Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Georgetown


1. This Irish woman from County Cork emigrated to the United States shortly after her birth in 1830, settling in Tennessee. In an 1867 epidemic, her husband and children died, a tragedy compounded by the destruction of her dressmaking shop four years later. Thus, she turned to the Knights of Labor for assistance. FTP, name this prominent co-founder of the Social Democratic Party and the International Workers of the World.

ANSWER: Mother Jones

2. The vesicular-arbuscular type is most widespread and useful to agriculture, while the ecto- form thrives among the leaf litter of monocultural forests. Beneficial effects to the host may include increased drought resistance, defense against infection, and most importantly the efficient absorption of phosphorous from the soil. All of these benefits are derived from, FTP, what symbiosis between the roots of plants and the hyphal network of soil fungi?

ANSWER: mycorrhizae

3. It stressed a return to the arts of historical writing, painting, calligraphy, and hard-glazed porcelain when it seized power from the Tang in 960. This dynasty�s reign can be split up into two parts, the Northern and Southern. This division occurred because the royals were forced to flee their northern lands from the nomadic invasions of the Jurchen. FTP, name that Chinese dynasty that was finally destroyed in 1279 by the Mongol armies of Kublai Khan.


4. It was applied to the federal government as early as 1914, in the case of Weeks v. United States. In the 1949 case of Wolf v. Colorado, the Supreme Court refused to apply it to the states, holding that the Fourteenth Amendment did not incorporate all of the restrictions contained in the Fourth. Wolf was later overruled in the more famous 1961 case of Mapp v. Ohio. FTP, name this rule which forbids the use of illegally seized evidence at trial.

ANSWER: exclusionary rule

5. He hanged himself as his mother and daughter were swimming while on vacation in Trieste in 1906. Some attribute his suicide to the lack of acceptance of his ideas, which included groundbreaking work in probability based statistical mechanics that would become invaluable to pioneers in quantum mechanics shortly after his death. Also an avid philosopher, he is probably best known, however, among chemistry students for his constant. FTP, name this man who gives his name to the constant k that relates the average energy of a molecule to its absolute temperature.

ANSWER: Ludwig Boltzmann

6. �Drive my dead thoughts over the universe/ Like wither'd leaves to quicken a new birth!� The narrator continues the theme of resurrection, describing the withered leaves as falling onto thorns and bleeding, �sweet though in sadness.� The ferocious blast is the �trumpet of a prophecy: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?� FTP, identify this �Destroyer and Preserver� in the title of an 1820 ode by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

ANSWER: Ode to the West Wind

7. It first appeared in a 1902 engineering textbook written by A.M. Worthington, who got the name from the hunks of metal shot from medieval cannons. Its use continues today in among engineers, though it was never accepted among scientists who favored the metric system. Equal to 14.59 kilograms, it is the mass accelerated at 1 foot per second squared by a force of 1 pound. FTP, name this unit which shares its name with a slow-moving garden organism.

ANSWER: slug

8. Born on April 26, 1889 in Vienna, he went to Cambridge in 1911 to study mathematical logic with Bertrand Russell. When World War I broke out in 1914, he immediately travelled from Skjolden to Vienna to join the Austrian army. In 1918 he was sent to northern Italy in an artillery regiment and remained there until the end of the war, when he was captured by the Italians. FTP, name the man whose only published work during his lifetime was �Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.�

ANSWER: Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein

9. Its populace is almost entirely genetically homogeneous, but more than half of the non-�native� population is made up of Koreans. The Volcano, Bonin, Izu, and Ryukyu island chains lie offshore, while the La Perouse and Tsushima straits separate it from its neighbors. FTP, name this nation populated by the aboriginal Ainu and chiefly composed of four large islands.


10. This philosopher would particularly agree with John Donne�s aphorism: "no man is an island." He believed that the "I" comes to its full realization only through others, and expressed this belief in the short but influential _Ich und Du_ ("I and Thou"). FTP, identify this famous Jewish thinker and student of Hasidism, who survived the Holocaust and died in 1965.

ANSWER: Martin Mordechai Buber

11. The Umatilla, Wanapum, Yakima, and Nez Perce tribes were granted legal possession of him by Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt. Eight anthropologists had filed suit for the right to scientifically study the remains of this man, thought by some to possess features that may indicate an ancestry closer to ancient Europeans than to the ancestors of Native Americans. FTP, name this 9,000 year old skeleton, the subject of fierce controversy ever since its 1996 discovery near the Columbia River in Washington.

ANSWER: Kennewick man

12. In 1802 he described to his friend John Dunthorne his assent to a saying of Joshua Reynolds that �there is no easy way of becoming a good painter. It can only be obtained by long contemplation and incessant labour ... I shall shortly return to Bergholt, where I shall make some laborious studies from nature.� Those studies from nature included �Flatford Lock and Mill� and �A View on the Stour.� FTP, identify this British landscape painter, most famous for portraying �Salisbury Cathedral� and �The Hay Wain.�

ANSWER: John Constable

13. It is possible to check whether a number is one of these using the Lucas-Lehmer Test. The largest one found to date, consisting of 2,098,960 digits, was found in 1999. Today the search is largely conducted using GIMPS, a distributed program running on over 20,000 computers. Why keep looking? For one thing, they are intimately related to perfect numbers, which have intrigued mankind for centuries. FTP, name these numbers, named after a French monk, that can be expressed as 2^n - 1.

ANSWER: Mersenne primes

14. Well, my droogies, this is a fine piece of work we have here. Horrorshow might be just the word to describe a book depicting acts of the old ultraviolence and in-out, in-out with lovely little Dvotchkas. FTP, name this novel that incorporates Russian words like �moloko� and �orosho� as it depicts life in the not-too-distant future, as envisioned by Anthony Burgess.

ANSWER: A Clockwork Orange (prompt on �Nadsat� before �novel�)

15. As a boy, he was trained as a locksmith and metalworker, trades which had little influence on his future career. Born of mixed Croatian-Slovene parentage, he spent some time as a Russian prisoner of war before being released in 1920. Then, he proceeded to join and eventually lead a partisan movement opposed both to the Serbian chetniks and the German occupation forces. FTP, name this intrepid dictator who managed to defeat both Hitler and Stalin before dying in 1980.

ANSWER: Josip Broz Tito

16. Tradition has it that this book may only be approached through humility, honesty, and an open mind. Consisting of sixty-four hexagrams, it was first assembled as a complete text by Wen Wang in the 9th century BCE. FTP, name this "book of changes" which one reads in order to gain fuller understanding of the Dao.

ANSWER: I Ching (Also accept: Yijing or Zhouyi)

17. In December 1793, he played a key role in the eviction of the royalists from Toulon, and two years the later the young captain of the 4th Artillery Regiment would save the French Republic by giving the royalist rebels of the 13th Vendemiarie �a whiff of grapeshot.� He would go on to lead French troops to victory at Rivoli, Montenotte, and Arcola during the Italian campaign, but his men would suffer in a chillier clime on the banks of the River Berezina. FTP, name the �Corsican ogre� exiled after his fall to the tiny South Atlantic island of St. Helena.

ANSWER: Napoleon I Bonaparte

18. It is narrated in the first, second and third persons, in order to represent the protagonist�s ego, id and superego. Lying powerless in a hospital bed, the main character recalls the wealth and influence he once possessed as a newspaper-owner and land baron, his many love affairs, and his participation in the Mexican Revolution. FTP, name this parable of recent Mexican history, written by Carlos Fuentes.

ANSWER: The Death of Artemio Cruz or La Muerte de Artemio Cruz

19. In Chapter 20 of Joseph Conrad�s Lord Jim, the trader Stein journeys into the interior of this island- �if it may be said to have an interior.� The babirussa, an endemic wild pig that is ugly even by the standards of wild pigs, roams the jungled mountains of the island�s five finger-like peninsulas. FTP, identify this fourth-largest island of Indonesia, separated by the Strait of Makassar from its western neighbor Borneo.

ANSWER: Sulawesi or Celebes

20. Born in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas in 1767, he received sporadic education. But in his late teens he read law for about two years and became a young lawyer in Tennessee. The first man elected from Tennessee to the House of Representatives, he also served briefly in the Senate. FTP, identify this man who served as a major general in the War of 1812, where he defeated the British at New Orleans.

ANSWER: Andrew Jackson

OT 1. He fled from a hideous macaroni- and- cheese experiment and found his first attempt at socialization frustrated by the table lamp�s inability to respond. Later, he attempted to gain respect by strapping raw liver to his chest and claiming that the company�s consultants are so smart, they�re forced to wear their surplus brain power on the outside of their bodies. FTP, identify this vermin, eventually grudgingly accepted by Dogbert and Dilbert.

ANSWER: Ratbert

OT 2.Predrag Bulatovic, leader of the Socialist People�s Party, has promised to respect the democratic process despite his opposition to the proposed referendum. His doubts are shared by the international community, including Vojislav Kostunica, who might suddenly find himself on a Serbian unemployment line. Nevertheless, President Milo Djukanovic�s ruling coalition has aligned itself with the minority Liberal Alliance. Their initiative would secure the independence of, FTP, what last remaining partner of Serbia in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

ANSWER: Montenegro

OT 3. They must be meticulously cleaned, as when dirty, droplets of solution will adhere to the inner wall, causing under measurement. Furthermore, the tip must be clear of bubbles to avoid over measurement. After all, such precision is crucial when performing titrations. FTP, name this piece of laboratory glassware, designed to measure a delivered volume of a solution to a high level of accuracy.

ANSWER: buret or burette


1. �The God that holds you over the pit of Hell, much as one holds a spider or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked.� FTP, identify the source of the quote.

ANSWER: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

b. For five more points, identify the author of this fire-and-brimstone sermon.

ANSWER: Jonathan Edwards

c. And for a final fifteen, this treatise written while Edwards worked among the Stockbridge Indians of Western Massachusetts may be his greatest work.

ANSWER: Freedom of the Will

2. Answer the following relating to Canadian literature, none of whom are Margaret Atwood or Robertson Davies. Ten points each.

a. This poet was known as the "Canadian Kipling" after he spent eight years in the Yukon during the Gold Rush, publishing such collections as "Ballads of a Cheechako."

ANSWER: Robert W. Service

b. Now identify two of Service's poems from lines:

"There are strange things done in the midnight sun / By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales / That would make your blood run cold."

ANSWER: The Cremation of Sam McGee

c. "Were you ever out in the Great Alone, when the moon was awful clear, / And the icy mountains hemmed you in with a silence you most could hear; With only the howl of a timber wolf, and you camped there in the cold."

ANSWER: The Shooting of Dan McGrew

3. Identify the following related people FTSNOP.

(10) The Moabite maiden, daughter-in-law of Naomi, who lends her name to

an Old Testament book.


(10) Ruth�s marriage to this man, the owner of a field of barley,

produced Obed, the grandfather of King David.


(5) The teacher of Margaret Mead and author of The Chrysanthemum and the


ANSWER: Ruth Fulton Benedict

(5) The German-born anthropologist who worked among the Kwakiutl of

British Columbia and wrote The Mind of Primitive Man.

ANSWER: Franz Boas

4. Given the names of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, name their home states. Ten points after the first clue, five after the second.

a.) 10: George Clymer, Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush

5: Benjamin Franklin

ANSWER: Pennsylvania

b.) 10: Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry

5: John Hancock

ANSWER: Massachusetts

c.) 10: Thomas Nelson Jr., George Wythe

5: Richard Henry Lee

ANSWER: Virginia

5. FTPE, given the definition from Ambrose Bierce�s The Devil�s Dictionary, you supply the word.

a. �Noun, one skilled in circumvention of the law.�

ANSWER: lawyer

b. �An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When he wriggles, he mistakes the agitation of his tail for the trembling of the edifice.�

ANSWER: politician

c. �Noun. The state or condition of a community, consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves, making in all, two.�

ANSWER: marriage

6. Given the historical German name of an East European city, give the currently accepted name F5PE.


ANSWER: Kaliningrad


ANSWER: Bratislava


ANSWER: Klaipeda




ANSWER: L�vov or Lviv


ANSWER: Gdansk

7. Identify these lesser primates for ten points each.

a. These bushy-tailed, monkey-like animals are found only on Madagascar and the Comoros. The most famous species is the ring-tailed.

ANSWER: lemurs

b. Related to the lemurs is this bizarre nocturnal forager of Madagascar. The native Malagasy believe the motion of its skeleton-like finger to be an omen of evil.

ANSWER: aye-aye

c. These primates of Indonesia cling to trees with their expanded, adhesive fingertips. Their appearance is rendered more odd by their bulging eyes and large ears.

ANSWER: tarsiers

8. Identify the Bach FTPE.

a. Second son of J.S. Bach, this court harpsichordist to Frederick the Great is most famous for his two volumes of sonatas, twenty symphonies, and his work on technique, �Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments.�

ANSWER: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

b. Another son of J.S., he was the only one to travel far from the family roots; he first went to Italy, where he converted to Catholicism, before going to England to become "Music Master to the Royal Court."

ANSWER: Johann Christian Bach

c. Although not related to J.S. in any way, this well-known liberal lawyer was influential in the 1848 rebellion in Austria. He switched to the reactionary side afterwards, becoming a baron in 1854 and creating the Bach system of Habsburg bureaucratic control.

ANSWER: Alexander Bach

9. FTPE, Emily Dickinson poems from lines:

a. �As he defeated-dying, on whose forbidden ear the distant strains of triumph burst agonized and clear�?

ANSWER: Success Is Counted Sweetest

b. �The Carriage held but just ourselves, and immortality.�

ANSWER: Because I Could Not Stop for Death

c. According to Dickinson, who selects �her own society, and then shuts the door to her divine majority.�?

ANSWER: The Soul

10. Identify the baseball players from days of yore, 5-10-15.

a. He hit .300 for 17 consecutive seasons with Louisville and Pittsburgh and led the National League in batting 8 times. For five points, name this shortstop.

ANSWER: Honus Wagner

b. The first man to reach three thousand hits, he won two batting titles and eight RBI crowns in his career with Chicago.

ANSWER: Adrian �Cap� Anson

c. This hurler�s distinctive pitches were the result of his maiming in a childhood farming accident.

ANSWER: Mordecai �Three-Finger� Brown

11. Let�s name that 20th century Russian poet, shall we? Ten points each.

a. Recognized upon her 1967 death as the greatest Russian female poet, she penned such works as Vecher ( �Evening�), Chyotki ( �Rosary�) and Podorozhnik (�Plantain�).

ANSWER: Anna Akhmatova (Also accept: Anna Andreyevna Gorenko)

b. Known for her unique directness and staccato rhythms, she authored Tsar-devitsa ( �Tsar-Maiden�) and �Rodina� ( �Motherland�) before committing suicide in 1941.

ANSWER: Marina Tsvetaeva

c. The U.S. poet laureate in 1991 to 1996, his best work was in Russian, including Ostanovka v pustyne (�A Halt in the Wasteland�).

ANSWER: Joseph Brodsky or Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodskiy

12. Given an American railroad, name its founder F5PE and a bonus

5 for all correct.

Florida East Coast Railway

ANSWER: Henry Flagler

Great Northern Railroad

ANSWER: James Hill

Central Pacific

ANSWER: Leland Stanford

New York Central

ANSWER: Cornelius Vanderbilt

Union Pacific

ANSWER: Edward Harriman

13. There are 9 Greek muses, so be glad you only have to name 3.

(5) Named for her beautiful voice, she�s the Muse of Epic Poetry.


ANSWER: Calliope

(10) This �famegiver� is the Muse of History. She is usually depicted with a laurel wreath on her head and holding a book or scroll.


(15) The Muse of Dancing, although she ruled choral song also.

ANSWER: Terpsichore

14. Rock n� roll ain�t all sex and drugs. Believe it or not, there are nerds behind all the debauchery. 5-10-15, answer these questions about the science of rock.

(5) Nearly all of today�s high-end amplifiers utilize these devices, providing a market

that nearly evaporated with the advent of the transistor.

ANSWER: vacuum tubes (Also accept: thermionic valves )

(10) Many guitarists tune their instruments using these tones, that are produced by stopping the string at certain nodes, in order to obtain a purer sound.

ANSWER: harmonics

(15) The tone and volume knobs on electric guitars are these devices, which provide a

continuously variable resistance, thus varying the circuit voltage.

ANSWER: potentiometers

15. Given a Confederate cabinet member, identify the highest post he held


a. Stephen Mallory

ANSWER: Secretary of the Navy

b. Judah P. Benjamin

ANSWER: Secretary of State

c. Christopher Memminger

ANSWER: Secretary of the Treasury

16. Identify the following relating to mountain ranges for the stated number of points, plus a bonus five for all correct.

(5) This range between Russia and Georgia contains the tallest peak in Europe.

ANSWER: Caucasus

(5) This range in western Iran is home to the Qashqai pastoral nomads as well as to the Kurds.

ANSWER: the Zagros range

(5) Located between Tehran and the shores of the Caspian sea, this chain contains Mt. Demavand, the loftiest peak in Iran.

ANSWER: the Elburz mountains

(10) Where those three ranges converge around Lakes Van and Urmia, this Hurrian-speaking civilization flourished from the ninth to the sixth centuries BCE.

ANSWER: Urartu

17. For 15 points apiece name the following operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

a. Characters in this opera include Donna Anna, Don Ottavio and Leporello. The title character is eventually cast down to Hell when he refuses to repent his ways.

ANSWER: Don Giovanni

b. Characters include Blondchen and Pedrillo. The source play for the opera is �Belmonte und Constanze� and the libretto was written by Christoph Friedrich Bretzner. Its first performance took place at the Burgtheater in Vienna on July 16, 1782.

ANSWER: The Abduction from the Seraglio or Die Entführung aus dem Serail

18. Given a few of its members, identify the language family FTPE.

Hausa, Coptic, Hebrew, Maltese

ANSWER: Afro-Asiatic (do not accept or prompt on �Semitic.�)

Khmer, Vietnamese, Mundari

ANSWER: Austro-Asiatic

Fijian, Tagalog, Javanese

ANSWER: Austronesian

19. Identify the recent news event from quotes, 30-20-10.

(30) �It seems crazy that to voice your opinion you�ve got to come out with a gas mask.�

(20) �Open trade reinforces the habit of liberty that sustains democracy over the long haul.�

(10) �I am convinced that on Sunday, when we leave Quebec, we will have advanced our common cause.�

ANSWER: The Summit of the Americas

20. FTPE, name that Chinese Dynasty.

During this period, Marco Polo visited China and its ruler Kublai Khan.


Yang Chien, its first emperor, was a military servant who usurped the throne of the non-Chinese Northern Chou in 581 CE.


Founded by Chu Yuan-chang, the rebel leader that was successful in removing the Mongols from the throne, this dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644.



OT 1. FTPE, name the Nobel physics laureate, given the official Nobel

description of his contribution.

a. �For his part in the invention of the integrated circuit,� 2000

ANSWER: Jack S. Kilby

b. "For the invention of the bubble chamber,� 1960

ANSWER: Donald Arthur Glaser

c. "For his theoretical studies of the physical processes of

importance to the structure and evolution of the stars,� 1983

ANSWER: Subramanyan Chandrasekhar