1. A sequel of this movie was made entitled, Shock Treatment (*),

where two of the original movie's main characters are contestants on

the game show "Marriage Maze". James Pallot's book The Movie Guide

describes the film's plot as "sex, cannibalism, murder, seduction,

more sex, people being turned into statues, RKO Radio Pictures being

spoofed, and Brad and Janet (dammit!) escaping before everything is

blown up." FTP name this cult film starring Susan Saradon and Tim


ANSWER: The Rocky Horror Picture Show


2. He was a finalist for Dick Vitale's "Dunk of the Year" award in

1989 when he was a starting point guard (*) and teammate of Steve

Kerr. He joined the Varsity baseball team his junior year at

Arizona, and in 1988 was chosen in the 17th round by the Astros.

After he was shipped out of Houston in 1991, he became the first

outfielder to win multiple Golden Gloves for his new team, and when a

broken wrist sidelined Ken Griffey in 1995, made his first appearance

as an All-Star game starter. FTP name this centerfielder, who

recently was traded to Atlanta by the Cleveland Indians.

ANSWER: Kenny Lofton


3. Borrowing from Jeff Foxworthy, Entertainment Weekly described this

mans life the following way: "If you take cocaine, let the Mafia run

your business, and squander a fortune, you might be a redneck" (*).

These events can be found in this singer's autobiography "I Lived to

Tell It All". FTP name the country star who sang songs like "Window

Up Above" and "The Grand Tour" who was the singing partner and

husband of Tammy Wynette.

ANSWER: George Jones

4. "There was Jimmy and Tommy and me (*), and there was Anthony

Spodiel (Spoy-Dell), Frankie Carbone, and then there was Moe Black's

brother Fat Andy, and his guys: Frankie the Wop, Freddie No-Nose, and

then there was Pete the Killer, who was Sally Balsa's brother, and

you had Nicky Eyes and Mikey Franchase (Fran-chay-zee), and Jimmy Two

Times, who got that nickname because he said everything twice." This

monologue introduces the crew in what 1990 Mafia epic which Joe Pesci

won an Oscar for?

ANSWER: GoodFellas


5. He wrote a script about a hitman in India with former Eurythmics

bassist Dave Stewart, and has celebrities like Naomi Judd, George

Harrison, and Demi Moore on the board of directors at his healing

center (*) in La Jolla, California. An appearance by this former New

England Memorial Hospital Chief of Staff on Oprah led to next-day

sales of 137,000 for "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind". FTP name this

Indian born proponent of transcendental meditation and author of

"Seven Spiritual Laws of Success".

ANSWER: Deepak Chopra


6. He was fired in 1988 after a near mutiny by his players (*), lost

a power struggle with Bill Wirtz in 1992, was fined $100,000 and

given a 60 day suspension by the league in 1994 for soliciting job

offers while still under contract, and was fired by Jerry Ritter with

3.5 years left on his contract after losing another power struggle

this year - this time with his star player. FTP name this ever-

popular former coach of the Flyers, Rangers, Blackhawks, and most

recently St. Loius Blues.

ANSWER: Mike Keenan


7. Al Yeganeh hates the nickname, and the show responsible for it

(*). Writer Spike Feresten and actor Larry Thomas received Emmy

nominations for the November 2nd, 1995 episode featuring this

character, and Rece Davis stole his famous taunt to use on

SportsCenter. FTP, give the nickname of the New York cook famous for

the line "No Soup For You" whom Kramer crossed paths with on


ANSWER: The Soup Nazi


8. This hoops legend first developed his classic turnaround jumper at

Eula D. Britton High in Rayville, La., where he was recruited by more

than 100 colleges before choosing the University of Houston (*). His

most memorable moment as a collegian came on January 20, 1968 when he

outdueled Lew Alcindor and UCLA in front of a capacity crowd at the

Astrodome. In the first nationally televised college game in history,

his Cougars ended the Bruins 47-game win streak in what has been

called the "Game of the Century." FTP, name this player nicknamed

the "Big E." who, while in Washington, led the Bullets to three NBA

Finals and an NBA title over Seattle in 1978 and finished his career

as the NBA's third leading scorer of all time.

ANSWER: Elvin Hayes


9. Though this book's protagonist has a new job as a real estate

agent in New Jersey, things haven't gotten much better (*). In fact,

Frank Bascomb suffered enough trials in this sequel to win Richard

Ford a Pulitzer Prize. FTP, name this followup to "The

Sportswriter", featuring a disastrous July 4th weekend, but not the

alien invasion found in its namesake.

ANSWER: Independence Day

10. Among the short-lived TV shows he has starred in is Rango, where

he played a bumbling Texas Ranger and the show Ace Crawford, Private

Eye, where he was a detective with incredible good luck. Despite

these setbacks, he has been in a few successful shows such as playing

(*) Ensign Charles Parker in McHale's Navy. FTP, name this comedic

actor known for being in The Carol Burnett Show and his "Dorf" skits.

ANSWER: Tim Conway


11. In 1985 his family regained control of his estate after years of

legal battles (*). The end came two days after he jammed with Eric

Burden and War, and one year after he dumped bassist Noel Redding and

drummer Mitch Mitchell to go out on his own. A London autopsy report

showed high levels of barbiturates, amphetamines, and alcohol in his

system when he died on September 18th, 1970. FTP name this legend

responsible for 1969's "Are You Experienced"

ANSWER: Jimi Hendrix


12. It's categories include "Indiana Jones and the Temple of B'nai

B'rith" (*) and "Scooby Doo and Vitamins", and it was developed by

Berkely Systems and Jellyvision. This game comes complete with a

wisecracking host, fake studio audience, and satirical commercials.

FTP name this computer quiz game whose original 800 question version

has been joined by a 400 question supplement, as well as a sports

version currently being marketed heavily to Web users.

ANSWER: You Don't Know Jack


13. First fifty cast and crew members were rushed to the hospital on

August 9th when their lobster chowder was laced with PCP (*), then

the producers found out that a miniseries on the same topic starring

Peter Gallagher would hit screens first, then the budget passed $150

million and cast members Kate Winslet, Leonardo DeCaprio, and Bill

Paxton were forced to finish shooting in a 600 ft tank in Mexico; and

finally, free publicity was lost when an expedition south of

Newfoundland failed in its goal to raise the hull of the ship on

which the story was based. FTP name this troubled James Cameron

picture about a supposedly unsinkable ship.

ANSWER: The Titanic


14. He serenaded Rosie O'Donnell with "You Make Me Feel So Young"

after she credited him with part of her success (*), and in "The

Nutty Professor", a female character described him as being "the only

white man who ever made me moist". This former big band singer's

highest ratings came with a show co-hosted by John Lennon and Yoko

Ono, and his worst moment came when Westinghouse replaced him with

John Davidson in 1980, in an attempt to lure younger viewers to the

talk/variety show he had hosted since 1961. FTP name this

entertainer who shares his name with the man who presented the

Thalberg award at this year's Oscars.

ANSWER: Mike Douglas



15. A deadly virus breaks out. Right wing militia-men conspire to

blow up the government (*), Iraq takes over Iran and forms the United

Islamic Republic. An agent in the secret service turns out to be an

assassin, and terrorists try to kidnap the daughter of the President,

who only took over when a Japanese airliner crash killed the previous

one. FTP, this is the typically convoluted plot of what recent book

featuring Jack Ryan and written by Tom Clancy.

ANSWER: Executive Orders


16. This Detroit native got his start by writing songs for LaFace

artists TLC and Toni Braxton, and was still a relative unknown when

at the 1996 Grammys he sang a medley (*) of Stevie Wonder songs with

D'Angelo. He sang covers of "Beast of Burden" and "Let's Stay

Together" with Joan Osborne at the VH1 Honors, and at the 1997

Grammys took home the award for R&B Album of the Year. FTP name this

singer whose winning album "Words" featured the hit songs "Like A

Woman" and "Nobody Knows".

ANSWER: Tony Rich or the Tony Rich Project


17. When it was introduced in 1986, this soft drink was marketed as a

rebel against health conscious America (*). Coke and Pepsi were

still unbeatable, but among it's fans are workaholic computer

programmers which love its main ingredient. FTP, name this drink

that contains 72 mg of caffeine per can.

ANSWER: Jolt Cola


18. Stefan Djorjevic (De-jor-je-vic), Vincent Lauria, Brian Flanagan

(*), Charlie Babbitt, Joseph Donnelly, Pete Mitchell, Mitch McDeere,

and Daniel Kaffee are all names of characters who this Golden Globe

winner has portrayed. FTP, name this actor who in 1996, also played

Ethan Hunt and Jerry Maguire.

ANSWER: Tom Cruise


19. Rikki Luties, Jackie Silva, the "Kong", Brent Frohoff (*), Angela

Rock, the "Husband and Wife Play", Adam Johnson, Brad Whitmarsh,

Holly Dodd, Marvin the dancing linesman, Tim Hovland, and Randy

Stoklos can all be found in what sport, also featuring Atlanta gold

medalists Kent Steffes and Karch Kiraly (Kir - eye).

ANSWER: Pro Beach Volleyball


20. This man's TV show got it's first movie cameo in 1993's "Dave"

(*). This summer he was seen interviewing a disguised Tom Cruise in

Mission:Impossible, and doubting the courage of President Whitmore in

Independence Day. FTP name this syndicated political commentator,

and host of his self-titled "Group"

ANSWER: John McLaughlin


21. This magazine's name comes from the name of the author of the

books Wild Talents, New Lands, and Lo!. Among the features of this

publication are forum (*), phenomenomix, and strange days. FTP name

this magazine which bills itself as "the journal of strange

phenomena" and reports on such events as crop circles, frogs falling

from the sky, and UFO's.

ANSWER: The Fortean Times



SO-1. He was one of two players to have a penalty called on him in

the 1996 NHL All-Star Game (*). This was just one in a series of

unique occurrences for this player, who holds the distinction of

being the only Norris Trophy Winner to play with no less than five

NHL MVP's. FTP, name this high-scoring defenseman who was traded

from Detroit to Hartford to Philadelphia during the 1996-97 season.

ANSWER: Paul Coffey


SO-2. In 1989 he co-founded the gay rights lobbying organization "The

Stonewall Group" and in 1991 he was knighted for his social activism

and acting ability. He stared as Amos Starkadder in "Cold Comfort

Farm" (*) but got much more attention for a movie he directed and

starred in. FTP name this star who offended Shakespeare purists by

choosing to deliver a famous soliloquy while urinating in his 20th

Century retelling of Richard III.

ANSWER: Ian McKellen


SO-3. Loose Tails, Toons for Our Times, (*) Happy Trails, Penguin

Dreams and Stranger Things and Billy and the Boingers Bootleg are

some of the collections for this now retired comic strip. For ten

points, name this Berke Breathed strip that featured the denizens of

the Meadow.

ANSWER: Bloom County






1. In the following list of 4 possible song titles, only one of them

charted on Billboard's top 40, the rest we made up. For five points

each identify the real song.

a. "Love In The Back Seat", "Love On A Balcony", "Love On A Rooftop",

or "Love On My Kitchen Table"

ANSWER: Love on a Rooftop

b. "French Kissing", "Get Naked", "Penetration", or "Climax"

ANSWER: Penetration

Now for the next part, choose the title that IS NOT the name of a

song that hit Billboard's top 40.

c. "Your Boyfriend's Ugly", "Bertha Butt Boogie", "Dead Skunk", or

"You Talk Too Much"

ANSWER: Your Boyfriends Ugly

d. "Get The Funk Out Ma Face", "Short Dick Man", "Slut Like

Lindsey", or "Epistle To Dippy"

ANSWER: Slut Like Lindsey



2. If you are any type of television fan, then you may recall

possibly the most famous cross-over episode in television history,

the episode of "Cheers" where Cliff goes on "Jeopardy!" If you

recall, Cliff gets the six categories that he could only dream of.

FFPE, name those six categories.

ANSWER: Stamps of the World, Bar Trivia, Beer, Mothers and Sons,

Civil Servants, Celibacy



3. Some of the NBA's finest players had outstanding careers at small

schools before moving on to become NBA legends. Given a player

selected as one of the NBA's 50 greatest players, name the college

which he played at for ten points each.

a. Dave DeBusschere (De-Busher) University of Detroit

b. Elgin Baylor Seattle University

c. Bill Russell University of San Francisco



4. 30-20-10, name the musician

30-He recently caused controversy by signing off his latest album

with the phrase "Peace. I'm out like Nicole"

20-He sang a duet of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" with Tupac Shakur

on Saturday Night Special

10-Return of the Real has yet to match the controversy surrounding

hisCop Killer




5. There was a glut of movies released during 1996, so the

competition was fierce. Slogans and catch phrases are among the

more popular ways to draw in the crowds. Given a movie poster catch

phrase, name the 1996 movie.

a. Someone is going to pay

ANSWER: Ransom

b. A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere


c. There are thousands of movies released each year, this is one of


ANSWER: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie or MST3K: The Movie



6. 30-20-10 name the food item30-In 1964, Post came up with an idea

for this product called Country Squares, but took so long to get it

to grocery stores, that Kellogg's got a version out first.20-It

originally came in brown sugar, strawberry, blueberry, and apple-

currant flavors10-These pastries were shown in TV ads featuring

Milton the Toaster

ANSWER: Pop Tarts



7. It's not surprising that SportsCenter would become the anchor of

ESPN in large part because of the engaging personalities of it's

anchors. Given an anchor's signature home run call, name the anchor


a. "He is amused by the simplicity of this game!"

ANSWER: Kenny Mayne

b. "Can I get a witness from the congregation?"

ANSWER: Stuart Scott



8. 30-20-10 Name the movie

30-Ashley Judd and Denis Leary's scenes were cut from this film, but

restored in the director's cut

20-John Grisham publicly condemned this movie for causing his

friend's death in a copycat scenario

10-When Warner Brothers refused to distribute the NC-17 director's

cut, Oliver Stone did it himself

ANSWER: Natural Born Killers



9. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both andthere

you have the subject of this bonus. FTPE, identify the following

about the show The Facts Of Life

a. Which one of the four girls was the one who lost her virginity

first? She did so with her boyfriend who was affectionately known as


ANSWER: Natalie

b. What actress played the character Edna Garrett?

ANSWER: Charlotte Rae

c. You probably know that Kim Fields was the character "Tootie"

Ramsey, but what was Tootie's actual first name?

ANSWER: Dorothy



10. Given a quote, tell what's being described for 15 points. If you

need to know who is speaking, you'll get 10 points.

a. 15-"It was the worst possible thing I could have had a hit with.

The most unsuccessful tour I ever had was when it was #1. It might

have been because of the midgets picketing the show."

10-Speaker: Randy Newman

ANSWER: Short People

b. 15-"If you would have told me that the biggest opening weekend I

would be involved with would be this film with two comics in really

bad wigs, I would have laughed."

10-Speaker: Rob Lowe

ANSWER: Wayne's World



11. It's time for a fate worse than death. Yes, you guessed it,

break out the earplugs for Sing-a-long with Rob Long, part deux.

Give thetitle of each of the following songs Rob is singing for ten


a. Barely Breathing

b. To Be With You

c. No One is to Blame



12. Answer the following about Track athletes overshadowed by their

relatives for 10 points each

a. She was an Olympic team member in the long jump herself and is a

current Track and Field commentator, but is better known as the

sister of the US's most decorated sprinter and long jumper.

ANSWER: Carol Lewis

b. He was a star long jumper, but unfortunately his sister was a

superstar heptathlete and his wife a world record holding sprinter.

ANSWER: Al Joyner

c. She has been the premier middle distance runner in the US for

over a decade and competed in the 800 meters in Atlanta, but is still

not as well known as her father, the subject of the film "Lean On Me"

ANSWER: Joetta Clark



13. 30-20-10 Name the sit-com.

30-Actress Caroline McWilliams left the show in the early 1981-82

season by having her character marry TV producer Dan Slater, who was

played by Ted Danson.

20-Other characters in this sit-com were Katie Gatling, the daughter

of a widower and Denise Downey, who married another of the sit-com's


10-The final episode had Governor James Gatling running against

Robert Guillaume's character.

ANSWER: Benson



15. Sometimes a movie can start some surprising trends in America.

For ten points each, answer the following:

a. Undershirt sales took a downturn, after Clark Gable went bare-

chested in this movie.

ANSWER: It Happened One Night

b. Forrest Gump's love for this children's book caused sales of the

book to jump 25%.

ANSWER: Curious George

C. This 1978 movie, which was about a hospital where patients are

killed for their organs, resulted in a 60% drop in denoted organs to

U.S. hospitals.




16. Given an artist and a year, name the song they covered and the

artist who originally sang it for 5 points each.

a. Big Mountain (1994)

ANSWER: Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton

b. Club Nouveau (1987)

ANSWER: Lean On Me by Bill Withers

c. Juice Newton (1981)

ANSWER: Angel of the Morning, Merrilee Rush


17. Due to a joint agreement between Marvel Comics and Paramount, a

special 64 page comic book brings together two huge franchises.

a. For 5 points each, what comic book and what TV and movie cash cows

are brought together.

ANSWER: X-Men and Star Trek

These two will unite to fight a hybrid of an X-Men arch foe and

Kirk's former best friend from the Where No Man Has Gone Before"

episode. FTPE, name both of these enemies

ANSWER: Proteus and Gary Mitchell


18. Some stars play hardball when salary negotiation time rolls

around. Answer these questions about greed for 10 points each.

1. FFPE, name the two NY Undercover stars who ended their holdout

once the network began auditioning replacements.

ANSWER: Michael DeLorenzo and Malik Yoba

2. This man called in sick for 3 days from his sitcom until his

$150,000 per episode salary was raised to account for a huge

syndication deal.

ANSWER: Kelsey Grammer

3. This man threatened to walk off the set of "The Commish" unless

his $30,000 salary was raised.

ANSWER: Michael Chiklis



19. While they may matter less than the Big Dance, the Conference

Tournaments in college basketball provide some interesting bits of

March Madness. But were you paying attention during the early weeks

of March to where some major conference tournaments were played this

season. FTPE, given the conference, name either the city or the arena

where the men's conference tournament was played.

a. Big East

ANSWER: New York City, NY and Madison Square Garden

b. Big Twelve

ANSWER: Kansas City, MO and Kemper Arena

c. Conference USA

ANSWER: St. Louis, MO and Kiel Center


20. 30-20-10 Name the movie from quotes

30-"It's nothing that an AK-47 and a rooftop can't fix"

20-"Together you and I make the perfect political prisoner. I'm good

at being self-righteous and you starve yourself"

10-"You can love your cat, but don't LOVE your cat"

ANSWER: The Truth About Cats and Dogs



21. For this bonus, this question writer is combining two of his

favorite topics: food and sex. For ten points each, answer the


a. "Vagina" flavored ice cream may or may not sound appealing to you,

but the name for this ice cream flavor comes from the Latin for


ANSWER: Vanilla

b. The name of this fruit, comes from the Nahuatl for testicle.

ANSWER: Avocado