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Fifth Annual Chacko Cup Questions



1). (Literature-19th Century-English)

According to Gene Roddenberry, he was the primary inspiration for Captain James T. Kirk. The hero of 11 novels and five short stories, it traces the career of a British sailor from his days as a midshipman through his promotion to Lord Admiral during the Napoleonic era. FTP, name the character created by C. S. Forester and the subject of four recent movies on A&E.

Answer: Horatio Hornblower

2). (Social Science-Linguistics-Phrase Origins)

It first made its way into English from the Latin in 1760, as the literal of the name of a Roman Catholic official whose duty is to examine critically the evidence on which a demand for beatification or canonization rests, after which his evidence is presented, the conclave makes their decision. FTP, what is this phrase, now used as any person who champions a cause for the sake of argument, especially when they disagree with the position.

Answer: The Devil's Advocate

3). (Geography-United States-Buildings)

To its northeast lie the Russell, Dirksen, and Hart Buildings. To its south the Cannon, Ford, Rayburn, Longworth, and O'Neill Buildings. To the East, the Adams, Jefferson, and Madison Buildings which make up the Library of Congress, as well as the Supreme Court Building. FTP, name this building, whose site was selected at the East End of the National Mall in 1792 by Pierre L'Enfant.

Answer: United States Capitol Building

4). (History-Chinese-Ancient)

It was has been theorized that her love for lychee nuts almost bankrupted China, and perhaps caused the An Lu Shan rebellion. She used her power to employ many of her relatives, and even snuck men into the imperial palace. Her murder while on the run from the An Lu Shan rebellion caused the Xuan Zong (Shu-an Zong) emperor to abdicate to his son. FTP, name this famous Tang imperial concubine and one of the four great beauties in Chinese history.

Answer: Lady Yang or Yang Gui Fei or Yang Yu-Huan (Yang Yu He-wan)

5). (Science-Multiple-Terms)

In biology, it is the term for the division of a zygote, occurring spirally in protostomes and radially in deuterostomes. In mineralogy, it is the splitting of a mineral along planar surfaces determined by the crystal structure, ranging from perfect in muscovite to fair in beryls. FTP, what is this common term?

Answer: Cleavage

6). (Sports-Baseball-Owners)

"We plan absentee ownership as far as running the team is concerned. We're not going to pretend we're something we aren't. We'll stick to building ships... I won't be active in the day-to-day operations of the club at all. I can't spread myself so thin. I've got enough headaches with my shipping contract." This ironic statement was uttered in 1973 FTP, by what baseball owner, upon completion of his $10 million purchase from CBS of the New York Yankees.

Answer: George Steinbrenner

7). (Religion-Catholic-Pontiffs)

He had a hobby that is rare among Italian ecclesiastics: English literature, with special attention to Mark Twain. In the largest conclave ever, he was elected on just the third ballot on the first day of voting; the third Cardinal of Venice this century to be elected Pontiff. FTP, name this Pope who died suddenly of a heart attack on September 28, 1978.

Answer: Pope John Paul I

8). (Computers and Society-Viruses-Headlines)

Tatung Institute of Technology in Taiwan claimed that it punished Chen Ing-hau in April 1998 after an investigation into his authorship of it. He was given a demerit but not expelled because he warned other students not to spread the fruits of his labor. Turkey and South Korea were both heavily affected by it, while the U.S. however, only reported some 10,000 "meltdowns." FTP, name this virus, which struck hard drives on April 26 and was suffixed CIH for the student's initials.

Answer: Chernobyl-CIH virus

9). (Pop Culture-Music-Bands)

They had a tough 1998, as Nick McCabe announced that he would no longer tour with the band. Then Massive Attack quit as the opening act for their U.S. tour, which forced the band to downsize the venues they were playing. Then Richard Ashcroft, the front man of the band had to share his Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song with the Glimmer Twins when it was learned that Ashcroft had sampled "The Last Time." FTP, name this band that called it quits on April 29, 1999, a bittersweet day for their fans.

Answer: The Verve

10). (Current Events-U.S.-Buzz Words)

Its current manifestation began in the British punk scene of the early '80s. Musically, it was propagated by bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Joy Division, while it's couture was heavily influenced by Anne Rice's novels. Some acolytes took an academic interest in subjects such as Satanism and blood drinking, but most just seek to romanticize the darkness of humanity. FTP, name this "sub-culture" which was frequently incorrectly linked to violence in wake of the Columbine tragedy.

Answer: Goths, Goth Culture, Gothics (accept equivalents)

11). (History-European-Roman)

In the spring of AD 37, he wrenched his shoulder, took to his bed, became ill, and lapsed into a coma. His physicians declared that he would die within the day. His successor was sent for and the elite Guard declared their support for the new emperor. He then recovered consciousness, sat up, and asked for something to eat. FTP, name this Roman Emperor, who was smothered by blankets by the Praetorian commander Macro to alleviate the confusion of succession.

Answer: Tiberius Claudius Nero

12). (General Knowledge-Weapons-Production)

Roll gunpowder into toilet paper and make a 1-inch diameter ball. Insert a cloth fuse into the ball and use wax to hold the fuse in place. Then fill a 6 oz. bottle 1/3 of the way with a mixture of rubbing alcohol, paint thinner and lighter fluid. Suspend the ball in the mixture and attach the cap. Light and throw. FTP, the previous was the recipe for what explosive incendiary device, first used by the Finns in 1939 during the Winter War.

Answer: Molotov Cocktail

13). (Literature-American-Jazz Age)

Boy meets girl. Boy flirts with girl. Boy gets hit by shrapnel. Girl gets transferred to American hospital in Milan. Girl treats boy. Boy gets girl pregnant. Boy gets shipped back to front. Boy gets stuck in chaotic retreat. Boy escapes MPs by jumping in river. Boy reunites with girl at Swiss border. Boy rows girl to neutral Switzerland. Boy escapes execution. Girl gives birth to stillborn, then hemorrhages to death. Boy walks home in the rain. FTP, this is the bare-bones plot outline of what 1929 Hemingway novel.

Answer: A Farewell to Arms

(Author's note: In a perhaps ill-advised homage to Hemingway, the previous sentences were written as succinctly as possible.)

14). (Pop Culture-Television-Actors)

Among his television credits are playing President Eisenhower in the CBC TV movie The Arrow. A Dartmouth grad and Fulbright Scholar, among his other roles are Hull Barret in Pale Rider, General Hershberg in Courage Under Fire, and in an odd coincidence, he played Jim O'Connor in the TV adaptation of The Glass Menagerie, where he co-starred with Sam Waterston. FTP, name this Detroit-born actor who left "Law & Order" in 1994 only to be replaced by Waterston.

Answer: Michael Moriarty

15). (History-American-Crime)

J. Edgar Hoover called her "one of the most vicious, dangerous and resourceful criminal brains" of the era. While there is no proof that she herself ever actually committed any crimes or even planned any, she did condone the criminal lifestyle of her four sons, all of whom made the FBI "Most Wanted" List in the 1930's. FTP, name this woman, the supposed ringleader of one of the Depressions most notorious gangs.

Answer: Kate "Ma" Barker

16). (Current Events-U.S.-Legislative)

According to the National Governors' Association, it is the first bill in more than a decade that all 50 state governors have endorsed. Allowing states to waive certain federal education requirements in order to improve student performance, it also allows governors broader discretion in federal education grants spending, provided the state establishes strict standards which schools must meet to receive this kind of elasticity. FTP, name this bill, hailed as part of the "Congressional healing process" signed into law on April 29 by President Clinton.

Answer: Ed-Flex or the Education Flexibility Partnership Act

17). (Fine Arts-Architecture-American)

Designed by architect John Duncan, it was completed in 1897 and is the largest mausoleum in North America. Lying along Riverside Drive at 122nd Street in Manhattan, it also features some of the best surviving examples of 19th Century murals and mosaics in the United States. FTP, name this National Memorial and final resting place of the former Julia Dent and her husband.

Answer: Grant's Tomb or General Grant National Memorial

18). (Sports-Soccer-Women)

Born in Selma, Alabama on St. Patrick's Day, 1973; she is the only player ever to win both the Missouri Athletic Club Award and the Hermann Trophy twice. One of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1997, like her fellow Chapel Hill alum and commercial co-star Michael Jordan, she wears #9 in international competition. FTP, name this American striker, who also shares the world record for international goals by a female soccer player with 107.

Answer: Mia Hamm (Mariel Margaret Hamm)

19). (Science-Biology-Animals)

It is a colony of polyplike organisms that are attached to a gas-filled, floating membrane, which floats above the water and acts as a sail. When the whether gets bad, it can deflate and float just beneath the surface. Its sting can cause shock, fever, and heart and respiratory distress. FTP, identify this creature of genus Phrysalia, occasionally called a "blue bottle."

Answer: Portuguese man-of-war

20). (General Knowledge-Words and Phrases-Multiple Meanings)

This word means a class of English freeholders below the gentry who own and cultivate small farms. It is also a naval petty officer who performs clerical duties or a person who performs a great and loyal service beyond the call of duty. The "of the guard" ones are ceremonial attendants to the sovereign and warders of the Tower of London. FTP, name this word, of whom Janice Rand was Captain Kirk's.

Answer: Yeoman (Yo-Man)

21). (Literature-Modern American-Rivalries)

In what amounts to the one of best literary feud of the 1990's, in a 1994 book review, Chris Buckley referred to him as "the James Fenimore Cooper of his day, which is to say, the most successful bad writer." Then in his latest book, Little Green Men, Buckley created an obsessive, right-wing pseudo-defense expert turned author. FTP, name the real-life scribe whom Buckley correctly points out "that sales of my best selling book are little more than one of his accounting errors."

Answer: Tom Clancy

22). (Geography-Ireland-Cities)

The region that bears this name is comprised of the counties of Kerry, Clare, Tipperary, and Limerick, the largest city of the region. The river that bears the name is just over 200 miles long, Ireland's longest. The airport that bears the name is the largest on Ireland's West Coast. FTP, give the common name, which also names an ancient Gaelic god.

Answer: Shannon

23). (Literature-Non-Fiction-20th Century)

President Kennedy credited it with providing him a perspective on the past during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The author believed in communing with the areas that she was writing about, deciding to take walking tours of World War I battlegrounds as part of her research. Her conclusion was that every side was at fault because they all made one form of mistake or miscalculation. FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize winning book by Barbara Tuchman, #16 on the Modern Library's Best Non-Fiction List.

Answer: The Guns of August

24). (Current Events-Business-American)

In a press release, Ford praised the integrity of this division of one of their rivals when they announced that they had falsified sales figures for December of 1998. They, under pressure, admitted that the division faked sales figures make it appear as though they had outsold their leading competitor for 1998, maintaining claims of their long-held dominance over Lincoln. FTP, name this luxury car division of GM, named for the founder of the city of Detroit.

Answer: Cadillac (prompt on GM before it is mentioned)

25). (History-American-20th Century)

"The most dangerous power of the prosecutor is that he will pick people that he thinks he should get, rather than cases that need to be prosecuted." This quote is attributed to a man who rose from IRS legal counsel to Assistant Attorney General, to Solicitor General, and finally, to Attorney General all during FDR's first two terms before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 1941. FTP, name this man, who may be best remembered today as the chief American prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials.

Answer: Robert H. Jackson

26). (General Knowledge-Business and Industry-Terms)

As part of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, many companies now must include one of these in any financial report released to investors. It states that any statements which are not historical facts to be those containing forward-looking information with respect to plans or future performance and points out that there are no guarantees that these plans of the Company as indicated will be achieved. FTP, name this kind of statement that gives companies "a port in the storm" against litigation.

Answer: Safe Harbor Statement

27). (Current Events-Obits-Recent)

During his teenage years, he served three years in a federal reformatory for stealing cars, but after doing some time as a ranch hand; he was convinced by Western star Alan Ladd to take a screen test. He became a B-Movie star, featured in such films as Way of a Gaucho, Four Guns to the Border, The Hired Gun, and the TV series "The Texan." FTP, name this screen cowboy, best remembered by Monty Burns as always standing and walking, just like his little greyhound.

Answer: Rory Calhoun

28). (History-American-20th Century)

"Together, the united forces of our communication and transportation systems are dynamic elements in the very name we bear - United States. Without them, we would be a mere alliance of many separate parts." The President said this after he signed this 1956 act, as he knew the importance of whence he spoke, after all, in 1919 he participated in the U.S. Army's first transcontinental motor convoy. FTP, name this act which established the Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Interstate and Defense Highways.

Answer: Federal Highway Act of 1956

29). (Social Sciences-Economics-Terms)

In the early 1970s, it was thought that Keynesianism (cane-zee-anne-is-z-umm) had been proven wrong by this existence of this condition, for which this word had been coined in the late in the previous decade. FTP, what is this three syllable economic term describing the simultaneous condition of declining productivity growth and an acceleration in the rising of prices.

Answer: Stagflation

30). (Fine Arts-Cinema-Films)

As odd as it may seem, the final award scene in Star Wars parallels a shot for shot sequence in this film. Called the most dangerous propaganda film ever made, it is also noted for being one of the greatest cinematic achievements by a woman director in the first half of the century. FTP, name this 1934 film, which according to the Onion's Our Dumb Century also won Best Picture for a 4th straight year at the Nazi-Occupied 1944 Cannes Film Festival.

Answer: Triumph of the Will(Triumph des Willens)

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