2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 04
  1. Last name is the same, well sorta. Without a closing "e", Crystal is an accomplished soap opera actress with starring roles on Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live and Guiding Light. With a closing "e," Joe is a director and producer of CSI: Miami, while Ryan was the CTU chief who was executed in season three of 24. For ten points, give this shared last name most associated with this You’ve Got Mail actor whose portrayal of a blind black Klansman helped net him a $50 million deal with Comedy Central.
    Answer: Chappelle
  2. In a 2003 issue of Organic Style magazine, this singer admitted that she buys size 32A bras from the Sears girls department. Although she studied drama at Grambling State, she got her break in music, getting a contract after opening for D'Angelo at a Dallas show. She wrote all but one song on her debut album, which peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts in 1994. Her follow-up, Mama's Gun, included the song "Bag Lady." For ten points, name this singer known for tracks such as "On and On" and "Tyrone" as well as for her African headwear.
    Answer: Erykah Badu or Erica Wright
  3. Nintendo apologized for sending a cease-and-desist letter because the profile of member RuneLaterus listed Zelda and Metroid as favorite games, but not before Penny Arcade ridiculed the controversy with a strip set in Nintendo's Porn Division. Founded in Portland in 2001 by a duo named Missy and Sean, also known as Spooky, its interests include music, tatoos, and piercings. For ten points, name this porn website focusing on punk rock girls.
    Answer: SuicideGirls.com.
  4. This feat was first verifiably accomplished with the aid of Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway and was soon followed by Australian John Landy's better effort at the same Iffley Road location. First done by a medical student competing against his old university, it was once believed to be a physical impossibility. For ten points, name this athletic milestone passed in 1954 by Roger Bannister.
    Answer: four minute mile (accept running the mile in under four minutes or equivalents) [Bannister's time was 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds.]
  5. Born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1933, she shared 1957's Most Promising Newcomer Golden Globe with Caroll Baker and Natalie Wood. That was for her breakout role as Jerri Jordan in The Girl Can't Help It. She followed that with an acclaimed role in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?, but thereafter she remained in Marilyn Monroe's shadow, getting only minor parts until her death in a 1967 car accident. For ten points, name this blonde bombshell of the fifties and sixties, the mother of Mariska (Mar-EES-sha) Hargitay.
    Answer: Jayne Mansfield
  6. Published by Groove Games and ARUSH, it features two different game modes, campaign and empire. In campaign, you must complete 12 missions over 50 years to build your business from a simple magazine to a powerhouse. Build that empire by staging photo shoots, holding parties at the famous grotto, and schmooze with enough celebrities to keep your magazine strong. For ten points, name this 2004 simulation/R-P-G, where you play Hugh Hefner.
    Answer: Playboy: The Mansion
  7. The music video features Corin Nemec in drag helping the singers catch a serial-killer, yet some were disturbed by the pro-lynching slant of lyrics such as “Take all the rope in Texas, Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys, Hang them high in the street for all the people to see.” The winner of 2004 CMT Flameworthy awards for Director and Collaborative Video of the Year, this is, for ten points, what Toby Keith-Willie Nelson effort about raising up glasses against evil forces and promoting equine alcoholism?
    Answer: Beer For My Horses
  8. It was founded in 1998 by Neil Clark Warren, a former private counselor, researcher, and public speaker. Its "dimensions of compatibility" are separated into four categories -- character and constitution, personality, emotional makeup and skills, and family and values. When a possible match is made, the two subjects go through four rounds of communication before talking to each other. For ten points, name this Internet dating site known for its 29 dimensions of compatibility and obscenely-detailed questionnaire.
    Answer: E-Harmony
  9. Her class schedule includes second-period AP Chemistry, third-period World History, fifth-period trig, sixth-period AP English and a journalism class taught by Mallory Dent. Her few friends at Neptune High include newbie Wallace and biker dude Weevil. She was shunned by former boyfriend Duncan Kane and the popular crowd after her dad bungled the investigation of the death of her best friend, and Duncan’s sister, Lilly. Now helping her dad as a P.I., this is for ten points, the story of what titular UPN heroine?
    Answer: Veronica Mars
  10. In 2002, she played Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway musical Love, Janis, 17 years after her turn as Monica the mud-wrestling sorority girl in Mugsy’s Girls. The performer of the last song on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, this former back-up singer for Leonard Cohen had hits with the Michael Bolton-written "I Found Someone" and "How Am I Supposed to Live without You" before they were respectively recorded by Cher and Bolton himself, while she hit the Top 10 with "Solitaire" and "Self-Control." For ten points, name this "Gloria" singer who died in 2004.
    Answer: Laura Branigan
  11. The name's the same, first and last required. With the middle name of Edward, this Georgia native gained widespread recognition in the 1950s and 1960s as the strongest man in the world. With the middle names William and Scott, this British writer/director helmed the movies Event Horizon, Mortal Kombat and 2004's Alien Versus Predator. With the middle name Thomas, this director and former boyfriend of Fiona Apple wrote and directed the critically acclaimed films Magnolia and Boogie Nights. For ten points give the common first and last name.
    Answer: Paul Anderson
  12. This league claims it will have 35 teams for its upcoming season, including the Texas Tycoons, Reigning Knights of Georgia, Pittsburgh Hardhats and Boston Frenzy. The 2003-2004 season saw the Long Beach Jam upend the defending champion Kansas City Knights in the final. In its original incarnation, the Pittsburgh Pipers won the first league championship in 1968, while the New York Nets won two crowns during its original nine-year run. For ten points, name this hoops league, whose efforts at a revival will likely pale to the 70s original.
    Answer: American Basketball Association or ABA
  13. Tom Sullivan is a Princeton senior whose father sacrificed his life to decipher the secret of a rare Renaissance text. Tom's friend, Paul Harris, is on the verge of cracking it himself, and a bloody weekend on campus forces Tom into the text's vortex. The two see the text as a bizarre, coded mathematical maze, and knowing the secret could lead to their deaths. This basically describes, for ten points, what DaVinci Code-esque 2004 best-seller by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason?
    Answer: The Rule of Four
  14. His acting roles are mostly as doctors, playing Dr. Brezzel on two episodes of Alias, Dr. Wimmer in Jason X, and the OB/GYN in The Fly. After the short films Stereo and Crimes of the Future, he made They Came From Within, about sexual parasites. Thus began his theme of technology changing human biology, usually for the worse. For ten points, name this Canadian director of Rabid, The Brood, Scanners, and Videodrome.
    Answer: David Cronenberg
  15. He has been chosen by a record eight Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees to present them at their induction ceremonies. A 1950 English graduate at Syracuse, he was the first offensive end coach in Los Angeles Chargers history. In 1963, he became the youngest man in pro football history to serve as both head coach and general manager, and in 1966 he became AFL commissioner. After the merger, he became owner and CEO of his franchise, positions he still holds today. For ten points, name this "Prince of Darkness" and Hall of Fame jogging-suit wearing owner of the Oakland Raiders.
    Answer: Al Davis
  16. He played Mark in 2003's Old School, and appeared as a male nurse in a 1999 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Born in 1962 in Hastings, Minnesota, he played college basketball at Montana State University. After working as a sports anchor in Monterey, California, he was discovered by ESPN, where he worked on SportsCenter from 1993-1997. Two seasons on Comedy Central’s Daily Show followed. For ten points, name this blonde pretty boy, who left CBS’s Late Late Show after five years in 2004.
    Answer: Craig Kilborn
  17. The clean version of this album also removes the track "Black Chick, White Guy" in addition to profanity. The EP version of "I Am the Bullgod" is a hidden track, while "Wasting Time: and "Only God Knows Why" hit the charts. The album's sale rose with the music video for the second single, "Bawitdaba," and the follow-up, "Cowboy." For ten points, name this major label debut for Kid Rock, whose title invokes a James Dean movie.
    Answer: Devil Without a Cause
  18. Bought in 1996, it is an eight-acre island between Tortola and St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands. Its bid for membership in the U.N. was turned down, but the company that owns it recently offered to pay Los Angeles to have the name of this location displayed beneath the Hollywood sign. For ten points, name this marketing tool, where the national anthem is presumably "Tequila."
    Answer: CuervoNation
  19. WARNING: FIVE ANSWERS REQUIRED. One element of this answer is repeated. Two actors deliver these principles: Hank Azaria, in a grainy instructional video; and Rip Torn, playing the modern-day Patches O'Houlihan. For ten points, give the five D's of Dodgeball.
    Answer: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge
  20. This company was founded in 1934 by Tadao Yoshida, and now consists of 84 affiliated companies in 47 countries with 222 plants and offices. Its main American factory in Macon, Georgia, produces seven million of its best product day, with more than 15-hundred styles in more than 427 standard colors. The same factory produces and dyes the yarn woven into the fabric portion of the item, as well as the machines that make them. For ten points, check your fly and give the three-letter name for this huge company that makes zippers.
    Answer: Y-K-K
  21. This book, released in January 2004, is an expanded version of a novella which appeared in Robert Silverberg's anthology Legends. For three days, battle has raged around the city of Tar Valon. In the White Tower, two young Accepted attend the Amyrlin Seat and her Keeper as they await the outcome. By chance, the two are on duty when the Keeper mentions the rebirth of the Dragon, which is the only hope to beat the Dark One. This describes, for ten points, what 2004 prequel to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
    Answer: New Spring