2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 15

1. For ten points each, name the following concerning differentiating multiple eponymous albums by the same band.

  1. To differentiate from the 1994 self-titled album, Weezer's 2001 eponymous album is referred to as this color album because of its cover.
    Answer: green
  2. Peter Gabriel's fourth eponymous album was released with this title in the U.S. in 1982.
    Answer: Security
  3. Jimmy Eat World's second eponymous album, featuring "The Middle", is often referred to by this original title which was changed after its original July release due to the events of September 11.
    Answer: Bleed American

2. In 2005, Hagerty Insurance released its list of the 10 greatest car chase movies of all time. Name these films that made the list for ten points each.

  1. No. 1 on the list was this 1968 Steve McQueen film that featured a 40-minute car chase through San Francisco.
    Answer: Bullitt
  2. N0. 5 is a 1974 H.B. Halicki film about a car thief, while No. 2 is the 2000 remake of said film, this time starring Nicholas Cage as the car thief. Both films shared this name.
    Answer: Gone In 60 Seconds
  3. This 1977 Burt Reynolds-Sally Field comedy finished third on the list, in between 2000's Gone in 60 Seconds and The Blues Brothers.
    Answer: Smokey and the Bandit

3. In its 35th and last season, for ten points each answer these questions about Monday Night Football.

  1. This AFC East team played in the first MNF game against the Browns in Cleveland, but will host the Patriots in the series' swan song.
    Answer: New York Jets
  2. In 1998 she became the first woman on the broadcast, following her trailblazing as the first female NFL beat writer. She also covered a Super Bowl for CBS.
    Answer: Leslie Visser
  3. In 1998, the broadcast started at 8 pm Eastern with a 20-minute pre-game show hosted by Chris Berman from this Baltimore restaurant named for his employer.
    Answer: ESPN Zone

4. Airlines in trouble, for ten points each.

  1. This airline announced in 2005 that it will fold its discount unit Song by mid-2006.
    Answer: Delta Air Lines
  2. By 2007, these two airlines, America's seventh and eighth largest carriers, will have combined into one, two years after agreeing to a merger. Name both airlines for ten points each.
    Answer: US Airways, America West Airlines

5. It's the gambling sensation that's sweeping the nation! That's right -- backgammon! answer the following questions about backgammon, for ten points each:

  1. He's written Backgammon for Serious Players and Backgammon for Winners. He's better-known, however, for co-authoring two books on that other gambling sensation with poker pro Dan Harrington.
    Answer: Bill Robertie
  2. Under one rule, a player offered a double may immediately redouble while retaining the right to double later. Identify this practice, which shares its name with Theodore Cleaver.
    Answer: beaver
  3. What is the common term for the strategy of trying to get your home board closed as quickly as possible while hitting as many of your opponent's checkers as possible.
    Answer: blitz

6. For ten points each, name these players who were their country's only representative on FIFA's 2004 list of the top 100 football players of all time.

  1. This Colombian midfielder spent his later years in MLS, where he became the career assist leader.
    Answer: Carlos Alberto Valderrama Palacio
  2. This Bulgarian won the Golden Boot at the World Cup in 1994, the year he was also European Footballer of the Year.
    Answer: Hristo Stoichkov
  3. A dispute with manager Mick McCarthy meant that this Irish star did not play at the 2002 World Cup. Since 1997, he has served as captain of Manchester United.
    Answer: Roy Maurice Keane

7. Answer these questions about unrequited love in the comics for ten points each.

  1. While this title teenage girl still occasionally pines for Aaron Hill, even though he lives in Hawaii, she's definitely not interested in the geek Gunther who's after her.
    Answer: Luann
  2. This title middle schooler was stunned to learn his love Michelle just transferred out of school. That just means more attention from Chutney, of whom he wants no part.
    Answer: Curtis
  3. It's doubtful that he'd admit it, given he's supposed to not like girls yet, but Jason in FoxTrot definitely has a crush on this classmate, who's also a pretty good gamer in her own right.
    Answer: Eileen Jacobsen

8. Name these actors who had their voices dubbed over on the big screen, and we don't mean for the Japanese release of the film, for ten points each.

  1. The most famous example of this occurred in 1984's Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, when this Southern actress, playing Jane, had her voice dubbed by Glenn Close.
    Answer: Andie MacDowell
  2. Tim Burton called upon Maurice LaMarche to provide the dubbed voice for Orson Welles in Ed Wood after determining that this Law and Order: Criminal Intent star's Welles impression wasn't up to snuff.
    Answer: Vincent D'Onofrio
  3. Rich Little dubbed the voice for this legendary British actor for both Curse of the Pink Panther and Trail for the Pink Panther, as he was near death during filming.
    Answer: David Niven

9. Celebrities can be real bastards about the names they give their children, bastard or otherwise. For ten points each, give the bizarely-named celebrity offspring.

  1. Penn Jillette justified giving new daughter Moxie this middle name, saying he hoped it would get her out of speeding tickets later in life.
    Answer: Crimefighter
  2. Nicholas Cage was just being Nicholas Cage when he gave his son this name, the birth name of a famous comic book character.
    Answer: Kal-El
  3. Jason Lee of My Name is Earl named his son this after lyrics from the song "Sophtware Slump" by Grandaddy.
    Answer: Pilot Inspektor

10. For ten points each, name the song prominently sampled by these songs:

  1. Eminem's "Sing for the Moment"
    Answer: "Dream On" by Aerosmith
  2. Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover"
    Answer: "Ventura Highway" by America
  3. Kanye [KAHN-yay] West's "Gold Digger"
    Answer: "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles

11. In-N-Out Burger is paradise for some, hell for all the sane people who don�t like everything slathered in mayo. For ten points each, given a description of an item off of In-N-Out�s famous Secret Menu, name the item.

  1. Three beef patties and three slices of cheese stacked high on a freshly baked bun.
    Answer: 3 by 3
  2. Your favorite burger wrapped in a piece of lettuce instead of a bun.
    Answer: Protein Style
  3. This "burger" is described as "similar to the hamburger, but without the meat."
    Answer: Wish burger

12. Identify these Price is Right games whose rules have changed over the years for ten points each.

  1. When this golf game debuted in 1977, contestants had only one putt to win a car. Starting in 1986, if a contestant misses the first putt, he or she gets a chance to try again.
    Answer: Hole In One (or Two)
  2. To try and get more winners for this popular car game, where contestants pick numbers or X's out of a bag, Price changed the rules in 1998, placing only the numbers of the car and one X in the bag. If an X is picked, it goes back in the bag.
    Answer: Three Strikes
  3. In this classic pricing game, where contestants must guess the prices of two prizes in 30 seconds or less, contestants now get a one-thousand dollar bonus if they win both prizes.
    Answer: Clock Game

13. Name these co-authors of For Dummies sports books for ten points each.

  1. This former Raider lineman and current Fox broadcaster gets co-author credit on Football for Dummies, Second Edition.
    Answer: Howie Long
  2. This former New York Ranger goaltender and longtime pro hockey color commentator is co-author of Hockey for Dummies, Second Edition.
    Answer: John Davidson
  3. This man, who managed the Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers to World Series titles in 1975, 1976 and 1984, is co-author of Baseball for Dummies, Second Edition.
    Answer: Sparky Anderson

14. A middle initial adds distinction. Or comes in handy when applying for a SAG card. For ten points each, given actors famous for initials, provide their middle names.

  1. Samuel L. Jackson
    Answer: Leroy
  2. Craig T. Nelson
    Answer: Theodore
  3. Michael J. Fox
    Answer: Andrew (Moderator's note: Michael J. Fox reputedly went with the J so that teen magazines wouldn�t label him "Michael, a Fox").

15. Given roles played by Luke and Owen Wilson played in a movie, name the film for ten points each. If you need more, you'll receive only five points.

  1. (10) 1998, Luke played Dr. Peter Flynn, Owen played Edward Applebee.
    (5) Owen co-wrote this 1998 Wes Anderson film about a 15-year-old student at a private prep school.
    Answer: Rushmore
  2. (10) 1996, Owen played Dignan, Luke played Anthony Adams.
    (5) This indie fave starred the Wilson brothers as wanna-be criminals who hook up with experienced crime boss James Caan.
    Answer: Bottle Rocket
  3. (10) 2004, the Wilson brothers play Orville and Wilbur Wright.
    (5) This big-budget bomb, based on a Jules Verne novel, starred Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg.
    Answer: Around the World in 80 Days

16. For ten points each, name these unsurprisingly gay male athletes:

  1. This 1996 U.S. national champion was once the pairs partner of Kristi Yamaguchi.
    Answer: Val Joe "Rudy" Galindo
  2. This Canadian was the 1984 and 1988 Olympic silver medalist in men's figure skating.
    Answer: Brian Orser
  3. This 1989 Canadian bronze medalist was the first high-level skater to compete while out of the closet. He won at the 1994 Gay Games and made his adult film debut as Chase Alters in 1997.
    Answer: Matthew Hall

17. For ten points each, name these 1990s TV series based on movies.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg played the owner of the title eatery, who became partners with the woman played by Jean Stapleton when she left her husband after their car broke down.
    Answer: Baghdad Caf�
  2. JoBeth Williams stepped in for Susan Sarandon in this CBS drama based on the movie of a John Grisham novel.
    Answer: John Grisham's The Client
  3. Before becoming Mrs. Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor played the librarian and nightlife fan depicted in film by Parker Posey for a short stint in this show.
    Answer: Party Girl

18. For fifteen points each, name the song given lyrics that mention the singer's age. Or from five points, given the act:

  1. [15] "Don't harass me. Can't you tell? / I'm going home, I'm tired as hell. / I'm not the cat I used to be. / I got a kid. I'm thirty-three."
    [5] The Pretenders
    Answer: "Middle of the Road"
  2. [15] "25 years of my life and still / I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope / for a destination."
    [5] Four Non-Blondes
    Answer: "What's Up"

19. These people who don't mind having hands constantly on their butts. Name these star NFL centers for ten points each.

  1. Now done for the season with a torn triceps and arguably the most notable center today, this Jets center had played 177 consecutive games and earned six straight starts for the AFC in the Pro Bowl.
    Answer: Kevin Mawae
  2. This Dolphins star who appeared in five straight Pro Bowls in the 1980s before a knee injury cut his career short is the most recent center to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, doing so in 1998.
    Answer: Dwight Stephenson
  3. Currently on the watch list for induction is this Steelers center who earned seven Pro Bowl nods after succeeding 1997 Hall of Famer Mike Webster.
    Answer: Dermontti Dawson

20. While he seems to like breaking them, transporter Frank Martin has three supposedly unbreakable rules that govern his jobs. For ten points each, what are these three rules?

Answer: The deal is the deal, no names, never look in the package (accept reasonable equivalents).

21. Identify these things about various World's Fairs, for 10 points each.

  1. The 1967 World's Fair held here set an attendance record, celebrated the 100th anniversary of Canada's confederation and featured Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome.
    Answer: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  2. The first World's Fair in the U.S. occurred in 1876, featured the first typewriter and telephone and was appropriately held in this city's Fairmount Park. The city would host again in 1926.
    Answer: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. We're betting that you don't know in which Asian city the 2005 world's fair is occurring, so we'll settle for the country. The country also hosted world's fairs in 1970, 1975, and 1985.
    Answer: Aichi Prefecture, Japan

22. Hi, do you know me? I'm 2005 Major League Baseball All-Star Justin Duchsherer (DUKE-sher). Answer these questions about this no-star All-Star for ten points each.

  1. Duchsherer, a middle reliever, was this American League squad's lone representative to the 2005 All-Star Game.
    Answer: Oakland Athletics (or A's)
  2. Duchsherer was originally drafted by this team, who traded him in 2001 to Texas for Doug Mirabelli, who has since thrived as Tim Wakefield's personal catcher.
    Answer: Boston Red Sox
  3. Duchsherer, along with managers Terry Francona and Sparky Anderson, were born in this U.S. state.
    Answer: South Dakota