Tossups by Johns Hopkins University

Team Name: The Riddler Crew


WARNING: This packet is not complete! 


1) On planet Earth a galaxy alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the solar system they maintained peace throughout the universe, until King Zarkon, Prince Lotor, and the evil witch, Hagar, began to act up. FTP, identify this cartoon which climaxed daily when Lance, Sven, Hunk, Peege and the Princess formed the title character and slashed a robeast apart with a giant sword.

Answer: _Voltron_: Defender of the Universe


3) When did Frankie open up a fast food chain in Los Angeles? Must have been at some point between that "Beach Blanket Bingo" and "Muscle Beach Party". This character certainly wasn�t pushing burgers when he went "Back to the Beach", though they were available in a 1994 film. FTP, name the fictional character which shares his name with what Jules describes as a "tasty" burger, in "Pulp Fiction"

Answer: _Big Kahuna_ Burger


3) He carries a high school chemistry textbook, a chainsaw, and a shotgun, and could have been King. Though he claims to understand "molecules, and compounds, and stuff", he works in the Housewares section of S-Mart. He�s traveled through time, awakened the dead from slumber, and cut off his own hand. FTP, name this witty character played by Bruce Campbell in the "Evil Dead" and "Army of Darkness".

Answer: _Ash_


4) Major Asshole, Snotty, Prince Valium, Colonel Sanders, President Scroob, Barf, Yogurt, Princess Vespa, and Lonestar are all characters in, FTP, what Mel Brooks movie?

Answer: _Spaceballs_




5) A leading scorer for the "Showtime" Lakers, he twice changed teams before returning to Los Angeles in 1996. He was left unprotected in the 1994 expansion draft and picked up by the Vancouver Grizzlies,after backing up Reggie Miller in Indiana. FTP, identify this shooting guard, best known as the backcourt mate of Magic Johnson on the 1987-88 Lakers Championship teams.

Answer: Byron _Scott_


6. Today's tennis racquets are a far cry from the old wooden clubs of decades past. With all the hype over racquets, however, tennis racquet strings are often overlooked. Do you know your tennis racquet strings? For ten points name the company which dominates the natural gut string market.




7. The future of the Canadian Football League looked bright when it announced that it was expanded south of the border into such cities as San Antonio, Sacremento and Shrevport. However, last year, the last of the U.S. teams left and moved back to Canada. FTP, name this team who won last years Grey Cup before becoming the Montreal Alouettes.

Answer: Baltimore _Stallions_


8. FAQTP, give me the name of the player who scored the first ever goal in Major League Soccer.


Eric _Wynalda_




9. Given the following Chuck Berry lyric, identify the song FTP: "Gonna write a letter, mail it to my local deejay/ tell'm about the jumpinest record I want my jockey to play/ _________(song name) I gotta hear it gain today".


_Roll over Beethoven_


10. Blue Monday, I'm walkin, Ain't it a Shame, the Fat Man, I'm in Love Again, and Blueberry Hill are all hits by this portly rock and roll artist. FTP, name him.


Fats _Domino_


11. Among the people he played with were Harold Land, Max Roach and Richie Powell. This brilliant young jazz player was killed in an airline crash early into his career, which was a shame because Downbeat reported him as being the best non-drug using jazz musician of his day. FTP, name him.


Clifford _Brown_


12. His "Band of Gypsies" included Billy Cox


His recording career spanned from 1967-1970, in which he released 3 studio albums, including Are You Experienced?, and one live album. For 10 points name this revolutionary musician who wrote songs such as Manic Depression and Wind Cries Mary.


_Jimi Hendrix_


Science, Sci-Fi and Technology:


13. This television series occurs in the 23rd century, 10 years after a war with aliens that have no hair. The third season was written entirely by one man, J. Michael Straczynski. Guest stars have included Star Trek's Majel Barrett and Walter Koenig. FTP, name this show about a space station that stars Bruce Boxleitner as Captain Sheridan.


_Babylon 5_


14. This book basically consists of many people telling their experiences about a creature named the Shrike. FAQTP, name this Nebula award winner by Dan Simmons.




Comics / Literature:


15. The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, McElligot's Pool, On Beyond Zebra, I Can Draw It Myself, The King's Stilts, If I ran the Zoo, The Butter Battle Book, and to think I saw it on Mulberry Street, and The Lorax are all for 10 points books by what author?


_Dr. Seuss_


16. This famous children's author and poet started out as a caroonist for Playboy Magazine, but has since wrote books like the giving tree, where the sidewalk ends, and falling up. For 10 points who is he?


Shel _Silverstein_




17) Like Twix and Kit Kat this candy treat is sold with multiple sticks per package. When first introduced by Hershey in 1989, this chocolate and wafer confection was sold as only one stick. FTP, identify this candy product which uses packaging to disassociate the product from its name, which might either mean "no exceptions" or "no-candy".

Answer: _Bar-None_

Government Corruption:


18) He claimed that he could be a lobbyist at $400,000 to $600,000 per year. He also blamed his boorish behavior on alcohol, yet conversely claimed that harassing female employees was part of his "Christian Duty". Unfortunately, this Senator kept other, more damaging statements and remarks in a diary. FTP, identify this disgraced and now retired Oregonian politician.

Answer: Robert _Packwod_



Goofy Current Events:


19. Originally, Madonna planned to give birth to her baby at her home. However, in the end, Lourdes was born in this hospital in Los Angeles, where Madonna occupied an entire wing. FTP, name this hospital, whose name also means someone who likes helping others.


_Good Samaritan_ Hospital


Old Current Events:


20. Built on the Ford Falcon chassis, this classic car was the first to be offered before its model year. The first time it was offered was August 1964, although its model was 1965. FTP, name this model of car, which is a muscle car by todays standards, but was originally intended by Ford for use as a second, economical car.


Ford _Mustang_




21. Most of you remember Will Smith one of the stars of Independence Day and in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I still think he was best when he teamed up with his best friend Jeff creating, FTP, this rap group.


_DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince_


22. The game of pool has long been associated with barroom culture and gambling. However, one of history's greatest musical composers was an avid billiards player. FTP, name this composer, perhaps better know for composing "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik".


Wolfgang Amadeus _Mozart_


23. Nathan Phillips Square, Roy Thompson Hall, the Pantages Theatre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the CN Tower and Skydome are all, FTP, located in what largest Canadian city.




24. FAQTP, answer the following tongue twister correctly: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


_As much wood as a woodchuck would chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood_


Bonuses by JHU Riddler Crew




1. (30) CBS has recently made some changes in order to improve its ratings. So far, they have succeeded.

A-5each) Identify the sitcoms of CBS big comedy Monday that started off the season in order from earliest to latest- time slot. Be careful, a miss will stop you.

_Cosby, Pearl, Murphy Brown, Cybill_

B-5each) Name the husband and wife team of the CBS series "Ink" that was retooled and replaced with Pearl on monday nights.

Ted _Danson_, Mary _Steenbergen_


2. (30) It is time for the fall movie blockbusters. Several high profile movies have recently been, or are about to be released. Answer these questions about them FTPE.

A) This movie, the newest Star Trek, deals with the Borg and is set to come out around Thanksgiving.

Star Trek: _First Contact_

C) This movie stars Mel Gibson as a father who offers a reward to anyone who kills his son's kidnapper.


C) This movie stars a certain basketball player who has a new cologne coming out and Bugs Bunny.

_Space Jam_






3. (30) Discounting his role as the US Pentathlon Team's spiritual leader during the 1996 Summer Olympics, Dolph Lundgren is probably best known as Sylvester Stallone's nemesis, Ivan Drago, in the movie Rocky IV. FTP each, name any three of Dolph Lundgren's other films.


Any three of the following:


_Showdown in Little Tokyo_, _Universal Soldier_, _Pentathlon_, _Red

Scorpion_, _Army of One_, _Cover Up_, The _Punisher_, _I Come in Peace_,

_Men of War_, The _Shooter_





4. (30) HBO has had some interesting sitcoms-although frequently more racy than broadcast comedies, they are still hilarious. Answer these questions FTPE.

A) This comedy is about a sports agent and features cameos by real superstars.

Answer: _Arli$$_

B) Spell the name of Arli$$, the series, not the show.


C) This comedian, who frequents Politically Incorrect, plays Michael Arliss..

Answer: Robert _Wuhl_




5. (30) Basketball Season is about to start-those of you who have paid attention know that many moves were made in the off-season. Given a clue, identify the player-if you need the former team, you get 5 pts.

A-15) This center was signed by the supersonics in order to defend against other pacific divsion centers. His contract was so large that Sean Kemp refused to go to camp for several weeks

A-5) He was formerly a washington bullet, and a graduate of Marquette.

Answer: Jim _McIlvaine_

B-15 This player was drafted by Milwaukee, but was traded to minnesota

B-5) He was a standout player at Georgia tech.

Answer: Stephen _Marbury_


6. (30) In hockey, recent traditions have developed in which the fans throw objects onto the ice after goals. Identify the following for the stated point value

A-8) When this team scores a goal at home, fans throw octopi onto the ice.

Answer: Detroit _Red Wings_

B-10) When this team scored a goal at home last year, plastic rats were thrown on the ice.

Answer: Florida _Panthers_

C-12) The Florida Panther tradition started after this player killed a rat in he locker room before a game.

Answer: Scott _Mellanby_


7. (30) The Los Angeles Dodgers are talking about moving Mike Piazza from catcher in order to preserve his bat as he would not get beaten up so much in another fielding position. This has happened many times in the past. Given the clues 10/5, identify the player.

A-10) This player was moved to second base from catcher in order to preserve his speed in the early 1990's

A-5) This All-Star currently earns $5 Million per year from the Houston Astros.

Answer: Craig_Biggio_

B-10) He was moved from catcher to third base in order to make room for Tom Pagnozzi

B-5) He homered twice in the ALCS against the Yankees but will be best known for his error in game 3.

Answer: Todd_Zeile_

C-10) In 1976, he was moved to center field in order to get him as far away as possible from a position he clearly demonstrated he could not play on the Major League level.

C-5) A two-time NL MVP, he retired with 397 homers in stints with Atlanta, Philadelphia and Colorado.

Answer: Dale _Murphy_






8. (25) In recent years, many NHL hockey teams have moved to new arenas. If you can name the new arena for each of these teams, you will receive an amount of points equal to the number of Stanley Cups that team has won.

a) Philadelphia Flyers

_Core States_ Center (2 points)

b) Montreal Canadiens

_Molson_ Center (23 points)

c) St. Louis Blues

_Kiel_ Center (0 points)







9. (30) Alright, you guys might have your current trash down pat, but lets try some old school for dat ass. Given some lyrics, give the song title FTPE.

a) get on the bus/ dont forget your fare/ tell the driver that you're going to a double dutch affair.

Answer: _Double Dutch Bus_

b) Psycho-alpha-disco-beta-bio-aqua-doo-loop/never learned to swim

Answer: _Aquaboogie_

c) We need the funk!/Gotta have that funk!/OW!

Answer: _Tear the Roof off the Sucka_


10. (30) In the mind of this question writer, west coast gansta rap is the shit. Given the lyrics of an artist, name the rapper FTP each.

A) "I have to say it was a good day/ I didn't even have to use my AK."

Answer: _Ice Cube_

B) "Well I'm peepin', and I'm creepin', and I'm creep-in'/But I damn near got capped, 'cause my beeper kept beepin'."

Answer: _Dr. Dre_

C) Its kind of easy when your listening to the g'd up sound/ pioneers kicking record while your smokin the pound

Answer: _Warren G_






11. (30) This question is about men who have recently (or not so recently) completely shaved their head. Hint-They are all in the music business.

a) For 5 pts, name the lead singer of REM who shaved his head before the most recent tour.

Michael _Stipe_

b) For 10 pts, name this man who shaved his head before the Infinite Sadness Tour, named after his bands most recent album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Billy _Corgan_

c) For 15 pts, name this man who hosts MTV's 120 minutes and also happens to be quite hairless.

Matt _Pinfield_


Science, Sci-Fi and Technology:


12. (30) No packet can be complete without a Star Wars question. But, let's add a twist this time. FTP each, you will asked to identify a name or title not explicitly stated in the movies but mentioned in other books.

A-) The Emperor's name

Answer: _Palpatine_

B) Princess Leia's last name

Answer: _Organa_

C-) Governor Tarkin's official title

Answer; _Grand Moff_


13. (26) Chip the glasses and crack the plates! / Blunt the knives and bend the forks! / That's what Bilbo Baggins hates. This is one of the many songs the drawves sing in The Hobbit. Now, for two points each, name all thirteen of the dwarves that invade Bilbo's hobbit hole.

Answer: Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Fili, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Gloin, Oin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur


14. (30) Toxic waste is generally recognized as a bad thing. However, it turns out that one of mankind's most beloved superheros, the Toxic Avenger, was formed after his alter ego was thrown into toxic muck. For ten points each, answer the following questions about good ol' Toxie.

A) What's the Toxic Avenger's human name?

Answer: _Melvin_

B) What particles give Toxie his awesome powers?

Answer: _Tromatons_

C) What is Toxie's hometown?

Answer: _Tromaville_




15. (30) Time to reminisce about the old days, specifically when we were all reading the classic Winnie the Pooh. How much do you remember about this delightful children's book.

A) We all know him as Winnie the Pooh, but that's not his real name. F10P what was his real name?

Answer: _Edward_ Bear

B) Tiggers can do everything, we all know, including climbing trees, but as we all found out they can't climb back down. FTP who else was trapped up in a tree with Tigger?

Answer: _Roo_

C) On a blustery Autumn day Owl's house fell down with Pooh and Piglet inside it. FTP which one of Pooh's friends found Owl a new house, which actually turned out to be Piglet's old one.

Answer: _Eeyore_


16. (30) We all know and love Opus the Penguin from Bloom County, but how well do we really know him? Answer these questions FTP each.

A) It is a little known fact that Opus was one this other character�s pets.

Answer: _Binkley_

B) Opus got married, although the marriage was quickly annulled. Who was Opus married to?

Answer: _Lola Granola_

C) At one point in his career Opus played Tuba for a heavy metal band started by Steve Dallas. What was the name of the band before it was changed to Billy and the Boingers?

Answer: _Deathtongue_




17. (25) For five points each, give the complete names (with colours) of the 5 original Lucky Charms:

_Pink Hearts_, _Yellow Moons_, _Orange Stars_, _Green Clovers_, _Blue Diamonds_

(Note: Do not except purple horseshoes or red balloons)


Government Corruption:





18. (27) Name the country on a 27-21-8.

27) Because of his involvement with an incident that occurred in this country and the attempted cover-up during an inquiry, General Jean Boyle was forced to resign as chief of Canada's defense staff.

21) The incident occurred during a peacekeeping mission when a civilian was beaten to death. All the files concerning the affair were found to be erased and all printed backups were mysteriously destroyed.

8) The

Answer: _Somalia_







Goofy Current Events:


19. (30) How much do you know about recent rock group scandals? Let's find out.

A-5) This rock band recently recorded their unplugged with their former lead singer watching them from the balcony.

Answer: _Oasis_

B-10) This rock band has had tragedy follow them throughout their 1996 tour including the death of the drummers' father, the death of a fan due to moshing, and the death of a touring musician and subsequent firing of their drummer. Name this band that has the highest selling double CD of all time.

Answer: _Smashing Pumpkins_

C-15) This band had trouble on Saturday Night Live last season when they tried to display the American Flag upside down on their equipment. After performing their first song they were asked to leave the studio.

Answer: _Rage Against the Machine_


Old Current Events:


20. By the time they got to Woodstock, they were half of a million strong. Show your strength, by answering the following about Woodstock FTP each.

A) He was the opening act

Answer: Richie _Havens_

B) He was the closing act

Answer: Jimi _Hendrix_

C) The Woodstock had to be moved from Woodstock to this man�s farm in Bethel, NY.

Answer: _Max Yasgur_




21. (30) It's time for a Simpson's bonus.

A) We all love the adorable cat-and-mouse team Itchy and Scrathcy, but in an episode later in this season their ratings start to go down and a dog must be added to the show. FTP name the dog.

Answer: _Poochie_

B) Homer was once in a barbershop quartet that actually won a grammy. FTP name it.

Answer: the _B-sharps_

C) Homer also flew in the Space Shuttle. He caused many problems during the voyage but eventually saved the day. Alas, a parade was not thrown in his honor, but was thrown in honor of FTP what object?

Answer: Inanimate _Carbon Rod_


22. (30) This one is for readers. For some time now, the news group has been inundated by certain people making animal noises.

A) FTP, what is their favorite saying?

Answer: _Meow Meow_

B) No one knows how this started, but apparently the "meow meowers" do not like this harvard student since many of the spams refer to him in a derogatory manner. For 10 pts, name him.

Answer: Matt _Bruce_

C) According to the "meow meowers" the meowing started when this newsgroup, which they frequented, was invaded. FTP, name it.

Answer: _alt.beavis-and-butthead_


23. (30) People love to hate Howard Stern. Answer these questions on the king of all media.

A-5) His most recent bestseller is soon to be a motion picture. Name it.

Answer: _Miss America_

B) This black lady has been his sidekick ever since he has been on radio, although many people think she is just there to agree with Howard.

Answer: Robin _Quivers_

C-15) Howard had another movie in mind some years ago. It got as far as him advertising it during the MTV music awards. What superhero was this movie going to be about?

Answer: _Fartman_