2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 14
  1. 40-30-20-10-1 Name the film.
    1. (40) This film may or may not be available on DVD, VHS, Beta or Laserdisc.
    2. (30) At the time of its release, this 1998 film marked the first time two actors who played Batman on the big screen appeared in the same movie.
    3. (20) The short-lived ABC series Karen Sisco was loosely based on this film.
    4. (10) This Steven Soderbergh film stars George Clooney as a bank robber and Jennifer Lopez as the federal agent out to get him and fall for his charms.
    5. (1) A special DVD of this film is called Out of Sight - Collector's Edition.
    Answer: Out of Sight
  2. For ten points each, name these things that are related.
    1. Introduced in 1990, this member of the Harley Softail line features a 1450 cc engine, a two-up seat, and hidden rear shocks. It'll run you upwards of $18,000.
      Answer: Fat Boy
    2. The musical based on him debuted in 2001 at the Union Square Theater in New York. He was apparently discovered in a Hope Falls, West Virginia, cave in 1992.
      Answer: BatBoy
    3. On Pardon the Interruption it most often refers to Tony Reali, but it equally applies to guests who fill this late-in-the-show role.
      Answer: Stat Boy
  3. For the stated number of points, name these comic strips by Berke Breathed.
    1. For five points, this iconic '80s strip followed the denizens of its titular location, who included sleazy lawyer Steve Dallas, wimpy Michael Binkley, and the anti-Garfield, Bill the Cat.
      Answer: Bloom County
    2. For ten points, this strip grew out of Bloom County, and starred a young African-American girl named Ronald Ann. A Sunday-only strip, it ran from 1989 to 1995.
      Answer: Outland
    3. For fifteen points, Breathed created and developed many of his ideas and characters in this strip, which ran in the student newspaper at the University of Texas.
      Answer: The Academia Waltz
  4. For ten points each, name these sports owners who have achieved success in more than one major pro sport.
    1. This glass company entrepeneur saw his Tampa Bay Lightning win the 2004 Stanley Cup finals, his Detroit Pistons win the 2004 NBA playoffs, and the Detroit Shock win the 2003 WNBA championship.
      Answer: Bill Davidson
    2. In 1999, this Microsoft co-founder saw his Seattle Seahawks reach the NFL playoffs the same year his Portland Trail Blazers reach the NBA Western Conference finals.
      Answer: Paul Allen
    3. In 2001, this owner saw his Arizona Diamonbacks win the World Series, while his Phoenix Suns reached the first round of the NBA playoffs.
      Answer: Jerry Colangelo
  5. FOX Friday night: Where television shows go to die. Name these 1-and-out series, for ten points each:
    1. The first official cancellation of the 2003-04 season was this sitcom starring and named for a character actor familiar to fans of Steven Soderbergh and Paul Thomas Anderson.
      Answer: Luis
    2. By the end of this 2002-03 Dominic Purcell series, the annoying character of Karen was written out, and bartender Digger was revealed as a member of the mysterious Phoenix organization.
      Answer: John Doe
    3. Created by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, this 1997-98 series starred John Corbett as a man who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1947, but reappeared in the present-day in the wreckage of an alien spacecraft. Given special powers by the aliens, he’s now on the run from various government agencies.
      Answer: The Visitor
  6. For ten points each, name the punk act given origins:
    1. Drummer Grant Hart was working in St. Paul's Cheapo's record store when he met Greg Norton and Bob Mould.
      Answer: H�sker D�
    2. Originally thrown together to fill up an empty slot in a punk festival run by Malcolm McLaren, this act's original lineup had future Adam and the Ants guitarist Marco Pirroni and future Sex Pistol Sid Vicious on drums.
      Answer: Siouxie and the Banshees
    3. This band was formed when two members of the 101'ers joined the London SS. They landed a record deal after supporting the Sex Pistols on the 1976 Anarchy Tour.
      Answer: The Clash
  7. Answer these questions about books in the Series of Unfortunate Events series, for ten points each.
    1. This is the 11th and latest book in the Lemony Snicket series, released in September 2004.
      Answer: The Grim Grotto
    2. The first book in the series, it was first published in the U-S in September 1999.
      Answer: The Bad Beginning
    3. This six-letter adjective comes before "elevator" in the title of the sixth book in the Snicket series.
      Answer: Ersatz
  8. Importing food from Central or South America can be a risky proposition. For ten points each, answer these questions on problems arising from such transactions.
    1. Last month, the sale of this spice was banned in its native land due to contamination with aflatoxin, introduced when Latin American stocks were blended with native ones to improve its red color. It is the main flavoring of goulash.
      Answer: paprika
    2. A 2003 outbreak of hepatitis A was linked to these, imported from Mexico by the Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant chain.
      Answer: scallions or green onions
    3. Health Inca Tea from Bolivia was banned for import by the FDA because it contained this drug, although the makers claimed it was removed from the leaves during processing.
      Answer: cocaine
  9. It’s not just Atlanta Braves and Andy Griffith anymore. Identify these forays into reality TV by TBS, for ten points each.
    1. One of the superstation’s first reality shows was this Bachelor/Survivor meld in which a bunch of women had to survive the Australian wilderness to win the hand of the title hunk.
      Answer: Outback Jack
    2. Continuing the absurdity is this show in which 11 men are transformed into women and eventually judged by a celebrity panel of Morgan Fairchild, Debbie Matenopolous and John Salley.
      Answer: He’s a Lady
    3. Why they created a reality show version of this TV classic is bewildering, considering how well Survivor is doing. But it’s being done, complete with casting call to find replicas of the original cast.
      Answer: Gilligan’s Island
  10. For ten points each, name these animals of urban legend, none of which are pesky gerbils:
    1. In 1995, three Caddyshack-influenced janitors at a California elementary school actually blew up a supply room in an unsuccessful attempt to kill one of these creatures.
      Answer: gopher
    2. The Tasmanian Conservation Trust launched a campaign to knit sweaters used to protect a small species of this animal that lives on Phillip Island, Australia in case of oil spills. However, they don't fall on their backs when watching airplanes.
      Answer: penguin
    3. Many pets and farm animals were killed after British animal rights activists set free thousands of these creatures that were being farmed for their pelts.
      Answer: mink
  11. For ten points each, name these fabulous freshmen for the 2004 college football season.
    1. This Oklahoma running back is sparking Heisman talk, most notably after gaining 225 yards against Texas.
      Answer: Adrian Peterson
    2. This nephew of a NBA exec took the upper hand in Tennesee's two-QB problem when he led the Vols to a win between the hedges against then number-3 Georgia.
      Answer: Erik Ainge
    3. Trying to find a stand-out first-year wideout is much tougher. You have to go all the way down Austin Collie, who, as of October 14, was the 57th leading receiver in Division 1. He caught a TD in this school's win over Notre Dame and in a split between fellow Mountain West school Colorado State and Boise State.
      Answer: Brigham Young University or BYU
  12. For ten points each, name these documentaries:
    1. In this Jeffrey Blitz documentary, Harry Altman, Angelia Arenivar, and Ted Brigham are among the contestants who went to Washington D.C. in 1999 for a national competition sponsored by newspapers.
      Answer: Spellbound
    2. Originally intended to be one of those "making of" extras for the DVD, this film instead became a record of Terry Gilliam's failed attempt to film the movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.
      Answer: Lost in La Mancha
    3. This Barry Blaustein effort covers the world of professional wrestling.
      Answer: Beyond the Mat
  13. He's dead and he's just released an album, but unlike Tupac, we're pretty sure this is his last album. Answer these questions about Elliott Smith.
    1. For ten points, when Smith committed suicide, he was working on this album released less than a year after his death.
      Answer: From a Basement on the Hill
    2. For ten points, Smith's most notable musical achievement was earning an Oscar nomination for writing this song for the Good Will Hunting soundtrack.
      Answer: Miss Misery
    3. For five points each, after Smith played "Miss Misery" at the Oscars, he then appeared on stage with these two far different artists, who earlier had performed songs from Con-Air and Titanic.
      Answer: Trisha Yearwood, Celine Dion
  14. Answer these questions about recently released books by current and former Sports Illustrated writers, for ten points each.
    1. Jeff Pearlman, author of the infamous John Rocker story, tells many stories about the boozing, brawling, womanizing 1986 Mets in this work.
      Answer: The Bad Guys Won
    2. Leigh (lee) Montville writes what might be the most comprehensive work about this athlete, subtitled “The Biography of an American Hero.”
      Answer: Ted Williams
    3. Not every book written by an SI writer is solely about sports. Michael Bamberger earned critical acclaim for this book that followed the year in the life of Pennsbury High School in Pennsylvania.
      Answer: Wonderland: A Year in the Life of an American High School
  15. Identify these construction toys, for ten points each.
    1. Created by Evanston, Illinois, Stone Mason Charles Pajeau in 1914, these brightly colored wooden toys were successful only after being advertised by actors dressed as elves who played with them in a department store window.
      Answer: Tinkertoy Construction Set
    2. Now manufactured by K'nex, these toys were created in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, who was supposedly inspired by the foundation of his father's Imperial Hotel. Sales took off after World War II when they were advertised on the TV show Pioneer Playhouse.
      Answer: Lincoln Logs
    3. Introduced to the public in 1969, they are created to be eight times the size of LEGO as well as compatible with them and are intended for younger age groups. They are alternately known as LEGO-Pre School.
      Answer: Duplo
  16. For fifteen points each, name these animation techniques:
    1. Richard Linklater's Waking Life made use of this technique in which animators trace live action on a frame-by-frame basis.
      Answer: rotoscope or rotoscoping
    2. First used in 1981's Dragonslayer, this variation of stop-motion animation involves moving the model slightly during each frame capture to create a blur which makes the motion less jerky.
      Answer: go-motion
  17. Almost every Olympics has countries that win their first medal or first gold medal. So, for ten points each, identify these countries that won their first medal -- in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.
    1. In 1964 Wilson Chuma Kiprugut won the Bronze in the 800 meters, the first of 60 Olympic Track & Field medals for this African country. In 2004, they swept all three medals in the Men's 3,000-meter Steeplechase
      Answer: Kenya
    2. Durward Knowles and Cecil Cooke won the first gold medal for this Caribbean country. They did it in sailing, the last time this country has won a sailing medal, though Pauline Davis has won three medals since in Track & Field.
      Answer: The Bahamas
    3. Mohammed Gammoudi won the Silver in the 10,000 meters and Habib Galhia won silver in the Light Welterweight division, the first two medals for this African nation. Gammoudi went on to win the 10,000 meters in Mexico City for this country's only gold.
      Answer: Tunisia
  18. Three British shows that have been show on PBS are coming back. For ten points each:
    1. Albert Finney has been cast in the title role once played by Sir Leo McKern in this show
      Answer: Rumpole of the Bailey
    2. Despite big movie success, Sean Bean has decided to return as this show's titular Napoleonic-era soldier.
      Answer: Sharpe
    3. As the title character died in the final episode and the actor who played him has passed away, this mystery series will center on Kevin Whately's character, Sergeant Lewis.
      Answer: Inspector Morse
  19. For ten points each, name these drinks that aren't Cristal that are promoted by rappers.
    1. Nelly is taking heat for his role in the September launch of this apple-flavored energy drink that shares its name with one of his songs. Wayne Brady could apparently use it if he has to slap a bitch.
      Answer: Pimp Juice
    2. 50 Cent recently introduced the Formula 50 brand of this water from Glaceau. It is light purple and has a grape flavor.
      Answer: Vitaminwater
    3. While Russell Simmons has called for a Pepsi boycott over their dropping of Ludacris as a spokesman, it couldn't hurt in his launch of this blue-hued carbonated energy drink. It's been called the un-Pimp Juice.
      Answer: DefCon 3
  20. For ten points each, name the following from copyright infringement disputes.
    1. In February 2004, Eminem sued Apple over the usage of this song, which a boy sings while listening to an iPod in an ad.
      Answer: Lose Yourself
    2. Lala Mangeshkar, singer of "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai," has become the most prominent Indian in music since Cornershop, due to a $500 million lawsuit against Dr. Dre and this act for a sample in the song "Addictive," which also features Rakim.
      Answer: Truth Hurts
    3. Photographer Guy Bourdin claims that the music video for this Madonna song infringes upon his work.
      Answer: Hollywood
  21. For ten points each, name the first collegiate head coaching gig for:
    1. Jim Harrick
      Answer: Pepperdine University
    2. Rick Pitino
      Answer: Boston University or BU
    3. Nolan Richardson
      Answer: University of Tulsa
  22. Name these Mormon celebrities who are not Ken Jennings, for ten points each.
    1. This woman is probably best known as the lead singer of the Pips.
      Answer: Gladys Knight
    2. This long-time oatmeal and Liberty Medical spokesman played main character Gus Witherspoon on the 1980s NBC series Our House.
      Answer: Wilford Brimley
    3. Although not himself a Mormon, this TV talk show’s seventh and current wife, Shawn Southwick is, which may explain why LDS head Gordon Hinckley has become a regular on his show.
      Answer: Larry King