Subject: Caltech Crunchy Frog (Trash B) Toss-ups

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Subject: Caltech Crunchy Frog (Trash B) Toss-ups

UCLA Trash Tournament April 1997

Caltech Crunchy Frog a.k.a. Richard's Pack

Sports question by Albert Chiu; all other questions by Richard Mason



1. Contrary to popular belief, the title of this song is not "Sail

Away, Sail Away, Sail Away..." For a quick ten points, give the real

title of the song that made Enya a star, which contains the name of

the river near the mouth of which Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked.


2. He was just seven when his dad was jailed for killing a federal

judge, but now he's investigated the case himself. He told Barbara

Walters, "I know my father was a CIA operative." He claims that his

father was framed by the Agency and didn't receive a fair trial. For

ten points, identify the Academy-Award-nominated actor and yoga expert

who plans to take his father's case back to court.


3. This character started out as a redshirt with no name. After a few

episodes the writers gave him a name and he started to develop a

personality. He evolved into a significant role, got married, and

made the leap to another Star Trek series, where he is one of the

leading characters. For ten points, identify this engineer and former

transporter chief.

ANSWER: Chief Miles _O'BRIEN_

4. She briefly studied chemical engineering at Northwestern but gave

it up. Early in her career she was called "Baby Gia" because of her

striking resemblance to now-dead model Gia Carangi. She appeared on

the cover of Vanity Fair shaving k.d. lang; this did nothing to stifle

rumors of her bisexuality. For ten points, name this woman who is

probably the world's most widely recognized supermodel.


5. In 1969, he became the Houston Astros' first twenty game winner. In

1979, he became the club's principal color analyst on radio and

television, in addition to making several network television

appearances. For ten points, name the man who this year will be in the

dugout as the Astros' twelfth manager.



6. All of Britain was stunned when this group revealed that they were

supporters of the Conservative Party, saying that John Major was a

"boring pillock" but better than the alternatives. I don't know what

the hell a "zigah-zigah" is, but apparently they really really want

one, according to their hit single "Wannabe". For ten points,

identify this remarkably brainless girl group from Nottingham.


7. This once-precious substance has to be vomited up to be useful; if

it passes through the intestines it is contaminated with excrement.

Thus chapter 91 of _Moby Dick_ is probably incorrect when it shows

Stubb successfully recovering six handfuls from the guts of a dead

whale. For ten points, identify this sort of aged whale sputum,

formed around indigestible squid parts, that has historically been

used in perfumes.


8. "No Jumbo Sized Cocktail Rats were harmed during the production of

this motion picture." "No Ambrosia was spilled, spoiled, or in any

way harmed during the production of this motion picture. (Thanks to

the indefinite shelf life of marshmallows.)" "No Bible myths or icons

were irreparably mangled during the production of this motion

picture." These are a sampling of the disclaimers appearing at the

end of most episodes of, for ten points, what television show

featuring a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle?

ANSWER: _XENA_: Warrior Princess

9. This class of diseases, caused by overproduction of reddish

constituents of heme, may have contributed to the legends of vampires

and werewolves. Sufferers become sensitive to light and may blister

on exposure to sunlight; they experience abdominal pain and become

mentally disturbed. They are often anemic and conceivably could try

to treat themselves by drinking blood. For ten points, identify

this disease, also thought to have caused the madness of King George III.


10. In order to tune one of these to detect cocaine, take a Polaroid

photograph of some cocaine and repeatedly enlarge it with an office

copier, until the molecular structure can be seen. Insert a small

piece of the picture into the device and you're ready to find drugs by

their molecular frequency. A year ago school districts and police

departments across America were buying this device for $995 apiece

until the FBI Economic Crimes Unit stepped in. For ten points,

identify this "high-tech" dowsing rod.


11. To give you a reference point, in 1635, one florin would buy you

about eight pounds of cheese. On the other hand, an Admiral Van der

Eyck cost 1260 florins; a Viceroy cost 3000 florins; an Admiral

Liefken cost 4400 florins; and a single Semper Augustus cost 5500

florins. For ten points, these were all roots of what type of plant,

whose prices were driven insanely high by a speculative mania in

seventeenth-century Holland?


12. Face cards and tens are counted as zero; all others take their

number value. The value of a hand is the sum of the cards modulo ten,

so an 8 and a 5 add to 3. Players aim for a count of 9, or as close

as they can get, with two or three cards. For ten points, what is

this game, the Chemin de Fer variation of which was introduced at Las

Vegas in the 1950s?


13. "Misc.writing" and hundreds of other Usenet newsgroups were

spammed by ads from this agency offering to represent new writers.

When people including Jayne Hitchcock and Jack Mingo pointed out that

the company was a scam, the mysterious people behind this operation

began a campaign of harrassment, forging email in Hitchcock's name and

putting her phone number on groups, and telling the FBI that

Mingo was making death threats. For ten points, identify this

shady business.

ANSWER: The _WOODSIDE_ Literary Agency

14. At the Golden Raspberry Awards two weeks ago, this film collected

the awards for Worst Song, Worst Screenplay, Worst Director, Worst

Actress, Worst On-Screen Couple, and Worst Picture. For ten points,

identify this tale of a congressman in the pocket of Miami sugar

interests, and the single mother with whom he develops an obsession.


15. New York Post reporter A.J. Benza claimed in print to have seen

this man drinking a beer in the Mondrian Hotel Sky Bar in L.A. That

would constitute a violation of this man's parole, since he is on

probation for cocaine possession. For ten points, who claims that he

wasn't even in Los Angeles on that day, but in Savannah, Georgia,

working on a film with Roger Altman?


16. He played goalie for a hockey team, jumped out of a troop

transport plane, and helped the U.S. Dream Team play basketball. Good

thing those Rold Gold pretzels are low in fat. For ten points,

identify this "Seinfeld" star.


17. He studied armor warfare in England, but he never liked the

country. When England closed his country's embassy in London, he was

so incensed that he ordered England deleted from all maps in his

country. It was replaced by sea, so that Scotland and Wales became

separate islands. Believe it... or not. For ten points, identify

this man of many transliterations.


18. One timber and one brick build a road. One timber, one brick, one

wheat and one wool build one settlement. Two wheat and three ore

upgrade a settlement to a city. The robber prowls the land. For ten

points, identify this award-winning boardgame originating in Germany,

which unfortunately is hard to get in the US right now since Mayfair

Games went belly-up.


19. Terry Gilliam has periodically been interested in doing a film

adaptation of this, which he calls the "War and Peace" of comic books,

although the movie would have to be three and a half hours long.

Gilliam has even been seen wearing a bloodied smiley badge. If you

read one superhero comic book in your life it should probably be, for

ten points, what Alan Moore masterpiece, featuring the characters

Rorschach, Ozymandias, Nite Owl, and Dr. Manhattan?


20. In the first season of "Mad About You", they were played by Paul

Dooley and Nancy Dussault. In the third season, they were played by

John Karlen and Penny Fuller. In the hundredth episode and

subsequently, they have been played by Carroll O'Connor and Carol

Burnett. For ten points, identify these characters, mysteriously

absent from the second and fourth seasons.



21. Mattel, which manufactures the "See 'n' Say" line of talking toys,

is pursuing a lawsuit against her for using that copyrighted phrase

to sell her sex-related products and services on the Internet. For

ten points, identify this woman with a doctorate in education whose

web site hawks her "Encyclopedia of Sex" and "Sex for Dummies".


22. The high-speed driving sequence at the beginning of the movie is

through Edinburgh's New Town, where the apartment is supposedly

located, but in fact the spacious apartment was really a warehouse in

Glasgow. The three occupants of the apartment delight in humiliating

applicants for the vacant fourth room. When they finally accept

a roommate, he dies of a drug overdose, in, for ten points, what

1995 movie directed by Danny Boyle?


23. This syndicated show, hosted by Shannon Lee, is one of the

clearest examples of the stupidity of the current TV ratings system.

It consists of practically nothing but violence and mayhem, but is

rated "G" since the targeted viewers are young children. For ten

points, identify this show where martial artists endlessly fight one

another to gain "ki" [kee] symbols and ultimately the coveted Dragon

Star Championship.


24. They were said to be emitted by every substance except dead wood.

They could be refracted by prisms and lenses made out of aluminum.

After they were discovered in 1903 by the distinguished French

physicist Rene Blondlot, many scientists reported seeing them, until

Robert Wood showed that, for ten points, what kind of radiation was

only wishful thinking on the part of experimenters?


25. His Gospel, discovered among Coptic Gnostic papyri found in 1945,

is not considered canonical. It relates acts of Jesus such as turning

a stone into a bird for a child to play with, and magically improving

a wooden chair made by Joseph. For ten points, identify this apostle,

who was the first to acknowledge Jesus' divinity, but only after he

had been provided with first-hand proof.

ANSWER: _THOMAS_ (accept Gospel According to Thomas on an interrupt)

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Subject: Caltech Crunchy Frog (Trash B) Bonuses

Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 11:15:20 -0700

From: [email protected] (Asmin Pathare)

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From: [email protected] (Richard Mason)

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Subject: Caltech Crunchy Frog (Trash B) Bonuses

UCLA Trash Tournament April 1997

Caltech Crunchy Frog a.k.a. Richard's Pack

Sports question by Albert Chiu; all other questions by Richard Mason



1. In the Simpsons episode "Homer the Great", the Stonecutters' song

lists eight nefarious things that the secret society of Stonecutters

does. For five points apiece, give any six of the eight.

ANSWER: The Stonecutters -- control the _BRITISH CROWN_

keep the _METRIC SYSTEM_ down

leave _ATLANTIS_ off the maps

keep the _MARTIANS_ under wraps

hold back the _ELECTRIC CAR_

make Steve _GUTENBERG_ a _STAR_

rob _CAVE-FISH_ of their _SIGHT_

_RIG_ every _OSCAR_ night

[Accept equivalents.]

2. If you watch the cartoon show "Gargoyles" and close your eyes, you

might think someone had changed the channel to "Star Trek". I'll name a

character on "Gargoyles"; you get five points for identifying the

actor who does the voice, and another five points for identifying their

"Star Trek" character.

a) David Xanatos (zah-nah-TOHS)

ANSWER: Jonathan _FRAKES_ --- Commander William _RIKER_

b) Demona

ANSWER: Marina _SIRTIS_ --- Counselor Deanna _TROI_

c) Puck


3. Identify the fictional drug from the slogan for ten points each.

a) "A gram is better than a damn."


b) "It's a party in a can."


c) "It makes you feel like it's seventy-two degrees in your head all

the time."


4. Answer the following about the movie "Blade Runner" for ten points each.

a) What generation of replicant were Roy Batty and his friends?


b) What is the full name of the machine that measures emotional

response to questions (and determines whether or not you are a


ANSWER: _VOIGHT-KAMPFF_ machine (or test)

c) The chess game between Tyrell and Sebastian echoes a famous 1851

game between Anderssen and Kieseritzky, considered one of the most

brilliant of all time. By what nickname is this game known?


5. Do you like sushi? I'll give you the Japanese word for a type

of sushi, you give me the English translation for five points each.

a) hamachi (hah-mah-chee) ANSWER: _YELLOWTAIL_

b) saba (sah-bah) ANSWER: _MACKEREL_

c) maguro (mah-goo-roh) ANSWER: _TUNA_

d) tamago (tah-mah-goh) ANSWER: _EGG_

e) tako (tah-koh) ANSWER: _OCTOPUS_

f) ebi (eh-bee) ANSWER: _SHRIMP_

6. This is a musical urban geography question. Identify these

neighborhoods which are discussed in old songs for ten points each.

a) Ten cents won't command the services of a boot-boy in this pricey

area of New York.


b) Lycanthropes seek Oriental delicacies in this district of London.


c) If you go to this part of Chicago you'd be well advised to watch

out for Leroy Brown.


7. Ever wanted a love potion? Real aphrodisiacs do exist, but they

have drawbacks. Answer the following questions for ten points each.

a) The "blister beetle" _Lytta vesicatoria_ secretes a substance

called cantharidin, which stimulates sexual arousal by irritating the

urinary tract. It works when fed to male cattle, but in humans it

produces skin blisters on contact and ingesting it is hazardous. What

is the common name for _Lytta vesicatoria_?


b) This alkaloid derived from the bark of an African tree works in a

similar manner to Spanish fly. Unfortunately small doses may only

have a placebo effect. Doses large enough to have a physical effect

are toxic. What is this substance?

ANSWER: _YOHIMBINE_ (accept _YOHIMBE_ tree bark)

c) This substance, with chemical formula C 21 H 22 N 2 O 2, causes

sexual arousal, and generally increased sensitivity, by increasing the

reflex irritability of the spinal cord. If you give it to your loved

one, be careful with the dosage or you'll be tried for murder.

What is this deadly poison?


8. Given the name of a type of fortune-telling, identify the

mechanism used to foresee the future, for ten points each.

a) Oneiromancy. ANSWER: Divination by _DREAMS_

b) Tephromancy. ANSWER: Divination by _ASHES_

c) Astragalomancy. ANSWER: Divination by _DICE_

9. Identify the company, 30/20/10:

(30) -- The advertising agency BBDO West made a television commercial for

this company that won the 1995 Grand Clio Award in the TV category.

(20) -- The award-winning commercial was called "Bridge".

(10) -- The award-winning commercial featured footage of the Tacoma

Narrows disaster.


10. Identify the crackpot from a description for ten points each.

a) This tenured Iowa State math professor made the cover of Weekly

World News a few years back with his plan to make Earth a paradise

by blowing up the Moon.

ANSWER: Alexander _ABIAN_

b) This biologist's theory of "morphic resonance" holds that tasks get

easier after someone does them. Thus, it is easier for you to do a

crossword puzzle if someone on the other side of the world has already

done it.


c) This Apollo 14 astronaut attempted to send his brain waves

back from outer space to psychics on Earth. He was later a fan

of Uri Geller, and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to

support all things flaky.


11. Given the recipe, identify the popular mixed drink for ten points


a) 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce kahlua, fill with light cream.


b) 1 ounce vodka, 3/4 ounce peach schnapps, fill with cranberry juice

and grapefruit juice


c) 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce triple sec, 1 ounce lime juice


12. Identify the cerebral science fiction writer, 30/20/10:

(30) -- While he was an engineer working for Procter and Gamble,

he designed the machine that makes Pringles potato chips.

(20) -- He is a devout Catholic, but he believes that the pagan

gods of antiquity were in some sense real. The Olympian

gods appear frequently in his two books about a early

Latin-speaking soldier from the army of Xerxes.

(10) -- Probably his best known work is the five-volume Book of

the New Sun.


13. Siskel and Ebert don't like to predict who actually WILL win the

Oscars, but they're willing to say beforehand who they think SHOULD

win. Answer the following for ten points each:

a) Which movie did both Siskel and Ebert pick this year as Best



b) Whose nomination did Siskel choose as the least-deserved Oscar

Nomination of the year?


(Best Supporting Actress for "The Mirror has Two Faces")

c) Whose nomination did Ebert choose as the least-deserved Oscar

Nomination of the year?


(Best Adapted Screenplay for "Hamlet")

14. a) At a Christmas party, one of them pulled up his shirt and

demanded that female co-workers "pay homage to his physique". For ten

points each, which two producers of "The X Files" are being sued for

sexual harassment for, among other things, displaying pornographic

magazines and tapes with titles such as the "Sex Files"?

ANSWER: Chris _CARTER_ and Howard _GORDON_

b) For an additional ten points, what obscure B-movie has become a

hot video rental since it features a 30-second nude scene by

Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully on the X-Files?


15. Answer the following about James Earl Ray, the alleged assassin of

Martin Luther King, Jr., for ten points each.

a) In what country was Ray arrested after the assassination?


b) Ray claims that he was set up by a mysterious man known to him by

what name?


c) Who is Ray's attorney, currently working to re-open his case?


16. Your question writer has been to Harvard and Caltech, which

inspires this bonus -- for five points each, were the following people

Harvard graduates, Harvard drop-outs, Caltech graduates, Caltech

drop-outs, some combination, or none of the above?

a) William Henry Gates III. ANSWER: _HARVARD DROP-OUT_

b) Buckminster Fuller ANSWER: _HARVARD DROP-OUT_





17. a) For ten points, what TV show features Bryan Callen, David

Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole

Sullivan, and Debra Wilson?


b) For five points apiece, what two MAD TV characters are the

anchors for "X News"?


c) For a final ten points, in what movie does a cyborg from the future

travel back in time to protect Jesus Christ from termination?


18. Identify the actress, 30/20/10:

(30) -- For three years she played the nefarious Blake Thorpe on the soap

opera, "The Guiding Light".

(20) -- She played Laura Kelly, the estranged wife of David Caruso's

character on "NYPD Blue".

(10) -- She played Dr. Susan Lewis on the medical drama, "ER".


19. Answer the following questions about Pink Floyd for ten points


a) Which Pink Floyd song has the shortest title?


b) Which Pink Floyd song has the longest title?



c) Which Boomtown Rat played the character "Pink Floyd" in the film

version of "The Wall"?


20. Answer the following for ten points each.

a) What religious cult, arising out of Yoruba traditions and

incorporating elements of Roman Catholicism, was developed in

Cuba before spreading to neighboring islands and the United States?


b) What term in Santeria refers to the emissaries of God, which

rule over the forces of nature and are also identified with saints?


c) This orisha is the owner of roads and doors and stands at the

crossroads. Because he is the opener of doors and roads, he is

always propitiated and called first in any ceremony.


21. Given a celebrity martial artist, identify the martial art he

practices for ten points each.

a) Jackie Chan. ANSWER: _KUNG FU_

b) Steven Seagal. ANSWER: _AIKIDO_

c) Jean Claude Van Damme. ANSWER: _KARATE_

22. Answer the following questions for ten points each.

a) Who wrote the novel "The Silence of the Lambs"?


b) Which novel by Harris is a prequel to "The Silence of the Lambs"

and also features Hannibal Lector?


c) In "The Silence of the Lambs", the newspapers referred to Jame Gumb

as "Buffalo Bill". By what fanciful name did the media refer to serial

killer Francis Dollarhyde in "Red Dragon"?


23. a) This past Tuesday, the 1997 Pigasus Award for the Scientist who

says or does the silliest thing related to the supernatural went to,

for ten points, what man, the head of the CIA's "remote viewing"

project which spent $20 million over 10 years on "gifted psychics"?


b) For ten points apiece, what two Congressman were vocal supporters

of the CIA's psychic program, one a Senator from Rhode Island, the

other a Representative from North Carolina?

ANSWER: Sen. Claiborne _PELL_, Rep. Charlie _ROSE_

24. Francis Tresham's boardgame "1829", involving the rise of

railroads in nineteenth-century England, spawned a whole line of

"18xx" train games. Given the title of a game, identify the area in

which the players are building railroads, for ten points each.

a) "1835". ANSWER: _GERMANY_

b) "1853". ANSWER: Imperial _INDIA_

c) "1856". ANSWER: _CANADA_ (accept: southern _ONTARIO_)

25. The king of England had homosexual tendencies. Robert Kerr became

his lover, partly through the efforts of the king's secretary. Later

Kerr and the secretary had a falling out, and Kerr arranged for the

secretary to be imprisoned in the Tower of London and then poisoned to

death. When the murder was uncovered, Kerr was sentenced to death,

but the king would not sign the death warrant and only imprisoned him

for five years. For ten points each, identify the king, the king's

secretary, and the noble title by which Kerr was known.


Secretary: Sir Thomas _OVERBURY_

Kerr's title: Viscount _ROCHESTER_

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