't his. FTP, name this pitcher who

threw a sinking fastball that didn't sink on April 8,1974.

ANSWER: Al Downing


SO-3. "The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with Hail Satan", "I

will (*) not instigate revolution", "I will not hang donuts from my

person", "I am not the reincarnation of Sammy Davis Jr.", "I will not

whittle hall passes out of soap", and "Ralph will not morph if I

squeeze him hard enough". FTP, these are all phrases which Bart must

write on the chalkboard during the opening credits of what TV show?

ANSWER: The Simpsons (allow Bart Simpson or blackboard quote before

the last sentence)




1. It's time to play everyone's game that really needs to go away,

"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"! Your job is to connect The Duke, John

Wayne, to Kevin Bacon, and I'm going to help. For each description of

a movie that two actors starred in, you name the movie, FTPE.

a. First, George Takei appeared in a supporting role in this 1967

John Wayne war movie.

ANSWER: The Green Berets

b. Next, Christian Slater made a cameo as one of Takei's officers in

this Star Trek flick.

ANSWER: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

c. Finally, Slater defended Kevin Bacon in this derivative 1994

courtroom drama.

ANSWER: Murder In The First


2. Mama dissin' has been elevated to an art form in recent years. How

many do you know? Given the end of a dis, provide the lead in. For

example, if I say "her parents had to feed her with a slingshot,"

you'd say "Yo' mama so ugly."

a. She looks like she's got Don King in a headlock

ANSWER: Yo mama so hairy or Yo mama's armpits are so hairy

b. she bleeds gravy

ANSWER: Yo mama so fat

c. you can see her feet on her driver's license

ANSWER: Yo mama so short



3. Given a movie nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in

1997, give its director.

a. Shine

ANSWER: Scott Hicks

b. The People vs. Larry Flynt

ANSWER: Milos Forman

c. Secrets & Lies

ANSWER: Mike Leigh



4. For five points each and a five point bonus for all 4, give the

nicknames of the following professional football teams. Of course,

these will be teams from the World League of Professional Football.

a. Barcelona

ANSWER: Dragons

b. London

ANSWER: Monarchs

c. Rhein


d. Frankfurt

ANSWER: Galaxy



5. Do you hear the music? It's time to play 5 questions, for five

points each, act like you were actually plugging a movie, on the

Daily Show, and were asked the following:

a. What is the capital of Mauritania?

ANSWER: Nouakchott

b. What's the name of the other team's captain?

ANSWER: first name is all that is necessary

c. In what country do the "granny police" monitor women's sexual



d. For what university did Craig Kilborn play basketball, where he

led the Big Sky conference in turnovers?

ANSWER: Montana State

e. What is your favorite flavor of pop tart?

ANSWER: 5 freebie points for whatever they say. Do some witty

Kilbornesque (Judges? Well accept that.)



6. WWF, WCW, or NWO. F5PE and a 5 point bonus for all five, given the

name of a wrestler, give his current league affiliation.

a. The Giant


b. Stone Cold Steve Austin


c. The original Kevin Nash


d. Chris Jericho


e. Dennis Rodman




7. How many different genres of music do you listen to? Given album

titles from a wide array of styles, give the artists who recorded

them, for five points each.

a. The Doggfather

ANSWER: Snoop Doggy Dogg

b. Ropin The Wind

ANSWER: Garth Brooks

c. Pinkerton

ANSWER: Weezer

d. Valotte

ANSWER: Julian Lennon

e. Fashion Nugget


f. Paegan Terrorism

ANSWER: Acid Bath



8. FTPE, name the sports stars from descriptions of their appearances

in Sportscenter commercials.

a. In his many appearances, this giant has been seen hitting a

pinata, dancing to the new Sportscenter theme music, and sometimes

simply kicked back in a chair, reading the paper.

ANSWER: Gheorghe Muresan

b. Larry Beal was stuck carrying around this Olympic star, who just

wouldn't stop talking with that whinny, pipsqueak voice of hers.

ANSWER: Kerri Strug

c. In a major trade, this MLS soccar player was sent to Sportscenter

from Melrose Place in exchange for Charlie Steiner.

ANSWER: Andrew Shue



9. Our worst fears have been realized! Dick Van Patten is attempting

to take over Hollywood by infesting television with his relatives and

offspring! FTPE, identify these members of the Van Patten family.

a. This sister appeared as Maureen on "Unhappily Ever After" in 1995-


ANSWER: Joyce Van Patten

b. This son played Sergeant Andy Wojeski on "True Blue" and probably

did his most memorable work as Max Keller on the short-lived series

"The Master".

ANSWER: Timothy Van Patten

c. This son appeared as Andy Sheffield on "The 6 Million Dollar Man",

and appeared on the TV movies "The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission"

and "Gidget's Summer Reunion".

ANSWER: Vincent Van Patten



10. FTPE, identify the developers of these video games.

a. Mortal Combat

ANSWER: Williams Entertainment Inc.

b. Myst

ANSWER: Brderbund Software

c. NBA Live '97

ANSWER: Electronic Arts Sports



11. 30-20-10, identify the actor from a list of TV shows on which he

starred.30-"It Had To Be You"20-"American Dreamer", "Crossroads"10-

"Vegas", "Spenser: For Hire"

ANSWER: Robert Urich


12. Any no-talent can front a band, but it takes a special no-talent

to front two different bands. I'll name a singer, and you name the

two major label bands they fronted. You will get 5 points for one

band, 15 points for both.

a. Mark Knopfler

ANSWER: Dire Straits, Notting Hillbillies

b. Mike Muir

ANSWER: Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves



13. FTPE, name the sport in which the following officials serve.

a. Ed T Rush

ANSWER: basketball or NBA

b. Nick Patrick

ANSWER: professional wrestling or WCW

c. Jerry Markbreit

ANSWER: football or NFL


14. FTPE, identify these characters from the popular role-playing

game Final Fantasy III, FTPE.

a. She was born with the ability to use magic and later learns that

her magical abilities came from her father, an Esper.


b. He served the King of Doma, and his family was killed when Kefka

poisoned the water supply of the castle.


c. He is the mysterious ninja that comes and goes as he wishes, and

is the only party member other than Relm who can wear the Memento


ANSWER: Shadow



15. For ten points each, give the bands that recorded these "timely"


a. Persistence of Time

ANSWER: Anthrax

b. Time's Up

ANSWER: Living Color

c. The Disregard of Timekeeping

ANSWER: Bonham



16. With the success of "Fargo", people are finally beginning to

notice the Coen brothers' work. For ten points each, given a

description of a Coen brothers' movie, give its title.

a. A Texas bar owner hires a private detective to spy on his wife in

this 1984 movie, the Coens' first.

ANSWER: Blood Simple

b. In this 1991 effort starring Gabriel Byrne and John Turturro, two

crime families feud in an unnamed Prohibition-era town.

ANSWER: Miller's Crossing

c. A hold-up man and a police woman marry, only to find that they

can't conceive, so they kidnap one of the quintuplets of a furniture


ANSWER: Raising Arizona



17. Well, I was going through my old collection of 45s the other day,

and, at the risk of embarrassing myself, I decided to make a question

out of them. You will receive 10 points for each performer you can

name based on the B-side of a single, 5 points if you need the A-


a. "Murder By Numbers" and "Every Breath You Take"

ANSWER: The Police

b. "All Night Dancing" and "Funkytown"

ANSWER: Lipps, Inc.

C. "Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving" and "Oh, Sherrie"

ANSWER: Steve Perry



18. The pitcher-batter confrontation has provided many memorable

moments in baseball history. For the stated number of points,

identify the pitchers who gave up the following famous hits.

a. For 5 points, Bobby Thompson's pennant winning homer in 1951.

ANSWER: Ralph Branca

b. For 10 points, Pete Rose's 4,192nd hit

ANSWER: Eric Show

c. For 10 points, Francisco Cabrera's pennant winning single in the

1992 National League Championship Series.

ANSWER: Stan Belinda



19. I don't care what the critics said, "From Dusk Till Dawn" was a

good movie, and I'm going to ask a question about it. FTPE, identify

these famous actors who had cameos in the film.

a. This wife of a "Pulp Fiction" star appeared as reporter Kelly

Houge, who seemed a little too happy about the Gecko's murder spree.

ANSWER: Kelly Preston

b. This actress, who has made appearances in "Four Rooms" and "El

Mariachi", portrays Satanico Pandemonium, the snake-charming, table-

dancing vampire who attacks Richard Gecko.

ANSWER: Selma Hayek

c. This actor appears in several different roles throughout the

movie,including a border guard and Carlos, the Geckos' contact in


ANSWER: Cheech Marin



20. Are you a fan of the Cartoon Network? Let's find out. Name the

programs that appear at the following time for ten points each, or a

description of the show for five.

a. 10-Weekdays, 7-9 am

5-Hosted by a orange-haired stand-up prop comdeian

ANSWER: Carrot Top's AM Mayhem

b. 10-Fridays, 11 pm

5-Cartoon interviews live celebrities.

ANSWER: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

c. 10-Saturday, 11 pm

5-Middle portion features Secret Squirrel

ANSWER: Two Stupid Dogs



21. Stephen King has had four novels be the number one bestselling

fiction book for an entire year. Given a book, name the year for

five points each:

a. 1984

ANSWER: The Talisman

b. 1986


c. 1987

ANSWER: The Tommyknockers

d. 1992

ANSWER: Dolores Claiborne