2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 07
  1. The "toilet" version makes you safe if you squat down like a toilet, while the "turtle" version makes you safe if you get on your back like a stuck turtle. The "hospital" version features Mr. Yuck and players covering "wounds" to keep playing. The "television" version requires players to yell out the name of a TV show to resume playing. The "flashlight" version, also known as "German Spotlight," adds a hide-and-seek element to the game, while the "freeze" version is the most popular variation of, for ten points, what kids game about being "it"?
    Answer: Tag
  2. He starred in the TV movie of Peter Benchley's The Beast and played two different Kennedys in other TV movies, Joseph P. in The Kennedys of Massachusetts and JFK in The Rat Pack. He also passed up a role in Platoon to star in the HBO movie Long Gone about a minor league baseball team. Other bad film choices include Young Guns II, 1996's Fear and 2000's The Skulls, but in 2000 he also made a good television choice. For 10 points, name this actor who plays Dr. Gil Grissom on C.S.I.
    Answer: William Petersen
  3. Possibly influenced by being a presenter at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, she says she wants to be a singer like Hilary Duff, and hopefully not Carl Lewis. She began her current career at age 6 when she was spotted by a coach at a birthday party. Under the tutelage of Evgeny Marchenko, she was the first to do a roundoff, back handspring, Arabian double front dismount on the balance beam. For ten points, name this U.S. gymnast who won the women’s all-around gold medal at the 2004 Athens Games.
    Answer: Carly Patterson
  4. What would you do if someone asked you to fight for freedom? Would you answer the call, or run away like a little pussy? 'Cause the only reason that you're here is 'cause folks died for you in the past, so maybe now it's your turn to die kicking some ass. As the song tells us, "Freedom isn't free," but for ten points, what's the "hefty fuckin' fee," according to Team America: World Police?
    Answer: a Buck-oh-Five (accept "Freedom Isn't Free," the actual song title, before it's mentioned).
  5. During her 2004 international tour, she promised to eat at McDonald's during all her stops. Born in a trailer park in Pocahontas, Illinois, near St. Louis, she moved to Nashville where she became associated with the Muzik Mafia and it was with John Rich that she co-wrote her biggest hit found on the album Here for the Party. For ten points, what singer had a country #1 with "Redneck Woman"?
    Answer: Gretchen Wilson
  6. It was founded by Samuel Hill, John Nicholson and William Knights in 1899 at a Y-M-C-A in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Taking its name from the sixth and seventh chapters of Judges, it is currently based in Century Boulevard in Nashville. It launched a distribution program to colleges and universities in 1972, and claims to make one million distributions a week, or 112 a minute. For ten points, name this organization, whose sole purpose appears to be leaving Bibles in hotel rooms, hospitals and prisons?
    Answer: Gideons International (also accept Gideon)
  7. As a writer for Successful Saving magazine, she hides her own profligate spending while courting PR man Luke Brandon. In the next book, she moves to New York with Brandon, but her love of Saks, Bloomies and the rest causes her to lose her man -- temporarily -- and her job -- permanently. In the third book she becomes a personal shopper at Barney's, and she and Luke are getting hitched - though her mom plans a wedding in England, while Luke's mom books the Plaza. In the most recent book, she and Luke return from a 10 month honeymoon turned spending spree, and she learns she has a stepsister who hates hitting the stores. Such is the life of Becky Bloomwood, also known as, for ten points, what kind of buyer as noted in these books by Sophie Kinsella?
    Answer: Shopaholic (accept Becky Bloomwood or Brandon before name is given)
  8. Bob Vanech is president of a venture capital firm. Joyce Riley is a radio talk show host and a registered nurse. Chrissy Gephardt is the lesbian daughter of Richard Gephardt. Keith Boykin is an African-American author and activist. Malia Lazu is the national field coordinator for the Young Voter Alliance who lost in the finals to pro-life science teacher Park Gillespie. These were among the 10 finalists on, for ten points, what 2004 Showtime reality series that determined what “average” person was the best politician?
    Answer: The American Candidate
  9. It is the only professional sports league to have its own U.S. patent, receiving Patent 4,911,433 in April 1990. Original test teams included the Miami Vise and Chicago Politicians, while the Pittsburgh Gladiators and Denver Dynamite played the league’s first game in 1987. The only shutout in league history took place in 1992, when the Orlando Predators blanked the San Antonio Force, 50-0. Orlando has won four league championships, while the San Jose SabreCats won the 2004 championship. For ten points this is what original "50 yard indoor war"?
    Answer: Arena Football League or A-F-L
  10. On this album, the songs "All You Can Learn Is What You Already Know" and "The Hero Dies In This One" are credited to all four of the band members, although almost every song including "In This Diary" and "The Saddest Song" is solely credited to Kris Roe. The only track on which Roe does not have a songwriting credit was written by Don Henley. Bidding adieu to an Oregon town, this is, for ten points, what major label debut by the Ataris featuring a cover of "The Boys of Summer?"
    Answer: So Long Astoria
  11. The evil Sador threatens the planet Akira with destruction at the hands of his stellar converter. Farmboy Shad recruits a group of interstellar mercenaries, including Robert Vaughn and George Peppard, and Sybil Danning, to help save his homeworld. With a screenplay by John Sayles, this describes, for ten points, what 1980 Seven Samurai ripoff starring The Waltons' Richard Thomas?
    Answer: Battle Beyond the Stars
  12. He covered the 1974 World Series for True magazine and was part owner of the minor league Portland Beavers in 1980. Now, he’s a scout for the Seattle Mariners while promoting his book Fall Down Laughing, which is about his fight with Multiple Sclerosis. Now working primarily a voiceover in animated works, he did help former co-star Penny Marshall and satisfy his love for baseball by playing a radio announcer in A League of Their Own. For ten points, name this actor best known for playing Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley.
    Answer: David L. Lander
  13. "I go to the basement and open my ruck. The basement is in Iowa, after a long, harsh winter, and deep in the ruck where I reach for my cammies, I still feel the cold of February. We were supposed to turn in our desert cammies, but I kept mine. They're ratty and bleached by sand and sun and blemished with the petroleum rain that fell from the oil-well fires in Kuwait." These are the opening lines of, for ten points, what Gulf War memoir published in 2003, written by former Marine sniper Anthony Swofford?
    Answer: Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles
  14. In 2004, this man released his first album in seven years, My Own Best Enemy, on Manhattan Records. Now a writer, producer and talent scout for Sony, he shared a Song of the Year Grammy with Luther Vandross earlier this year for "Dance With My Father." A former backup singer for Lionel Richie, he had his first success as a solo artist in the late '80s with such singles as "Don’t Mean Nothing" and "Right Here Waiting." For ten points, name this singer, whose other hits include "Hold On To The Night" and "Now and Forever."
    Answer: Richard Marx
  15. The deluxe version of this board game features six more mail cards and 12 more deal cards than the classic edition. Before playing this game, you decide how many months you’ll play, while the banker provides each player with 35-hundred dollars. Win money by landing on a sweepstakes or lottery space, but if you don’t have enough money to get rid of your bills, you must take out a loan, which are paid in increments of one thousand dollars. Whoever ends the month with the most money wins. For ten points, name this Parker Brothers game where you learn where all the money goes.
    Answer: Payday
  16. A 1989 graduate of the Southern Cal film school, he is set to write 12 issues of the Ultimate X-Men comic book with Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty. A childhood friend of Ethan Hawke, his production company is Bad Hat Harry Productions and his first movie was the 1988 short Lion's Den. He first achieved mainstream fame in 1995 thanks to directing The Usual Suspects. Apt Pupil followed three years later. For ten points, name this director of the two X-Men films, who is helming a Logan's Run remake and is the latest director expected to take over the Superman franchise.
    Answer: Bryan Singer
  17. Zonite, a popular brand from the '20s, probably caused consumers a huge amount of irritation. Lysol made a variety, and ads for its product in the '50s played on the June Cleaver-esque need to keep things clean. Studies are inconclusive about whether using Coca Cola in this capacity works effectively as a form of birth control. For ten points, name this special product, recently voted the school mascot of South Park Elementary.
    Answer: douche (accept "giant douche")
  18. First and last names the same: One, born in Victoria, Australia, was recently seen as the VP of Child Labor in Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and is best known for mohawked roles in Weird Science and as Wez in The Road Warrior. The other, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, was drafted fifth overall in 1997 and in 2003 led the American League in hits, doubles, and total bases. For ten points, give the name shared by this actor and centerfielder for the Blue Jays.
    Answer: Vernon Wells
  19. Laura Harring, Kristin Davis, John O'Hurley, Morgan Fairchild, Sally Kirkland, Leonard Nimoy, Emma Caulfield, Tia Carrere, Nikki Cox, Nia Peeples, Richard Dean Anderson, Rick Springfield, Demi Moore, John Stamos, Mark Hamill, Ricky Martin, and Corbin Bernsen twice. All have, for ten points, worked their way through Port Charles, New York, on what ABC soap opera?
    Answer: General Hospital
  20. The 1981 film by this name, directed by Walter Hill, follows a Louisiana National Guard unit who, while on weekend training so abuse the locals that they find themselves under attack by them. The potable by this name, developed by M.W. Heron in 1874, has a label featuring a Currier and Ives lithograph of Woodland Plantation. Mixed drinks that feature it include the Scarlett O'Hara, the Big Easy Martini, and the Alabama Slammer. For ten points, give this shared name, known by most as a fruit and spice-flavored whiskey liquer.
    Answer: Southern Comfort
  21. A version of this creature is available in bobblehead form. Urban legend has it that the Boston Bruins teams of the early 1970s were instructed to model their play on his behavior. When it bit its master's wife, a friend told him he'd have to get rid of her, to which he replied, "Me and [the dog] will sure miss her." For ten points, name this English bull terrier, Canada's most famous dog and the faithful companion of Don Cherry.
    Answer: Blue