Question Packet BYU Pumblechook Packet Editor: Bryce Inouye Packet Writers: Anton Rytting Dan Eastmond Dave Jeppsen Toss-ups T1 As a lad of thirteen he witnessed a partial eclipse of the sun, aspectacle which sparked his lifelong fascination with skywatching. With money from King Frederick II, he built an island observatory called Uraniburg, from which he gathered data twice as accurate as those of this predecessors. But these were kept under tight wraps, until Johannes Kepler stole them to prove his theories. FTP, who was this stargazing Dane? Ans: Tycho _Brahe_ T2 Like the typewriter layout known as "qwerty", this once-widespread writing aid is also named for its first six letters. But it is not commonly used in getting your thoughts down on paper, but more often onto large rocks. FTP, what is this runic system once found all over pre-Christian northern Europe? Ans: _Futhorc_ (accept futhark or any other close equivalent) T3 One of the more famous serial killers in the ancient world, this murderess first knocked off her own brother while fleeing her homeland. She then arranged the death of her uncle-in-law, and later caused the demise of a king, a princess, and her own two children. FTP, who is this mythical enchantress sometimes accused also of having designs on her stepson Theseus? Ans: _Medea_ T4 This title character was based on Vita Sackville-West, who in private life was the Lady Nicolson, the wife of Sir Harold Nicolson. The movie character was played by Tilda Swinton, in Sally Potter's film adaptation ofthe Virginia Woolf novel. FTP, name this currently female character who shares her name with the county seat of Orange County, Florida. Ans: _Orlando_ T5 He held that true literature did not try to please its readers, saying that "a novelist is neither a geisha nor a clown." Two years after dropping out of the English literature program at Tokyo Imperial University in 1908 he joined with Arishima Takeo and Musha no kouji Saneatsu in founding the literary magazine Shirakaba. A leading figure in the Taisho era of Japanese literature, he elevated the short story to new heights. FTP, identify this influential author, called the "god of the short story" by the Japanese. Ans: _Shiga_ Naoya T6 It was published almost simultaneously in 1908 by an English mathematician and a German physician, and thus bears both of their names. It states that in a large population mating at random and in the absence of forces that would change their proportions, genetic segregation will not alter the proportion of alleles at a given locus. FTP, identify this biological principle which accounts for the survival of genetic variation within a population. Ans: _Hardy-Weinberg_ Principle T7 Harold Bloom has made news recently with the publication ofhis book _The Western Canon_. The Canon reflects the development of an earlier theory which he first published in 1973. Using Freudian concepts to analyze "literary genealogies," Bloom uses the Oedipal complex to describe the development of artists. Each artist, or son, struggles to escape the authority of the canonical artists, or fathers, by "killing" their authority. FTP, identify this important critical work which gives its name to the theory it espouses. Ans: _The Anxiety of Influence_ T8 Lord Byron referred to him as the Blind Old Man of Scio's Rocky Shore. He has also been known as the Maeonian Swan, the Swan of Meander, and if you haven't gotten it by now, the Father of Epic. FTP, who is this Bard who sang of Achilles and Odysseus? Ans: _Homer_ T9 Sometimes called the coypu, this aquatic rodent is native to South America but is a serious pest in the Southeastern United States, where it damages rice and sugarcane crops and tunnels through earthen dikes. FTP, name it. Ans: _Nutria_ T10 Blamed for creating Mount Saint Helens and Mount Hood, this tectonic plate is the focus of extensive scrutiny concerning the earthquake hazard it poses to Portland and Seattle. FTP, name this crustal fragment, which shares its name with the strait that separates Vancouver Island from Washington State. Ans: _Juan de Fuca_ Plate T11 Daniel Webster presented the winning argument in this 1819 Supreme Court case, which concerned the "obligation of contracts" clause in the U.S. Constitution. FTP, name this case. Ans: _Dartmouth v. Woodward_ T12 When the Tokugawas severed ties with the West in the 1630's, the island of Deshima in Nagasaki Harbor served as Europe's lone trading post in Japan. FTP, name the Western power that controlled it. Ans: _Holland_ or _The Netherlands_ T13 "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing," wrote this President, whose administration saw John Pickering impeached, the Chesapeake fired upon, and the "Constitution [stretched] till it cracked," as the President put it in a semi-confession. FTP, name this man, memorialized alongside Lincoln and Washington with a monument in Washington DC. Ans: Thomas _Jefferson_ T14 Executed at Nuremberg, this chief of the high command of the German armed forces conducted the armistice negotiations between Germany and France in 1940 and signed an agreement for the surrender of Germany to the Allies in 1945. FTP, name him. Ans: Wilhelm _Keitel_ T15 This English author's detective stories include "Whose Body?" "Strong Poison," and "The Nine Tailors," all of which were compiled in "Lord Peter" after her death in 1972. After her mysteries, she published religious words such as "Mind of the Master," in which shecompared God and people as creative beings. FTP, name her. Ans: Dorothy _Sayers_ T16 Skipping two grades in school, this Minnesota native was too shy to ask a girl on a date. His high school yearbook even rejected his cartoons, for which he is now famous. FTP, name this creator of Spike, Conrad, Frida, and Schroeder. Ans: Charles M. _Schulz_ T17 This many-appendaged animal is fluorescent under ultraviolet light, making it easily detectable with a black light at night, when it is most active and feeds on insects and spiders. FTP, name this arachnid, who in mythology felled Orion and became one of the constellations of the zodiac. Ans: _Scorpion_ T18 The captain of this legendary ghost ship is cursed with a crew of dead men, and the vessel is doomed to sail indefinitely. FTP, name this subject of a 1843 Wagner opera and allusion used by Coleridge in the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Ans: _Flying Dutchman_ T19 In Hebrew it means a flowing stream or a head of grain. FTP, what is this word taken from Judges 12:5-6 used as a test phrase to distinguish the enemy. Ans: _Shibboleth_ T20 In October 1994, members of the cast celebrated the 25th anniversary of this show's first broadcast. It might have been known as "Owl-StretchingTime," "The Year of the Stoat" or "The Venus de Milo Panic Show" had any of the working titles stuck. The video game based on it is called "Complete Waste of Time." FTP, identify this show that was briefly called "Gwen Dibley's Flying Circus." Ans: _Monty Python's Flying Circus_ T21 It has changed with each new major production, so the director must choose what songs to include and who is to sing them. Apparently Harold Prince has made those choices well in his return to Broadway with his newest version of this musical, which was first adapted from Edna Ferber's novel in 1927. FTP, name this Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein show which raised controversy at an earlier Toronto production over its racist overtones. Ans: _Show Boat_ T22 This American artist's 1778 work "Watson and the Shark" presaged Gericault's "The Raft of the Medusa," depicting the emotion of an actual shark attack at sea. Generally considered the greatest portrait painter in colonial America, his portraits include "Mrs. John Winthrop," "John Hancock," "Samuel Adams," and Paul Revere. FTP, identify this Bostonian, one of the first American artists of importance. Ans: John Singleton _Copley_ T23 The leading exponent of the French school of psychoanalytic theory, his writings are hard to follow because he writes in "rebuses." Basically, he claims that humans are language, interacting in three domains, which he calls the Real, the Imaginary, andthe Symbolic. The goal of psychoanalysis is not to become unified, but to reveal splits in the self and accept one's fragmentation. FTP, identify this influential French thinker who no one really seems to understand. Ans: Jacques _Lacan_ T24 In economics, it is a security that takes its value from underlying things like stocks, bonds, or Mexican copper, or any combination of such things. In organic chemistry it is a hydrocarbon compound with one or more hydrogen atoms replaced by other atoms or groups. In calculus it is the instantaneous rate of change of a function with respect to a variable. FTP, identify this versatile word. Ans: _Derivative_ T25 Born Fischl Lebowitz in Romania in 1932, he survived the Nazi occupation and escaped to America before the Soviet takeover. He worked briefly in the fashion industry, playing tennis on the side. To improve his stamina, he began long distance running, and never looked back. He founded the New York City Marathon in 1970, became president of the New York Road Runners Club in 1973, and in 1985 saw his marathon become the largest in the world. FTP, name this runner who died of brain cancer on October 9, 1994. Ans: Fred _Lebow_ T26 Chronologically, he is the earliest born pianist ever to make records. Born in Paris in 1835, by the age of two it was discovered that he had absolute pitch. He first became known as an organist, and later took to composing, becoming professor of composition at the Ecole Niedermeyer. FTP, name this superb all-around musician and composer of the opera "Samson and Delilah" and "The Carnival of the Animals." Ans: Camille _Saint-Saens_ Bonuses B1 (30) 30-20-10, name the American 30) Born on April 10, 1917 , this native Bostonian co-authored three papers while a chemistry student at MIT. 20) In 1944 he synthesized quinine, in 1951 cholesterol and cortisone, and in 1971, with a lab procedure requiring over a hundred separate reactions, he synthesized vitamin B12. 10) In 1965 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His name lives on in a set of rules for determining chemical structure. Ans: Robert Burns _Woodward_ B2 (30) On October 12, 1994, three of the most influential men in Hollywood announced plans to create a major movie studio. For five points each, name these men, one a movie director, one a record impresario, and one an ex-Disney executive. Ans: Jeffrey _Katzenberg_ Steven _Spielberg_ David _Geffen_ This new studio marks the biggest merger of Hollywood talent since the foundation of United Artists. For fifteen points, name the four artists who founded UA in 1919. Ans: Charlie _Chaplin_ Mary _Pickford_ Douglas _Fairbanks_ D.W. _Griffith_ B3 (30) Everyone should be familiar with the poem "In Memoriam A.H.H." by now. Are you? a) For five points, who wrote it? Ans: Alfred Lord _Tennyson_ b) For five points each, what does the "A.H.H." stand for? Ans: _Arthur Henry Hallam_ c) Tennyson met Hallam at Cambridge University, where they were both members of an influential undergraduate society named because of the number of members it had. For ten points, name it. Ans: _The Apostles_ B4 (30) The human cranium is composed of six bones or sets of bones. For fivepoints apiece, name them. Ans: _occipital_, _parietal_ (2), _frontal_, _temporal_ (2), _sphenoid_, _ethmoid_ B5 (25) The United States rewards its own with such familiar honors as the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross. For five points each, give the country that would distribute these decorations: a) Iron Cross Ans: _Germany_ b) Legion of Honor Ans: _France_ c) Order of Leopold Ans: _Belgium_ d) National Order of the Southern Cross Ans: _Brazil_ e) Order of the Redeemer Ans: _Greece_ B6 (25) Cotton was king in 1969 and 1970 when Texas won the Dallas bowl game and the national championship, but the Southwest Conference is gone with the wind. For five points each, and a five point bonus for all four, name the four schools moving to the Big 8 in 1996, heralding the collapse of the SWC. Ans: _Texas_, _Texas A&M_, _Baylor_, _ Texas Tech_ B7 (20) Marley may have been dead as a doornail in "A Christmas Carol," but like most Dickensian characters, he has a tendency to linger on in the literary world. For five points each, name the novel where the following characters may be found: a) Sairey Gamp Ans: _Martin Chuzzlewit_ b) the Merdles Ans: _Little Dorrit_ c) Dick Swiveller Ans: _The Old Curiosity Shop_ d) Sir Leicester Dedlock Ans: _Bleak House_ B8 (30) 30-20-10 Name the historical figure 30) When Congress rejected his petition to make his territory a state, he tried to make it a British province, leading to accusations of treason. 20) His unsuccessful attack on Montreal in 1775 was preceded by an easy victory at a British garrison on Lake Champlain, which he took without firing a shot. 10) He is best known for being the leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Ans: Ethan _Allen_ B9 (30) General Electric finally divested itself of one of its worst investments in October 1994, agreeing in principle to sell its investment banking arm to one of the few remaining independent brokerage houses on Wall Street. a) For ten points, name this beleaguered GE subsidiary being sold for $670 million. Ans: _Kidder, Peabody_ & Company b) For ten points, which brokerage firm is acquiring Kidder, Peabody & Company from GE? Ans: _Paine Webber_ Group c) Part of Kidder's problems stem from a bond trading scandal. For ten points, name the trader accused of fabricating $350 million in false profits. Ans: Orlando Joseph _Jett_ B10 (20) The 1994 Miss America Pageant turned the spotlight back on deaf Americans. For ten points each: a) Name the 1994 Miss America pageant winner, whose only use of ASL during the pageant was to say "I love you." Ans: Heather _Whitestone_ b) Whitestone prefers a communication system known as SEE to ASL when signing. What does SEE stand for? Ans: _Signed Exact English_ B11 (30) 30-20-10 Name the author from a list of novels. 30) The Dream Life of Balso Snell, A Cool Million 20) The Day of the Locust 10) Miss Lonelyhearts Ans: Nathanael _West_ B12 (20) Does eating Alpha-Bits remind you of your quantum mechanics textbook? I'll give you three physical constants. If you can name them from a description in terms of other constants, you'll get ten points. If you need the symbol, you'll get five. 10) e h-bar over 2 m c 5) mu sub b Ans: _Bohr magneton_ 10) m e to the 4th over two h-bar squared 5) a funny-looking capital R Ans: _Rydberg_ constant B13 (30) Born in about 573 AD, he was one of the most influential leaders of early Japan. He wrote a letter to the Sui court in China which began "The Son of Heaven of the Land of the Rising Sun to the Son of Heaven of the Land of the Setting Sun," establishing his opinion of his own country in relation to the great China. a) For ten points, name this scholarly prince. Ans: Prince _Shotoku_ or _Shotokutaishi_ b) Shotoku created the name for his country in this letter, the "Land of the Rising Sun." For ten points, what is the Japanese term for their own country? Ans: _Nihon_ or _Nippon_ c) The early history and mythology of Japan is recorded in two sources, written in 712 and 720. For ten points, name either. Ans: _Kojiki_ _Nihon shoki_ or _Nihongi_ B14 (30) It's a technique in which the artist paints on a plastered wall while the plaster is still damp. For five points, name it. Ans: _Fresco_ painting For ten points, name the process in which the artist paints on dry plaster. Ans: _Secco_ painting. In making a fresco, the painter usually makes a full size sketch on heavy paper, from which the artist traces an outline on the wall. For fifteen points, name these drawings. Ans: _Cartoons_ B15 (30) Ever have trouble keeping track of all of those Treaties of Paris? I'll describe the Treaty, you name the year for ten points each. a) Ended the Spanish-American War. Ans: _1898_ b) Ended the Crimean War and opened the Black Sea and the Danube River to international traffic. Ans: _1856_ c) Signed after Napoleon's first abdication, it reduced France to its 1792 boundaries. Ans: _1814_ (not 1815) B16 (30) It's not funky divas - it's just divas. Identify the following primadonnas. a) For 40 years, she was the Queen of Song, universally admired by her colleagues and critics. Born in Madrid in 1843, her father managed a New York opera house. For ten points, name this soprano, a contemporary of Christine Nilsson. Ans: Adelina _Patti_ b)The greatest student of Mathilde Marchesi, she was THE soprano after Patti. Another archetypal primadonna, she declared "I have the voice of a genius." FTP, name this Australian terror who made her operatic debut as Gilda in Rigoletto in 1887. Ans: Nellie _Melba_ (Helen Porter _Mitchell_) She made her U.S. debut in 1954. Not possessed of the greatest voice, she nonetheless became a superstar, reviving bel canto opera with her Elvira in Bellini's I Puritani. FTP, name this diva, perhaps better known for her affair with Aristotle Onassis. Ans: Maria _Callas_ (Maria _Kalogeropoulos_) B17 (20) And now, here's some Chinese dynasty questions. For five points, what Chinese dynasty was in North China at the time of the Mongols' invasion in the 13th century? Ans: _Chin_ For another five points, what dynasty ruled in the south at the same time? Ans: _Nan Sung_ or _Sung_ For five points, what was the name of the dynasty that Kublai Khan foundedby moving his capital from Mongolia to China? Ans: _Ta Yuan_ or _Yuan_ And for a final five, what dynasty replaced that of the Mongols acentury after Kublai Khan's death, and continued until 1644? Ans: _Ming_ B18 (30) Seeing as Thomas Hardy is one of the question writer's favorite authors, lets see how much you know about his works. Given the names of sections of a Hardy novel, identify the novel for ten points each. a) The Three Women, The Arrival, The Fascination, The Closed Door, The Discovery, The Aftercourses Ans: _The Return of the Native_ b) At Marygreen, At Christminster, At Melchester, At Shaston, At Aldbrickham and Elsewhere, At Christminster Again Ans: _Jude the Obscure_ c) The Maiden, Maiden No More, The Rally, The Consequence, The Woman Pays, The Convert, Fulfilment Ans: _Tess of the D'Urbervilles_ B19 (30) In traveling by boat from Bristol to St. Petersburg, taking the southern route, you would pass through eight major bodies of water. Given the Irish Sea and the Gulf of Finland at the ends, name the six in between in any order for five points each. Ans: _Celtic Sea_, _English Channel_, _North Sea_, _Skagerrak_, _Kattegat_, _Baltic Sea_