Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Swarthmore (Ascencion Duenas, Jeff Traczynski, Adrian Packel, Marie Becker, and Michael Noda)



1. During the height of its prosperity in the thirteenth century, the population of this city was approximately 30,000, a figure not exceeded by any city north of Mexico for some five centuries. Its landscape is dominated by mounds of various sizes, the largest of which was home to the Great Sun, the leading tribal chief whose duty was to keep the forces of nature in balance and guide the people. FTP, identify this �City of the Sun� built by the Mississippian Indians near present-day St. Louis.

ANSWER: Cahokia

2. Born in Middlesex and educated by private tutors, this mathematician studied under Augustus de Morgan and by 1833 became interested in the work of Charles Babbage. A decade later, while annotating an article on his work, she noted that �the Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns.� FTP, name this daughter of the 6th Lord Byron, who wrote the first computer programs.

ANSWER: Ada Lovelace

3. The first episode was entitled �Whither Canada� and other episodes from the first season include �How to Recognize Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away�, �Man�s Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century�, and �The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom�. This show featured Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, and John Cleese as its comedic stars. FTP, name this sketch comedy show which lasted from October 5th, 1969 to December 5th, 1974 on the BBC.

ANSWER: Monty Python�s Flying Circus

4. Born around 630 B.C.E., in his later travels this man supposedly visited Lydia and convinced Croesus that true happiness did not arise from wealth alone. Though he dabbled in poetry, he is more famous as a statesman and reformer; his first acts in office were to annul all outstanding debts and to reclaim all the land forfeited to the aristocracy, which he soon replaced with a system of plutocracy and the general assembly known as the Ecclesia. FTP, name this Athenian figure, most known for reducing the severity of his predecessor Draco�s code of laws.


5. This company acquired the technology that allowed it to provide its service for $25 million, although the technology cost $5 billion to develop. It launched service in 1998, but quickly slid into debt and bankruptcy the year later. It peaked at 55,000 customers but was hurt by its own high prices. While the new company is different from the old, they both share a name and a network of 66 satellites. FTP, name this mobile phone service provider that shares its name with element 77.

ANSWER: Iridium

6. According to myth he was born from the earth itself bearing a torch and armed with a knife, besides a sacred stream and under a sacred tree. In Hellenistic art he is often portrayed slaying a bull. The first mention of him dates back to 1400 BCE and by the 4th century CE, worship of this god had spread from India as far west as Spain. Initiates of his cult included Commodus and Julian, and in 307 Diocletian consecrated a temple on the Danube to him. FTP, name this Persian god of light associated with the Greek god Helios and the Roman god Sol Invictus, whose birthday was celebrated on December 25th.

ANSWER: Mithras (Also accept: Mitra)

7. It was first introduced in Congress in 1923, but it was immediately opposed by a coalition of Progressive organizations and labor unions, as well as by conservatives. It was reintroduced in every session for the next twenty years. Broad support for it arose in the 1960s, and on March 22, 1972, it passed the Senate. However, no state ratified it after 1977, and it lapsed in 1982, having been approved by only thirty-five of the required thirty-eight states. FTP, name this proposed amendment to the Constitution that would end discrimination against women.

ANSWER: Equal Rights Amendment

8. His first collection, Death of A Naturalist, was influenced by his early life on a farm in County Londonderry. Later works, including "The Haw Lantern" and "Seeing Things" contain poems focusing on the religious strife in his homeland. His experience translating poetry about the legendary �Sweeney�, a crazed, exiled king, proved helpful when, FTP, this poet won the Whitbread award for his new translation of Beowulf.

ANSWER: Seamus Heaney

9. The title of this work comes from an inscription on a Dutch innkeeper�s signboard above a picture of a churchyard. The essay, written in the style of a treaty, declares that an end to war will be found either in �a vast grave where all the horrors of violence and those responsible for them would be buried�, or in a system of cosmopolitan law. FTP, name this work, written in 1795 and revised in 1796, which outlines a vision of a �federation among all the peoples of the earth,� written by Immanuel Kant.

ANSWER: Toward Perpetual Peace: a Philosophical Sketch or Zum Ewigen Frieden: Ein philosopischer Entwurf

10. It was formulated in 1930, using Einstein�s special theory of relativity. Zwicky and Baade proposed that the force of degenerate neutron pressure allows neutron stars to exceed it. A white dwarf star cannot be supported by a degenerate electron gas if its mass is greater than this value. FTP, name this limit of 1.44 solar masses, named after the 1983 Nobel laureate in physics.

ANSWER: Chandrasekhar limit

11. Important figures in this religious movement included Johan Arndt and August Herman Francke. Originating in Lutheranism, it reached its peak by the mid-eighteenth century, but elements of it survive today in the doctrines of the Moravian and Methodist churches. Its most notable figure, Philip Jakob Spener, outlined its central ideas in the 1675 work, Pia Desideria. FTP, name this German movement that stressed personal faith in opposition to the growing secularization of the established church

ANSWER: Pietism or Pietismus

12. Due to his scorn for the orthodox moral code of his time, as well as his sympathetic treatment of forbidden love, this dramatist is often considered to be the most modern of the Elizabethan and Stuart eras. Although many of his plays were collaborative efforts, he remains best known for his three unaided tragedies. FTP, identify this author of The Broken Heart and �Tis a Pity She�s a Whore.

ANSWER: John Ford

13. His father was a chancellor in the French consulate in Montevideo, and he studied at Tarbes and Pau before going to Paris in 1867. Little else is known about his life, although it is speculated that he died as a result of injuries suffered during the 1870 siege of Paris. Perhaps his greatest legacy is his influence on French Surrealism. FTP, name this poet, who took the pseudonym from a novel by Eugene Sue, who wrote Les Chants de Maldoror and the Poésies.

ANSWER: Isidore-Lucien Ducasse, Le Comte de Lautreamont (accept either)

14. It began after the election of 1946, when two candidates split the Liberal vote, and the Conservative Mariano Ospina Perez took office. On April 9, 1948, the leader of the left wing of the Liberal Party, Jorge Gaitan, was gunned down in broad daylight, which set off an intense riot in the capital city, which became known as the bogotazo. But it did not end there, and in fact, it intensified during the regime of Laureano Gomez in the early 1950s. FTP, name this bloody period of unrest in Colombian history which resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 people.

ANSWER: la Violencia

15. It is not a side project. It is not a hobby for any of those involved. It is not a religion. It is not a political movement. However, this Los Angeles based band does boast guitarist Billy Howerdel as their chief songwriter and producer, a lead singer borrowed from another high-profile group, and a first CD whose title, in English, means �Sea of Names�. FTP, name this Virgin records band, whose album, �Mer de Noms� includes the songs �Orestes�, �Magdalena�, �Three Libras�, and �Judith� sung by Maynard James Keenan, the lead man for Tool.

ANSWER: A Perfect Circle

16. In 1788, he graduated from Jesus College at Cambridge, where he earned honors in mathematics. He held the first professorship of political economy established in Britain and he is famous for his reaction against the optimistic ideas of the Marquis de Condorcet and William Godwin. He did not warn of a disaster still to come, but rather of a state of periodical misery that does exist at present. FTP, name this social scientist whose work served as an inspiration for the theory of evolution and who wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population.

ANSWER: Thomas Robert Malthus

17. Hopes of digging a 500-foot deep trench around this hilltop town have fizzled. Only thirty residents remain, as hundreds of homes have been evacuated under government pressure. The fire that started in 1961 is still spreading in the anthracite under the town, and a sign warns visitors of "mine subsidence and toxic gas emissions." FTP, name this town in Columbia county, Pennsylvania that has been dubbed "Helltown USA."

ANSWER: Centralia

18. This animal often makes its home in the burrows of nesting seabirds, foraging at night and feeding mainly on insects. Moisture from its food and from dew can enable it to go months without drinking. The sole surviving member of the order Rhynchocephalia, it is under threat of extinction. FTP, name this primitive reptile, which used to be found throughout New Zealand, but is now limited to a few offshore islets.

ANSWER: tuatara or Sphenodon punctuatus

19. This winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for fiction supported her family through freelance non-fiction and how-to books on topics ranging from grape-growing and cider making to fence mending. Her most recent published work is a collection of short stories, including "The Half-Skinned Steer." FTP, identify this author of Close Range: Wyoming Stories and The Shipping News.

ANSWER: E. Annie Proulx (pronounced �Prue�)

20. He served as a midshipman at the age of ten in the War of 1812 and was thereafter promoted to captain. Though born in Tennessee, he sided with the Union in 1861 and distinguished himself in the following years by the capture of New Orleans in 1862 and Mobile Bay in 1864, both in the face of determined Confederate opposition. FTP, identify this man, the U.S. Navy's first four-star admiral, most famous for the line "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

ANSWER: David Glasgow Farragut

OT 1. This economist�s first work, Cours d�Economie Politique included his much criticized law of income distribution, which purports to show a consistent pattern in the distribution of wealth. In what he considered his greatest work, Trattato di Sociologia Generale, he discussed what he called the �circulation of elites,� an idea that would become associated with Italian fascism. But it is his Manuale d�economia politica, written in 1906, for which he is best known. FTP, name this Italian economist who introduced the concept of �indifference curves.�

ANSWER: Vilfredo Pareto

OT 2. He resigned from his post on 25 January, upon the new government taking over. This displayed remarkable longevity for a man whose resignation had been sought since long before the October revolution that toppled his boss. Now he is being held on three counts of murder and one of attempted murder. FTP, name this man, charged with the attempted assassination of Vuk Draskovic, potential witness against Slobodan Milosevic, and former head of the Yugoslav security police.

ANSWER: Rade Markovic

OT 3. Henry Cowell helped bring this man�s work to the public eye by publishing several of his pieces in New Music Quarterly. This composer became known for his bi-tonal forms and polyrhythms, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his Symphony No. 3 in 1947, though he virtually retired from music and his business career in the early 1930s. FTP, name this composer of the Concord Sonata who claimed to be influenced by transcendentalist philosophy, a graduate of Yale and a native of Danbury, Connecticut.

ANSWER: Charles Ives


1. For 5-10-15, given a WWII offensive, give the codename for that offensive(for example, if I said �Amphibious invasion of Normandy�, you would say �Operation Overlord�).

for 5: The proposed German invasion of Britain, shelved when the Germans failed to attain air superiority.

ANSWER: Operation Sealion or Unternehmen Seelöwe

For 10: The Soviet encirclement operation that led to the relief of Stalingrad and the surrender of the German Sixth Army.

ANSWER: Operation Uranus

For 15: The successful third attempt by the British to push back Rommel and relieve the beleaguered city of Tobruk.

ANSWER: Operation Crusader

2. For 5-10-15 points, identify the following religions of African origin

For 5: This religion has divinities called loa, and the name for it comes from a term used by the Fon people of Benin to denote a spirit. Identify this religion that includes a belief in zombies.

ANSWER: Voodoo

For 10: This religion has divinities called Orshas, and it is based on the practices of the Yoruba. Name this religion found in Cuba.

ANSWER: Santeria

For 15: Rites in this religion are led by spiritual mediums who communicate with holy spirits by falling into trances. Name this Afro-Brazilian religion, with two main sects, Ubanda and Candomble:

ANSWER: Macumba

3. Identify the following contributors to cosmology for 15 points each

a) In the third century BCE, this inhabitant of Samos maintained that the earth rotates and revolves around the Sun:

ANSWER: Aristarchus

b) This French mathematician and physicist included his �nebular hypothesis� theory of the origin of the solar system in his book The System of the World:

ANSWER: Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace

4. Given the works and the year they were published, name the political philosopher 30-20-10:

For 30: The Human Condition, Between Past and Future

For 20: On Revolution, On Violence

For 10: Origins of Totalitarianism, Eichmann in Jerusalem: a Report on the Banality of Evil

ANSWER: Hannah Arendt

5. Identify the Shakespearan play from quotations for 15 points or 5 points if you need a better known quote.

a). �Then come and kiss me, sweet and twenty, youth�s a stuff will not endure.�(15)

�If music be the food of love, play on.�(5)

ANSWER: Twelfth Night

b). �The robb�d, that smiles, steals something from the thief: he robs himself, that spends a bootless grief.�(15)

�O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on.�(5)

ANSWER: Othello

6. Answer these questions about the world of professional tennis FTSNOP:

For five points each, name the men�s and women�s singles winners at the 2001 Australian Open.

ANSWER: Andre Agassi and Jennifer Capriati

For ten points, though Pete Sampras has now won 7 Wimbledon titles, he still has not equaled the feat of this man, who five consecutive championships at the All-England Club from 1976-1980.

ANSWER: Bjorn Borg

For ten points, while top American men seem to disdain playing in the Davis Cup, American women, led by Monica Seles and Lindsay Davenport, captured a record 17th title in 2000 in this tournament, the female equivalent of the Davis Cup.

ANSWER: Federation Cup

7. 5-10-15: Answer these questions about a crusade.

5)Generally considered the last of the major crusades, this struggle from 1202 to 1204 saw the sack of Constantinople and its capture by the crusaders.

ANSWER: Fourth Crusade

10)This pope originally called for the fourth crusade, though control of events soon slipped out of his hands.

ANSWER: Innocent III

15)Despite Pope Innocent III�s vehement objections, the Crusaders attacked and occupied this Christian city on their way to Constantinople in November 1202.


8. 30-20-10-5, name the artist from works:

(30) Red Nude Sitting Up, The Spoonful of Milk, White Crucifixion

(20) The Three Candles, The Three Acrobats, Adam and Eve

(10)Jew at Prayer. The Fiddler, The Praying Jew, Exodus

(5)I and the Village

ANSWER: Marc Chagall

9. Identify the English poet for 10 points from each line.

�Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die�(10)

ANSWER: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

�They flash upon that inward eye, which is the bliss of solitude�(10)

ANSWER: William Wordsworth

c) �Much have I travell�d in the realms of gold and many goodly states and kingdoms seen; round many western islands have I been, which bards in fealty to Apollo hold.�(10)

ANSWER: John Keats

10. Identify the capitals of these former Soviet republics, FTPE.


ANSWER: Chisinau or Kishinyov


ANSWER: Yerevan


ANSWER: Bishkek

11. Name these senators involved with the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill, FTPE.

a. This senator from Nebraska introduced a bill, later defeated, that would limit donations but not banned soft money.

ANSWER: Chuck Hagel

b. Two New England Republicans co-wrote the part of the bill dealing with bans on TV ads within a certain time period of an election. Name either.

ANSWER: Olympia Snowe or Jim Jeffords

c. This Democratic senator has attempted to add an amendment to the bill that would expand the bans on TV ads and possibly cause the bill to become unconstitutional.

ANSWER: Paul Wellstone

12. Answer these questions about the Magic Flute FTPE:

a)She is the daughter of the Queen of the Night and the gods have ordained that she marry Tamino, her would-be savior. She is initially said to held as a captive of Sarastro.

ANSWER: Pamina

b)He is a brutal Moor who pursues Pamina throughout the opera. His advances are unwelcome and he evenutally turns to courting the Queen of the Night herself. He perishes with the Queen and her servants in a flood of light in the last scene.

ANSWER: Monastatos

c)When the ladies-in-waiting of the Queen give the magic flute to Tamino, they also give Papageno, the Queen�s birdcatcher, his own magical instrument. Name it.

ANSWER: Pan pipes or chimes

13. FTPE, given the manner in which he died, identify the Roman emperor.

a) This emperor, the priest of a Syrian sun-god, was murdered along with his mother in 222 CE. Their bodies were dumped into the Tiber.

ANSWER: Elagabalus (Accept: Heliogabalus)

b)After being declared a public enemy by the Senate, this first-century emperor committed suicide. His last words were �What an artist is lost!�


c)After several attempts to kill him were foiled, his personal wrestler Narcissus did the world a favor by strangling this insane emperor in his bathtub in 192 CE.

ANSWER: Commodus

14. Given a film, name the director FTPE. If you need some other films you will get five points.

10 � Alien

5 � Gladiator, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise

ANSWER: Ridley Scott

10 � Alien 3

5 � Seven, The Game, Fight Club

ANSWER: David Fincher

10 � Alien: Resurrection

5 � The City of Lost Children, Delicatessen

ANSWER: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

15. FTP each, name these three classical Greek sculptors from works.

a)Hygieia, Asklepios Seated on a Throne, Agora Nereid

ANSWER: Timotheos

b)Aphrodite of Epidamos, Kyniskos, Diskobolos

ANSWER: Polykleitos

c)Artemis Brauronia, Pouring Satyr, Hermes with Dionysus

ANSWER: Praxiteles

16. Given a constellation, name the brightest star in that constellation, FTPE.



Canis Minor

ANSWER: Procyon


ANSWER: Antares

17. FTSNP, answer the following about third-century China.

a)For five points, what dynasty fell apart at the end of the second century C.E., resulting in several decades of civil war?

ANSWER: Han Dynasty

b)For five points, name the epic written in the thirteenth century A.D. by Luo Guanzhong covering the events of the period.

ANSWER: Romance of the Three Kingdoms

c)For five points each, or 20 for all correct, identify the three eponymous states of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

ANSWER: : Wei, Wu, and Shu

18. Given the nations that border a nation, name it, FTPE.

a. Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia

ANSWER: Malawi

b. Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania

ANSWER: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

c. Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China

ANSWER: Afghanistan

19. Identify the following Canadian authors for 10 points each.

The author of Alias Grace, The Cat�s Eye, and most recently The Blind Assassin

ANSWER: Margaret Atwood

His works include the best selling illustrated trilogy beginning with Griffin and Sabine.

ANSWER: Nick Bantok

Her short story collections include Lives of Girls and Women and Who Do You Think Are?

ANSWER: Alice Munro

20. Name the authors who won the prestigious Booker Prize for these works for 10 points each.

a)The Remains of the Day

ANSWER: Kazuo Ishiguro

b)The English Patient

ANSWER: Michael Ondaatje

c)The Sea, The Sea

ANSWER: Iris Murdoch

OT 1. Identify each developmental psychologist from a description, FTP each:

a)This stage-theorist proposed that children learn by maintaining mental equilibrium through the dual processes of assimilation and accommodation.

ANSWER: Jean Piaget

b)This Soviet psychologist emphasized the child�s interaction with the environment and introduced the idea that the child�s learning takes place within his or her zone of proximal development.

ANSWER: Lev Vygotsky

c)This colleague of Lev Vygotsky conducted a study of collectivized peasants in Uzbekistan during the 1930s, in which he tried to show that basic cognitive processes themselves shift during societal change.

ANSWER: Aleksandr Luria