Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Maryland (Maureen Smith)



1. This law can be seen as a consequence of the conservation of energy, because the motion of an armature in an electric motor is caused by the application of this law. It was named for a Russian physicist who discovered independently of James Joule the law known today as Joule�s law. FTP, give the name of this law which states that an induced electromotive force generates a current that induces a counter magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field generating the current.

ANSWER: Lenz�s Law

2. Before the Russian Revolution he served as director of the department of physiology at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg and later professor of medicine at the Military Medical Academy. He is noted for his pioneering work in the physiology of the heart, nervous system, and digestive system. FTP, name this winner of the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine whose most famous experiments dealt with conditioned and unconditioned reflexes in dogs.

ANSWER: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

3. In the section "Cape Hatteras" the poet addresses Walt Whitman, and other sections of the poem makes use of such figures from the American past as Christopher Columbus, Edgar Allen Poe, and Emily Dickinson. Considered the poet's most important work, it is an attempt to synthesize a picture of modern America by the use of symbols from its past and present, centered on the titular object. FTP, identify this poem with the sections "The Harbor Dawn", "Van Winkle", and "Cutty Sark" by Hart Crane.

ANSWER: The Bridge

4. This man�s biography Service Notebook was published in 1979, while serving as Knesset member of the Labour Party. Under Golda Meir he had been appointed to Minister of Labour, and in 1976 he set into action �Operation Entebge� which liberated the hijacked Air France passengers. From 1984 to 1990 he served as Minister of Defense in the National Unity Governments where he sought to remove IDF forces from Lebanon. FTP, name this Israeli leader who won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize only to be assassinated on November 4, 1995.

ANSWER: Yitzhak Rabin

5. The minority �ethnic� group in this nation has ruled for 36 of 40 years since independence, but the spirit of compromise is in the air. In response to potential powersharing, last week a group of army officers attempted a coup to preserve Tutsi hegemony. Name this interlacustrine African nation torn repeatedly asunder by ethnic violence, with capital at Bujumbura.

ANSWER: Burundi

6. The author was very much influenced by the stoic Epictetus and Seneca, as well as by the religious writings of St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. Although he wrote more than 120 plays, after becoming a priest in 1620 he wrote only autos sacramentales, a genre that he perfected. Among his other plays which are prime examples of the golden age of Spanish literature are The Mayor of Zalamea, and The Schism of England about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. FTP, name this author who wrote also La vida es sueno or Life Is a Dream.

ANSWER: Pedro Calderon de la Barca

7. Stanley Baldwin and Cosmo Lang brought about the downfall of this man. He served the second shortest reign as king of his country, the shortest of which was Edward V, and the only other adult bachelor to succeed to the throne was William II. He was created Duke of Windsor and served as governor of the Bahamas during WWII. FTP, name this British king, the son of George V, who abdicated his throne in order to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson.


8. Expelled from the University of Paris for siding with Pope Boniface VIII against Philip the Fair of France, he may have spent a period of exile studying at Cambridge. His last work, A Treatise on God as First Principle, described his own spiritual journey. FTP, identify this medieval Franciscan known as �Doctor Subtilis,� whom Gerard Manley Hopkins called �he who of all men most sways my spirits to peace.�

ANSWER: John Duns Scotus

9. The Romans under Aemilius Paullus and Terentius Varro attacked the severely outnumbered Carthaginians who were formed in a shallow crescent. Each time the Romans pushed forward into the center, the Carthaginians would give ground but slowly worked their soldiers further out on the sides, until the Romans were completely surrounded. The Carthaginians then attacked the wings and began an assault on the flanks and rear. Of 50,000 troops, the Romans lost 35,000, while the Carthaginians lost only 5,700. FTP, name this 216 BCE battle, a crushing victory for Hannibal.

ANSWER: Cannae

10. Hitting .300 or better for 15 consecutive years, including an astounding .388 in 1977, this man is considered by some the best hitter of his time. Named American League Rookie of the Year in 1967, this man got his first hit off of Orioles starter Dave MacNally, and proceeded to get 3,027 more after that. FTP, who is this Hall of Fame second baseman who got the majority of those hits for the Twins and Angels, and who Adam Sandler proudly claims converted to Judaism in the Chanukah Song?

ANSWER: Rod Carew

11. The work of Pierre Prevost has been identified as the first investigations into the study of this theoretical entity and the explanation of it led to the foundation of quantum physics. In 1879 Josef Stephan discovered the law relating the amount of energy emitted by it to its temperature. It was the later work of Lord Rayleigh and Wilhelm Wien who derived incomplete theories of its radiation that inspired Max Planck, whose law states the intensity of this object as a function of frequency or wavelength. FTP, name these objects which completely absorb all wavelengths of thermal radiation incident on them.

ANSWER: blackbody (ies)

12. Among the more famous arias of this opera are �Au fond du temple saint�, �Je crois entendre encore� and �Comme autrefois dans la nuit sombre.� Set in Ceylon, this opera is the story of two friends Nadir and Zurga who meet their childhood love Leila when she comes to pray for them; the only other solo character is the priest Nourabad. The libretto is by Eugène Cormon and Michel Carré. FTP, identify this opera, one of the early successes of George Bizet.

ANSWER: The Pearl-fishers or Les Pêcheurs de perles

13. Narrated by Rai, a photographer and �back-door man� to his best friend�s lover, this novel spans the last four decades of the twentieth century in the cities of Bombay, London and New York. The singer Vina Apsara is swallowed in a devastating earthquake, a retelling of the myth of Orpheus by a man who also retold the story of Islam in another book. FTP, name this novel, the most recent published by Salman Rushdie.

ANSWER: The Ground Beneath Her Feet

14. The common name of this god is the Greek corruption of the name Djeheuty. When Tefnut had a dispute with her father Re and fled to Nubia, it was this god who was sent to retrieve her mediate the argument. He was also present at the judgement of the dead, where he would question the deceased before recording the result of the weighing of the deceased's heart. He is depicted as a man with the head of a ibis holding a scribal palette and a reed pen. FTP, name this Egyptian god of wisdom.


15. Among this woman�s uncredited screen roles are as a flight attendant in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and as the Globotech Telephone Operator in Small Soldiers. She worked in the promotions office of A&M records before joining the Groundlings. She appeared in Inspector Gadget as Mayor Wilson, and in the Wayans Brothers farce Scary Movie as Gail Hailstorm. This age-sensitive actress won�t reveal the year she was born, but she shares her birthdate with her former co-star Jimmy Fallon. FTP, name this Saturday Night Live alum best known for such characters as Arianna the cheerleader as well as her impressions of Judge Judy and Barbara Walters.

ANSWER: Cheri Oteri

16. Some of the methods to combat this disease include the use of Deprenyl and 6M1 ganglioside. Other treatments include the transplantation of fetal substantia nigra cells or genetically engineered adult cells to the affected area. Its causes are linked to the prevalence of environmental chicals since it can be induced by injecting synthetic heroin into the brain. Its symptoms include bradykinesia, the rigidity of muscles, poor balance and tremors. FTP, name this disease whose sufferers include Michael J. Fox.

ANSWER: Parkinson�s disease

17. In 1903 he founded the journal La Critica, in which he published most of his writings. His parents and sister had died in an 1883 earthquake on Ischia. This among other factors made him anticlerical and atheistic. He became a member of the Italian senate in 1910 and served as minister of education from 1920 to 1921 and was an opponent of fascism. FTP, name this philosopher who was influenced by Hegel and wrote Aesthetic and Philosophy of the Practical.

ANSWER: Benedetto Croce

18. A collection of this man�s writings was published posthumously in 1926 entitled Walls and Bars. He worked from the age of 14 at scraping and painting railroad cars for fifty cents a day and later served as the city clerk in Terre Haute, before organizing the group which grew out of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. He founded the American Railway Union, where a strike against the Pullman company landed him in jail, despite the best efforts of Clarence Darrow. FTP, name this man who is perhaps most famous for garnering 3.5% of the votes while imprisoned during the 1920 presidential race.

ANSWER: Eugene Debs

19. The first European to set foot here was Louis Antoine de Bougainville in 1768. The two main islands are Upolu and Savai�i. Many nations fought to control it until 1899, when it was divided and half became a German Protectorate and the other half American. The legislative Assembly is known as the �Fono� and its first president after gaining independence in 1962 was Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II. FTP, name this country whose Western capital is Apia, known for the study of its people by Margaret Mead.


20. The novel ends with the main character and her brother Tom drowning together in the titular body of water. The main character is loved by Philip Wakem, the deformed son of the lawyer responsible for the ruin of her father, but the relationship never works out. She later falls in love with Stephen Guest, fiancé of her cousin Lucy Deane and runs off with him before regretting the decision and coming back. FTP, name this novel whose main character is Maggie Tulliver and written by George Eliot.

ANSWER: The Mill on the Floss

OT 1. A famous telegram from William II of Germany to President Kruger was caused by this event. Privately funded by Cecil Rhodes, he sought to take advantage of the fighting between Uitlanders and the Transvaalers. Following the column�s surrender at Doornkop the leader was captured by the Boers who turned him over the British for punishment. FTP, name this 1895-96 event, named for the leader who failed to aid Rhodes in uniting South Africa.

ANSWER: the Jameson raid (after Leander Starr Jameson)

OT 2. After a year of military service at Brest, he exhibited his drawing �Aman-Jean� at the official Salon in 1883, but panels from his painting Bath at Asnieres were refused by the Salon the next year. In response, he and several artists founded Societe des Artistes Independants. He kept his private life very secret and it was not until his death in 1891 that his friends learned of his mistress, who was the model in the painting Young Woman Holding a Powder Puff. FTP, name this artist who produced A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

ANSWER: Georges Seurat

OT 3. He began his career by going to France, where he spent his time translating the poetry of Mallarme and other French Symbolists. He also met William Butler Yeats, who advised him to go back to Ireland, where he wrote the plays In the Shadow of the Glen, Riders to the Sea, The Well of the Saints, and The Tinker's Wedding. FTP, name this man, considered the foremost dramatist of the Irish Renaissance, most famous for his Playboy of the Western World.

ANSWER: John Millington Synge


1. Answer the following about the Spanish Civil war, FTSNP.

5-15) In July 1936 an unsuccessful coup on Spanish Morocco led by these two generals started the war. Name one for 5, or both for 15.

ANSWER: Francisco Franco and Jose Sanjurjo

5) This powerful political party was formed by Jose Primo de Rivera, who was killed by Franco in order to conform the party to his cause.

ANSWER: Falange party

10) This group of volunteers which included W.H. Auden and George Orwell, was organized by the Comintern and was most influential at the Battle of the River Ebro and the Defense of Madrid.

ANSWER: International Brigades

2. Identify these events, FTSOP, which all occurred on July 5.

15) This man founded the Salvation army in London in 1865.

ANSWER: William Booth

10) In 1687 this work of Issac Newton was published. It contains his three laws of motion as well as the explanation of Kepler�s laws .

ANSWER: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

5) In 1971, this amendment to the constitution was passed.

ANSWER: 26th amendment

3. Answer the following about a work of Sylvia Plath, 5-10-15.

5) This is Sylvia Plath�s only novel and was published in 1963.

ANSWER: The Bell Jar

10) This is the protagonist of The Bell Jar, a nearly autobigraphical figure of Plath.

ANSWER: Esther Greenwood (accept either)

The Bell Jar was originally published under this pseudonym

ANSWER: Victoria Lucas

4. Answer the following about related diseases, TPE.

10) This disease affecting mostly sheep and goats is characterized by scratching and rubbing against fixed objects apparently to relieve itching.

ANSWER: scrapie

10) This is the form of spongiform encephalopathy which affects humans. Similar to mad cow disease, it has no known cure and it always fatal.

ANSWER: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease or CJD

10) Both Scrapie and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease are caused by this type of pathogen, which takes a long time to decompose and is resistant to both chemicals and high temperatures.

ANSWER: prions

5. Name these Chinese poets from the T'ang period from descriptions FTPE.

a. Born to an aristocratic family, he spent much of his youth in court circles where he learned the rhetorical craft of court poetry. Known for his limpid nature poetry, he shares his name with a recently deceased fighter pilot.

ANSWER: Wang Wei

b. Arthur Waley made translations of this man's works. He wrote about wine and legend has it that he drowned while drunkenly trying to embrace the moon's reflection in the water.


c. Sometimes called the poet-historian because of his powerful descriptions of the An Lu-Shan rebellion, he is a contemporary of Li Po who made skillful use of topics previously thought unsuitable for poetry.


6. Name the painter from the Barbizon school from works FTPE.

Evening, River Scene.

ANSWER: Jules Dupre

The Gleaners, The Angelus

ANSWER: Jean Francois Millet

Avenue of Chestnut Trees, Outskirts of the Forest of Fontainbleau

ANSWER: Theodore Rousseau

7. Identify the products of the following organic reactions, TPE.

10) The reaction of formaldehyde and a Grignard reagent

ANSWER: Primary Alcohol

10) The reaction of a ketone and a Grignard reagent

ANSWER: Secondary Alcohol

10) The second product of a Grignard reagent and a carboxylic acid after it has formed a tertiary alcohol

ANSWER: ketone

8. Answer the following about the geography of Portugal.

10) With San Miguel as its largest, this group of ten islands in the North Atlantic Ocean is partially autonomous from Portugal. The battle of Salga was fought here in 1581, as well as the celebrated victory of Sir Richard Grenville in his ship the Revenge.

ANSWER: Azores

10) This is the name of the largest of a group of five volcanic islands laying in the Atlantic, and is also the name for the group itself.

ANSWER: Madeira

10) The southwestern cape of Portugal, it served as a base for Prince Henry the Navigator in the fifteenth century

ANSWER: Cape Sagres

9. Identify the authors from works FTPE.

The War of the End of the World, Death in the Andes, The Time of the Hero

ANSWER: Mario Vargas Llosa

The Suffrage of Elvira, Miguel Street, Mr. Stone and the Knight's Companion

ANSWER: Viadiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

Dr. Brodie's Report, The Book of Sand, A Personal Anthology

ANSWER: Jorge Luis Borges

10. Identify these Islamic terms, TPE.

10) This is the name given to the collection of Muhammad�s sacred sayings, which was handed down orally for generations before being written down.

ANSWER: hadith

10) This is the term for the crier who announces the hour of prayer

ANSWER: muezzin

10) This is the name given to the chapters of the Qu�ran

ANSWER: suras

11. Identify these leaders in the Trojan War, TPE.

10) This man was the king of Pylos who was the only person to return to and stay in his homeland after the Trojan War. He also advised Telemachus in early chapters of the Iliad.

ANSWER: Nestor

10) This king of Aetolia returned from the war to find that his wife Aegialia had been unfaithful. He went to Italy and founded several cities.

ANSWER: Diomedes

10) This archer had previously been left behind on Lemnos because of the stinky wound on his heel. He returned to Thessaly but was banished by his people.

ANSWER: Philoctetes

12. Identify the following concerning skin, 5-10-15.

5) This is the outermost region of the skin in areas like the palms, fingertips, and soles of the feet and contains five layers.

ANSWER: epidermis

10) This is the top layer of the epidermis

ANSWER: stratum corneum or horny layer

15) These structures are cutaneous sensory receptors located in the dermal papilla and enable you to feel the feeling of clothes against skin.

ANSWER: Meissner�s Corpuscles

13. Name the W. Somerset Maugham works from descriptions FTPE.

a. This novel features a worldly young man who is converted to Hinduism and leaves his inheritance for the holy life.

ANSWER: The Razor's Edge

b. A satire of English literary life, this novel has Ashenden and Kear reexamine the life of the great Victorian writer Driffield.

ANSWER: Cakes and Ale

c. Based closely on the life of Paul Gauguin, the main character is Charles Strickland, a London stockbroker who suddenly decides to desert his family and business to become painter.

ANSWER: The Moon and Sixpence

14. Identify these battles of the Hundred Years War.

1. Fought on August 26, 1346, this battle was won for the British by their tactical use of long bows. Over 1500 French under Phillip IV died, as compared to 40 British under Edward III.


2. Fought September 19, 1356, this again was a victory for British archers, this time under Edward the Black Prince who beat the French under John II.

ANSWER: Poitiers

This naval battle of June 24, 1340 saw the French fall once again, giving the British control of the English Channel.


15. Identify the Eugene O'Neill play from characters for fifteen points each.

William, Dion Anthony, Margaret

ANSWER: The Great God Brown

Phil Hogan, Jim Tyrone Jr., Josie

ANSWER: A Moon for the Misbegotten

16. Answer the following about a layer in the atmosphere, TPE,

10) This part of the atmosphere extends from about 70 to 500 kilometers from the surface of the earth and is the layer utilized by radio operators to send signals.

ANSWER: ionosphere

10) This layer of the ionosphere exists between approximately 95 and 130 km above the surface of the Earth and is also known as the E layer.

ANSWER: Heaviside layer

10) This British scientist who won the Nobel prize in 1947, proved the existence of the Heaviside layer.

ANSWER: Edward Appleton

17. Identify these terms from anthropology, TPE.

10) This is the practice of marrying someone from within the same social group.

ANSWER: endogamy

10) This is the practice of a male member of a heterosexual relationship acting as if he is pregnant like his female counterpart. More than just �sympathy pains� the men will strap weights to their bodies and enact labor.

ANSWER: couvade

10) From the Greek for �slope� this is a gradient along which a given characteristic varies between human populations.

ANSWER: cline

18. Identify these Roman roads, TPE.

10) This road was described by the poet Statius as �the Queen of Roads.� It ran from Rome to Capua and after extensions it ran to Taranto and Brindisi. Trajan added an additional spur to Bari.

ANSWER: Appian Way or Via Appia

10) This road crossed Britain from Exeter to Lincoln by way of Bath and Leicester (LY-ster). It is named for the drainage ditch which ran along side it.

ANSWER: Fosse Way

10) This Road in Britain was built around AD 60-70 and ran from London to York. It is named for a Germanic settlement leader.

ANSWER: Ermine Street

19. Answer the following related questions about classical music, FTSNP.

5) The Best Classical Performance Grammy went to a performance of this composer�s symphony number 10, which was left unfinished. This man is also known for his symphony number 1, nicknamed �Titan�.

ANSWER: Gustav Mahler

15) This award-winning recording was conducted by this young British conductor who has been making a name for himself by playing the works of Mahler.

ANSWER: Simon Rattle

10) Simon Rattle has also made recordings of Mahler�s symphony number 2, which has what nickname?

ANSWER: Resurrection

20. Answer the following about Just the Ten of Us.

10) This is the name of the all-boy�s school attended by the oldest members in the Lubbock family.

ANSWER: St. Augustine�s (Accept: �St. Auggies�)

10) This is the name of the girl group comprised of Wendy, Connie, Marie, and Cindy.

ANSWER: Lubbock Babes

10) This actor now on Friends portrayed Cindy�s boyfriend and captain of the football team Todd Murphy.

ANSWER: Matt LeBlanc

OT 1. Given the president and a year, identify the Secretary of State, TPE.

10) Thomas Jefferson, 1803

ANSWER: James Madison

10) Rutherford B. Hayes, 1879

ANSWER: William Evarts

10) Jimmy Carter, 1981

ANSWER: Edward Muskie