Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Ursinus (Andrew Gianelli)


1. Located on the Pegnitz River, this city was the site of an artistic flowering in the 16th century when it was home to such figures as the painter Albrecht Dürer and the cobbler-painter Hans Sachs. One of the largest cities in Bavaria, it has long been a Protestant center in that Catholic state. FTP, name this German city, whose Zeppelinfeld was the site of Nazi Party rallies

ANSWER: Nuremberg or Nürnberg

2. A Jesuit priest born in 1844, this poet burned his existing work on joining the order and was never published during his lifetime. His poems exhibit technical and linguistic innovations that still seem daring, such as his extensive use of �sprung rhythm,� and reflect their author�s passionate spiritual life. For ten points, identify this author of such works as �The Windhover� and �Pied Beauty.�

ANSWER: Gerard Manley Hopkins

3. �He sees everything; he sees them set the coffin down at His feet, sees the child rise up, and his face darkens. He knits his thick grey brows and his eyes gleam with a sinister fire.� Such is the title character of this poem, a �ridiculous thing� the atheist Ivan relates to his Christian sibling Alexei during a theological discussion. FTP, identify this poem about the second coming of Christ embedded in Fyodor Dostoyevsky�s The Brothers Karamazov.

ANSWER: The Grand Inquisitor

4. This revolution�s motto was �wealthy country and strong arms,� fitting for a development brought about chiefly by young samurai. The political movement sought to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate and replace feudalism with a strong national government. FTP, name this revolution begun in 1868, which led to the modernization and industrialization of Japan and the re-establishment of the Emperor.

ANSWER: The Meiji Restoration

5. In 2 Corinthians 6:15, Paul uses his antagonism toward Christ as an allegory to counsel against partnership with idol worshippers. According to Milton�s Paradise Lost, this fallen angel suggested avoiding another battle with heaven in the hopes that they might eventually learn to tolerate life in Hell. For ten points, identify this demon who �counselled ignoble ease, and peaceful sloth.�

ANSWER: Belial

6. Though he claimed to be a painter, �about whom nothing is known�, this Polish born artist was perhaps the most influential realist of the 20th century. The creator of paintings such as The Window and The Mountain, he worked in Paris and Switzerland, falsely claiming to be a count. FTP, name this artist who died in February 2001 and is famous for his �Lolita-like� portraits of young girls and women.

ANSWER. Balthus or Balthasar Klossowski, Count de Rola

7. In 1684 he extended Malpighi�s work by being the first to describe red blood cells. His previous work, preserved in a series of informal letters to the Royal Society in London, undermined the idea of spontaneous generation. Finding �animalcules� floating in the air, falling in the rain, and swarming in gutters, FTP, what native of Delft indulged his hobby of lens-grinding and created the first microscope?

ANSWER: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

8. In amines they rapidly invert �like an umbrella turning inside out in the wind.� This term refers to a stereoisomer in which one isomer is the mirror image of the other and requires the presence of a chiral or asymmetric molecule. For 10 points, what is the name of such isomers, which have identical chemical and physical properties with the exception of optical rotation.

ANSWER: enantiomers

9. After evading Soviet exile in Siberia, he led the Irgun from 1943 to 1948. After the establishment of Israel, this man created the �Herut� party and spent more than twenty years in the Knesset before becoming head of the Likud coalition in 1970. For ten points, name this Israeli, whose term as Prime Minister included the 1982 Invasion of Lebanon, the Camp David Accords and the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty of 1979.

ANSWER: Menachem Wolfovitch Begin

10. According to Muhammad, this tree resides in the seventh heaven and is located on the right hand of the throne of God. To the Egyptians, it was a plant on which God sat above the watery mud. In The Odyssey, some sailors are sent into a blissful trance when they eat it and are forcibly dragged back to the ship by their comrades. FTP, give the name of this plant on which Buddha sits and which gives its name to a cross-legged sitting position for meditation.

ANSWER: lotus

11. He retired six years after his defeat in Carson City by Robert Fitzsimmons, exploiting a connection with his former manager. A competent actor, he played the lead in Bernard Shaw�s Cashel Byron�s Profession. His most famous feat occurred on September 7th, 1892, when he knocked out defending champion John L. Sullivan in 21 rounds. FTP, name this boxer, the winner of the first world championship bout fought with gloves rather than bare knuckles.

ANSWER: James John "Gentleman Jim� Corbett

12. This cleric rallied French nobles behind the oriflamme banner of Louis VI in his war against the Holy Roman Empire. As an ally of Bernard of Clairvaux, he moved in a more ascetic direction, promoting monastic reform. His years as a royal envoy led him to reorganize the French court on the model of Henry Beauclerc�s Norman England. FTP, name this abbot whose rebuilding of the Abbey of Saint-Denis inaugurated the Gothic style of architecture.

ANSWER: Abbot Suger (soo-ZHAY)

13. Kosrae, Pohnpei, Truk, and Yap are all contained within the Caroline Islands chain. Pohnpei is home to the ancient ruins of Nan Madol, while Truk was a major Japanese naval base during World War II. All were held by the US as a UN Trust Territory until independence in 1986. For ten points, name this Pacific island nation whose capital is Palikir.

ANSWER: Federated States of Micronesia

14. He left his job at Western Union in 1924 to devote himself entirely to writing and spent most of the 1930�s as an impoverished Bohemian in Paris. His works, smuggled illegally from France for years, caused an outcry and many obscenity trials when they were legally published in the United States during the 1960s. FTP, name this author of such works as Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

ANSWER: Henry Miller

15. �I am not asking our old friends to go,� wrote Charles Merriam about historical and comparative models of political relations, but his New Aspect of Politics argued for using statistics in political research and looked forward to �intelligent social control�. FTP, name this early twentieth-century school, influential in introducing consideration of psychological and non-rational factors into political analysis.

ANSWER: The Chicago School

16. Their cell walls may be composed of polysaccharides or protein, but not the peptidoglycan murein, which separates them from bacteria. Saturated and branched lipids in their cell membranes help protect them from the harsh environments where they live. FTP, methanogens, hyperthermophiles, and halophiles are major groups of what recently discovered �third domain� of life, more closely related to eukaryotes than to true bacteria?

ANSWER: Archaea (Accept archaebacteria before mention of �bacteria.�)

17. According to legend, when the Crucifixion occurred a voice was heard over the ocean shouting that this god was dead, and all the oracles fell silent. He was the Arcadian god of herds, pastures, and forests. FTP, name this figure from Greek myth, whose name means �all� or �everything,� and who is represented as having the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat.


18. The most successful entertainer of his day, this �crooner� started his singing career as early as 1927 when he sang with the Paul Whitman Orchestra. He made seven popular �Road� films with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour and even won an Oscar for his performance as a priest in Going My Way. FTP, name this singing superstar, best known today for �White Christmas.�

ANSWER: Bing Crosby

19. On January 16, 2001, the tanker Jessica ran around and eventually capsized, sending six hundred tons of fuel oil into the surrounding ocean. The fact that this disaster occurred only 800 meters off the coast of the island of San Cristobal made it a matter of international concern and prompted President Bush to send eleven Coast Guard cutters to help contain the spill. FTP, San Cristobal was part of what Ecuadorean island group threatened by the spill?

ANSWER: The Galapagos Islands

20. He commanded his division�s artillery during the Normandy campaign and Operation Market-Garden. Due to the absence of his superior, General Maxwell D. Taylor, he was promoted to acting division commander when his unit was rushed to the front during the Battle of the Bulge. The 101st Airborne Division was soon surrounded in Bastogne, where German General von Lüttwitz demanded its surrender. FTP, identify the commander of the �Screaming Eagles� whose only reply was �Nuts!�

ANSWER: Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe

OT 1. Like his near contemporary Puccini, this Italian composer wrote a number of operas, such as Re Enzo and Semirama. However, he is chiefly known today for his tone poems and suites, which meld modern tone color with an interest in the music of Renaissance and Baroque Italy. FTP, name this composer most famous in American concert halls for The Pines of Rome and Roman Festivals.

ANSWER: Otterino Respighi

OT 2. He created the concepts of manifest and latent function as well as dysfunction. Serving first on the faculties of Harvard and Tulane and then, from 1946 onward, at Columbia University, he defined the relationship between social theory and empirical research and wrote a book linking Puritan thought to scientific advances in England. FTP, name this sociologist, the author of Social Theory and Social Structure, best known for his groundbreaking work on deviance.

ANSWER: Robert King Merton

OT 3. Based on ten speeches given in honor of William James at Harvard in 1932, this work on esthetics became the most distinguished of its kind by an American on the structures and characteristic effects of all of the arts. FTP, name the 1934 book, a collection of lectures given by John Dewey.

ANSWER: Art as Experience


1. For 10 points each, identify these poems by John Keats when given the first line.

�Thou still unravish�d bride of quietness�

ANSWER: �Ode on a Grecian Urn�

�Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness�

ANSWER: �To Autumn�

�O what can ail thee, knight at arms?�

ANSWER: �La Belle Dame Sans Merci�

2. Ever since Beethoven composed nine symphonies and then kicked the bucket, many composers have created nine big ones and then no more. Identify these FTPE.

a. His ninth, composed while he was visiting America, blends Indian and slave tunes with his typical Czech lyricism.

ANSWER: Antonin Dvorak

b. Depending on which scholar you ask, his last symphony should be numbered seventh or eighth as well as ninth. Whatever its true number, it�s definitely �the Great� symphony in C major.

ANSWER: Franz Schubert

c. This Viennese disciple of Wagner asked that his Te Deum be substituted for a missing movement of his ninth.

ANSWER: Anton Bruckner

3. Identify the �loathsome toad� of a Roman emperor, 30-20-10.

(30) Syrian governor Petronius and Herod Agrippa avoided a Jewish revolt by ignoring his command to erect an enormous statue of himself in the Temple of Jerusalem.

(20) His legionaries are said to have gathered sea-shells so that he could savor victory over the forces of the ocean.

(10) The story that he named his horse to be a consul is probably apocryphal.

ANSWER: Caligula (Accept: Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus)

4. FFPE, identify the following found in the Book of Revelation.

(5, 5) In Revelation 20:8, these are hostile powers that gather for battle following Satan�s release from prison.

ANSWER: Gog and Magog

(5,5,5,5) Mentioned in Revelation 4:6-8 as having six wings and innumerable eyes, these are the traditional symbols of the four Evangelists in Christianity.

ANSWER: lion, ox, man, and eagle

5. The dates of November 9-10 were the occasion of four important events in the history of Germany. FTSNOP, name them given the year.

(5) 1918

ANSWER: proclamation of the Weimar Republic (accept reasonable equivalents)

(10) 1923

ANSWER: the Beer Hall Putsch

(10) 1938

ANSWER: Kristallnacht or �Night of Broken Glass�

(5) 1989

ANSWER: Fall of the Berlin Wall


Answer the following related questions FTSNOP

F5P: This band, founded in 1974 by a couple of guys from Forest Hills, Queens, played their first gigs at CGBG in SoHo and recorded their first album with such hits as �Blitzkrieg Bob,� �Beat on the Brat,� and �Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue.�

ANSWER: The Ramones

FTP: Joey, Johnny, Tommy and DD all changed their last name to �Ramone� in homage to this Fab rock star, whose original stage name was Ramon.

ANSWER: Paul McCartney

F15P: This Ramones song was written by Joey Ramone in 1985, as a protest against President Reagan�s trip to a German military cemetery.

ANSWER: �Bonzo Goes to Bitburg�

7. For 10 points each, answer these questions related to sugar chemistry

a. The man who in 1891 proposed a systematic method for designating configurations of carbohydrates that still bears his name.

ANSWER: Emil Fischer

b. Fischer demonstrated that uric acid and caffeine are derived from this type of nitrogenous base.

ANSWER: purines

c. Name either of the two men responsible for generating the theory behind Fischer's work on carbohydrates.

ANSWER: Jacobus H. van't Hoff or Joseph-Achille Le Bel

8. Identify the economist, 30-20-10.

(30)The third son of a Dutch Jew, he became a Unitarian and married a Quaker, forcing him to strike out on his own. He became a member of the stock exchange and was rich by his mid-twenties.

(20)In response to the Corn Law of 1815, he wrote an essay arguing that increasing the tariff on grains would increase the rents of country gentlemen while decreasing manufacturer�s profits.

(10)Adam Smith and Thomas Malthus influenced his Iron Law of Wages, which concluded that improving the real wages of workers was futile.

ANSWER: David Ricardo

9. Identify these characters from Shakespeare�s wackiest bloodbath, Titus Andronicus.

a. (10)This character cuts his hand off to save the lives of his sons only to receive their heads in a basket.

ANSWER: Titus Andronicus

(10) After being raped, this character has her tongue and hands cut off.

ANSWER: Lavinia

(5 each) Titus bakes these two characters into a pie and feeds them to their mother.

ANSWER: Chiron and Demetrius

10. Inventions are often named after their inventors. For ten points each, name these military devices when given a brief description.

a.Built by a Dutchman and flown by the Germans in the First World War, this model of airplane was flown by the Red Baron.

ANSWER: Fokker (after Anthony Fokker)

b. This rapid-fire sub-machine gun was introduced in 1951 by an Israeli.

ANSWER: Uzi (after Uziel Gal)

c.This assault rifle has a magazine of 20 bullets, and was used by the American Army in both World Wars and the Korean War.

ANSWER: Browning Automatic Rifle (after John Browning)

11. I�ll name the European city, and for five points each, you�ll name the river that runs through it. Five point bonus for all correct.



Saint Petersburg





ANSWER: Liffey



12. Name the English play from the characters given, 30-20-10.

For 30 � Delio; Julia

For 20 � The Cardinal; Cariola

For 10 - Ferdinand; The Duchess

ANSWER: The Duchess of Malfi

13. This may be an off-year for elections, but there�s no lack of politicking as the fifty states go through the process of redistricting. FTPE, answer the following questions about the 2000 census and the 2001 redistricting process.

This state is suing the census bureau for not including 14,000 missionaries working overseas in its population tally, thus effectively denying the state a fourth congressional seat.


Democrats complained bitterly when this new Secretary of Commerce was given the final decision over whether to accept the initial population count or a statistical adjustment (he chose the head count).

ANSWER: Don Evans

It was recently announced that non-Hispanic whites are now a minority in this state, the third state in the nation where the national majority now finds itself a minority.

ANSWER: California

14. Give these Heideggerian concepts for fifteen points each.

Used previously by Leibniz and Kant, Heidegger continues to use the term to describe humans, using it to describe man�s existential nature.

ANSWER: Being-there or Dasein

It is how Dasein is towards the world, how Dasein concerns himself with entities and other Dasein, and how conscience manifests itself.

ANSWER: Care or Sorge

15. For ten points each answer the following questions about geographic features in the nation of Vietnam.

This river flows into the South China Sea in the south of Vietnam and is one of the richest rice growing areas in the world.

ANSWER: the Mekong

This river empties into the Gulf of Tonkin in the north of the country, forming a triangle-shaped, intensively cultivated delta.

ANSWER: the Red

Home of the wartime Ho Chi Minh trail, this mountain range forms the boundary between Vietnam and Laos.

ANSWER: the Annamese Cordillera

16. For ten points each answer these questions about the bombing of Pan Am 103


1. Name the Scottish village over which Pan Am Flight 103 met its fiery end.

ANSWER: Lockerbie

2. Though held according to the proceedings of Scottish law, the trial of the two defendants was actually held at the Camp Zeist military base in what country?

ANSWER: The Netherlands

3. The Libyan who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment on January 31st.

ANSWER: Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi

17. Answer these questions about schools of thought in sociology for ten points each.

a.This school, developed by Emile Durkheim and Max Weber in Europe and by Talcott Parsons in America stresses the purpose of institutions to a society, whether they are officially deemed �legitimate� or not.

ANSWER: functionalism

b.Developed from the ideas of Karl Marx by Sociologists such as C. Wright Mills and W.E.B. DuBois, this approach looks at the negative interaction or oppression taking place between groups.

ANSWER: conflict theory

Less concerned with society as a whole than in the dynamics of small groups, this approach is most associated with George H. Mead and Charles Cooley.

ANSWER: interactionism

18. For 10 points each, answer these questions about the central nervous system.

1. What division of the autonomic CNS is responsible for the "fight-or-flight" response?

ANSWER: sympathetic nervous system

What division of the CNS is responsible for the "rest-and-reproduce" response?

ANSWER: parasympathetic nervous system

3. What division of the CNS is responsible for voluntary muscle control?

ANSWER: somatic nervous system

19. Name the politician, 30-20-10.

30 � He was named speaker of the House in 1868, and his eloquence and leadership gained him the nickname �The Plumed Knight�.

20 � As Secretary of State for Presidents Garfield and Harrison, he was influential in starting the Pan-American movement.

10 � The GOP candidate for President in 1884, this Maine politician often called �Mr. Republican� lost to Grover Cleveland.

ANSWER: James G. Blaine

20. They would have won awards, but instead they went home empty handed. FTPE identify:

a.She was nominated for the daytime Emmy a staggering twenty straight times starting in 1978 . . . and she lost each and every time until she finally picked up the award in May 1999.

ANSWER: Susan Lucci

b.Reportedly, he was given the Oscar for Best Actor in 1940 for the Philadelphia Story less because of his performance in that film than because he had been neglected for his work in the previous year�s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

ANSWER: Jimmy Stewart

His first novel was so compelling the Nobel Committee was seriously considering making him the first African-American recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature � except the draft of his next major work, Juneteenth, was only published after his death.

ANSWER: Ralph Ellison

OT 1. FTPE, name these transplanted American artists in London.

a.He arrived in London in 1763 after touring Italy and soon became George III�s favorite painter. His �The Death of General Wolfe� revolutionized history painting because it depicted a contemporary subject, the battle of Quebec, in contemporary dress rather than the usual Roman togas.

ANSWER: Benjamin West

b.He left Boston for London in 1774, never to return. His most influential work is probably �Watson and the Shark.�

ANSWER: John Singleton Copley

c. Though he won a famous libel suite against John Ruskin, who accused him of throwing paint in the public�s face, he received only a farthing in damages and was ruined by the legal fees.

ANSWER: James McNeill Whistler