Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Yale B (Augustine Kim, Elizabeth Richards, Yevgeny Vilensky, and Anthony Ramirez)


1. Although a possession of China since 111 BCE, Han Chinese only make up two thirds of the population of this Chinese province, with the other third being made up of indigenous tribes, one of the tribes speaking a language native to the Philippines. Occupied by the Japanese in 1939 during World War II, it was retaken by the Chinese Nationalists in 1945, finally in 1950 passing into Communist control. FTP name this island province, whose Lingshui airbase served as the landing site for a crippled American spyplane.

ANSWER: Hainan

2. She was born in England, the daughter of Thomas Dudley, chief steward to Theophilus Clinton, the Puritan Earl of Lincoln. Scholarly interest in her writings was chiefly historical until the mid-19th century publication of Contemplations, a volume of religious verse written for her family, which settled around 1630 in Massachusetts Bay. FTP, name this early American poet who wrote The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America.

ANSWER: Anne Bradstreet

3. Small-time band singer Esther Blodgett catches the ear of big-time movie star and drunk Norman Maine. He gets her a movie contract and they get married. Unfortunately, he keeps drinking and drowns under suspicious circumstances. Originally over three hours in length, it was cut over the objections of Sid Luft just prior to its release. FTP, identify this 1954 film featuring Academy Award Nominee Judy Garland.

ANSWER: A Star is Born

4. Trained as a soldier, he took part in the Franco-Prussian War as the chief of staff to the Tenth Army Corps. By 1883, he became chief of the admiralty, representing the department in the Reichstag. He had shown great administrative ability and was unconnected to any political party at the time, which put him at the favor of Otto von Bismarck as a possible successor. FTP, name this German foreign minister and namesake of a Namibian strip.

ANSWER: Georg Leo, Graf von Caprivi

5. In 1974, it was discovered simultaneously and independently by groups headed by Samuel Ting at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and Burton Richter at Stanford University. The J-psi meson, consisting of this particle and its antiparticle, was the first particle to be discovered containing it. With a mass energy of 1500 Mega electron Volts, it was one of the last three quarks to be discovered, along with top and bottom. FTP, name this third heaviest quark, the counterpart to the strange quark.

ANSWER: Charm quark

6. It ate a bunch of magical hazelnuts before taking up residence in the river Boyne, where the druid Finegas waited for years to catch it. Finegas told his student Demna to cook it. While Demna was roasting it on a spit, he burned his thumb on its flesh and sucked the thumb, causing a remarkable transformation. FTP, identify the Irish mythological fish, which granted wisdom to young Demna, later known as Finn MacCool.

ANSWER: Fintan or The Salmon of Knowledge

7. He switched his instrument from clarinet to alto sax, before finally settling on tenor sax, and began to make his mark on the jazz scene, playing alongside Cleanhead Vinson and Dizzy Gillespie. He really started turning heads when he joined with Miles Davis in 1955 to record "Cooking", "Relaxing", "Working", and "Steaming" series with Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. Later he played with his own quartet under the Impulse label, releasing "Stellar Regions", "Crescent", and "A Love Supreme" before his untimely death in 1967. FTP, name this jazz saxophone player, who has an A.M.E. church named for him in San Francisco.

ANSWER: John Coltrane

8. This term first appeared in the twelfth century, translated from the Castilian as �son of something.� It is also an asteroid and the name of a Mexican state that borders San Luis Potosi, but the proper use of the term was as a designation of honor to the aristocracy of Spain and Latin America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. FTP, name this title for the Spanish nobility that were exempt from taxes.

ANSWER: Hidalgo

9. His brilliant career included serving as a field artillery officer in France during World War I, special commissioner to Nicaragua to mediate civil dispute, and the governor general of the Philippine Islands from 1927 to 1929. Other notable positions include serving as the secretary of war for Taft, secretary of state for Hoover, secretary of war and chief advisor for FDR. FTP, name this man who recommended that atom bombs be dropped on Japanese cities while serving as the chief advisor to Truman.

ANSWER: Henry Lewis Stimson

10. Possessing the three properties required to be classified as one of these, this type of function is very useful in proving certain theorems in Fourier Analysis. The three are positivity, that the integral be 1, and that the mass of the function be concentrated in an arbitrarily small area. Breaking several rules for Lebesgue integration, these functions are also extremely useful in physics. For 10 points, name this type of function, an example of which include the Fejer (pronounced �Feyer�) Kernel and the Dirac function.

ANSWER: Delta-function or Delta-sequence

11. Last month, the people of this European nation voted by about a 70-30 margin to prevent their government from accelerating talks with the European Union about entrance into the organization. This new development was a striking blow to the centrist regime, which was already reeling from the victories by the right-wing People�s Party in the last election. FTP, name this Alpine country, also known as the Helvetic Confederation.

ANSWER: Switzerland.

12. His origins and early history are uncertain, but he is known to have arrived in Paris at age twenty. He entered the avant-garde literary circles and soon gained fame for such works as "The Rotting Magician", and Alcools. He tried to define Cubism in literature and is believed also to have coined the term "Surrealist". FTP, identify this fin-de-siecle poet, who was wounded in the First World War and who died shortly after the premiere of his play "The Breasts of Tiresias".

ANSWER: Guillaume Apollinaire (Also accept: Guillelmus Apollinaris de Kostrowitzky )

13. Incorporated as a city in 1875, it was founded by the Northern Pacific Railway and today serves as a major agricultural, commercial, and financial center for the grain and sugar-beet producing region surrounding the city. Located at the head of navigation on the Red River of the North opposite Moorhead, Minnesota, it is the largest city in North Dakota. FTP, name this city that also shares its name with a 1996 movie starring Frances McDormand.


14. Deeply religious and a self-proclaimed follower of Wagner, this Austrian composer was born in 1824 in Ansfelden. He was trained as an organist, then later studied music theory from his grandfather, completing his first work, a requiem mass, in 1849. He would go on to write 8 symphonies and died while working on his 9th. FTP name this composer, who is best known for his Symphony No. 7 in E Major and Symphony No. 4, his "Romantic" symphony.

ANSWER: Josef Anton Bruckner

15. Dependent on SN2 displacements, which fail with tertiary alkyl groups, most methods of producing primary amines cannot produce as wide a variety of products as this. This reaction occurs when primary amides react with chlorine or bromine in the presence of a strong base to form shortened amines with the loss of the carbonyl carbon atom. FTP, name this rearrangement common in the synthesis of primary alkyl and aryl amines which shares its name with an Academy Award-winning actor of Rain Man fame.

ANSWER: Hofmann Rearrangement

16. �I stood in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in the flesh. I found all of them drunk; I did not find any of them thirsting� When they have shaken off their wine, then they shall repent.� This is one of over a hundred cryptic sayings found in the �secret words which the living Jesus spoke,� preserved in a document attributed to a twin brother of Christ. FTP, identify this Coptic text used by Gnostic Christians, perhaps including the disciple who in John 20:25 doubts the resurrection.

ANSWER: The Gospel of Thomas

17. Perry downs aspirin to relieve chronic pain in his legs. He is part Native American and blames his bad kidneys on the condensed milk he drank as a child. He and Dick almost escape but are caught with Kenyon's radio in their possession. Nancy turns her head away before she is shot. The author spent time in Holcomb, Kansas, researching this book about the 1959 murders of the Clutter family. FTP, name this "true-crime" novel by Truman Capote.

ANSWER: In Cold Blood

18. The first encounter for the singer and bassist of this band took place at a Black Flag concert in Long Beach, when they found out they were both dating the same girl. They started off as Mighty Joe Young, but had to change their name when it was discovered that the name was already claimed by a bluesman out of Chicago. FTP, name this band, whose members include Eric Kretz, the Deleo brothers, and frontman Scott Weiland, who released their first album Core in 1992.

ANSWER: Stone Temple Pilots (accept STP)

19. People from this area first appeared in Athenian slave markets in 4th century BCE, speaking in a Thracian dialect. The area was ruled by King Burebista around 50 BCE, but the confederation fell apart soon after his death. In antiquity, it covered the area of the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania, and its inhabitants engaged in many skirmishes with the Romans until Trajan conquered them in 106 CE. FTP, name this Roman province, known for its rich mines of silver, iron, and gold.


20. A Field Extension bears his name if it is the splitting field of a polynomial. A group bears his name if it is the group of automorphisms that permutes all of the roots of a polynomial, while fixing all of the elements in the base field. For 10 points, name this famous French mathematician, who before dying at age 19, developed an entire branch of field theory that explained why the quintic is not solvable by radicals.

ANSWER: Evariste Galois

OT 1. Early in her career, she won acclaim for romantic novels such as Valentine, Spiridion, Lelia, and Indiana. She went on to write several so-called rustic novels with a theme of love transcending convention. Although she married Casimir Dudevant in 1822, she soon embarked on a series of affairs with Prosper Merimee, Alfred de Musset, and others. FTP, identify this French Romantic author who famously romanced Frederic Chopin.

ANSWER: George Sand (accept Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dudevant before �Casimir�)

OT 2. The Naturalistic or Modern type of this philosophy is defined as that which rejects supernaturalism and relies upon science and reason. The Cultural type is defined as the empirical tradition of Western Europe and the basis for modern political theory, ethics, and law. The Secular type is described as an outgrowth of 18th century enlightenment rationalism and 19th century freethought. Perhaps the most famous type, though, is Christian, which advocates the self-fulfillment of man within the framework of Christian principles. FTP, name this branch of philosophy, which is a very general term for belief in the capabilities of humanity.

ANSWER: Humanism

OT 3. Performed at Yale University in 1963, this experiment was meant to assess how much people would obey the power of authority. The subject was required to sit in a room and ask questions of a person. If the person answered incorrectly, the subject would administer what he thought was electric shock in increasing voltages. For 10 points, name this famous unethical experiment in which the subjects would continue administering the electric shock despite thinking that it would cause people severe pain.

ANSWER: Milgram Experiment


1. Answer these questions about early U.S. border conflict FTPE.

In 1795, Little Turtle, chief of the Miami tribe, represented the Northwest Indian confederation in this treaty, ceding territories that included most of Ohio.

ANSWER: Treaty of Fort Greenville

The Treaty of Fort Greenville was made possible by this decisive U.S. victory, where the Indians lost after receiving none of the support they expected from the British Army.

ANSWER: Battle of Fallen Timbers

He was the leader of the U.S. troops at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

ANSWER: �Mad� Anthony Wayne

2. Identify the Edgar Allan Poe short story FTSNOP.

A [10]. The narrator is an alcoholic who murders his wife. His crime is finally exposed to the police by his pet.

ANSWER: The Black Cat

B [5]. In a medieval land ravaged by plague, Prince Prospero seals himself and 1000 knights and ladies inside his castle and throws a masked ball.

ANSWER: The Masque of the Red Death

C [15]. This 1842 story was inspired by the real-life murder of a young woman who disappeared from a New York boarding house in 1841. C. August Dupin makes his second appearance in this "Sequel to The Murders in the Rue Morgue".

ANSWER: The Mystery of Marie Roget

3. 30-20-10 Identify the painter from works

30 � Sweet Dreams Baby, Crying Girl, Foot in Hand

20 � Oval Office, I Love Liberty, Art � For the American Federations of the Arts

10 � Blam!, Thinking of Him, Whaam!

ANSWER: Roy Lichtenstein

4. Identify the play by Aristophanes, FTPE.

A. In this play, Dionysius mourns the sorry state of tragedy after the death of Euripides.

ANSWER: The Frogs

B. The women of the city seize the Acropolis and the treasury of Athens. Under the leadership of the titular character, they unite with the women of Sparta to ban sexual contact until their partners end the Peloponnesian War.

ANSWER: Lysistrata

C. Peisthetaerus is so disgusted with his city's bureaucracy that he convinces the titular creatures to help him build Cloud-cuckoo-land.

ANSWER: The Birds

5. Name these South African leaders from a description for ten points each.

He was the first Prime Minister of Union of South Africa from 1910 until his death.

ANSWER: Louis Botha

Prime Minister from 1919 to 1924 and also from 1939 to 1948, he rose to power after Louis Botha died by joining in a coalition with J.B.M. Hertzog.

ANSWER: Jan Christiaan Smuts

Generally credited with first instituting apartheid, he became the Prime Minister and formed the first exclusive Afrikaner government of South Africa in 1948, when his National Party won a narrow majority in the House of Assembly.

ANSWER: Daniel Malan

6. Given a state, identify the city in the state that is second in population FTPE


ANSWER: San Diego

New York

ANSWER: Buffalo


ANSWER: San Antonio

7. FTPE, given a brief description of a Hindu character or god, name them:

A. Originally the god of the moon (later renamed Soma), he drove the moon chariot across the sky, drawn by 10 white horses. He was also a fertility god.

ANSWER: Chandra

B. The �mother of all�, her name means �goddess�. Her incarnations include Parvati and Durgha. She holds the universe in her womb.


C. Son of Parvati, he is the god of wisdom, literature, and fire. He is most recognizable because of his unusual head.

ANSWER: Ganesha

8. FTPE, name the following types of isomers from a brief description:

Diastereomers that differ in their cis-trans arrangement on a ring or double bond.

ANSWER: Geometric isomers

Isomers that are mirror-images of each other

ANSWER: Enantiomers

Isomers that differ simply in the order in which atoms are bonded together.

ANSWER: Constitutional or Structural isomers

9. FTPE, name the related people/ideas:

A. French theologian and philosopher known for his solution of the problem of universals and for his original use of dialectics, but most famous for his affair with Heloise.

ANSWER: Peter Abelard

B. As archbishop of Canterbury, he came into conflicts with Kings William II and Henry I. He focused on ontological proofs for the existence of God from reason alone.

ANSWER: St. Anselm

C. Both of these men were members of this philosophical school.

ANSWER: Scholasticism

10. 30-20-10 Identify the author from works.

A [30]. Father Sergei, The Cossacks: A Tale of the Caucasus

B [20]. The Devil, The Kreutzer Sonata

C [10]. The Death of Ivan Ilich, Resurrection

ANSWER: Leo Tolstoy

11. Given a list of all its neighbors, name the country FTPE

Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa

ANSWER: Botswana

Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea.

ANSWER: Djibouti

China, Thailand, Laos, India, Bangladesh

ANSWER: Myanmar (accept: Burma)

12. FTPE, name the political theorist from a description.

A. This Oxford political theorist became famous by describing liberty in terms of �positive� and �negative� liberty in his essay �Two Concepts of Liberty�.

ANSWER: Isaiah Berlin.

B. Although this Italian theorist rejected the classics as guides for ruling, one of his most famous works takes its title from a historian of ancient Rome.

ANSWER: Niccolo Machiavelli.

C. In his famous series of lectures, Natural Right and History, this theorist proposed a universal concept of natural right independent of convention or societal tradition.

ANSWER: Leo Strauss

13. 5-10-15, name the figure skater.

A [5]. This 1992 World and Olympic Ladies Champion finished 5th in pairs at the 1990 Worlds with partner Rudy Galindo.

ANSWER: Kristi Yamaguchi

B [10]. He was a two-time Olympic pairs champion, but died of a heart attack less than two years after he and his wife won gold in Lillehammer in 1994.

ANSWER: Sergei Grinkov

C [15]. Despite what many experts consider seriously cheated triple jumps, this fifteen-year-old U.S. National silver medallist took the bronze in the ladies competition at this month's World Championships.

ANSWER: Sarah Hughes

14. FTPE, name the cabinet member from the name of the department in the Bush administration.


ANSWER: Spencer Abraham

Health and Human Services

ANSWER: Tommy Thompson


ANSWER: Elaine Chao

15. FTPE, given a brief description of these numbered items from Christianity, name the group.

A. There are 9 of these, drawn from the gospel of Matthew, chapter 5, verses 3-11; they are considered to be directives from Jesus as to ways one should live.

ANSWER: Beatitudes

B. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick are among these 7 actions that Christians are taught emulate Christ.

ANSWER: Corporal Works of Mercy

C. These 7 virtues include wisdom, fortitude, piety, and fear, and are traditionally taught before confirmation in the Catholic Church.

ANSWER: Fruits or Gifts of the Holy Spirit

16. FTPE, name the acoustic phenomenon or property from its description.

This results in bubbles forming when the sound intensity in a fluid is extremely large.

ANSWER: Vacuolization Effect.

B. Given by the ratio of the wave�s acoustic pressure to its volume velocity, this property is the measure of the ease with which a sound wave propagates through a given medium.

ANSWER: Acoustic Impedance.

C. These regions of high and low sound intensity are caused by the interference of diffracted waves as a result of an obstacle whose size is of the same order of magnitude as the wavelength.

ANSWER: Acoustic Shadows.

17. Identify the Edward Albee play, FTPE

A. This 1975 play features a pair of giant lizards who want to evolve.

ANSWER: Seascape

B. This 1964 play concerns a lay brother of the church sent to accept a donation from the world's wealthiest woman.

ANSWER: Tiny Alice

C. In this recent play, Girl and Boy are having fun 'til Man and Woman show up to try to take the title "thing" away.

ANSWER: The Play About the Baby

18. Name these medieval Danish leaders FTP.

Generally given credit with the first unification of Denmark and converting the Danes to Christianity, he ruled from ca. 940 to 985CE.

ANSWER: Harald Bluetooth

Son of Harald Bluetooth, he rebelled in 987 against his father and took over Denmark. He allied with king Olof Skotkonung of Sweden and Erik, the earl of Lade, to defeat Olaf I in the Battle of Svolder to take over Norway in 1000. In addition, he led a highly successful campaign in England, with people accepting him as king of England from 1013 until his death in 1014.

ANSWER: Svein I, or Svein Forkbeard (accept Sweyn or Sven alternate spellings)

The son of Svein, his place and date of birth are unknown. He is credited with ruling Denmark, Norway and England, controlling all three areas by 1028. Surprisingly, he was the king of England before he was king of Denmark, by defeating Aethelred and his son Edmund II.

ANSWER: Canute the Great (Also accept Canute I OR Canute II*, and Knut)

* - He was called Canute I in England, Canute II in Denmark.

19. In the nuclear fission reaction of Uranium-235, several events occur. Given a brief description of a phenomenon, answer the following having to do with such a reaction.

(10) The absorption of this particle triggers fission by creating a compound nucleus in a highly excited state

ANSWER: Thermal neutron

(10) The Uranium-236 created by this event splits into 2 fragments; the Xenon-140 decays into this specie.

ANSWER: Cesium- 140

(10) the beta-decay taking place occurs with the emission of electrons and this particle

ANSWER: electron anti-neutrino (do not accept or prompt on �neutrino�)


20. FTPE, give the psychological term from its description.

A. This state occurs when people recognize an inconsistency in their attitudes, beliefs or behaviors, leading them to an uncomfortable state of psychological arousal, which makes them want to correct the inconsistency.

ANSWER: Cognitive Dissonance

B. One who is described as this demonstrates a combination of male and female traits in his behavior.

ANSWER: Androgynous or Androgyny.

C. This refers to the act of increasing the frequency of a behavior by rewarding its occurrence.

ANSWER: Positive Reinforcement

OT 1. Answer these questions about artists that worked for Louis XIV for fifteen points each.

Employed as a decorator for Versailles, he is known for making such sculptures as Bath of the Nymphs (1668-1670) and The Rape of Persephone (1677-79). Earlier in Louis XIV�s reign, he was the primary decorator before he fell out of favor after 1700.

ANSWER: Francois Girardon

Born of Spanish descent, this sculptor replaced Girardon as the primary decorator of Versailles, doing work on the Hall of Mirrors, the Salon de la Guerre, and other works such as Renown, Mercury, tomb of Colbert, and a depiction of Duchess of Burgundy as Diana.

ANSWER: Antoine Coysevox