Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by New York University (Rachel Lavery)


1. General manager Henry Frick was instructed to slash wages and ramp up production of armor plate before the June expiration date on the workers� contracts. When the workers hung Frick in effigy and walked out, he responded by barricading the factory with barbed wire and installing rifle positions in the industrial establishment dubbed �Fort Frick.� Soon a bloody battle broke out between hired Pinkertons and armed strikers at, FTP, what industrial site owned by Andrew Carnegie, but taken over by the Pennsylvania state militia in July 1892?

ANSWER: Homestead

2. He collaborated with Michael Faraday in an attempt to explain the causes of mining accidents and showed that Mount Etna had been created by a series of small eruptions, not one gigantic volcanic blast. Extending this principle to forces such as erosion, frost, earthquakes, volcanoes, and glaciers allowed for the production of the present geological landscape, as expounded in his work The Principles of Geology. FTP, identify this mentor of Darwin and father of modern geology.

ANSWER: Charles Lyell

3. In Isaiah 36, his messengers mock their opponents, asking if any of the gods of the nations have delivered their homelands from his might. Although his army returned to his homeland with news of overwhelming success, including the surrender of Jerusalem and Judah, the Bible says otherwise -- that King Nehemiah scorns him and refuses to surrender, and that God, in his wrath, mysteriously smites his army with death. FTP, name the Assyrian king who, according to Lord Byron �came down like a wolf on the fold� to subjugate Palestine.

ANSWER: Sennacherib

4. His first three novels were heavily influenced by the romantic works of Walter Scott. The third, The Struggle of Thebes, used the ancient fight against the Hyksos to subtly attack British imperialism in Egypt. 1948�s The Mirage was a brief unsuccessful experiment in writing a novel based on Freudian psychoanalysis. A 1994 assault and neck wound may have been caused by his controversial works such as Children of Gebelawi. FTP, identify this author of the Cairo trilogy and winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Literature.

ANSWER: Naguib Mahfouz

5. The poem was written in response to the McCarthyism and the Cold War, mocking the intense paranoia of closed-minded people who discouraged debate between political parties and activist groups. In it, the poet makes allusions to such places as Chinatown and the Berkeley public library, and to such historical figures as Sacco and Vanzetti and the Scottsboro boys. What is this poem by Allen Ginsburg in which Ginsburg asserts, �I�ve given you all and now I�m nothing�?

ANSWER: �America

6. This country�s provinces have names which translate roughly to "four streams," "peaceful pennant," "west mountains," "southern clouds," and "esteemed land" among others. It borders the aspiring nation of Shan in Myanmar and the former nation of Sikkim, currently part of India. FTP, name the country that must deal with its own independence movements in areas such as East Turkestan and Inner Mongolia.

ANSWER: People�s Republic of China

7. After a three-man military junta filled the presidency with Lieutenant General Jorge Rafaél Videla, it closed Congress, imposed censorship, banned trade unions, and brought state and municipal government under military control. Meanwhile Videla initiated the infamous Process of National Reorganization. Today, every Thursday, mothers protest their disappeared children in the Plaza de Mayo. FTP, identify this period of Argentine history in which some 15,000 citizens were killed as the government maintained that it was fighting a civil war.

ANSWER: Dirty War or Guerra Sucia

8. She unsuccessfully tried to seduce King Herod, and hated him for life when he turned her down, constantly scheming to take over his territory and subvert his court. As a girl of 14, she met the man with whom she would be buried 25 years later, when he was a young staff officer sent on a foreign journey. Known as Thea Philopator, FTP, name this last sovereign queen to rule in Alexandria, mistress of Julius Caesar and husband of Mark Antony.

ANSWER: Cleopatra VII

9. Usually obtained from the fourth stomach of calves, this preparation�s active ingredients are proteolytic enzymes such as pepsin. Usually it is lactic acid that provides the acidic surroundings necessary for it to perform its task of coagulating the protein casein into curds. FTP, identify this ingredient necessary for the production of cheese.

ANSWER: rennet (Accept: rennin before �enzymes�)

10. A woman dressed in black with a high-necked collar and white apron leans over a table setting out what looks to be a plate of fruit. Two carafes and a centerpiece with fruit and flowers adorn the table, whose tablecloth is identical to the patterns on the wall. A window looks out on a bucolic, green landscape, adding contrast to the strikingly colored setting. FTP, name this fauvist painting by Henri Matisse that shares its name with an 1879 satirical novel by August Strindberg.

ANSWER: the Red Room (Also accept: Red Studio or Harmony in Red)

11. Up until 2000, one of its major sources of revenue was the leasing of its international area code, 688, for phone sex businesses. The government of this staunchly Christian country ended that practice when revenues from the leasing of its Internet domain .tv began drawing in a greater amount of money. FTP, name this Pacific nation, formerly the British colony of the Ellice Islands.

ANSWER: Tuvalu

12. �Inventions of the March Hare,� a collection of previously unpublished poems released in 1996, included a deleted fragment of this work. The title character imagines himself pinned against a wall like a wriggling insect and fears that he has �measured out his life by coffee spoons.� Like him, you have known them already, know them all, so, FTP, identify this universe-disturbing poem, one of the first important works of T.S. Eliot.

ANSWER: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

13. In 1608, this settlement got off to a less than auspicious start when more than half of the settlers died of scurvy. Happily, the men were replaced and the outpost survived to be the oldest city in the western hemisphere north of Saint Augustine. FTP, identify the city established by Samuel de Champlain, the first permanent European settlement in Canada and current magnet for free-trade protesters.

ANSWER: Quebec City

14. He proposed that the mind should be analyzed without any reference to its actual function or significance, and that the main tool of psychologists should be �introspection.� Sensation, representing the present, and feeling or affection, representing the past, were the only two components of consciousness. Such doctrines were described in his 1910 Textbook of Psychology. FTP, identify this opponent of behaviourism and Gestalt, along with Wilhelm Wundt the major proponent of structuralism in psychology.

ANSWER: Edward B. Titchener

15. Although one of its first uses was as a lamp filament, the element�s carbide, with a hardness of 9.5 on the Mohs scale, is used today to toughen the cutting edges of drills, saws, and dies. Though the name of the element is derived from the Swedish, the element symbol is derived from German. When first discovered, one of its ores was named �scheelite,� in honor of C.W. Scheele, who discovered its acid. FTP, name this element, whose name is derived from the Swedish for �heavy stone,� and at 3410�C, has the highest melting point of any element?

ANSWER: tungsten

16. Any avid watcher of VH1�s Behind The Music knows that he got his big break playing piano for Bette Midler early in her career. Although one of his biggest hits, �I Write The Songs,� was written by someone else, he would become one of the most successful songwriters of the 1970s. For ten points name this performer of such classics as �Could It Be Magic,� �Mandy,� and �Copacabana.�

ANSWER: Barry Manilow

17. An outgrowth of the International Bible Students Association, it was given its name by the group�s second leader, Joseph Franklin Rutherford. Rutherford equipped his followers with portable phonographs to play his �sermonettes� on the front porches and in the living rooms of prospective converts. FTP, name this faith established by Charles Taze Russell that publishes The Watchtower.

ANSWER: Jehovah�s Witnesses

18. When asked if his subjects minded his work, he responded �After 20 years of doing this, I know their limitations, what isn't good for them� and said that the only real cruelty would be neglecting them. This American minimalist-conceptualist started working with Man Ray in the 70's and then Fay Ray in the early 80's, but his current Weimaraner models are Fay Ray's children and grandchildren. FTP, give this artist, best known for photographs such as "Elephant", and books such as "Puppies"

ANSWER: William Wegman

19. The Archies had better watch out. The members of this self- proclaimed only working cartoon band currently in existence have real-life alter egos in the form of Damon Albarn from Blur, Dan �The Automator� Nakamura from Handsome Boy Modeling School, Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto, and rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. Their current single, �Clint Eastwood," is currently a top ten hit in the UK. For ten points, name this animated supergroup, the latest creation from "Tank Girl" cartoonist Jamie Hewlett.

ANSWER: Gorillaz

20. Its writing speaks of a coming battle between the �sons of light,� who have retreated from the world, and the existing powers or �sons of darkness.� 1100 people are buried facing Jerusalem, ready for the imminent end of days. Most likely a sect of the Essenes, its sacred texts were found by a Bedouin boy in 1947. FTP, identify this site, the most likely location for the composition of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

ANSWER: Qumran (prompt on �Dead Sea Scrolls�)

OT 1. �The second ship is a ghost ship. Born, in my opinion, out of the imagination of certain people. But since the whole world is talking about it, the Benin government asks everybody's help to find it.'' The ghost ship may be the real culprit, while the ship that was rejected from Cameroon and Gabon carries free workers. FTP, identify the ship detained at Cotonou in Benin and suspected of carrying a cargo of child slaves.

ANSWER: MV Etireno

OT 2. She joined the faculty of Columbia University in 1923, and her most important field work was done at the same time on the reservations of various Native American groups. A recognized authority on the ethnology of Native Americans, she is also recognized for her work in cultural anthropology. FTP, name this author of The Chrysanthemum and the Sword and Patterns of Culture, a disciple of Franz Boas.

ANSWER: Ruth Fulton Benedict

OT 3. Raised in the neighborhood of Palermo, on the eve of World War I he was taken by his family to Geneva. He joined the young writers of the ultraist movement in Spain before returning to his homeland Argentina. Upon rediscovering his native city, he wrote the poems of Fervor de Buenos Aires. For ten points, identify this preeminent Argentine writer, author of El Aleph and Ficciones.

ANSWER: Jorge Luis Borges


1. Identify the writer from works, 30-20-10

(30) The Owners of the Keys, The Blunder

(20) Life is Elsewhere, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

(10) The Unbearable Lightness of Being

ANSWER: Milan Kundera

2. For ten points each, name the Peter Sellers film based on the information given.

a. Sellers reprises his role as the inept detective with a French accent in this, the first of many sequels to �The Pink Panther.�

ANSWER: A Shot In The Dark

b. Sellers is a simple-minded gardener whose entire realm of knowledge comes from television, and who eventually ends up being regarded as a political messiah.

ANSWER: Being There

c. Sellers plays three roles in this satirical tale of the tiny European duchy of Grand Fenwick, which declares war on the United States in the hopes of losing.

ANSWER: The Mouse That Roared

3. Answer the following questions about Philippine history FTPE:

1. The regime of dictator Ferdinand Marcos was unsettled when this Senator and opponent of Marcos was assassinated by in 1983.

Answer: Benigno �Ninoy� Aquino

2. This man led resistance to American control over the Philippines until he was captured in 1901.

Answer: Emilio Aguinaldo

3. This group of guerrilla fighters and farmers rebelled against the landowning elite during the 1940s and 50s.

Answer: The Huks (also accept: Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan or People�s Liberation Army)

4. The three islands of the Netherlands Antilles, located off the coast of Venezuela, are often referred to as the ABC islands. Name each island for ten points each

1. The only one of the Netherlands Antilles mentioned in the Beach Boys� song �Kokomo,� its capital is at Oranjestad.

Ans: Aruba

2. The largest of the three is named for the Portuguese and Papiamentu word for heart.

Ans: Curacao

3. The easternmost of the three islands, it is noted for its high population of flamingoes.

Ans: Bonaire

5. Name the following psychological disorders and conditions FTPE:

1. This condition, most often associated with schizophrenia, is characterized by stupor, mania, and an extreme rigidity of the limbs.

Answer: catatonia

2. The features of this disorder include recurrent paranoid thoughts, and an �escape response� to those thoughts that take the form of a repeated action.

Answer: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

3. People with this disorder often avoid interaction with others, fearing rejection and disapproval to an abnormal degree.

Answer: social anxiety disorder

6. Identify the following members of the genus Australopithecus FTPE.

This primitive species is represented by the famous skeleton of �Lucy.�

Ans: Australopithecus afarensis

2. The famous �black skull� is a member of this species which has traits like Afarensis, but shares characteristics of more robust forms.

Ans: Australopithecus ethiopicus

3. This, along with Australopithecus robustus, is one of two so-called �robust� forms of australopithecines.

Ans: Australopithecus boisei

7. Answer the following about Mexican artists FTPE.

1.This painter of Self Portrait With Monkey was married to another painter, Diego Rivera.

Ans: Frida Kahlo

2. This muralist had a new building in Mexico City designed specifically for his The March of Humanity, his final work.

Ans: David Alfaro Siqueiros

3. His murals are included at such American institutions as the New School, Pomona College, and Baker Library, Dartmouth.

Ans: José Clemente Orozco

8. Identify the following about African-American literature FTSNP:

1. (10, 5) Name the poem and poet that were the source of the Lorraine Hansberry title A Raisin in the Sun.

Ans: Harlem by Langston Hughes

2. (15) Another author of the Harlem renaissance, this fan of John Keats wrote the poem "The Black Christ.�

Ans: Countee Cullen

9. For ten points each, given a selection of Native American tribes, name the present-day US state they inhabited.

Onondaga, Cayuga, Erie

Answer: New York

2. Nipmuc, Wampanoag

Answer: Massachusetts

3. Pomo, Yana, Chumash

Answer: California

10. Identify these pioneers in genetics, FTPE.

a. This Dutchman noted for his study of mutations in primroses was one of the first to publicize the work of Gregor Mendel.

ANSWER: Hugo de Vries

b. This American�s work with Drosophila demonstrated that genes are packaged together in chromosomes.

ANSWER: Thomas Hunt Morgan

c. This British scientist who helped integrate Mendelian genetics with evolution is reported to have said that God must possess �an inordinate fondness for beetles.�

ANSWER: J.B.S. Haldane

11. Name the appropriate human speech organ from the information given, for ten points each.

The opening between the vocal cords.

Ans: Glottis

The small fleshy mass of tissue suspended from the center of the soft palate.

Ans: Uvula

3. The convex area on the roof of the mouth immediately behind the teeth, it is used to articulate the �ch� sound in German.

Ans: Alveolar ridge

12. Identify the following popes FTPE.

1. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV met this pope in the snow at Canossa in 1077.


2. Born Nicholas Breakspear, he was the only Englishman to become pope, coming into conflict with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.


3. Born Giovanni de Medici, he succeeded Julius II in 1513.


13. Name the impressionists, given a list of works FTPE.

a. �The Fifer,� �Olympia,� �Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe"

ANSWER: Edouard Manet

b. �Semiramis Founding Babylon,� �New Orleans Cotton Office,� �Place de la Concorde�

ANSWER: Edgar Degas

c. �Poppies Near Argenteuil,� �Water-Lily Pool�

ANSWER: Claude Monet

14. Answer the following questions about the dramatic works of Federico García Lorca F15PE:

1. This play was banned until 1975 because it mocked the hypocrisy of religion and male domination of the home and spoke frankly of sexuality

Answer: Yerma

2. The two families in this drama anticipate the wedding of their son and daughter -- until the bride�s former lover, appears to kidnap the bride on her wedding day.

Answer: Blood Wedding or Bodas de Sangre

15. Since the completion of the Chunnel, other projects to create links across large bodies of water in Europe have been proposed. Identify the following links for 15 points each.

1. This completed bridge-tunnel link connects the cities of Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden.

Ans: Oresund

2. A proposed tunnel or bridge connecting Reggio di Calabria in mainland Italy

with Sicily goes over this body of water.

Ans: Strait of Messina

16. Answer the following concerning a certain physical particle FTPE.

a. This hypothetical particle is conjectured to have a spin of zero, even though it carries a field that interacts with other particles and endows them with mass.

ANSWER: Higgs particle or Higgs boson

b. The Higgs mechanism may explain the conflict the massless photon, which carries electromagnetic force and these two heavy particles, which carry the weak nuclear force.

ANSWER: W and Z particles

17. For ten points each, answer the following questions about the film "The Godfather, Part II.�

1. His musical score for the film earned this composer an Academy Award.

ANSWER: Nino Rota

2. When young Vito Andolini (later Corleone) first arrived at Ellis Island, he had to be quarantined for having this disease.

ANSWER: Smallpox

3. This anisette-drinking character was portrayed by actor Dominic Chianese, who went on to play Uncle Junior in HBO�s �The Sopranos�

ANSWER: Johnny Ola

18. Identify these sources for our knowledge of Greek mythology, FTPE.

a. This native of Boeotia was instructed by the Muses to �sing of the race of the blessed gods immortal.�

ANSWER: Hesiod

b. Hesiod followed the Muses� instruction and produced this work, which relates the creation of the earth and the struggles of Uranus, Cronos, and Zeus.

ANSWER: Theogony

c. Hesiod�s other major extant composition, it is written to his brother Perses and contains the story of Pandora�s Box.

ANSWER: The Works and Days

19. Name the English poets from works, FTPE.

a. �Delight in Disorder,� �Upon Julia�s Clothes�

ANSWER: Robert Herrick

b. �A Thought of the Nile,� �Abou Ben Adhem�

ANSWER: Leigh Hunt

c. �On the Death of Richard West,� �Ode on the Death of A Favorite Cat�

ANSWER: Thomas Gray

20. Given the enemy overcome, identify the Jewish holiday that celebrates it FTPE.

1. Haman

Ans: Purim

2: Antiochus IV

Ans: Hannukah


Ans: Passover or Pesach

OT 1. Identify the historical figure, 30-20-10.

(30) Her planned marriage to King Edward VI was cancelled on the execution of Thomas Seymour.

(20) Instead, she married Guilford Dudley, son of the Duke of Northumberland. Dudley�s father ran England during much of Edward�s minority.

(10) A failed attempt to put her on the throne in 1554 resulted in her execution at the hands of Mary Tudor.

ANSWER: Lady Jane Grey