Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:26:25 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: Western Invitational Tourney 4 Questions by Virginia A 1. In 1901 he resigned his position as editor of the Zionist paper "The World" after a dispute with Theodore Herzl. While studying Hadisism, he began to lecture on the nature of the encounter between god and humanity. Expanding these notions into a 1923 work, he argued that people engage in two forms of relationships - the impersonal I-it and the mutual I-thou. FTP, name this philosopher. Answer: Martin _Buber_ 2. He was city attorney for Rochester, Minnesota before serving as special government counsel in cases against Standard Oil and the Union Pacific railroad. A president of the American Bar Associa- tion, he was elected to the Senate in 1916, resigning in 1923 to become ambassador to Great Britain. FTP, identify this politician, who settled the Tacna-Arica dispute between Chile and Peru as secretary of state to Calvin Coolidge, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1929 for a pact to outlaw war. Answer: Frank _Kellogg_ 3. Born of a rock, he was armed at birth with a knife and torch. Known as the creator of life, he killed a sacred bull and used its blood to form all useful plants and animals. An omniscient warrior deity in Iranian myths, this god became the center of a cult among Roman soldiers that once rivaled Christianity. FTP, name him. Answer: _Mithra_ 4. Born in Italy, he was taken to France by the Duke of Guise. In 1652 he became a violinist in the court orchestra and in 1658 he began to compose music for court ballets, many for plays by Moliere. Completely controlling music for the court of Louis XIV, he produced operatic works such as _Iris_, _Alceste_, and _Armide_. FTP, name this composer. Answer: Jean-Baptiste _Lully_ 5. The author originally offered the story to Henry James to write, but ended up writing and illustrating it himself. The title character is an artist's model who becomes a famous singer with the help of a German Jew, whose dies in the middle of a performance. FTP, identify this 1894 novel, whose title lives on as the name of a felt hat, written by George du Maurier and memorable for the character of Svengali. Answer: _Trilby_ 6. They occur at around 100 degrees Celsius with an aluminum chloride catalyst which accepts a lone pair of electrons from a halide atom. This polarizes the acyl halide of haloalkane, leaving a positively charged acyl or alkyl group, and electrophilic substitution leaves an alkylbenzene or alkyl aryl ketone. FTP, identify this class of reactions, named for the French and American chemists who discovered them. Answer: _Friedel-Crafts_ reaction 7. After her husband died in 1898, she took a job as registrar in Rusholme, which gave her the income to found the Women's Social and Political Union. After being arrested in 1908, she was sentenced to three months in Holloway Gaol, which led to the burning of David Lloyd George's house and an attempted bombing of St. Paul's Cathedral. FTP, name this suffragist, whose My Own Story tells the tale of the hunger strikes she undertook when sentenced to 3 years in jail. Answer : Emmeline _Pankhurst_ 8. In 1093 his eldest son, Conrad, led a rebellion against him, and after he died, his brother Henry also rebelled. After setting up Clement III as anti-pope, he invaded Italy and had himself crowned emperor, but was driven back by Robert Guiscard. FTP, identify this king of Germany, who was excommunicated by Paschal II and by Gregory VII. Answer: _Henry IV_ 9. It originates on the southeastern slope of the Serra dos Parecis in the state of Mato Grosso. Passing Caceres, it crosses a marshy plain before becoming part of the border between Brazil and Bolivia. FTP, identify this 1,300 mile long river, the main affluent of the Parana which divides into the Chaco and Oriental in the country that shares its name. Answer: _Paraguay_ river 10. Depression and poverty led him to commit suicide by drinking poison in 1931. Born into a family of Disciples of Christ, he became a crusader for poetry, walking from Illinois to New Mexico in 1912 to preach his Gospel of Beauty and trade poems for bread. FTP, name this American poet, best known for _The Eagle that is Forgotten_, _The Congo_, and _The General William Booth Enters Into Heaven_. Answer: Vachel _Lindsay_ 11. When he was 56, he married a 24 year old woman, and the king made him a baron. He divided chemistry into organic and inorganic divisions, introduced the letter symbols for elements, and introduced a dualistic theory that led to the discovery of electronegativity. FTP, name this Swedish scientist, who created the first accuratetable of relative atomic masses, developed the concepts of catalysis and isomerism, and discovered cerium, thorium, and selenium. Answer: Jons Jacob _Berzelius_ 12. During this period, plate subduction caused folding and orogeny in western North America, cycads appeared, erosion reduced the Appalachians, North America and Africa separated, and Archaeopteryx, the first bird, appeared. FTP, name this geologic period which lasted from 195-140 million years ago and which preceded the Cretaceous. Answer: _Jurassic_ 13. The son of the sultan of Nedj, he began by defeating the Rashidi tribe and reconquering his homeland. Although the British supported the Hijaz, he refused to acknowledge Hussein and, in 1926, he was named king. FTP, identify this Arab leader, who named his country after himself in 1932, and who established his capital at Riyadh. Answer: _Ibn Saud_ 14. He won the first baseball game of this year with a 12th- inning single. It was an omen for the top pick in the 1993 draft, as he hit .358 with 36 home runs and 123 RBIs, and his 215 hits, 141 runs, and .631 slugging percentage set modern-day records for a shortstop. FTP, name this AP Player of the Year, a 21-year- old Seattle Mariner. Answer: Alex _Rodriguez_ 15. He made his film debut in the Edison Studio's _The Eagle's Nest_, and joined the Biograph Company as an assistant director in 1908. He would produce or direct over 500 films, including _The Adventures of Dollie_, _Broken Blossoms_, and _Orphans of the Storm_. FTP name this co-founder of the United Artists Corporation who adaptated _The Clansman_ into the American classic _The Birth of a Nation_. Answer: David Wark _Griffith_ 16. It exists above the E-layer (formerly the Kenelly-Heavyside Layer) and is made of ionized gases, although its composition varies with the sunspot cycle. FTP name this layer which acts as a reflector of radio signals, named for the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1947. Answer: _Appleton_ Layer 17. He lost his senate seat after opposing the Compromise of 1850, and would later lose his seat in the House after fighting the repeal of the Missouri Compromise. After serving as Jackson's aide-de-camp during the War of 1812, he edited the Missouri Inquirer and killed Charles Lucas in a duel. FTP, name this first senator to serve 30 consecutive years, a Tennessean who was the father-in-law of John C. Fremont. Answer: Thomas Hart _Benton_ 18. After studying at Caius (pronounced Keyes) College, he took a medical degree from the University of Padua, where he studied under Galileo. A pioneer in the fields of embryology and comparative anatomy, he was physician to Charles I. FTP, identify this Englishman, whose 1628 treatise _On the Movement of the Heart and Blood in Animals_ expounded his theory of the circulation of the blood. Answer: William _Harvey_ 19. In this work an army of slaves serves an array of dishes, most of them discribed as something other than they are: for example, a roast boar with sausages for entrails, and a sow with pastry "piglets." Much of the syntax is garbled to suggest the main character's low upbringing. FTP name this farcical Roman work of the first century AD--whose most famous section is the "Banquet of Trimalchio"--written by Petronius. Answer: The _Satyricon_ (ask for more on "The Banquet of Tri- malchio") 20. Her non-fiction includes two autobiographies, _My Several Worlds_ and _A Bridge for Passing_, in addition to a study of her parents, _The Spirit and the Flesh_. She is better known as a novelist, though, writing under the pseudonym John Sedges and her first married name. FTP, name this American writer, who married her publisher, Richard Walsh, in 1935, whose _Sons_ and _A House Divided_ succeeded her Pulitzer Prize winning _The Good Earth_. Answer : Pearl _Buck_ 21. He went on trial for the murder of his wife's lover, which interrupted his study of the different gaits of horses--a project commissioned in 1872 by Leland Stanford. His Zoopraxographical Hall in Chicago was called the "world's first cinema," and his 1887 book, _Animal Locomotion_, sold well, largely due to its pictures of nude women. FTP, name this American, a one-time official photographer to the U. S. Government. Answer: Eadweard _Muybridge 22. She was educated at Newnham College with her sister, Margaret Drabble, and lectured at the Central College of Art and Design before taking a job at University College. Her first novels, _The Virgin in the Garden_ and _Still Life_, are the first parts of a sequence intended to trace English life from the 1950s to the present, while the recent film _Angels and Insects_ is based on one of her short stories. FTP, identify this author of _Sugar_, best known for her Booker prize winning Victorian romance, _Possession_. Answer : Antonia Susan _Byatt_ 23. In Ezekiel, it is named as a fort in the southeast corner of the kingdom. A woman of the same name married King Rehoboam, while another woman of this name was the Canaanite wife of Er and Onan who tricked her father-in-law, Judah, into sleeping with her by dressing as a prostitute. FTP, give this Biblical name, shared by the woman Amnon raped, to the distress of her brother Absalom. Answer : _Tamar_ 24. He has written for cinema and penned a novel, _Tsotsi_, but is better known for his dramatic works. Founder of the Serpent Players in 1965 and the improvisational Space Theater seven years later. his work examines the difficulty of race relations in his home country. FTP, name this author of _Blood Knot_ and _Sizwe Bansi is Dead_, South Africa's foremost playwright. Answer : Athol _Fugard_ 26. After being bribed with Harmonia's necklace, she forced Amphiaraus to go on the expedition that led to his death. When Thersander, the son of Polynices, bribed her as well, she convinced Alcmaeon to lead the Epigoni in war, though he killed her after returning victorious. FTP, identify this sister of Adrastus, who precipitat- ed the attack of the Seven Against Thebes. Answer : _Eriphyle_ 27. After serving as a militia captain in the War of 1812, he was selected speaker of the Canadian Assembly in 1815, a position he held for over 20 years. Opposed to the royal governors, Lord Dalhousie dissolved Parliament instead of letting him take his seat, and his Ninety-Two Resolutions of 1834 protested the union of Upper and Lower Canada. FTP, identify this politician, who fled to the United States at the outbreak of the rebellion he precipitated with William Mackenzie. Answer : Louis _Papineau_ After years of working as an engineer, he became a manager of iron mines in the Arno Valley in 1874. It was this experience which led him to theorize that income distribution remained constant whatever efforts were made to change it. FTP, identify this economist, who applied mathematical principles to the economy and society in his _Trattato di Soziologia generale_--famous for his "optimum." Answer : Vilfredo _Pareto_ The period was named in 1879 by the British geologist Charles Lapworth. Graptolites are the most numerous fossils from this period, although brachiopods, trilobites, and the first corals also date to it. FTP, identify this period, beginning about 500 million years age and lasting about 60 million years, falling between the Cambrian and Silurian. Answer: ORDOVICIAN His artistic theory is put forth in _On My Way_, in which he asserted that the artist should "court the Muse of Chance." Born in Alsace, he studied in Paris, exhibiting in the second Blaue Reiter exhibition. FTP, name this surrealist, a co-founder of Dada who collaborated with his wife Sophie and became famous for his collages of colored paper. Answer: Jean (Hans) _Arp_ He went on trial for the murder of his wife's lover, which interrupted his study of the different gaits of horses--a project commissioned in 1872 by Leland Stanford. His Zoopraxographical Hall in Chicago was called the "world's first cinema," and his 1887 book, _Animal Locomotion_, sold well, largely due to its pictures of nude women. FTP, name this American, a one-time official photographer to the U. S. Government. Answer: Eadweard _Muybridge_ 1996 Western Invitational Tourney Questions by Virginia A 1. Answer the following questions about the Thirty Years War for the stated number of points. 1. For 10, this commander of the Catholic League forces was the winning general at the 1620 Battle of White Mountain. Answer : Count TILLY 2. For 15, the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand prompted wider resistance by issuing what edict which nullified Protestant titles to all lands expropriated from Catholics since the Peace of Augsburg? Answer : EDICT OF RESTITUTION 3. For 5, name the 1648 treaty which ended the war. Answer: Peace of WESTPHALIA 2. Identify the Evelyn Waugh novels from descriptions FTP each. 1. Tony Last is deserted by his wife, becomes an explorer in Brazil and is enslaved by an old man who forces him to read Dickens aloud every afternoon. Answer : A HANDFUL OF DUST 2. Paul Pennyfeather is unjustly expelled from Oxford, teaches at a low-quality boys' school and falls in love with the mother of one of his pupils. Answer : DECLINE AND FALL 3. Captain Charles Ryder reminisces about the impact of the Catholic faith on the members of the family of Sebastian Marchmain. Answer : BRIDESHEAD REVISITED 3. Answer the following questions about the Twelve Labors of Hercules FTP each 1. Name the beast which Hercules clubbed and strangled, and then wore its skin. Answer : NEMEAN LION 2. He helped Heracles retrieve the Golden Apples and then tried to keep his freedom, but Heracles outwitted him. Answer: ATLAS 3. Two labors of Heracles were voided. For 5 points each, tell why each was considered invalid. Answer: HE HAD HELP killing the hydra, HE WANTED TO TAKE MONEY to clean the Augean Stables 4. Identify the following terms from geology FTP each 1. This is the term for an elongate hill formed when a glacier flows over and reshapes a mound of till or stratified drift. Answer : DRUMLIN 2. Extending about 100-350 km beneath the Earth's surface, this is the portion of the upper mantle beneath the lithosphere. Answer : ASTHENOSPHERE 3. This is the term for the layer of ocean water between 0.5 and 2.0 km deep where the temperature drops rapidly with depth. Answer : THERMOCLINE 5. Identify the postmodern novelists from works on a 10-5 basis. 1. (10) _The Baron in the Trees_ (5) _If On A Winter Night A Traveller_ Answer : Italo CALVINO 2. (10) _The Magus_ (5) _The French Lieutenant's Woman_ Answer : John FOWLES 3. (10) _Lost in the Funhouse_ (5) _The Sot-Weed Factor_ Answer : John BARTH 6. Identify the following chemists from a description of a famous accomplishment FTP each. 1. This Brit observed in 1660 the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas when temperature and moles are held constant, and formed a law to describe the relationship. Answer : Robert BOYLE 2. This Frenchman developed a hydrogen-filled balloon in which he ascended roughly 7000 meters in 1804, setting a record for altitude which stood for nearly 40 years. Answer : Joseph GAY-LUSSAC 3. This Scot developed a law to explain why gases of smaller molar mass diffuse more rapidly than heavier gases. Answer : Thomas GRAHAM 7. Travels with Gaius IV. Last time Gaius had decided to join a mystery cult in an attempt to get back to the 20th century. However, when he learned the Eleusinean mysteries charged too many drachmas for initiation, he decided to search for a more economical alternative. Which of the following might best suit Gaius' needs? 5) This cult came out of Egypt. It suggests that by shaving one's head, a better afterlife will be achieved through total dedication to this goddess of fertility and the Nile. ISIS 10) Gaius decided to keep his hair, so he gave up on Isis worship. Now he is contemplating this Eastern warrior cult which emphasizes courage and ruthless strength. Its symbol is a man astride a bull, sticking a dagger intot he bucking bull. MITHRAISM 15) Gaius changed his mind about Mithraism when he learned he would have to be baptised with bull's blood. Now he is thinking of joining a temple dedicated to this god of time. In the Roman ethos, this god was responsible for an early Golden age in Italy, but Greeks see him as a disorderly child-eater. For 15, who is this god whose cult may have the answers to Gaius' woes? SATURN 8. Answer the following questions about a series of Thomas Wolfe works FTP each. 1. _Look Homeward, Angel_ tells of the childhood and youth of what hero in the town of Altamont, state of Catawba. Answer : Eugene GANT 2. In the sequel _Of Time and the River_, Eugene Gant becomes a teacher of literature at the School for Utility Cultures in what real city? Answer : NEW YORK 3. In the novel _The Web and the Rock_, Eugene Gant is known by a different name. What is it? Answer : George WEBBER 9. Answer the following questions about a landmark sociological study for the stated number of points. 1. For 5, published in 1929, name this study, one of the first to demonstrate the discrepancy between American egalitarian beliefs and the truth of a typical community's class structure. Answer : MIDDLETOWN 2. FTP, give the last name of the husband and wife team that wrote the book. Answer : Helen and Robert LYND 3. For 15, the Lynds used what Indiana town as the basis of their study? Answer : MUNCIE 10. Identify the following paintings from a description and the year they were painted FTP each. You will receive 5 if you need the artist. 1. (10) Done in late 1597 and early 1598, the well-dressed central figure seated with his prosperous companions points questioningly at himself as two poor people approach from the right. A shaft of light illuminating the face and hand of one of the poor identifies him as Christ. (5) Caravaggio Answer : THE CALLING OF ST. MATTHEW 2. (10) Done in 1656, on the left, the artist shows himself at work on a huge canvas; the central figure is the child Princess Margarita, a blond girl presumably posing for him. The Princess stands amid her playmates and her dog. (5) Velazquez Answer : THE MAIDS OF HONOR (or Las Meninas) 3. (10) Done in 1808, a formation of faceless men on the right constitute a firing line in the process of executing a group of helpless men on the left. Central among the victims is a man in yellow pants and a white shirt with his arms raised in the air to no avail. (5) Goya Answer : THE THIRD OF MAY (also The Third of May, 1808) 11. Name the gland that secretes the following hormones FTP each. 1. glucagon Answer : PANCREAS 2. cortisol Answer : ADRENAL glands 3. growth hormone Answer : PITUITARY glands 12. Name the economists FTP each. 1. This British economist argued in the _General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money_ that government could aid the economy by increasing spending. Answer : John Maynard KEYNES 2. This 1976 Nobel Prize winner described his views in _A Monetary History of the U.S., 1867-1960_. Answer : Milton FRIEDMAN 3. In his _Principles of Political Economy and Taxation_, this British economist described the role of comparative advantage in a nation's accumulation of wealth. Answer : David RICARDO 13. Name the states of Mexico FTP each. 1. This state, which borders Texas and New Mexico, includes Ciudad Juarez. Answer : CHIHUAHUA 2. This state borders Guatemala and has been the site of activity by the Zapatista rebels. Answer : CHIAPAS 3. This northern includes Mexico's second largest city, Monterrey. Answer : NUEVO LEON 14. Identify the following concerning Stephen Douglas for the stated number of points. 1. For five, identify the act he introduced into Congress which validated the principle of popular sovereignty. Answer : the KANSAS-NEBRASKA act 2. For ten, he advocated this doctrine during his 1858 candidacy for the Senate, saying that a territorial populace could choose for or against slavery. Answer : the FREEPORT doctrine 3. For fifteen, he lost the backing of Southerners when he opposed this proslavery Kansas constitution. Answer : LECOMPTON constitution 15. Name the psychologists 15 each. 1. This American psychologist invested the puzzle to investigate learning processes in animals and developed a method to determine word usage that was used the basis of several dictionaries. Answer : Edward THORNDIKE 2. This German-born American psychologist developed the concept of psycho-social development in works such as _Young Man Luther_. Answer : Erik ERIKSON 16. Identify the 19th century poems that begin with the following lines FTP each. 1. "Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me!" Answer : CROSSING THE BAR 2. "No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist Wolfsbane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;" Answer : ODE ON MELANCHOLY 3. "The sea is calm tonight. The tide is full, the moon lies fair." Answer : DOVER BEACH 17. Name the Napoleonic battles FTP each. 1. As this July 1798 battle, many of the Mameluk's cavalry were driven by the French into the Nile, where they drowned. Answer : Battle of the PYRAMIDS 2. The British fleet under Horatio Nelson defeated the French under Brueys in this August 1798 engagement in Abukir Bay, near Alexandria. Answer: Battle of the NILE 3. Name usually given to 2 battles fought on October 14, 1806 in which Napoleon's armies defeated the Prussians. The second battle is sometimes called Auerstadt. Answer : JENA 18. Identify the 18th century musicians, FTP each. 1. In the 1770s, this composer collaborated with the poet Ramieri di Calzabigi on three operas: _Orpheus and Eurydice_, _Alceste_, and _Paris and Helen_. Answer : Christoph GLUCK 2) During his visits to England in the 1790s, this composer produced twelve symphonies collectively known as the _London Symphonies_. Answer : Joseph HAYDN 3) This violinist made his debut in 1791 at the age of nine and was later rumored to have made a pact with the devil to gain his virtuoso ability. Answer : Niccolo PAGANINI 19. Identify the ancient astronomers FTP each. 1. This 3rd century BC astronomer was the first to state that the earth revolves around the sun and his lone surviving treatise discusses the distance between the two bodies. Answer : ARISTARCHUS 2. Considered to be the greatest Greek astronomer, this 2nd century BC figure is credited with accurately describing the precession of eclipses and for preparing one of the first star catalogues. Answer : HIPPARCHUS 3. This astronomer, who died around 350 BC, introduced the use of geometry in the study of astronomy and was the first to present a systematic model for planetary motion. Answer : EUDOXUS 20. Identify the African nation that borders a big lake FTP each. 1. Lake Victoria is bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, and this country. Answer : UGANDA 2. Lake Chad is surrounded by Chad, Nigeria, Niger, and this country. Answer : CAMEROON 3. Lake Tanganyika is bordered by Tanzania, Zaire, Burundi, and this country. Answer : ZAMBIA Name the African-American authors of the following novels FTP each. 1. _Like One of the Family_ and _A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich_ Answer : Alice CHILDRESS 2. _Middle Passage_ and _Faith and the Good Times_ Answer : Charles JOHNSON 3. _A Lesson before Dying_ and "Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman_ Answer : Ernest GAINES Identify the physicist, 30-20-10. (30) As a student, he was asked to contribute the article on relativity to the _Encyclopedia of Mathematicla Science_, an essay of over 200 pages that is still widely read. (20) He developed the concept of spin as a necessary quantum number to describe the state of an electron. (10) He was the first to propose that an uncharged, massless particle must be emitted at the same time as beta-particles during radioactive decay. Answer : Wolfgang PAULI . Name the medieval mystics FTP each. 1. This English mystic began receiving a series of revelations in 1373 that she described in _The Revelations of Divine Love_. Answer : JULIAN of Norwich 2. This Dominican nun persuaded Gregory XI to return to Rome in 1376, thus helping to end the Great Schism. In 1970 she was declared a doctor of the Church. Answer : CATHERINE of Siena 3. This German Dominican and mystic became a popular preacher of mysticism in the area near Cologne before he was convicted by an ecclesiastical court in 1326. Answer : Meister ECKHART Answer the following questions about the Shinto faith for the stated number of points. 1. For 5, Japanese emperors claimed descent from what Sun goddess of the faith? Answer : AMATERASU 2. FTP, early Shinto was characterized by worship of a vast pantheon of spirits, mainly nature divinities, known by this general name. Answer : KAMI 3. For 15, name the late 8th/early 9th Century teacher who established a doctrine uniting Buddhism with Shinto in Ryobu Shinto, or "the Shinto of two kinds" Answer : KOBO DAISHI Name the terms from anthropology FTP each. 1. It is the process by which cultural traits of one group change through contact with another group. Answer : ACCULTURATION 2. It is a closed social group to which a person belongs by birth and which determines a member's occupation and social level. It is most closely identified with India. Answer : CASTE 3. It is an action, person, or place forbidden by culture. The word comes from the Polynesian for "special." Answer : TABOO Answer the following questions regarding a famous naval episode in the history of the American Civil War for the stated number of points. 1. For 5, Raphael Semmes commanded what Confederate raider so damaging to Union shipping that Great Britain ultimately paid the U. S. over $16 million in claims for the ship's manufacture. Answer : The ALABAMA 2. FTP, outside Cherbourg, France on June 19, 1864, what Union vessel forced the Alabama's surrender after a 90-minute battle? Answer : The KEARSARGE 3. For 15, name the Kearsarge's captain who earned a promotion to commodore and went on to command the nation's Pacific squadron from 1870-72. Answer : John WINSLOW