2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 05

1. Name these current athletes who competed in the Little League World Series for ten points each.

  1. Before becoming captain of the Red Sox, this catcher starred for Altamonte Springs, Florida, in 1984.
    Answer: Jason Varitek
  2. In 1980, this current Yankee outfielder and malcontent led his Belmont Heights team from Tampa, Florida.
    Answer: Gary Sheffield
  3. Now a center for the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, he pitched for the 1989 champs from Trumbull, Connecticut.
    Answer: Chris Drury

2. For ten points each, given a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted group, name the member who was also inducted separately for his solo career:

  1. The Impressions
    Answer: Curtis Mayfield
  2. The Drifters
    Answer: Clyde McPhatter
  3. The early influence inductee The Soul Stirrers.
    Answer: Sam Cooke

3. Al Franken books for ten points each.

  1. This 2005 Franken work, subtitled With Jokes, uses humor to criticize the Bush administration and its policies.
    Answer: The Truth
  2. Subtitled A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, this is Franken's 2003 take on conservative lawmakers and pundits and what is wrong with them.
    Answer: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
  3. In 2003, Franken also released this spoof of advice and self-help books, subtitled A Guide to Success, or, Failing That, Happiness.
    Answer: Oh, the Things I Know!

4. Name the film from quotes, 40-30-20-10-5-1

  1. (40) "Hairy"
  2. (30) "I beat the shit out of some kids today. But it was for a purpose. It made me feel good about myself.
  3. (20) "Well they say he can get into anything. Anything. They say he's been in Margaret Thatcher's pussy."
  4. (10) "I called you a fucking guinea homo from the 15th-fucking-century, you dickhead!"
  5. (5) "Elf fucker! Motherfucker. Elf fucker! Who's the bitch now, Santy Claus? Faggy Claus!"
  6. (1) "I'm an eating, drinking, shitting, fucking [Bad] Santa."
Answer: Bad Santa (Grudgingly accept "Badder Santa.")

5. Identify these restaurants with a common connection, for 10 points each.

  1. This restaurant was founded in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida, by Bill Darden, who had previously run "Green Frog", and Joe Lee, who still chairs Darden restaurants today.
    Answer: Red Lobster
  2. Founded in 1982 with its first restaurant in Orlando, this chain is also owned by Darden restuarants and operates a Culinary Institute in Tuscany.
    Answer: The Olive Garden
  3. Red Lobster's expansion and Olive Garden's creation were under the auspices of this company based outside Minneapolis, which spun off its restaurant division in 1995.
    Answer: General Mills, Inc.

6. A serial killer is cutting a swath through the cast of the F/X drama Nip/Tuck. For ten points each:

  1. What nickname does the killer go by?
    Answer: The Carver
  2. The Carver raped and slashed this doctor in the final episode of season 2.
    Answer: Christian Troy (accept either)
  3. This patient of McNamara/Troy fakes an attack by the Carver to get some free plastic surgery. After suffering through botched anesthesia, she recovers only to be killed by the Carver, who denounces her as a fraud.
    Answer: Rhea Reynolds (accept either)

7. Dead gymnasts never fade away -- provided they invented a trick that other people want to do. Given the named moves from gymnastics, identify the apparatus on which a gymnast would perform them for ten points each.

  1. Giegner, Jaeger, Tkatchev and Khorkina (pr: Hore-keen-ah).
    Answer: uneven bars
  2. Milosovici, Garrison Roll and Gurova.
    Answer: beam
  3. Tsukahara, Podkopayeva, Phelps and Yurchenko.
    Answer: vault

8. She was an "unlikely angel" in March, but now she's facing scrutiny of her own. For ten points each:

  1. Name this Georgia woman who gained renown for keeping Atlanta courtroom shooter Brian Nichols in her apartment for 10 hours before police could arrest him.
    Answer: Ashley Smith
  2. Smith became a media darling because she read this Rick Warren self-help book to Nichols while keeping him at bay.
    Answer: The Purpose Driven Life
  3. However, in her recently released memoir Unlikely Angel, Smith finally admitted that she offered Nichols this drug in addition to reading The Purpose Driven Life.
    Answer: crystal meth (Prompt on "methamphetamine")

9. For ten points each, name the artist given their album currently at the top of the charts -- the CMJ College Radio Top 20, that is.

  1. Takk
    Answer: Sigur Ros
  2. Extraordinary Machine
    Answer: Fiona Apple
  3. Witching Hour
    Answer: Ladytron

10. Threshold is the best aquatic alien show in prime time, due in part to its great cast. Five for one, 10 for 2, 20 for 3 and 30 for all 4, name the actor from their character on the show.

  1. Dr. Molly Caffrey
    Answer: Carla Gugino
  2. Dr. Nigel Fenway
    Answer: Brent Spiner
  3. Arthur Ramsay
    Answer: Peter Dinklage
  4. J.T. Baylock
    Answer: Charles S. Dutton

11. Answer these questions about record-setting roller coasters for ten points each.

  1. According to the Roller Coaster Database, this Jackson, New Jersey, amusement park is home to the world�s fastest roller coaster, as its Kingda Ka tops at 128 miles an hour.
    Answer: Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. The only other coaster to reach 120 miles an hour is Top Thrill Dragster, which can be found at this famed Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park.
    Answer: Cedar Point
  3. In terms of length, the two biggest roller coasters are Beast and Son of Beast, located at this Paramount park in Kings Mills, Ohio.
    Answer: Paramount's Kings Island

12. Name these Los Angeles Lakers head coaches for ten points each.

  1. This long-time Houston Rockets coach was named Lakers head coach in 2004, only to resign midway through the season for medical reasons.
    Answer: Rudy Tomjanovich
  2. This man coached the Lakers to four NBA titles between 1982 and 1988.
    Answer: Pat Riley
  3. Later known as the man who brought "run-n-shoot" basketball to the hoops acumen as coach of both Loyola Marymount and the Denver Nuggets, this man coached the Lakers to the NBA championship in 1980.
    Answer: Paul Westhead

13. Jamie Lee Curtis used to be naked a lot. For ten points each, given clues, name the Curtis films featuring brief, tasteful nudity integral to the plot.

  1. As the prostitute Ophelia in this 80s comedy, she warns new pal Dan Ackroyd that food and rent aren't the only things that cost money. Then she gives him a free flash of boob.
    Answer: Trading Places
  2. Though she spends much of this 1985 bomb about the nasty underbelly of the aerobics world in a leotard, she appears topless during a love scene with John Travolta.
    Answer: Perfect
  3. In this 2001 Pierce Brosnan vehicle, Curtis shows her stuff in love scenes.
    Answer: The Tailor of Panama

14. All that time you spent going through back issues of the Sports Illustrated& Swimsuit issue may pay off now! Identify these cover models.

  1. For ten points, This Floridian and Estee Lauder spokesmodel was the 2005 cover model. She appeared in the movie Liberty Heights and is currently dating the lead singer of Incubus.
    Answer: Carolyn Murphy
  2. 1994 was the first time that three women appeared on the cover. For 5 points each, name any 2 of the 3 supermodels on that cover, which had 5 combined covers between them at the time and were nicknamed them the "Dream Team."
    Answer: Elle MacPherson, Kathy Ireland, and Rachel Hunter
  3. For ten points, The first threepeat of covers was this Michigan-born supermodel who appeared on the covers from 1979-1981. At the time she was married to Jean-Francois Allaux.
    Answer: Christie Brinkley

15. Name these personalities that can be found on XM Satellite Radio for ten points each.

  1. This pro wrestler, "Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rollah" and singer for the rock group Fozzy hosts a weekend metal show on XM�s Boneyard channel.
    Answer: Chris Jericho (also accept Chris Irvine)
  2. This duo, who were fired from a New York radio job in 2002 for their infamous "Sex for Sam" promotion, can be heard 24 hours a day on XM's High Voltage channel.
    Answer: Greg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia
  3. This longtime host of NPR's Morning Edition, who was eased out of the position in 2004, now hosts a daily chat show on XM Public Radio.
    Answer: Bob Edwards

16. Identify these members of Northwestern's Class of 1948 for ten points each.

  1. This actress is probably best known for playing Mrs. Garrett on the first season of Diff'rent Strokes and the first seven seasons of The Facts of Life.
    Answer: Charlotte Rae
  2. After Rae left Facts in 1986, this veteran actress stepped in for the show's last two seasons as Beverly Ann Sickle. She won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1972 for The Last Picture Show, and currently plays Grandma Ida on Malcolm in the Middle.
    Answer: Cloris Leachman
  3. This flamboyant actor played Uncle Arthur on TV's Bewitched, but may be best known for occupying the center square on the original Hollywood Squares for parts of 12 seasons.
    Answer: Paul Lynde

17. For ten points each, name these single-artist movie soundtracks.

  1. Badly Drawn Boy's follow-up to his debut The Hour of Bewilderbeast was the soundtrack to this Hugh Grant picture.
    Answer: About a Boy
  2. "Playground Love" was the centerpiece of Air's soundtrack to this 1999 film.
    Answer: The Virgin Suicides
  3. Sting kinda cheated on the soundtrack to this Wesley Snipes vehicle, as it only includes a rerecording of an old Police song and a few live tracks.
    Answer: Demolition Man

18. Rupert Murdoch and News Corp are trying to take over the world. Answer these questions about Uncle Rupert's recent Internet purchases for ten points each.

  1. In September 2005, News Corp agreed to purchase this online video game company, whose assets include GameSpy, Team Xbox, AskMen-dot-com and Rotten Tomatoes-dot-com.
    Answer: IGN Entertainment
  2. News Corp also agreed to buy Intermix Media, which owns this popular social networking site.
    Answer: My Spacedot com
  3. In addition, News Corp purchased this college sports online business.
    Answer: Scout Media

19. Movies set in New Orleans, for ten points each.

  1. It starred Roger Moore and Yaphet Kotto and has fairly intense racist overtones as it suggests that every African American in town is in a secret conspiracy to kill James Bond.
    Answer: Live and Let Die
  2. In this 80s hit, Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin fight police corruption. Jim Garrison has a cameo as a judge.
    Answer: The Big Easy
  3. This Louis Malle film stars a way-too-young Brooke Shields as a twelve-year-old brothel whore at the turn of the century.
    Answer: Pretty Baby

20. For ten points each, name these novels nominated for Nebula Awards in the 1990s:

  1. 2001's The Other Wind makes it clear that this 1990 winner is not what Ursula K. Le Guin subtitled it, "The Last Tale of Earthsea."
    Answer: Tehanu
  2. The first novel of Jonathan Lathem, this 1994 finalist has a man named Metcalf trying to solve a murder despite roadblocks like a talking kangaroo who works for the mob.
    Answer: Gun, with Occasional Music
  3. Also the 1996 Hugo Award winner, this 1996 Nebula nominee is a cyberpunk offering by Neal Stephenson mixing neo-Victorians and nanotechnology.
    Answer: The Diamond Age, or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

21. Identify the college football bowl game from a list of sponsors for ten points each. If you need its location, you'll get five.

  1. (10) Seaworld, Thrifty Car Rental, Culligan, Plymouth, Pacific Life
    (5) San Diego
    Answer: Holiday Bowl
  2. (10) Mazda, Outback, Toyota
    (5) Jacksonville
    Answer: Gator Bowl
  3. Builders Square, Sylvania, MasterCard
    (5) San Antonio
    Answer: Alamo Bowl

22. Bad movies about the mob, for ten points each.

  1. A gentlemanly auctioneer falls for school teacher Gina Vitale. The bad news for him is that her family is in the Mafia. The bad news for James Caan's career is that he plays Gina's father.
    Answer: Mickey Blue Eyes
  2. If you liked Mickey Blue Eyes, may God have mercy on your soul. Oh, and the Internet Movie Database says you'll like this film starring Jay Mohr as a junior mafioso and featuring Lloyd Bridges' last on-screen appearance.
    Answer: Jane Austen's Mafia
  3. In this deplorable 2004 sequel, Kevin Pollak kidnaps Natascha Henstridge, leaving a desperate Matthew Perry to enlist his ex-Mafia hitman pal Bruce Willis to help get her back.
    Answer: The Whole Ten Yards