Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Playoffs Round Two

Packet by Princeton (Jeff Hoppes, Steve Lawrie, Larissa Kelly, Barbara Slote, David Isaacson, Charles Steinhardt, Lenny Kostovetsky, Dave Sachs, Michael Chiswick-Patterson, Ray Yang, and Ben Malkevitch), DePauw (Stan Jastrzebski, and Indiana (Jerry Hagen


1. Succeeding his father after a bloody power struggle in 268 BCE, this man found himself deeply disturbed by the carnage he caused while suppressing a revolt in the land of the Kalingas.  Meeting Nigrodha convinced this man to devote himself to peace, hosting the third council of Buddhist monks at Pataliputra. FTP, name this leader, who ordered thousands of rock pillars to be erected, bearing the words of the Buddha.


2. Aristotle belived that the celestial phenomena were caused by this perfect, unchanging force, but his theory went out of fashion a few centuries ago. However, based on current cosmological observations, it has become necessary to find a dark matter candidate that has both positive mass and, surprisingly, negative pressure. This theory, which could be described as a time-evolving cosmological constant, would fit the bill and appears to be the best candidate to explain current observations. FTP, give the name of this force, the fifth force of both the modern and ancient Greek world.

ANSWER: quintessence

3. While preparing to create this work, the artist locked himself for seven months in a room full of amputated limbs and severed heads. This probably helped him, as the painting is based on the true story of 150 French castaways who were abandoned off the coast of Senegal in 1816, and survived by eating the flesh of the dead. FTP, give the title of this most famous painting of Théodore Géricault.

ANSWER: The Raft of the Medusa or Le Radeau de la Méduse


4. It tells the story of Carol Milford, the city girl who marries the town doctor. Her efforts to bring culture to the prairie village are met by a wall of gossip, greed, and petty small-minded bigotry. Set in Gopher Prairie, which was loosely based on the author's hometown of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, this describes, FTP, what novel by Sinclair Lewis?

ANSWER: Main Street

5. All the main characters know is there's a year's supply of pudding in the fridge, and their girlfriends are ticked at them for trashing their house and forgetting their anniversary. To make up with the girls, the guys have to find the anniversary gifts they bought for the occasion. However, that's difficult, due to one large, misplaced object. FTP, this leads to the repeating of what inane question by Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott in the title of a 2000 movie?

ANSWER: "Dude, Where's My Car?"

6. This mineral, whose molecules take a simple tetrahedral silicate structure, can contain calcium, manganese, iron, or magnesium. Although the calcium-containing version of this mineral can have colors including brown, yellow, and green, none of these are the most well known color for the mineral. Because of its high hardness, this mineral is quite useful in a type of abrasive paper. FTP, name this mineral, the red-colored version of which is the birthstone for the month of January.

ANSWER: garnet

7. �I am therefore inexpressibly amazed that you have quickly acquired a knowledge of the German tongue with such ease. And yet I remember that your boyhood had a good schooling in liberal studies.� So he wrote to his friend Syagrius. Yet he himself had played chess against Theodoric II, King of the Visigoths, and had made a point of losing tactfully so as to advance his political claims. FTP, identify this fifth century Gallo-Roman villa-owner and sometime aristocratic bishop of Clermont.

ANSWER: Sidonius Apollinaris

8. The Catholic Church banned this technique from use in church music during the middle ages, as it was said to obscure the hymn or prayer that it was supposed to accompany. However, by the baroque era, it had become the new standard in composition, and the composer Johann Joseph Fux formally presented the technique of writing it in his treatise, Gradus ad Parnassum. Its name comes from the Latin for �note against note.� FTP, name this musical technique of combining two or more melodic lines to form new harmonies, a technique that is integral in the music of J. S. Bach.

ANSWER: counterpoint

9. Known as �The Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy,� it accepts Freud�s concept of unconsciousness, but believes that the need for meaning is the true driving force in people�s lives, as opposed to the need for pleasure. Whereas the works of Freud and Adler focus on the past, this school focuses on the future. FTP, name this branch of psychotherapy developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl.

ANSWER: Logotherapy

10. The author claims that the eponymous items are �sharp� and �never get fat.� He gives examples such as Carquinez Straits, Little French Lick , Medicine Hat, and perhaps most memorably, Skunktown Plain. Although the author acknowledges that �Seine and Piave are silver spoons� and �there are English counties like hunting tunes,� he also asserts that �I will remember where I was born.� FTP, name this poem by Stephen Vincent Benét, which concludes with the entreaty �Bury my heart at Wounded Knee.�

ANSWER: American Names

11. It is a well known fact that Classical Statistical Mechanics is internally inconsistent. If you consider the thermal radiation of photons in a box at a certain temperature, equipartition of energy gives the problematic result that the energy in the box is infinite, and so is the specific heat. FTP, identify this effect, named for its disagreement with reality at high frequencies.

ANSWER: Ultraviolet divergence

12. The second of this man�s three symphonies occupied him intermittently for seven years, and serves as a good example of the music of his homeland. The three together form an important addition to the Russian nationalist symphonic repertoire, but this man is better known for a composition that deals with another part of the globe. FTP, who is the composer, a friend of Rimsky-Korsakov best known for In the Steppes of Central Asia?

ANSWER: Alexander Porfir'yevich Borodin

13. This work was probably put into its present form by Wu Cheng'en in the 1570s. It tells of the amazing adventures of the priest Xuanzang as he travels in search of Buddhist sutras with his three disciples: the greedy Pig, Friar Sand, and the hero of the story, the irreverent, powerful, and magical Monkey. FTP, name this classic Ming Dynasty novel.

ANSWER: Journey to the West

14. During the 17th century, this Oxford professor created a version of the law of gravitation. His first treatise was on observations with a microscope, and he also coined the word �Cell.� Advanced physics tests constantly refer to his laws to describe such things as the restoring forces of quarks being pulled back into protons or steel cables on bridges stretched under tension. Name this man, a contemporary and competitor of Newton, who is best known for his force law that describes the behavior of ideal springs.

ANSWER: Robert Hooke

15. I need a photo opportunity, I want a shot at redemption, don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard. Why am I soft in the middle now? Where's my wife and family? What if I die here? Who will be my role model? If you be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal. I can call you Betty, and you can, FTP, do what in the title of a song by Paul Simon?

ANSWER: Call Me Al

16. His first name meant �stupid,� a characterization rarely contradicted by his actions. Sent to Mexico in order to arrest Cortés, he and his men were instead captured and used to replenish Cortés� forces. Later he received permission to explore and colonize Florida, but his savage treatment of the native people, along with the decision to separate from his ships, resulted in disaster. FTP name this man, whose last expedition was chronicled by one of its only four survivors, Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca.

ANSWER: Pánfilo de Narváez

17. This remarkably handsome youth was raised by nymphs in Phrygia. One day,

while swimming in a lake, the nymph Salmacis saw him and embraced him,

praying to the gods that they should never be separated. The gods granted

that wish, fusing them into one body. FTP, who was this son of Aphrodite

and Hermes?

ANSWER: Hermaphroditus

18. Like the Sava, its source lies near the peak of the Triglav in Slovenia; unlike that river, it flows south, passing through Tolmin, Kanal, and Gorizia before entering the Adriatic Sea just below Monfalcone. The Austro-German breakthrough at Caporetto in October 1917 finally ended two years of stalemate. FTP, name the river along which eleven previous Italian offensives had failed to gain any significant ground.

ANSWER: the Isonzo

19. Race cannot be the predominant factor in this process in the absence of a compelling state interest, according to the Supreme Court's decision in Shaw v. Hunt. Though controlled in some states, such as Arizona, by a non-partisan commission, it is often very partisan. By the rule of Wesberry v. Sanders, it must result in a roughly equal division of the state's population. FTP, name this line-drawing process that must occur at least once every ten years following the Census.

ANSWER: Congressional redistricting (Accept reapportionment-- it's used as a synonym in Shaw, though some will say it has a different meaning)

20. T.S. Eliot called this collection �the greatest example of modern poetry in any language,� yet it was originally banned upon its publication in 1857. It shocked the 19th century literary world with, among many other things, its portrayal of lesbian love and its linking of sexuality and death. It includes poems with such morbid titles as �The Death of Artists,� �The Death of Lovers,� and �The Death of the Poor,� and among its less morbid selections are �The Cracked Bell,� �The Albatross,� and four poems all entitled �Spleen.� FTP, give the title of this most famous collection of poetry by Charles Baudelaire.

ANSWER: The Flowers of Evil or Les Fleurs du Mal

OT 1. Originally named Michelangelo Merisi, this artist's best-known early works were genre paintings such as "The Musicians" and "Fortune Teller". He was later commissioned to decorate the Contarelli Chapel in San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome. One of his works there, "The Calling of Saint Matthew", is noted for the dramatic use of "cellar light" streaming in from a source above the action. FTP, identify this baroque painter best known for introducing chiaroscuro into his works.

ANSWER: Caravaggio

OT 2. Andrew Ellicott Douglass, an astronomer, single-handedly invented it in an effort to further his research into sunspot cycles and climate. Although he failed in his goal to use the technique to study sunspots, he did make other important strides in the field, including using this science to determine the age of some Anasazi dwellings in Arizona. FTP, identify the scientific technique that dates wooden objects by means of tree rings.

ANSWER: dendrochronology


OT 3. Disputes between the Estates General and this noble house proceeded from even before the beginning of the revolt in 1566, and continued unabated till the 18th century. Then, in a historically odd procedure, the Republic invited this noble house back to be the constitutional monarchs of the nation, a position they have held till today. This house boasts numerous famous members from William the Silent till Beatrix, but perhaps the most famous was William III of England, who crossed the North Sea from the United Provinces in 1688. Name the royal house of the Netherlands.

ANSWER: Orange



1. Identify these pre-Adam Smith economists from descriptions, for ten points each

a. This Englishman founded the Royal Exchange in 1566 as a convenient meeting place for bankers. He advised Elizabeth I to recoin her currency following Henry VIII�s debasement of it with inferior metals.

ANSWER: Sir Thomas Gresham

b. He was the French Controller General of Finance from 1665 until his death, and was a strong believer in mercantilism. He built up the French navy, reformed taxation, reorganized industry, and established France as a European power.

ANSWER: Jean-Baptiste Colbert

c. He was consulting physician to King Louis XV at Versailles where he developed an interest in economics. He wrote the Tableau Economique and founded the physiocrats.

ANSWER: Francois Quesnay


2. Answer these questions about the military adventures of Philip II of Macedon FTPE.

Philip was a hostage in this city from 367 to 365 B.C.E., and used its military techniques as the basis for his reorganization of the Macedonian army.

ANSWER: Thebes

Philip seized this city in 357 B.C.E. This provoked Athens to a declaration of war, even though it hadn�t controlled the city for 67 years.

ANSWER: Amphipolis

Philip defeated an alliance of Thebes, Athens and the Boeotian (Bay-O-shin) confederacy at this 338 B.C.E. battle, winning hegemony over southern Greece.

ANSWER: Chaeronea or Khaironeia


3. Identify these enzymes involved in DNA replication, FTSNOP.

A) FFP, this is the main enzyme responsible for the synthesis of the new

DNA strands.

ANSWER: DNA polymerase

B) FTP, this enzyme creates a stretch of about 10 RNA nucleotides which

allow the DNA polymerase to bind and start synthesis.

ANSWER: DNA primase

C) F15P, these enzymes are basically reversible nucleases which create a

"swivel" in the DNA helix, allowing the replication fork to progress without

the entire chromosome ahead of the fork spinning rapidly as the DNA unwinds.

ANSWER: DNA topoisomerases


4. Identify these islands of the British West Indies FTPE.

a. This island due north of St. Martin is still a British dependency�

ANSWER: Anguilla

b. �.while this island, along with Barbuda, achieved independence from the crown in November 1981.

ANSWER: Antigua

c. Meanwhile, this island with capital at Plymouth continues to suffer from the effects of the volcano at Soufriere.

ANSWER: Montserrat

5. Answer the following about a Norse god, FTPE.

A) This deity was the god of light and the son of nine mothers. He is also

called Gullintani because of his shining, golden teeth.

ANSWER: Heimdall

B) Heimdall is the watchman of the gods and thus guards what bridge, the

only entrance into Asgard?

ANSWER: Bifrost (prompt on "rainbow bridge")

C) You may know that Heimdall's horn is called Gjall, but, F15P give either

the name of his horse or the name for his hall, which means "The Cliffs of


ANSWER: Gulltop or Himinbjorg


6. A music bonus about W.H. Auden? These things do happen. 5-10-15, name the

musical work which Auden collaborated on.

Auden shared writing credits with Chester Kallman for this Stravinsky opera.

ANSWER: The Rake�s Progress

Bernstein's second symphony draws its title from this Auden poem.

ANSWER: The Age of Anxiety

Auden wrote the libretto for this early Benjamin Britten opera, a tribute to

an American hero with a hearty laugh.

ANSWER: Paul Bunyan


7. FTSNOP, identify the Supreme Court cases from quotes.

A. For 5: "The most stringent protection of free speech would not

protect a man in falsely

shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic."

ANSWER: Schenck v. United States

B. For 5: "Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal."

ANSWER: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

C. For 10: (In dissent) "The Fourteenth Amendment does not enact Mr.

Herbert Spencer's Social Statics."

ANSWER: Lochner v. New York

For 10: "Legislators represent people, not trees"

ANSWER: Reynolds v. Sims


8. Name the novels by Japanese author Oe Kenzaburo FTPE.

In this partly autobiographical work, a new father named Bird struggles to accept the severe mental impairments of his infant son.

ANSWER: A Personal Matter (Also accept Kojinteki na Taiken)

This work deals with the relationship between the brothers Mitsuabro and Takashi as the latter struggles to prevent a wealthy Korean from taking over their hometown.

ANSWER: The Silent Cry (Also accept Man'en Gannen no Futtoboru)

In this book Ma-Chan must care for her younger brother, who is a brilliant composer despite being mentally handicapped.

ANSWER: A Quiet Life (Also accept Shizuka no seikatsu)


9. His bologna has a first name, and it�s O-S-K-A-R. Answer these questions about The Simpsons� Rainier Wolfcastle FTPE.

Wolfcastle usually plays this action hero, who fights the Communazis, drops UNICEF pennies from airplanes and, in his lighter moments, throws grenades at a heckling stand-up comedy audience.


After Troy McClure married Selma, he was offered to chance to play Wolfcastle�s sidekick in the fourth McBain movie. What was that movie subtitled?

ANSWER: Fatal Discharge

Wolfcastle was also hired to portray this superhero, but is unable to correctly pronounce the catchphrase �Up and Atom!�

ANSWER: Radioactive Man

10. Answer the following questions about a certain artist FTPE.

a. Name the French artist and creator of The Bicycle Wheel and Nude Descending a Staircase.

ANSWER: Marcel Duchamp

b. What collective name did Duchamp give to his collection of sculptures that consisted of everyday items, including the aforementioned bicycle wheel, a snow shovel, and a urinal?

ANSWER: Ready-Mades

c. Duchamp was a member of what European artistic movement that produced works characterized by nonsense and incongruity, and whose name is derived from the French for �hobby horse?�



11. 30-20-10 Name the biblical figure

30) "Yusuf Trapped by Zulaykha" is the Bihzad masterpiece about the

attempted affair of this woman, wife of al-Aziz.

20) In 1655, Rembrandt gave a different depiction of the story and


"Joseph Accused by the woman"

10) Genesis 39 tells how Joseph was sold to this man and was put in


of the household her husband, after which she tried to seduce him. When

Joseph refused, her lie put him in priison.

ANSWER: Potiphar's wife


12. Identify the following related to the Zulu monarchy, FTPE.

a. The founder of the Zulu royal house, this man orchestrated the Zulu victory over King Zwide kaLanga of the Ndwandwe in 1818.

ANSWER: Shaka kaSenzangakhona

b. This grass coil, symbolic of the unity of the Zulu nation, was burned by the British on their entrance into oNdini in July 1879. Its name lives on in the title of Zululand�s major political party.

ANSWER: inkatha

c. On August 28, 1879, Cetshwayo kaMpande, the last independent king of Zululand, was run to ground by a patrol of the First Dragoon Guards and surrendered to this man, the British �model Major-General� who created the Ashanti ring.

ANSWER: Sir Garnet Wolseley

13. Identify the playwright from works, 30-20-10.

30) "Archangels Don't Play Pinball" and "The Opera of Guffaws"

20) "The Open Couple" and "Isabella, Three Sailing Ships, and a Con Man"

10) "The Pope and the Witch" and "Accidental Death of an Anarchist"

ANSWER: Dario Fo


14. Revenge of the floof! Given a spokesmodel, name the beauty brand she shills for, FTPE

Sarah Jessica Parker uses the �Sugercane� shade of this hair-dye.

ANSWER: Nutrisse

Sarah Michelle Gellar dumped the contents of her purse onto a table in a commercial for this make-up company.

ANSWER: Maybelline

In a groundbreaking move, Uma Thurman has just been chosen as the new face of this cosmetics company. She is the first American it has ever signed.

ANSWER: Lancome


15. Given one member of a pair of Shakespearean lovers, name the other, FTPE.

A) Cymbeline, from "Cymbeline"

ANSWER: Imogen

B) Leontes, from "The Winter's Tale"

ANSWER: Hermione

C) Miranda, from "The Tempest"

ANSWER: Ferdinand


16. Identify these art terms starting with "I", 15 points each.

A) A painting technique where the paint is thick enough to have actual

form. The strokes themselves create some of the effect. Rembrandt was one

who employed this technique to great success.

ANSWER: impasto

B) This term used in oil painting is a thin, transparent glaze of color.

This glaze is applied to the surface over a drawing, and is sometimes called

a veil.

ANSWER: imprematura

17. Give the parents of these Greek mythological characters for five points for each parent:


ANSWER : Leda and Tyndareus(or Tyncareus)


ANSWER: Cepheus and Cassiopeia


ANSWER: Minos and Pasiphae

18. Identify the chemist, 30-20-10.

30) In his doctoral thesis he formulated the theory of electrolytic

dissociation, which holds that chemical compounds in electrolytic solutions

are dissociated into ions, even when there is no current flowing through the


20) This work on the electrolytic theory of disassociation earned him the

1903 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

10) This Swede is best known for his theory of acids and bases, in which an

acid is described as compound that, when dissolved in water, produces as

excess of hydrogen ions.

ANSWER: Svante August Arrhenius


19. Answer these questions about central locations in Mexican history for fifteen points apiece.

This Mexico City square, bordered by the Palacio Nacional and the Metropolitan Cathedral, has been a traditional site of protests.

ANSWER: The Zócalo

After Mexico City students used the 1968 Olympic Games as an occasion to denounce the rule of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Mexican troops massacred hundreds of protesters gathered in this plaza.

ANSWER: Plaza de las Tres Culturas or Plaza of the Three Cultures or Plaza de Tlatelolco or Tlatelolco Plaza


20. Name these Poles, cause Poles have funny names.

For 5 points, a bridge in New York City and a mountain in Australia are named for this noble revolutionary.

ANSWER: Thaddeus Kosciusko

For 10 points, name the Polish King in 1560, nicknamed the Great. He shares his given name with that of the Polish officer who felt at the siege of Savannah during the American Revolution.

ANSWER: Kazimierz

For 15 points, name the poet of Pan Tadeusz, the national poem of modern Poland.

ANSWER: Adam Miskievicz

OT 1. Name the mathematician from clues 30-20-10.

30) Born in 1646, he authored the theory of monads

20) He devised a calculating machine and a symbolic

mathematical logic.

10) He founded a branch of calculus separately from Newton

although his is more widely used today.

ANSWER: Gottlieb Wilhelm von Leibniz