2004 TRASH Regionals
Round 03
  1. If one group signifies industrial dance crap of the early 1990s, it's the KLF. For ten points each:
    1. KLF had its first, and only, American Top 10 hit in 1991 with this song, whose title reportedly refers to the time KLF members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty burned copies of an earlier record, banned for illegally using an ABBA sample.
      Answer: 3AM Eternal
    2. In 1992, KLF reached #11 on the U.S. charts with this bizarre single, which featured the vocals of country legend Tammy Wynette.
      Answer: Justified and Ancient
    3. Both "3AM Eternal" and "Justified and Ancient" were featured on this, KLF's first U.S. album, which was released in 1991.
      Answer: The White Room
  2. At TRASHionals, we told you about the David Letterman scholarship at Ball State. How about more unusual scholarships? Answer the following for ten points each.
    1. Pennsylvania’s Juniata College is believed to be the only U.S. school to offer scholarships for these people, whose more famous examples include Steve Carlton, Paul McCartney, and Steve Young.
      Answer: Southpaws or Lefthanded People
    2. Duck Brand offers scholarships to couples who attend a prom wearing outfits featuring attire or accessories made from this. Red Green would be proud.
      Answer: Duct Tape
    3. This Catholic university in Chicago offers the Zolp Scholarship, which is restricted for students who are Catholic and have the last name of Zolp.
      Answer: Loyola
  3. Now that Ashlee Simpson’s singing prowess has been exposed on Saturday Night Live, answer these questions about other unscripted moments in the show’s history, for ten points each.
    1. In 1977, this musician also cut short his planned performance, but instead of walking out after stopping the song “Less Than Zero,” he then launched into a rousing rendition of “Radio, Radio.”
      Answer: Elvis Costello
    2. The debut sketch for this Rachel Dratch character in May 2004 turned into a train wreck when everyone involved, including Jimmy Fallon and host Lindsay Lohan couldn’t stop cracking up despite the dourness of Dratch’s character.
      Answer: Debbie Downer
    3. In 1981, he was fired from the show dropping a f-bomb during a sketch.
      Answer: Charles Rocket
  4. It was the hit of the finals of 2003 TRASHionals, but how much do you know about the U.S. Dance Dance Revolution franchise? Answer these questions, for ten points each. You don't even have to dance for your points.
    1. Maybe it's an attempt to be hip, but this is the name of the recently released third installment of DDR for PlayStation 2.
      Answer: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (or DDR Extreme)
    2. This is the name of the edition of DDR for Xbox.
      Answer: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix
    3. This sequel to the original DDR for PlayStation adds a letter to the company that makes the game.
      Answer: Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
  5. For ten points each, name these musicians who attended the 2004 Republican National Convention:
    1. Formerly Amy Grant's keyboardist, he has won Dove and Grammy awards for efforts such as the albums I'll Lead You Home.
      Answer: Michael W(hitaker) Smith
    2. Songs by this brother act include "All the Gold in California," "Houston (Means I'm One Day Closer to You)," and "She Used to Be Somebody's Baby."
      Answer: The Gatlin Brothers
    3. She has hit the country Top 10 with her two most recent albums, Born to Fly and Restless.
      Answer: Sara Evans
  6. Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle takes the Waterhouse and Shaftoe families introduced in Cryptonomicon and follows their forebears during the turbulent times of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. For ten points each, name the three books that make up this cycle.
    Answer: Quicksilver, The Confusion, The System of the World
  7. Given colleges, give the common men's college sports nickname, for ten points each. If you need easier schools, you’ll only receive five points.
    1. (10) Prairie View A&M, Virginia Union, Northern Iowa
      (5) Georgia State, University of Pittsburgh
      Answer: Panthers
    2. (10) Chicago State, Asuza Pacific, Caldwell College
      (5) Washington State, University of Houston, Brigham Young University
      Answer: Cougars
    3. (10) Bethune-Cookman, Cazenovia College, Cal-State Chico
      (5) Kansas State, University of Kentucky, University of Arizona
      Answer: Wildcats
  8. Jamie Foxx - who knew the man had talent? Answer these questions about Foxx films, for ten points each.
    1. Foxx played hotshot quarterback Willie Beamen in this 1999 Oliver Stone football film.
      Answer: Any Given Sunday
    2. In this 2004 film, Foxx plays a man who becomes a celebrity after writing and publishing a break-up handbook for men.
      Answer: Breakin' All The Rules
    3. Foxx made his film debut as "Baker" in this 1992 Robin Williams bomb, directed by Barry Levinson, about eccentric businessman Leslie Zevo.
      Answer: Toys
  9. For ten points each, answer these questions about songs sampling the Clash, or just sounding a bit too much like them:
    1. Will Smith pretty much does a cover of “Rock the Casbah” for this song that was among Blender magazine’s 50 Worst Songs of All-Time.
      Answer: Will 2K
    2. The opening drum beats from “Train in Vain” or at least a very good facsimile of it can be heard on this single by Garbage.
      Answer: Stupid Girl
    3. The title track to their album The Globe, which liberally samples “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”, is only sorta ripping off the group because the group does feature Clash member Mick Jones.
      Answer: Big Audio Dynamite II or BAD II (do not accept or prompt on Big Audio Dynamite)
  10. For ten points each, name these people better known for TV from their current or upcoming roles in legitimate theater.
    1. After years of playing a Bostonian on Cheers, he'll be starring in a one-man show on the life of former House Speaker Tip O'Neill. One hopes that the audience won't yell "Tip!" every time he takes the stage.
      Answer: George Wendt
    2. This Cosby Show alum won a Tony for playing Lena Younger in the revival of A Raisin in the Sun.
      Answer: Phylicia Rashad
    3. She'll apparently star in a revival of Sweet Charity, which is a step up from playing Rachel's dim sister on Friends and a whole flight of stairs up from her short-lived NBC sitcom Jesse.
      Answer: Christina Applegate
  11. Between 1991 and 2004, the Atlanta Braves won 13 divisional titles. Sickening, isn’t it? Answer the following, for ten points each.
    1. Despite the divisional success, the Braves only won one World Series during this period. In what year did Atlanta take home the World Series title?
      Answer: 1995
    2. The only player from the 1991 Braves to be on the 2004 squad is this pitcher, who was in the 1991 starting rotation but was later moved to the bullpen.
      Answer: John Smoltz
    3. When the 1994 season came to an abrupt end, the Braves stood six games behind this squad in the National League East.
      Answer: Montreal Expos
  12. It's never Joan van Ark, so identify these portrayals of Joan of Arc instead, for ten points each.
    1. Luc Besson's 1999 film The Messenger starred this woman, his then wife, as Joan, despite the fact that she was in her 20's at the time.
      Answer: Milla Jovovich
    2. That same year, CBS released a television movie of Joan of Arc with this star of The Glass House and Joy Ride in the title role.
      Answer: Leelee Sobieski
    3. Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's played Joan of Arc in this 1989 film directed by Stephen Herek.
      Answer: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
  13. Frasier is over, and now Kelsey Grammer can start looking for other roles that are not Frasier or that naval guy in Down Periscope. For ten points each.
    1. How many consecutive TV seasons did Grammer play Frasier Crane?
      Answer: 20
    2. Grammar is the second actor to play the same TV character for 20 straight seasons. The first was this veteran actor, who portrayed the title character on Gunsmoke for 20 years. Name both the actor and that character for ten points each.
      Answer: James Arness (actor), Marshal Matt Dillon (character – accept Matt, Marshal Dillon)
  14. For ten points each, answer these questions about recent musical memoirs.
    1. Herbert Breslin's The King and I chronicles both the world of opera and his often-tempestuous 35 year business relationship with this tenor.
      Answer: Luciano Pavarotti
    2. His Chronicles, Vol. 1 focuses more on key times and events in his life - such as his 1961 arrival in New York - rather than on his music.
      Answer: Bob Dylan
    3. In Scar Tissue, this rocker recounts his history of drug use - going back to his dealer father giving him drugs in bananas - and eventual battle for sobriety. He also recounts times with women like Ione Skye and Sofia Coppola, and with his iconic 1990s band.
      Answer: Anthony Kiedis
  15. How well do you know the European team that Euro-trashed the U.S. at the Ryder Cup? Identify them from clues, for ten points each.
    1. This popular Spaniard went 4-0-1 during the competition, including an impressive 3-and-2 win over Phil Mickelson in Sunday’s singles.
      Answer: Sergio Garcia
    2. The other golfer to go 4-0-1 was this 31-year-old Englishman, one of the top players on the European tour and four-time Ryder Cup veteran, who beat Kenny Perry in Sunday’s singles.
      Answer: Lee Westwood
    3. He won the 1999 NCAA title while at Northwestern and was a captain’s pick this year. His two wins came while teamed with Garcia.
      Answer: Luke Donald
  16. Given the U.S. President and a film, name the actor who played him, for ten points each:
    1. Franklin Roosevelt in Annie
      Answer: Edward Herrmann
    2. Richard Nixon in Dick
      Answer: Dan Hedaya
    3. Jack Kennedy in Thirteen Days
      Answer: Bruce Greenwood
  17. For ten points each, name these artists who have been tapped to perform in December 2004 at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo:
    1. This Brit teen debuted in 2003 with the wonderful album The Soul Sessions, which includes "Super Duper Love" and "Fell in Love with a Boy," the latter a reworking of a White Stripes song.
      Answer: Joss Stone or Joscelyn Eve Stoker
    2. All For You, Love Scenes, and When I Look Into Your Eyes are Grammy-nominated jazz albums by this Canadian pianist.
      Answer: Diana Krall
    3. Debuting on stage in a 1994 production of Verdi's MacBeth, this Pisan tenor is more famous for pop, singing "Time to Say Goodbye" with Sarah Brightman and "The Prayer" with Celine Dion.
      Answer: Andrea Bocelli
  18. Given the movie, tell me the airport where the film is mostly set.
    1. For five points, The Terminal
      Answer: John F. Kennedy International Airport (also accept JFK)
    2. For ten points, Die Hard 2
      Answer: Dulles International Airport
    3. For fifteen points, Airport
      Answer: Lincoln International Airport
  19. With Everybody Loves Raymond ending its run, TRASH wants to know ... does anyone actually WATCH this show? Answer these questions about the show for ten points each.
    1. This is the last name of the family featured on Everybody Loves Raymond.
      Answer: Barone
    2. This is the first name of Ray’s hulking, insecure older brother, played by Brad Garrett.
      Answer: Robert
    3. Ray works as a sportswriter for this real-life Big Apple newspaper.
      Answer: New York Newsday
  20. Identify the following, five points for one, ten for two, twenty for three or thirty for all four.
    1. This actor's screen credits include Andre in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, Tyrell in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Harold in Hav Plenty.
      Answer: Mekhi Phifer
    2. This 1973 Steven King book is about a small Maine town beset by horrors. In particular, the horrors include the vampire shopowner Barlow and his assistant Straker.
      Answer: Salem's Lot
    3. Members of this wrestling alliance included Syxx, the Giant, Curt Hennig and Kevin Nash, the last of whom was responsible for its breakup into two alliances in 1998.
      Answer: New World Order (prompt on nWo)
    4. "Mekhi Phifer," "Salem's Lot" and "New World Order" (the last referring to politics rather than wrestling, though) are all mentioned in the lyrics of this chart-topping hit of 2002.
      Answer: Lose Yourself (by Eminem)
  21. Low-carb alcohol seems wrong. For the stated number of points, name the entry in this unusual market from info.
    1. For five points, if your idea of lunch is rollerblading like an idiot then this Anheuser-Busch product is for you.
      Answer: Michelob Ultra
    2. For ten points, rather than be left out in the cold by Michelob Ultra, Coors introduced this low carb beer which one reviewer says has even less taste than Coors Original, which seems impossible.
      Answer: Aspen Edge
    3. ONE OF TWO ANSWERS ACCEPTABLE. For fifteen points, Brown-Forman, better known for Jack Daniel's, has now introduced a line of low carb wines. Offered in Chardonnay and Merlot, their names refer to the amount of carbs in a 5 ounce glass.
      Answer: One.6 (Chardonnay) or One.9 (Merlot)
  22. For ten points each, name these celebrities who have differing ideas about lesbianism:
    1. This model has vowed never to do it again after feeling "traumatized" by kissing Jennifer Esposito in her movie debut Taxi. Odd, as she has no qualms about kissing the very feminine Leonardo DiCaprio in real life.
      Answer: Gisele Bundchen (accept either)
    2. On the other hand, this actress said she enjoyed kissing Kelly Preston for the movie Eulogy in which the two play a lesbian couple.
      Answer: Famke Janssen
    3. She recently dressed up as a nurse for a Skechers ad and claims she gets turned on by the idea of two women going at it. She also admits to experimenting with bondage.
      Answer: Christina Aguilera