1. One of his favorite bands is Led Zeppelin, he’s reported sighting a UFO and his sister ‘saved’ Larry Flynt. FTP name the man who admitted ‘sinning in his heart’ to Playboy magazine.

ans: Jimmy Carter

2. The largest collection of occult books and pornography in the world are found in this great library. Located in Italy this library has-been the source for rare documents including the Gift of Constantine which was proven to a medieval forgery. FTP Name this library of the sacred and the profane.

ans: Vatican

3. Legend of the Overfiend, Adventure Kid, Macross, Akira, Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Forest, and Lum are works found in this genre of animation easily recognizable with the characters having large eyes, pointy chins and a penchant for young girls. FTP Name this type of animation originating from the land of the rising sun.

ans: Japanime, anime, or manga

4. Marilyn Monroe was asked by a reporter what she wore at night and her reply was this item. This perfume is one of the most popular items in its field and is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary using an Andy Warhol silk-screen of the bottle. FTP name this signature scent of the design house currently headed by Lagerfeld.

ans: Channel No. 5

5. Founded in 1744 by Samuel Baker, the highlight of its early years was the acquisition and auctioning of Napoleon's library in 1823. With a Frans Hals sale in 1913, it switched from books to dealing in art. FTP, name this art-house whose sales have included Van Gogh's "Irises" and Andy Warhol's estate.

ans: Sotheby's


6. His adventures result from the fact that the Princess, daughter of King

Morpheus, wants him as a playmate. However, due to several mishaps and the evil Dr. Pill along with the fact that he always wakes up in the last panel, he doesn't meet the Princess until the strip had run for two years in the New York Tribune. FTP, name this boy whose adventures in Slumberland were drawn by Winsor McKay.

ans: Little Nemo

7. The daughter of 60’s folk rocker Donovan, this actress was LLoyd Dobbler’s love interest in Say Anything playing "Einstein trapped in the body of a game show hostess" and she later starred in Gas, Food, Lodging as the ‘bad girl’. FTP name this beautiful actress.

ans: Ione Skye


8. As an organized movement it has been traced to its beginning in New York, 1848. This movement used seances, ectoplasm visions, telekinesis, FTP name this movement whose proponents include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

ans: Spiritualism

9. Quoted as saying that, "hair trauma ..It’s universal" this actress, has starred in films such as Halloween, Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and is presently the spokeswoman for L’eggs pantyhose FTP who is this daughter of Janet Leigh?

ans: Jamie Lee Curtis

10. the judge said at his trial, "There were seven Democrats in Hinsdale county, and you’ve ate five of them God damn you! I sentence you to be hanged by the neck for reducing the Democrat population of the state. I would sentence you to hell but the statutes forbid it.", this man though escaped hanging on a legal technicality but he retains his fame as a notorious cannibal, FTP name the man whose name is honored by cafeterias/dining hall commemorations in Colorado.

ans: Alfred E. Packer

11. Manipulating the mango, beating the bishop, choking the chicken, spanking the monkey and diddling are euphemisms for this natural activity that former Surgeon General Elders got in trouble for mentioning FTP what activity is also known as Onanism?

ans: masturbation

12. Nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, this actor feels a special connection to Las Vegas having played a parachuting Elvis and a raging alcoholic in the city of gaudy lights. FTP name this actor who played in Valley Girl.

ans: Nicholas Cage

13. This city was the site of an X-Files episode dealing with the dread goat head eating Chupacabra, a title for a miniseries spoof starring Carol Burnett as the scheming mariarch of a raisin empire FTP name this city, crotch of the Bible Belt in California and home of college sports scandals involving its university

ans: Fresno

14. Bill Bennet credited this company with ‘the wreckage of civilization’ but this record company’s track record can’t be beat with acts like No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, R-Kelly and the posthumously popular Tupac Shakur FTP name this record label associated with Death Row Records and dropped by Time-Warner during the rap is bad for you hysteria and is now run by MCA.

ans: Interscope

15. Old Yellow Eyes is Back was the name of the album by a man whose recent cameos in films such as, Phenomena and Independence Day playing scientists is a comfortable fit for a man who plays Dr. Noonan Singh and a well known phlegmatic android named Data. FTP who is the actor?

ans: Brent Spiner

16. This man has had his nickname since his childhood, when he often wore a black-and-yellow-striped sweater that made him look like a bumblebee. His acting career has never amounted to much; indeed, the movies in which he has appeared -- including "The Bride" and "Dune" (in which he plays Feyd-Rautha) -- have all been box-office bombs. His singing career has done better, however, although his last solo album -- whose ambiguous title could refer either to a Greek god or a drop in temperature -- did not sell particularly well. FTP, name this singer behind "Mercury Falling", the former headman for The Police.

ans: STING or Gordon SUMNER


17. Name the author. In an early novel, dubbed an "eco-thriller", the protagonist is a "granola James Bond" who patrols Boston Harbor, looking for toxic waste polluters. Another of his works concerns a pizza delivery man and itinerant programmer who becomes involved with the ultimate computer virus; the novel has become something of a cult classic. His most recent novel is set about fifty years in the future, and deals with such issues as cryptography and nanotechnology; it won the most recent Hugo Award for Best Novel. FTP, name this author of "Zodiac", "Snow Crash", and "The Diamond Age".



18. She costs $847.63, and has spent time at the Ayn Rand Day Care Center. She is presumably named after her mother, though they shorten their common first name differently. Her first word, "Daddy", was actually said by Liz Taylor. FTP, identify this character, the youngest daughter of a family on a prime-time animated series.

ans: MAGGIE Simpson


19. Originally called the "Stiff Kittens", this band took its name from a comfort zone for Nazi officers during WWII. After the death of its lead singer, it changed its name yet another time. FTP, name this band, famous for songs like "Atmosphere" "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Dead Souls", which was covered by Trent Reznor for the movie "The Crow".

ans: Joy Division

20. In the Transformers cartoon show from the 1980s, the valiant Autobots faced many stiff challenges, but few of them were as formidable as the Combaticons, a fearsome fivesome of war-vehicle Decepticons who became the giant robot Bruticus when they combined. The origin of the Combaticons was explained in an episode where this Decepticon was banished to a deserted island where a major war operation had taken place years earlier. To regain his lost status, he created the Combaticons out of some run-down military vehicles that he found around the island. FTP, name this belligerent Decepticon who met an ignominious end at the hands of Galvatron in the Transformers movie.



21. The wild and wooly existence of the American Basketball Association in the 1970s was perfectly illustrated by this star player who tended to behave a bit unusually. After looking at the itinerary for a short team flight that was scheduled to take off at 7 PM Central time and land at 6:30 PM Mountain time, he balked at getting on the plane, saying, "I ain't flying in no time machine." One of his teammates claimed that he once arrived to a game about fifteen minutes before tip-off, wolfing down some fast food as he entered the locker room, but still managed to score 57 points in the game. FTP, name this player nicknamed "Bad News," who starred for the 1973 Providence College Final Four squad but never parlayed his ABA achievements into a strong NBA career.

ans: Marvin BARNES

22. This cute blonde’s birthday is May 4th. She loves to cuddle but look out, because she gives out Tabasco filled chocolate bunnies for April’s Fool’s Day. FTP name this blind girlfriend of Peter Fox from the comic strip Foxtrot..

ans: Denise

23. Born Evangelos Papathanassiou, this Greek composer was once dubbed, "the electronic Tchaikovsky" FTP name this composer of film scores such as, Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner.

ans: Vangelis

24. His agent was found dead in a car trunk after rumors began that this person was willing to coach other teams. Snubbed recently by the basketball hall of fame though he has the best ratio of wins to losses record in college basketball, he now coaches the pathetic Fresno State Bulldogs. FTP what Shark was the coach of the Running Rebels of University of Nevada at Las Vegas?

ans: Jerry Tarkanian



1. Given a description provide the name of the occult or religious text for a quick 15 pts. each.

a) Mentioned in the works of H.P Lovecraft this book supposedly was supposedly written by the Mad Arab. It can now be found in your local book store chain as a paperback. Containing symbols, names of demons and supposedly other relevant information what is this book of the dead?

ans: Necronomicon

b) Also known as the Zohar this text is found in the Jewish religious tradition. Esoteric mystic lore upon an occult interpretation of the bible. The central themes include the nature of God, the manifestation of the divine, good and evil demons, and man’s place in the universe.

ans: Kabbalah

2. You can easily answer, like the other Jeopardy contestants, what the command was to the alien robot, Gort from the sci-fi classic,Day the Earth Stood Still. These three crucial words made the Day the Earth Stood Still possible. Ten points per word in this three word command.

ans: Klatu Barada Nicto


3. Texas fertilizer salesman Harold P. Warren was the producer of this film.

It concerns a family which stops at a remote house inhabited by a mysterious cloaked man, his several wives, and his large-kneed henchman. This truly terrible film was incorporated into a unique "Mystery Science Theater" episode -- unique because it's the only one in which the Mad Scientists sympathize with Joel and the 'bots about the quality of the movie. FTP, name this film, which features the "Haunting Torgo Theme Music".




4. It seems as though any good TV show (and some not-so-good ones) have

dogs on them. Given a show that is on the air or is no longer on the air,

name the dog found on it for five points each.

Empty Nest ans: DREYFUSS

Mad About You ans: MURRAY

The Brady Bunch ans: TIGER

Frasier ans: EDDIE


Inspector Gadget ans: BRAIN

5. It's time, once again, for Geographical Anagrams! Given a clue

to a word, anagram the word into the name of a European nation,

for the stated number of points.

a. (5) The last name of Jackie Gleason's character on "The Honeymooners".

ans: DENMARK (do not accept Kramden)

b. (10) The full name of the actress who was the female lead in "Joe

Versus the Volcano".

ans: GERMANY (do not accept Meg Ryan)

c. (15) People who live in Bucharest's country. Hint: if you change one

letter in the answer, you get the full name of a famous football player.

ans: SAN MARINO (accept neither Romanians nor Dan Marino :-))

6. Answer these questions about some more minor characters in Animaniacs for five points each.

(a) First, name the Warners' psychiatrist.


(b) Second, give the first names of the Hippos.


(c) Lastly, give the names of the GoodFeathers.


7. What is a trash tournament without a Simpsons bonus? Given the description of the Simpsons’ episode name the famous guest star.

a) Marge is commissioned to paint the portrait of Mr. Burns which became quite a sensation since it was of him nude. According to Marge this was to show Mr. Burns’ vulnerable side. Marge sent a painting to this person but not of him nude. Who is this pop icon who is known for his art as well.

ans: Ringo Starr

b) This man is Marge’s favorite singer. Burns falls in love with Marge and has Smithers kidnap this singer and chained to perform a private concert to woo the married Marge away from Homer. Who is the singer with the ‘X’ factor?

ans: Tom Jones

c) Apu loses his job at the Quickie Mart because he sells old meat to Homer. Apu’s replacement at the Quickie Mart was this actor who wanted to get into his role for a future film. Who was this actor who was a dropout from MIT?

ans: James Woods

8. That’s right folks, it’s a conspiracy! All these X-Files questions are going to drive you nuts so here’s another one to sweeten the pot. Given the description FTP each name the member of the Lone Gunman Editorial Board/Cabal and in the words of Dana Scully, "the most paranoid men" she’s ever met.

a) The photographic and surveillance expert of the group. He has been called the Frog Prince of the show, he has a huge crush on agent Scully and showed his tender side by bringing her flowers after she was recovered from her alien abduction.

ans: Frohicke

b) He tapes all conversations this communications expert of the group, would fit in any given nerd gathering with his sringy blond hair, glasses and obscure rock band T-shirts.

ans: Langley

c) This dapper gentleman with his suit and tie is someone that you could introduce to Mom if it wasn’t the fact that he knows too much about conspiracies, and hacking into government systems. Who is this expert in military and information systems ?

ans: Beyer

9. Ah, everybody knows Ed Wood; director, producer and actor who let nothing stand in his way including, talent. Given the description of the film name it for 15 pts. each.

a) Financed by a cattle rancher with only two conditions: First, it would star his son and second, that the film would make a powerful anti-nuke statement. Containing Bela Lugosi’s last speaking role it this film has Bela wrestling an inert, giant rubber octopus.

ans: Bride of the Monster

b) An obscure film by Ed this film was produced in 1969 with lots o’ nude women. The film’s byline was, "the reckless ‘sweet life’ of today’s free swinging generation...running from life’s responsibilities". The plot is basically that this group of scantily clad fetishistic females force the star to wear a Rin Tin Tin necklace and baby doll nightie. What is this film you trash loving fool?

ans: Love Feast or the Photographer


10. Let’s Knife! is the name of a dedicatory album of well known rockers saluting the influential Japanese band, Shonen Knife. This three woman group whose irrepressible lyrics about taking a bath, shopping and dates has provided created fuel for such groups as Sonic Youth FTP each name each member of Shonen Knife.

ans: Atsuko Yamano, Naoko Yamano and Michie Nakatani

11. Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is still the king. Name these famous sports Elvii given the description for 5-10-15.

(5) A low round NFL draft pick from Michigan, this quarterback was characterized as "an embarrassment to humankind" by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown after a lousy game against Dallas.

ans: Elvis Grbac

(10) Like Elvis Grbac he’s the son of Croatian immigrants, Name this figure skater who took the silver in Lillehammer Olympics in 1994.

ans: Elvis Stojko

(15) This former NFL defensive back got burned pretty often during his career; so often in fact, that ESPN’s Chris Berman nicknamed him ‘Toast’.

ans: Elvis Patterson

12. The Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card has been hailed among critics and science fiction fans as one of the best written series in modern sci-fi. The series deals with the story of Ender Wiggins and the grander questions of the individual, responsibility and dealing with aliens internal and external to one’s self. Given the description of a book in the series give the title of the book.

a) First in the series it shows the young life and development of young Ender Wiggins to be raised as the perfect military leader in earth’s war against the alien Buggers. The book won both Hugo and Nebula awards and is amazing in its portrayal of the ethical dilemmas of war.

ans: Ender’s Game

b) Ender finds himself guilt ridden of his destruction of the Bugger race who in actuality did not want to war with the Earth and basically were misunderstood. Ender and his sister, Valentine travel through space writing history books and carry out the function of funeral orations. Ender has the cocoon of the last Hive Queen and is trying to find it a home.

ans: Speaker for the Dead

c) Last in the series. This book was separated out from the third volume, Xenocide, in this book the plot dealing with the planet Lusitania, Jane the sentient intelligence of the ansible network, the alien race known as the Piggies and the death of Ender are explored.

ans: Children of the Mind

13. Give the literary character 30-20-10

30 - A character first written down by the Brothers Grimm in 1820 this character was resurrected in the 1990’s as a best seller

20 - The modern character was used as a metaphoric tale of finding one’s way through the trials of manhood. The character and book of the same title became widely popularized by a Bill Moyers series.

10 - The best seller using the older fairy tale as a model was written by renowned American poet Robert Bly as is considered the major work of the men’s movement where beating a drum in the forest night is a good thing.

ans: Iron John

14. 30-20-10. Name the musical group.

30: All six of them became honorary members of the U.S.S. Reasoner after hey

shot a video there. The group member singing lead in the video -- a former

husband of Phyllicia Rashad -- dressed up as an admiral for the occasion.

20: Each attained their place in the group after responding to an ad

from a record producer seeking macho men with mustaches. More than twenty years later, four of the original six members are still touring as a group.

10: A major motion picture is due soon about the history of the group,

among whose hits include "In the Navy", and, of course, "YMCA".


15. The "National" in the "National Hockey League" once stood for Canada;

now, most of the league is in the US. Indeed, the six cities now being considered for expansion franchises are all in this country. For five points apiece, name them.


16. Time to remember that great David Hasselhof show of the 1980's, Knight Rider.

(a) Michael Knight would have just been some schmo without his faithful talking car, KITT. But for ten points, what did KITT stand for?

ans: Knight Industries Two Thousand

(b) For another five, on what aerodynamic make and model was KITT based:

ans: Pontiac Trans Am

(c) FFP, Michael and KITT worked for what quasi-official benevolent organization?

ans: The Foundation for Law and Government, or FFLAG

(d) In two episodes, Michael and KITT faced their archrivals, the son of FFLAG founder Winston Knight and his almost-invincible armored trailer. FFP each, name them.

ans: Garth and Goliath

17. For five points each, give the FULL name of the "Simpsons" character from the description:

(5) You might know him from such films as "The Verdict was Mail Fraud" and "Planet of the Apes: The Musical," or from the scandals surrounding his unnatural affection for fish.


(5) He's the lawyer who forgot to wear pants while defending Marge against shoplifting charges.


(5) The Hindu from whose store Marge "stole" the bottle of Bourbon



(5) The TV personality whose hatred of Bart was so severe that he got a

tattoo on his chest which he said was German for "The Bart, The"


(5) Now, for ten points, name the woman who chose a life of celibacy

after all these men either proposed to her or married her.


18. I'll name a year and for ten points, you name the Oscar winner for Best

Actress. You'll get five points if you need the name of the movie.

10: 1962

5: The Miracle Worker


10: 1965

5: Darling


10: 1977

5: Annie Hall


19. What would a supervillain in a James Bond movie do without his trusty sidekicks? For ten points each, name the evil henchman from the given clues.

(a) Over the span of two movies, this henchman flies off a cliff in his car, gets thrown out of a moving train, falls into a water tank with a hungry shark, plummets from thousands of feet up into a circus big-top when his parachute fails, tumbles over a huge waterfall, and crashes to the Earth in a totaled space station. Of course, none of this kills him, making him the only Bond henchman who survives his battles with 007. Name this charismatic giant, who has no speaking lines in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and just one line in "Moonraker."

ans: JAWS

(b) This henchman seems to find everything funny, which explains his name. He works for Dr. Kananga, the main villain of "Live and Let Die." His artificial arm, with powerful pincers attached at the hand, makes him a formidable opponent for 007, but it turns out to be his undoing when Bond clamps the mechanical pincers to a railing and flips him out of a moving train.


(c) These homosexual partners in crime leave behind a trail of dead bodies in "Diamonds Are Forever," but naturally they fail in their multiple attempts to get rid of Bond. For five points each, name these two wisecracking SPECTRE hitmen. One of them ends up scorched by an alcohol fire, while the other falls victim to a vicious wedgie (which he seems to enjoy) before being blown up by the time bomb that he tried to use on 007.


20. During the 1960s and '70s, several teams around the NFL featured formidable defenses with memorable nicknames. Given some of the players from a particular defense unit, give the collective nickname of their defense for ten points each. If you need the team they played for, you'll get five points.

(10) Jim Marshall, Carl Eller, Alan Page

(5) They played for the Minnesota Vikings


(10) George Andrie, Lee Roy Jordan, Bob Lilly

(5) Dallas Cowboys


(10) Randy Gradishar, Tom Jackson, Lyle Alzado

(5) Denver Broncos


21. Time for a dram of liquor knowledge! Assuming that you’re not from BYU, you should know the main flavoring ingredient in these spirits, 5-10-15 for 30 pts. total.

(5) Calvados

ans: Apples

(10) Amaretto

ans: apricot pits

(15) Frangelico

ans: hazelnuts

22. Ah yes, it is now time to flashback to the days of funk and liberation, when style and violence were intertwined with ethnic liberation. Indeed, it is time to talk of Blaxploitation films. Given the description of pure genius provide the title of the film for a cool 15 pts. each.

a) Shelly Winters is the leather clad ‘Mommy’, a viscous crime lord that must be battled by this title character played by Tamara Dobson who is ably assisted with gunfire, to her karate moves by co-star Bernie Casey.

ans: Cleopatra Jones

b) "A film that doesn’t compromise" according to Siskel while Cosby and Dick Gregory call it "a work of pure genius". This film was written and directed by Melvin Van Peeples. One of the landmarks of Blaxploitation along with the legendary Shaft it is about a man who kills to two cops who are hassling him and becomes a fugitive.

ans: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song [sic]

23. It’s time for a gaming question. Will Bill Hickok met his last moment holding a poker hand which is now known as a Deadman’s Hand. For 5 pts. each and an extra 5 for naming all the cards that make of the Deadman’s Hand.

ans: Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, 8 of Spades, 8 of Clubs and the Jack

of Diamonds