Tossups by We Kick Ass for the Lord


1) After the death of his first wife in 1979, he married the widow of Chet Huntley. The voice of Matt Dillon on the original radio production of _Gunsmoke_, he was heard as the narrator on such television programs as _The Fugitive_ and _Rocky and Bullwinkle. FTP, identify this corpulent actor, best known for his roles in _Cannon_ and _Jake and the Fatman_.

Answer : William _Conrad_


2) The first film made with Smell-O-Vision, _A Scent of Mystery_, is released. Elvis Presley leaves the army. _The Flinstones_ and _The Fantasticks_ debut. FTP, identify the year in which these events took place, which also saw the introduction of the twist and the release of _Psycho_.

Answer : _1960_


3) In 1968, the roof was torn off on several occasions. Outside of this sports stadium you will find the statute of Kate Smith. It would seem out of place considering the sports legends she is surrounded by, but it was Smith's rousing version of "God Bless America" before Stanley Cup games that would lead the home team to several victories in the 1970s. FTP, name this stadium which now has a "sequel" where JFK Stadium used to be and is where the Broad Street Bullies made their home.



4) The novel centers on the trial of antique dealer Jim Williams, who has been accused of murdering his handyman and male companion, Danny Hansford. Set during the early 1980s, when the author lived in Savannah, it features a quirky cast of real life characters who have since gone on to fame. FTP, identify this bestseller by John Berendt.

Answer : _Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil_


5) He played quarterback at Sterling High School, but was not allowed to play the position at the University of Illinois because he was black. Transferring to North Carolina A & T, he became a minister after graduating from the Chicago Theological Seminary. FTP, name this South Carolina native, who ran for President in 1984 and 1988 and founded the Rainbow Coalition.

Answer : Jesse _Jackson_


6) Under the pseudonym of Minouflet de Vermenou, he is a book reviewer for the French edition of Vogue. Winner of a first prize at the International Wool Secretariat contest in 1954, he designed for Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth as an apprentice to Pierre Balmain. FTP, identify this German born designer, a leader of the pret-a-porter movement who led the art deco revival and created the perfume Chloe.

Answer : Karl _Lagerfeld_


7) His grandfather, Elmer Pratt, is a black Panther serving a life sentence for murder, and his mother was almost thrown in jail in connection with the Chicago Seven trial. Making his acting debut in a production of A Raisin in the Sun, he was a classmate of Jada Pinckett at the Baltimore School for the Arts. FTP, name this former member of Digital Underground, who appeared in Juice and Poetic Justice and who was in a car with Death Row chairman Suge Knight when he was gunned down in September.

Answer : Tupac _Shakur_


8) Not that there is anything wrong with being a Lesbian. Rita Mae Brown, Nancy Leiberman, Judy Nelson, and Hunter Reno. These women have all been romantically involved, FTP, with what athlete, a Czech born tennis star who has won more singles titles than any other player in history?

Answer : Martina _Navratilova_


9) This movie has an all-star cast including a young Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Cleavon Little, James Coco, Richard Mulligan, Scatman Carrothers, Cloris Leachman, Richard Benjamin, Roddy McDowell, and Tony Randall among others. The plot is based on the death of Milton Parker, whose will states that whoever wins his particular challenge will walk away with his millions. FTP, name this all-star comedy classic, whose title describes an event where you try to find the most bizarre objects within a certain amount of time.



10) Bill Veeck had lots of crazy ideas during his career in baseball, but none were kookier than this one. He implored Chicagoans to bring their records to Comiskey Park for a bonfire during a break between games at a double-header. The resulting fire and chaos left things in such disarray that the second game had to be forfeited. FTP, give the name to this infamous promotion that backfired horribly despite its good intentions.



11) Who are you? You are wise, but it was wisdom born of pain. You paid the price, but look how much you gained. If you have to, you can do anything. You are strong, you are invincible, you are Helen Reddy's greatest hit, and we hear you roar. FTP, who are you?

Answer: "(I AM) WOMAN"


12) A pair of eyeglasses, 47 jeweler's saws, a cement cast with a ping-pong ball inside, firecrackers, a frozen pig's tail, a tool box, a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup, and an ax handle. But not live animals. FTP, according to a Cecil Adams column, where could you find all these?

Answer: ANUS (accept equivalents)


13) In a new low even for him, he moderated a debate between cat lovers and do lovers to judge who would make the better First Pet- Socks the Cat or Leader Dole. On Sundays, he hangs out with a gang comprised of Eleanor Clift, Morton Kondracke, Fred Barnes, and the enormous Jack Germond. FTP, name this moderator of his self-titled group.

Answer: John MCLAUGLIN


14) Her summer wedding was featured in "People" magazine as well as some of the tabloids. Recently, viewers have seen her raped by Mark-Paul Gossaler of "Saved By the Bell" and beaten by "The Wonder Years" Fred Savage. FTP, name this grown-up girl with a hyphenated name, a husband named Valeri, a brother who once starred on NBC, and who was D.J. Tanner in "Full House".

Answer: Candace CAMERON-BURE (Prompt on Candace Cameron)


15) He still lives in the same hotel room he got on his first visit to New York. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he starred in A Year at the Top, a sitcom which was cancelled after just six episodes. FTP, identify this musician, who appeared in This is Spinal Tap and on Saturday Night Live before settling in as bandleader for the Late Show with David Letterman.

Answer : Paul _Shaffer_


16) If you don't have a stomach for watching an entire episode of Ricahrd Bey or Jerry Springer, you can watch just the daily hghlights of this show, originally hosted by Greg Kinnear and now in the capable hands of John Henson. FTP, name this regular E! Television program summarizing topics on various talk shows.



17) His sister was in the 50s group The Crests, and his first group, Listen My Brother, appeared on the first episode of Sesame Street. A graduate of Western Michigan University, he worked as a clerk checking defective merchandise before his debut, "Everybody Rejoice," appeared in The Wiz. FTP, identify this sometimes hefty R & B singer, a Grammy winner for "Here and Now" and "Power of Love."

Answer : Luther _Vandross_


18) After graduating from Southern Methodist University, she made her film debut in 1971's _Taking Off_. On stage, she originated the roles of Lenny McGrath in _Crimes of the Heart_ and Frankie in _Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune_, but lost the parts to Diane Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer in the movies. FTP, identify this actress, born Kathleen Doyle, who won the 1990 Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Misery.

Answer : Kathy _Bates_


  1. Commercials he made for the U.S. Health Department to promote the use of condoms never aired after officials learned that he had been charged with lewdness after exposing himself backstage to a University of Virginia student. He played Sylvester Stallone's son in 1978's F.I.S.T., although he is better known for his work in a band originally called Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. FTP, name this singer, who was prompted by the death of Hillel Slovak to write "Knock Me Down" and "Under the Bridge," the front man for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Answer : Anthony _Kiedis_


20) Pat Morita, Crispin Glover, John Hurt, Sean Young, and Keanu Reeves all appeared in it. Widely considered one of the worst films on 1994, it featured Lorraine Bracco, Angie Dickinson, Rain Phoenix, and Uma Thurman as the main character, a hitchhiker who gets involved in a series of dreamy adventures. FTP, identify this film, directed by Gus Van Sant from the novel by Tom Robbins.

Answer : _Even Cowgirls Get The Blues_


21) Bob from Bowie, Maryland got Ross Perot on the "Today" Show. Maury from Brooklyn got Peter Jennings during the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase. The King of Cable has hoodwinked Jerry Lewis during his telethon. And the King of All Messengers and Captain Janks have plagued Larry King for years. These men have all made prank calls, FTP, in the name of what man, the most infamous radio personality and author around?

Answer: Howard STERN


22) Finis Shelnutt, the former brother-in-law of convicted Justice Department official Webster Hubbell, got married yesterday. His new bride is a would-be singer, comedienne, and tell-all author who voted for Perot in 1992, but now thinks that Bob Dole makes "a lot of sense". FTP, name this woman not voting for Bill Clinton despite their alleged 12 year affair.

Answer: Gennifer FLOWERS


23) In what is perhaps a first in the annals of popular culture, overachieving, mediocre choreographer and actress Debbie Allen was hired by a top company to create a dance in honor of one of its latest menu additions. If they really want to present a grown-up image, they should hire Twyla Tharp. For ten points, name the sandwich line honored by Allen with a dance in which a dancer makes an arch with his arms.



24) Despite fears of possible HIV transmission, the first official all-gay team in this sport was recently formed in England. It is a bloody, no-holds barred game. FTP, name this popular European game that Americans might confuse with football.

Answer: RUGBY


25) She pees in her pants on stage because she sings so hard. She has recently revealed that Jackie Wilson tried to rape her and that she was molested as a child. FTP, name this diva songstress whose hits have included a powerful remake of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Lady Marmalade", and "New Attitude".

Answer: Patti LABELLE



Bonuses by We Kick Ass for the Lord


1) Identify the contemporary American novelist from works, 30-20-10.

A-30) He wrote _The Road to Gandolfo_, _Trevayne_, and _The Cry of the Halidon_ under the psuedonyms of Michael Shepherd and Jonathan Ryder.

B-20) Other works include _The Matlock Paper_ and _The Road to Omaha_.

C-10) He is best known for books like _The Bourne Identity_ and _TheOsterman Weekend_.

Answer : Robert _Ludlum_


2) Identify the musicals from songs on a 10-5 basis.

A-10) _A Little Gossip_, _I Really Like Him_

A-5) _The Quest (The Impossible Dream)_

Answer : _Man of La Mancha_

B-10) _Two Lost Souls_ and _Those Were the Good Old Days_

B-5) _Whatever Lola Wants_

Answer : _Damn Yankees_

C-10) _In This Wide, Wide World_ and _She Is Not Thinking of Me_

C-5) _Thank Heaven For Little Girls_

Answer : _Gigi_


3) Identify the following Emmy Award winners from 1984-85 on a 10-5 basis.

A-10) He was best supporting actor in a drama series.

A-5) He is better known for his role as an inspiring calculus teacher in _Stand and Deliver_.

Answer : Edward James _Olmos_

B-10) She was best supporting actress in a comedy series.

B-5) She is currently taking a humanities course in which Malcolm McDowell teaches everything from Schopenhauer to Milton to Joyce in one semester.

Answer : Rhea _Perlman_

C-10) He was best actor in a comedy series.

C-5) He played the wisecracking lieutenant governor of Louisiana.

Answer : Robert _Guillaume_


4) Given the plot line, name the really lame dramatic comic strip for 10 points each:

A) A recent story with Helen Dover and her difficult mother Amy has apparantly been forgotten. It now appears that the title character is being hit on by one Doctor Cory, the former cheif of staff at the hospital where she volunteers.

Answer: _Mary Worth_

B) Mercifully, the annoying Thangly Thangly and Rroggro have headed back to outer space. But now Prince Namor has come from the deeps to avenge the pollution of the seas.

Answer: _The Amazing Spiderman_

C) Tito has proposed to Berna, but says they each have to lose 30 pounds before they get married. Tito, being a fat TV chef, cannot stop eating fatty junk despite the fact he is starting to write a low-fat cookbook.

Answer: _Rex Morgan, M.D._


5) Given the football coach, name the coach who immediately preceded him for

six points each and a four point conversion for all.

A) Ray Rhodes Answer: Rich KOTITE

B) Norv Turner Answer: Richie PETITBON

C) Tom Coughlin Answer: NONE

D) Dan Reeves Answer: Ray HANDLEY

E) Dave Wannstedt Answer: Mike DITKA



6) Identify the authors of the following bestsellers from 1975, for the stated number of points.

A-5) _Shogun_

Answer : James _Clavell_

B-10) _The Great Train Robbery_

Answer : Michael _Crichton_

C-15) _Looking for Mr. Goodbar_

Answer : Judith _Rossner_


7) Stephen King has recently revived the penname of Richard Bachman with the publication of _The Regulators_. In addition to _Roadwork : A Novel of the First Energy Crisis_ and _Thinner_, King wrote three books under the Bachman name. FTP each, name those books.

Answers : _Rage_; _The Long Walk_; _The Running Man_


8) You will never know where you will find good trash material. Thanks to the author's Constitutional Law textbook, we present the next bonus. For five points per word, give six of the seven filthy words of George Carlin, the words that will "curve your spine and grow hair on your hands".



9) Given the recent wacky event from the world of sports, name the person for 10 points each.

A) The stupid, visually impaired umpire whose work during a recent Yankees-Orioles game left something to be desired.

Answer: Rich _Garcia_

B) She said that God inspired her to go to a bar and play video poker. While at the bar, she saved the life of a 91-year old woman with mouth-to-mouth.

Answer: Tonya _Harding_

C) This Washington Bullet is facing the heat from a paternity suit alleging he fathered a child wihle on a high school road trip.

Answer: Juwan _HOWARD_


10) If you made it to this tournament, it would be insulting to ask you to name the six actors who played the kids on "The Brady Bunch". But that is exactly what this question is looking for. For five points each, however, name the six actors who portrayed the Bradys in the recent movie versions of the sitcom.

Answer: Christopher Daniel BARNES, Paul SUTERA, Jesse LEE, Christine TAYLOR,

Jennifer ELISE, Olivia HACK


11) Given the classic hit from the 1970s, name the artist for 5 points each and a groovy extra five.

A) "Car Wash" ROSE ROYCE

B) "Bad Blood" Neil SEDAKA

C) "I Go Crazy" Paul DAVIS

D) "Kiss You All Over" EXILE

E) "Ring My Bell" Anita WARD


12) Name these Oscar-winners for 10 points on a clue about their acceptance speech, or 5 if you need the performance.

A-10) This 1942 Best Actress Oscar winner gave one of the longest and most boring speeches in Academy history. For years, her speech was the example of the bad Oscar speech.

A-5) She won for "Mrs. Miniver"

Answer: Greer _Garson_

B-10) She plugged her cousin's political future in her acceptance speech.

B-5) She won for her supporting role in "Moonstruck".

Answer: Olympia _Dukakis_

C-10) He said in his speech that he wanted to "suck face with all of you".

C-5) He won for his adaptation of his play "On Golden Pond".

Answer: Ernest THOMPSON


12) 30-18-6, name the entertainer.

A-30) She won the first ever Video of the Year Grammy, beating out Placido Domingo among others.

Her fan club is known as "Hopelessly Devoted".

B-18) She had a starring role in the most profitable movie musical of all time, which was way more successful than her Koala Blue debacle of the 80s.

C-6) "I wanna get Physical, Physical"

Answer: Olivia NEWTON-JOHN


13) Republicans sure love those family values. Answer the following questions on a 5-10-15 basis.

A) He married his high school geometry teacher and asked for a divorce while she was recovering from cancer surgery. The rest is history.

Answer: Newt _Gingrich_

B) Despite the fact that his daughter is a highly visible lesbian activist, he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. This vote drew anger not only from his daughter, but also from his famous ex-wife.

Answer: Sonny _Bono_

C) The chief sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act, a Georgia congressman, is a big fan of marriages. In fact, he is on his third marriage. He has also been sighted licking whipped cream off the chest of a stripper.

Answer: Robert _Barr_


14) It's time for a "Simpsons" bonus. Answer the following about the show for 10 points each.

A) He does have shoes, but little else. What is the name of the slack jawed yokel, best known for uttering the profound catchprase: "Hey Maw, (insert here)!"

Answer: _Cletus _

B) Give the first name of the country western singer that Homer managed. If you need help, it is also the first name of the wife of George Wallace who succeeded her husband as Alabama's governor.

Answer: _Lurleen_

C) What was the name of the album Bleeding Gums Murphy made that Bart bought for Lisa?

Answer: _"Sax On The Beach"_


15) It's time for a Simpson bonus. No, this is not a repeat. Answer the following about the Trial of the Century for 10 points each.

A) Name the inept medical technician on the scene of the crime whose bungling may have sunk the prosecution's case. He received a handshake from Johnnie Cochran following his grueling cross-examination.

Answer: Dennis _Fung_

B) Name L.A.'s District Attorney who vigorously promised a retrial if even only one juror voted to find Simpson guilty.

Answer: Gil _Garcetti_

C) O.J. is just getting started with the sequel to his blockbuster 1995 trial. Name his former friend and attorney who now believes that Simpson is guilty of the deaths of Ronald Goldman and Denise Brown.

Answer: Robert KARDASHIAN


16) They pretend they're queer, they're on television, get used to it. Ellen DeGeneres' "Lebanese" identity aside, answer the following on alternative TV characters for 10 points each.

A) Some say that if DeGeneres' character comes out of the closet, it would be the first main character of a TV show to be openly gay. However, TV buffs insist that while it was never said, this show featuring Tony Randall and Swoosie Kurtz featured the first gay main character in TV history. Name this awful two season NBC flop.

Answer: _Hello Sydney_

B) He now plays Matt Fielding's love interest on "Melrose Place". Some say this gives new meaning to his work on "BJ and the Bear" and "My Two Dads".

Answer: Greg _Evigan_

C) Recently, this actor, who plays Claudia's violin teacher on "Party of Five", came out of the closet.

Answer: Mitchell _Anderson_


17) Given a few items that were found in a David Letterman Top 10 List, name the topic for ten points each.

A) "The Poetry of Hank Stram", "Pre-Law Seminar: The Age of Consent in the

50 States", "Subtraction: Addition's Tricky Pal"


B) "The Babe Magnet", "The Chin Slinky" "My First Beard by Kenner"

Answer: , Top Ten NICKNAMES for Robert BORK'S BEARD

C "Axle for Raymond Burr's Lincoln", "Personal Scratcher to Mr. Ed Asner"

Answer: Top Ten SUMMER JOBS in HELL


18) For five points each, and a delicious 5 for all right, given a TV advertisement, name the candy being promoted.

A) "Almond Joy's got nuts...."

Answer: _Mounds_

B) Bart Simpson fights his father for the last one of these.

Answer: _Butterfinger

C) Various people singing "Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that..."

Answer: _Kit-Kat_

D) An eye doctor revealed that he likes to make a pair of glasses with his, considering there is no wrong way to eat these.

Answer: _Reeseļæ½s Peanut Butter Cups_

F) A recent commercial plugs this candy bar in a bizarre phone sex SCENAARIO.

Answers: _Payday_


19) Jennifer Saunders plays Edina and Joanna Lumley is Patsy on the hit British TV show "Absolutely Fabulous". But FTP each, name the actresses who play Saffron, Edina's mother, and Bubble respectively.



20) Answer the following about one of my favorite movies, "The Bodyguard" for 10 points each.

a) Give the full name of Whitney Houston's character.

b) Gary Kemp, who played her manager Sid, was half of what 80's duet?

c) Where was Frank Farmer on the day President Reagan was shot?