Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Rutgers-New Brunswick A (Dave Hayes, Erik Kennedy, John McClain, and James McGhee)




1. From 1648 to 1669 he observed at Panzano Observatory, publishing on the Sun and Jupiter while a professor of astronomy at the University of Bologna. In 1671, however, he moved to France and became the first director of the Royal Observatory in Paris, where he discovered four moons of Saturn in 1684. In 1997, a satellite named for him was launched for Saturn. FTP, name this Italian astronomer, best known for discovering his namesake gap in Saturn's rings.

ANSWER: Giovanni Cassini

2. The disputed 100,000 square mile area north of the Pilcomayo River and west of the Paraguay River was claimed by two nations that had military posts there. It began with the December 5, 1928 attack by Paraguay against Fortin Vanguardia, a Bolivian post, but formal declaration of war occurred in 1933. The peace treaty strongly favored Paraguay in ending, FTP, what war fought over a desolate area of South American scrubland?

ANSWER: Chaco War

3. Late in his life he corresponded with Friedrich Nietzsche, writing a circular letter defending the �Birth of Tragedy� in which he praised Nietzsche as advancing German culture. He was a theorist himself, describing in 1851�s �Opera and Drama� the work he was then producing, �Siegfried�s Death.� To be produced, this required the construction of the Festspielhaus, which 26 years later premiered the finished work, the last section of a music-drama in four parts. FTP, name this composer of �The Ring of the Nibelung.�

ANSWER: Richard Wagner

4. His cult was centered in Epidaurus, where priests practiced the ritual of incubation, in which followers would sleep within a temple and hope he would appear to them. Torn from his mother Coronis�s womb because of her unfaithfulness, he was put in the care of Chiron, who taught him so well that to this day his symbol, a snake entwined with a staff, is used by the medical profession. FTP, name this Greek god of healing.

ANSWER: Asclepius (Also accept Aesculapius before �Coronis�)

5. It develops following the expansion of a triplet repeat in the FMR-1 gene and abnormal methylation of the gene to the point that transcription of the FMR-1 gene is silenced. It has an incidence rate in males that is twice that of females and is the leading cause of inherited mental retardation. FTP, name this syndrome that gets its name because the affected chromosome is prone to break.

ANSWER: Fragile X syndrome

6. He studied psychology after being analyzed by Anna Freud in 1927 and in 1933 emigrated to the U.S., where he taught at Harvard, Yale, and Berkeley. While here, he wrote psychohistories of Martin Luther and Ghandi, studied Sioux Indian children in South Dakota, developed the concept of the identity crisis and wrote about psychosocial development in �Childhood and Society.� FTP, name this psychologist famous for his eight-stage model of personality development.

ANSWER: Erik Erikson

7. Vice-President Richard Mentor Johnson was one of several men who claimed to have killed him, yet no one really knows how he died at the Battle of the Thames. Spurning William Henry Harrison's peace proposals, he sought British aid for his pan-Indian effort to block American settlement in the Old Northwest. FTP, who was this brother of the Shawnee Prophet and namesake of a Civil War general?

ANSWER: Tecumseh

8. Three books of them, consisting of 88 poems, were published in 23 BCE, and though their reception was cool, a fourth book of 15 more was published in 13 BCE. In them, there are addresses to women, such as Neobule, Leuconoë, and Chloë, drinking songs, praiseful songs to Emperor Augustus and his adviser Maecenas, and, at the same time, advocacy of aurea mediocritas, the golden mean. FTP, name these poems, Horace�s most famous.


9. This anthropologist�s first study was published in 1851 as �The League of the Iroquois.� He then undertook a study of Indian and Asian kinship terms, the genesis of his 1871 book �Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family.� But he is best known for his description of humanity�s progress from �savagery� to �civilization� codified in 1877�s �Ancient Society.� FTP, name this father of American anthropology.

ANSWER: Lewis Henry Morgan

10. This work includes an appendix that analyzes the work of Franz Kafka, in which the author describes Kafka�s world as a hideous and upsetting world where even the moles dare to hope. It propses that the only truly serious philosophical problem is suicide, but posits that suicide does not result from the absurd condition; rather, the absurd invites man to live life passionately. FTP, name this philosophical work by Albert Camus that takes its name from a mythological king condemned to roll a rock up a hill for eternity.

ANSWER: The Myth of Sisyphus or Le Mythe de Sisyphe

11. Her aunt Mrs. Touchett brings her to England to learn about good society and she is quickly wooed there by the dashing Lord Warburton and, feebly, by her cousin Ralph. Her situation is complicated when she marries Gilbert Osmond, a hard, disaffected man, and is still desired by Ralph, Warburton, and her old American sweetheart, Caspar Goodwood. Married life becomes a misery for, FTP, what heroine of �The Portrait of a Lady�?

ANSWER: Isabel Archer

12. Drafted 10th by the LA Express in the 1984 USFL Draft, he quickly proved himself and was drafted first in the 1984 Supplemental Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was traded in 1987 and played backup for four years before leading the NFL in passing for a record four years in a row and becoming MVP for Super Bowl 29. FTP, name this concussion-prone BYU lefty who holds the QB rating record for San Francisco.

ANSWER: Jon Steven Young

13. Born in 1789, this devout Catholic mathematician became a military engineer for the Napoleonic army, but Lagrange and Laplace urged him to devote himself to pure mathematics. He did so and eventually produced 789 papers. He studied the motion of the asteroid Pallas, elasticity theory, and wave propagation. FTP, name this mathematician famous for founding complex analysis with his discovery of a series of equations bearing his name and that of Bernhard Riemann.

ANSWER: Augustin-Louis Baron Cauchy

14. It �is at this point our southern security belt. What will we do when the Katyusha fire starts hitting Sedorot, four miles� away from here? So wrote Ariel Sharon in his autobiography. On April 17, 2001, Palestinians attacked Sedorot with homemade mortars, prompting Sharon�s decision to send Israeli tanks and infantry into, FTP, what southern area of the Palestinian Authority?

ANSWER: Gaza strip

15. The three blurred paintings hanging on the back wall may be copies of two by Rubens that depict the gods as the source of art. Legend says the king painted the red cross of the Order of Santiago that appears on the figure at left, but most of the work consists of dark gray tones, except for the doorway that opens onto a stairwell in back, the reflections of red and blue in the mirror in the center and the dresses of the Infanta and her ladies in waiting. FTP, name this work whose figure at left is its painter, Diego Velazquez.

ANSWER: Las Meninas or The Maids of Honor

16. The Hindu tantras take the form of a dialogue between him and his servant Parvati, and in them he teaches how to harness psychosexual energy through the chakras. He rides on the bull Nandi, and his is reproductive side is symbolized by the phallic lingam. However, his more well known half is symbolized by a necklace of skulls and his consort Kali, who is often depicted standing on his corpse. FTP, name this god, the Hindu destroyer.


17. General Santa Anna needed money to finance an increase in the size of his army. The United States needed the Mesilla valley to ensure a practical southern route for the Transcontinental Railroad. So Franklin Pierce�s minister to Mexico negotiated the acquisition of 30,000 square miles south of the Gila river. FTP, identify this last major boundary change of the continental United States, the 1853 purchase of what became southern Arizona and New Mexico.

ANSWER: Gadsden Purchase

18. Charges of incest with a vestal virgin and extortion sullied his reputation. Although he had been praetor and governed Africa, he was defeated twice in the consulship elections. After his second defeat in 63 B.C., he plotted with the disgruntled outside Rome to overthrow the government and cancel all debts. Cicero denounced him before the Senate and the conspiracy collapsed. FTP, who was this conspirator who died on his flight to Gaul?

ANSWER: Catiline or Lucius Sergius Catilina

19. This playwright born in 1930 was the daughter of a prominent Illinois lawyer, and her first play was loosely based on an anti-segregation case he won. She was also interested in African politics � her posthumously produced play �Les Blancs� raises questions about colonialism, but it has never been popular, nor have her other plays , such as �The Sign in Sidney Brustein�s Window� and �To Be Young, Gifted, and Black.� FTP, name this playwright of �A Raisin in the Sun.�

ANSWER: Lorraine Hansberry

20. The indigenous Guanche, a Berber group, were eliminated by Spanish conquest, which was completed in the 1490s. The highest point on Spanish territory, Pico de Teide, is on the largest of them; others of them include Lanzarote, Gomera and Hierro. They comprise two provinces, with capitals at Las Palmas and Santa Cruz, which is on the largest, Tenerife. FTP, name this archipelago off the coast of Western Sahara.

ANSWER: Canary Islands

OT 1. It results when the temperature of an ideal gas of bosons is lowered below the transition temperature T-naught and the atoms go into the same quantum state, creating a macroscopic entity that acts as a single atom. William Phillips, Steven Chu and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji used laser cooling to produce it, for which they won the 1997 Nobel Physics Prize. FTP, name this matter state that takes its name from one German and one Indian physicist.

ANSWER: Bose-Einstein condensate

OT 2. As a member of the Whig society at Princeton he took part in a literary war, saying the founder of the rival Clio society kept a brothel where he could �whore & pimp & drink & swear / nor more the garb of Christians wear.� Such debating skills served him well against Patrick Henry, with whom he debated the separation of church and state, and at the Constitutional Convention, where he wrote the only record of the debates and devised the Virginia Plan, giving him his nickname. FTP, name the �Father of the Constitution.�

ANSWER: James Madison

OT 3. Its present capital was once known as Pig's Eye. It is home to the only National Park without a road, Voyageurs National Park. Its highest point is at Eagle Mountain and its waters flow north, south, and east. In it are located the two farthest north latitude cities to host a World Series game. As just the twelfth largest state, it has more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined. FTP, name this state, home of the Mayo Clinic, the Mall of America, and over ten thousand lakes.

ANSWER: Minnesota


1. Identify these members of the Harding cabinet not named Albert Fall on a 5-10-15 basis.

a) [5] Harding's Secretary of Commerce rose through a series of appointed offices to win the Presidency.

ANSWER: Herbert Hoover

b) [10] Secretary of Treasury under Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover; this financier and aluminum magnate was America's third richest man after Rockefeller and Ford.

ANSWER: Andrew Mellon

c) [15] This Attorney General was removed for blocking a Senate Committee inquiry and was suspected in a patent selling scandal.

ANSWER: Harry Daugherty

2. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about the force between charged objects.

a) [5] For five points, this law states the force between 2 charged spheres is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.

ANSWER: Coulomb�s Law

b) [10] For ten points, Coulomb's main tool for discovering his law was one of
these devices consisting of a needle with a ball on one end suspended from a long,
thin wire.

ANSWER: Torsion Balance or Torsion Pendulum

c) [15] The constant k in Coulomb's equation for the force between two charges is given by "1 over 4 times pi times" this constant.

Answer: Permittivity of Free Space (Also accept: Epsilon-zero or Epsilon-naught)

3. Name these terms from painting and sculpture for the stated number of points.

a) [5] For five points, this is the use of light and dark in painting, especially to produce modeling.

ANSWER: chiaroscuro

b) [10] For ten points, an example of chiaroscuro is this violent contrast of light and dark seen in the work of Caravaggio.

ANSWER: tenebrism

c) [5] For five points, this is a type of sculpture in which the figures project from the background of which they are a part.

ANSWER: relief

d) [10] For ten points, in this kind of relief, the sculptor cuts the design into the surface so that no part projects farther than the surface.

ANSWER: intaglio

4. Name these epistles attributed to Paul for the stated number of points.

a) [10] For ten points, Paul speaks in the second chapter of this letter of salvation through grace and the reconciliation of Christians, Gentiles and Jews in one �household of God.�

ANSWER: Ephesians

b) [10] For ten points, this letter is called the �Magna Carta� of Christian liberty; Paul describes Christians as being �led by the Spirit, not under the law.�

ANSWER: Galatians

c) [5,5] For five points each, the three letters to these two disciples of Paul are known collectively as the Pastoral epistles.

ANSWER: Titus and First and Second Timothy

5. Identify the following minor nations from clues, for the stated number of points.

a) [5] This landlocked nation is slightly larger than Arkansas and sits between China and India. Its highest point is around 29,000 feet above sea level.

ANSWER: Kingdom of Nepal

b) [10] This nation of Western Europe has population of just under 500,000 and has major cities at Diekirch, Esch, Dudelange, and its namesake capital.

ANSWER: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

c) [15] This African nation, slightly smaller than Colorado, borders Cameroon, the Republic of Congo, and Equatorial Guinea. A majority of its people belongs to Bantu tribes including four major tribal groupings (Fang, Eshira, Bapounou, Bateke), but its official language is French.

ANSWER: Gabonese Republic

6. Name these thick works of German philosophy for the stated number of points.

a) [5] For five points, in this work Heidegger contemplates the essential ontological problem: What is it to be? He concludes that only by confronting death can we know.

ANSWER: Being and Time or Sein und Zeit

b) [10] For ten points, in this work published after Hegel�s death from his lectures, he argues that the development of the world follows a dialectical pattern.

ANSWER: The Philosophy of History or Die Philosophie der Geschichte

c) [15] For fifteen points, Kant�s philosophy of right and virtue is contained in this 1797 work, in which he discussed the hypothetical and categorical imperatives.

ANSWER: The Metaphysics of Morals or Die Metaphysik der Sitten

7. For ten points each, answer the following about game theory.

a) [10] In 1994 this economist noted for his namesake equilibrium shared the Nobel Prize with John Harsanyi and Reinhard Selten for work in game theory.

ANSWER: John F. Nash Jr.

b) [10] In this type of Nash equilibrium one finds in games of incomplete information. A player selects his best response against the average best responses of his opponents.

ANSWER: Bayes-Nash equilibrium

c) [5 each] In a game of incomplete information where one player comes in different types, Bayesian Nash equilibria can be of two varieties: one where players of different types behave identically and one where players of different types behave differently. FFPE, name these categories of equilibria.

ANSWER: Pooling and Separating equilibria

8. Identify the British prime minister FTPE.

a) [10] Thrice prime minister from 1885 to 1902, this peer combined the foreign office and the premiership.

ANSWER: Robert A. T. Gascoyne-Cecil, Marquis of Salisbury

b) [10] His Labour government granted Indian independence and backed the Korean intervention.

ANSWER: Clement Richard Attlee

c) [10] Foreign secretary under Churchill from 1940-45, he served as Conservative prime minister from 1955 until his 1957 resignation.

ANSWER: Robert Anthony Eden, earl of Avon

9. Name these vitamins sadly lacking in Whole Bran Total for the stated number of points.

a) [5] For five points, this vitamin is found in deep green and orange vegetables and fruits and is a component of visual pigments.

ANSWER: Vitamin A or beta carotene

b) [10] For ten points, this vitamin is made by human skin in the presence of sunlight.

ANSWER: Vitamin D

c) [15] For fifteen points, this vitamin made by colon bacteria is important in blood clotting.

ANSWER: Vitamin K (Also accept: Phylloquinone)

10. For ten points each, name the William Blake poem from lines.

a) [10] I wander thro� each charter�d street, / Near where the charter�d Thames does flow, / And mark in every face I meet / Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

ANSWER: London

b) [10] My wrath did grow. / And I waterd it in fears, / Night & morning with my tears; / And I sunnéd it with smiles, / And with soft deceitful wiles.

ANSWER: A Poison Tree

c) [10] What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?/ In what distant deeps or skies / Burnt the fire of thine eyes?

ANSWER: The Tyger

11. For ten points each, name the electronic circuit element from the description.

a) [10] This is any circuit element with an effective resistance of 0 in one direction and infinite resistance in the other.

ANSWER: diode

b) [10] Diodes used to convert alternating current to direct current in a power supply are known as this.

ANSWER: rectifier

c) [10] The bipolar type of this device contains an emitter, a base, and a collector, while the field effect type has a gate, a source, and a drain.

ANSWER: transistor

12. Name these geologically turbulent areas for ten points each.

a) [10] This depression runs from Syria to Mozambique and creates the lowest point on the Earth�s surface, the Dead Sea.

ANSWER: Great Rift Valley

b) [10] This range breaks the ocean surface at the Azores, St. Helena, and Iceland, but most of it lies underwater.

ANSWER: Mid-Atlantic Ridge

c) [10] The glacier fields of this range in Northern Kashmir have seen fierce fighting between India and Pakistan. K2 is in this range.

ANSWER: Karakoram Range

13. For ten points each, name these generals of the early Hellenistic world.

a) [10] This Greek general was Alexander�s secretary and did his best to ensure the accession of Alexander�s son after the death of Perdiccas.

ANSWER: Eumenes of Cardia

b) [10] He came closest to unifying the empire before he was defeated at Ipsus in 301.

ANSWER: Antigonus Monopthalmus

c) [10] Antigonus�s defeat at Ipsus can be attributed to the Indian war elephants brought by this satrap of Babylonia.

ANSWER: Seleucus I Nicator

14. Answer the following about the architects of the new St. Peter�s for ten points each.

a) [10] He devised the intricate original plan with nine interlocking crosses and five domes to rival the Pantheon and the Basilica Nova.

ANSWER: Donato D�Angelo Bramante

b) [10] After Bramante�s death the plan passed through the hands of this architect better known for the Palazzo Farnese.

ANSWER: Antonio da Sangallo the Younger

c) [10] He designed the piazza and the arms of the church that enclose the piazza and welcome the faithful.

ANSWER: Gianlorenzo Bernini

15. For the stated number of points, name the following from Norse mythology.

a) [5] For five points, name the realm in which the Aesir lived and in which Valhalla was located.

ANSWER: Asgard

b) [5,5] For five points each, name the two places that existed before the creation of life: the land of fire and the land of ice and mist.

ANSWER: Muspellheim and Niflheim

c) [15] For five points each, these three sons of Bor and Bestla founded the first race of gods.

ANSWER: Odin, Ve, and Vili

16. Name the Robert Louis Stevenson works from descriptions for the stated number of points.

a) [5] For five points, ordinarily a charming London physician, sometimes the title character is seized by a personality of absolute evil.

ANSWER: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

b) [10] For ten points, David Balfour is taken aboard the Covenant against his will but takes control of the ship and goes to the house of Shaws, where he gets his inheritance.

ANSWER: Kidnapped (Also accept: The Lad with the Silver Button)

c) [15] For fifteen points, during the War of the Roses, Dick Shelton discovers that Sir Daniel Brackley murdered his father. He joins the titular society to seek revenge.

ANSWER: The Black Arrow: A Tale of the Two Roses

17. For five points each, 30 for all five, name the �Fab Five,� Michigan�s 1991 recruiting class: one a possible MVP for the Sacramento Kings, one a star guard with the Pacers, one a new Maverick forward, one most recently a member of the CBA's Gary Steelheads, and one who was with the CBA's Grand Rapids Hoops this season after playing overseas.

ANSWERS: Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson

18. For ten points each answer the following about French poet Jean-Arthur Rimbaud.

a) [10] In this, Rimbaud�s infernal work, he describes the torments he endured for the sake of poetic experience and his unhappy passion for another poet.

ANSWER: A Season in Hell or Une Saison en Enfer

b) [10] Name the poet Rimbaud wrote about in �A Season in Hell.� He shot Rimbaud and spent two years in prison for it, and is known for �Clair de Lune.�

ANSWER: Paul Verlaine

c) [10] Though �A Season in Hell� may now be Rimbaud�s best known work, his fame came only with Verlaine�s publication of this group of poems in 1886.

ANSWER: Illuminations

19. 30-20-10, name the political theorist from works.

[30] �Public Good,� �Agrarian Justice�

[20] �Age of Reason,� �Rights of Man�

[10] �Common Sense,� �The American Crisis�

ANSWER: Thomas Paine

20. Answer the following about a political situation on a 5-10-15 basis.

a) [5] Name the state where a legislator recently introduced a bill to compel the governor to replace incapacitated senators with a member of the same party.

ANSWER: South Carolina

b) [10] Who is South Carolina's Democratic governor who asserted his belief that Strom Thurmond would finish his term?

ANSWER: Jim Hodges

c) [15] Name Thurmond's wife, who claims that the Senator would agree to leave office early if she were named to replace him.

ANSWER: Nancy Thurmond

OT 1. Name these transuranic elements for the stated number of points.

[10] For ten points, this is the element directly after uranium on the periodic table.

ANSWER: neptunium

b) [10] This was the heaviest element discovered by the Seaborg-led teams before they discovered element 106 in 1969.

ANSWER: nobelium

c) [5,5] For five points each, name any two of the last six officially named elements, atomic numbers 104 to 109.

Answer: rutherfordium, dubnium, seaborgium, nielsbohrium, hassium, and meitnerium