Star Trek Theme Round: Toss-ups written by Craig D. Barker

1). (TOS)

He was born in Mojave in the southwestern part of the North American continent. He took command of the original Enterprise in 2250, where he would lead it on two five-year missions.* Among the voyages, a visit to Talos IV, this led to the imposition of Starfleet General Order 7, which forbids contact with the planet. Following his promotion to fleet captain in 2266, he suffered massive delta-ray exposure and was wheelchair bound and unable to speak. FTP, name this early Starfleet captain, played by Jeffery Hunter, for whom the Starfleet Medal of Honor is named.

Answer: Christopher Pike

2). (TOS)

It is applied to any civilization that has not yet developed warp-drive technology. Violated* in no less than seven episodes of the Original Series, it prohibits any Starfleet personnel or spacecraft from interfering in the normal development of any society, and mandates that any Starfleet vessel or crew member is expendable to prevent violation of this rule, which is also known as Starfleet General Order #1. FTP, name this operational procedure, which has hassled Starfleet captains' decisions for four series.

Answer: The Prime Directive

3). (TOS/TNG)

It's a Class-M planet located near the Romulan-Klingon border. Though non-aligned* in 2293, it would later serve as an outpost for the Klingons and site of a Romulan massacre in 2346, where 4,000 Klingons died and the only survivor was a small child named Worf. 53 years before, it was the site of a peace conference between the Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets that signaled the beginnings of peace between the two former enemies. FTP, name this "Camp" which was featured prominently at the end of Star Trek VI.

Answer: Camp Khitomer

4). (TOS)

There was Constellation, which was destroyed in "The Doomsday Machine", Defiant which was lost in "The Tholian Web", * Eagle, Endeavour, Essex, Excalibur, Exeter whose crew was killed by a biological agent in "The Omega Glory", Potemkin, Lexington, Hood, all of which participated in the M-5 multitronics computer test in "The Ultimate Computer", Intrepid which was destroyed by the space amoeba in "The Immunity Syndrome," Republic which was an early posting for Ensign Kirk, Yorktown whose refit became the Enterprise-A, and the original Enterprise which survived all of these incidents, all of which were of, FTP, of this "Old Ironsides" class.

Answer: Constitution-class Starships

5). (TOS)

His hobbies included botany, handguns, and fencing. Born in* San Francisco, he was initially the ship's physicist on the Enterprise but he was later transferred to the helm, but he would later gain fame on his own as a fine captain in his own right, taking over command of the U.S.S. Excelsior, in 2290 and helped the Enterprise-A save the Khitomer peace conference by engaging General Chang's Bird of Prey long enough to allow Kirk to fire a "plasma-seeking torpedo." FTP, name this Asian-American Starfleet officer, played by George Takei.

Answer: Hikaru Sulu

(It is now appropriate for the moderator to say "Oh my!")

6). (TNG)

He is a Starfleet systems diagnostic engineer whose postings included the U.S.S. Zhukov and Project Pathfinder at Starfleet headquarters. Among his moments of glory; having his IQ* increased to 1200, helping beam Professor Moriarty off the holodeck, having a protomorphosis syndrome named form him, under the effects of which he mutated into an arachnid, and helping develop the Starfleet Emergency Medical Hologram. FTP, name this lieutenant, played by A-Team alumnus Dwight Schultz.

Answer: Lt. Reginald Barclay

7). (TNG)

Discovered in the Gamma Quadrant by the U.S.S. Ganges in 2369, she was offered a chance to speak at the Daystrom Institute* on her archeological adventures of the previous two years. In 2366, she was working to complete the work of her mentor, Dr. Samuel Estragon, to find a rare artifact known as the Tox Uthat, a quest aided by amateur archeologist and romantic interest Jean-Luc Picard. FTP, name this adventuring woman, played by Jennifer Hetrick

Answer: Vash

8). (TNG)

Captain McCoullough revised current guidelines regarding it for Starfleet. It officially took place on Earth* in Montana on April 5, 2063. A disastrous one between the Federation and Klingons led to decades of war. It is the most risky and unpredictable of all Starfleet procedures, but at the same time, it is considered one of the greatest honors that a Starfleet officer can be a part of. FTP, name this sociological term for the initial encounter with extraterrestrial life, the subtitle of the eight Star Trek movie.

Answer: first contact

9). (TNG)

The Klingon equivalent term for it is "GhoS!" In novels by C.S. Forrester, it was the command* uttered frequently by Captain Horatio Hornblower. First stated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "The Last Outpost," it became one of his signature lines. FTP, name this command issued by Picard when he was happy with the options presented by his senior officers.

Answer: "Make It So!"

10). (TNG)

He began working at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco in 2321, and during that time, he had two key functions. One was head of horticulture*; the other was as mentor to many promising cadets, including Jean-Luc Picard, who considered him the wisest man he ever met, and Kathryn Janeway, to whom he frequently gave fresh roses for her quarters. Still at the Academy in 2367, Picard advised Wesley Crusher to seek his counsel. FTP, name this Academy groundskeeper, played by everyone's favorite Martian, Ray Walston.

Answer: Boothby

11). (DS9)

As much as anything, it served as a foreshadowing device. It was the first personal effect that Ben Sisko* placed in his office on Deep Space 9. In "Call to Arms," the final episode of season 5, it was left in the office, but in "Tears of the Prophets," the last episode of season 6, it was gone. When Kira took over command in "What You Leave Behind," she kept it on her desk to remind her of the Emissary. FTP, name this spherical object, rubbed in Delaware River mud with red stitching.

Answer: a baseball

12). (DS9)

He was the commander of the Second Order, security classification ADL-40. His illicit affair in 2353 with Tora Naprem led a daughter named Ziyal, and admission of this led to his demotion from chief military advisor to the Detapa council to captaining a freighter named the Groumall. While prefect of Bajor, five million Bajorans died, mostly in internment camps or at his post of Terok Nor. FTP, name this Cardassian military leader and follower of the Pah-Wraiths, played by Marc Alaimo.

Answer: Gul Dukat

13). (DS9)

There was Lela, who was the to serve on her species' council* and Tobin, a shy scientist. Emony was a professional gymnast who had a fling with Leonard McCoy while he was at Ole Miss. Audrid, who was a member of the Symbiosis Commission. Curzon, the noted diplomat and mentor to a young Ben Sisko. Jadzia, Starfleet science officer at Deep Space 9; and Ezri, Deep Space 9's counselor from late 2374 on, all, FTP, hosted what Trill symbiont?

Answer: Dax

14). (DS9)

He often referred to himself as a "light bulb," and was specially designed to be both self-aware and knowledgeable in the area of interpersonal relationships. At the same time, he also had a charming "Rat Pack" attitude and sophisticated singing style. Quark initially disliked him because his holographic lounge was drawing customers aware from his bar, but appreciated the amount of money the program brought in. FTP, name this 60s Vegas Lounge act/hologram, played by James Darren.

Answer: Vic Fontaine

15). (DS9)

In 2374, it departed Earth on a training mission with 35 cadets from Red Squad under the command of Capt. Ramirez, which was to circumnavigate the Federation. When the Dominion war broke out, it was behind enemy lines and all of the senior officers were killed, and command fell to Cadets Tim Watters and Karen Farris. Its final mission was to attack a huge Dominion battleship, and it failed, killing all but three people aboard. FTP, name this Defiant-class vessel who's story was told by reporter Jake Sisko.

Answer: U.S.S. Valiant

16). (VGR)

They are a highly territorial race whose borders change daily. The Oglamar favor beige tunics with lavender sashes and brown long coats, while the Hobi favor a red kilt-like garment. The Pommar favor a black tunic-like garment with belt and jackboots, while perhaps the most violent sect, this Nistrim, favor red fur-trimmed coats, and metal battle sashes. FTP, name this funky haired Delta-quadrant race which chased Voyager for much of the first two seasons.

Answer: Kazon

17). (VGR)

It featured ultra-aerodynamic contours, retractable nacelles, parametallic hull plating, a tetraburnium alloy hull, unimatrix shielding, and a Borg-inspired weapons system, and Lt. Paris, who was heading the design team, incorporated a series of analog readouts to make it able to "fly by feel" like the old airplanes of the 20th Century. Built primarily to retrieve Voyager's advanced multi-spatial probe, FTP, name this advanced shuttlecraft.

Answer: The Delta Flyer

18). (VGR)

It is considered so dangerous that Starfleet captains are allowed to violate the Prime Directive to enforce the directive related to it. The Borg refer to it as Particle 010 and consider it as close to perfection as anything in the universe. Though a few of these could theoretically power an entire planet, their misuse can lead to massive tears in subspace, rendering warp travel impossible. FTP, name this molecule, possibly present at the Big Bang, which was named for the finality of its potential.

Answer: Omega molecule

19). (VGR)

Designed primarily by Harry Kim and Seven of Nine, it was activated on stardate 51212.0 and would serve as the main duty station for Seven of Nine. Its sophisticated design incorporated both Starfleet and Borg technologies and was an excellent navigational tool, as it provided the ship's exact location relative to the center of the galaxy. FTP, name this stellar cartography lab on board Voyager.

Answer: Astrometrics

20). (VGR)

It is a virus that infects bacteria by attaching a hollow protein tail to a bacteria cell wall, injecting DNA into the cell. It is also the name for the deadly virus that infected the people of the Vidiian race that lived in the Delta quadrant, breaking down genetic codes and cell structures. FTP, name this disease.

Answer: The Phage