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Subject: Trash Packet, Bringing Buzzers

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His ego disowned him, and crashed a party for female cops, but was crushed by his monstrous insecurities when it fell down and crushed it. He discovered a formula for antigravity, built an android, and discovered how to clone himself, though he botched it

s mathematics, causing it to instead create a hologram and bad chili con carne recipe. His dog conducted a campaign to ban opera from television, and was made leader of Elbonia. FTP, identify this hapless Scott Adams comic strip character.

ANSWER: Dilbert

As an imitation of the most frequently heard scene in When Harry Met Sally, this hygiene product is advertised in a commercial that features a woman crying out in ecstasy while using it. The commercial then shows a woman, apparently watching this commerc

ial, who states that she wants what the shower woman is using. FTP, name this brand of shampoo.

Answer: Herbal Essence

Its host often discusses its dislike of cats, mathematics, and school, and the time it saw a girl stick a nail through her tongue. Programmed by Kenrick Mock and Michelle Hoyle, aka Mach and Eingang, in addition to its witty commentary, it is a continuou

s quiz game ran on the Internet Relay Chat. FTP, identify this game, hosted by RobBot, formerly known as Jeopardy.

ANSWER: Risky Business [prompt on Jeopardy]

Once consumed by islander societies from New Guinea to Hawaii, it is a shrub in the family Piperceae. Its active ingredients, a series of kavalactones, are concentrated in its roots and rootstocks. Typically consumed in tea, it is divided into Waka and

Lewana grades. FTP, identify this hypnotic narcotic which often produces hallucinations for 2 to 3 hours.

ANSWER: Kava Kava

This genre's artists include Juanita Coulson, The Black Book Band, Meg Davis, Julia Ecklar, Steve McDonald, and Ookla the Mok. Its name came from a misspelling in a report on a gathering of afficionados after a science fiction convention. FTP, identify

this type of music , which had its origins in 1950s science fiction conventions, where fans would gather write and perform songs about works of science fiction and fantasy.


It was launched by the automotive magnate Fred Zollner in 1941, and went 15 and 9 in its first season. From 1943-6, it was led by perennial MVP Bobby McDermott to two National Basketball League championships. In 1949, the Fort Wayne-based team joined th

e NBA's central division. The team has retired the uniform numbers of Vinnie Johnson, Bob Lanier, Dave Bing, Chuck Daly, and Bill Laimbeer. FTP, identify this basketball franchise which moved to Detroit in 1957.

ANSWER: Pistons [prompt on Detroit or Ft. Wayne]

The president of the organizing committee is Michael Bader, and it begins next Saturday, and ends on April 20th. The American women's team consists of Lank and Patti, and the men's of Disher and Craig. This will be the third time it has been held in Ber

ne, in the Allmend ice stadium. FTP, identify this premier event of this game, played with 42 pound granite stones on a 138 by 14 foot sheet of ice.

ANSWER: World Curling Championships

He considered his recovery from a renal failure in November 22, 1963 a miracle of Saint Anthony. His only movie "Sincerely Yours", was a failure, though his 1950s television program was carried by more stations than "I Love Lucy" at its peak, and was pla

yed 10 times a week by one New York station. His first gigs were in Milwaukee nightspots during his teens, under the name Walter Buster Keys, but he soon played such venues as Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, where he wore a white suit to distinguis

h him from the other players. FTP, identify this flamboyant pianist, known as "Mr Showmanship", who has a museum in Las Vegas.

ANSWER: Wladzui (or Walter) Valentino Liberace

Latin or Italian?, A Different Box of Tools, You Just Ask Them?, Lucky Numbers, O Americano Outra Vez, Bringing Culture to the Physicists, Alfred Nobel's Other Mistake, Safecracker Meets Safecracker, and Los Alamos from Below are among the chapters in, FT

P, which first book of memoirs of a scientist with high intelligence, unlimited curiosity, eternal skepticism, and raging chutzpah-Richard Feynman?

ANSWER: "Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman!" [prompt on (Richard Phillips) Feynman]

He ran away from his parents and their farm, hoping to make a living as a thief, when Garkin took him on as an apprentice. All was well until an Imp assassin killed Garkin, who had stranded the Pervect Aahz in Klah without his powers, who then joined up

with him to combat the evil Isstvan, who sought to control all the magikal energy of all dimensions. FTP, identify this hero of Robert Asprin's "Myth" series.

ANSWER: Skeeve

In 1940, it was exposed by a former member, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, whose testimony led to the conviction and execution of many involved, including its head, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, who was then succeeded by Albert Anastasia. It referred to its victims a

s "bums" or "marks", and among its hitmen was "Bugsy" Siegel. FTP, give the informal name of this organization, which would kill for a fee.

ANSWER: Murder, Inc. [there is no official name]

Among its strange commercials are dolls driving off in a car and a squad of pigeons aiming for a clean car to the music of Danger Zone. It now features cameos by its owner in all of its commercials. FTP, identify this Japanese maker of the ...

ANSWER: Nissan

The cartoonist tried to introduce Uncle Max in this comic but then later removed him because he never gave names to the parents. Other characters include Miss Wormwood, Rosalyn, Susie Derkins . FTP, identify this BillWatterson comic strip, whose title ch

aracters share their names with famous philosophers.

ANSWER: Calvin and Hobbes

Sixty seconds, four different weapons, one target to aim for, and a tennis ball gun trying to hit the runner. FTP, name this event where a contestant must avoid being hit by an American Gladiator while either hitting the target or navigating the course?

ANSWER: Assault

It has caused an uproar in many religious communities for its depiction of demonic or satanic figures. Made by Wizards of the Coast, it has become a favorite of many in the "Dungeons and Dragons" set. FTP, name this card game, subtitled "The Gathering."

Answer: "Magic"

The "money" variety gave Scrooge McDuck a scare when they threatened to drain his coffers, until he harnessed them for his demolition company. The follicle type of this bug is 0.025 cm (about 0.01 in) long and it infests human hair follicles and sebaceou

s glands. They resemble ticks in that they have the head, thorax, and abdomen fused into one unsegmented body but they are much smaller. FTP, Name this insect.

Answer: Mite

Armed only with a sharp ax, on June 5,1966 at Wolfe's Cove, St. Lawrence Seaway, Canada, this person stole the largest object stolen by a single person He was and freed the SS Orient Trader by cutting its mooring lines. Name him.

Answer: N. William Kennedy

Born in 1859 in the US, he swam across the Hudson River strapped to a chair loaded with lead, and could even sleep floating in water with heavy weights strapped to his ankles. In fact, he could not even sink in water. FTP, name this person, nicknamed the

"human cork."

Answer: Angelo Faticoni

This all female group set a new record in the UK with four consecutive number 1 singles, including one whose music video appears as one long scene with no camera cut-always. FTP, name this group gaining in popularity in the US, that performed "Wannabe".

Answer: Spice Girls

This plant has the largest of all blooms and measures 3 feet across, three-quarters of an inch thick and weighs 15 pounds. They attach themselves to the cissus vines in the jungles of southeast Asia and has an extremely offensive scent. FTP, give either

its common or scientific name.

Answer: parasitic stinking corpse lily or Rafflesia arnoldii

It changed its television advertisements so in the end the announcer reads, "Game cards do not actually talk.", despite the fact that they seem to on the commercial. FTP, identify this children's game, in which players try to discover the identity of a f

ictitious person by questioning whether or not it has certain physical characteristics.

Answer: "Guess Who?"

It contained a car chase scene done in reverse, a crooked cop caught with a crooked judge, a rocket scientist, and a smartmouthed plant delivery boy played by John Murray. It was about a group of people who have to go to traffic school for various reason

s, including being pushed into traffic while in a mobile puppet stage. FTP, name this movie which airs frequently on "Comedy Central."

Answer: "Moving Violations"

When the third hole was plugged up, a Captain Crunch whistle from the 1970s would produce a sound at this frequency. When AT&T, in order to cut costs, put their long distance signaling and voice systems on the same circuit, this tone would make the inter

nal dial circuits accessible, allowing blue box-wielding hackers to wreak havoc. FTP, identify this frequency which inspired the name of a popular hacker periodical.

ANSWER: 2600 hertz

While on Earth in the 1880s, they picked up Jack the Ripper, who became one of their Inquisitors. Their mention prompted the Walkers, who hold them in contempt, to assist the Army of Light. When one showed himself in 2259 to save Captain Sheridan's life

, he appeared to each diplomat present as one of their holy beings. The youngest of the First Ones, they were one of the few to remain in our galaxy after the defeat of the Shadows in about 7740 BC. FTP, identify this race on Babylon 5 whose members inc

lude former ambassador Kosh Naranek.

ANSWER: Vorlons

When asked what he would do to the man who shot and paralyzed him, he responded that he would "Poke his eyes out. Rip his balls off. Pull his fingernails out. But I wouldn't kill him." He says pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia are "beyond the nor

m", though he admitted to experimenting with the second, but accepts most anything else. The only person to whom he would offer $20 million to pose nude, he said, is Hillary Clinton, although she isn't likely to appear in Hustler anytime soon. FTP, iden

tify this man, recently portrayed by Woody Harrelson.

ANSWER: Larry Flynt



Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? First FTP, which spoof of a Masonic organization did Homer Simpson join and lead by virtue of a prophesied birthmark?

ANSWER: the Stonecutters

For 5 points each, identify the four members of the Stonecutters' World Council, who were called in to decide on a response to Homer's attempt to turn them into a charitable organization.

ANSWERS: Mr T., Orville Redenbacher, Jack Nicholson, George Bush


For 5 points each, given a song and a person or group who performed a parody of it, name the parody.

1. "Monster Mash"; The Toyes ANSWER: Monster Hash

2. "The Major-General Song", Tom Lehrer ANSWER: The Elements

3. "Free as a Bird", "Weird Al" Yankovic ANSWER: Gee, I'm a Nerd

4. "99 Red Baboons", Tim Cavanagh ANSWER: 99 Dead Baboons

5. "My Sharona", John Cougar Mamoser ANSWER: 9 Coronas or 10 Coronas

6. "Under the Bridge" and "Give it Away", "Weird Al" Yankovic

ANSWER: Bedrock Anthem [it is a parody of both songs]


Identify the song, 30-20-10

[30] Dave Barry wrote that "as a cultural achievement, it is on a par with the 'Mona Lisa' or 'Hamlet'.

[20] Many, Dave Barry among them, were convinced that it contained, either recorded forwards or backwards, profanity.

[10] It was written by the late Richard Berry, and performed by the Kingsmen.

ANSWER: Louie, Louie


FTP each, identify each character from Capcom's original Street Fighter II.

1.This character hails from Spain.


2.This scarred wrestler in red tights can perform the dreaded spinning piledriver.

ANSWER: Zangief

3.Guile hates M. Bison for having tortured this friend of his to death.

ANSWER: Charlie


FTP each, identify each tag team given its members.

1.Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid

ANSWER: British Bulldogs

2.Afa and Sika

ANSWER: Wild Samoans

3.Koko B. Ware and Norvell Austin

ANSWER: Pretty Young Things


FTP each, name the TV program in which the following cartoon characters star.

1. Bandit The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

2. Ockey The Snorks

3. Cactus Jake Garfield & Friends


4 of the game pieces in monopoly are the car, ship, cannon, and wheelbarrow. For 5 points each, name the other six.

ANSWERS: shoe, hat, iron, thimble, horse, dog


Identify the following on a 15-5 basis.

[15] He is the supposed fianc�e of Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of the band No Doubt.

[5] He lead singer of the band Bush.

Answer: Gavin Rosdale

[15] This band's current tour is called "The Improbable Tour"

[5]Its lead singer is Trent Reznor.

ANSWER: Nine Inch Nails


Identify the novel for 15 points each, or 5 if you need the author.

1.[15]The title character meets the famous Sense/Net star named Angie Mitchell, who has the ability to jack into cyberspace without the use of a computer.

[5]William Gibson

Answer: Mona Lisa Overdrive

2.[15]This is the first novel in the Heechee Saga

[5]Frederik Pohl

ANSWER: Gateway


Identify each PPP/SLIP emulator or related piece of information for 15 points each.

1.This browser developed by Peter Brooks, which can directly use a shell account, won the 1995 Ziff-Davis Shareware award for best Communications Program.

ANSWER: Slipknot

2.This is the meaning of the acronym TIA, which was one of the first programs that could emulate PPP on a shell account.

ANSWER: The Internet Adapter


Answer the following, 5-10-15

1.Dr. Albert Hoffman discovered the psychedelic effects of this drug in 1938

ANSWER: LSD or d-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25

2.This drug, whose proper name is methylphenidate, is produced by the CIBA-Geigy Corporation, and causes cocaine-like stimulant effects when injected or snorted.

ANSWER: ritalin

3.In terms of weight, the greatest haul of narcotics occurred in this city on October 23, 1991 and comprised 7,128 lbs. of heroin and 85,846 of hashish ("Makes your eyes red just thinking about it"). Name this city.

Answer: Bilo, Pakistan


FTP each, name the target that each of the following killed or tried to kill.

1. Guy Fawkes James I

2. Gaius Calpurnius Nero

3. James Hepburn Lord Henry Steward (Stuart) Darnley


Identify the designer, 15 points each

1.This designer is known for his outrageous and flamboyant shows in which he has been known to hire midgets and transvestites as runway models.

ANSWER: Jean-Paul Gaultier

2.She is known as the "Queen of Seventh Avenue"

ANSWER: Donna Karan


Answer the following questions about that classic movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, FTP each.

Who is the soldier with the parachute that leads the final charge?

ANSWER: Wilbur Finletter

Name the man responsible for the giant tomatoes who was also the press secretary to the president.

ANSWER: Jim Richardson

What was the awful song played over speakers that caused the tomatoes to return to normal?

ANSWER: Puberty Love


Identify this character in the Star Wars series, 30-20-10.

[30] This Imperial officer took control of a Star Destroyer after the previous captain died during the battle of Endor.

[20] As a Vice-Admiral, he was in command of several Victory Class Star Destroyers under High Admiral Teradoc and helped reunite the Empire.

[10] He served under Grand Admiral Thrawn and later under Admiral Daala in Timothy Zahn�s trilogy and in Darksaber.

ANSWER: Captain or Vice-Admiral Pellaeon


In the TV show Ultraman, Gudis cells created monsters that attack Earth. For 5 points each, name the six main members of the elite force that battled these monsters called UMA.

ANSWERS: Arthur, Floyd, Jack, Charlie, Jean, Kim


Answer the following for 15 points each

1.This hacker, nicknamed "Dark Dante", jammed the phone lines to win a Porsche in a giveaway by the Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM.

ANSWER: Kevin Poulsen

2.He was imprisoned for eight years in June 1980 after being arrested in Carlsbad, California on November 6, 1978 for defrauding a Los Angeles bank of $10.2 million by manipulation of a computer system.

Answer: Stanley Mark Rifkin


FTP each, given a nickname, identify the long-dead pitcher.

1.The Dutch Master

ANSWER: John Samuel "Johnny" Vander Meer

2.Foxy Grandpa

ANSWER: Denton True "Cy" Young

3.Old Hoss

ANSWER: Charles Gardner Radbourn


Identify the following real and fictional food products FTP each.

1.If the psychokinetic energy usually present in New York were represented as one of these comestibles, according to Egon Spengler, then the energy present just before the containment unit was shut down by the EPA would be a 30 foot long version of the sa


ANSWER: Twinkie

2.This product pairing, consumed by Homer Simpson (a white male aged 18-49), bears the message on its can "Together at Last!"

ANSWER: Nuts and Gum

3.In the song "I Remember Larry", Larry bakes a batch of brownies with this inside of them.



Identify the director of each movie of the 1990s for 5 points each.

1.A Low Down Dirty Shame

ANSWER: Keenan Ivory Wayans

2.The Madness of King George

ANSWER: Nicholas Hytner

3.Ready to Wear

ANSWER: Robert Altman

4.Indian in the Cupboard

ANSWER: Frank Oz


ANSWER: Barry Levinson

6.Higher Learning

ANSWER: John Singleton


Identify each program FTP each.

1.It featured Jay Sherman, voiced by John Lovitz.

ANSWER: The Critic

2.This 1960s World War II TV series dealt with a "carefully selected group of American civilian prisoners, led by Lt. Craig Garrison of the U.S. Army, who wrought havoc with the enemy."

ANSWER: Garrison's Gorillas

3.Sketches on this program included "Star Trek-The Wrath of Farrakhan", "Great Moments in Black History", and the "Homeboy Shopping Network"

ANSWER: In Living Color


Identify the television program, 30-20-10

[30] Its first episode was titled "The New Housekeeper".

[20]Ellie Walker is a pharmacist introduced in the 6th episode who runs for City Council

[10]The new housekeeper is Aunt Bee.

ANSWER: The Andy Griffith Show


FTP each, identify each hotel/casino.

1.This hotel was bought by Benny Binion and merged with Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino.

ANSWER: Mint Hotel

2.This Brazilian-themed hotel, opened in 1990 and famous for its buffet, was the first all-suite hotel to have a casino.

ANSWER: Rio Suite Hotel and Casino

3.When this hotel opened in 1946, everyone from the janitors to Bugsy Siegel wore tuxedos.

ANSWER: Fabulous Flamingo


Identify each trophy awarded in the NHL from the criterion upon which the award is based, FTP each.

1.Leading Scorer

ANSWER: Ross Trophy

2.Most Gentlemanly Player

ANSWER: Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

3.Playoff MVP

ANSWER: Conn Smythe Trophy


Identify the man, 30-20-10

[30]He had little sensation in his feet, unable to feel chafing until a blister developed, and he died from an infection caused by one such blister.

[20] The International Shoe Company hired him to go on a goodwill tour, and provided his shoes for free-they had previously cost $100 in 1930s dollars.

[10]At 8 foot 11.1 inches, he was the tallest man in history

ANSWER: Robert Pershing Wadlow

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