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Well, sure, it's Tuesday, but hopefully it ain't that bad (and hopefully not

a lot of repeats)...



1997 UCLA Bruin Beach Party A Posteriori Trash Tournament

Questions by ASU and the Horse You Rode In On


1. Johnny and Scott were combing the rocks near Deadman's Point. The

black sheep of a nearby family sneaks up on them, in a vain attempt to

scare the boys, and earn the respect of his kinsmen. Being a Saturday

morning show, he fails, and is befriended by them instead. FTP, name

this Sid and Marty Krofft character, played by Billy Barty.

_SIGMUND_ (Ooze)

2. It portrays the five clans of Toreador, Ventrue, Nosferatu, Gangrel, and

Brujah, which each have a leader called a Primogen. It began with Detective

Frank Kohanek being the sworn enemy of Julian Luna, the Ventrue Prince of

San Francisco. It ended after only a few episodes. FTP, name this not-

quite-immortal Fox series portraying the hardships of being a bloodsucker in

the night, starring Mark Frankel and C. Thomas Howell.


3. Dexter King met with Jame Earl Ray, and now supports his assertion

that he was not the triggerman. This has revived Ray's story, that

included a shadowy gun dealer. FTP, by what single name does Ray refer to

this alleged accomplice?...if you need a hint, think a 1982 movie about

cannabalism starring Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov.


4. It now resides at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

It was the brainchild of cigar-maker George Hull to win a bet,, and

when P.T. Barnum's offer to purchase it was refused, he made one of

his own. FTP, what is the name of this curiosity, originally known

as the "Onandaga Colossus"?


5. Variations in the 1700s included women versus women and women versus blind

men. During one day of a tournament, nearly 90 pounds of salt is thrown around.

Chopping is not allowed, nor is choking, punching, pulling hair, poking eyes,

grabbing the groin, or kicking above the knees. But a slap to the face is fine.

Participants often wear 19 sagari, or decorative strings, and after great

upsets, zabutons are thrown by spectators. FTP, name this sport in which

the greatest achieve the rank of yokozuna.

_SUMO_ Wrestling

6. According to Gore Vidal, a close friend, it was the name William Randolph

Hearst had given to a part of the anatomy of his mistress Marion Davies. This

may be why it was chosen by Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles to be, FTP,

what last word of Charles Foster Kane?


7. An annual subscription is available for $70. If you prefer, you can print

out a 35 page version every Friday. If you miss an article, go to "The

Compost." If you're persnickety, enter "The Fray." FTP, name this magazine

whose poetry editor, Robert Pinsky, was recently named U.S. Poet Laureate, and

whose editor, Michael Kinsley, may or may not be under the thumb of Bill Gates.


8. In the play field of this game, you may find areas such as the Collorary

zone, the Perimetet of Wisdom, Invisible Sectors, Vortex Spots,

Pernicious Poem Places, and SIng Song Zones. All you need to play is a

mask, flags, a volleyball, time fracture wickets, and a vivid

imagination. FTP, name this game, whose only permanent rule is that you

can't play it the same way twice, popularized by Calvin and Hobbes.


9. A dog is wounded by a knife. The wound is kept open, as the animal is

taken aboard a ship. Because this salve has been applied to the weapon,

holding it over a flame at a prescribed time would allegedly cause the dog to

yelp in pain, and hence allow the ship to determine its longitude. FTP, name

this material.


10. He signed with the Virginia Squires out of University of Massachusetts, and

played 2 years for them. He then played 3 years for the New Jersey Nets,

winning the MVP award in 1974 and 1976. FTP, take the soul to the hole and

identify this great, who signed with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1976 and led

them to the finals three times.

Julius _ERVING_ (accept _DOCTOR J_)

11. Here you can find visit such as Neraka, Palanthas, the High Clerist

Tower, and Solace. Other places of interest on your tour may be the

Mt. Nevermind, Thorbardin, and the Blood Sea of Istar. However, it is

recommended that you steer clear of Kendermore, if yo would like to keep

all of your travelling items. FTP, name this world, home of the

DragonLance series.


12. In the 19th century, this group of drugs were refered to as God's Own

Medicine, as it was used to reduce pain, anxiety, coughs, and diarrhea.

If you're interested in taking some of these, you can either inject it,

snort it, swallow it, or take it rectally as a suppository. For

a high flying ten points, name this group of drugs that contain codeine,

morphine, and opium.


13. It was rumored to have been sighted by Joseph Bonaparte, the son of

Napoleon, in the the early 1800's. Commodore Stephen Decatur was report

to have shot a cannonball through it without any noticable effect. Also,

it seems to have a taste for sheep and chickens, and occasionally likes

to gnaw on a dog. FTP, name this creature, who, according to legend, was

brought into existence when its mother wished that her thirteenth child

would be a demon and, since 1735, has roamed the Jersey pine Barrens...and

if you need a hint, think hockey.


14. After appearing in such films as Buck Privates, In the Navy, and Hold That

Ghost, they helped pioneer the start of television with their own show,

which ran for two seasons. After this, they made several guest

appearances on the Colgate Comedy Hour, using they signature comic acts

to help boost the ratings of that show. In 1957, as guests on The Steve

Allen Show, with millions of viewers watching, they were informed that they

were the first non-players to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

for a piece that first appeared on the Kate Smith Radio Hour. FTP, name

this duo, famous for "Who's on First?"


15. This card game requires 1 deck of cards and 2 to 10 people. The entire

deck is dealt out and the object is to get rid of all your cards first.

The first player throws done a certain number of aces face down in the

discard pile, the second discards twos, the third threes and so on,

cycling through the deck until someone has discarded all their cards.

FTP, identify this cardgame, whose name is taken from the phrase used

when you the person discarding is lying.


16. You can use them as substitutes for yo-yos and tennis balls. They come

in three different sizes and are even seen on keychains. Most of these

balls have a three color pattern, usually in bands. FTP, name these

balls, whose unique rubber construction makes them softer and cushier

than any other ball.


17. Zed, a Brutal, is taught to read by a stranger. After reading "The Wizard

of Oz", he seeks to find the secret behind the bust he worships as a god.

FTP, name the stone head, and you name his god and this bad movie created

in 1974, directed by John Boorman, and starring Sean Connery.


18. During their previous tour, they played an ongoing chess game with

the audience, one move per performance. They lost. FTP, who is this

group, known for a following resembling that of the Grateful Dead and

whose latest release is "Billy Breathes"?


19. The lead character has been chosen to be a Texas Cowgirl, but she

doesn't have the money to travel. So she gets a job in Mr. Greenfeld's

sporting goods store. FTP, this is the plot for what 1978 porn film

with an alliterative title, starring Bambi Woods as a cheerleader?


20. The theme music is by Frank Zappa, and the character Ajax is voiced by his

son Dweezil. Other characters include Bernice, Mambo, Fluffy, Uranus, and

Cornfed. FTP, name this cartoon airing on the USA network whose title

character's voice is provided by Jason Alexander.


21. The name of this disorder comes from an ancient Greek god of male

procreative power. However, the disorder can be less than pleasurable,

and can even lead to amputation. For 30 points, name this condition,

characterized by the inability to lose an erection.

_PRIAPISM_ (from Priapus)

22. There long shelf life is attributible to the secret recipe, which contains

no fat. FTP, name this venerable chocolate candy, that comes individually

wrapped in a cylindrical shape.


23. It was recently revealed by a member of this cult that an attack

was planned on a subway in the United States, but was abruptly

cancelled. Instead, they attaacked one in their own country. FTP,

name this apocalyptic cult, whose leader, Shoko Asahara, is currently

on trial in Japan?


24. This Oscar winner portrayed the father of the lead character in Oliver

Stone's "Heaven and Earth". Thus, it is only natural that his shooting has

been seen in some circles as a political assassination. FTP, name this person,

a doctor exiled from Cambodia who won his Oscar for portraying Dith Pran in

"The Killing Fields."

Dr. Haing S. _NGOR_

25. He was played by David Leisure. As his lies became ever-more

preposterous, a truthful statement about the vehicle would appear

below during the commercial. FTP, who was this lying car salesman?


1997 UCLA Bruin Beach Party A Posteriori Trash Tournament

Questions by ASU and the Horse You Rode In On

Boni (all worth 30 points)

1. Yes, it's the dreaded "Land of the Lost" question. Wake up your oldest

teammate and watch him squirm.

A. For 5 points, all or nothing, give the full names of the unfortunate



B. For 5 points each, name the two major bipedal races that populated the area.


C. For 15 points, name the time-traveller who discovers, much to his horror,

that the violent Sleestaks are not ancestors, but the devolved descendants

of his race.


2. How well do you remember your old Fox TV shows? Given the stars, name these

for 10 points each.

A. Steven Williams and Johnny Depp


B. Chris Elliot


C. Adrian Pasdar


3. "When you find yourself in danger, when you're threatened by a stranger,

when it looks like you will take a lickin', bok-bok-bok-bok, there is someone

waiting who will hurry up and rescue you, just call for <blank>."

A. For 5 points, fill in the blank.


B. For 15 points, give the real identity of Super Chicken, the richest chicken

in the world, and an amateur scientist.

Henry Cabot _HENHAUS_ III

C. For 10 points, name Super Chicken's faithful lion side-kick and butler,

who'd mix up the Super Sauce in a martini glass to turn Henry into Super



4. You want some disgusting, what the hell is this question doing here trash?

OK. Answer these questions about your tax return for 10 points each.

A. You're single. What is your standard deduction?


B. How much interest or dividend income do you need to file Schedule B?


C. If you're doing the "Married Filing Jointly" form, and you are 66, and your

wife is 59, and she's blind, but you're deaf, and you have three kids around

the house, well, how many exemptions does that add up to?

_5_ (for the warm bodies- the conditions effect the size of the standard


5. If you have played a lot of Monopoly, this bonus should be no trouble at all.

Given the starting square and the roll or rolls, give the ending square for

the piece's turn.

A. For 5 points, start on Go, and roll a 9.


B. For 10 points, start on Connecticut Avenue, roll an 11, and then a 5.

_B AND O_ Railroad

c. For 15 points, start on B & O Railroad, roll a 2, a 12, and a 2.

_JAIL_ (player goes to Jail on three doubles)

6. Given a pair of professional baseball teams, name their manager for 5 points

each, 10 points per pair.

A. Bob Boone and Jimy Williams

_K_ANSAS _C_ITY (or _ROYALS_) and _BOSTON_ (or _RED SOX_)

B. Terry Francona and Buddy Bell


C. Larry Dierker and Terry Collins


7. Name the Square Soft RPG from the final villian for ten points, or five

points if you need the heroes.

A. 10) Zeromus

5) Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge


B. 10) Kefka

5) Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, and Mog the Moogle


C. 10) Lavos Core

5) Crono, Lucca, Robo, Ayla, Nadia


8. Answer the following questions about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for

10 points each.

A. What was the name given to the captured Klingon Bird of Prey.


B. What was the last question given to Spock in his mental retraining on Vulcan?


C. The names of the whales taken to 23rd century Earth by Kirk and company?

Both names are necessary for the full ten points.


9. This bonus is sure to torture your mind. FTP each, name the torture device.

A. This device was used to execute criminals. The held was held

secure, and a large spike was slowly driven into the the vertabrae of the



B. This device was used primarily for military punishment. A person was

placed in a small metal cage. The cage was then rapidly spun, inducing

nausea and vomiting. Its use was eventually discontinued.


C. This device was more for execution then torture. On the outside of

this device, one could usually find artwork representing Madonna or a

favorite daughter. On the inside were the spikes that skewered the

victim, when the device was closed around him.


10. Name this actor 30-20-10.

A. He was born and raised in New York, and attended Princeton University, and

Yale, where he was pursuing a PhD in English when he turned to acting.

B. He was the narrator of Zalmon King's erotic anthology series, "Red

Shoes Diaries", for four seasons.

C. He also played Dennis/Denise Bryson, the transvestite detective on

Twin Peaks.


11. Identify this candy 30-20-10

A. The United States consumes I billion of this candy annually. Its

flavors in the US are grape, lemon, orange, strawberry and peppermint.

Some of the more exotic flavors in the past have been chlorophyll,

coffee, Eucalyptus, and menthol.

B. This candy was created over 60 years ago in Vienna by Edward Haas

III, and appeared in the US in 1952. The name was derived from the

German word for peppermit.

C. The heads of Bugs Bunny, Kermit, Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles, Charlie Brown, Tom and Jerry, Mary Poppins, Darth Vader have

been associated with the dispensers of this candy.


12. Name these terrifically bad movies from a description, 15 points each.

A. Marjoe Gortner saves the Universe, with the help of Christopher Plummer,

in this 1979 sci-fi flick.


B. Richard Thomas saves the Universe, with the help of George Peppard, in

this 1980 sci-fi flick.


13. For 10 points each, identify these Olympic champions.

A. In 1960, he went barefoot; in 1964, he wore shoes. Identify this Ethiopian,

the first man to win the Marathon twice.

Abebe _BIKILA_

B. Sure she won gold medals and even had 4 perfect tens in the 1976 Olympics,

but you probably don't remember this Soviet gymnast because Nadia Comaneci

had 7 perfect tens.

Nelly _KIM_

C. Did she dope, and didn't she? Name the Irish swimmer who won four medals

at last summer's Olympics.

Michelle _SMITH_

14. Tell me what these acronyms from the Net mean, for 10 points each:



B. ROTFL (or "rot-fel")




15. Wake up the Beatle freak on your team -- it's time to play. Given the name

of a song, name the album on which it first appeared (i.e., no Best of's), 10

points each.

A. "Taxman" _REVOLVER_

B. "Within You Without You" _SERGEANT PEPPER_'s Lonely Hearts' Club Band

C. "Michelle" _RUBBER SOUL_

16. Name these superheroes who defend The City along with the Tick, 10 points


A. He's a brave talker, and the first one out of the room when trouble starts.

Name this charcter who shares his name with a Strauss opera.


B. He lives beneath The City, availing himself of the waste disposal system.

Name this hero who talks like Rainman.


C. When trouble strikes, he gets in his cannon. Name this hero with a

repertoire limited to a speedy arrival.


17. It's a safe bet that you drink it, but do you know how it's made? FTP each,

give the terms based on a description of the brewing process.

A. It is the solution of proteins, sugars, and oils that results from the

mashing of the grain.

_WORT_ (wert)

B. It is the term used for the process of rinsing the grains with the wort to

extract additional sugars.


C. It is the process of siphoning the wort or beer to another container,

leaving the sediments.


18. So far, it is the only cult ever to work as a Web Page designing corpor-

ation. However, it wasn't stockholders, but a comet that brought their

business to a halt.

A. For 10 points, name this now-downsized cult, who shares its name with

a disastrous film.


B. For another 10 points, who directed the cinematic disaster?

Michael _CIMINO_

C. Finally, FTP, what studio was killed by the film, a little early to join

with UFO behind Hale-Bopp?


19. The recent suicides in California have drawn a comparison to other cults,

including the Jonestown massacre. The impetus for the suicides was not a

comet, but the arrival of a California congressman.

A. For 1 point, name the leader of the Jonestown cult.


B. For 9 points, take the number who died, divide by 100, and round *down* to

the nearest integer, and tell me the result? Why? Because we wanted you to

do it, for the sheer fun of it.


C. For 20 points, name this U.S. congressman, the first of the victims in


Leo _RYAN_

20. In 1986, a designer launched a $3,000,000 ad campaign proclaiming the

initials of "The 4 Great American Designers For Men". The first three were

"R-- L--, P-- E--, C-- K--".

A. For 5 points each, to which three designers was he refering?


B. The last set of initials referred to the mastermind of the campaign.

Name him on a 15-5 point basis; his initals will be given after the

first guess.


21. Answer these questions on a famous Wendy's ad for the stated number of


A. For 10 points, who played the old woman who angrily demanded, "Where's the


Clara _PELLER_

B. For 20 points, who directed the commercial, the man whose style was also

apparent in the Southern Airways and Federal Express campaigns.


22. Given the owner, identify the Net Search engine, for 10 points each.

A. Carnegie Mellon University _LYCOS_

B. Digital _ALTA VISTA_

C. America Online, Inc. _WEBCRAWLER_

23. Given the theme of a large Las Vegas resort hotel, name the hotel, for 5

points each, and a 5 point bonus for all five.

A. Ancient Egypt _LUXOR_

B. The largest city in the U.S. _NEW YORK NEW YORK_

C. King Arthur _EXCALIBUR_

D. Ancient Rome _CAESAR'S_

E. Sophiticated European gambling _MONTE CARLO_

24. Name that drug 30-20-10.

A. It was first extracted by German chemist Albert Niemann in the mid-19th

century, and used as an exilir to treat real and imagined illnesses.

B. To stretch the amount of this drug that deals can sell, this drug is

often mixed with cornstarch, talcom powder, sugar or other Central

Nervous System stimulants.

C. This drug is usually snorted in the nostrils, but can also be rubbed

into mucous linings of the the mouth, rectum, or vagina. For quick hits

it can also be injected. It is also known as C, snow, flake, and blow.


25. Name the Star Trek film from which these Shakespearen quotes are found.

A. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

_STAR TREK VI_ (the Undiscovered Country)

B. Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.

_STAR TREK IV_ (the Voyage Home)

C. Now name the play, act, and scene, from which "Angels and ministers

of grace, defend us" is from.


(**This is trash. It was Spock's response to McCoy quoting Shakespeare**)


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