2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 07
  1. You may not know the name Jan de Bont, but you probably know some of the films he directed. Identify them, for ten points each.
    1. The first feature film de Bont directed was this 1994 action film set in Los Angeles. He also directed its 1997 sequel, which shared only the character of Annie Porter.
      Answer: Speed
    2. De Bont was responsible for this 1999 clunker, which was based on a Shirley Jackson novel and a 1963 film. It featured Catherine Zeta Jones, Owen Wilson, and Liam Neeson in forgettable roles.
      Answer: The Haunting
    3. As if Speed 2: Cruise Control wasn't bad enough, de Bont directed this horrid 2003 sequel to a 2001 film starring Angelina Jolie.
      Answer: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
  2. Given a list of actors, identify the famous person they all impersonated on Saturday Night Live, for ten points each.
    1. Chevy Chase, Phil Hartman, Joe Piscopo, Randy Quaid, Charles Rocket, Harry Shearer, Robin Williams
      Answer: Ronald Reagan
    2. Alec Baldwin, Chris Kattan, Adam Sandler
      Answer: Bono
    3. Clare Danes, Cameron Diaz, Ana Gasteyer, Sarah Michelle Gellar
      Answer: Debbie Matenopolous
  3. For ten points each, name these thrash metal bands:
    1. This legendary thrash quartet.debuted in 1985 with the album Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!.
      Answer: Megadeth
    2. Led by the screaming of vocalist Tom Araya, this thrash metal band recorded what many consider the definitive thrash metal album, Reign in Blood.
      Answer: Slayer
    3. Arguably the most successful Brazilian thrash-metal band in history, this group, whose name means "grave" in Portuguese, recorded such acclaimed albums as Chaos A.D., Arise and Beneath the Remains.
      Answer: Sepultura
  4. Given the recent mystery-thriller, name the author who cranked it out, for ten points each.
    1. Hour Game
      Answer: David Baldacci
    2. Metro Girl
      Answer: Janet Evanovich
    3. California Girl
      Answer: T. Jefferson Parker
  5. Given a city and state where a Six Flags theme park is located, name the theme park for the stated number of points.
    1. (5) Jackson, New Jersey
      Answer: Six Flags Great Adventure
    2. (5) Valencia, California
      Answer: Six Flags Magic Mountain
    3. (10) Louisville, Kentucky
      Answer: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
    4. (10) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      Answer: Six Flags Frontier City
  6. For ten points each, what teams made these NFL playoff come from behind wins.
    1. From down 32 in a 1993 game against the Oilers.
      Answer: Buffalo Bills (accept either)
    2. From 24 down in a 2003 game against the Giants.
      Answer: San Francisco 49ers (accept either)
    3. From 18 down in a 1986 AFC game against the Browns.
      Answer: Miami Dolphins (accept either)
  7. 40-30-20-10-1 Name the screen star given roles.
    1. (40) This screen star has been in movies, some of which are available on DVD.
    2. (30) Roger Davis in Bob Roberts, Craig Poncelet in Dead Man Walking, Slip leader of the Nasties in The NeverEnding Story 3.
    3. (20) Ian Lamont in The Jackal, Fiedler in Enemy of the State, J-D McNaughton in Saving Silverman.
    4. (10) Hal Larson in Shallow Hal, Dewey Finn in School of Rock.
    5. (1) Host Jack Black at The 2002 MTV Movie Awards.
    Answer: Jack Black
  8. Name these Cranium spinoffs, for ten points each.
    1. Designed for kids age 3-6, players match fun drawings and unlock secret doors in order to find hidden treasure.
      Answer: Cariboo
    2. Made for kids ages four and up, this high-energy game is full of cool tunes, fun sounds and all kinds of surprises. The game won the Toy Industry Association's Game of the Year award in 2003.
      Answer: Hullabaloo
    3. This spinoff celebrates the fun facts and funny memories that make your family unique. It's subtitled the "hilarious guess what I'm thinking game."
      Answer: Conga
  9. Answer these questions about TVs The Office, for ten points each.
    1. Britain’s version of The Office featured this award-winning actor, writer and director as office manager David Brent.
      Answer: Ricky Gervais
    2. The American version of The Office, which may never see the light of day, features this Daily Show correspondent in the Gervais role, renamed Michael Scott.
      Answer: Steve Carell
    3. The title office in the British version of the show is set in this bleak industrial town.
      Answer: Slough
  10. Sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much. Too much for me to keep my lunch down. For ten points each:
    1. This Canadian took "Sometimes When We Touch" to number-three on the charts in 1977.
      Answer: Dan Hill
    2. The song achieved infamy in recent years for its use in ads for this insurance company.
      Answer: Geico
    3. Dan Hill re-appeared on the pop charts in 1987 with this Top 10 song, a duet with Ally McBeal vocalist Vonda Shepard.
      Answer: Can’t We Try
  11. For ten points each, name these people who have turned up on the police blotter recently.
    1. This New York Mets reliever is under investigation for possible ties to the Bonanno crime family. He's gotten associates of the family game tickets and passes to the clubhouse. He may testify in a mob-trial.
      Answer: John Franco
    2. This rocker will have to stand trial for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly throwing a bottle and a lit candle at Kristin King when King showed up at the home of the rocker's ex-beau Jim Barber.
      Answer: Courtney Love
    3. This former Oakland Raiders kicker is still wanted in connection with a drive-by shooting at Seigfried and Roy's home.
      Answer: Cole Ford
  12. ESPN says that the 1998 New York Yankees are the greatest team of the last 25 years. Call it pro-Bronx Bomber butt kissing, or a severe anti-Mets and Red Sox bias. Answer these questions about the '98 Yanks, for ten points each.
    1. The Yankees won the World Series in 1998 by sweeping this NL West team in four.
      Answer: San Diego Padres
    2. The highest-paid player on the 1998 team was this Puerto Rican-born outfielder, who hit 339 with 26 homers and 97 runs batted in that season.
      Answer: Bernie Williams
    3. Six pitchers won at least 10 games for the 1998 Yankees. This included this infamous Japanese pitcher, who George Steinbrenner called a "fat toad."
      Answer: Hideki Irabu
  13. Given comics characters, name their dogs, for ten points each.
    1. Tintin
      Answer: Snowy
    2. Jughead Jones
      Answer: Hot Dog
    3. OK, he's not Asterix's dog, he's more the Lutece town dog.
      Answer: Dogmatix
  14. Name the sibling musican group, given its members.
    1. For five points, brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac
      Answer: Hanson
    2. For ten points, brothers Henry, Jojo and Ringo Garza
      Answer: Los Lonely Boys
    3. For fifteen points, sisters Margaret, Terre [Terry], and Suzzy.
      Answer: The Roches
  15. For ten points each, name these groups favored by some conspiracy nuts:
    1. Divided into the Nursery, the Masonry, and the Mysteries, this secret society was founded in Bavaria in 1776, but was suppressed with all other such groups a dozen years later.
      Answer: Illuminati
    2. Alleged by some to be an American branch of the Illuminati, this group also known as the Brotherhood of Death was founded in 1832 by classmates William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, father of the president.
      Answer: Skull and Bones
    3. Formed in 1924 to control the light bulb industry, it allegedly held back technogical improvements. It was later used in the plot of Thomas Pyncheon's Gravity's Rainbow.
      Answer: Phoebus cartel
  16. Answer these questions about 2004 movies with a definite political bent that aren't Fahrenheit 9/11 for ten points each.
    1. Harry Thomason got some time off a Designing Women reunion to join Nickolas Perry in directing this documentary about how the Republicans tried to destroy Bill Clinton.
      Answer: The Hunting of the President
    2. Jehane Noujaim chronicled media coverage of the Iraq war, focusing heavily on the operations of Al-Jazeera.
      Answer: Control Room
    3. John Sayles directed this 2004 film, a supposed satire of the current political system, starring Oscar winner Chris Cooper as Dickie Pilager, who is running for governor of Colorado.
      Answer: Silver City
  17. For ten points each, answer these questions that cut to the quick - and then some.
    1. In this 2004 film, two men are handcuffed and left in a room. Their captor apparently expects them to get out of their handcuffs by cutting off their own hands.
      Answer: Saw
    2. This hiker gained notoriety when, pinned by a boulder in Canyonlands National Park, he cut off his own hand to free himself. He later wrote the book Between a Rock and a Hard Place about the experience.
      Answer: Aron Ralston
    3. Legend says that Heremon, an early high king of this country, earned his throne by being the first to touch its soil, which he did by cutting off one of his hands and throwing it ashore.
      Answer: Ireland
  18. You’ve probably seen Matthew Fox surviving the “good Hodgkins” to lead the castaways on ABC’s Lost, but what’s the rest of the Party of Five cast up to these days? for ten points each:
    1. After playing a Plastic in Mean Girls, Lacey Chabert just portrayed paralyzed Harvard grad Brooke Ellison in a TV movie that was the last directorial effort by this man.
      Answer: Christopher Reeve
    2. Scott Wolf, currently engaged to Kelly from The Real World: New Orleans, is also stealing hearts on screen as Dr. Jake Hanson on this WB drama.
      Answer: Everwood
    3. This 2004 James Toback film, also featuring Dominic Chianese and Mike Tyson (yes, that one), is a tale of revenge and sexuality. But more simply put, Neve Campbell gets naked early and often.
      Answer: When Will I Be Loved
  19. Sports Illustrated called him "the most famous man to ride a horse since Paul Revere." For ten points each:
    1. Name this jockey who won five Kentucky Derbys, six Preaknesses, and six Belmonts before retiring in 1961.
      Answer: George Edward "Eddie" Arcaro
    2. Arcaro is the only jockey to twice win the Triple Crown. Name the two horses he rode to victory, in 1941 and 1948.
      Answer: Whirlaway and Citation
  20. Why do they insist on making straight-to-video sequels for big budget movies? The almighty dollar says so. Identify these films that have straight-to-video sequels, for ten points each.
    1. This 1997 Paul Verhoeven sci-fi film saw a straight-to-video sequel, subtitled Hero of the Federation, released in 2004.
      Answer: Starship Troopers
    2. Remember that 2000 Kirsten Dunst film about cheerleading? A straight-to-video sequel was released in 2003, with no one you've heard of!
      Answer: Bring It On (note: the sequel is called Bring It On Again)
    3. In 2000, Joshua Jackson starred in this film about a super-secret club for elite Ivy League students. Two straight-to-video sequels were released in 2002 and 2003.
      Answer: The Skulls
  21. For ten points each, name these acts with controversial album covers:
    1. The original cover of their Yesterday and Today featured raw meat and severed baby doll parts, but was quickly withdrawn after complaints.
      Answer: Beatles
    2. This industrial rock act showed a rear shot of a naked fat woman on 1999's The Dark Side of the Spoon.
      Answer: Ministry
    3. The cover to their album Party Music showed the detonation of the World Trade Center, but was pulled by Warner Brothers after the events of September 11.
      Answer: The Coup
  22. For ten points each, answer these questions on celebs with illnesss, real or otherwise.
    1. In trying to explain why his daughter was lip-synching on Saturday Night Live, Ashlee Simpson's dad said she was suffering from this, which made her hoarse.
      Answer: acid reflux disease
    2. In 2004, this actress, best known as Carmela Soprano, admitted to a recent bout with breast cancer.
      Answer: Edie Falco
    3. Even with using that one touch blood glucose meter, this music legend had a setback in his struggle with diabetes when he had to have a toe amputated last month.
      Answer: Bo Diddley