Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Yale A (Ramey Ko, Thad Novak, Ben Gross, Willie Leight)


1. Firs, the aging servant, constantly admonishes his master, Gayev, to wear his overcoat. Lyubov Andreyevna, the matriarch of the family, berates Trofimov for his idealism, but Lyubov�s daughter Anya loves Trofimov. Anya�s stepsister Varya loves Lopakhin, the pragmatic merchant who eventually buys, FTP, the title estate of this play by Chekhov.

ANSWER: The Cherry Orchard

2. Its formula is C7 H16 O2 N, with the nitrogen taking a positive charge. Otto Loewi and Henry Dale received a Nobel Prize for describing its operation. Its receptors are classified as either nicotinic or muscarinic, and nerve gases like sarin operate by inhibiting the enzyme that degrades it. FTP, name this neurotransmitter which causes muscle contraction.

ANSWER: acetylcholine

3. His first political experience was heading a government employees� trade union. He soon became active in the Belgian Liberal Party, but was arrested on a charge of embezzlement and imprisoned for one year. Upon his release, he became active in nationalist politics, promoting all-Congo unity, unlike the tribal and regional leaders Moise Tshombe and Joseph Kasavubu. FTP, name this founder of the Congolese National Movement and first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who was assassinated in 1961.

ANSWER: Patrice Hemery Lumumba

4. Kuber Sharma heads the one in Nepal. Penny Kemp heads the one in England. Chris Bradshaw temporarily heads the one in Canada. Stephenie Cahalan heads the one in Australia. Claudia Roth presides over the success of the German incarnation, which regularly sends representatives to the Bundestag, and currently possesses three cabinet ministers in the coalition government, including Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer. FTP, name this eco-party, represented in the United States by Ralph Nader.

ANSWER: Green Party or Greens

5. His career average of 33.1 points per game is third-best in Division I history, and he twice made first-team All-America while at Niagara. Standing a mere 5' 9�, he fell to the second round of the draft, where he was selected by the Rockets, for whom he played his entire career. FTP, name this Hall-of-Fame point guard who holds the NBA�s single-season record for free-throw percentage.

ANSWER: Calvin Murphy

6. After disastrous flooding in 1936, a federal program mandated the construction of dams and reservoirs along this river�s 407 mile length, making it one of the most completely developed in the country in terms of hydrological power. Fed by the Passumpsic, White, Chicopee, and Farmington Rivers, its mouth was the site of Fort Saybrook during the Pequot War. FTP, name this river whose shares its name with its source, a series of New Hampshire lakes, the longest river in New England.

ANSWER: Connecticut River

7. Herodotus claimed they migrated from Lydia in Anatolia shortly following the Trojan War. Cicero believed that a seer named Tages sprang forth from a plowed field. Dionysius of Halicarnassus argued that they were of local extraction, like modern scholars who trace their roots to the Iron Age Villanova culture. All these theories attempt to explain, FTP, the origin of what ancient northern Italian people, whose dominance was ended by the Romans with victories such as the siege of Veii in 396 BC.

ANSWER: Etruscans

8. A recent anthology entitled �Our Word is Our Weapon� collects this group�s political writings. Beginning with a two-week trek to their nation�s capital, their masked leaders have appeared on the floor of the nation�s Congress to speak on a bill guaranteeing new rights for Native Americans. FTP, name this Mexican rebel faction led by Subcomandante Marcos.

ANSWER: Zapatista Army of National Liberation (prompt on Marcos before �group�)

9. This physicist earned his doctorate at 21 with a thesis on research with X-rays. His first major work was on statistical methods for predicting the characteristics of electrons based on the Pauli exclusion principle. He would go on to make many contributions to the theoretical physics of subatomic particles, but is most famous for his experimental work. FTP, name this first creator of a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.

ANSWER: Enrico Fermi

10. The definitive edition of this work contains over twenty-two thousand eight hundred verses. It begins with a description of the miraculous birth of the chief character, Vainamoinen, to the Virgin of the Air and goes on to describe his search for a bride among the daughters of Pohja where he encounters the roguish seducer Lemminkainen. FTP, name this folk epic based on hundreds of ancient folksongs compiled in 1828 by the Finnish scholar Elias Loennrot.

ANSWER: Kalevala

11. Though we know this man today as a composer, he was best known in his lifetime as a conductor, and his work was largely ignored for fifty years after his death. Although he was known as a conductor of opera, all his compositions are symphonic and were almost unique at the time for their choral requirements. FTP, name this composer of the Song of the Night, Ode to Heavenly Joy, Tragic, Giant, and Resurrection symphonies.

ANSWER: Gustav Mahler

12. She is particularly worshipped at the start of the business year and during Diwali when a special lamp is lit in her honor. According to the Ramayana, she arose fully grown from the primal sea of milk as one of the �fourteen precious things.� She is generally depicted as a golden-skinned woman possessing one or two pairs of arms, reclining on a lotus watered by two attendant elephants. FTP, name this goddess, the embodiment of Hindu wifehood, who is reincarnated with each of her husband Vishnu�s other avatars.

ANSWER: Laksmi (Also accept: Sri-Laksmi, Sri-Devi, or Dharani)

13. Missionaries declared that most of the violence could be attributed to the failure of converts to subscribe to local opera performances. This seems less odd when one realizes that other peasants strongly resented the special exemptions that Chinese Christians claimed from various taxes on religious grounds. Such hostility towards the increasing power of Westerners in China at the end of the 19th century exploded into, FTP, this state-sanctioned peasant uprising whose Chinese name translates as �the Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists.�

ANSWER: Boxer Rebellion or I-He Quan (E-Huh-Chuan)

14. Poems like �Blue Meridian� show his concern with racial unity. His most famous work includes stories like �Box Seat�, in which a young man named Dan watches a boxing match between two midgets, and poems like �Her Lips Are Copper Wire.� Though he was a contemporary of the Harlem Renaissance, he refused to join that movement, and lived in a white neighborhood. FTP, name this black experimental poet best known for Cane.

ANSWER: Jean Toomer

15. It is bordered on the south by Symkaria and Serbia, in the east by Transylvania, and on the north by Hungary. Surrounded by the Carpathian and Malhela mountain ranges, this tiny country would likely have been seized by the Soviet Union in the 1960s had it not been for the robotic defense troops and shield batteries constructed and maintained by its current leader. Tourist attractions include the Morkoff Bridge and the picturesque village at Doomstadt. FTP, name this nonexistent European kingdom where peace and prosperity is maintained with an iron fist by the sinister Dr. Doom.

ANSWER: Latveria

16. Though he was primarily concerned with explanations of the world around him, he also emphasized the stressed the necessity of social harmony. He believed that most men failed to comprehend the �logos� or reason through which all things are interconnected and natural events occur, as manifested by the relationship between opposites like sickness and health. He is better remembered for his cosmology however, which held fire as the essential unifying material of the universe. FTP name this unpopular Greek philosopher of the fifth century BCE whose only known book has been lost.

ANSWER: Heraclitus

17. Its name loosely translates as �causing heat to flow� in reference to nearby hot springs. The capital of Atropatene, it was destroyed by an earthquake and then rebuilt in 791. It was captured by Tamurlane in 1391 and a few decades later a Turkmeni tribe made the city their capital. The city remained of continual historic importance after its incorporation into the Safavid kingdom. FTP, name this northwestern city of Iran, the country�s fourth largest, the center of Iran�s Constitutionalist movement in 1908.

ANSWER: Tabriz (ACC: Tauris)

18. His career began with a short notice on an albino sparrow, and ended with over sixty books and several hundred articles published. His first interest was mollusks, and he penned several papers on the subject during his youth. But it was in France at an institute founded by Binet that he did his first major work in psychoanalysis, and then became interested in the development of intelligence in young minds. He later based his study on Jacqueline, Lucienne, and Laurent, his own kids. FTP, name this Swiss pioneer in the development of logical processes in children�s minds.

ANSWER: Jean Piaget

19. One surprising member of this organization was chef Julia Child, who was stationed in Sri Lanka and China during World War II. Dismantled in October 1945, at its height it boasted about 12,000 members. Created in June 1942 after Roosevelt�s initial attempt, the Office of the Coordinator of Information, began to founder, its first and most important head was William �Wild Bill� Donovan. Necessary largely because the US had never coordinated its scattered intelligence gathering projects, name, FTP, this WWII intelligence service, predecessor of the CIA.

ANSWER: OSS or Office of Strategic Services

20. Though he and his wife Persis believe that young Tom Corey has been courting their daughter Irene, it is his older daughter Penelope whom Tom actually loves. A Civil War colonel, he took a bullet in the leg at Gettysburg. He tries unsuccessfully to insinuate himself into Boston society with the money he has made selling mineral paint. FTP, name this man whose �rise� is chronicled in a novel by William Dean Howells.

ANSWER: Silas Lapham

OT 1. This ion is the third largest constituent of seawater by proportion. Although many minerals, including anhydrite, mirabilite, and antlerite, contain this ion, the most useful is probably gypsum, used in the production of plaster of Paris. Gypsum is formed when groundwater containing this ion reacts with calcium ions in minerals such as limestone. FTP, name this ion with chemical formula SO42-.

ANSWER: sulfate

OT 2. In this play, Peggy Grant intends to marry the star reporter of the Herald-Examiner, but their trip to New York is postponed by the Earl Williams murder case. Editor Walter Burns wants the reporter, Hildy Johnson, to stay in Chicago to cover the story. Written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, FTP, name this screwball comedy, the basis for the film �His Girl Friday.�

ANSWER: The Front Page (do not accept �His Girl Friday�)

OT 3. This self-taught Russian immigrant painter dropped out of Yale after two years and decided to become a painter rather than a labor leader. His work became steadily more abstract, and in the late 1940s he joined the Abstract Expressionists and began to produce his best known works. FTP, name this artist who is most famous for painting rectangular blocks of color on a uniform background.

ANSWER: Mark Rothko


1. Who begat whom again? Keeping track of genealogies is one of the most exciting parts of reading the Bible. Given a character from Genesis, identify who begat him and at least one person whom he begat FFPE.


ANSWER: Terah begat Abraham who begat Isaac and Ishmael


ANSWER: Lamech begat Noah who begat Ham, Shem, and Japheth


ANSWER: Jacob begat Joseph who begat Ephraim and Mannaseh

2. Identify these places which have very little in common with one another FTSNOP.

A. [5] Among this city�s prominent buildings are Scotia Plaza, Commerce Court, and First Canadian Place. It is also the home of the world�s largest self-supporting structure.

ANSWER: Toronto

B. [10] In Greek, this town is known as Naupactos. In 1571, the nearby Gulf of Patras became the site of one of history�s most important naval battles when Spanish and Venetian forces defeated the Ottoman fleet of Selim II.

ANSWER: Lepanto

C. [15] This town, the easternmost in Italy, was founded by Greek colonists and retained cultural and linguistic ties with Greece until the 11th century. It is perhaps more famous for being the location of a fictional Gothic stronghold.

ANSWER: Otranto

3. Answer these questions related to Social Darwinism, FTPE.

A. This social philosopher is credited with the creation of the sociocultural evolutionary theories of Social Darwinism.

ANSWER: Herbert Spencer

B. Influenced by Social Darwinism, this Englishman founded eugenics.

ANSWER: Sir Francis Galton

C. This playwright and Fabian endorsed Galton�s plan to spread the religion of eugenics, crying men and women �select their wives and husbands less carefully than they select their cashiers and cooks.�

ANSWER: George Bernard Shaw

4. Identify the following related to abnormal numbers of chromosomes FTP each.

a. Naturally monoploid organisms, such as male bees, develop from unfertilized eggs in a process called this.

ANSWER: parthenogenesis

b. Bread wheat is a common example of a plant with this condition, in which an organism has mutliple sets of chromosomes from different species.

ANSWER: allopolyploidy

c. Polyploid organisms can often be produced artificially by this alkaloid drug, derived from the autumn crocus, which inhibits formation of the mitotic spindle.

ANSWER: colchicine

5. Identify these Shakespearean comedies from characters FTP each.

Christopher Sly, Bianca

ANSWER: The Taming of the Shrew

Jessica, Launcelot Gobbo

ANSWER: The Merchant of Venice

Antipholus of Ephesus, Dromio of Ephesus

ANSWER: The Comedy of Errors

6. In 1966, the Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, California. Answer these questions concerning it.

(5 each) Who were the party�s two founders?

ANSWERS: Bobby Seale and Huey Newton

(10) This secret FBI sub-organization was responsible for surveillance and investigation of many feared organizations, mainly targeting the Black Panthers. Its blatant disruption, harassment, and sabotage of political groups were later exposed and prompted Congressional reaction.

ANSWER: COINTELPRO or Counter Intelligence Program

(10) This man declared the Black Panthers �Public Enemy #1� and is probably largely responsible for the creation of COINTELPRO.

ANSWER: J. Edgar Hoover

7. The Ravens� defense may be among the best in NFL history, but it doesn�t have a cool nickname. Answer the following about defenses who did, FTP each.

a. Jack Ham and Mean Joe Greene led the Pittsburgh defense of the 1970s that went by this name.

ANSWER: Steel Curtain

While the Steel Curtain dominated the AFC, the NFC had Randy White and Cliff Harris leading the Cowboys� defense known as this.

ANSWER: Doomsday defense

c. In the 1977 season, the upstart Broncos made the Super Bowl mostly because of a defense that took this nickname, a then-popular brand of soda whose color happened to match Denver�s uniforms.

ANSWER: Orange Crush

8. Name the composer from works, 30-20-10.

[30]: Domestic Symphony

[20]: Don Quixote

[10]: Also Sprach Zarathustra

ANSWER: Richard Strauss

9. Answer these questions concerning various relationships in economics, FTPE.

A. This law relates unemployment to output, predicting a one percent decline in unemployment for every two percent increase in annual output.

ANSWER: Okun�s Law

B. This curve relates unemployment to inflation.

ANSWER: Phillips Curve

C. This is a graphical representation of all combinations of inputs that can produce the same output.

ANSWER: Isoquant

10. Name the physicist who developed the given approach to quantum mechanics for the stated number of points.

[15]: The first approach to quantum mechanics, it was based on matrix calculations.

ANSWER: Werner Heisenberg

[5]: This approach, which superseded matrix theory and is probably the best-known, is based on solving the wave equation.

ANSWER: Erwin Schroedinger

[10]: This approach to quantum mechanics is based on the principle of least action and is involved only with particle interactions.

ANSWER: Richard Feynman

11. Answer the following questions about the ongoing Middle East crisis for the stated number of points.

[5]: This terrorist group claimed responsibility for the most recent suicide bombing, which killed two teenagers.


[10]: Israel has charged that many recent terrorist attacks are the responsibility of this Palestinian elite guard unit, recently the subject of retaliatory air raids.

ANSWER: Force 17

[15]: Tensions in this West Bank city were recently elevated even higher when a Palestinian sniper killed a 10-month-old girl.

ANSWER: Hebron


12. 30-20-10, name the author from works.

30. White Mule, In The Money, The Build-Up

20. In The American Grain, �Landscape With The Fall of Icarus�


ANSWER: William Carlos Williams

13. Although Charlie Brown never got to kick the football or keep a kite in the air for more than five seconds, he still had greater staying power then much of his supporting cast. Identify the following minor members of the Peanuts gang, FTPE.

Snoopy�s brother, he lives in Needles, California, where his companions are coyotes and saguaro cacti.


B. This character went to a different school than Charlie Brown at met him at the beach in 1968. In contrast to most of the Peanuts characters he has very few anxieties, although he was actually one of the most controversial characters in the strip due to his noticeably darker skin.

ANSWER: Franklin

C. Even Charles Schultz admitted this character stayed in the strip a remarkably long time given that she basically had only two outstanding characteristics: her feline companion and her �naturally curly hair.�

ANSWER: Frieda

14. 30-20-10 Identify the philosopher from works:

A. [30] On Vision and Colors, On the Fourfold Root

B. [20] Parerga und Paralipomena (Minor Works and Remnants), On the Will in Nature

C. [10] The World as Will and Idea

ANSWER: Arthur Schopenhauer


15. Answer these questions about African empires FTPE.

A. This emperor of Mali greatly expanded the wealth and territory of his kingdom and is remembered for his fabulous pilgrimage to Mecca.

ANSWER: Mansa Musa or Kankan Musamansa

B. During Mansa Musa�s pilgrimage, one of his generals, Sagmandia, captured the prosperous capital of a rival kingdom. Name it.


C. Gao was the capital of this kingdom, which would later surpass and incorporate Mali.

ANSWER: Songhai

16. Identify the following Rococo painters for fifteen points each.

[15]: This Frenchman who died at 37 was profoundly influenced by theater, an influence visible in all three versions of his �The Embarkation for Cythera�.

ANSWER: Antoine Watteau

[15]: This artist painted mostly slightly fantastical landscapes, portraits � including a series of heads of old men � and outdoor party scenes, including �The Swing�.

ANSWER: Jean-Honore Fragonard

17. Identify these literary groups FTP each.

A. This early-20th-century group, which included Lytton Strachey and E.M. Forster, met at the home of Clive and Vanessa Bell.

ANSWER: Bloomsbury group

B. This group of 18th-century poets and authors, including Jonathan Swift and John Gay, was named for a fictional author they invented, who allegedly wrote Pope�s The Dunciad among other works.

ANSWER: The Scriblerus Club or Scriblerians

C. This mid-20th-century British group featured dramatists including John Braine and John Osborne, and novelists like Kingsley Amis.

ANSWER: Angry Young Men

18. Name these characters from Crime and Punishment on a 5-10-15 basis.

(5) This former student is the central character and murderer.

ANSWER: Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov

(10) This detective, whose last name we never learn, is in charge of the murder investigation.

ANSWER: Porfiry Petrovich

(15) This former classmate of Raskolnikov helps nurse him back to health, and falls in love with Raskolnikov�s sister.

ANSWER: Dmitri Prokofych Razumikhin

19. Islands are cool...these islands are cooler than most. Given a description of the following chilly locales, identify them FTPE.

A. This island, separated from Quebec and Greenland by the Hudson and Davis Straits, was probably seen by the Vikings as early as the 11th century, but received its current name from its English discoverer Sir Martin Frobisher.

ANSWER: Baffin Island

The largest of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, this mountainous locale is home of Cape Columbia, the northernmost point in Canada. Among its other outstanding landmarks are Mt. Barbeau, the highest mountain in Nunavut and Alert, a military base which is the northernmost community in North America.

ANSWER: Ellesmere Island

C. Jointly administered by the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, this island is Canada�s second largest, following Baffin. Most of its population lives in Holman or at the weather station on Cambridge Bay. It shares its name with a provincial capital.

ANSWER: Victoria Island

20. Name the chemist from elements he discovered or was the first to isolate for ten points each.

[10]: cerium, selenium, thorium, silicon

ANSWER: Jons Jakob Berzelius

[10]: sodium, potassium, boron

ANSWER: Sir Humphrey Davy

[10]: americium, fermium, nobelium

ANSWER: Glenn Seaborg

OT 1. Answer these questions about the development of France�s own special brand of Catholicism, FTPE.

A. This decree issued by Charles VII of France restricted the powers of the Pope and the supremacy of the Council of Basel, as well as expanding the liberties of the Gallican Church.

ANSWER: Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges

B. The Pragmatic Sanction was revoked by this king, the �Universal Spider�.


C. The Sanction was reasserted following Louis� reign, but ultimately superseded by this agreement, negotiated between Francis I and Pope Leo X in 1516 which ultimately gave the king control over the church in France.

ANSWER: Concordat of Bologna