Harmonic Convergence Bowl '94 BYU Adam-ondi-Ahman Team Tossups 1. This author was born in 1821; and in 1846, he wrote _Poor Folk_. In 1849, he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to penal servitude in Siberia. He returned in 1858, and during the next ten years he would write several important novels. For ten points name the Russian author of _The House of the Dead_, _Crime and Punishment_, and _The Idiot_. ANSWER: Fedor _ Dostoyevsky_ 2. Pencil and paper may be necessary for this question involving complex numbers. For an easy ten points, give the product of 6-2i and 3+i in simplest form. ANSWER: 20 3. This author and essayist was born in Madrid and later received his doctorate from the University of Madrid. He also studied at Berlin, Leipzig, and Marburg. Some of his works include _Meditations on Quixote_, _The Dehumanization of Art_,_Man and People_, and _What is Philosophy?_. FTP, name this existentialist philosopher who is best known for his maxim: "I am I and my circumstance." ANSWER: Jose _Ortega y Gasset_ 4. Their annual holiday is Camerone Day, celebrating a famous defeat in Mexico. They march to a song that speaks of blood sausage but have not been quite the same since Dien Bien Phu. FTP, name these kepi wearers. A: _French Foreign Legion_ 5. Although he has his doctorate in sociology and psychology, his books include _Falkenberg's Legion_ and _Prince of Mercenaries_. However, he is best known for his books that he co-wrote with Larry Niven such as_Lucifer's Hammer_ and _The Mote in God's Eye_. FTP, name this science fiction writer. ANSWER: Jerry _Pournelle_ 6. Long leg, short fine leg, deep fine leg, silly point, backward short leg, deep square leg, bowler, batsman, and wicket-keeper, are, FTP, positions in what English sport played with a wicket? ANSWER: Cricket 7. Geronimo dies; Ezra Pound's _Personnae_ is published; Louis Berliot finishes the first successful flight across the English Channel; actorsJames Mason and Katharine Hepburn are born; and Peary arrives at the North Pole. FTP, during what year did all of these events occur? ANSWER: 1909 8. Recently bought by Microsoft, this company makes such popular software as the financial program Quicken. For a quick ten points, name this company whose name is a non-standard verb form. ANSWER: Intuit. 9. The Nobel Prize in Medicine recently was jointly awarded to Gillman and Rodbel for their work in G-signalling proteins. FTP, name the molecule, similar to adenine triphosphate, that functions in this signaling. ANSWER: GTP, GDP, or Guanine Triphosphate. 10. As his secretary, Procopius wrote several books about his campaigns against the Persians, Vandals and Goths. He recovered North Africa and most of Italy for Justinian. FTP, name this general who preserved Justinian by attacking the mob during the Nika riots. ANSWER: Belisarius 11. Orginally known as Mihaly Kertez, he changed his name after emigrating from Hungary. Known for saying "The next time I send some dumb sonafabitch to do the job, I'll do it myself", he directed Errol Flynn in eight movies,including _Robin Hood_. FTP, name this director who won an Oscar for _Casablanca_. ANSWER: Michael _Curtiz_ 12. This Frenchman retired from clockmaking at age 30 in 1815 in order to devote his full time to scientific investigations. For the next 30 years until his death, hewrote numerous papers on topics such as atomospheric electricity, waterspouts, and the boiling point at high elevations. FTP, name this French physicist who discovered that at the junction of two dissimilar metals an electric current will produce heat or cold, depending on the direction of current flow. ANSWER: Jean Charles Athanase _Peltier_ 13. He had his first attack of rheumatism in 1894 and by 1910 hecould no longer walk. When his fingers became too stiff to bend, he continued to paint by attaching his paintbrush to his wrist. In spite of poor health, his paintings continuedto show his cheerful attitude toward life until he died in 1919. FTP, name this French Impressionist who created the works "Oarsman at Chatou", "The Children's Afternoon at Wargemont", "The Luncheon of the Boating Party", and "Girl with a Hoop". ANSWER: Pierre-August _Renoir_ 14. This highly intellegent sand-colored macaque is native to the forests of South and Southeast Asia and is known to congregate around human settlements, especially Buddist and Hindu temples. FTP, name this monkey which was the first into the stratosphere and instrumental in the discovery of the importance of the Rh factor in human blood. ANSWER: Rhesus monkey 15. This locale attracted the likes of Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger, Henri Laurens, Jean Metzinger, Robert Delaunay, and Chiam Soutine. FTP, name this artists' settlement located outside of Paris which was the center of avant-garde activity in the early 20th century. ANSWER: Beehive House 16. Parliamentary orator, adviser to George IV, and manager of the Drury Lane Theatre, this Dublin-born statesman and dramatist was best remembered for his comedies and the unforgettable characters he created. FTP, name this author of the plays _The Rivals_, _The Critic_, and _The School for Scandal_. ANSWER: Richard Brinsley _Sheridan_ 17. William received his M.D. degree in 1883 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His brother Charles got his M.D. degree in 1888 from the Chicago Medical College. With their father William Worrall, they opened St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota on October 1, 1889. FTP, name this family of physicians who pioneered the practice of group medicine and established the world renowned clinic and research institute in Rochester which still bears their name. ANSWER: The _Mayo_ Family 18. Upon going totally deaf in 1820, he filled his house with nightmarish paintings and sketches noted for their morbid humor, delicate beauty, and realistic observations. As court painter to Charles IV of Spain, he painted many portraits of the Spanish Royal family which hang today in the Prado Museum. FTP, name this artist most widely known for his powerful paintings which depict the horrors of war including _The Disasters of War_, _The Second of May_, and _The Third of May_. ANSWER: Francisco _Goya_ 19. This American was born in Santa Rosa, California, in 1893; he started his journalism career as a sports cartoonist for the _Bulletin_ and _Chronicle_ in San Francisco and the _Globe_ in New York City. He gained international fame in 1918 when his cartoon panels began to describe oddities and strange facts and occurrences from around the world. If you can identify this man, you will get ten points, believe it or not! ANSWER: Robert LeRoy _Ripley_ 20. It was organized in 1873 with 300 men and the motto "Maintiens ledroit" or "Mantain the law". More than 19,000 people serve in it today; but, unlike the original 300 members, they patrol in automobiles, airplanes, and snowmobiles, and use horses for ceremonial purposes only. FTP, name the law enforcement department of Canada famed in movies and television for its heroic men on horseback. ANSWER: Royal Canadian Mounted Police or _Mounties_ 21. While thousands are waiting for heart transplants, the FDA just gave them all new hope. The agency has just approved a device which, implanted into the body, pumps blood instead of the ailing heart. This device works by assisting the heart's main pumping chamber so that it continues to perform. FTP, give the tradename for this implantable pneumatic left- ventricular assist system. ANSWER: _Heart-Mate_ 22. For a time, he preached at the parish which the Medicis attendedbut then left Florence. The Medicis persuaded him to return, only to be overthrown by him after a French invasion. FTP, name this monk who established a theocratic democracy. ANSWER: Giolamo _Savanarola_ 23. Growing up in Price, Utah, this aspiring athlete has achived great heights in his sport. After playing for Brigham Young University for a year, he went to Australia for two years to serve a proselytizing mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, before he returned home, announced that he would not be returning to BYU, but jumped straight into professional basketball playing for Philadelphia. FTP, name this basketball player plagued with a chronic knee injury. ANSWER: Shawn _Bradley_. 24. It was once the seat of Washington County, North Carolina, which covered what is now the state of Tennessee. Washington County, Tennessee has shrunken considerably since, but the county seat hasn't changed. It isn't even close to being the largest city in Washington County anymore, but FTP name this historic city. ANSWER: Jonesboro or Jonesborough 25. Their first work, _Trucker: A Portrait of the Last American Cowboy_, was published in 1977. Since then this author couple has been on the road documenting and writing about Americana and post-war American pop culture. FTP, these two authors whose other works include:_Roadfood_, _Square Meals_, _Sixties People_, _Elvis World_, and _ The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste_. ANSWER: Jane and Michael _Stern_ Harmonic Convergence Bowl '94 BYU Adam-ondi-Ahman Team Bonus Questions 1. (25) It's deposed dictator time. For five points each, and five extra points for all four right, given the former dictator of a country, name the country that he ruled. a) Idi "Big Daddy" Amin ANSWER: Uganda b) Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier ANSWER: Haiti c) Jean-Bedel Bokassa ANSWER: Central African Republic d) Alfredo Stroessner ANSWER: Paraguay 2. (20) One of the distinguishing marks of the metric system is its easy use of prefixes to scale a fundamental or derived unit to a size suitable to the various universes of science, such as kilo for 1000. Some lesser used prefixes which are not derived from the usual Latin or Greek. For five points each, and five points extra for all correct, I'll give you a brief etymology of a prefix and you tell me which prefix it is. a) This prefix comes from the Danish word for 15. ANSWER: femto- b) This prefix comes from Spanish meaning little amount. ANSWER: pico- c) This prefix comes also from Danish meaning 18. ANSWER: atto- 3. 30-20-10, name the author from his works 30: Travels with a Donkey, Virginibus Puerisque 20: The Master of Ballantrae, Kidnapped 10: Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. ANSWER: Robert Louis Stevenson 4. (30) For ten points for each answer, give first, the state in which the first Indian reservation in America was founded, second, the year of founding, and third, the tribe for which it was founded. ANSWER: State: New Jersey; Year: 1758; Tribe: Unami 5. (30) For 15 points each, answer these questions about the CGS unit poise (PWAZ). A) What is the poise a CGS measurement of? ANSWER: Viscosity of al iquid B) In metric units, what is the definition of poise? ANSWER:grams per centimeter-second (g/(cm*s)) 6. (30) For ten points apice, name these Western artists from a list ofworks. A) Custer's Last Stand and Arrival of Father Renalli at Ft. Owens, 1845. ANSWER: Edgar Paxson B) Christmas at the Line Camp and Indian Women Moving Camp ANSWER: C.M. Russell C) The Buffalo Hunt and Canadian Mounted Police on Winter Expedition ANSWER: Frederic Remington 7. The IUPAC's committee for nomenclature has recently released names for elements 104-109. For 15 points each, given the chemical symbol and a description of who it was named for, name the person. A) The element is 108; the symbol is Hn. Name this Jewish scientist who won the Nobel prize for his work with fission. ANSWER: Otto Hahn B) The element is 109; the symbol is Mt. Also Jewish, name this female assistant to Otto Hahn who first interpreted the results of their research correctly. ANSWER: Lise Meitner 8. 30-20-10: given the work, identify the creator. 30: McAndrew's Hymn 20: Gunga Din 10: Kim ANSWER: Rudyard Kipling 9. (20) For ten points each, given the conclusion of a famous experiment, indentify the name commonly given to that experiment. A) DNA, not protein, is the carrier of genetic material ANSWER: Hershey-Chase B) The ether theory is not valid. ANSWER: Michelson-Morley 10. 30-20-10: Identify the man 30: In 1910, along with his Professor David Hogarth, he spied on the Baghdad-Berlin railroad. 20: Under the name T.E. Shaw, he worked as a mechanic for the RAF from 1924 to 1934. 10: He wrote _The Seven Pillars of Wisdom_. ANSWER: T.E. Lawrence 11. (25) For five points each, given the names of three NCAA schools, identify the conference to which they belong. A) Kansas, Iowa State, Missouri. ANSWER: Big Eight B) Utah State, Arkansas State, Nevada-Las Vegas ANSWER: Big West C) Montana, Northern Arizona, Idaho State. ANSWER: Big Sky D) Indiana, Iowa, Purdue. ANSWER: Big Ten. E) Syracuse, Temple, Rutgers. ANSWER: Big East. 12. (20) It is now time for the unsolicited food question. Given adescription of a food, for 5 points each and an extra 5 points for all three correct, you give the common name of the food. a) buttered filo dough which is layered and filled with a nut filling and drenched with a lemon scented syrup. ANSWER: Baklava b) these patties are made from ground chick peas; they are then deep-fried and served in a pita, or pocket bread. ANSWER: Falafel c) this salad is made from bulgar wheat, tomatoes, cilantro, and othervegetables. ANSWER: Tabbouleh. 13. (25) Given the name of a trophy awarded in hockey, for fivepoints each identify what it is given for. a) Vezina Trophy ANSWER: leading goalie b) Calder Memorial Trophy. ANSWER: rookie of the year c) Lady Byng Trophy. ANSWER: Most gentlemanly player d) James Norris Memorial Trophy. ANSWER: most outstanding defenseman e) Ross Trophy. ANSWER: Leading Scorer. 14. (25) Earlier, we asked you about where deposed dicators formerlyruled. Now for five points each, and extra five for all five correct, givewhere the same dictators are living in exile. a) Idi "Big Daddy" Amin ANSWER: Saudi Arabia b) Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier. ANSWER: France c) Jean-Bedel Bokassa. ANSWER: Central African Republic d) Alfredo Stroessner. ANSWER: Brazil 14. (30) The words "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN" are the words that appearin the handwriting on the wall in the biblical story of the prophet Daniel.These words appeared as a warning to the Babylonian king that the Persianswould take over Babylon. So for 10 points: a) name the king of Babylon for whom the message was intended ANSWER: Belshazzaar b) name Belshazzar's father whom Daniel had served as prime minister ANSWER: Nebuchadnezzar c) name the Persian king who furtively seized Belshazzar's kingdom ANSWER: Darius