Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Rutgers-New Brunswick B (Edward De Guzman, Ian MacAllen, Dave Suss, and Karim Walker)


1. In the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm, an array of failure links is needed and computed using a finite automaton. In the Boyer-Moore algorithm, the scan is done from the end to the beginning and requires two arrays--a MatchJump array and a CharJump (pron. CAR-jump) array. In the simplest solution, a shift of one position to the left occurs in the event of a mismatch. FTP, these are all solutions to what type of problem, commonly seen in word-processing software.

ANSWER: String Matching or Pattern Matching (Accept reasonable equivalents.)

2. Because its only sanction was the moral force of world opinion, most leaders considered it insignificant in political terms. However, it was cited by Justice Robert Jackson as a legal basis for the Nuremberg war crimes trials. It was ratified by the U.S. in 1929 and adhered to eventually 62 nations, making it one of the most widespread commitments to peace ever made by the great powers. FTP, name this pact that grew out of a proposal submitted by a French Premier and countered by the US Secretary of State.

ANSWER: Kellogg-Briand Pact

3. He was born in the Umbrian town of Nursia in about 480 CE. In his mid-to-late teens, he traveled to Rome to complete his studies in rhetoric and law, but ended up turning his back on the world and becoming a monk. Though he lived for a long time alone as a hermit, he is more famously associated with the cenobitic style of asceticism. For ten points, name this man, the founder of the abbey at Monte Cassino, where he most likely wrote his famous Rule, and a chief subject of Pope Gregory the Great in the Dialogues.

ANSWER: Saint Benedict

4. Griselda, the daughter of a peasant, moves up the social ladder as she marries a marquis named Walter. However, soon after marrying, Walter humiliates Griselda by sending away his daughter and son because he declares his lowborn wife is not a suitable mother. He later sends Griselda back to her father's house in rags but asks for her back to serve his new bride-to-be. Griselda loyally agrees only to find out that Walter was not remarrying but merely testing her obedience. FTP, this is a synopsis of what Canterbury Tale?

ANSWER: The Clerk's Tale

5. In the background are three arches supported by Doric columns. To the right, the mother and sister of the subjects are crying. From the left, the subjects are reaching out to their father in the center who is offering them their swords. For ten points what is this Jacques-Louis David painting depicting three brothers chosen to fight the Curatti to defend Rome�s honor, a painting used to spur patriotism five years before the French Revolution?

ANSWER: The Oath of the Horatii

6. The lecture notes of two of his students, Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye, were the basis for one of this linguist�s most important works, Course in General Linguistics. In this work, he makes a distinction between a native speaker�s knowledge of a language and the way he/she actually uses this language in everyday situations. He also suggests that a linguist could not compare two different languages unless he/she first had a synchronic analysis of each. FTP, name this Swiss linguist who predicted the existence of laryngeal consonants in Proto-Indo-European, later found in Hittite inscriptions.

ANSWER: Ferdinand de Saussure

7. In 308 BCE Demetrius Poliorectes, son of Antigonus Monophthalamus of Macedon faced off against Ptolemy Soter of Egypt in this battle, one of the first in which artillery was used. In a more famous battle 28 years earlier, the Persians had twice the number of ships but lost their advantage as they sailed into the narrow strait where the battle was fought. FTP, name this 480 BCE battle that paved the way for the defeat of Xerxes I's invasion of Greece as the Persians led by Eurybiadas were defeated by the Greeks under Themistocles.

ANSWER: Battle of Salamis

8. This native of Middlesex became interested in the guitar at an early age through a Spanish acoustic instrument given to his family. In the early sixties, he played in several bands, including Carter Lewis & the Southerners and Neil Christian & the Crusaders. He gained his first success through the track "Diamonds," by Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, which reached number one in 1963. In 1966 he joined the Yardbirds and stayed with the group until its end in 1968, when he formed his most famous outfit. Years later, he went on to compose the music to the 1982 film Death Wish II. For ten points, name this guitarist who became a legend as the axeman for Led Zeppelin.

ANSWER: Jimmy Page

9. This law is important to the physical process of breathing, since all gases that pass through the cell membranes in the lungs must first be dissolved in the cell fluids and in the thin film of fluid that covers the inner surface of the lungs. A mathematical statement of this law is P divided by V equals K, where P represents the pressure of a gas in the lungs, V is its concentration in the plasma, and K is the coefficient of solubility. FTP, name this law relating the pressure of a gas to its ability to be absorbed by a given volume of liquid.

ANSWER: Henry's Law

10. He began a medical career in Paris, but soon after he began studying painting part time under Gleyre. Eventually, he stopped practicing medicine entirely by 1865 when he shared a studio with Monet. Plein air painting was a major interest, but he focused on figures rather than natural landscapes. Thus, he is known for the effect of light on flesh tones in his paintings, such as Family on the Terrace. FTP, who is this portraitist and recorder of the Impressionist scene, painter of the Summer Scene and La Toilette?

ANSWER Frederic Bazille

11. In 1875 he tore down a medieval tower that obscured the Propylaea, the great gateway to the Acropolis at Athens. His later investigations into the �Cyclopean� walls surrounding Greek cities proved them to have been built in the Bronze Age. He is said to have told a newspaper that �I have gazed on the face of Agamemnon� after excavating the shaft graves of Mycenae, but his most famous work was done at the hill of Hissarlik in Turkey. FTP, name this classical archaeologist who led most scholars to believe that Homer�s account of the Trojan War has some basis in fact.

ANSWER: Heinrich Schliemann

12. Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, William Jennings Bryan, Luther Burbank, and Eugene Debs are all mentioned in this novel. There is no definite plot; instead the book flows in a stream of time using �camera eye� and �news-reel� narrative devices. FTP, name this novel set shortly before the outbreak of World War One, a companion to The Big Money and 1919 in John Dos Passos� U.S.A. trilogy.

ANSWER: The 42nd Parallel

13. His father was Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under Nixon and he himself went on to become a speechwriter on economic matters during the same administration. He played strikingly similar characters in a 1986 Matthew Broderick film and a Fred Savage TV series, but gained greater fame through his current work with Comedy Central. For ten points, name this game show host who regularly risks five thousand dollars of his own money against three opponents.

ANSWER: Ben Stein

14. An industrial application of this procedure is the production of sodium metal by the Downs process. Faraday's Law of this procedure states that the amount of product formed by an electric current is chemically equivalent to the amount of electrons supplied. FTP, what is the general term for the process of driving a reaction in a nonspontaneous direction by passing an electric current through a solution.

ANSWER: Electrolysis

15. The effects of a downhill slide in this company were first seen on March 9, 2001 when Chief Executive John Chambers mentioned it was trimming its payroll. It deferred salary raises during its April review and encouraged employees to take personal days earlier in the year than usual. In the face of a US economic slowdown it is now planning to trim its work force by 5,000, but Chief Financial Officer Larry Carter recently announced it will offer six months of pay to laid-off employees. FTP, name this computer networking corporation based in San Jose, California.

ANSWER: Cisco Systems Inc.

16. Since the Second Dutch War was being fought at the time, many felt it was caused by papists and foreigners, a charge which was inscribed on a monument on Pudding Lane, where the event started. 89 parish churches, the Guild hall, 44 halls of livery companies, the Royal Exchange, and the Customs House were affected as well as 13,200 houses but few people died. FTP, what 1666 tragedy led Christopher Wren to rebuild St. Paul's Cathedral?

ANSWER: The Great Fire of London

17. This holiday originated as the new year for the purpose of calculating the age of trees for tithing. Each tree is considered to have aged one year as of this day, whether it was planted a year or a day before. There are few customs related with this holiday, but they include eating a new fruit, planting a tree, or collecting money for trees for Israel. Though there is a dispute as to the exact date of the holiday, it is generally accepted to be the fifteenth day of Shevat in the Hebrew calendar, which lends the holiday its name. For ten points, name this day, celebrated this year on February 8.

ANSWER: Tu B'Shevat

18. This novel was dedicated to Hugh Meredith, the �significant other� in the author�s first gay relationship. Two major themes are repressed passion in Victorian England and the war between desire and society�s conventions. Both are developed through the main character, the daughter of a late, prosperous solicitor. After she falls for George Emerson while on a trip to Italy, she suppresses her own desires and becomes engaged to Cecil Vyse, a man in a compatible social class. FTP, name this novel chronicling the relationships of Lucy Honeychurch written by E.M. Forster.

ANSWER: A Room With A View

19. This man spent the years 1788-1793 as a theology student in Tübingen, where he met the future romantic poet Friedrich Holderlin and F.D.E. Schelling, who would also become one of the major figures of the German philosophical scene in the first half of the nineteenth century. The most systematic of post-Kantian idealists, he attempted to elaborate a comprehensive and systematic ontology from a logical starting point. FTP, name this man who defined the Absolute Spirit in hopes of achieving this goal.

ANSWER: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

20. Since censure was deemed punishment enough, none of the principal figures were ever prosecuted for their role in this scandal. It came to public attention when the New York Sun published a list of names, initiating a Senate investigation during the Presidential campaign of 1872. The Sun�s list included future president James A. Garfield, Senator James Patterson of New Hampshire, and Vice-President Schuyler Colfax. FTP, name this financial scandal where Congressman Oakes Ames diverted $20,000,000 to the pockets of the Union Pacific Railroad�s promoters.

ANSWER: Credit Mobilier scandal

OT 1. This device is a gas-filled metal cylinder with a thin window at one end. A wire electrode runs along the center of the tube and is kept at a high positive voltage. The presence of a high energy particle or photon will ionize a gas molecule, forcing an electron to accelerate towards the positive wire, ionizing more molecules along the way. The avalanche of electrons towards the wire creates a pulse of current that can be counted or made to produce a click. FTP, what is this device, a common detector of radiation?

ANSWER: Geiger Counter

OT 2. This city is noted for a plan of municipal licensing of liquor sales under which profits are used for public projects. 20 miles to the east is the nearest airport, Landvetter, and the city is the location of Chalmers University of Technology and the Volvo automotive plant. It is connected to the interior of the country by rail and by the Gta Canal, opened in 1832. FTP, name this city founded in 1619 by King Gustav II Adolph, the capital of Vstra Gtaland County, located in southwestern Sweden.

ANSWER: Goteborg

OT 3. Just as the cowboy is cornered by a group of Indians, the backup he prayed for arrives and saves him from death. Just as the wrongly accused heretic is about to be burned at the stake, an angel appears and unties her just in time. These two situations are--FTP--examples of what literary device, which refers to an arbitrary plot device used to resolve a dilemma in a story or play?

ANSWER: Deus ex Machina


1. FTPE, identify these early English writers.

[10] He was an illiterate herdsman who had a vision one night and heard a voice commanding him to sing of �the beginning of created things.� The only work attributed to him is �Hymn of Creation�.

ANSWER: Caedmon

[10] With Caedmon he was one of the earliest English Christian poets. Religious works in Old English include Ascension, The Fates of the Apostles, Juliana, and Elene.

ANSWER: Cynewulf

[10] This later English poet penned a religious allegory The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman.

ANSWER: William Langland

2. Answer the following questions about two operas and what they have in common FTPE.

[10] In Act 1, Scene 1 of this opera, Prince Galitsky dreams of sending Yaroslavna to a convent, deposing the title character, ruling over Putivl, and leading a life of debauchery.

ANSWER: Prince Igor

[10] In the prologue of this opera, Russian peasants led by Shuisky demonstrate in favor of the title character�s ascension to the vacant throne. Meanwhile, Shchelkalov is in a monastery and foresees doom if the title character does not take the crown.

ANSWER: Boris Godunov

[10] Now name the composer who completed the unfinished opera Prince Igor and reorchestrated Boris Godunov after the death of their respective composers.

ANSWER: Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov

3. Given a war, name the treaty that ended it, FTPE

[10] First Opium War

ANSWER: Treaty of Nanking

[10] Queen Anne's War

ANSWER: Treaty of Utrecht

[10] Second Anglo-Boer War

ANSWER: Treaty of Vereeniging

4. Identify the following structures of the cerebral cortex FTPE

[10] The folds of the cortex are used to map its surface. FTP, name either the area where the cortex is folded in, or where it is folded out.

ANSWER: sulci or sulcus (area folding in) or gyri or gyrus (area folding out)

[10] When viewing the human brain from above, a very prominent feature is the deep sulcus which extends from the front of the brain to the back. Name it, FTP.

ANSWER: longitudinal fissure

[10] The longitudinal fissure separates the left and right cerebral hemispheres. For a final ten points, what is the bundle of nerve fibers between them that allow communication between hemispheres.

ANSWER: corpus callosum

5. Given the child of Henry VIII, name the mother, FTPE.

[10] Queen Mary

ANSWER: Catherine of Aragon

[10] Queen Elizabeth I

ANSWER: Anne Boleyn

[10] King Edward VI

ANSWER: Jane Seymour

6. Answer the following about the physical features of Mexico FTPE.

[10] This isthmus south of the Bay of Campeche is divided between Veracruz and Oaxaca states.

ANSWER: Isthmus of Tehuantapec

[10] This peninsula extends northeast from the Isthmus of Tehuantapec into the Gulf of Mexico. The province of the same name has its capital at Merida.

ANSWER: Yucatan Peninsula

[10] South and east of the isthmus of Tehuantapec--bordering Guatemala--is this highland region, a center of the Zapatista uprising.

ANSWER: Chiapas

7. For the stated number of points, name the following characters in Beckett�s Waiting for Godot.

[5,5] For five points each, the two who are waiting for the arrival of Godot.

ANSWER: Estragon, Vladimir

[10] This character encounters Estragon and Vladimir, and then when he

returns blind must pay them 200 francs for their help.


[10] This character arrives at the end of the play, sadly though, he informs

Estragon and Vladimir they must wait another day, since Godot is sick.


8. For ten points each, identify these entirely unrelated artists.

[10] His works include the 1825 work, Illustrations of the Book of Job and water colors of Dante�s Divine Comedy.

ANSWER William Blake

[10] His figures are exceptionally fat, such as in the 1996 A Family and the 1993 work The Bathroom

ANSWER: Fernando Botero

[10] This French artist is known for scenes of boat parties and Paris boulevards. He painted The Floor Scrapers and A Rainy Day: Paris.

ANSWER: Gustave Caillebotte

9. FTSNOP, answer the following questions related to the drama, The Libation Bearers.

[10] The Libation Bearers is the second part of a trilogy by Aeschylus. FTP, give the title of the last play in the trilogy.

ANSWER: Eumenides

[10] In the play, a group of women, led by Electra, pour libations over a tomb in homage to the dead. FTP, on whose tomb were the libations poured?

ANSWER: Agamemnon

[5,5] FFPE, name the two people killed by Orestes in the palace at Argos.

ANSWER: Clytemnestra and Aegisthus

10. Identify the following European royal families from kings on a 15-5 basis.

[15] Edward II, Edward III, Richard II

[5] Henry II, Richard I, John

ANSWER: Plantagenet

[15] John IV, Pedro II, Afonso IV

[5] John VI, Carlos I, Manuel II

ANSWER: Braganza

11. Given a description of a figure from Greek myth, name him or her for ten points each.

[10] He forced all who traveled through his country to wrestle him. Since everytime he touched the Earth he grew in strength, he was never defeated. Hercules, while wrestling him, discovered this and, holding him above ground, crushed him to death.

ANSWER: Antaeus

[10] She boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids, who complained to Poseidon. Poseidon demanded that her daughter be sacrificed to a sea monster which he had sent to ravage the land, but her daughter was rescued by Perseus.

ANSWER: Cassiopeia

[10]She was the second wife of Lycus. She was a shrew and a nag, and was tied to the horns of a wild bull by Amphion and Zethus and dragged to death.


12. FTPE, identify the work of James Joyce given a description

[10] Many people consider this work to be a semiautobiographical version of Joyce himself as the main character, Stephen, decides to leave his home in the country to become a writer.

ANSWER: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

[10] This work, Joyce�s last, is a four-part novel in the form of an interrupted series of dreams during one night in the life of the character Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker.

ANSWER: Finnegans Wake

[10] Joyce�s first prose work, it is a book of 15 short stories and sketches that revolve around the sad spirit of a city. The last story of the collection is �The Dead�.

ANSWER: Dubliners

13. Give the two English letters used to indicate the voiced and voiceless forms of each of the following in phonetics. Five points per letter.

[5,5] Bilabial stops.

ANSWER: p and b

[5,5] Labiodental fricatives.

ANSWER: f and v

[5,5] Velar stops.

ANSWER: k and g

14. El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego, has received attention as one of the most recent sites of school violence. Answer the following questions FTPE

[10] On March 5, 2001, Randy Gordon and Bryan Zuckor were killed while 13 others were wounded as a result of a shooting in what El Cajon district high school?

ANSWER: Santana High School

[10] FTP, name the 15-year-old allegedly responsible for this violence.

ANSWER: Charles �Andy� Williams

[10] On March 22, another student in the El Cajon district plotted to kill a vice principal. He was shot in the face by a police officer during the rampage, preventing any fatalities. FTP, name either the alleged gunman or the high school in which it occurred.

ANSWER: Jason Hoffman, Granite Hills High School

15. 30-20-10, name the man

[30] In February 1865, he led a Southern delegation to the failed peace negotiations at Hampton Roads, Virginia.

[20] He opposed the secession movement of his home state of Georgia but later supported it after Georgia left the Union.

[10] He became Vice-President to Jefferson Davis.

ANSWER: Alexander Hamilton Stephens

16. FTPE, given some islands or atolls in the Pacific, name the island group to which they belong.

[10] Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Santa Isabel

ANSWER: Solomon Islands

[10] Kwajalein, Majuro, Bikini

ANSWER: Marshall Islands

[10] Rota, Tinian, Saipan

ANSWER: Northern Mariana Islands

17. Answer the following questions about the NP class of problems FTPE.

[10] The classes P and NP do not fall in the "combinatorial optimization problems" category but instead are classified as these type of problems that have two possible answers.

ANSWER: Decision problems

[10] A problem Q is classified by this term if every problem A in NP is reducible to Q.


[10] This is the classification for a problem that is in NP and is NP-hard.

ANSWER: NP-Complete

18. Given the line from a classic rock song, name it for fifteen points. You get five if you need the name of the band.

[15] "Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave/No one was saved"

[5] The Beatles

ANSWER: Eleanor Rigby

[15] "On the road for forty days/Last night in Little Rock put me in a haze"

[5] Grand Funk Railroad

ANSWER: We're An American Band

19. Its time for everyone�s favorite British Spy Novelist, John Le Carre. Name the novel given a description of its plot FTPE.

[10] Israeli intelligence officers recruit Charlie, an actress, to infiltrate a Palestinian terrorist group. She is discovered because the agency has given her a clock radio with a locator device, but the clock radio she replaced the transceiver with didn�t have batteries.

ANSWER: The Little Drummer Girl

[10] George Smiley is finally able to bring his arch nemesis Karla, who in the BBC teleplay is played by Patrick Stewart. Smiley is able to lure Karla to the West because the British have discovered Karla�s daughter stashed away in a Western Asylum.

ANSWER: Smiley�s People

[10] Project Bluebird is intent on finding out whether the testimony offered by Goethe, a Russian physicist, is genuine. Barley, a British publisher is recruited by both sides to transfer information. Even the CIA get their dirty hands in on this game.

ANSWER: The Russia House

20. In April 2001, the President of Russia met with the German Chancellor, their meeting beginning with a handshake in the historic WWII Piskaryovskaya cemetry.

[5,5] For five points each, name the Russian President and German Chancellor involved in the two-day encounter

ANSWER: Vladmir Putin and Gerhard Schröder

[10] Schroeder addressed a Soviet-era debt of 24 billion dollars to Germany, as well as concerns over the takeover of Russia�s only private national television channel by Russia�s state-controlled gas giant. FTP, name either the television channel or the gas giant.

ANSWER: NTV (television channel), Gazprom (gas giant)

[10] FTP, Germany offered to settle the debt in exchange for influence over what Baltic enclave that belonged to Prussia until the end of WWII.

ANSWER: Kaliningrad

OT 1. Identify the artist by the given work for 15 points after the first clue and for 5 pts. after a much easier one.

[15] Pastoral Scene (Fete Champetre), Venus and Adonis, Rape of Europa

[5] Venus of Urbino

ANSWER: Titian or Tiziano Vecellio

[15] Alone, The Toilette, The Two Girlfriends

[5] Moulin Rouge: La Goulue, At the Moulin Rouge: Two Women Waltzing

ANSWER: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec