Star Trek Theme Round: Bonuses written by Craig D. Barker


In what will be a recurring theme in this packet, given a description of a character from an Original Series episode of Star Trek, name the now well-known actress who played the role, 5-10-15.

(5) Before Dynasty, she played 1930s social worker and pacifist Edith Keeler, whom Kirk fell in love with then had to let die to save humanity in "The City on the Edge of Forever."

Answer: Joan Collins

(10) In the second pilot episode of Star Trek, this future M*A*S*H nurse played a psychologist who was mutated by the galactic barrier into a godlike being.

Answer: Sally Kellerman

(15) In the episode "Assignment: Earth," she played the somewhat flighty human secretary Roberta Lincoln to extraterrestrial Gary Seven.

Answer: Teri Garr


Let's talk actual historical figures and Star Trek. Answer the following about the intermingling of fact and fiction, FTPE.

(10) A hero to Captain Kirk, a replica of this American leader of the 19th Century was created by the Excabians in "The Savage Curtain" in their attempts to understand the concepts of good and evil.

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

(10) Prior to the encounter with the Borg in "The Best of Both Worlds," Captain Picard drew strength from this legendary British admiral, if foreshadowing a disturbing possible parallel.

Answer: Lord Horatio Nelson

(10) Sharon Lawrence played this pioneering aviatrix, hero to Captain Kathryn Janeway, whom the U.S.S. Voyager discovered alive in the Delta Quadrant 434 years after she disappeared.

Answer: Amelia Earhart


Isn't it convenient how most of Star Trek: The Original Series revolves around the 20th Century? Well, if Star Trek IV is any indication, yes. Given their assignment was in 1986 San Francisco, tell which Enterprise crewmembers performed it, FTPE.

(10) These two had to get George and Gracie from the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito.

Answer: Kirk and Spock

(10) These two had to get high-energy photons from the core of the U.S.S. Enterprise nuclear aircraft carrier to recrystalize the dilithium.

Answer: Chekov and Uhura

(10) These three helped invent transparent aluminum, obtain Plexiglas, and use a Huey helicopter to transport it to Golden Gate Park.

Answer: Sulu, Scotty, and Bones


Q would once say "All the galaxy's a stage." Moreover, apparently, Shakespeare is still a big name almost 800 years after his death. Answer the following about Trek and the Bard, FTSNOP.

(5) The subtitle of Star Trek VI, is this phrase from Hamlet's soliloquy from Act II, scene I.

Answer: "The Undiscovered Country"

(10) Cardassian literary theory considers this history/tragedy a farce, in that the conspiracy to assassinate the titular character is too "open" within the play.

Answer: Julius Caesar

(15) In "The Defector," Data had designed a holodeck program that would allow him to play the title king, who on the eve of battle disguises himself as a commoner to understand his men.

Answer: Henry V


Where would Star Trek be without technobabble? OK, while you ponder that, given a description of a term from Star Trek, name it, FTPE.

(10) This is the Federation timekeeping system, used to provide a standard galactic temporal reference.

Answer: stardate

(10) These are the large electromagnetic devices attached top the front of warp nacelles that are used to gather hydrogen fuel from space, and are named for the 20th Century physicist who first proposed them.

Answer: Bussard collectors or Bussard ramscoops

(10) This is the component of a transporter system that allows it to permit the derivation of precision vector and positional data of a particle on the subatomic level. They are named for the 20th Century German physicist who said it was impossible to know both.

Answer: Heisenberg compensators


Several young actresses had bit parts on episodes of the Next Generation before moving on to bigger things. Given a description, name the actress, FTPE

(10) As Ensign Robin Lefler, she placed herself in Double Jeopardy by helping Wesley Crusher repel an attempted takeover by the Ktari in "The Game."

Answer: Ashley Judd

(10) As an 11 year old, she played Hedril, a young Cairn child who bore a resemblance to Lwaxana Troi's late daughter Kestra in the episode "Dark Page."

Answer: Kirsten Dunst

(10) As an 11 year old, she played Sarjenka, a young girl who built a subspace radio to contact life and ask for assistance during a period of geological instability in the episode "Pen Pals."

Answer: Nikki Cox


In December, to honor the coming of the corporate millennium, Paramount developed an hour-long special called Ultimate Trek. One of its features was to ask online users to vote for their favorite episode from each series. 5-5-10-10, given a description, name the episode that was named the user's favorite.

(5) Not too surprisingly, this Original Series episode with the furry little hairballs that weren't Shatner's toupee was named favorite TOS episode.

Answer: "The Trouble with Tribbles"

(5) It shouldn't also surprise many people that this DS9 episode, which integrated footage from "The Trouble with Tribbles," won over users.

Answer: "Trials and Tribble-ations"

(10) Whether it was Jennifer Lien's departure or Jeri Ryan's arrival, we're not sure, but this Voyager episode, named for a predatory arachnid, won over users as well.

Answer: "Scorpion"

(10) But, when all was said and done, this Next Generation season three cliffhanger episode was named "the best of the best."

Answer: "The Best of Both Worlds"

8). Starfleet breeds many multi-faceted officers, most notably in the field of music. Given a Trek regular, tell which instrument they played, F5PE, and a bonus five for all of them.

(5) Lt. Commander Data Answer: violin

(5) Commander Riker Answer: trombone

(5) Captain Picard Answer: Ressikan flute

(5) Ensign Harry Kim Answer: clarinet

(5) Chief Miles O'Brien Answer: cello


For a show about aliens and cultural understanding, there sure are a lot of North Americans on Star Trek. Given a character, tell what "state" he or she hailed from, F5PE and a bonus five for all of them.

(5) Captain James T. Kirk Answer: Riverside, Iowa

(5) Commander William T. Riker Answer: Valdez, Alaska

(5) Captain Benjamin Sisko Answer: New Orleans, Louisiana

(5) Captain Kathryn Janeway Answer: Portage Creek, Indiana

(5) Ensign Harry Kim Answer: South Carolina


They are on the bridge of every Federation starship, and recent one's have carried a ship's motto. They are dedication plaques, and they have had some memorable quotes. Answer the following about them, FTPE.

(10) The dedication plaque for the U.S.S. Phoenix had this refrain from the title track of the Beatles final released album.

Answer: "There will be an answer, let it be."

(10) The dedication plaque of the U.S.S. Defiant had this quote from 20th Century English poet John Masefield's poem "Sea Fever."

Answer: "All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by."

(10) The dedication plaque of the U.S.S. Excelsior had this tagline from The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai across the Eighth Dimension.

Answer: "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are."


DS9 guest stars, mostly famous. Answer the following about them, FTPE.

(10) This Detroit-area native and rock star played Vorta official Yelgrun, whom the Ferengi met with during a prisoner exchange on Empok Nor.

Answer: Iggy Pop

(10) If Bajoran religious leader Kai Winn ever seemed to act like Nurse Ratched, well, she had good reason, since they were both played by this actress.

Answer: Louise Fletcher

(10) In the episode "Let He Who is Without Sin;" this singer and former Miss America played Arandis, the head of the resort planet Risa.

Answer: Vanessa L. Williams


The lack of Canadians in Starfleet may explain why baseball remains popular in the 24th Century. Answer the following questions about the game and it's relationship to Trek, particularly DS9, FTPE.

(10) In the DS9 episode "In the Cards," Jake Sisko attempted to get his dad a 1951 mint-condition rookie card of this New York Giant, the last one known to exist in the galaxy.

Answer: Willie Mays

(10) In the 1995 DS9 episode "Past Tense, Part II," Sanctuary District Sergeant Vin claimed that the 1999 incarnation of this team was the best he'd ever seen.

Answer: New York Yankees

(Yes, the writers correctly predicted the winner of the 1999 World Series, though you can make the argument that the 1998 version was probably a little better)

(10) In the Next Generation episode "Evolution," Dr. Paul Stubbs claimed that there is no greater moment in the history of humanity than this man's 1951 home run.

Answer: Bobby Thomson


The Cold War's end meant pop culture needed new spy games. DS9 had their share. Given a description, name the intelligence agency, FTPE.

(10) This Cardassian agency had perhaps the best network of intelligence in the quadrant, though the information was mostly on their own citizens.

Answer: Obsidian Order

(10) This elite imperial Romulan intelligence agency joined with the Obsidian Order to attempt to destroy the Founders home world in the Gamma Quadrant, but was wiped out in the attack.

Answer: Tal Shiar

(10) Even the Federation was not above Black Ops. This group was not officially on record as a part of Starfleet Intelligence, but it did create the deadly virus to kill off the Founders.

Answer: Section 31


The prominence of the Vic Fontaine holoprogram in the last two seasons of DS9 meant that several DS9 crewmembers became fans of swing-era standards. FTPE, name the following tunes.

(10) This Cahn/Van Heusen track was Jadzia Dax's favorite. When she died, Worf mourned for her by having Fontaine sing it repeatedly.

Answer: "All The Way"

(10) Odo became a big fan of this Cole Porter track, which he found ironic, as he didn't have an epidermis.

Answer: "I've Got You Under My Skin"

(10) When Nog was wounded at AR-588, Julian Bashir comforted him by playing this Fields and Kern tune, which became the background for the final scenes of "What You Leave Behind."

Answer: "The Way You Look Tonight"


Given a description of a race in the Star Trek universe, name it, F5PE:

(5) Human looking, except for a wrinkled nose.

Answer: Bajorans

(5) Human looking, except for brown spots.

Answer: Trill

(5) Grey skinned, ill-tempered, genetically engineered warriors

Answer: Jem'Hadar

(5) Beige skin, cranial ridges, spoon like indentation on their forehead

Answer: Cardassian

(5) Light blue skin, bifurcated ridge that runs down the center of their faces

Answer: Bolians


For the last time, given a description of a well-known actor who did a Voyager guest spot, name him or her, FTPE.

(10) In the "Year of Hell," he played the Krenim scientist Arronax, who devised and captained the temporal ship. No word whether he called any members of his crew "dumbass."

Answer: Kurtwood Smith

(10) In "Message in a Bottle," Voyager's EMH met up with the EMH-2 prototype, played by this former NewsRadio cast member.

Answer: Andy Dick

(10) In "Think Tank," this noted Trek fan and sitcom actor played the head of the think tank that attempted to kidnap Seven of Nine.

Answer: Jason Alexander


He is now simply, the Doctor, but for a while, he was trying to come up with a name. Answer the following about that quest FTPE:

(10) It was originally thought that he might take this name, that of his creator at Jupiter Station.

Answer: Dr. Zimmerman

(10) He then felt that famous doctors of the past could inspire him, and in "Heroes and Demons," he chose this 20th Century doctor and humanitarian as his namesake.

Answer: Dr. Schweitzer

(10) He later suggested that he might choose the name of this 23rd Century physician, who revolutionized thought on alien physiology.

Answer: Dr. McCoy (yes, that one)


Yes, we all knew Ed Begley, Jr. was going to be the cause of the end of the world. We just didn't know he would do it in the 29th Century. FTPE, answer the following about "Future's End."

(10) Begley played Henry Starling, the "inventor" of the microprocessor, who founded this leading computer company after stealing 29th Century technology in 1967.

Answer: Chronowerx

(10) Of course, SETI got involved, as Rain Robinson working at this L.A. Observatory spotted Voyager in Earth orbit in 1996.

Answer: Griffith Observatory

(10) The ship Henry Starling stole the technology for his microprocessor from was this Federation timeship.

Answer: Aeon


The Voyager crew may be lost in the Delta Quadrant, but the holodeck provides a touch of home. Answer the following about popular holodeck programs, FTPE.

(10) Tom Paris recreated this charming Marseilles bistro/pool hall that became a popular hang-out alternative to the mess hall.

Answer: Chez Sandrine

(10) Later, Paris created a "Grease Monkey" program that allowed him to work on a 1969 version of this Chevrolet product.

Answer: Camaro

(10) The Doctor felt that a holo-recreation of this Dickens novel could help develop Seven of Nine's sense of humanity.

Answer: A Christmas Carol


Voyager has had several attempts to get home thanks to help from Starfleet. Name the following about those tries, FTPE.

(10) Arturis, in an attempt to gain revenge on the Voyager crew, created this fake starship, equipped with a quantum slipstream drive, Registry NX-01A

Answer: U.S.S. Dauntless

(10) Using the Hirogen relay network, the Voyager crew sent the Doctor to this experimental Starfleet ship, which had a multi-vector assault mode and was being taken over by the Romulans.

Answer: U.S.S. Prometheus

(10) Starfleet attempted then to use this long-range sub-space radio telescope to send a message to Voyager and to gain a semblance of contact with the ship.

Answer: Project Pathfinder