2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 09
  1. With the recent political season, how can we resist asking questions about partisan publications. For ten points each, name the author of these books with a bias.
    1. How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)
      Answer: Ann Coulter
    2. Where the Right Went Wrong
      Answer: Pat Buchanan
    3. Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush
      Answer: John Dean
  2. Earlier, we asked you about the first hour of XM Radio's History of Pop Music the 80's. Now, let's ask you about Hour 1 of the 90's. For ten points each.
    1. This Euro dance act's #1 smash "Pump Up the Jam" appeared in the first hour, as it was released in January 1990.
      Answer: Technotronic
    2. This hair metal band was featured in the first hour with its second single, "I Remember You."
      Answer: Skid Row
    3. Hard to believe, but this Marcia Griffiths wedding reception/high school dance classic was originally released in January 1990.
      Answer: Electric Boogie
  3. For ten points each, name these members of the WWE Hall of Fame's Class of 2004.
    1. Winner of a tag-team title with Ivan Putski in 1979, he and Hulk Hogan were the only wrestlers to compete at the first nine Wrestlemanias. He formed Strike Force with Rick Martel, and in the 1990s adopted the persona of "El Matador."
      Answer: Tito Santana or Merced Solis
    2. This special celebrity inductee got in for appearances at Wrestlemania XIV, XV, and 2000. He once crossed paths with Kane while dressed as the Famous Chicken, and got into a dustup with Rikishi as well.
      Answer: Pete Rose
    3. A 7-time NWA title holder from 1973 to 1983, he fought some of the earliest NWA-WWE unification bouts. Known as "The King" after joining WWE, he wrestled Junkyard Dog at Wrestlemania III and was one of the earliest King of the Ring winners.
      Answer: Harley Race
  4. It won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, but did you watch it? Identify these actors who had guest appearances on Arrested Development who aren’t Mr. Wendal, for ten points each.
    1. This blonde bombshell played George Michael’s ethics teacher Beth Baerly, but the real ethical dilemma came when Michael lied about sleeping with her, claiming it was Gob (joeb) who did the deed.
      Answer: Heather Graham
    2. This former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has a recurring role as Gob’s girlfriend Marta, a telenovela star with whom Michael is smitten after escorting her to the Desi awards.
      Answer: Patricia Velazquez
    3. Now working more as a director and producer, this ‘70s TV icon is back in front of the camera playing the Bluth family’s sleazy attorney Barry Zuckerkorn.
      Answer: Henry Winkler
  5. Now that it's become the norm in the NBA to leave college early or bypass it all together, first round college seniors are the rare lot. Identify these seniors from the 2004 NBA draft, for ten points each.
    1. This St. Joseph's senior guard was visibly upset at not going until #20 and then declared himself the "steal of the draft" for the Nuggets, just before he was traded to Orlando.
      Answer: Jameer Nelson
    2. This AP 2nd team all American, 2003-2004 Pac 10 player of the year and senior guard from Oregon was the Cleveland Cavaliers first pick at #10.
      Answer: Luke Jackson
    3. The first senior to go, this 6'11" center from BYU was the #8 pick by the Toronto Raptors
      Answer: Rafael Araujo
  6. When a British newspaper asked 60 scientists what the best sci-fi movies of all time were, what did they say? Answer these questions about a 2004 Guardian survey, for ten points each.
    1. The scientists named this 1982 Harrison Ford film about human replicants in futuristic Los Angeles as the best sci-film ever made.
      Answer: Blade Runner
    2. This 1972 Soviet sci-fi epic, remade into a 2002 George Clooney stinker, also made the Top 10.
      Answer: Solaris
    3. This 1951 sci-fi classic about an alien named Klaatu and his mighty robot Gort made the Top 10 as well.
      Answer: The Day the Earth Stood Still
  7. Sometimes, it's wise for celebrities to READ children's books, not write them. Name these celebrity kiddie book authors, for ten points each.
    1. This singer wrote the children's book The Jolly Man, which does not feature a paradise full of cheeseburgers.
      Answer: Jimmy Buffett
    2. This actress and wife of Christopher Guest has penned the books Where Do Balloons Go and Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born.
      Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis
    3. This actor, who played Herman Munster on TV's The Munsters, was also a prolific children's author, with such works as A Chocolate Moose for Dinner and The 16 Hand Horse.
      Answer: Fred Gwynne
  8. For ten points each, name these cities which are bastions of rap which are neither New York or L.A.:
    1. The Goodie Mob was one of the first groups to put this southern city on the rap map.
      Answer: Atlanta, Georgia
    2. This major city and its surrounding area have produced Murphy Lee, J-Kwon, and Chingy..
      Answer: St. Louis
    3. Master P's No Limit label is based in this city.
      Answer: New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. Depending on who you believe, all televised news is evil. So let’s see how evil you are. Given a list of correspondents, identify the current network news division that employs them, for ten points each.
    1. Lara Logan, Bob Simon, Bob Schieffer, Harold Dow, Susan Spencer
      Answer: CBS
    2. Jim Wooten, Jake Tapper, Lisa Stark, Erin Hayes, Cynthia McFadden
      Answer: ABC
    3. Candy Crowley, Dana Bash, William Schneider, David Mattingly, Joe Johns
      Answer: CNN
  10. On June 13th, 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned 18. No, we're not going in that direction. Name these celebs who share a birthday with the Olsen twins, for ten points each.
    1. This actor is still best known for being the original John-Boy Walton on TV's The Waltons.
      Answer: Richard Thomas
    2. This man is the singer and lead guitarist for Weezer.
      Answer: Rivers Cuomo
    3. This Brat Packer played Stephanie in Short Circuit, Leslie Hunter in Saint Elmo's Fire and the morbid nonconformist in The Breakfast Club.
      Answer: Ally Sheedy
  11. For ten points each, how many members on each team for these sports, as played in the Olympics.
    1. Water polo.
      Answer: 7
    2. Team handball.
      Answer: 7
    3. Dressage mixed team equestrian event.
      Answer: 4
  12. Name these Johnny Depp films from a description, for ten points each.
    1. Depp plays George Jung, who established the U.S. cocaine market in the 1970s, in this 2001 Ted Demme film.
      Answer: Blow
    2. In this 1999 adaptation of a literary classic, Depp played Ichabod Crane.
      Answer: Sleepy Hollow
    3. For what 1990 John Waters movie did Depp play title character Wade Walker?
      Answer: Cry-Baby
  13. Identify these odd games you can find at a casino, for ten points each.
    1. In this variation of five-card poker, you are declared the winner if you are dealt a five-card hand that is better than the dealer's hand. If you are dealt a royal flush, you win a progressive jackpot.
      Answer: Caribbean Stud Poker
    2. A poker variant created by Shuffle Master Gaming, players are dealt a three card hand and make three different bets, while two community cards are dealt face-down. Players can remove up to two of their bets before the community cards are revealed.
      Answer: Let It Ride
    3. In this popular variant of blackjack, this six-deck game features face cards but no 10's and more liberal rules than traditional blackjack. Players get bonuses for being dealt a traditional blackjack, a 21 consisting of at least five cards, or a 7-7-7 blackjack.
      Answer: Spanish 21
  14. For ten points each, name these people who saw some messy divorce proceedings:
    1. He had to drop out of the Illinois senate race after documents showed he took his actress wife Jeri to clubs to have sex in public.
      Answer: Jack Ryan (prompt on "Ryan")
    2. In documents relating to his divorce from his wife Stacey, it was learned this former Tigers slugger was broke because of a gambling problem, including one binge where he owed Trump Plaza $580,000.
      Answer: Cecil Fielder
    3. His wife Brooke included as an exhibit in their divorce a USA Today article citing professional fishing as the world's most dangerous job to counter this man's claim of a "hazardous, life-threatening occupation."
      Answer: Jeff Gordon
  15. 40-30-20-10, name the book series.
    1. [40] It's a bunch of related books.
    2. [30] The first book in the series, by Dan Gookin, was published in November 1991. Overall, the series has sold over 125 million books in 39 languages.
    3. [20] Published by John Wiley & Sons, upcoming titles will tackle Mac OS X Tiger, Blocking Spam for Business, and Building Research Tools for Google.
    4. [10] Known as "references for the rest of us," this series of help books is best known for its yellow and black covers and its triangular headed, big-eyed mascot.
    Answer: For Dummies
  16. Identify these things from the late lamented show Freaks and Geeks, for ten points each:
    1. Bill is deathly allergic to this foodstuff. Packages of it were sent to NBC by the save-the-show movement.
      Answer: peanuts
    2. Sam auditions for this role, McKinley High’s mascot, to impress Cindy Sanders.
      Answer: the Norseman
    3. Bill is horrified when his mom begins dating what teacher at McKinley?
      Answer: Coach Ben Fredericks
  17. Sometimes a cover is all you need to be relevant again, or not. Answer these questions about '90s bands trying to stay on the radio thanks to cover songs, for ten points each.
    1. This group behind the albums Superstar Car Wash, Dizzy Up The Girl and Gutterflower recently released a cover of Supertramp's "Give a Little Bit."
      Answer: Goo Goo Dolls
    2. Before its lead singer went on to host Extra, this group did a cover of Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" for the album In the Pursuit of Leisure.
      Answer: Sugar Ray
    3. This group performed a slower version of OMD's "If You Leave" for the soundtrack to The O.C. Their '90s albums include High/Low and The Proximity Effect.
      Answer: Nada Surf
  18. NHL team origins, for the stated number of points. City and nickname required for all answers.
    1. (5) The Carolina Hurricanes used to be based in Connecticut, and played in a shopping mall. They also went by this name.
      Answer: Hartford Whalers
    2. (10) The Phoenix Coyotes used to be based in Manitoba, and played under this name.
      Answer: Winnipeg Jets
    3. (15) Between 1976-1982, the New Jersey Devils were known as the Colorado Rockies. Between 1974-1976, said team played in Missouri and was known by this name.
      Answer: Kansas City Scouts
  19. The man behind the mask is mostly unknown. For ten points each, name these other actors who appeared in the Friday the 13th series:
    1. He played Jack, killed by an arrow to the neck, in the first movie, but had his breakthrough two years later in Diner.
      Answer: Kevin Bacon
    2. Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter featured at least two actors who became famous, Crispin Glover and this actor, whose other films in the horror genre include Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood and The Lost Boys.
      Answer: Corey Feldman
    3. Her first film role was a minor part in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Since then, she played Grace Chen on TV's Martial Law and has appeared in The Scorpion King and X2, where she played Yuriko Oyama.
      Answer: Kelly Hu
  20. Name these musicians who were college athletes on a 15-5 basis.
    1. [15] He had a partial athletic scholarship for the javelin and majored in advertising at Oklahoma State University. He has also played with several baseball teams during spring training.
      [5] He had the first country album to debut at #1 on the pop charts with 1991's Ropin' the Wind.
      Answer: Garth Brooks
    2. [15] He had a baseball scholarship to Kentucky's Georgetown College, before quitting to form the band Sly Dog.
      [5] Just as a successful baseball career might have prevented a communist Cuba, so too might it have prevented this man's hit "Achy, Breaky Heart."
      Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus
  21. When you travel these United States, you need to know the highways that are unique to America's cities. Given some highways, roads and bridges of a major metropolitan area, name the U.S. city most connected to these lawmakers for the stated number of points. For example, if I said "Verazzano Bridge, Bronx River Parkway and Staten Island Expressway," you'd say 'New York."
    1. (5) Dan Ryan Expressway, Eisenhower Expressway, Stevenson Expressway
      Answer: Chicago
    2. (5) The Blue Route, Vine Street Expressway, Schuylkill ("SKOO-kill") Expressway
      Answer: Philadelphia
    3. (10) Reuther Freeway, Southfield Freeway, Lodge Freeway
      Answer: Detroit
    4. (10) Loop 101, Loop 202, Superstition Freeway
      Answer: Phoenix
  22. Celebrities and the Democratic Party go together like peanut butter and jelly. Celebrities and the Republicans ...well. Name these alleged Republican celebrities for ten points each.
    1. Born Mary Cathleen Collins, this former sex symbol played the title character in 1979's 10, then starred in such 1980's flops as Tarzan the Ape Man and Bolero.
      Answer: Bo Derek
    2. The youngest of the four acting Baldwin brothers, this 38-year-old broke from his siblings' liberal politics in 2004 and attended the Republican convention to support Dubya.
      Answer: Stephen Baldwin
    3. Alan Dershowitz in Reversal of Fortune, this poor man's Al Pacino delivered a speech at the 2004 Republican convention, criticizing Hollywood for its opposition to Dubya's policy in Iraq.
      Answer: Ron Silver