Tossups by the M.B. Team


1. Is it something in the water? This state has seen some of the nuttiest people running for office lately. One, who suggested mandatory prayer in prisons, almost won the Lieutenant Governorship. Another, a sitting U.S. Senator, implied that while he cheated on his wife, he only received oral sex so that made it all right, somehow. Now the senior Senator, saner than the junior Senator despite having been married to Elizabeth Taylor, just "morphed" opponent Mark Warner's head onto the body of junior Senator Chuck Robb. For ten points, name this state which almost sent Oliver North to the Senate, for Chrissakes.



2. He cut an odd figure indeed, with his cloak and hat covering a dark void in which floated two glowing yellow eyes. Despite his potentially frightening appearance, he was a sweet if spineless sort, and his magical powers were mostly limited to a really cool ripcord and the ability to vanish and reappear to announce the beginning and end of commercial breaks. For ten points, name this "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" character.



3. It's been quite a few years since this product was tied in with the fate of two Ohio high school students, whose experimentation with it may have contributed to their becoming gay lovers and to their suicide pact. It's also been a few years since many samples of it were found to be loaded with benzene. For ten points, name this brand of bottled water, whose name is not "naïve" spelled backwards.



4. Based on a novel by William Nolan and George Johnson, this 1976 movie was filmed almost entirely in a Dallas shopping mall. Featuring Peter Ustinov as an old hermit who likes cats and Farrah Fawcett as a plastic surgeon�s nurse, it starred Jenny Agutter, with Michael Yorke in the title role. For ten points, name this sci-fi spectacle, set in a hedonistic world where people older than 30 are put to death.



5. "[Elvis] was okay, but he had great taste in clothes." So this woman said, when asked whether a fondness for the King explained her taste for white sequined jumpsuits. Small wonder, then, that one critic described her as "the down side of NAFTA." For ten points, name this French-Canadian chanteuse, who sings the omnipresent "It"s All Coming Back To Me Now."



6. He was the first German to have his name enscribed on the Stanley Cup. He assisted in this bit of fame by socring an overtime goal in Game Four of the 1996 NHL playoffs to give the Colorado Avalanche the franchise's first title. For ten points, name this defenseman.

ANSWER : Uwe _KRUPP_ (Kroop)


7. She started off with short stories in Marion Zimmer Badley's anthology series _Sword and Sorceress_. Since those early days she has gone on to write many books including _Jinx High_, _Arrows of the Queens_, _Magic's Price_, _Cast of Corbies_ and _Oath Breakers_. Name this woman who created the Heralds of Valdemar.

ANSWER : Mercedes (accept Misty) _LACKEY_


8. This ingredient is in some of the finest junk foods. But most people don't know that it's obtained by cutting into an Acacia Senegal and collecting the sap. This liquid can then be used as a gelling agent, especially in candy. It is not the Bubble-licious of the Middle East. FTP, name this thickening substance and material component of the second level wizard spell, Invisibility.



9. Have you been to a Barry Manilow concert? If you have, you may have noticed that, while it may have been a sellout, not all the chairs were occupied - notably one in the front row, which is reserved for this man. He also had a standing reservation at the Reagan White House, causing rumors of an affair with Nancy Reagan to be added to his rumored ties to organized crime. FTP, name the crooner dubbed "Ol' Blue Eyes."



10. His works helped inspire the "Life In Hell" cartoon where Akbar and Jeff complain that their new apartment has great rent but clumsy neighbors, as well as the climax of "Labyrinth". These works include "Reptiles", "Liberation", "Drawing Hands", "Meta morphosis II," and "House of Stairs". For ten points, name this painter whose works adorn approximately one out of every four college dorm rooms.



11. On October 3, 1996, a masked man in Chicago robbed the First National Bank. According to FBI reports, the teller was held at gunpoint, and then urged to vote. This was no great surprise, since the robber was wearing a mask of this figure, who tried virtually every strategy except holding voters at gunpoint after his proposed 15% across-the-board tax cut won the hearts of few voters. For ten points, name this politician.



12. This band did not have a bassist named Jenny, nor a guitarrist named Johnny. Nor was it called "The Human Race." But you might think these things were true of this one and a half hit wonder if you listened to their half-hit, "Pop Goes The World." For ten points, name this trio also responsible for "The Safety Dance."



13. Victor was caught in a warehouse full of stolen goods, served four years in prison, and soon after his release was gunned down by a cop named Freddie. Vincent was another criminal, gunned down in a stranger�s bathroom. Suzanne, no relation, is not a criminal. For ten points, what name does the musician share with the Tarantino characters played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta?



14. He is apparently an orphan, though he just may have been given up by his parents. And who could blame them, he has a fondness for sharp teeth, a metallic-blue Eddie Munster haircut, silvery skin, and tattered midnight blue leather. He is a true genius, however, and cloned the supervillain group "The Marauders" as a reliable supply of muscle. For ten points, name this mutant whose real name is Nathaniel Essex, both a lieutenant to and rival of the villainous "Apocalypse" in "The X-Men."

ANSWER : _MISTER SINISTER_ (Accept "Nathaniel Essex" on an early buzz)


15. They certainly deserved to win this year�s World Series, and they did it in style, with a Series-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth and all. Of course, we mean the College World Series. For ten points, name the College World Series champion, which won its third title by beating the University of Miami, a Southeastern Conference team whose teams are called "Tigers."



16. "Paul, where�s your grandfather?" "He�s very clean." These are two catchphrases from this movie, where we watch four friends search for long-lost relatives, dodge fans, and deal with producers. And, in the case of the drummer, wander around in a drunken stupor. This 1964 movie�s soundtrack includes "If I Fell", "I Should Have Known Better," and "Can�t Buy Me Love." For ten points, name this flick starring the Beatles.



17. It was the last stop of washed-up jocks like Brian Sipe, and its teams include the St. Louis Pharaohs and the San Jose SaberCats. Its ESPN2 motto is, appropriately, "Basically, everybody go deep." For ten points, name this sporting league, which plays the game dubbed the "Fifty-Yard Indoor War".



18. "Our strategy was perfect, except for the fire." So this man said on May 14, 1985, the day after his otherwise perfect strategy destroyed 61 houses and killed 11 people. With such foresight and tact, it�s no surprise that he�s not the mayor of his city anymore. For ten points, name this former mayor, who, in a standoff with the radical group MOVE, nearly brought the Chicago fire to Philadelphia.



19. A real law in this state bans jumping off bridges, except on October 20th in the "city" of Fayetteville, which needs the excitement of legalized bridge-jumping-off to attract tourists to prop up the cruddy economy. However, this state does not have a law, despite legends to the contrary, that if a man and woman get divorced they are still legally cousins. For ten points, name this state, whose most important tourist

attraction is the old arsenal at Harper's Ferry.



20. During a brief stay in an asylum on the A-Team, Murdock spent the entire time demanding bags in which to put this substance. While it is produced abroad, where it goes under such names as lasitong, abfall, haltura, and poubelle, America produces the most of it per capita, and the resulting glut left the city of East Islip, New York, without a destination for a bargeload of it. For ten points, name this word, which also describes the kind of tournament you're attending right now.



21. They lost to the United States in the first-ever Olympic men's basketball final, but their fame doesn't lie in that sport, or even really in the Summer Olympcs. It lies in the Winter Olympics, and, more specifically, in hockey. For ten points, name this nation which has garnered six gold medals in that sport, and whose recent world hockey title loss to the U.S. has been a national scandal.



22. The characters in this strip included Simple J. Malarkey, a parody of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Churchy La Femme, Deacon Mushrat, and Albert the Alligator, as well as one unique possum. For ten points, name this Walt Kelly creation famous for the quote "We have met the enemy, and he is us."



23. It keeps catching odd items. Not only did it briefly snag the hem of "Schoolhouse Rock"'s "Interplanet Janet," but now a former NASA scientist leaked to the tabloids in January of this year that the Hubble Space telescope had found a 7,000 mile long elliptical craft caught in orbit around this planet. For ten points, name this planet, where "Duck Dodgers" went skating on the rings.





BONUSES by the M.B. Team


1. (30 points) It's very difficult to ask funny questions about the European Union, but we�ll try. Answer the following for ten points apiece.

A) Name the EU nation whose farmers were so distraught over agriculture policies, both with regards to Maastricht and the EU, that they had a mass sheep-killing in the nation's capital.


B) Name the EU nation leading a campaign to have its own official language removed from the EU's official language list.


C) Identify the relatively poor member of the EU which got into a fair amount of fights regarding the Maastricht Treaty by insisting that any computers which it imported had to include a key with a special linguistic mark.

ANSWER : _SPAIN_ (FYI, the key was for a tilde)


2. 30-20-10, identify the musician from career notes.

A-30) He has made several guest appearances on "Was Not Was" albums- as lead vocals on the song "Shake Your Head," and backing vocal on many songs, including one each where he backed up Mel Torme and Lita Ford.

B-20) His 1986 autobiography was entitled _Diary of a Madman_, and, if you read it, you would know he was born in Birmingham, England, in 1948.

C-10) This former lead singer for Black Sabbath has the interesting habit of biting off the heads of bats on stage.

ANSWER : OZZY _OSBOURNE_ (accept ÒOZZY!Ó with sufficient brio)


3. (30 points) SPAM-tastic! It's a SPAM question! Answer the following questions about the greatest technological marvel on Earth which is not currently part of a submarine, for the stated number of points.

A-10) How many calories are in one serving of SPAM (within 10)?

ANSWER : _170_ (Accept 160-180)

B-5) "SPAM" is short for what?


C-5) Name the company whose happy geniuses make the official ÒSPAMÓ


D-10) What wise state consumes the most SPAM products per person- a good order of magnitude more than any other.



4. (24 points) Identify the following for the stated number of points. They may or may not be related. So, of course, you�re assuming that they will be. Heh heh.

A-12) This talking alligator and his mentor, "Bull," keep trying to catch the Tasmanian Devil on "Taz-Mania."


B-8) This song was the one hit of one-hit wonder Harold Faltermeyer.


C-4) Faltermeyer�s one hit honors this Detroit policeman, not known for actually solving anything in Detroit, but whose nemeses conveniently wound up in Southern California on three occasions.



5. (30 points) How well do you know the colleges of various NFL quarterbacks? You'll get six points for each one you get correct.

A) Ty Detmer


B) Jim Harbaugh


C) Dave Krieg

ANSWER : _MILTON_ COLLEGE (Washington state)

D) Don Majikowski (Ma-cow-ski)


E) Rich Gannon



6. (30 points) Identify the movie from quotes, 30-20-10. You know the drill.

A-30) "We come from the nexus of Somnus, beyond the planets."

(Moderator: pronounce "Cleve-land" as two words in the following)

B-20) "If I had anyplace to go, do you think I�d be in Cleve-land?"

C-10) "Back off! I�m a master of Quack-Fu!"



7. (30 points)

A) (21 points) For negative two points for none, no points for one, three points for two, six points for three, ten points for four, fifteen points for five, or twenty-one for all six, name all six Metallica albums, not counting the album of B-sides.

ANSWER : _Kill 'Em All_, _Ride The Lightning_, _Master Of Puppets_, _And Justice For All_, Metallica_, _Load_.

B) (9 points) Now, for an additional nine points, give me the name of that B-side album.



8. (30 points) name the famous comic character from the clues provided, 30-20-10.

A-30) His first appearance was in _More Fun Comics_ #73, in 1941, which also marked the first appearance of Green Arrow.

B-20) His opponents have included Manta and Kondax. Although for his early career he was clean shaven, he later grew a beard.

C-10) He is probably Atlantis' most famous superhero in the DC Universe.



9. (30 points) Answer the following questions about Jeopardy! for the stated number of points.

A) Lose five points if you cannot name the number of categories appearing in a single round of Jeopardy!


B-10) ALLOW 5 SECONDS for COMPUTATION: Assuming that there are no Daily Doubles, how much can a contestant win on Jeopardy! if they get all the answers plus Final Jeopardy! correct?

ANSWER _$54,000_

($9,000 for Jeopardy! + $18,000 for Double Jeopardy! = 27,000x2 (Final Jeopardy!) to get $54,000.)

C-20) ALLOW 20 SECONDS COMPUTATION: Assuming a person answers all questions correctly, and bets the maximum on daily doubles and final Jeopardy!, what is the highest possible dollar earnings on one show.

Answer: _$224,000._

( $8,900 for Jeopardy +$1500 on DD+$17,600 Double Jeopardy!=$28,000x4 2DDx2Final=($224,000)


10. (30 points) Identify the person from the clues given for 30-20-10.

A-30) He graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in philosophy, but originally decided to go into broadcast news instead.

B-20) His big break came when he was the host of the high school game show "The Wizard of Odds".

C-10) The Maryland Academic Quiz Team home page compares Quiz Bowl games to a Jeopardy! game where you could ring in and make this man shut his trap for a while.



11. (25 points) Given the hot new fall shade, name the makeup company which manufactures it for five points each and a five points bonus for all correct.

A) Violet X-Treme


B) Rouge Idole


C) Black Honey


D) Rogue Vogue



12. (24 points) It is the nineties, and there is time for the eighties. Answer the following about that decade for eight points each.

A) This man suggested, in a 1984 letter to Newsweek, that the U.S. trade him for Andrei Sakharov, saying he would feel happier in the USSR. Of course, in the he�d been confined to a mental institution since 1981.


B) This movie star�s last words were "Let�s see if there�s one for me," as he shot himself in the head with a .44 Magnum loaded with blanks- unaware of how much power a blank that size actually has.


C) Finally, for four points each, name the two runners- one American, one British- who collided in the 1984 Olympics, ruining both their medal chances.

ANSWER: Mary _DECKER_ (accept Mary _SLANEY_) and Zola _BUDD_


13. (30 points) We all know that "Weird Al" Yankovic has parodied a fair amount of songs. The question here is: what are they called? You'll get ten points if you can name the Weird Al song from the original being parodied.

A) You Got It (The Right Stuff)


A) Got My Mind Set on You

ANSWER : (This song's just) _SIX WORDS LONG_

B) MacArthur Park


C) Stop Draggin� My Heart Around



14. (30 points) Do you know anything about the comic "Tintin"? I'll give you descriptions of various characters in the strip, and you'll earn ten points apiece if you can tell me who they are.

A) Tintin's dog, who follows him everywhere.


B) This formerly drunk captain is now president of the Society of Sober Sailors.


C) This character was inspired by the person who helped Herge (Her-jay) learn about China. He has appeared in _The Blue Lotus_ and _Tintin in Tibet_.



15. (40 pts.) J.R.R. Tolkien fans were delighted by the recent publication of a new book in a series of his unfinished works, which contained a 100 page manuscript for a sequel to the Lord of the Rings.

A-5each) The book was the 12th volume in what series, and was edited by what son of J.R.R. Tolkien

Answer: "_History of Middle Earth_" , _Christopher_

B-6) what is the title of book 12 of the History of Middle Earth.

Answer: _The Peoples of Middle Earth_

C-10) What is the name of J.R.R. Tolkien�s unfinished sequel

Answer: _The New Shadow_

D-14) The events of "The New Shadow" take place 100 years after the fall of the Barad-Dur, during the reign of this son of eldest son Aragorn, whose name is from the Quenya for "Son of the Elf"

Answer: _Eldarion_


16. (30 points) The CIA and drugs. Two great tastes that go great together. For ten points each, answer the following questions about the CIA�s pharmacological side.

A) Which paper just broke a story claiming the CIA supported the Contras by selling crack?


B) Which CIA director founded the CIA�s "psywar" department, which investigated the strategic applications of LSD via random application on civilians?


C) Who was the target of the CIA�s psywar department�s first national security use of LSD- to be delivered in an LSD-soaked cigar?



17. (24 points) (Moderator: to the tune of the "Spam" song if possible) Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer. Identify the national origin of the following brands of beers for six points each.

A) Dominion

ANSWER: _UNITED STATES_ (accept equivalents)

B) O.B.


C) Spaten (SHPAH-ten)


D) Watney�s Red Barrel

ANSWER: _ENGLAND_ or GREAT _BRITAIN_ (accept equivalents)


18. (25 points) The University of North Carolina has been exceptionally dominant at women's soccer, winning all but two of the titles which have been contested under the NCAA. For ten points for one, and twenty-five points for both, name the only other two schools to have won an NCAA women's soccer crown.

ANSWER : _GEORGE MASON_ University and the University of _NOTRE DAME_


19. (30 points) Comic strips are supposed to be funny. But it seems that some people haven�t gotten the message yet. Given an unfunny comic strip, name the person who inflicts it for the stated number of points.

A-5) The Family Circus

ANSWER: Bil _Keane_

B-5) Momma

ANSWER: Mell _Lazarus_

C-10) Apartment 3-G

ANSWER: Alex _Kotzky_

D-10) Mark Trail

ANSWER: Jack _Elrod_


20. (30 points) How well do you know the songs which were sung in _The Blues Brothers_? I'll give you the place in the movie when the song was sung, and you'll earn ten points if you can name the song.

A) Sung by Aretha Franklin in the diner, it eventually continues to be sung out in the street.


B) Sung by the band at the Palace Hotel Ballroom


C) Sung by the Blues Brothers band at the end of the movie in Joliet.



21. (30 points) Please name the actor after one clue for thirty points, two for twenty, or all three for ten.

A-30) Though a multi-millionaire, he has never lost touch with his spiritual side, and his travelling entourage includes a zen sensei, an aromatherapist, and a martial arts instructor, all of whom stayed in the same luxury hotel in Hawaii he did this past summer.

B-20) In one of his earlier roles, he coined the classic romantic line, "long wet sloppy kisses that last three weeks."

C-10) His films have included _No Way Out_, _The Big Chill_, and _The War_