1. A traveling salesman peddles a strength-enhancing drink in a bar. To demonstrate its efficiency, he gives a free sample to a skinny, effeminate-looking young man, who then wins an arm-wrestling match with the biggest guy in the bar. The drink sells like hotcakes. Of course, its a scam and the drink is useless; the three men were in it together, as were LaToya Jackson and Linda McCartney. For ten points, this is the

tale of what Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson video?

_Say, Say, Say_


2. Her first on-screen appearance was at age 13, in "Revenge of the Pizza-Cutter Killer." She went on to host the cable music video show "Hot Rocks," a job she got thanks to the exposure she received from an October, 1993, "Playboy" shoot. She appeared in "Playboy" again in 1994, as Playmate of the Year. For ten points, name this former Catholic schoolgirl from Chicago, hostess of MTV�s "Singled Out."

Jenny _McCarthy_


3. Despite an energetic and at times suggestive dance performance at the academy awards, she is mostly known for her naivete, and while Mae West once compared herself to this woman, she then added, "But I drifted." Although her name is now also the name of a strain of heroin, it is still synonymous with innocence. For ten points, name this titular star of Disney�s first animated feature film.

_Snow White_


4. As a demonstration of his awesome power, he made his people�s river run green on St. Patrick�s day, prompting a few to ask why he couldn�t make it blue for the rest of the year. A gifted speaker and aphorist, one of his better quotes was "The policeman is not there to create disorder. The policeman is there to preserve disorder." For ten points, name this man, whose policemen created lots of disorder at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Richard J. _Daley_, Sr.


5. It had a thin, flexible, rayon-coated filament, replacing the plastic strings previously used. However, the rayon sheath corroded in the human body, and the exposed damp filament provided a perfect route for bacterial invasion. After many deaths and thousands of serious pelvic infections, it was withdrawn and exposed its maker to what was then the largest product-liability lawsuit ever. For ten points, name this ill-fated IUD.

_Dalkon Shield_


6. He bucked the growing body of evidence showing that if there�s any job which requires no qualifications, it was hosting a talk show. Unlike the washed up actors, actresses, and musicians who he competes against, he got his talk show on the basis of real achievements, like defeating the Borbalaka, a psychic space vampire, and repeated instances of galaxy-saving derring-do. For ten points, name this animated talk show host on the Cartoon Network.

_Space Ghost_


7. It can be distilled into a hard liquor called Raki, (Rah-KEE) but its normal form is hard enough for most people. It is, technically, wine- but wine made from grape stems and leaves. For ten points, name this alcohol, once the cheapest swill available in ancient Greece but now modern Greece�s best known drink.



8. Ed Sprague, Pete Stanicek, Jeff Ballard, Mike Mussina, Jeffrey Hammonds, and Jack McDowell all went to this school. Other famous attendees include John Elway and Tiger Woods. For ten points, name this

school whose football coach is Bill Walsh and whose mascot is the Cardinal.

_Stanford_ University


9. For ten points, with what do you associate the following: Batter-fried eels, Celtic rock, The Maltese Falcon, polystyrene, professional bowling, tabloid journalism, old Looney Tunes cartoons, the

card game Uno, the metric system, Nerf balls, the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers, Molson Ice beer, and the governor of Guam?

Accept anything. The question just asks for a personal opinion.


10. Their first album featured such underappreciated songs as Burning Timber and Moonlight on Mount Hood. The better-received followup included the songs Waiting to be Opened and Rolling Down the Hill, and earned them a following among NBC employees, of all people. For ten points, name this band, whose first two singles, "Johnny, Have You Seen Her?" and "Just the Way It Is, Baby" are better musically but less famous than their third, the theme from "Friends."

The _Rembrandts_


11. It was invented by Isaac Newton, who received a knighthood for it. The original involved attaching two sets of interlocking metal rings set around central bolts to a wooden plate- one set on the edge, the other set

at right angles to the first attached to a second plate of wood cut out of the middle of the first. When the inner plate was pushed, it would swing open independently of the outer one. For ten points, name this invention which let pets leave a house without disturbing their owners.

_Doggie Door_ (accept equivalents, such as _Pet Door_)


12. Some things are more important than money. Like practicing racial discrimination as Jesus taught. This was the "logic" behind the decision of this school, after a court decided against them despite pressure from the Reagan administration, to forego tax exempt status rather than accept non-white students. For ten points, name this South Carolina university, whose president then as now was Bob Jones III, and which was founded by Bob Jones I.

_Bob Jones_ University


13. She killed her sister, although it was later revealed that she had no sister and she in fact killed her own mutant clone. Once that was straightened out, she had to fight her friend, Jade, who wanted to stop

her from talking to her long-lost mother. For ten points, name this blue-clad fan-carrying woman, daughter of Sindel and supposed sister of Mileena in the Mortal Kombat video games.



14. The anti-Country and Western band Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys sang of how proud they were to be assholes from this city. The Steve Miller Band sang of how Billie Joe and Bobbie Sue robbed and killed their way about town in "Take the Money and Run." Less musically, it hosts the John Hancock bowl. For ten points, identify this city known for its namesake brand of "old" Mexican food and the state school formerly known as Texas Western.

_El Paso_


15. She�s a nice, perky suburban teen, with the traditional teen worries- boys, her complexion, getting a drivers license- plus one other. Its not her pipe-smoking Ward Cleaver wannabee father, or her June Cleaver

wannabee mother, or even her little brother. No, her problem is that you wouldn�t like her when she gets angry. Because she wrecks little things, like cities. For ten points, name this minor Animaniacs character.

_Katie Kaboom_


16. Lizard Wilson, who is actually human, is one of the less well known characters. Some others include Stretch, a rubber chicken; Lyman, a freeloader who hasn�t been seen in years but whose dog is still around;

Nermal, the worlds cutest kitten; and the title characters teddy bear Pooky. For ten points, name this comic strip about a fat, sarcastic, lasagna-loving cat.



17. The e-mail address [email protected] may not mean much to you, and for a long time it didn�t mean much to anyone, just another AOL account. Then someone got wise to the trick of hiding something in plain sight, and the fan mail started, because the account belonged to this woman, considered one of the hottest things on the screen in some circles. For ten points, name this actress whose real last name is Horowitz, star of "Goodbye Roxy Carmichael" and "Heathers."

Winona _Ryder_


18. Among this team�s achievements are the NFL record for the most consecutive defeats against the same team- twenty straight to the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1977. They also produced a quarterback of whom, of all people, Bob Dole said that he must have played too much football without a helmet. For ten points, name this team, whose losing streaks also include four straight Superbowls.

_Buffalo_ and/or _Bills_


19. If a politician is going to screw you for money, why not get one who�s upfront about it? That�s the question facing San Francisco voters in the coming election, when they have an opportunity to vote this woman to the city council. For ten points, name this woman, a former celebrated prostitute and national spokeswoman for the world�s oldest profession.

Margot _St. James_


20. For a quick ten points, yodel.

Moderator discretion


21. She came from a broken family from the wrong side of town, and her only chances to be creative and at peace came from the pets she adopted. But life was so hard in her part of town, there were no animals she could keep as pets- so she adopted plants. And, in time, became very good with them. Good enough to breed man-eating plants to help her criminal career. For ten points, name this villainess who will be played by Alicia Silverstone in the next Batman movie.

_Poison Ivy_


22. This city is considering suing the owners of the Washington Bullets, because the future Bullets mascot bears a significant resemblance to the mascot of their minor-league baseball team, also called the "Wizards." For ten points, name this Indiana city, former home of the Detroit Pistons.

_Fort Wayne_


23. UCLA won this sport�s NCAA men�s championship in 1991. Wisconsin won it just this year. In between, the University of Virginia held the title for all four years. For ten points, name this sport, played by eleven man teams where the positions can include "Stopper," "Sweeper," "Striker," and "Goalie," the last being the only one who generally can use his or her hands.






1. (30) Everyone asks questions about eighties music. Bah, humbug. Welcome to the sounds of the seventies. Identify the following songs from the seventies for five points each.

A) "We Are Family"

Answer: _Sister Sledge_

B) "Reunited"

Answer: _Peaches and Herb_

C) "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"

Answer: _Warren Zevon_

D) "Don't Bring Me Down"

Answer: _Electric Light Orchestra_

E) "Le Freak"

Answer: _Chick_

F) "Short People"

Answer: _Randy Newman_


2. (30) Okay, we couldn�t resist. Here�s your 80�s music bonus. Five points each.


A) "I Melt With You"

Answer: _Modern English_

B) "Run Runaway"

Answer: _Slade_

C) "Riding on the Metro"

Answer: _Berlin

D) "Come on Eileen"

Answer: _Dexy's Midnight Runners_

E) "True"

Answer: _Spandau Ballet_

F) "Major Tom" � and we won�t accept that lamoid Bowie version.

Answer: Peter _Schilling_


3. (30) We had 80�s music. Now we have 80�s non-musical stuff. Identify the following from our Great Grab Bag o� The Eighties for ten points each.

A) This man was the first sitting U.S. Senator in space. His main duty was to barf on command.

Answer: Sen. Jake _Garn_

B) This author of "The Complete Book of Running" promised following his regimen of running would lead to long life. He died of a heart attack at 52.

Answer: James _Fixx_

C) This U.S. journalist was arrested by the Soviets for espionage, and was swapped in a high profile reparation with captured Soviet spy Gennady Zakharov.

Answer: Nicholas _Daniloff_


4. (25) Recently, your question writer wandered across the story "The Erotic Escapades on Gilligan�s Island" on the usenet newsgroup "alt.sex.stories." After convincing himself it would be valuable research for the Terrapin, he read it, took a cold shower, and wrote this bonus. For the purpose of this bonus, assume, as did the author of "The Erotic Escapades on Gilligan�s Island," that all the men are straight, all the women are bisexual, and only Mrs. Howell would have sex with Mr. Howell.

A-10) First, how many possible two-person sexual couples are there?

Answer: 13

B-15) Now, how many possible three-person sexual couples are there, assuming that two men are willing to share the same woman?

Answer: 22


5. (25) Answer these questions about the latest incomprehensible scandal to surround the Clinton White House for the stated number of points.

A-10) Name the DNC fundraiser accused of funnelling an illegal donation from an Indonesian corporation.

Answer: John _Huang_

B-15) Name the Indonesian corporation in question.

Answer: The _Lippo_ Group


6. (30) Let's try a different type of wrestling for this bonus, G.L.O.W. For five points each:

A) Give the collective name of the good girls on G.L.O.W.

Answer: _Stallone's Sweethearts_

B) Give the collective name of the bad girls.

Answer: _Kitty's Killers_

C) For a final five points each, given one half of a tag team, supply the other half.

Hollywood _Vine_

Chainsaw _Spike_

Debby Debutante _Suzy Spirit_

Ashley Cartier _Tina Ferrari_


7. (30) Actors and actresses throughout their careers are in more than one television series. Unless they really blow chunks, of course. For ten points each, identify the actor or actress who was at least good enough to be in both of the shows listed.


A) "Gimme a Break" and "The Single Guy"

Answer: _Jonathan Silverman_

B) "Silver Spoons" and "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

Answer: _Alfonso Ribiero_

C) "Barnaby Jones" and "Matt Houston"

Answer: _Buddy Ebsen_


8. (30) Actors and actresses also have roles in more than one movie in their careers, unless their first movie was "Young Einstein." For ten points each, supply the actor or actress that starred in both the listed movies, but did not appear in "Young Einstein."


A) "Space Balls" and "Gross Anatomy"

Answer: Daphne _Zuniga_

B) "Howard the Duck" and "Ferris Bueller�s Day Off"

Answer: Jeffrey _Jones_

C) "Frozen Assets" and "Major League"

Answer: Corbin _Bernsen_


9. (30) The college basketball season will begin all too soon. If you can bring yourself to, remember who won these past NCAA tournaments. For five points each, given a year, name the team that won the NCAA Division tournament that year.

A) 1946 _Oklahoma St. (Oklahoma A&M)

B) 1955 _San Francisco_

C) 1975 _UCLA_

D) 1977 _Marquette_

E) 1980 _Louisville_

F) 1985 _Villanova__


10. (20) Now that the O.J. Simpson trial is over, the focus is on his children. O.J. also has two other children from a previous marriage. For five points each, name his four children.


Answer: _Sydney_, _Justin_, _Arnell_, and _Jason_


11. (30) Return to the golden age of heavy metal, when men were real men, women were real women, and musicians were real scary. Identify these classic proto-metal bands from three lesser-known works for ten points each, or from two better-known ones for five.

A-10) Astronomy, Dominance and Submission, Vengeance: the Pact

A-5) Burning for You, Don�t Fear the Reaper

_Blue Oyster Cult_

B-10) Monster, Jupiter�s Child, Sookey Sookey

B-5) Magic Carpet Ride, Born to be Wild


C-10) The Shield, Hush, Highway Star

C-5) Knocking at Your Back Door, Smoke on the Water

_Deep Purple_


  1. (25) In the abbreviated 1995 baseball season, the Colorado Rockies had four players who hit the 30 home run plateau. This was the second time that four teammates have accomplished this feat.

A-20) For five points each, give the name of the four players on the Rockies who hits thirty home runs this season.

Answer: Andres _Galarraga_, Dante _Bichette_, Vinny _Castilla_, Larry _Walker_

B-5) For five more points, name the last team to have accomplished this fest (fest not "feat") before the Rockies.

Answer: _Dodgers_


13. (30) Drinking quiz bowl? Well, we can�t swing that yet. So let's quench your thirst with the following liquors for ten points each. You will get five if you need the extra clue. Hint: These drinks have a common theme.

A-10) 1 and 1/2 oz scotch, 1/2 oz sweet vermouth, and a dash of Angostura bitters

A-5) It shares it name with a 1994 movie from last year starring Liam Nielsen and Tim Roth.

Answer: _Rob Roy_

B-10) 1/2 oz gin, 1/2 oz grenadine, 1 and 1/2 oz cream

B-5) Shares its name with the girlfriends of the T-Birds in Grease.

Answer: _Pink Lady_

C-10) 2 oz tequila, 4oz orange juice, 1/4 oz grenadine

C-5) Shares its name with a movie starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell

Answer: _Tequila Sunrise_


14. (30) Disney movies have been enjoyed for many years. How well do you know the voices of the characters in these movies? For five points each, give the actor or actress that supplied the voice for the following characters.

A) Big Mama _Pearl Bailey_

B) Vixen _Sandy Duncan_

C) Prince Eric of the "Little Mermaid" _Christopher Barnes_

D) Mrs. Potts _Angela Lansbury_

E) Aladdin _Scott Weiner_

F) Adult Simba _Matthew Broderick_


15. (28) Let's see how much you know about wire service college football champions. For seven points each, given a year, give the winner in that year. If you have to go for a field goal, you get another clue and a chance at three points.


A-7) 1945

A-3) This team�s twin rushing threat consisted of Glenn Davis and Felix Blanchard.

Answer: _Army_

B-7) 1946

B-3) They won the title behind coach Frank Leahy, fresh returned from commanding a submarine.

Answer: _Notre Dame_ or _ND_

C-7) 1976

C-3) They won the title behind the mighty rushing of Tony Dorsett.

Answer: University of _Pitt_sburgh

D-7) 1984

D-3) Their marquee quarterback was the immortal Robby Bosco.

Answer: _Brigham Young_ University or _BYU_


  1. (20) Super Street Fighter II differed from Street Fighter II by including four new fighters. For five points each, name them.

Answer: _Cammy_, _Dee Jay_, _Fei Long_, _T-Hawk_


17. (30) Let's go back to that popular sport of wrestling. We will wrestle your mind for the partners of these wrestlers for the stated number of points.

A-5) First for five points, who was the wrestling partner of Hawk in the Legion of Doom?

Answer: _Animal_

B-10) Second, for ten points, who was the partner of Ricky Morton from the Rock and Roll Express?

Answer: Robert _Gibson_

C-10) For a final 15 points name both of the 1-2-3 Kid's partners when he held the WWF tag team title.

Answer: Marty _Janetty_ and Bob _Holly_


18. (20) Almost everybody likes to read comic strips. For four points each, given the comic strip, supply the author.

A) Hi and Lois

Answer: Mort _Walker_

B) Mutts

Answer: Patrick _McDonnell_

C) Beetle Bailey

Answer: Mort _Walker_

D) Barney Google and Snuffy Smith

Answer: Fred _Lasswell_

E) Marvin

Answer: Tom _Armstrong_


19. (20) "Tool Time" is a television show within a show on "Home Improvement". Let's see what you know about the real star of the show, "the Tool Time Girl". For five points each give the name of the two actresses that were the "tool time girl" and their characters for a total of twenty points.

Answer: _Pamela Lee was Lisa_, _Debbe Dunning was Heidi_ (accept Pamela Anderson for Pamela Lee)


20. (25) The New Kids On the Block are no longer part of the "in" music, but for five points each name the New Kids on the Block.

Answer: _Danny_, _Donny_, _Jon_, _Joe_, and _Jordan_