Questions by Jonathan Green, Bill Atkinson, Norm Gillespie, and Darren Roulstone of BYU A for the Berkeley Harmonic Convergence TOSSUPS T1. Ezra Pound despised him, but this English poet was praised by Samuel Johnson, who said "his great works were performed under discountenance and blindness but difficulties vanished at his touch." In 1802, William Wordworth wrote an apostrophe to him: "thou shouldst be living at this hour: England hath need of thee." For ten points, identify this epic poet, author of "Mansus", "Samson Agonistes", and "Paradise Lost." Ans.: John MILTON T2. In 1961, the Supreme Court created this judicial standard in the case of Mapp V. Ohio, in which police officers found pornographic pamphlets and photos in the Mapp house while searching for a bombing suspect. Because the search was warrantless, the court threw out evidence of illegalities not involving the bombing. For ten points, identify this rule which has become a hot issue for O.J. Simpson's defense team. Ans.: The EXCLUSIONary rule T3. Though not an American, he spent WWII in the Office of Price Administration in Washington D.C., and later as director of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey. But this man, born in 1908, made his name in economics with works such as "The New Industrial State." For ten points, identify this Canadian economist who argued that the influence of large corporations was destroying the traditional laws of the marketplace. Ans.: John Kenneth GALBRAITH T4. With its classic treatment of the whether refusal to obey laws is ever justified, this philosophical work is a mainstay of social contract and civil rights discussion. Its power comes from its central character's argument that a citizen has an absolute obligation to obey the state even though obedience means death. For ten points, identify this dialogue of Plato, named for the friend of Socrates who urges Socrates to escape from prison to avoid execution. Ans.: The CRITO T5. Provinces of this nation include Zaire, Huila, Moxico, Cuanza Sul, Cuanza Norte, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte, and Cabinda; its neighbors include Congo, Zaire, Zambia, and Namibia; and the capital city is Luanda. FTP, name this war-torn African nation. Ans.: ANGOLA T6. In Milton's "Paradise Lost", Satan is described as being"Like a Comet Burn'd that fires the length of" this constellation. Great publicity for a constellation that was conveniently ignored when ancient astronomers were making up the Zodiac. For ten points, identify this constellation, the thirteenth constellation in the Sun's path, whose name means "Serpent-Holder." Ans.: OPHIUCUS T7. In December 1937, three American sailors were killed and 30 wounded when Japanese forces attacked and sank a US gunboat on the Yangtze river.The mild American reaction is believed to have conviced the Axis powers that America would not take a stand against their plans for world conquest. FTP, name the vessel sunk in this action. Ans.: PANAY T8. Born in Peking in 1915 to missionary parents, he later came to the US and graduated from Berkeley in 1943. The next year he entered a Vedanta monastery and discovered his real love, amateur astronomy. For the next 20 years he made telescopes at night and snuck out of the monastery to show them off. This got him kicked out of the monastery but also got him on the Tonight Show and the PBS series "The Astronomers." FTP, identify this telescope craftsman who invented the simple plywood telescope mounting that bears his name. Ans.: John DOBSON T9. The word means "Chief of the Kings," and although usually thought of as a name, it is actually a title giving dictatorial powers to British chiefs in times of emergency. Thus, in the face of Saxon invaders, King Arthur received it. FTP, identify this title more commonly associated with Arthur's father, Uther. Ans.: PENDRAGON T10. In old plays featuring this character, he strangles his infant child, beats his wife to death, attacks policemen and is eventually dragged off by the devil. Oh, and his dog Toby is also featured in the play. Nowadays, his violence is considerably toned down for his famous puppet shows. FTP, identify this puppet, whose show is now a duet with Judy. Ans.: PUNCH T11. Lincoln himself credited a portrait by this man with helping him win the Presidential election of 1860. In 1850 he had published his Gallery of Illustrious Americans. FTP, who is perhaps even better known for his over 3500 pictures of battle and camp scenes in the Civil War? Answer: Matthew BRADY T12. This South African put together his first band in London in 1962 and scored a number of successes on the singles charts, including "Doo Wah Diddy Diddy," which topped the US and UK singles charts in 1964. Tired of playing pop music, he put together new sets of musicians before finally arriving at the set known as the "Earth Band," which had their biggest hit in 1976. FTP name this man who became famous for covering (and slaughtering the pronunciation of) Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light." Ans.: Manfred MANN T13. Telrumund is banished from Brabant, but his wife Ortrud puts a spell on Elsa's brother, the rightful heir to the throne. An unknown knight appears as Elsa's champion, but she must not ask him to reveal his name. Such is the plot, FTP, of what opera telling the story of the son of Parsifal, an opera composed by Richard Wagner? Ans.: LOHENGRIN T14. As early as 1808 he had demonstrated the lighting capabilities of electricity using an arc lamp. In 1815 he invented the safety lamp for coal miners. He is better known for his efforts in chemistry. Who, FTP, first passed an electric current through fused hydroxides in order to isolate sodium and potassium, and discovered the effects of laughing gas? Ans.: Sir Humphry DAVY T15. The name's the same: A German Benedictine monk who wrote the famous treatise on crafts and technology, De Diversis Artibus, in 1122, and the person to whom Luke addressed his gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. FTP, what's the name which translates to "lover of God?" Ans.: THEOPHILUS T16. A Spaniard, born in 1126, he studied philosophy, mathematics, jurisprudence, and medicine. After serving as a judge, as his father had, hebecame a physician, but spent much of his time writing his famous commentaries mostly on Aristotle, for which he became known in the Middle Ages as The Commentator. FTP, who was this philospher whose Arabic name was Ibn Rushd? Ans.: AVERROES (prompt on "Ibn Rushd") T17. In parts of the West Indies and the southern US, this travelling magician is used as a kind of "boogey man" figure to scare children who don't behave. This name has been particularly frightening to citizens of Haiti, as it was adopted by the secret police forces under the Duvaliers who made a habit of terrorizing the citizens and have continued to do so until recently. FTP, name it. Ans.: the TONTON MACOUTE T18. Warning: two answers required. Singapore, Zanzibar, Rio, Bali, Utopia, Morocco, and Hong Kong are widely separated places that have all been at the ends of roads travelled in the titles of films starring a pair of actors. FTP, name them. Ans.: Bob HOPE and Bing CROSBY T19. He was born in 1871 in the German city of Luebeck and was elected president of the Literature section of the Prussian Academy for the Arts in 1931. In February 1933, however,he was forced out of the academy and into exile, settling eventually in California. His first novel was "In a Family," and he is best remembered today for the novel "Professor Unrat," which was filmed as "The Blue Angel," starring Marlene Dietrich. FTP, name this author whose success was overshadowed by his younger brother Thomas. Ans.: Heinrich MANN T20. In his first press conference since the vote, this new President vowed to open the world's 10th largest economy to foreign investment and said his country would "assume a much more active role in international affairs." FTP, who is this former Finance Minister and sociologist who was elected President of Brazil? Ans: Fernando CARDOSO T21. He insisted that art had reached perfection in the classical world. His dismal picture of medieval art shaped European taste for centuries. He is credited with the term �Renaissance� for the art of the 14th Century. FTP, who was this sixteenth century painter, architect, and art historian whose famous collection of Artists' Lives favors the Florentine school? Ans: Giorgio VASARI T22. In 1928 he became president of the Juilliard School of Music, but he is better known as a professor of literature at Columbia University from 1909-37, where he planned the Great Books course, an ancestor of the University of Chicago's similar program. FTP, who wrote the essay, "The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent," as well as many modernizations of familiar legends such as his 1925 The Private Life of Helen of Troy? Ans: John ERSKINE T23. A Russian, born in 1814, he participated in the revolutions of 1848 in Paris and Prague. A member of the First International, he translated Marx's Communist Manifesto, and was contracted to translate Das Kapital, but he broke with Marx over centralization, preferring violent revolution. FTP, who made vital contributions to anarchistic movements and was a source of the special characteristic that came to mark some of them: terrorism? Ans: Mikhail BAKUNIN T24. Born in 1852, this Scottish chemist first isolated argon with Baron Rayleigh. He also discovered helium, neon, krypton, and xenon. FTP, who won the 1904 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for this and other efforts? Ans.: Sir William RAMSAY T25. Some call him "D'Amato's farmer," meaning that he is a puppet controlled by that New York Senator. He's actually a forty-nine year old state senator and former mayor of Peekskill. FTP, who is this Republican who will replace Mario Cuomo as governor of New York? Ans: George PATAKI BYU A BONUSES B1 (30) Given a brief description identify the artificial satellite for ten points each. 1. This U.S.S.R. satellite was aimed at the moon but missed and went on to become the first satellite to orbit the sun. Ans.: MECHTA 2. This was the first U.S. probe aimed at Mars. Ans.: MARINER III (1964) ACCEPT: MARS ONE 3. The first Chinese satellite, it broadcast the song "The Earth is Red" once a minute. Ans.: MAO ONE B2. (30) The era known as Pre-Cambrian Time ended 570 million years ago.That era is still divided, with two eons making up its approximate 4 billion year span. For fifteen points each identify: 1. This eon from 4.6 to 2.5 billion years ago which featured bacteria and blue-green algae has its only life forms. Ans.: ARCHEAN eon 2. This eon from 2.5 billion to 570 million years ago, which saw the flourishing of protists, algae and soft-bodied creatures similar to jelly-fish and worms. Ans.: PROTEROZOIC eon B3. (30) Given a list of films, identify the composer of the score for ten points each. 1. The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk Ans.: Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD 2. King Kong, Casablanca, Now Voyager Ans.: Max STEINER 3. Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible parts one and two Ans.: Sergei PROKOFIEV B4. (30) Given an island, name the country it belongs to for ten points each. 1. Aruba Ans.: NETHERLANDS 2. Tristan da Cunha Ans.: UNITED KINGDOM (and all the usual equivalents) 3. Easter Island Ans.: CHILE B5. (25) How much do you know about African geography? How about African geography of 50 years ago, then? Name the colonial powers that once ruled these current African nations. 1. Benin Ans.: FRANCE 2. Gambia Ans.: GREAT BRITAIN (usual equivalents) 3. Zaire Ans.: BELGIUM 4. Cameroon Ans.: GERMANY 5. Mozambique Ans.: PORTUGAL B6. (20) Answer the following questions about the California missions for ten points each. 1. What was the Spanish name for the road that connected the missions? Ans.: EL CAMINO REAL 2. Who was the Franciscan friar who was instrumental in the founding of the missions? Ans.: Junipero SERRA B7. (30) Identify the literary work from the characters for ten points or five points if you need the author. You may guess after the 10 point clue without penalty. 1. 10pts) Bob Acres, Ensign Beverley, Sir Anthony Absolute 5 pts) R.B. Sheridan Ans.: The RIVALS 2. 10pts) Elizabeth Jane, Donald Farfrae, Michael Henchard 5 pts) Thomas Hardy Ans.: The MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE 3. 10pts) Cedric of Rotherwood, Lady Rowenna, Rebecca 5 pts) Sir Walter Scott Ans.: IVANHOE B8. (25) Let's see how much you know about the British Parliamentary system. Answer these questions for five points each. 1.There are over 40 of these officers, selected from Parliament by the leader of the majority party in the House of Commons, to run government departments. Ans.: MINISTERs 2. A few of the Ministers, together with the Prime Minister, make up this policy-making governing body. Ans.: The CABINET 3. This Minister presides over the House of Lords, and is a general Minister of Justice. Ans.: Lord CHANCELLOR 4. Four officers with this title are in charge of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Commonwealth Relations and Colonies. Ans.: SECRETARY OF STATE 5. When a minister has no department to preside over, he or she is said to be "without" this. Ans.: PORTFOLIO B9. (20) In 1961 the American League expanded from eight to ten teams, and the National League followed suit the next year. For 5 points each, give me the complete names (city or state and nickname) of each of baseball's first four expansion teams. Ans.: LOS ANGELES ANGELS, WASHINGTON SENATORS, HOUSTON COLT .45s, NEW YORK METS B10. (30) These two Chinese poets were contemporaries and friends, and the work of one so complemented the work of the other that they are often referred to by a single name derived from the names of both men. For 15 points each, name these eighth centuy giants of Chinese poetry. Ans.: LI PO and TU FU B11 (30) Many incumbents faced difficult challenges in 1994 Senate races. Given six states, tell for five points each the incumbent Senator, five Democrats and one Republican. Massachusetts: Edward KENNEDY (Won) California: Diane FEINSTEIN (Won) Pennsylvania: Harris WOFFORD (Lost) Tennessee: Jim SASSER (Lost) Virginia: Charles ROBB (Won) Montana: Conrad BURNS (Won) B12. (20) Give the poets who wrote the following final lines for fivepoints apiece. 1. "I should be glad of another death." T. S. ELIOT 2. "He says again, `Good fences make good neighbors.�" Robert FROST 3. "What shall I do for pretty girls Now my old bawd is dead?" W. B. YEATS 4. "Mithridates, he died old." A. E. HOUSMAN B13. (20) Identify the composer of the following sonatas for keyboard(harpsichord, organ, or piano) from the nicknames or subtitles of the sonatas, five points each. 1. The Cat's Fugue Domenico SCARLATTI 2. The Concord Sonata Charles IVES 3. Concerto without Orchestra Robert SCHUMANN 4. Dido Abandonnata Muzio CLEMENTI B14. (30) Identify the following philosophical work 30 - 20 - 10 1) The author begins its preface with the assertion that prefaces in philosophy are necessarily superficial and illegitimate, yet proceeds to write the most significant preface ever attempted in philosophy. 2) Written on the eve of Napoleon's destruction of the Holy Roman Empire at the battle of Jena, it establishes a system of philosophy which moves through historical time. 3) Its author, G. W. F. Hegel, thought it was a necessary enterprise,without which his remaining works, such as Science and Logic and Philosophy of Nature, would have no foundation. Ans: PHENOMENOLOGY OF SPIRIT B15. (30) Identify the principal architects of the following landmark structures for 10 pts apiece. 1) Escorial, Madrid Ans.: Juan de HERRERA 2) The U. S. Capitol Building, Washington D. C. Ans.: Benjamin LATROBE 3) The Crystal Palace, London for the 1851 Great Exhibition Ans.: Sir Joseph PAXTON B16. (30) 1. For 15 points name the American who entered Harvard at the age of 12 and was the first American named to the British Royal Society, although he's remembered today more for his religious activities. Ans.: Cotton MATHER 2. Now for 15 points name the issue, the most controversial of scientific questions at that time, that led to the bombing of Cotton Mather's study by agitators who opposed Mather's support for innovation. Ans.: INOCULATION (or equivalents) for SMALLPOX B17. (30) Identify this twentieth century thinker, 30 - 20 - 10 1) An important musicologist, he studied composition with Alban Berg and wrote the most important single study on that composer's work. Also the author of the highly influential Philosophy of New Music. 2) Living from 1903-1969, he wrote on aesthetics from a Freudian-Marxist base, and authored The Authoritarian Personality. 3) Perhaps best known as a sociologist, he was instrumental along with Walter Benjamin and Max Horkheimer in the development of the Frankfurt school. Ans.: Theodor ADORNO B18. (30) Identify the following minerals for 10 points apiece. 1. This form of mica contains aluminum and potassium and can range from pale brown to green to colorless and takes its name from the fact that the Russians once used it as window glass. Ans.: MUSCOVITE 2. The chemical formula of this mineral is PbS, its natural form is a lustrous cube and it is the principal ore of lead. Ans.: GALENA 3. It takes its name from an important medieval fortress town near Arles in the south of France, site of a twenty-year war with the Catalan counts in the twelfth century, and is also the principal source of aluminum. Ans: BAUXITE B19. (30) If you were asked to name two previous names for the city now known as Istanbul, I'm sure you'd have no problem rattling off Byzantium and Constantinople. You might not be aware, however, that another European capital also has two previous names. For 10 points name one, or for 30 points give both previous names of Oslo. Ans.: KRISTIANIA and VIK B20 (30) There are over 42,500 zip codes in the US. Now, for ten points each, given a list of states, identify the first number of all zip codes in those states. 1. Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee THREE 2. North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana FIVE 3. Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Connecticut ZERO B21 (20). FTP each, identify the actors who played these roles in the movie Casablanca. For 10 points: who played Ugarte, who stole the all-important letters of transit? Ans.: Peter LORRE For 10 points: who played the German waiter, Karl? Ans.: S. Z. SAKALL