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Here's our packet for the trash tournament. I apologize for its


Note: There may be some extraneous capital letters, so if something looks

wrong, it may well be. I tried to remove all of them, but i may have

missed some. The only ones that you might find are:

Capital U (the letter after T) = apostrophe

Capital R = right quotation mark

Capital S = left quotation mark

(obviously, R & S will usually come in pairs)

If you have any questions about anything in/on/or related to this packet,

please feel free to contact me.


[email protected]


Trash packet written by Kiran Shekar, Geoffrey Smith, Adam Villani, and

Brandon VandeBrake.

1. B-Movies

The evil witch Hydia can't stand them having fun another minute so she

creates a purple smooze to wipe out Dream Valley and it takes everything

they have for Megan, Molly, Danny, Baby Lickety-Split, and Spike to save

Paradise Estate.

Their final solution involves the getting the flutter ponies to shift

their wings into "utter flutter" to blow back the new smooze and the

witches back to the volcano of doom. Such is, FTP, the summary of a this

1986 animated movie starring the voices of Cloris Leachman, Madeleine

Kahn, Reah Pearlman, and Danny DeVito.

_My Little Pony_: The Movie

BONUS: Answer the following questions about the National Lampoon vacation


a.) Name of the family that was the focus of most of these movies

The _Griswalds_

b.) The actress who played the daughter in the National Lampoon Christmas


Juliette _Lewis_

c.) The actress who played the mother in these movies

Beverly _D'Angelo_

2. TeeVee (incl. Brady Physics)


You probably only know Matthew Perry as Chandler from the hit NBC sitcom

RFriendsS but many years before this he was the star of another show where

he played a college student named Chaz who was kept on the straight and

narrow by an older, dead version of himself who was sent to correct his

life in order to get into heaven. FTP name this FOX sitcom that was later

changed to "Boys will be Boys."

_Second Chance_


Answer these qeustions about former or current Saturday Night Live actors

(10 pts each):

a.) Played the Rich-meister the show and now stars in the NBC sitcom, "Men

Behaving Badly"

ANS:Rob _Schneider_

b.) Appeared in the movie RConeheadsS and brought us the "Hollywood


ANS:David _Spade_

c.) Appeared in the movie RHappy GilmoreS but, arenUt you glad you didn't

answer early, did NOT star in it. He was Mr. Subliminal.

ANS: Kevin _Nealon_


Now that you beat others at the buzzers, will you be "Saved by the Bell."

Answer these questions about everyone's favorite show "Saved by the Bell"

for the stated number of points:

a. The name of the high school the gang attended. (5 pts)

_Bayside_ High School

b. Screech's real name, first and last. (5pts)

_Samuel Powers_

c. Name the actress who was a member of the lovable gang at Bayside and

now plays Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills 90210? (5pts)

_Tiffani Amber-Thiessen_

d. The gang mysteriously did their senior year twice, but the second time

without Kelly and Jessie (maybe everyone flunked but them). Name the

tough, leather jacket wearing girl played by Leanna Creel who joined the

gang for their second senior year. (5pts)

_Tori_ Scott

e. During one summer, Lisa gets the gang jobs at this place run by the

tough minded Mr. Carosi and his daughter Stacey. This sparked a six

episode run that took place chronologically after the gangUs 11th grade

year. (5 pts)

_Malibu Sands_ Beach Club

f. The name of the college everybody on the show seemed to be able to get

accepted to except for the Jessie because of her 1200 on the SAT; Zach

got in for his 1502 SAT score and Slater for his athletic skills. This

school likes to think of themselves as the RHaaaaarvard of the West.S


_Stansbury_ (No that's not a typo)

3. Commercials and Advertising

The most recent television advertisements for this soft drink appear to be

advertising a fictional soft drink named Jooky which derives its appeal

from being a Rparty in a canS. FTP, name this popular soft drink.



FAQTP, name the product, for which early advertisements often contained

the cryptic phrase Renos lives.S

ANS: Sony _Playstation_

4. Sports

The crew for this boat was so strong that they were able to take Syndicate

chief Peter Blake aboard as a grinder. Its skipper/helmsman was Russel

Coutts, one of the world's top 2 or 3 match racing sailors. FTP, name

this boat from New Zealand which dominated the Challenger Trials going

24-12 before routing Dennis Conner for the 1995 America's Cup.

_Black Magic_ (accept _Black Magic 1_ )


For five points each name the Wimbledon mens championship winners for the

years 1985-1990 IN ORDER.

1985: Becker

1986: Becker

1987: Cash

1988: Edberg

1989: Becker

1990: Edberg

5. Pop Music

She played Betty Rizzo in the National Touring Company of Grease from

October 29, 1995 through March 3, 1996, but she is known much more for her

singing career. Her first album, titled "Out of the Blue" went triple

platinum, just like her second album "Electric Youth" which was released

in January 1989. With the song "Foolish Beat" she set a record: she became

the youngest artist in chart history to have written, produced, and

performed a Number 1 song. FTP, name this female singer/songwriter.

Debbie _Gibson_


For ten points each answer these questions about the only good music of

the 80's and 90's, heavy metal.

a.)Some of this band's more popular songs are, "Sweating Bullets,"

"Symphony of Destruction," and "A Tout Le Monde" which was banned from MTV

because they felt it glorified suicide. Name this band whose lead singer

was once a member of Metallica


b.)One of the most popular metal bands, they have produced such albums as

"South of Heaven," "Seasons in the Abyss," and "Reign in Blood"


c.)This heavy metal lead singerUs is known for his majestic voice capable

of huge octave jumps and for his affiliation with the Church of Satan.

He is the lead singer for two different groups, one of which has brought

the world such great albums as "Them," "The Spider's Lullaby," and most

recently "The Graveyard." FTP, name the lead singer of both Mercyful Fate

and the group named after himself.

_King Diamond_



6. Science Fiction & Fantasy

tossup (Scifi)

A character bearing his pseudonym of Kilgore Trout showed up in Vonnegut's

"Slaughterhouse Five," but writing under his real name, this prolific

author has written such stories as "The Indefatigable Frog," "The Man in

the High Castle," "Second Variety," and "We'll Remember it for You

Wholesale." -- Philip K. Dick



Once science fiction writers get famous, they seem to thrive on

inserting their own opinions into their books. You'll get ten points each

for identifying the author who originally penned the quote given, and only

5 if you need the name of the character who spoke it.

1) "If, during a family disagreement, you realize that you are

right--apologize AT ONCE"

Hint) Lazarus Long

A: Robert _HEINLEIN_ (in _Time Enough for Love_)

2) "The simpler the molecule, the better the drug."

Hint) Sangamon Taylor

A: Neal Stephenson (in _Zodiac)

3) "Don't Panic"

Hint) The editors of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

A: Douglas Adams



7. Fashion


He has designed costumes for the movies "The City of Lost Children" and

the upcoming "The Fifth Element," but his more famous work was designing

MadonnaUs bra. FTP, name this world famous French designer.

Jean-Paul _Gaultier_


Bonus (Fashion)

30-20-10: Identify the cosmetician

30: He died in June of 1996 and his clients had included Charlie Chaplin,

Fay Wray, and Joan Crawford

20: Credited with inventing waterproof mascara and coining the terms

"lipstick" and "makeup."

10: Opened a famous beauty museum in Hollywood

Answer: Max Factor (actually Francis "Max" Factor, Jr.)



8. Sex and Porn

A blurb for this movie asks you to Rwatch him go from a rank amateur in

front of the camera to a master cocksman wielding his tool as if the

damage had never been done.S The star of this movie, a resident of

Manasses, Virginia, was the subject of many a late night talk show joke

for much of 1993. FTP name this porno.

_John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut_

Bonus: Do you know your Playboy Playmates of the Year (well theyUre not

really yours unless your name is Hefner). (5pts each and 5pts for all


1996: Stacy _Sanches_

1995: Julie Lynn _Cialini_

1994: Jenny _McCarthy_

1993: _Anna Nicole Smith_ (Hint: She's a golddigger extraordinaire)

1982: Shannon _Tweed_ (hint: She's been in about a million erotic

thriller movies)

9. Food and Drink


Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Poncho Punch, Strawberry Short Kook, Little Orphan

Orange, Sir Isaac Lime, and Alexander the Grape are all flavors of, FTP,

this famous frozen kids treat

ANS: Other Pops


Answer these bonus questions about cheese:

a.) Category of cheese consisting of such cheeses as Port Salut, Saint

Paulin, the various forms of Trappist cheese made throughout the world,

Esrom and Havarti and several mountain cheeses, such as Beaumont and


ANS: _Monastery_ Cheeses

b.)All cheeses in this group are internally ripened after being inoculated

with a Penicillium spore. They are usualy classes as sfot cheeses but can

be crumbly in texture. Some, however, are exceptionally soft, even to the

point of spreadability. Roquefort, Stilton, and Gorgonzola are considered

the three best types of cheeses in this category in the world.

ANS: _Blue vein_ cheeses

c.) These cheeses are known as bloomy or flowery-rind cheeses because of

the light, downy white rind that grows on their surfaces, the result of

their being treated with the Peniollium candidate sore. The interior

paste of this sort of cheese is soft and straw yellow in color. Some

cheeses of this type are Carre de l'Est , Coulommiers, and Chaource

ANS: _Camembert_ (accept also or in addition, _Brie_ )



10. Drugs


Are you kind? FAQTP, give the name of the genus associated with skunk,

schwag, KGB. nuggs, buds, tea, shake, chronic, grass, weed, pot, etc...




Given the effects, name the drug (of course, you'd only know from the

pamphlets outside the nurse's office, right?) For the stated number of

points, give the name of the drug from a description:

5) A topical anaesthetic, this drug produces relief from fatigue,

increased mental alertness, and a reduction of hunger,and can produce

mental confusion and convulsions.


5) This constricts the user's pupils, slows respiration, heartbeat,

and gastrointestinal activity, and induces sleep. Within seconds

after consumption, a warm, glowing sensation spreads over the body.


5) This drug absorbs readily from any mucosal surface, even from the ear.

In theory, it doesn't actually cause hallucinations, but mood shifts, time

and space distortions, and impulsive behaviour are expected.

A: _LSD_ or _ACID_

5) This drug is widely acknowleged as a hallucinogen, mainly affecting

the visual (not auditory) senses. Side effects may include vomiting

and nausea.


10) This drug causes tactile hallucinations and mild visual

distortions as well as a profound euphoria (and spinal degradation).

A: _ECSTASY_ or _MDMA_ or _X_


11. Hoaxes and Fraud

Amazing Discoveries and Incredible Inventions might sound like actual,

somwhat credible shows, but they were actually just wrapper names for

infomercials. FTP, name this bad-sweatered huckster who has hawked such

products as Auri 2000 and Harry Laraine's Memory Power! while "hosting"

those shows.

A: Mike _LEVY_


Late-night informercials are ideal for whiling away a long early

morning; FTPE, match the product name to the description of the


1) Lorenzo Lamas hosts a fake half-hour drama about a kid who has to get

into shape in order to ride the big motocross bikes; his gruff boss

assigns none other than his foxy daughter to buff him up: by the end, he's

a regular pocket hercules.


2) A new exercise machine is unveiled that is completely non-impact and

exercises all parts of the body equally; they offer to send a free music

and information video, and show clips of women enthusiastically thrusting

their pelvises, intercut with scenes of giraffes, elephants, and leaping



3) An amazing new home cleaning device is unveiled. From Bissell, it is

an amazingly powerful vacuum-cum-carpet cleaner, which can save you dozens

of dollars over using a professional. During the course of the

commercial, the device cleans up spilled wine and motor oil, and even

sucks up a row of bolts.



12. Weird Science (incl. the strange but true, and that which was once


The skulls of Egyptians are harder than those of the Persians, because

the Egyptians go bareheaded and therefore their skulls are cured

better by the sun, according to this man. His influence was such that

this was still being restated as fact over 2000 years later. He also

claimed the the Nile inundated because, during the summer, the sun was

closer, and therefore pushed the water back up the Nile. FTP, name

this man, best known for his _History_.



12) Bonus:

Answer the three following related questions FTSNOP:

5) Charles Dickens believed in it, as indeed did most of the

intelligentsia of the ninteenth century. Claiming to be based on the

most scientific of observations, it purported to explain such

characteristics as destructiveness, secretiveness, acquisitiveness,

constructiveness, love of approbation, cautiousness, benevolence,

veneration, and so on.


10) Name the Viennese doctor who invented the discipline as a

technique for diagnosing felonious behavior and used inmates as most

of his initial sample.

A: Franz-Joseph _GALL_

15) Name the man who, working with George Combe, flung phrenology into

the sphere of pop culture by reorganizing Gall's classification of

skull locations to fall in line with Christian morality.

A: Johann Kaspar _SPURZHEIM_


13. True Crime and Unsolved Mysteries



14. Conspiracy


Dr. Raymond Bernard wrote a book on how the U.S. Navy is keeping this


discovery secret, which is the "true source" of flying saucers. It was


discovered by Admiral Byrd when he traveled to the North Pole.

A: The Hollow Earth, Openings into the hollow earth.


Identify the book from the description: Written by John A. Stormer in


with at least 6 million copies in print, its back cover describes itself


"a careful compilation of facts from thousands of Congressional


of Communism and dozens of authoritative books on the Communist-Socialist

conspiracy to enslave America."

Answer: "None Dare Call it Treason," 30 pts.



15. Cults, the Occult, & Heresies


Name the religion. Gods are called "orishas," priests are "santeros," and

divining shells called "dillogun" are used to consult the gods in this

religion begun by Cuban slaves that blends primitive magic and


A: Santeria



Identify the heresies of the early Christian church: (15 pts. each)

Claiming to give secret knowledge to its followers, this heresy taught


material things were evil and were created by the Old Testament God, while

the Spiritual realm was good because it was created by the God of the New


A: "Gnosticism"

There are two "roots" and three "moments," and God and the Devil oppose

each other equally.

A: Manicheans.



16. Believe It or Not (incl. giant balls of twine)

"Believe it or not, I'm walkin on air. Never thought I would feel so

free-ee-ee. Flyin' away on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be.

Believe it or not it's just meeeeee." Such goes the theme song of, FTP,

this 1980Us television show about a Los Angeles teacher turned superhero.

ANS:_The Greatest American Hero_

17. Gossip and Innuendo

Q: OJ Simpson the celebrity murder case of the century? No way: in the

era of silent movies another actor was brought down from the peak of his

popularity under accusations of not only manslaughter but rape. By the

time the trial was over, so was his career (even though he was acquitted).

FTP, name this 320-pound actor, who acheived fame as a member of the

Keystone Kops.

A: Roscoe "Fatty" _ARBUCKLE_


Bonus (gossip)

10 pts. each, identify the member of the British royal family from the

following recent events:

This person was officially dropped from the Church of England's Prayer

for the Royal Family.

ANS:(Diana, Princess of Wales)

A keen horsewoman as well as a very fashionable and tasteful dresser,

she nonetheless had been involved in several riding

accidents in the past two years before Sprite, her favorite 19-year-old


gelding, died after suffering a heart attack while she was riding out with

the Beaufort Hunt.

ANS:(Michael, Princess of Kent)

He incurred the wrath of the League Against Cruel Sports after shooting

his first stag on the Queen's Balmoral Estate in Scotland.

ANS:(Prince William)



18. Games and Toys

Have you "pounded the ground" recently? Perhaps paid a visit to the

Bob-omb Battlefield? If not, you're probably not alone, since access to

this game has been severely limited by the low initial shipment sent to

the United States. FTP, name the flagship game of the new system from a

company originally known for its playing cards.



Good job on that question, you're my hero. Well, not really, but let's

see what you know about "Real American Heros" well at least the toys

anyway. For 5 pts each answer these questions about G.I. Joe action

figures (5pts for getting all of them).

a.) Cobra once thought it had the ultimate fighting force with their

B.A.T.s. What does B.A.T.s stand for?

ANS:_Battle Android Troopers_

b.) These twins were leaders of the Crimson guard...hint, oneUs name is

the otherUs name backwards.

ANS:_Tomax_ and _Xamot_

c.) The pink haired sister of Zartan and Zandar


d.) What were the main weapons the three original Drednoks came with?

ANS:_Flamethrower (accept torch), jackhammer, and chainsaw_

e.) Remember the JoeUs hovercraft? That was like the ultimate toy to have

back when I was a kid. But do you remember which action figure came with

the hovercraft?




19. The Net


This web browser, one of the first and one particularly suited to the


impaired, has fans with a "manifesto" advocating the "dehancing" of web

pages and the use of text blocks in place of graphics.

ANS: (Lynx)


This episodic web site follows the adventures of housemates who live in a

40-something year old beach house with a long history of Hollywood Stars

and parties. It was widely touted by the generally clueless media as the

first Rbest website of the year.S

ANS: _The Spot_



20. VEGAS!


Architecturally unique, this 30-story hotel and casino has, instead of

vertical elevators, "inclinators" that rise to the upper levels of the

building at an angle 39 degrees from the horizontal.

ANS: (Luxor, Luxor Pyramid)


Bonus: 10 pts. each, What would be the best move to make in the following

Blackjack situations? Assume that normal Las Vegas casino rules apply,

with multiple decks and the dealer hitting on all 17s or above. Choose

from Hit, Stand, Double Down, or Split.

Dealer shows 10, you have a 3 and an 8. Double Down.

Dealer shows 3, you have a pair of 8s. Split.

Dealer shows 10, you have a pair of 10s. Stand.



21. Mass Hysteria, Fads and Follies


Two of these arose spontaneously, one near Vend^ome, France, and one

in Cologne. Although neither was successful, they did reignite

interest in their goal, and a fifth campaign by grown-ups was soon

attempted. FTP, name these quixotic efforts, both of which ended with

most of the participants being sold into slavery.



Do you remember the New Kids on the Block? You'll get five points for

each of the first names of the band members that you remember, and

five extra for getting them in the same order as their promotional

material tended to list them.



22. Comics and Cartoons

He is an amateur inventor, a member of the Scientist Anti-Defamation

League, has three dinorsaurs, Bob, Dawn, and Rex living in his closet,

loves his laptop computer more than his girlfriend, has a toaster with a

disk drive and printer, and often interacts with the tiny nation of

Elbonia. FTP name this hapless comic strip engineer.



Comic book characters' fame often lives on far longer than that of

their creators. No doubt you remember that Stan Lee created just

about everybody in the Marvel Universe, but do you remember who

created, FTSNOP, the following characters?

5) Batman

A: Bob _KANE_

10) Superman (the drawings were first done by Joseph Schuster; we want the


A: Jerry _SIEGEL_

15) The New Gods, Mister Miracle

A: Jack _KIRBY_

23. Spectacles and Mayhem (incl. Wrestling, Roller Derby, and American



Pro Wrestling deserves more attention than we typically give it.

Let's see how many of these questions you can answer, FTSNOP

5) Which wrestler recently stunned the WWF with news of his death,

only to rise from the grave and wrestle again?


5) Which wrestler popularized the DDT?

A: _JAKE "THE SNAKE"_ Roberts

10) FFPE, name the members of the Natural Disasters tag team.


10) Name the grand old man of wrestle-casting, who's still reporting

from the front lines of wrestlemania.



24. Bizarre Biology (incl. flesh-eating microbes and man-eating plants)

Q: America's once again behind in the worldwide race for inclusivity, as

one of the major Canadian provinces is now led by a man who had a bout

with necrotizing myositis (commonly referred to as flesh-eating bacteria)?

FTP, name this leader of the Bloc Quebecois who was stricken in 1994, and

now has a prosthetic leg.

A: Lucien _BOUCHARD_


Bonus (bio)

15 pts. each, Given the following description of chromosomal


name the syndrome.

Very retarded or absent secondary sexual characteristics, narrowing of the

aorta, short stature, webbing along the neck, and only a single X

chromosome. (Turner's syndrome)

Mental retardation, breast enlargement, small testes, absence of sperm

production, a tall, thin, female-looking body shape, and the presence

of extra X chromosomes. (Klinefelter's Syndrome)



25. Miscellaneous

Tossup: Cinder, Orchid, Spinal, Thunder, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Combo, Jago,

Glacius, and Fulgore are all characters you can play as in, FTP, what

Nintendo fighting game series.

ANS:_Killer Instinct_


Everybody has heard of the Soup Nazi and the other famous Seinfeld-isms.

But letUs see if youUre a real fan of the show. Answer the following

questions about recurring Seinfeld gags (for ten points each):

a.) Jerry went out with a woman once and forgot her name while they were

still going out. He learned that it rhymes with a part of the female

anatomy so naturally he thought her name was Mulva...he was wrong. What

is the name of this woman (her first name...the part that rhymes with the

body part) who later reappeared and was interested in Jerry again when she

learned that he had been engaged.


b.) George, in his ever-deceitful ways, is always having to make up

names. What is the name of choice he uses when lying, (Hint: him and

Jerry pretended they were waiting to see a architect with this name on the

series premiere when they were actually staking out the workplace of a

woman Jerry was interested in) (Hint #2: George said he was looking for

a man by this same name when he successfully hit on a receptionist who

sympathized with George for the loss of his fiancee and took him to a

party in a meat-packing plant with lots of supermodels) (Hint #3: When

George wanted to be unfaithful to Susan and go out with Melissa Tomai, he

pretended he was counseling Elaine about her trouble with her

importer/exporter boyfriend with this same name). The last name of this

imaginary personUs name lends itself to the Seinfeld mailing list.

ANS:_Art Vandelay_

c.) Who is the lawyer who has appeared in several episodes to represent

Kramer, including a suit against the restaurant that served Kramer coffee

that burned him and a suit against the tobacco companies.

ANS:Jackie _Chiles_


TU: True crime or Unsolved Mysteries

Q: He's been featured as a charcter on such shows as the

short-lived "Voyagers", where it turned out he was the sinister renegade

voyager Drake; on Babylon 5, where he went by the name of Sebastian, and

on the classic Star Trek episode "Wolf In the Fold" where he was a

disembodied spirit framing Scotty for his serial murders. FTP, give the

name attributed to the killer of a number of prostitues in London in 1888.

A: Jack the Ripper


TU: Potent Potables

Q:It is known by other names, but the most common was poularized

in the movie "Man Bites Dog." Implicit in the drink itself is a bar game.

A short string is tied to a sugar cube on one end and an olive on the


The players drop the string into their gin and tonics at thesame time.

The sugar eventually dissolves, and whoever's olive floats to the top


loses and buys the next round of drinks. Name the game/drink?

A: Dead Baby Boys


BONUS: Spectacles and Mass Suicides

You've been in a coma if you haven't heard about the 39 suicides

by the Heaven's Gate cult in Rancho Santa Fe last week, but how much do


know about this cult.

Q: There were two leaders of the cult in 1975 when they began

"rounding up their crew" FTP, which of these leaders was found among the


(10) A: Marshall H "Bo" _Applewhite_

Q:Name the co-founder of the cult, who died in 1985

(10) A: Bonnie Lu Trusdale "Peep" _Nettles_

Q: Finally, for an additional TP, give the original name for the

Heaven's Gate Cult.(10)

A: Human Individual Metamorphosis (HIM)

----- End Included Message -----